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I love licking huge crystals of mdma off of big black dicks. The sensation of the the sandy power crackling across your cock mixed with the weird medicinal flavor of the drug is completely sublime. I love the way it feels to have you or a few friends come over with those dicks and have them just filling my mouth up- sword fighting each other inside my mouth. The pre-cum dripping down my throat and the salty taste and scent of your balls up against my nose while I start to feel higher and higher. The cocks growing bigger and bigger inside my mouth. It’s all just leading up to that amazing moment when I’m high as fuck and I get to feel that cum shoot down into my belly. I’ll do anything to get a little loose though so don’t think that just because you don’t have my drug of choice we can’t talk. I wanna tell you about my slutty little life all night.

Deanna’s BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

I had an awesome night at the strip club. One of my favorite customers came in for a private dance. I have to say he is a hot piece of dark chocolate. I almost feel guilty taking money from him because his big black cock is the best I have ever had. When he bends me over and fucks me from behind his thick black cock always hits my g-spot. He gives me screaming and squirting orgasms like I have never had before. He pays me more so that he doesn’t have to wear a condom. So all of his warm gooey cum is all inside my pussy. When I get home my little cuckold is waiting for me. You start with your whining shit and that is when I tell you to come over and lick all this warm gooey cum out of my pussy. You better stick that tongue deep in my pussy and make sure you get every last drop of cum that was left by a big black cock.

cum filled cunt

Trashy MILF Cum Slut

trashy MILFI am such a trashy MILF. I was blowing some truckers for coke last night. I asked one of the guys to take a picture of me blowing him so I could send it to my son. I haven’t seen him in a while and I thought if he saw me giving head, he would start to miss how good I always suck his cock. My little trick worked. When I got home last night, my son was naked, stroking his cock with a pair of my panties and drinking a beer on the couch.  I had cum breath and cum leaking out of my ass and pussy. My son doesn’t mind my creampies. I guess you could call him a creampie slut! I sat on the couch, opened a Bud Light and relaxed as he ate my cum filled pussy. I could hear the slurping sounds. I did take on a few truckers. In fact, my son knew I had a few different loads inside of me because he asked how much coke I brought home. I had 5 baggies of party favors because I let 5 truckers use me. Technically, I used them. Everyone knows truckers always have good coke. That is the secret to those all night hauls My son cleaned up all the crème in my pussy and we did some lines so he could put cum right back in his mother’s pussy. I am such a dirty whore.

Just my luck

Gangbang whore

I didn’t make any money last night working the poles so I needed my hit real bad. I tried to work the young bangers on the corner but they was hip to me now.  So I thought I was going to be without a high.  This one guy I never saw in our hood said he would fuck with me.  So I said ok we went to his car and I took a couple of his of his blunt and one good pull from his pipe.  I was completely blasted.  He was doing all types of shit to me but I did not care.  Normally my focus was on getting his stash but I couldn’t focus for shit.  This motherfucker gave me some shit where all I could do is fuck. I had so much energy and was ready to go for hours.  I heard the door open and we was still going at it.  So I thought.  He had called the other dealers over for a gangbang. They all fucked me beat me and drop their loads in my face mouth and everywhere.  I tried to get some more he told me I could have the whole stash if I let ten more of his friends fuck me.  I said didn’t I fuck your friends he said no he didn’t know who I fucked.  He just made I bet with these dudes that he get me back for all the times I robbed them.  Just my luck I took his stash and ran.  I wanted that high again.  Unfortunately  for me I found out this was just cut up pieces of fucking soap.

3am Glory Hole

Druggy phone sexI’m so high right now. I’ve been doing lines all night. The only thing that I’m missing is a hard dick. Cocaine always makes me so horny. I want some stranger dick, someone that I’ve never fucked. I don’t even want to know their name. I put on my sexiest dress, the short red one with the deep v-neck cleavage. I got in my car and drove to the 24-hour porn video store. The store has a back area with private booths to watch the dirty movies. The booths farthest to the back have glory holes and I was ready to have some fun. It was 3 am but the store still had a nice crowd. I went straight to the back booths and waited for someone to put their dick through the glory hole. I was doing a bump of coke from my pinky nail when someone put their huge coke through the hole. I lowered my body to wrap my lips around the stranger’s hard dick. The act was making my pussy so wet. I held that dick in one hand and fingered my pussy with my other hand. I sucked that cock with a strong suction until I felt warm cum shoot down my throat and my orgasm followed right behind.

