Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sexI love being a whore so I decided to try lot lizard sex. I’m gonna be fucking anyway so I figured why not make some money off it? I was nervous when I got to the truck stop but I was looking real good so I knew those truckers were gonna love me. I went up to the first one, it was a real nice truck so I thought he would be willing to pay me for sure… but he turned out to be super crazy. He was so nice at first, he really acted like he just wanted regular sex and he even said he would pay me good but it was a ll a bunch of lies. As soon as I was in his truck he shoved his cock down my throat and fucked my mouth so hard! I tried to take it all but I just couldn’t that cock was so huge! Then he shoved that massive tool up my ass so hard that I had to scream. It hurt so bad! I kept thinking about all the money I would get, I thought for sure that the money wold make up for all that pain but once he came he threw me out of his truck and never paid me!

Prostitution Porn Fix

prostitution porn

These Big Fake tits are made for prostitution porn.  I do so much whoring that I finally got a connect that will get me in some porn with some other white trash whores like myself.  I want to be used and filmed while doing it and get paid in cash and Coke are you fucking kidding me. I mean stripping is fucking nice but to get paid to fuck on camera. That is what this druggy slut wants! I mean these fake tits can get so much more action. And the dick I can get. I mean my dealer said there is a big market for cum tramps like me. I want some of that good Hollywood blow. Daddy always said I would make it big with my mouth and pussy. Of course, I would still be the white trash phone sex whore you love but my pussy would be getting rammed on screen! I mean I do fuck a lot of random dudes for money or coke, So I would be a hot little fuck for this dude to film. 

Trailer trash whore tranny

Trailer trash whoreI’ve always loved being known as the filthiest trailer trash whore of the entire community that I grew up in. One day when a tranny moved in next door to me, I couldn’t wait until I was able to get my hands and tongue on her! Turns out that she was just as kinky and nasty as I was! When I first came face to face with her throbbing cock, it was dangling down between her thighs and just dying to be sucked on. I shoved my face into her cum-filled nutsack and took a big whiff of her hairy balls. Yummy, she smelled soooo good! I love a freshly fucked little hole that’s oozing out with cum. She had just gotten gangbanged and I was lucky enough to catch her right after and give her a good cleaning up. I licked her dry and made sure to swallow down every drop of tranny jizz.

3 Generation Of Crack Whores

Dirty phone sexA two cock white trash of druggy whore I am. I love it when multiples show up at my trailer door knocking for any one of my crack pimped out holes. I do anything to get that dick and crack and everybody knows it. I grew up being a whore learning from the very best my own crack whore mother. She got me hooked on crack and dick when I was little and did the same to my own little crack whore brat. She loves watching mommy get fucked and joins in all the time. She loves the needle and dick as much as her mom and grandma. When it turns into a fucking orgy with dicks just showing up and staying to take a taste of all our slutty holes it is a good fucking day.

Saving Me From Myself

Gangbang whore

What up bitches?!? You will never guess what happened to me last night.  I think it is pretty fucking funny because apparently I need “saving”.  First of all I have to give you a very short backstory.  On occasion I hook up with a Minister’s son.  Wow, shortest short backstory ever.  We have been fucking off and on for a couple of years.  I do it not because he is gifted in the cock department it is simply because I hate his Father.  I hate what he stands for, I hate how he thinks he is better than the people in our neighborhood, I hate how he looks down at the homeless, I hate that he isn’t Christian like in the least.  Neither am I, but I don’t say I am then act in a different way.  The man is a fucking hypocrite.

His son is good looking though, so it makes up for the cock situation.  I usually go for very large dicks, but in this case I have made an acceptation based solely on principle.  There we were, in his Dad’s bed, fucking away, we never heard his Dad come home.  Next thing the door was kicked open.  He rushed in, grabbed his son, yanked him off of me, then tossed my clothes at me, and hauled his son out of the room.  I took a few pics, and sent them to his son.  I heard good ole Holy Dad yelling asking his son what he was looking at on his phone.  

Then I heard him yelling again but this time he was coming back down the hall toward his bedroom.  I put my phone down and calmly started to get dressed.  He came in, looked at me, I smiled and blew him a kiss.  He called me a slut, a sex demon who was tempting his son.  A sex demon? I sorta liked that.  I am pretty sure that I wasn’t just tempting his son, since Mr. Holy’s cock was clearly getting hard.

He told me that I needed Jesus in my life, that I need to be saved from myself.  He was angry that we were having sex in his bed, but he was more angry about the fact that our souls were in jeopardy.  What a load of shit.  He didn’t care about our soul, he was fucking jealous that his son was fucking my hot cunt and not him.  His cock was getting harder and harder.  I started to laugh a little bit, which just made him angrier.  Then it really got funny.  His face was so red, he started yelling louder.  I told him to just calm the fuck down, I would leave.

