Druggy Phone Sex with Audrey

druggy phone sexI took one more drag. The lightheaded tingling feeling that I love started to kick back in and I knew I was ready to party.

I looked back at my bed, it was a mess, and it was about to get even messier. I slowly walked over to Derek, who was lying naked and rock hard on my bed. I smiled wickedly then straddled him. I wanted his cock more than anything right now.

He was so stoned, that he barely realized I was there. All he knew was that he was in bliss as I slid his steaming hot cock into my soaking wet pussy. I was so wet, my pussy slurped up his cock happily.

Oh my god, he felt so amazing in my tight, slippery little pussy. I rode him harder and faster. He moaned loudly as his cock went deeper and deeper into me. I could feel every inch of his veiny, deliciously plump cock.

I moaned sweetly as my back arched in pleasure, his cock was so long that it was hitting the back of my pussy so easily, it was delicious. I knew he was close to finishing because he started to get finicky and told me to get off of him. But I refused.

If he was going to cum, it was going to be inside of me. I wanted him to fill me up, I wanted to overflow with his steaming hot load. So, I started going fasted, I was close to cumming myself.

He gripped my hips hard then thrust his cock so deep into me, I screamed his name in pleasure. That was all he needed; he released the biggest, hottest, stickiest, most yummy load of cum ever. I bit my lip as I finished all over his cock. Mmmmm, that was exactly what I needed.

I got up then threw a towel at him and told him to clean off and get out. My pussy was already ready for my next victim.

Creampie slut

creampie slut

I’m known to everyone in town as the little creampie slut that fucks her step-dad. We got caught by my Mama and brother one time and they told everyone. I don’t even care that everyone knows. His cock was huge and he fucked me so good. My Mom is just jealous because her old worn out pussy could never get him off like my pretty, tight little kitty. He started on me when I was really young and has only fucked me harder and more often, since. He would come into my room at night, and slide under the blanket with me. He loved to put his fingers in my cute little panties and play with my tight, bald cunnie. I loved to feel his big daddy cock stretch out my tiny virgin kitty and asshole and fill both with cum. He loved to fill me and then leave me dripping out of every little fuck hole. I made the perfect little fuck toy for him when he got tired of faking it with Mama.

Trailer Whore MILF Is Your Cum Dumpster

The idea that a trailer whore milf is just a lazy flabby ball drainer is really not to far from the truth, except there is nothing flabby or lazy about this whore. I’m a dirty fucking cum dumpster that really works those BBC cocks good and hard for hours and I take on loads of thick creamy spunk. I let them cum in me bareback and in any whore hole they want. I am a retired stripper that is almost solely a black cock milf but really if the money is green and the price is right I am open for fucking, sucking and jacking those cocks no matter the size. But be warned I will certainly have a laugh or two on your accordance and fucking hell no one said I would actually suck that pathetic thing. I may just allow you in my back door and let you pump away while I get high and work on my next big cock.

cum dumpster

BBC worship

BBC sex stories

I was in V.I.P in the strip club with one of the top ballers. Now it is a known fact a man with a lot of money does not always have a big dick. He uses his money to substitute what he lacks in his pants. But, this particular customer proved me to be wrong. Like I said I was in V.I.P sippin Moet and shaking my ass for Mr. Money Man. As I started bouncing my ass to the music with my ass in his lap I couldn’t help but to feel this huge dick print. It startled me at first because I thought it was a gun. I asked him and he said No baby that’s my dick. I call him Big Dick Willy! He said “Do you want to ride him? I promise it will be worth your while”. As he pulls out a whole stack of cash. Of course I wasn’t going to say no. I get some good big dick and money. I was in heaven. What Mr. Money man didn’t know was I was going to take that big black dick and ride him until I can’t fill my legs. I did just that and he filled my sore pussy up until I had a puddle of his cum on the floor as if my water broke. It was dripping all out of my pussy and it was soooo much Cum. I couldn’t walk for days.  This is just one of my many BBC sex stories. I have plenty more. This black pussy right here gets around.

Tranny Ass Equals Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussy


I love whore-tober. Halloween Parties start this weekend and you thought this tranny whore wouldn’t crash it? All these drunk and horny men who have the nose candy and want a tight ass to fill up. I loved being in my short skirt and cat ears and being tossed around for 20 different cum loads to be shot up my ass. Some of these sexy men even sucked my cock while having that virgin ass opened by a big dick. You didn’t hesitate when my ass was full of cum to fuck my cream pie. Actually, another line and another beer and you were slurping this beautiful asshole clean. Don’t worry you can blame it all on being high and drunk. You just needed a reason to get your tranny fuck on.

