It just happened so fast. BBC phone sex was my goal for the night. I just wanted to be mindlessly fucked into oblivion. Your party promised lots of action, drugs, and alcohol. But when I got there, it was just you. You had a big grin and a hard on. I laughed, “Is this all you got?” That kinda pissed you off. You got this evil grin and flipped me over. I squealed as I realized what you were planning. You were going to stick that oversize cock into my tiny butthole. I kicked at you as you pinned me to the floor. You were pressing your rigid rod up against my protesting ass when the door flew open. Two of your friends walked in. Watching us, I saw them unfasten their jeans. This was about to get kinky. The three of you were all over me. Fucking me in 2 holes at a time. Forcing me on my knees and shoving cock after cock down my throat. It was a gang bang and I was their fuck toy. Never trust anyone who says that it’s just a little party. I was the party favor and I became the cream pie dessert. My pussy is still on fire today. I may need you to help cool it down.

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Cum Eating Phone Sex Feeding Your Need

Cum eating phone sex

You are a cum eating phone sex addict as you get used to the tasting of your own cum. I love to direct my filthy fuckers into eating their cum. I love to help you branch out and try hooking up with a Tranny hooker and eat her cum. You will suck cock and eat cum and I am the sexy Shemale that will help make it happen. It’s a dirty little secret of ours that I am a crack whore prostitute and I love making guys suck me off. I love it in my ass and I love to suck a nice BBC myself. Why not teach you on that BBC also. Light up that rock baby, and gimme a call. We will get down and dirty. I’m a dirty t-girl whore and can’t wait to make you my bitch.

I am an Anal Sex Whore for the Right Price

Anal Sex WhoreThe club doesn’t know but I take a lot and I mean a lot of clients off the books. I have this one client that has a massive big black dick that he likes to stick right in my tight little asshole. But he isn’t satisfied with just me, he always wants me to bring a friend. He pays well so I never have any trouble finding a helper. I have been crushing on this new girl so I thought I would bring her along. We met up with him and his huge cock at a hotel. We smoked some meth and drank all the alcohol from the mini bar. Feeling fine and horny we undressed this fine man. I could tell even she was impressed with his giant manhood. We played hard, licking and caressing each other until we were a tangled mess. Then he moved us to the balcony and laid me on the lounge. He lifted my beautiful legs and I spread my ass cheeks for his entry. He used his pre cum as lube and stuck that giant beast right in. Not wanting to be left out my friend gave my pussy some attention. While he fucked me hard in the ass, she licked my clit until I was squirting from my pussy. That was too much for him and he quickly filled my asshole with his cum. We smoked some more meth and collected our money and left. She licked my pussy so fine I think I will include her next time he calls for his anal sex whore Deanna.

Training the young ones

Pick your hot teen and let’s have some 2 girl phone sex. Horny P- Mommy wants to train a new bitch to please daddy. I’ve been having trouble grabbing any fresh meant lately. The girls around here are way too cautious. I think I need to move into the East Side where the trash is overflowing and no one gives a shit about a teenage runaway. I have to admit that soiling Daddy’s precious angels is more satisfying than fucking a little druggie ho. Someone has to train these new girls how to please a man. And I love making them eat my pussy. Let’s drown one of these youngsters in cum. I see you watching your own little girl. You can’t hide your craving from me. Don’t you think it’s time we teach her a lesson. Teen girls need discipline. What better punishment than your own cock. Don’t worry, Daddy. Your secret is safe with me. I’m just like you. Spreading those young pussy lips and ass cheeks is the best sex ever.

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Cum Dumpster in the Snow

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster for a reason. It is because I love cum. My cum and your cum. We are under a storm watch where I live. We almost never get snow, so even a few inches and the state freaks out. Mr. Snow Miser has put a cramp in my fucking. I bundled up this morning and went out looking for some trouble. Trouble seems to find me too. I found this hunky snowplow guy. He was into me too. He gave me a ride on his snowplow. I rubbed my big tits against his back while I tried to get my hand down his layers of pants to feel his cock. I found it and it was hard. He asked me if I had ever fucked in the snow. Hell no. I am not one of those crazy polar bear club members, plus we rarely get snow. He kept telling me how hot it was, but all I could think about was his cock in my pussy in my bed! In my warm bed lol.  I was horny though and he only wanted to fuck me in the snow. I guess he was an exhibitionist. Clearly, I am too. I am naked on the Internet. I just like hot ass sex not cold ass sex. I was horny. I caved to his desires. I fucked him in the snow. It was 30 degrees out. That may not be cold to you, but for Florida it might as well be 30 below. My nipples could have cut glass. He warmed me up with hot cum and a stiff dick. He didn’t last long, but this was one time I was happy to get a minute man. I got the trouble I went looking for though. I might have also got pneumonia, but only time will tell.

