Cum Dumpster Caramel

cum dumpsterWe frequently have clients come into the club asking for a little action outside of hours. They want strippers to keep their guests happy and entertained. I volunteered for this playoff party. Big bucks and lots and lots of men. I arrived and went to the bathroom to change into my sweet little thong and heels. I did notice there were no other girls there, so I was going to get all these men to myself. Just that thought was enough to make my pussy moist. At halftime I put on a nice strip tease for them, flaunting my nice ass, gorgeous bald pussy and my fabulous tits. One of the guys asked if I would fuck and blow for cash. I of course agreed, but you know me, I never pass up any chance to be covered and smothered in some nice, warm, salty cum. I spread my legs and let them take turn filling me with their loads. They fucked my ass, my pussy and my throat, leaving me covered with their jizz. I watched in amazement as it squirted from their dicks. I love watching it speed through the air, landing right in my face and mouth. I delighted in the way they packed my ass and pussy like the little cum dumpster I am. By nights end I was leaking jism from every hole. I couldn’t have been happier. He paid me and I left but he doesn’t know I would have done it for free.

Druggy porn

druggy porn

I went to see my guy to score some blow for the weekend. He only had a little bit left and didn’t want to let me get it, so I had to make a deal. I told him I would do anything he wanted if he just gave me enough to party on for the weekend. He was very reluctant so I offered to suck his cock as part of our deal and then he could do whatever he wanted to me after I blew him. I should have known that it would turn into a druggy porn shoot, staring me. I didn’t give a shit. This way, I could save my cash and get the blow for the low price of fucking my dealer. Sounds like a good deal to me. He bent me over his desk and forced his thick cock into my coke whore asshole. He had a camera set up, filming the entire thing. I knew that later, he was going to stroke his cock all night and watch this video. I let him fuck me as hard as he could and fill my asshole with his hot load. After he dumped all of his cum into my slut hole, he tossed me a little bag of the magic white powder. He said that we could arrange to do this again. Next time I need some blow, I know where I’m going.

My brother came to visit

live phone sexMy brother lives across the country from me so I don’t see him very often but when I do see him it is always a whole lots of kinky fun. He’s been here for a few days and already we have had more sex than I think I have had all year… and that’s really saying something cus I fuck a lot! I’ve taken him around to all the touristy places and somehow he has managed to fuck me at all of them. We’ve been fucking in public and in every private corner we can find. Tonight he wants to invite some other men over so he can watch them fuck me too, he said that he has been selfish with me keeping me all to himself and he wants to share. So I am going to go all out and have a bunch of men and women over so it can be one big orgy! Wanna join us?

Hot Stripper Sex In VIP Room

I’m a filthy trailer whore that has stripped since before I was of legal age, it’s what I am, a Stripper. I’m always giving back alley blowjobs for two bills and sometimes even for a Bill and a baggie of crack or coke. The high rollers pay well for their slumming and getting a trashy whore like me for Hot stripper sex in the VIP rooms. I have been giving it up for a few bills for as long as I recall. I’m the epitome of a trashy whore and it’s just the way I am. I like my drugs and I love my fill of dick. I have nights where I’m popular with the cheap fucks and slobbering on their rods all night between dances and VIP room visits. My breath smells dick and my quim is smelling as strong after so many lap dances and BBC fucking. I get some guys paying good to pound me with three or four other guys, it seems some guys really want to enjoy a trashy pussy and ass with other cocks and filthy holes filled with jizz. If you need some of this call BJ for some freaky phone sex. I’m mature, hot, nasty and a complete freak baby.

Hot Stripper Sex


Tranny Phone Sex For Your Ass and Throat

Tranny Phoen sex

I have a hard dick for men like you who love tranny phone sex. Because eventually men who explore hot trannys on the web or in a call get t the point where they need a T-girl to suck fuck and get fucked by. Some of my men even have already had a hot tranny girlfriend and just need to talk to me so I can understand why they miss that cock so much. I get it and my cock is hard writing and willing to be your proxy baby. I stroke myself as I party with you and play with my nipples thinking of the next time you get a hot T-girl fuck.  Right now, my asshole is sore from a John who used to have the hottest tranny girlfriend and just needed to fuck my ass real hard for half an hour in the Gas Station Bathroom. I still have his load deep in me and I returned the favor by fucking his big bear ass. Cum play with my cum dumpster ass hoe and tell me everything as we cum together baby.

