My Yummy, Messy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt was so full it was running down my legs like a river. I had just finished a college boy gang bang as a favor to my husband. One of his old fraternity buddies needed a hooker to take on the graduating class of the fraternity. He knew just the woman to ask, his whore wife. This was a charity fuck. They didn’t have to pay. My pussy and ass were reward for making it through 4 years of college. Afterwards, I was covered in cum. Head to toe and all the holes in between were cum coated and cum filled. I could have showered. Most women would have showered to clean up. But, I am not most women. I am a trashy milf. I have a brood of cum lickers who enjoy cleaning up my messy holes. I had 6 brats and one horny old man, my husband, giving me a tongue bath to get all that cum off me. They licked me for hours like a cat bathes its kittens. When my brood licks the cum from my holes and off my body, it makes them horny. How can I not want to help them out? Our kinky family fun may begin as hedonistic mommy worship, but it always ends with a family orgy.

Berretta’s Bistro

Cum filled cuntI am opening up Berretta’s Bistro. It will not be like any bistro you have ever experienced before. Berretta’s Bistro will have all kinds of kinky nasty dirty fun items to order off of the menu. You will have to schedule a reservation a day ahead of time so that we can make sure we have all the ingredients to make your special treat. We will serve things such as a Belgium Brunch were a girls cunt will be buttered up and have the jam of your choosing smeared all over it for you to enjoy. Somethings will be made table side for you such as a Belgium Breakfast where I will have raw eggs cracked and funneled up my ass. You will then fuck my tight puckered ass to scramble them. I will release the eggs into a bowl and we will cook it over a flame table side for your delight. And of course we will be serving more standard things such as a cum filled cunt or warm creampie straight from whichever member of staffs tight puckered assholes you choose.

Crack whore

cum filled cuntI have slowly begun feeding my addiction like never before. I have been fucking for coke nonstop. I have a new obsession and thats crack and orgies. I have been an orgy whore for some crack, and I can’t get enough. I like fucking high. Its like I am in a transient state. I know I am fucking and being used. I know my cum filled cunt is being refilled nonstop. I can’t help it. I want more and more of it. I will do anything to feed my high. I have become such a good anal slut. My holes get used up twenty-four seven. I’m to the point where I have even been fucking at work and in my car just for a quick reup.

That black pipe

BBC phone sex  Tall, dark and handsome makes me wild. I fantasize about big black cock stuffing all my holes all the time. Well last night I had my chance he came in while I was dancing and threw me 300 bucks. He even payed for a private dance(; That’s how I knew he had a big cock. I went in the back and sucked it off. I invited him back to my place so I could get more time with sexy black cock. I kissed, sucked and admired it like it was some fucking trophy. I bounced up and down on that shit like I was a damn cow girl. It had probably been about a year since I had some black pipe in side me. I needed that. He pounded my pussy so hard and just right He got in the booty too. I can say taking that huge fuck pipe in my holes made my fucking YEAR! I am smiling but I need another one soon. Come on in and fuck me with that magic stick you were blessed with papi!

I met my match

live phone sex You were so amazing last night when we had live phone sex. It was almost as good as the real thing. We fucking partied together all night long. Doing huge rails of Peru’s finest cocaine off of each other’s bodies. When you do those tiny bumps off my nipples they get rock fucking hard. My pussy still gets soaked when you do that too. Doing nummies with the tip of your cock makes sure that you really enjoy pounding my face as hard as you want. I never thought I would meet a guy who loved to party and fuck as much as I do but I think I may have met my match with you. You push my boundaries and I fucking love it.

My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyDo you know who enjoys a sloppy wet pussy beside you? My son. He has been eating my cream pies since he was a little boy. He ate his mommy’s dirty fuck holes before I started fucking him. It was part of his grooming. His sister and he use to fight over who was going to clean me up first. Last night, he was the only one around. My dirty cunt was all his. He spent the night because he was too drunk to drive. While he was passed out, a few trucker buddies stopped by to fuck. They had huge black cocks and cum filled balls that needed drained. I tried to wake my son up, so he could watch the action. He loves watching me take nigger cock, but he was three sheets to the wind. I had my fun with my fuck buddies, got filled up with cum. They were fucking my holes all night long. By the time they left, my creampie slut was waking up. Before he brushed his teeth, before he had some coffee, he cleaned out all the black spunk in his mommy’s fuck holes. I was squirting all over his face. I forgot how hot it was to have him eat the cum out of my twat. Don’t tell his sister, but he is a much better creampie eater.

