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Quickie Queen

Cheap phone sexIf you wanted a quickie than you could easily come to my corner and I will give you the best time in a short time span. If you are at work and you need to get off really quick then you should call me baby. I am just a cum guzzling slut who loves sucking cock and getting fucked all day long. I am into many fetishes so anything you like I can do. I can suck your cock while I smoke a cigarette or like you fuck my asshole. I am a well rounded whore who will do anything to please you as long as you have money or drugs for me. I will do anything you want baby. Let randi take care of you tonight.

Its a shitty situation

Cheap phone sexI kinda has a shitty day yesterday literally. I got called for a paid “date” and I couldn’t pass up how much he was offering me, and the only thing is he said he couldn’t really tell me what he wanted. When I got there he had a whole bunch of food for me and told me that he was going to pound my ass till I shit squirting out of my ass on his cock. I was very surprised  but my cunt was dripping wet before he was done with his sentence. He bent me over and started pounding my ass over and over again until I felt the shit just building up and I just released all over his cock and balls. Then I couldn’t help but to turn around and suck all the shit off his big hard cock.

Nasty Little Whore

Cheap phone sex Do you like having my soft soles wrapped around your cock? Then you would love my beautiful feet just stroking that cock up and down as your precum shoots all over my my toes. Then I wanna get on top of you and put your big fat head in my cunt hole and start riding that cock harder and harder. I love feeling your cock shaft thrust in me as you shoot your loads in me one after another. I love being a nasty fucking whore for you baby. I want to be your little fuck slut until your balls are complete emptied into my fucking tight cunt. If you like cheap phone sex and whores then I am the girl for your cock baby.

I am a nasty bitch

Cheap phone sexCould you picture me completely naked about to lower my tight fucking cunt right on your cock, so you can see my pussy gripping down as I ride your cock. I will just ride just the tip until I feel all that precum dripping into me then I would start riding your cock harder and harder. I love feeling your big balls slapping against my clit as I bounce my ass on that cock. I want you to take some fucking spit on stick your fingers in your ass and finger fuck my tight little rosebud. I would be so fucking high I would fuck you for hours and let you shoot as many loads into my cunt as you can. Cause you are paying for a dirty slut so that is what I will be for you baby.

Late night fuck

Dirty phone sexLast night before work I got a booty call and he wanted to pay me in coke so I was all for it. I love getting fucking high and  fucking some random guys brain out. When I got there I noticed he had a pool table and I definitely had to fuck on top of that, he offered me a line and some liquor. I did the line and started stripping off my clothes ready for that fat fucking cock. I got on my knees and started deep throating his cock and sucking on his big mushroom head. He pressed my head up against the wall and started to throat fuck me till I threw up all over his cock, then he bent me over and shoved his big cock right into my ass ripping my tight little asshole open. These are my kind of nights!

Getting High While We Cum

Cheap phone sexDo you want some cheap phone sex with a trailer trash fucking whore? If you answered yes, then I am the right girl for you to call baby. I have always been a trailer trash slut who sucks cocks behind my double wide for money, and I also love getting fucking high. That is one of my favorite things to do is get high on my calls it makes them so much better. When I do that, I get so much nastier and I can go again and again. We can do some blow together and cum so many times! Does that sound good? I am into every perverted thing you can think of and when I am high you can do whatever you want to me.

Cheap phone sex with a cheap whore

Cheap phone sexThis weekend I got a call about doing a bachelor party, and you know I could not pass that shit up. I mean lots of cock and I get paid for doing what I do best hell yeah! When I got there I was dressed in a corset and some nylon stockings with heels, I looked sexy as fuck and the guys couldn’t help getting a instant hard on. They was about 6 guys in total and so that means I am taking a lot of cock. I started on my knees sucking all there cocks at once and making sure they where nice and wet before they started fucking all my holes. Then I let them take turns in my pussy and ass like a little fucking whore and they shot there fat loads right in my ass. There is nothing better then fat loads and money.

Lot lizard whore

Cheap phone sexI worked the truck stop last night and got very lucky. I love being a lot lizard and getting my cunt fucked all night long, and the money is obviously amazing. Going to one cock to another having my cunt filled with cum all the way to my cervix. The nasty fat old perverts usually like to get my slutty ass high before I ride on that cock, and of course my favorite trick is putting coke in my asshole to make it numb. That helps when my ass is drilled for hours and hours! I am just a nasty trailer trash fucking slut working your local truck stop, just know if you see me that all you need is money and maybe some drugs and you can have any hole you want baby.

High as fuck

Cheap phone sex

My cunt is surprisingly tight considering all the cocks I have taken. When I was at the truck stop last night I got so many compliments about my cunt being so tight like a lil ones. Maybe its all the gripping down on there shafts so they can bust there nut inside me and I can move on to my next costumer. I love nights like tonight when I can be home and talk dirty and get so fucking high. I fuck for money and drugs during the day then at night I am just a nasty phone sex whore. Do you like a nasty fucking bitch to make your cock cum? Then I am that whore for you baby that is all I am good at is making sure those balls are nice and empty. I am so high tonight can’t you tell?

Dirty Cock Whore

Dirty phone sexDo you like dirty phone sex? I love getting my ass and cunt fucked, I want you to put your cock deep into my ass until I scream. While you fuck my ass I am going to shove 2 fingers into my cunt getting my pussy nice and wet. Then pull that cock right out of my ass with all my ass juices on it and shove deep in my cunt. Fuck me as hard as you can baby, pull on my nipples and pinch them. I want you to fist my little asshole make me fucking scream and squirt all over your cock. Feeling my asshole spasm as you shove that fist in and out of that ass. I wanna be a dirty little cock whore for you.

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