Creampie slut

creampie slut

So I was down to get some blow this afternoon but I was short on cash. I let him spread me open so he could fill me with his gigantic cock. His cock head was so swollen and dripping wet way before he ever put it inside of me. He slid inside my pussy, stretching it open.

He was pounding away at my cunt hole. I could feel his cock finally about to rupture his white sticky load inside of me. When it was time to get up and walk out of the room, I was struggling trying to keep all that gloppy sticky cum inside of me. It was coming down my legs.

To my surprise my casual fuck buddy was there also hoping to score some. He took me to the bathroom before I could tell him how full I was, he slid his cock right into the sappy trap of cum that my dealer blew in me. Yes please, fuck my creampied pussy hole!

“Always Get The Money First” – My Amateur Escort Mistake

Hookers for Hire Jamie

Mommy and Daddy quit giving me money which basically means I’m out of coke and cigarettes. A few of my friends put ads up online offering “services” in exchange for gifts and I figured I should try it out. I put a few sexy photos of myself in my panties and bra, throwing out the terminology I had picked up from other girl’s posts and hoped for the best. Not even an hour later a really nice sounding guy (you) started texting me wanting to set up a date. I was thrilled and could almost smell the $20 dollar bills. We set up for me to do an out call to your motel room. You told me you were a trucker, was super lonely and would love to party.

When I get to the motel, you gave me sort of confusing instructions on how to find your room but I finally tracked it down. I knocked three times as per your orders and the door creaked open. You get instantly excited when you realize it was really me in the photos you saw online and are quick to tell me about the times you’ve gotten catfished by hookers. You demand for me to take off my clothes so you can take a closer look at me. I obey your every word, being a perfect little druggy slut for you. Swallowing your big cock down, letting you fuck all my holes and fill me up without a condom on- you insisted you’d pay extra for bareback.

Our hour session has turned into a fucking marathon. My cunt is sore from you pounding deep inside me over and over for so long. Asshole literally stretched out- you really worked me over but I knew at the end of this I would be walking away with some well earned dollars. You finish up and ask if I’d like to take a shower. Honestly I can’t think of anything that would feel better at the moment and accept your offer to use the bathroom for a bit to freshen up for my next John.

I hear the door open and close. It hits me at that moment that I didn’t get my “gift” from you. Practically jumping out of the shower and quickly covering up with a towel I walk out to the common area of the motel room. You’ve left behind a note but no money. I’m so livid and I feel so used I almost can’t bring myself to read what you’ve written. After finally calming down, I open the folded piece of paper hoping that maybe it just says you’ll be back. In bold letters you scrawled out the words, “Always Get The Money First, Bitch”. At first I’m ticked off about it but that’s when I realize you’ve actually done me a huge favor tonight by harshly teaching my dumb ass a lesson economics. Do you got anything else you think you should show me?

Totally random stranger

Cum guzzling slut

I walked up to him took hold of his cock and said “let’s see what we can do about this.” I swirled my tongue around the head and then took his whole cock … down … my … throat. I could feel his precum in my throat. When I really started to work his shaft he started telling me to stop or he was going to cum. I didn’t stop and just like that I could feel the cum starting to pump out of him,

I swallowed each load as he shot it down my throat.

He got all apologetic that he came so quickly. I smiled and said “I like you, why don’t we get together tonight and we can fuck like animals, since you got that first nut out of the way.” A huge grin came across his face. “Yes ma`am!” I walked out of the men’s dressing room where I had followed this handsome stranger. Sometimes a girl just needs a random fuck from a sexy, complete stranger.

Sloppy Wet Pussy From Family Fucking

sloppy wet pussyI woke up with a sloppy wet pussy this morning. It has been a wild couple days of family fucking to celebrate the end of school for the summer.  All my little sluts, the boys and the girls, have summer jobs. Did you have a summer job when you were a school boy? If you did, I bet it was doing fast food or retail. Not saying my offspring are too good for hard work, because they are not. They will be working hard this summer on their backs and on their knees. All my brats, the boys and the girls, are sexy prostitutes. The girls just have more experience because young pussy is in higher demand. My husband and I discovered, however, it is all in the marketing. Some of his clients simply didn’t know that the boys were even on the menu. Anything is on the menu if you ask. Once we discovered that some of our clients just didn’t know they could pay for boy ass too, we started advertising them. The response is not what we expected either. Sure, there are P men who enjoy boy cock and boy ass, but lots of my husband’s clients want to hire a young boy for their wives. It is smart thinking. A woman who is getting some young boy cock, won’t care if her husband is enjoying young pussy. When I told my boys that they may be getting as much action as their sisters, they got excited. They want to make the kind of money the girls make too. I am excited for my boys. Getting lots of mature pussy is just what any young boy needs, right? My husband asked if I would be jealous. “Hell no,” was my reply. Some moms might be, but I like to watch my boys fuck. I like to watch my girls fuck too. We just one big kinky family that fucks.

