Sexy Prostitutes in the Family

sexy prostitutesThe younger sexy prostitutes are, the more money they command for me. I have an adopted super young girl who daddy and I sold for a premium last night. Rented out is a better term. We love this little cash cow and want her with us for awhile. She is a Nubian princess, rescued from war torn Africa. We have a fat white friend who has long been talking about his chocolate sweet tooth. We were finally able to satisfy his craving. He paid $10, 000 for a few hours with our black little virgin. Daddy taught her the basics like how to suck cock, but her virginity we have been saving for the right price. Daddy and I watched on a hidden camera as she became a little dick spinner and a cum catcher. She was in pain because her baby girl cunnie is so tight and small and his cock was full-grown. But like the other hookers for hire in my family, she forged through the pain. She enjoyed making money and pleasing our friend. What a good, natural little whore. Of course, she has to sit on a bag of frozen peas to rest up her tiny holes for the next visit. She is going to be quite the breadwinner.

Drunk With A Wet Sloppy Pussy

Freaky phone sexMy best friends and I got sloppy waisted last night. We went to a party down the street from our trailer park. They had beer and liquor out the ass. It was my mission to get sloppy fucking wasted and find me some cocks to clean. When I am drunk I get real nasty. I am already a white trash cum loving freak, when I get drunk and got good drugs flowing through my body I am on another level. I knew there were going to be a lot of hot men at the party so I was ready for action. My girls and I made a game out of the night. We were going to compete with each other.  Whoever could fuck and suck the most cock that night wins. Seems easy to a drunk cum guzzling slut but when you have 3 other girls who love thick cock just as much, it does become a challenge. All of us girls spent a little over an hour scoping out the men and getting as wasted as possible before the fun began.drunk phone sex By the time our little game began my mouth was watering, I wanted to wrap my lips around a nice big hard cock. I picked out the men I wanted and went for it. My goal was to suck and fuck at least ten men there. The girls and I split up and went our separate ways. To get to the point, we were all winners. My girls and I ended up having a nasty, sloppy orgy with all the men we picked out. I was so drunk and high that I did black out a couple of times. What I do know is the orgy we had could have had its own name. Pissing, licking, fucking, sucking, scratching, moaning, groaning, cum everywhere. My girls and I sucked and fucked so much cock I can’t get the taste out of my mouth or the cock smell out of my ass and sloppy pussy. For now on, fuck playing little girl games, my girls and have upgraded our game to experience the best orgies. We were even thinking of throwing our very own orgy party. I know that will be a hell of a dirty and freaky time!

Hooker for hire are the best

hookers for hireMy friend and I love being hookers for hire. Spring break brings out the slut inside me. When I went to south beach for spring break, I didn’t think I was going to fuck hairy fat rich men. My friend Heidi and I knew we had to do it once we ran out of blow. Our only option was to sell our ass and cunt. I got fucked all over his mansion. It wasn’t easy. Not only did he reek of cigar and alcohol he was also super rough. We were both getting choked out and beaten. We were slut slaves for the spring break weekend. I couldn’t be careless. I knew it was all worth it because the price was right. Once I get that instant high, I lose all senses.

My New Master

Cum dumpster


I had a sex session with a guy named Peter Cocker and he was terrific, on our first session Peter did things to me that brought my mind to a total standstill. Peter told me right away that he was my master and my sole owner. As my master, Peter informed me that I must do everything he told me to without question. I assured my new owner that he could be confident that I would follow every direction he told me to because I wanted nothing more than to please him. As far as I’m concerned if my new master wants me to fuck a room full of horny slackers all at once, then that is what I will gladly do. I am forever grateful for my owner, and I will do whatever he wants to the maximum like a perfect whore should. My master Peter wanted me to fuck so many nasty bastards last night, and I did it. A huge cock fucker was pounding my asshole while another horny cockwad was fucking my cum guzzling cunt so hard. The third motherfucker was making me swallow his thick cum erupting dick, and I love it all.

Trashy MILF Uber Ride

trashy milfI am such a trashy milf. I picked up a coed last night. Technically, I picked her up, but she made the first move. She was drunk and hopped in my Uber ride by mistake. The driver was trying to tell her she had to wait because this Uber was occupied. She was drunk and sort of obnoxious about it. I told the driver it was fine. We could take her where she needed to go, and it could be put on my bill. He was like it doesn’t work that way. When I pulled out a $50, he shut the fuck up. The girl said her name was Brandy. It might have been Sandy, not sure because she was slurring. She reminded me of my daughter. She started finger banging my cunt. She was the aggressor, so I went with it. I pushed her head between my legs and had her lick my sloppy wet pussy. She started slurping on my cunt like a lesbo sorority girl. I was grinding her face in my twat so hard I almost choked her. The Uber driver was getting another tip because he was watching in the rear view mirror and stroking his cock. I was loving this drunk sorority girl’s cunt licking skills. I came on her face, then we flipped positions because I wanted to eat her young bald pussy. She kept calling me mom, which made the entire encounter fucking hotter. I guess it was my lucky night because a hot drunk coed walked right into my Uber ride. Pretty sure, the Uber driver was saying the same thing. He got a $50 tip, got paid for the ride and got to watch a drunk girl fucking a dirty old whore. My guess is his Prius smells like pussy and his cock is still hard.