I got nasty

live phone sexI went to the neighborhood holiday party last weekend and got a little freaky. There were so many hot guys there I just couldn’t help myself! When I see a sexy guy with a nice bulge in his pants I wanna suck it, it’s like a moth to a flame I am just drawn to it. So I was kinda acting like a little whore, I was flirting with everyone and offering to take guys around the corner and suck their dick I was such a whore! Whatever tho I had a ton of fun! I was sucking so many cocks and fucking other guys and making bitches mad when I took their man it was a blast. Honestly it was the best party I had been too in a long time. I ended up taking two guys home and letting them fuck all my holes, one in my ass and another in my pussy I was in heaven!

Fucking in the Private Room

Dirty Phone SexI do love being a stripper and I do love making men’s eyes roll back with pleasure. I love hearing them moan. The loader they moan the harder I try. So one night I was in the private room with this guy. I did the typical lap dance and brushing my breasts against his face. As soon as he started moaning, I was feeling the need to fuck. So, I removed his pants and took that dick right in my mouth. I gave him a great throat fuck and he came all over my face. I then stuck my cum covered tongue deep in his mouth, kissing him hard, bringing that dick to upright position. I removed my panties and hopped right on that hard cock. I rode that cock hard, bouncing up and down bringing him pleasure. I stuck my big titties in his mouth, and he started sucking my nipples to my delight. I rode that cock until I could feel it start to swell. I then got off, laid in the floor with my legs spread wide and directed him to mount me. I guided that nice hard cock right into my juicy, wet, bald pussy and he pounded away as I wrapped my legs around his back. We fucked so hard that we both came at the same time, leaving a cum puddle underneath me. I felt so much better, now on to the next.

Pussy Oozing With Cum

cum filled cunt

It turns me on so much when I get fucked and then can look down and see my cum filled cunt dripping. It’s just so sexy to see the cum oozing out of me after a nice long fuck. My pussy is always stretched out and that makes it even better. Does that turn you on as much as it does me? Do you love looking at a woman’s cunt after you fuck her and admiring your very own handiwork? Or even somebody else’a for that matter.
You know, if you’re a good boy, you might even go down and clean up my dripping cunt once you’re done with me. If you just cringed, just hear me out. If you want to make a woman really happy and more willing to fuck you time and time again, going down and licking up that creampie is likely to make it happen. Just get over whatever hang up you have about it and make your woman happy. And who knows? You might even start to enjoy licking the cum directly from her freshly fucked cunt. It’s a really intimate experience and I think it’s going to be something you start looking forward to. Not sure about that? I’ll walk and talk you through it step by step.

Druggy porn

Druggy porn “Would you look at that tsk tsk tsk.” He looks down on me giving me a hard quick punch to my side. “Come on over guys we’ve got ourselves another addict for some druggy porn!” He motioned for the rest of the group to come over as I lay on the ground shaking from withdrawals. They all circled around me but I could barely focus. I could only think about getting high. The leader of the group dragged me to my knees by my hair before asking me what my drug of choice is. I was feigning for some ‘boy’ at that time and they just happened to have it on hand. I was more awake then, starting to beg for just one hit of that sweet H shit. That’s all it took for me to start groveling at their feet and whining that I would do anything at all to get high. They already know this but they’re going to make me work for it nothing I can do about it either. They ordered me to open my mouth and surrounded me in a circle. All at once they start pissing all over me then begin finishing off their piss by using my mouth to swallow the very last drops. I don’t fight or whine or do anything I’m not supposed to do. I’ll do whatever I have to get numb from my dearest friend, heroin.

Anal Cum Dumpster Christmas Party

anal cum dumpsterI came in this morning an anal cum dumpster. My ass was full of cum and I was sore. I was not out hooking either. I was with some girlfriends at a holiday party. We were at the house of one of my friends. She has a mansion. She is a true Hollywood wife. I have a big house, but her house makes mine look like a mother-in-law suite.  She went all out for our party too. She had some Chippendale dancers she hired as waiters and for valet parking. The real surprise was the teen boys in attendance as studs for her guests. She hired my sons and I had no clue. My husband kept that a secret. This was a dream job for them. Getting paid to fuck hot moms; what young boy would not love that? There were other hired teen boys there too. Some didn’t speak English. Some were black, some were brown. She had something for everyone. This was going to be the best Christmas party ever. Of course, I fucked my sons, but I fucked every other male stud there too. I was an anal sex whore for young boys in a mansion in Hollywood Hills. You never know what is going on behind the closed doors of the rich and famous. My daughters tended to my sore, cum filled ass this morning when I came home. My boys just had dirty grins on their faces. Their young cocks were sore from all the milf fucking.

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