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Tamsin’s New Pet

Trailer trash whore

When you call to set up you appointment, I let you know that Mistress Tamsin has a new pet for you to play with. She is a dirty little blonde junkie whore straight from the trailer park. This little coke whore is more than willing to do anything for the next line of blow. I told you that I already know she is good at eating pussy, but I need to find out how well she can suck a dick before I start pimping her out.  I have a collar on her when you arrive and I lead her around. I make her get down on her hands and knees. I have her lay her head down on my feet so that her ass is in the air. I reach over and pull her ass cheeks apart to show you her tight puckered ass and hot wet pussy. I can tell by the bulge in your pants that me putting my pet on display has made your big thick cock hard. I walk over to you and unzip your pants releasing your hard throbbing cock. I sprinkle some cock down the shaft of your great big cock. I lead my pet over and tell her to start sucking. She licks and sucks every inch of your hard throbbing cock making sure to get every last drop of white powder. The tenaciousness of her deepthroat blowjob causes you to blow your hot creamy man chowder all over her mouth. She starts to swallow your hot jizz only to be surprised as you wash it all down for her with a warm fizzy golden shower.

No Taboo Phone Sex With Tamsin

No taboo phone sex

No taboo phone sex allows us to tell each other all of our dirty kinky secrets about our sex lives…..I have always been extreme in everything that I do. So when you told me you wanted to be my pet, I was on board. Me being me did not want something warm and fuzzy. I wanted to turn you into my prey. I would be the black widow and you would be an annoying little pest that I caught in my web. We started out our session by you worshiping at my feet.

I allowed you the pleasure of kissing all the way up my leg until you reached my hot wet pussy. I made you beg to get to lick my hot juicy cunt. The more you licked the harder your cock became. I slapped your hand away when you tried to touch your hard throbbing cock. I made you suck on my clit until I came in your mouth. I even washed it all down with some warm golden piss. Then I chained you to my web.

I whipped your ass a few times with my cat o’ nine tails. I ran my bright red finger nails down your back. Scratching your back as I went. Then I put on my 9 inch strap-on. I rubbed it against your tight puckered ass. I teased you that I was not going to use any lube as I pressed the dry head of my strap-on against your ass. You begged Mistress Tamsin for some lube. Alright, I said though I don’t know how much you are going to enjoy the lube.

It seems the only one I have on hand is Wet Stuff Peppermint Tingling Lubricant. I squirt some of it up you ass as I apply some more to my big thick strap-on. You start to complain that you ass is burning as I shove my strap-on up your ass. You haven’t felt anything yet. You better get ready for the hardcore anal sex that I have in store for you. I pound your ass so hard rubbing my thick strap-on against your P-spot. I use my strap-on to milk the cum from your balls. You blew your load of hot jizz with out ever touching your hard throbbing cock.

Hardcore anal sex

Tamsin’s Toilet Slave

Pissing sex
When I came out on stage at the strip club and I saw you. I knew immediately that you were meant to be my little bitch. I knew I would be able to use you in anyway that I saw fit and that you would long to worship the ground that I walk on. The more I thought about it the hotter and wetter my cunt became.

I was in need of a new slave boy, and not just any slave boy. I wanted one that I could use as a human toilet. I wanted you to lick the bottom of my boots and to worship my ass. I want to stand over you and piss into your mouth. Watching you drink my warm fizzy pee makes my cunt throb. I wanted to use you not just for myself but with clients.

Nothing makes my cunt wetter than watching you suck on a big thick cock. Hearing you gag as that cock is being rammed down your throat. Watching you swallow every last drop of the clients warm salty cum as he busts his nuts in your mouth. Knowing that he will finish up with you by peeing in your mouth and knowing how much you love being my dirty little bitch.

Fuck Me Boots

Dirty phone sex

Ever since I lost my nursing license, I have had to get more creative with how to make money. So I began stripping on the weekends. Being the kinky nasty girl that I am the vanilla customers are a turn off. I like the perverts with deviant behaviors. I have found that dressing a certain way attracts these men. So tonight I have on a pair of black thigh high latex boots. I know how hard the sight of my boots makes your cock. You long to worship my boots and my hot wet pussy. Your a fuck me boots boy. You want to smell, kiss, and lick my sexy boots. But most of all you crave for me to fuck your tight puckered ass with the 7 inch stiletto heel of my boot. As you are down on your hands and knees and I am shoving the stiletto heel of my boot in and out of your ass. You scream harder as your tugging and rubbing your hard throbbing cock. I practically cram the whole heel of my boot up your hot ass causing your cock to explode and blow its load.