Stripper Sex

Blonde phone sex

At the strip club I work at, guys can pay a little extra to get a hot girl on girl show from the strippers in a private room. A guy came in and dropped a stack of cash in front of me and arranged a little show between me and another blonde hottie who worked there. We led him to the back room and climbed into the bed and started the show. He didn’t want to join, he just wanted to watch and stroke his hard cock. He directed us on exactly how he wanted us to fuck each other. He had me lick her yummy cum filled cunt from where she’d been creampied earlier by two other clients. I lapped up all the delicious jizz and made her squirt on my face. Then he had me bend over with my ass in the air and head down and had her lube up her hand and wrist and start fisting and finger fucking my drippy wet pussy. She made me cum so fucking hard! Besides a thick cock, I like nothing more than having my cunt stretched by a fist. He tipped us a $20 to let him cum on our faces and tits. We held our mouths open so we could get a taste and then licked each other’s tits clean before heading back out onto the dance floor.

Biker Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

Fetishes involving watching a bareback gangbang hoe get fucked by a dozen or so bikers are hot! Its fuck hadley day with more and more bikers pouring in to fuck meI love those dirty Bikers fucking me as I bend over a pool table and snort some good snow blow! Sweaty burly drunk men taking turns on a sloppy juicy stripper whore pussy. I need it so bad, one is never enough for my coke whore ass! Let me be a carousel cock sucker one after another of those meat poles spinning around in a cock circle  Smoother my pussy in cocaine and begging saying I need some dirty cock in my ass too! my butt hole so I can be fucked bloody and raw with a nice ass rose filled with cum dripping off. I am the deepest hot whore anal cum dump for more than a dozen hairy balls to empty in. Fuck my ass is so tight and juicy and craving your cock right now. Strip me down and cum party with your gangbang cock and coke whore.

Back Alley Slut

dirty phone sex

I was fucked up at the club and wanted to get some dick, so I grabbed the nearest guy on the dance floor, and ground my soaking pussy against his crotch. I felt him get hard almost instantly, and dragged him out the back door to an alleyway. It’s not the nicest location to get fucked, but this dity cumslut has definitely been drilled in worse places. I hiked my dress over my tight ass, and he picked me up and slammed my drunk self against a wall. He pounded my sopping pussy so hard my head was bouncing off the bricks and my tits bounced right out the top of my dress. I squeezed my hard nipples between my fingers and moaned for more. Anyone walking by could see us, and that thought made me even hornier. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist freak like that. I fucked this complete stranger raw and let him fill me up with cum like the dirty back alley whore I am. I don’t regret a thing!  

My Sons Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI love having a cum filled cunt. So does my family. They each love sloppy seconds, even the boys. My husband and I are perverts. We have raised our brood in the family way. When they were super young, they all got a healthy dose of cum in their bottles. We would walk around naked and fuck in front of them. I would entertain clients in front of them too. So, it is no surprise that I have a family of sluts. Dirty little whores who love to fuck as much as daddy and I do too. The boys are just horny as the girls. My sons are the biggest creampie junkies I know. Usually, a creampie slut is a girl. I do have a couple of them in the house, but my sons are the kinkiest creampie lovers. Why? Because they like to put their seed inside their mommy’s cunt and lick each other’s jizz out of me. Brothers swapping cum deposited in their mommy’s and sisters’ holes is pretty dirty, right? Last night, daddy came in me, then each boy took a turn until I had 4 loads of fresh jizz inside me. Instead of my daughters cleaning me up, each boy lent his tongue to the task. They would gobble up some fresh jizz until they each had a fix. I love my big kinky family. Boys who love cum, grow up to be men who love cum and men who love cum are always uninhibited lovers.

Coke And Cock

Dirty phone sexSnow, I live for it. No not the kind of snow that falls from the sky. I’m talking about the kind you will find in pretty lines on a table. The feeling of that dusty white girl shooting into my nose and dripping into the back of my throat is just as good as sucking a used cock. Snow and a used cock together are the only things I need to satisfy my cum slut cunt. I mean, you shouldn’t be surprised. Coke and a white trash slut like me definitely go hand in hand. I love how fast the rush goes straight to my head, then to have a nice rock hard cummy cock ram right down my mouth is pure extasy. The more snow I can fill up my nose with, in a night the more cock I can shove down my tight cum loving throat. I love this life so much, I now get called the CC whore. I will always be a Coke and Cock loving, Cum Slut Whore and I am damn proud of it

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