Crystal Meth

Druggy phone sexI smoked crystal meth for the first time last night and that shit is amazing. It made me feel like Superwoman and super horny. One good puff and I was on cloud nine. It made music sound better and had my body tingly all over. I felt good and I needed a hard dick right then and there. Luckily, I was in a house that was full of men with hard dicks. I took my top off and was immediately surrounded by guys with their dicks out. I started sucking and stroking them all, I couldn’t get enough. They had me on my hands and knees pumping cock into my tight cunt and mouth. People pulled their phones out and started recording the whole scene. I felt like a pornstar and I loved it. One guy would fill my pussy with warm cum and the next man would take sloppy seconds. I was the life of the party and I stayed high way longer with crystal meth than I’d ever with cocaine. I love crystal meth!

Fuck day is the best day

Gangbang whoreFuck day is the best day for gangbang whore Hadley. You bring the blow and ill blow you and all your friends. I’m that hot coke whore that will do anything for a snort of coke and my ass to be gaped. I mean I am a little incest as well fucking my brother and my daddy with loads of cum dripping from my holes. I’m that hot stripper with a little powder on her nose as she twerks in your face and rubs her soaking wet pussy all over you. I whisper meet me in the back room and I will give you your money’s worth. I bring you in and slap some powder on your cock and suck you so well you explode in my face. Five other guys are jacking waiting for a piece of my fuck holes. You turn my ass around to do a line off my puckered rosebud ass and stick a fifty in my ass. It’s going to be fun getting that money out after all six of you fuck and fill my ass up with sticky cum. That’s okay I’ll pull it out while I’m doing lines on the phones later. I am your anal cum dumpster after all baby.

White Trash Phone Sex Mommy

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is where it as at. Why talk to a classy chick when you can have a dirty talking momma? My offspring all love that I am a dirty talker. My oldest girl is 20. She is the only legal daughter I got, but I have been teaching her how to talk dirty. She wants to get into the phone sex business. She escorts and of course is one of daddy’s favorite hookers. She is a sugar baby too on those special arrangement sites. She makes great money with all her adult endeavors, but phone sex is something she has yet to try. Being a dirty slut is one thing, being a dirty phone sex slut is another thing. I have been letting her listen in on my calls lately for training. She sits on the couch next to me rubbing my pussy as I talk with guys like you. She finds it hot when I talk about taboo things like our family fun and being a P parent. She already told me she will raise her brats in the family way when she starts a family. We started talking about starting her little one off from the get go with drinking grandpa’s cum in his or her bottle after a P call last night. Thinking of being a P grandma made me so wet. My daughter and I had a hot fuck in between calls. We ate each other out. We rubbed our juicy slits together. We even used my double-sided dildo together. She is not my first born, but she is the first one I was able to keep and raise. I am so proud of her. She is hot as fuck and as dirty as her parents. Regardless if she gets into this line of work or not, she is going to be such a dirty mommy one day. I just hope one day is very soon. I am ready to have an extremely little one in the house again.

Ass Punished with Frozen Snicker Bars

Anal sex whore When my mistress returned she shoved five frozen miniature Snicker bars up my tight puckered ass and told me to hold them there. I clenched my ass cheeks down to keep them in but they were so cold that I wanted to cry. She smacked my ass a few more times and then she left again.

When she returned this time you were with her. She wanted to make sure that you knew I had been properly punished for my misdeeds and she wanted to make it up to you. So she put you in front of me and pulled out your limp cock. She told me to use my mouth and make it nice and hard.

Once your big thick cock was nice and hard she told you to eat my ass. She told you to be sure and stick that tongue deep inside my tight little puckered ass. She had put a creamy delightful treat inside of my ass just for you. You went to town eating those now melted gooey little Snicker bars out of my ass before shoving your big hard cock into it and fucking it hard. Then you pulled out and had me suck off all of that melted Snicker goo from your big hard cock before you washed it all down my throat with your warm creamy cum.

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