Hardcore Anal Sex at Neighbor’s

Hardcore anal sexI’d gone to help an elderly neighbor with his plants. He needed them all moved into his greenhouse before the cold came through. We’d finished up, and he’d invited me in for a short visit and a refreshment, and I took him up. We were chatting at his dining room table when his grandson came in, looking all studly and gorgeous. He joined us at the table, pouring himself a glass of tea. It wasn’t long before my neighbor headed to his room, stating that he’d worn himself out, and needed a nap. Grandson winked at me, and asked if I’d like to stay and visit with him, and I agreed. We took it to the family room. I wasn’t the least surprised when he started kissing me, and my willingness had his hands roaming my body. Then, he had us both out of our clothes, and lying back on the couch. His dick drilled up into me quickly, and had me gasping and moaning. I quickly cut that off, as I didn’t want to disturb the old man, but as cutie started thrusting up into me, it was all I could do to keep from moaning good. He knew how to really slam it home to a girl. He had me cumming all over myself, and working not to let any get on my neighbor’s couch! I walked home with a full load in my ass, and it felt delicious!

What A Druggy Night

Freaky phone sexI do not even remember posing for this picture.  You can see it in my eyes.  I do not remember this man’s dick I was sucking.  I do remember a few guys showing with some dust and crack.  And then the rest the of the night was a blur.  I remember bits and pieces but not a whole lot.  Like I remember seeing my daughter being ass fucked and my son sucking some dick.  But like I said all a blur.  A messed up movie in my head.  I remember a furry friend making appearance licking peanut butter of my sloppy cunt.  I know the next morning my ass and cunt were torn up.  And I felt a complete feeling of satisfaction.

A Dirty Fuck to Remember

golden showers sexI can’t get anything done today, all I seem to be able to do is think about last night. You warned me I would feel your cock in my cunt for days and I do still feel you. My pussy is still deliciously full feeling, completely used and abused. I can still feel your piss running down my body, in my hair, the taste. I love being pissed on and baby you really gave me a golden shower to remember. Oh God, I can still feel the way your cock pulsated against my pussy lips, the way I was quivering around your big dick. Fuck, I have never been banged so fucking hard. Did you like the taste of my asshole? I loved the feeling of your tongue pushing deep inside like you were trying to scoop out my scat. And when you opened your mouth wide and sucked my whole cunt in your mouth like you were trying t drain me of my pussy juice. All I know is we need to fuck again and very very soon. I am prepared to beg for it!

Blowjobs For Coke

Druggy pornI love to get high and fuck. I do a line of coke then a surge of sexual energy flows through my body and I have to fuck the nearest guy. And I’m hot, I have great tits and a great ass so I never have to pay to get high. Like today, Rico called me and gave me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. He told me if I gave his nephew a blowjob, he would give me free powder. I got in my car and rushed over to Rico’s place.
His nephew was the nerdiest boy I’ve ever met. He had thick glasses and braces and looked so innocent. He was tall and thin, and it surprised me when he pulled an anaconda from his pants. I dropped to my knees and tried to suck the skin off of his huge cock. The teenage boy gripped my hair into a fist and shoved his cock down my throat. I gagged and my eyes watered but I kept sucking until his warm semen filled my mouth. Rico gave me my blow and I went home a very happy girl.

Hooker Phone Sex

Hooker Phone Sex

I love getting high and fucking strangers.  I love a guy that talks dirty to me and tells me what a slut I am. I really love my new gig, the glory hole room.  I can’t tell you how fun it is to be fucked all day by dozens of men.  At the end of the day, my wet, dripping pussy has so much cum inside.  I prefer the guys who don’t want to wrap their cock.   I love taking cock bareback.  The danger is half the fun.  I love thinking they may impregnate me or give me something they got from the girlfriend.  Better yet, fuck your girlfriend and then come see me at the glory hole room or at the strip club and fuck me with your cock still dripping with her cunt.

