Trailer trash whore

Trailer trash whoreHe spits on me this time it wasn’t his snot he spits on me but his dip. His friends laughed and I stifled a gag as he used his boot to push me around on the ground. “Listen you Trailer trash whore, clean this shit up before I fucking make you wish you were dead.” He smashed my face into the ground ordering me to clean up the dip spit with my mouth, then clean his shoes with my mouth, followed by his cock, and his ass. He kept drinking the whole time, and he did a line or two every once in a while. He had a wand to shock me with as well as a collar, a leash, nipples clamps and plenty of pent up anger. Eventually, he got so drunk while he was fucking me in the ass he broke a beer bottle on my head, making my blood pour out. I was in so much pain, felt like I was going to pass out and begging for him to show some kind of mercy but me whining only pissed him off more. He grabbed a cord and wrapped it around my neck, he was pulling me back as he fucked me, choking the life out of me and screaming at me that he told me to shut the fuck up whore. That’s the last thing I remember.

Cum party with me!

cum dumpsterIt’s finally the weekend! Time to party! I hope I can find a guy to fuck me hard and fill all of my tight holes! I love to party and fuck! I want to find a big, fat dick to sit on tonight. Last week I went to a party and got fucked so good. I took a monster cock in my tight ass while I was sucking on another! I sucked so good and timed it perfect to the rhythm of the guy who was pounding my ass. I relaxed and took the whole hard dick right to the back of my throat. I rocked back and forth on that dick so hard. I made them both cum at the same time. I got filled from both sides. I love being filled with cum like any good cum whore does. My mouth and pussy both full and dripping. I know all the guys want a good little whore who will take their cum and still want more. I can’t get enough cum!

Cum Guzzling Slut in The Club

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut will always be the most popular girl in the neighborhood. If you swallow, word gets around. I was with some girlfriends last night at the local strip club. Ladies get in for free and the drinks are cheap. The strippers never seem to mind a few trailer park whores in the club. This one guy was having his bachelor party at the club. He was 25 and getting married. His father was with him. He was flipping the bill. They had the VIP room and asked us to join. I figured they would want us to strip or blow the groom, but he was just being nice. He was close to my age and I think he just felt out of his element in a club full of 20 somethings mostly. He was rich. I could tell by the watch, the groomed hands and his clothes, but he was not pretentious. After a few shots, I was horny. His son and his pals were getting lap dances, so I gave the groom’s father a lap dance that ended with a sloppy blow job. Daddy had not cum in way too long. He almost blew a hole in the back of my head. I fucked daddy in a chair. His son and bachelor party never even noticed what the trashy cougar was doing to daddy until I made him cum, and he moaned so loudly all eyes were on us. Junior and his friends started egging daddy on to fuck me harder.  That was when some of the groom’s friends came over to join in on the fun. Then I was a cum dumpster as all the groom’s pals including the groom skull fucked me too. I knew he was married but what happens in a strip club stays in a strip club, right?

Living my best life

anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster for all the dealers is what I have become. My asshole craves cock, and my cunt does too especially if I will be getting high as a kite. I had a full-on orgy before noon. I was the life of the party. Staying up late and getting high and getting filled. I have brought my little sisters on to the fun. I am not a morally correct type, gal. I like to have fun and party and do whatever the hell I want. As a big sister, I shouldn’t be exposing them to cock and coke. Well, I learned that long ago, life is short and watch me get fucked and used living my best life. I have never been happier than I am when I am being dazed and confused. I have the most fun when my dealers bring me that candy and cream. I have to keep it exciting, and as I am not 18 anymore, I have to bring some young fresh meat so I can keep my benefits.

Crack Whore Anal Shemale Hooker

You were away from home doing work in the field. You are always traveling and it’s always the same story, you get lonely and think constantly about trying a shemale. I had a guy the other night that really fed me my crack whore anal sex needs. I love a good dealer with that massive black dick fucking my tight tranny ass. I got my rock and we hit the glass dicks and he told me he wanted me to suck him off. He was curious how a little thing like me could handle a big black cock like his. And baby I tell you this BBC was fat! I worked that damned monster dick so good I got a fucking shower of cum down my throat. I begged him to fuck my whore ass bareback. I didn’t have to beg much though as he was planning on destroying my white whore ass. I fucking still throb over those thoughts.

Crack whore anal

Gangbangs and Drugs Make me Squirt

gangbang whore

Summer might be coming to an end but my pussy still needs the gangbang whore treatment. Your brats are gone and you need that glass dick treatment. Mommy has them now. Well Big boy, get the dope because this whore needs the last horah fuck of the summer. My body is oiled up and ready rivers of cum. My dealer says you and your buddies want to tear my pussy up and keep me high. Well, fuck yes, roll a bowl, get that fresh chore. Break me off a few lines. I am ready to get fucked and fucked up with you and all those hanging dicks. Pump in and out of every hole I have until you can’t see my pussy or ass for all the cum covering them. WE can go for days with a mixture of crystal, coke and black baby. Even if I go into a drug-induced coma you still can fuck my white trash piece of shit ass! Fuck me raw!