Going Both Ways is Good


No taboo phone sex

I like to put on my strap-on and fuck my boyfriend like I’m a fucking crazy pornstar. My boyfriend loves to wear my panties, so I dress him up. I love to put lipstick and makeup on my boyfriend and take him out to clubs. Sometimes I need help, so I get my girlfriend’s to help me penetrate him. My boyfriend is a sissy faggot motherfucker, and I couldn’t ask for anything better he has big gorgeous blue eyes and long curly strawberry blonde hair. My boyfriend’s ass is super tight, and it’s so fucking sexy and a pair of panties that it would turn any guy on. I like to go bar hopping with my boyfriend and my girlfriends because they tell him to do the fucked-up things that I forget to think about sometimes because I’m so excited. If you had a boyfriend like mine, your cunt would stay wet all the time because my cum guzzling cunt is always soaking wet. The best part of my boyfriend is that he doesn’t have a tiny little dick; no, his dick is big; it’s 11 inches. I make my boyfriend fuck my girlfriend’s right in front of my face while I take pictures so that I can sell them. Guys seem to love looking at my boyfriend’s cock; it’s so huge and veiny with that big fat head it makes me so horny. I wouldn’t leave my boyfriend for anything in the world because he is the best of both worlds; he can take a cock, and he can fuck a cunt better than anyone I’ve ever met. My boyfriend is my personal Sissy, so I get to play with him and have fun with him; however, I want to. He loves to be submissive for me; he lets me be the dominant queen that I truly am. I also love the way my boyfriend sucks my asshole out he sticks his tongue so deep into my ass it penetrates my soul. When I suck his cock, and he eats my cunt, we swallow each other’s juices and smile while we lick our lips. I’ve got the best boyfriend, and I’ll share him with you.


Cum filled cunt

My Filthy Cock Sucking Sluts

I love my filthy cock sucking sluts and love how shy they get with me at first. You know who you are you naughty boy, and I love to pop that sweet ass cherry of your every time. The way my phone sex sluts suck me off, like cum craving little whores is the fucking best. I am a total cum junky myself, when there’s a big beautiful cock in question. Most of my little faggots have small clitty’s and I love to tease them. It’s such fun to shoot my hot tranny load all over a small dicklett. I’m always up for some mutual cock sucking and anal fucking too! I’m a dominant tranny whore but that doesn’t mean I don’t get off on my share of kinky fun too. A little power exchange is exciting, especially when you think your going to dom me. I will have no regrets in turning the tables and making you my bitch. It’s just what I do, and how I play.

Phone sex sluts


The Company Whore

Cum filled cunt

I am a secretary for this multi-billion dollar law firm. On this particular day I was unaware that I was about to get fired. I walked into the office with my usual sexy attire. I had on a cute white blouse that exposed my breast. A very short skirt, stockings and stilettos. My boss had a look on his face as if he was not a happy camper. I was deeply confused because I caught him looking at my ass as I walked past him and into the office. Not to mention his hard rick dick print through his pants. Oh how I wanted to take that vanilla cock and shove it into my mouth. But I had to keep my composure. My pussy was dripping wet by now. My boss sat me down and explained to me that I was not up to his expectations with the company and that he would have to let me go. That motherfucker! Here I am pussy dripping wet and I am ready to fuck him on this table and he is firing me? 

I quickly leaned forward to where my tittties were practically hanging out of my shirt and begged for my job. I licked my lips and gave him a look and said” I will do anything please let me keep my job”. My boss gave me a proposition. He wanted me to be the Company whore. I asked what were my duties. I was expecting him to say only fuck him but he wanted me to fuck his clients too. I had to do whatever he said as well as his clients. I was to be the slut of the company where damn near every man in and outside the firm got to fucked every hole on my body. I was so excited I decided to get to work right away! I put this chocolate pussy and bomb ass head so good on my boss I am pretty sure the whole office heard how loud he grunted when he bust his nut all over my face. I wiped my face with my hand and licked all of his cum off of my fingers. I was starting to like my new position already. I will be the best cum filled cunt this firm has ever had!

Drunk trailer trash slut stumbles naked into your bed

trailer trash whoreDrunk trailer trash slut here, wanting to come see you again. We met last Saturday morning. But, I don’t think you could really call that a meeting. The first thing I said to you was “Why the f*ck are you in my apartment?” Which was a very funny thing to say seeing as how I’d been the the the one drunk and slutty enough to stumble into your unlocked apartment the night before and pass out naked onto your bed.

I was still hungover when I walked into your living room in nothing but a bed sheet yelling at you in your own home. You were a perfect gentleman. You’d slept on the couch the whole night and that’s where I’d found you that morning sitting there with throbbing morning wood. You could see my hard pink nipples through the sheer thin bed sheet.

You laughed at me. I’m not shocked you found it amusing. In hindsight I do too, and it didn’t take long for me to realize my mistake. I ran out embarrassed as hell and am still remorseful.

I touched myself last night thinking about you and your bulbous mushroom tip on that couch. I’d like to return your sheets! And maybe see it again?

White Trash Piss Queen Young Mommy

white trash phone sex

This white trash young mommy was running some errands and ran into E, my dealer. You know the usual, milk, diapers a quick blow job for a little nose candy. Now I had been skirting E for about a week, I owed him money and hadn’t been on the pole in a few days. E pulled hi Cadillac right in front of me and got out and asked me where my whore ass was going. He noticed my brats were with me and told me that wasn’t going to stop him from making good on his money. He pulled my girl out of the back seat and told me to follow him. The drug house was quiet as I tagged along dragging my son with me. I begged for an extension and figured if he wanted his dick sucked or to let some men fuck me I would be free and clear of my debt. He pulled his dick out in front of my brats and told me it wasn’t going to be that easy as he let loose a hot stream of piss on my face and finished pissing on my little girls face. He told me he didn’t want me to suck his dick, rather he wanted my girl to learn how to suck a big nigger cock. Her mouth is so small but she tried her best for mommy and right in front of my son my daughter and I got a cum load to our face. He informed my whore ass that I had 24 hours to get his money or I would be the drug house toilet this weekend. I better get my ass twerking and fucking!

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