As I was walking by his son I stopped to kiss him deeply and grope his cock through his boxers.  His Dad started to yell all over again.  I walked out the door knowing that if I wanted I could fuck the Dad.  Maybe I should, maybe I should put his soul in jeopardy too, I might as well have some company in hell, apparently that is where I will be going.

This Trailer Trash Whore Loves Teen Cock

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore loves Fall. The weather is cooler, and the teen boys are back in school. I got up early this morning and sat on my couch naked. Normally, that might not be a big deal, but I have a huge window and the couch is right in front of it. I never use curtains either. When it is still dark outside, all those teen boys see walking to the bus stop is my hot naked body. I have been known to make a few boys late for school. Derek was just another tardy school boy. He was too busy fucking the trashy milf who lives near his bus stop to think about being punctual to school. Of course, I didn’t say that when I wrote him a note pretending to be his mother. Normally teen boys are wham bam thank you ma’am kind of fucks. Not Derek, he wanted to enjoy my mature pussy and ass for as long as he could. He is a good student too. The surprising thing about Derek is that he is a band geek boy. He isn’t a jock or a popular boy, but he may be now. I think I helped give him some swagger. He was a virgin when he left for school, but he was a man when he arrived at school. Likely, he still smelled like my cougar cunt. I taught him how to eat pussy. Any boy who can tongue a cunt like a porn star, will always be popular with girls and ladies alike. He plays the clarinet, so he has good mouth muscles. He also has a hammer of a cock. Under his band geek uniform and nerdy exterior was a sizeable cock for his age. If girls would look past his appearance and shy demeanor, I think they would thank me. He is one of the best fucks my ass and cunt have had from a boy his age.

Party Whore

Live hone sex

These days, I will do anything for blow. A dirty coke whore needs her fix, and I’m willing to do anything or anyone. So last night, I’m working at the strip club trying to make that coin for an 8-ball or anything at this point. Now my manager hates when I take dudes to the VIP area and suck their cocks for coke, but I eye this one older dude and he whispers if I want to party with him in the VIP room. I instantly follow him! A nasty slut like me never says no! In the room, he makes me do lines off his fat cock and thick balls and suck him off. The drip makes my throat real numb and I was able to deep throat all of him. My manager walks in and starts yelling at me for doing it again, but the customer says, “Come on man, why don’t you join us! She has enough holes for both of us to enjoy!” I nodded in coked up excitement and perked my ass up. My manager positions himself at my asshole, pulls my tiny stripper panties to the side and begins thrusting his cock deep inside me. There’s nothing better than sucking a stranger’s coke covered cock while my manger gapes my fucking asshole. Being a skanky, worthless party whore is the best!


I need to cum

shemale phone sex

You love how hard my pretty penis gets when I let you wrap your lips around it. I don’t have to play hard to get when we are around your buddies. You are so fucking jealous when any of them even look at my ass. Well maybe if they all sucked my dick as good as you, they could get a better show. I can’t wait until this football game is over your friends keep grabbing my ass my dick is getting so hard. Oh, it’s halftime I’m dragging you outside behind the fucking garage. I need to blow this load in your mouth right now. If you do a good job I might let you spit my cum back in my mouth.


Cum Dumpster Jonesing For a Fix

I am such a cum dumpster. I went out last night looking for some drugs. I needed a fix last night, but I had no cash. When you look like me and have a tight tiny cunt, well you don’t need cash to get party supplies. I went to this biker bar and announced I was down to fuck if anyone wanted to share their coke with me. I was not surprised at how many men jumped at the chance to fuck my tiny whore holes. I was doing blow off the bar and off cocks. Every guy in that place from the just 21 to the old perverts were lining up to take a turn at fucking me. The ones that didn’t have any magic powder, laid down cash. I was a gangbang whore in a biker bar. Turned out, bikers are great fucks. I mean holy shit they had hammers for dicks. Many of them were well over 8 inches too. I couldn’t keep up with all the horny old fucks, so I let some just circle jerk on me. Damn, what a total little fuck slut I was, but I got enough blow to last me the week. And bonus, I made enough money to pay the rent too. When you look like me, it is very easy to get what you want.

Cum dumpster


Nasty phonesexToday I was sitting on my back porch watching the electric guys work right past my yard. They had not noticed me yet and I was getting hornier than a dog watching them work. I was wearing a tank top and short shorts. I knew all I had to do was get their attention. I walked right out into my yard and did a little whistle. they turned and looked my way. I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. I stuck my fingers in my mouth getting them nice and sloppy wet. Those guys had their eyes glued on me and they watch my fingers slide out of my mouth and into my cunt. I went wild finger blasting myself right in front of them. They walked over to me in the yard one shoving his big fat juicy cock into my mouth and the other one shoving his sweet cock into my ass. My fingers still finger blasting away in my own cunt.

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