Trailer Trash Whore


Trailer trash whoreI was at the bar hang out looking for cock or crack.  Wearing a low cut pink shirt with no bra, a very short pink skirt with no panties to match.  I was sitting at the end of the bar sipping my drink.  When I heard two guys who were playing pool talking about me.  The one guy I knew his name was Steve.  He had been at my house to fuck me and my girls plenty of times.  But the other guy I did not know. I assume they are buddies by how they interactted with each other.  I heard Steve said to his friend.  “See that red head at the end of the bar over there?”  “Her name is Flo and she is one of those Trailer trash whores I was telling you about.”  I have had that one over there and she will do anything and give you her girls for anything.”  They laughed and the buddy whispered something in Steve’s ear.  They both started walking towards me.  Each one sat on one side of me.  Steve leaned in and said “Hey Flo this is Larry,  He was wanting to me a Cum dumpster like you.”  I giggled and thanked him for the compliment.  Sliding my hand in Larry’s pants finding his cock to play with. “ We should go to my house us three and continue this men.”  Before we could even make it back to my place Larry and Steve started groping and fondling me right there in the streets.  Those horny men could not wait.  We slipped into an alleyway and they started fucking me right there.  It was not long before I realized that us three are not alone.  I could see two homeless men watching us and stroking their nasty dirty dicks.  Steve noticed too.  Pushing me to the ground and tell the two men to go ahead get a free hole to fuck.  I could hear Steve and Larry calling me names like cunt bitch and dirty nasty whore.  I was so into fucking these poor men who probably have not been fucked in years.   Letting them shoot their nasty jism one in my cunt the other one shot his load right on my face.  Then without warning Steve grabbed me by the hair and brought me back over to  Larry and his cocks.  And without skipping a  beat they both started fucking me again.

Cum dumpster BBC in my Ass Hole!

Cum dumpster

How can you just sit there and talk to me when I have my ass backed up to you? I am ass naked, ready to go. My pussy is wet, Ive been finger fucking my asshole for like 10 minutes ready for you to put that big black cock inside my tight asshole. I tried letting my man fuck me and he just could not fulfill what I needed done. I do not know if it is because his cock is just too small or he is a prude, but either way I need fulfillment. SO… I went to my friend and he has the biggest BBC I have ever had before. I felt like I was being ripped in two the first time he ever fucked me. I love anal and when he fucks my pussy because I know I am always leaving, happy, fulfilled and full of come. I have even had him over to the house before to teach my girls a thing or two. Needless to say, they screamed and could not sit for a week..

Cum Guzzling Slut at the Mall

cum guzzling slut

I’m such a cum guzzling slut. Honestly, I can’t swallow enough jizz. This damn hurricane has put a wrinkle in my daily cum intake. There has been no school for a couple weeks now, so that means no boys stopping by on their way to catch the school bus and on the way home. Some parts of the city have power back, so I got creative. I went to the mall. All the young boys and girls have been hanging out there while schools are out. I put on a trashy outfit design to be an attention getter and went to get some attention from some high school boys. I got their attention. A trashy milf is popular with teen boys. There was no doubt they were checking me out. They got whiplash from snapping their heads checking out my ass as I walked by. When I turned around to back track towards them, each one had a tent in his pants. I looked around for parental supervision and found none. I didn’t expect to, however, one time I didn’t check things out and I got run off by a den mother. I walked into the family bathroom behind them. I stood there looking at them, waiting for them to follow me in. They didn’t pick up on the green light, so I had to tell them to follow me. I think they were nervous. I had them unzip their pants and pull out their dicks. I was impressed. They were well groomed and hung. Young and full of cum was what I needed in the aftermath of Irma. Fema  was not going to give me boy jizz. I had to hunt that done. I found it at the arcade. In that small bathroom, I proved what a cum guzzling cougar I am. I left the mall with a belly full of cum. I told those boys to meet me daily at the mall until school is back in session.

Cheap phone sex with Randi

Cheap phone sexOnce you are a slut you will always be a nasty whore, is what my mommy told me since I was a little brat. I learned how to be a good whore and obey, and worship guys cocks for money.. I love when I see a truck stop my cunt immediately knows its getting lots of loads that night. I like to look for the really old fat  guys to fuck because they give me the most money and coke to snort while I’m on there cock, The young ones are always little pussies and to scared. But I just like to get my pussy so loaded with cum that when I leave and walk back to the trailer park I can feel it gushing out of me like water in a waterfall.

Dirty Phone Sex with Lilibeth

dirty phone sexDirty hone sex? Yes please. I don’t get vanilla calls. I don’t get boring calls. I pulled an all nighter talking and snorting lines. I got on this long call with a fellow incest lover. We started trading stories about all the dirty family fun we have had over the years. He fucks his daughter. Been fucking her since she was really young. Now, I don’t have a cock, so I couldn’t fuck my baby girls when they were young, but I could lick their bald cunnies. I understand why men are perverts for young girls. They look so sweet with no boobs and bald pussies. They taste so good too. We came together talking about his first time with his daughter. My sons and daughters were listing in. They love to listen to me when I am talking dirty. I let them eat my pussy when I am on the phone. They love it when I share our family fucking with callers. When I was done with my call, my sons and daughters wanted some mommy time. I can never deny them my sloppy wet pussy. The boys fucked me. The girls cleaned my creampie pie. I love it when my callers turn us all on.