I’m your porcelain throne

Everyone I know knows what I freak I am and how much I love getting shit on and playing with scat while I get pounded really fucking hard. But I do not know if everyone is aware that I also love getting pissed on. It is so hot when a guy uses me as a human toilet and takes his zipper down  pulls his cock out aims in my direction and starts pissing all over me. There is something I find irresistible in shit in piss that I get so horny and want to cover myself in human waste. Maybe its just because I know my place. I am on my knees with my mouth wide open like your porcelain throne, waiting for you to take a massive dump in it, piss in it or just come all over it. Do whatever you see fit. I will enjoy it. It would give me so much pleasure to swallow whatever fluid you wanted to give me, I will gladly bend over when you are done and that you take the pick of my whore holes and you can then fuck or do whatever you want to me.

Scat phone sex

White Trash Phone Sex Charity

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is all I know. I look classy; I live classy, but I am not classy at all. I just married well. My husband likes trailer park trash women. Who doesn’t if they are being honest. Why? We are far more likely to molest our offspring, let daddy molest them too and party like a kinky freak than some Park Avenue bitch. I am the way I am because I was born in the sticks of rural West Virginia in a trailer park to meth head parents who pimped me out for years. You can’t polish up a turd is the old saying. I can clean up my appearance, but never my mind. I have a very dirty mind. I was at a fundraiser recently for The American Red Cross. The benefit was raising money for recent wild fire victims in California. I know how to raise money. I can raise funds like I can raise cocks. I brought my hot teen slut daughter with me. I love helping charity. Do you know how much money men will donate to fuck a mother and daughter or even just to have a teen whore blow them in the bathroom? I went around the room making offers to the men eyeballing my hot daughter. I shaved a few years off her real age, to make her even more taboo. The more taboo the fucking, the more men are willing to pay. My daughter and I worked the room. We spent most of the fundraiser in the bathroom being cum dumpsters, but we raised more money than the event, making us the biggest single donors of the night. We got a lot of individual sperm donations too. It wasn’t our money. It was the money of horny P men. We were sexy prostitutes for the Red Cross. Anything for charity, right?

Hot Cum Sundae

Cum dumpsterYeah, hot fudge sundaes are delicious to eat for dessert but have you ever tried hot cum sundaes? If you haven’t then you are truly missing out! Let’s have some super nasty phone sex together, I want to tell you all about my yummy, naughty little treat that I love to eat! I have always loved to indulge in some delicious ice cream but ice cream smothered in gooey, creamy cock cream makes it all the more better! I want you to jerk your cock and cum loads upon loads for me to use as the sexy topping to my sundae! Let me gag on your shaft and suck on your balls while you skull fuck my brains out! I know that you have so much juice built up inside of your throbbing dick, you’re able to give me as many loads as I want! It’s like a never-ending flow of fresh jizz out of your hole! Even better, scooping it up out of the ice cream dish and fucking myself with it all as it drips down my crack, causing a huge mess! So fucking hott! Of course I love to complete my warm and delicious sundae with a cherry on top, the ultimate toppings for the perfect sundae!

These Holes Are Always Open

Dirty phone sexThese holes love cock. And I love crack. And I will do anything for cock and crack. When I say anything I mean anything. I will even let you play with my tykes for your crack or for your cock. I love to watch my tykes get fucked so I can have some crack. I always get more crack for them anyway. I love to play with furry friends. I love to have gang bangs, and trains. On my tykes and me. I will greedily drink your piss. Anything at all you want for that crack and cock.  I will do.  My holes are always wet.  Always ready. Always open.  Everybody in the trailer park calls me Flo The Hoe.  I love this nick name.  Cause every body knows where to come for holes to fuck.

Quickie Queen

Cheap phone sexIf you wanted a quickie than you could easily come to my corner and I will give you the best time in a short time span. If you are at work and you need to get off really quick then you should call me baby. I am just a cum guzzling slut who loves sucking cock and getting fucked all day long. I am into many fetishes so anything you like I can do. I can suck your cock while I smoke a cigarette or like you fuck my asshole. I am a well rounded whore who will do anything to please you as long as you have money or drugs for me. I will do anything you want baby. Let randi take care of you tonight.

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