I Enjoy My Daughter’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy daughter loves eating my cum filled cunt. Guess what? I love licking her too. This morning she was full of cum. Not some John’s cum either. She had her daddy’s cum as well as a few loads from her brothers inside her sweet bald cunt. Last night was her birthday. We celebrate birthdays with family fucking in our home. It is true I have a bunch of little whores, but two days a year we don’t rent out our brats. Their birthdays and Christmas. The other days of the year, they are earning us money. My birthday girl woke up with so much cum in her still. Before she showered for school, I insisted on licking her clean. I guess you could call me a creampie slut. All my girls were raised on cum. They love the taste of cum. They love the feel of cum. They love having cum in them and on them. They are good cum dumps just like their mommy. Once I cleaned up the birthday girl’s wet pussy, she slathered her pussy in cake icing just so I had something more to lick out of her. Her pussy tastes better with cum in it, but I do have a strong sweet tooth, so the icing was a nice touch. She just wanted me to keep eating her pussy. That is something I am always happy to do.

I love being a cum dumpster

cum dumpsterA black cum dumpster is always in high demand. I am a nasty trick. Everyone knows to call me for the things their wives won’t do. I did a bachelor party last night. Some rich white dude with jungle fever. His best man contacted me because he heard from a friend that I was the nastiest ho around. We agreed on a price and an anything goes entertainment clause. I knew what that meant. They wanted to get nasty with the entertainment. Rich white men think they know nasty until they meet me. The party began tame with lap dances and botty gyrations. When I told the boys to pull out their cocks, they went hog wild like I was their first naked chick. I guess rich white wives don’t like cum. This black bitch thrives on it. I told them to bukkake me, then I had to explain what bukkake meant lol! I was on my knees surrounded by horny white men. They all stroked their dicks until I got jet blasted by jizz. I had big chunks of cum on my face and I was still bobbing my head up and down to get more cum. I am a jizz junkie. I let them fuck me too. That was part of the anything goes clause. I love being gangbanged. I left that bachelor party coated in cum and with a purse full of Benjamins.

Sloppy Wet Pussy on the Kitchen Floor

sloppy wet pussyI love it when I get a sloppy wet pussy in the middle of the day. I am a night owl. I fuck men when most women are sleeping. Then I fuck their sons early in the morning before they go to school. I guess you could say I keep vampire hours lol. I have the most fun when it is dark outside. I had a garbage disposal on the fritz, so I did a line of coke to stay awake. I am glad I did too because the guy that came to fix it was a hunk. A hunk I ended up fucking on the kitchen floor. He had never been with an older woman.  He didn’t realize mature women could look like me. Clearly, he had never met a trashy milf. I showed him why older bitches are better than 20 somethings. He might be sold on old pussy now. As my asshole was bouncing on his cock, he was moaning. He even slipped a “mommy” or two. I let it slide because I like being called mommy. I got my disposal fixed; I turned a young stud into a mature woman lover; and, I got pumped full of cum in both my holes. I need to play during daylight hours more often.

Made To Be Pumped Full Of Cum

cum dumpster

Hi. My name is Silvia and I have a confession to make to all of you sexy, perverted men. I am not JUST a slut who likes to have all of my holes fucked and filled with big cock. I am a cum dumpster. I love having my mouth, pussy, and asshole filled with cum anytime and anywhere. I know a lot of women don’t like it and think it’s messy, but that’s a part of what makes it so amazing for me. Along with feeling the cum shooting inside me, I love the feeling of it dripping out. Yes, it’s messy but it makes me feel like a slut and like a real woman.
It’s fun to have threesomes because that means I get double the loads of cum. Even group sex is fun. That always means I’ll get a huge load of cum in every hole multiple times. There is no better feeling than being filled with so many cocks and so much cum. I’ll never get tired of feeling that. I’m sure some people would call me a dirty whore but I don’t care. If that means I get loads of cum inside me, then so be it.

Snuff and Toilet Sex From My Sadistic Brother

toilet sex

I am only good as a snuff and toilet sex object for my brother. I thought I could offer him my younger sister in exchange for saving my life. But all he wanted to do was have me choke her as she sucked his cock and tell her that we are worthless whores. We were meant to be bred, to be fucked and die at the hands of the men in our lives. For us, it is our brother chopping off and stabbing our tits. My full tits are his to chop off, her tits are stab worthy. Our arms and legs can be hacked off and both of s burned alive in the oven as we still under his command and fuck the heating element with our pussies.  Forcefully fucked, tortured and killed, we are vermin and only created to serve cock in any form.  And if you are anything like my sadistic brother then yu too must join me in no taboo phone sex. STuff and prolapse my ass hole, ruin my pretty pussy and snuff me out the way I deserve to be. 

xoxo, your trashy submissive whore, 

Hardcore Hadley

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