Little Girl Becomes An Anal Sex Whore

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore is what you desire and word has gotten out that nurse Tamsin can find you just about anything on the black market. You called me because you are a P. Daddy and you were looking for a little girl. It just so happened that I had the perfect little girl for you. She had just arrived from the Ukraine. I made sure to have her ready for you that evening. I told her that she was going to have a new Daddy and she must do everything that he says. You had stressed how important to you it was that she was still a virgin.

So I made sure to give her a proper medical examine to verify that indeed she was. She was not very happy when I inserted that cold speculum into her bald tight pussy. So I was not surprised at all that I met with some resistance on her having an enema. I pulled her over my knee and spanked her bare bottom until it was a bright red and she was agreeing to follow my instructions. I made her stand in the corner while I prepared her enema. I put her back over my knee to administer it. Having her red ass squirming on my lap made my cunt so wet. I had to remind myself that I had already promised her to you.

After her enema, I gave her a lavender bubble bath. Then I dressed her in the cutest little light pink fluffy dress. It was extra short and you could see the ruffled white cotton panties that she had on underneath as she walked. I put her blonde hair up in pigtails with great big pink bows. I finished off her outfit with ruffled ankle socks, black mary jane shoes, and a teddy bear stuffed her arm. I brought her out to met Daddy and I could tell by the look on your face that you were extremely happy with her. I had her turn around in her dress and so you could get the full view of her.

Then I slowly started removing all of her clothes. Once she was totally naked you unzipped your pants and exposed your big hard cock. I told her to go and suck on Daddy’s cock. She was hesitant. But Daddy knew how to handle his little girl. You pulled her over your knee and spanked her bare bottom. The harder she cried the harder your cock became. Once she was promising to be a good girl and give you a blow job you stopped. She sucked on the head of your cock like it was a lollipop while her little hand was stroking your shaft.

Then you had her lay over my lap and I pulled her ass checks apart. I told her that she had been a bad girl and that Daddy punishes bad girls by fucking their tight puckered ass. She started to cry as you shoved the head of you hard cock into her tight virgin ass. She cried out Daddy hurt me as you continued to pound your big hard cock into her tight young ass. Her virgin ass was so tight that it practically squeezed the cum from your cock. You gave her ass a giant load of cum and left one very happy Daddy.

Dirty phone sex

Pregnant Blonde Fucking

Blonde fucking

I was sitting in my office watching a video of a blonde fucking and finger fucking my hot juicy cunt while on my lunch break. When the cutest 5 month pregnant hot blonde teen walked into my office today. Her parents had found out that she was pregnant and due to their religion had kicked her out of their house. A mutual friend had referred her to me telling her that I might be able to help her find a new home. I snapped a quick photo of her with my cell phone and sent you her picture. You had just been telling me how much you enjoy pregnant women.

How their bellies get so big and round, their tits get larger as they fill with milk, and most of all their pussies stay so extremely wet. Your cock gets so hard sucking on those big lactating titties and nothing feels better to your cock than their hot wet pussies that are always ready to fuck. You even told me that if I could find you a young hot teen breeding whore that there would be something in it for me. You must have called me as soon as you received the picture. You told me that your cock was about to burst out of your pants. You told me that you were leaving your office right now and heading to mine.

When you arrived, I had you come back into the examine room with the hot teen whore. I introduced you to her and explained that you would be willing to take care of her in exchange for a few things. This was no stupid whore she immediately said you mean for sex. I smiled and said yes. She looked at you and said that she would be more than happy to show you that she knows how to bring pleasure to your big hard throbbing cock. She got out of her chair and waddled over to where you were sitting. She unzipped your pants and release your big thick cock. She started rubbing her big lactating tits on the shaft of your cock while her soft teen lips sucked the head of your cock. She excited you so much that you blew your load of hot jizz all over her mouth. Another set of happy customers thanks to Nurse Tamsin!