Sloppy Seconds

Creampie slutI’m such a filthy creampie slut and I love giving nasty sloppy seconds to my dirty Daddy! He sends me out and about all day long to get fucked by several big black cocks. The more beat and used up my cunt is by the time I come back home, the hornier he gets! His fetish is so sexy, he loves to enjoy me and my sin-filled body as his sloppy seconds! Daddy loves the taste of big black monster cock, especially their leftover cum after it’s been fermenting deep up inside of my pussy walls! There’s so much cock cream sloshing around, i’m the definition of a cheap cum whore! Daddy spreads my legs open as wide as they can spread and jerks his cock as he watches all of the baby batter ooze out of my slutty cunt slit. It’s like a damn waterfall with how fucking wet I am! He dives in head first and slurps up all the jizz with his tongue, swallowing down every drop that’s been inside of me. It taste a little sour since it’s been ejaculated out of the BBC’s for so long, but that’s exactly how it likes it to be, hehe. His hard dick inside of me digging deep into the creampies feels so good, I can’t get enough and neither can he!

BBC Phone Sex Cum Slut

There is nothing that gets me off quite like BBC phone sex. When he told me that he had a huge cock, I almost didn’t believe him. So, when he pulled his semi-hard cock out, and I saw how long and thick it was, I was immediately hungry for that dick! I sank to my knees and wrapped my mouth around him, swallowing him straight down. BBC phone sexI sucked that dick good and hard, making sure he was as stiff as I was going to make him with my mouth. His balls got so full and so big! It was all I could do to keep from jumping his bones right there. Instead, I lay back on the couch and spread my legs up and wide. When his head finally started to stretch my cunt, I was in heaven. He filled my pussy completely up, pushing against my cervix every thrust. His delicious cock made me cum so hard that I shuddered, and when he exploded into me, I came all over again!

Freaky Phone Sex with a Dirty MILF

freaky phone sexFreaky phone sex is what I do best. I love shock value. Sometimes, you just need to give folks a jolt. My husband and I were at a swank affair this week. The kind of event you must dress elegantly and talk like you have an Ivy league education. I can pretend with the best of them. I was so bored.  I ducked into a closet and did a few lines of coke. I promised my husband I would be good and not party, but he promised me a good time too and that clearly wasn’t happening. When I am high, I get wild. Well, I should say I get wilder. I emerged from the closet determined to have fun. I grabbed this teen boy in a tux who looked equally bored and pushed him in the closet where I did some coke earlier. Turns out he was a Senator’s son. Oops. But, he was down to fuck a trashy milf in a supply closet while his folks bamboozled others out of money for his charity. My husband feels the need to be charitable with people in power so that he can call on favors if his whore wife gets herself in trouble like tonight. We got busted in the closet. I was on my knees in my pretty dress blowing the first son of senator. It was the senator’s wife, the boy’s mother who busted me.  At first, she was screaming, but when his cock came out of my mouth and she saw how huge it was she came into the closest and shut the door. She watched her boy fuck me in the ass. She even played with her pussy. She didn’t have to say a word, I know she went from shock to approval when she saw her son’s massive cock. He banged the shit out of me too. I told my husband we don’t need to support the senator anymore because I have his wife in my back pocket now. And, hopefully his son in my ass again soon.

Hardcore Anal Sex with 2 BBCs

Hardcore anal sexThere was this one guy I used to go to school with, and I knew I never stood a chance with him. He and his brother were in town visiting their mom and the rest of the folks around, and they decided to pay me a visit while they were in town. This boy whole confessed to me how he’d always had a crush on me, and didn’t think I’d feel him. When I started telling him all the nasty things I’d always imagined doing to him, his AND his brother’s cocks saluted. That was all the more encouragement I needed! I invited them both back to my room, and started a menage a trois. I undressed them both while they semi-undressed me. I wound up with little brother’s dick in my mouth while big brother checked out my man-cunt, running his fingers and tongue over it. After a few passes, I felt the head of his dick trying to penetrate, and then it popped on into my brown star, and he was sliding home. Little brother reached underneath me and started stroking my dick as I kept sucking him and big brother continued to fuck my tight ass. We spent the entire rest of the afternoon in a fuck-fest!

Randi; The cock sucking champ

Cheap phone sex

Giving really sloppy head is one of the things I am really good at. I learned this when I was walking home from school and a random guy pulled over and told me that he would give me some money if I gave him a blow job with my big dick sucking lips. I was a little confused but I took him into the woods on the side of the road and got on my knees and started sucking his big fucking cock. I was a little slut before I ever knew it. That was the first time I sucked some stranger dick and I never went back. Being a slut isn’t just for fun its the way I make my money for my coke, and being high makes fucking so much better.

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