Young sexy Prostitutes are Never Free!

sexy prostitutesMy husband and I officially adopted Jasmine from Daughters on Demand. We have been enjoying her tight fuck holes. Me more than him as he travels a lot for work. On occasion, we browse the Daughters on Demand site. It is like foreplay. It is fun to look at all the young sluts available for rent or purchase. One of the “daughters” made my husband blow a gasket. It was one of our very own teen sluts fucking. One of the twins, but since they are identical, we were not sure which girl it was, but it was one of ours! Parents know their own. She was going under the name Felicity. Her entry was not like Jasmine’s or any of the other girls. It was vague. It lacked specific details about her perfect family and her current family. There were some candid pictures and videos, but no tangible info. My husband demanded to speak to the twins.

When we interrogated the twins, they both proclaimed their innocence. Kristi admitted to being in the various places where the photos were taken but denied posing for them. Both our girls are nudists and exhibitionists, so it is not unusual to see them naked just about everywhere they can get away with it. Who doesn’t want to see young naked girls? We know when our little sluts are lying. My husband called up a tech wizard friend of ours to trace the IP to our horny pervert neighbor. He is a middle-aged creeper who lives a few blocks over. We decided to pay him a visit and confront him on stalking our daughter. Turns out he is just an old pervert with a fantasy of selling a daughter. He is too much of a wimp to fuck any young girl. He would never follow through with any of his dirty thoughts. He has just been living vicariously through us. Like you do!

When you live in an open community and you have sexy little sluts, it is to be expected that they will be admired by other perverts, even photographed. However, this guy crossed a line. He was living out a perverted fantasy for free. Our sexy hookers for hire aren’t free to anyone but daddy and me. My husband was hot under the collar about our neighbor thinking he could take pictures of our slut for free. We made a deal with him. We settled on a monthly price so that he can continue to stalk our daughter. The catch is Kristi won’t have a clue. As P parents, we don’t mind creepers and molesters, but they must pay the price like anyone. Jailbait pussy is never free. It is not even free to look at! What our little whore doesn’t know, won’t hurt her.


Lot Lizard Sex With Stripper Whore

I was just hooking  -as I tend to do sometimes, especially when on a binge- the Truck stops like a filthy Lot lizard sex worker needing her next fix. I’m a coke whore and sometimes I go on an opiate binge and love that H. When I get really strung out I need blow and dick, That’s right I need some hot fucking and I need that powder to give me a jolt back into my system like a triple espresso for some other kind of junkie. Those truckers have a need to get met and I am very open to giving them their poison and some pussy, or ass if they so prefer but more often it ‘s just a real good hummer that they want. Let’s get high and fuck soon sexy.

Lot Lizard Sex

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI am such a dirty phone sex whore. I got a new toy yesterday and I can’t stop playing with it. It is like horseback riding only better because I get to cum! It was a gift from this guy I know. He is married and I blow him a few times a week for some fast cash. He won’t fuck me because he doesn’t want to cheat. I think he is afraid I will get knocked up. He is rich. Well, his wife is rich. Filthy, dirty rich. Old money. If he knocked up a dirty tramp like me, he would be homeless and penniless. Since he can’t fuck me, he bought me a fuck machine. He wanted to watch something penetrate me. I am not as picky as he is. I will put anything in my cunt and ass. I gave him a hot show. I wanted to try it out any way. They aren’t cheap and they don’t cum, so I guess I have just always preferred the real thing because it shoots hot jizz up my twat. I rode that horsey dildo while my married lover stroked his cock. I have to admit, it was fucking hot; especially when he shot his load all over my face. Now, he is gone but I am still riding my new toy, even on calls.

Mistress Caroline

Golden showers phone sex


You’re my Butler you are my sexy sex slave Butler and anything I fucking tell you to do that is what you are going to do. I hope that you understand me. I hope that you get me loud and clear because if you don’t, I will have to punish you. It so happens to be that I Love inflicting punishment, so I have great ideas for teaching you how to behave and maintain your obedience. You are my mutt, and you will answer to mutt, and you will not speak unless told to do so there is a stiff punishment if you don’t follow that essential rule. I am equipped with all kinds of toys including Katz of nine tails, butt plugs of all sizes, deepthroat gags, leather band restraints, and cock rings. I’m telling you now I will have you on all fours with a leash around your neck and leather bands on your wrists and ankles. I love to inflict the sexy pain that I inflicted on my mutts. You’ve not ever had a mistress quite like me before because I am willing to go places your mind could only wish that it could dream up. I will surpass your fantasies and in bed new ones for you to Feast on. If you’re good, I’ll give you treats I’ll share you with some of my other mutts I’ll let them plow your asshole Until You Weep from pleasure and pressure. I will make you cry for me because you will want more and more of my addictive sexual satisfaction from the first encounter. Let me teach you how to be a good mutt. I need for you to clean my ass with your tongue and I want my ass cleaned spotless. I want you to clean my fresh golden shower filled pussy with your toilet paper tongue. You will be my little shit, wiper, and you will do your job better than good every single time. Don’t ever talk back to me that will lead to permanent dismissal and you know how much you need to be around me and what I offer. I am your heroine. I’m your cocaine. I’m your heavy drugs, and I’m your pusher.

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