No Taboos With This Dirty Slut

No taboo phone sexThe hottest thing in a man is when he has absolutely no limits as far as how fucking nasty he’s willing to get with me while we have dirty phone sex together! And when I say no limits, I mean non whatsoever! I love to get fucking filthy and the more freaky you’re willing to get with me, the better! What can I say, i’m a super naughty girl who loves to have a kinky time! It turns me on so fucking much when we have our sexy play together. I guess I was just raised differently than these other lame ass bitches, you know who to come and talk to about all of your wildest fantasies and fetishes! I love to hear all about what you have to say, let’s rolelplay something really wild! I’m gonna lay in front of my mirror and fuck myself as I watch my sexy body orgasm hard for you!

Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

I have a cum filled cunt as I type. I have been playing with it all morning. Today was the last day of school for the munchkins in my neighborhood. I have a love hate relationship with summer. During the school week, I sit on my couch naked, spread eagle in front of my open window so the boys going to the bus can see me. They all know me as Ms. Beverly, the cougar cum whore. Several boys a day leave home early to fuck me. Fill me up with their boy batter, so they can focus on school. It is a win win situation. Today, I got to be a gangbang whore to a shit ton of young lads. I swear every school boy in my trailer park stopped by this morning. I must have received about 40 loads of boy seed up my old twat. I pissed some out into a pitcher to store for later; let the rest stay inside my pussy so I could play with it. I know it won’t be the last time I get to fuck the school boys. I just won’t fuck them in groups first thing in the morning. I might actually need to start drinking coffee to wake up.

Cum Guzzling Slut Ella

There is nothing I love more than a big, thick, juicy cock, and he sure did have one. He stood in front of me, letting me see the outline of that bulge through his pants as he undid them. When it finally got to spring free, it was just as big as I had imagined, and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth around it. Cum guzzling slutI swallowed that shaft, feeling the thickness and length of it forcing my airway to stretch, and cutting off my air supply. I loved the silky, soft feeling of it on my tongue and down my throat, and I grabbed his sack to see how ready he was. His balls were so full and firm, and he groaned with every stroke I made over his nuts. I caressed his balls over and over as I massaged his dick with my mouth, tongue, and throat. I could feel it building, his nuts getting tighter and tighter, and heavier. His cock was getting harder and harder. I knew it was about to happen, and I was giddy. When he finally exploded, I swallowed him back down my throat, letting him empty straight down my hatch, swallowing every drop, and he just held on for dear life to my hair as his hips bucked out that last little bit. Damn, I love a good dick!

Cum Dumpster BJ is on The Prowl

This filthy fucking cum dumpster is on the prowl tonight for lots of cum loads. I’m horny and fucking high as HELL! You know what is the BEST thing to do when you get this kind of buzz on? Well, Fuck of course! And THAT is exactly what my mood calls for a lot of fucking filthy fun. Maybe it will be the night of clubbing and bar hopping or maybe it will be the night of strip club and jack shack prowling!

Cum Dumpster

I love collecting cum in my ass and cunt and will take a turkey baster and suck the goo from my fuck holes and save it up for a nasty fun time with the right cum eating little bitch. I will fill the enema bag with the goo and warm water and will fill my ass with the concoction and then have you fuck me deep while I’m full of the liquid. As you plunge in there will be no choice than to let the mess explode… all over that fuck rod… or I can sit my ass on your face and let it all flow!

Late night fuck

Dirty phone sexLast night before work I got a booty call and he wanted to pay me in coke so I was all for it. I love getting fucking high and  fucking some random guys brain out. When I got there I noticed he had a pool table and I definitely had to fuck on top of that, he offered me a line and some liquor. I did the line and started stripping off my clothes ready for that fat fucking cock. I got on my knees and started deep throating his cock and sucking on his big mushroom head. He pressed my head up against the wall and started to throat fuck me till I threw up all over his cock, then he bent me over and shoved his big cock right into my ass ripping my tight little asshole open. These are my kind of nights!

Pissing Sex Stories

pissing sex stories

Do you like pissing sex stories? I am a dirty mommy with no taboos. I may not make a hot pissing story every day, but it’s not something I shy away from either, especially when money is involved. It is no secret I escort and pimp out my little ones. My husband had a client with a pissing fetish. This client was different from most. What set him apart was that he had a little girl of his own he wanted to bring in on the hired fun. He was not interested in any of my little slutkins. That is fine. Personally, I find it hot when a client wants me to play with his daughter or son. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I get so wet. This client wanted to watch me with his daughter. Specifically, he wanted me to piss on her. We laid her in the tub naked. I squatted above her, spread my pussy lips and let out a jet stream of golden nectar all over her. I expected her to scream, cry even fight me, but the little whore liked it. She squealed in delight as my hot piss sprayed her little body. Daddy dearest was watching with the look of a man seeing his first barnyard bash. He was stroking his cock faster than a teen boy discovering his dick for the first time. He winked at me as a sign of approval. I drank a big glass of lemonade so I could piss again. I scooted his little girl under me this time. I stood up in the tub with one leg on the edge which tilted my pelvis just enough to help me spray my special champagne all her the little girl. She opened her mouth wide to taste my hot piss. Daddy shot his spooge in my face as she lapped up my golden nectar. Another satisfied customer.

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