Big dick sucker

Kinky Ass Fucking

No taboo phone sex

Your one kinky son of a bitch. You always want to take our kinky sex to the next level. You wanted me to tie you up and tease your big hard cock before putting on a strap-on and fucking your tight puckered ass. I love running my tongue up and down the sides of your cock watching it getting harder with every lick. I even put your fat mushroom head in my mouth and started sucking it. As soon as I started tasting your warm salty precum I stopped. I knew you were enjoying it too much and I don’t want you to cum anytime soon. Now was time to fuck your tight puckered ass. The longer and thicker the strap-on the better you like it. You want me to pound your ass with my big thick strap-on while I stroke your hard throbbing cock. But I refused to touch your cock. I am going to work your ass with my strap-on until I hit your P-spot and make you come without touching your cock. I want to see your big thick cock erupt like a volcano and send that hot lava cum of yours all over the room.

Cum Filled Cunt

Cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt that has been on this naughty nurse’s mind all day. I can’t wait for my lunch break and you to arrive. This kinky nurse wants to fuck you all over the examination table. I want to slid my warm wet mouth all the way down the shaft of your big thick cock. Deepthroating every inch of that scrumptious cock of yours. Making sure to get your cock slippery wet and extra hard for my hot wet cunt. I want to put my legs up in the stirrups and have you shove that hard throbbing cock into my juicy cunt. I want to feel your balls slapping against my ass as your thick hard cock pounds my cunt. Hitting my G-spot and driving me absolutely fucking crazy, but most of all I want to feel your balls draining into my cunt as I am reaching orgasmic ecstasy. I want to feel your warm cream jizz fill up my cunt with a juicy creampie, and then I want you to lick it out with your soft soothing tongue.

Cum Guzzling Slut Tamsin

Cum guzzling slut

You had been at one of those wild parties where there are a whole bunch of prescription pills mixed together. You thought that the bowel just contained Oxycodone,Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. So you popped one of those little round pills in your mouth thinking it was a Roxy. After about fifteen minutes and not experiencing that calm and relaxed euphoric mood that you have come to love, you decided to take another one.

Not only did it not relax you but all of the sudden your cock stood up at full attention. Your cock was rock hard and throbbing. You didn’t know what was going on. You just knew you couldn’t go to a regular emergency room so you came to see Nurse Tamsin. I took one look at your big thick hard cock and knew exactly what had happened. Those little blue pills you were popping like tic tacs where Viagra not Roxy.

Luckily for you I am a dirty nurse who enjoys sucking cock. I told you to lay back and relax. This cock sucking whore would take care of you. I licked up and down the sides of your big hard cock. I sucked on your balls before deepthroating your hard throbbing cock in my warm wet mouth. I shoved two of my fingers up your tight puckered ass as I continued to deepthroat your hard cock.

Big dick sucker

I worked your prostate glands with my fingers as my mouth sucked hard on your cock. I made sure I drained every last drop of your warm creamy salty cum from your balls into my mouth. I slurped every last drop of your yumminess down. You were both relieved and shocked. You had not realized until today that Nurse Tamsin was one hell of a cum guzzling slut. I don’t know why you were so surprised since the word sin is in my name.

Tasmin Finds A Teen Anal Whore

Teen anal whore

I had this hot little blonde teen come into my office today. There was just something about her that made me think she would make a perfect teen anal whore. She had heard on the streets that the clinic I work at provides services that you cannot get else where. She wants a boob job but her parents are against it. It was so hard listening to her talk.

The whole time she was rattling on I was undressing her with my eyes. Thinking about how many different ways I could fuck her tight teen holes. When she finally finished and I told her that we would give her porn star boobs, but I needed to receive payment upfront. She gave me a dumb blonde stare and then told me she didn’t have any money. Oh baby girl this is going to work out perfect!

Because not only does Nurse Tamsin want to feel your soft wet tongue licking on my hot wet pussy, but I know quite a few men who will be more than willing to pay to fuck that tight teen ass. You were the first client of mine that popped into my head. Not only have you always been more than generous with your money, but I knew a hot teen slut would make your cock harder than Viagra.

Big dick sucker

I wanted to watch you spank her ass until it was red and glowing. I wanted to watch you fuck her tight teen ass with your big thick cock while I shoved her face into my juicy pussy. Most of all I knew how much you would enjoy watching me use all my different medical devices to fuck her hot wet pussy and tight teen ass getting her holes ready for your big hard cock. My mind is spinning out of control just thinking about all the dirty kinky things we will be able to do to this teen whore over the next few months.

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