I’m a nasty whore

live phone sexI’m a nasty whore and I love it, shit as far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as too many men! I’m always looking for more men to fuck so when I saw a few guys hanging out at the park, I went right over and asked them if they needed their dicks sucked. Well, of course they said yeah so I took the back to my house and let them fuck all my holes! They filled me up completely, I had a cock in every fuck hole and I was begging for more! I felt like a such whore and I loved it, by the end I had cum dripping from all my holes and a belly full of it too… and I had plans for tonight too cus they are coming back to see me again!

Anal Sex Whore Seriously Fucked!

Anal sex whoreI went window-shopping today and wandered into a side-walk art show. 2 whole blocks in front of the boutiques and bakeries and stuff were lined with vendors tables of art and handmade crafts. There was some amazing stuff, but my favorite part was the guy who was selling wood-works. He was very good with his hands, and he seemed like he was very interested in me, too. I passed him my number before I left, and when he called, I could not stop my heart from racing, or my cock from getting instantly hard. I gave him my address, and then got ready for a great time! What I didn’t expect was such a commanding man! He walked into my house like he owned it, took possession of my body, and stripped me like I was a burglar who was trying to keep him from what was his. His hands took hold of my tit and my cock at the same time, and I swear, it felt like he really did own me. I let him have his way with me, bending over when he told me to, sucking when he told me to, all without a word from him. Blonde fuckingFinally, he settled back on my couch, pulling me down on his lap. His dick pushed against my ass, it was so big, and he lifted my legs up over our heads to make sure it was as open to him as it could get. When the head finally popped in, I couldn’t help but groan. He shoved the rest of his big cock so deep so fast, it took my breath away, and then he was fucking me and telling me to stroke my dick for him. When we came together, I came so hard, it spurted both of us in the face. Oh, I hope I get to fuck him again soon!!

Anal cum dumpster Evonne

Anal cum dumpsterIf there was ever a time I was more wet, it would have been last night. My sister and her husband were in town for a visit. They brought my niece and all three of them stayed at my place with me and my girls. While the girls were all upstairs visiting with their cousin, us grown folk had an amazing dinner and dessert was even better. My sisters husband had this idea for dessert as he whipped out his cock in front of me. Apparently they had this planned before they even got to my place. My sister and I fucked around a lot when we were younger, but we had never shared her husband. I cannot believe how fat and yummy his cock was. I can definitely see why she married him. He filled my pussy up and my ass was his personal anal cum dumpster as well. I think I might look into finding me a way to visit them more often.

Anal Cum Dumpster Petal Wants You

Anal Cum Dumpster

Guys love making me into their own personal anal cum dumpster. Anal seems to be what every guy wants from me. So at the club when I’m stripping, I love taking my nice tight ass and swaying it right in their face. They can’t help but imagine sliding into my asshole. Then when I have them to turned on and hard as a rock for me, I ask them to pay a little price and come to the back room and play with me. I love that being a stripper, there’s no need to be shy. Guys know I’m a whore and that I just want to get paid and fuck. So I don’t waste my time asking questions, I’m already naked and ready to go. I just have to rip their pants down and get that cock out. Then I bend over and grab my ankles, exposing my nice little tight asshole for them to fuck. Taking their hard cock, they pound my ass until then cum deep inside me, filling me up and watching it drip out onto the floor.

Flo the Gangbang whore

Gangbang whoreI am sure I have told you that I am known as flo the hoe or flo the drug hoe. And I am so proud of these nicknames and my reputation around this trailer park and surrounding area. And it is true I will do anything for cock and drugs. But my one of my favorites is gangbanging. I wish I could get the nickname flo the Gangbang whore. Haha but that name has not yet stuck with me. Let us be serious. One on one fucking is great. Two on one fucking is even better. But a bunch of whores and cock all fucking at once. Yeah baby now you are talking. That means not only am I getting cock. But I get to eat cunt too! Plus when the guys cum in one of the other whores holes I get a chance to suck that cum out of their cunt. How fucking awesome is that? Who does not want a cock in their mouth, a cock in their ass, and whore at their cunt suckling out that cum and flickering at that clit. Jamming my tongue in and out of that fuck hole. Trying to scoop every bit of cum into my greedy mouth. And while I am trying my best to suck all the cum out of a cunt hole. I could have a cock in my ass or my cunt. Have a whore behind him rimming his asshole. Licking and sucking on his balls. And another cock behind that whore. Can make it one big fucking congo line. Then we can all switch. So every whore gets a cock in every hole. Every whore gets another whore sucking out the cum from her cunt and ass. And every cock gets to have all three of each whores holes. Giggles you know share and share a like. Or my favorite sharing is caring.

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