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Creampie slut

creampie slut

I’m known to everyone in town as the little creampie slut that fucks her step-dad. We got caught by my Mama and brother one time and they told everyone. I don’t even care that everyone knows. His cock was huge and he fucked me so good. My Mom is just jealous because her old worn out pussy could never get him off like my pretty, tight little kitty. He started on me when I was really young and has only fucked me harder and more often, since. He would come into my room at night, and slide under the blanket with me. He loved to put his fingers in my cute little panties and play with my tight, bald cunnie. I loved to feel his big daddy cock stretch out my tiny virgin kitty and asshole and fill both with cum. He loved to fill me and then leave me dripping out of every little fuck hole. I made the perfect little fuck toy for him when he got tired of faking it with Mama.

Hot teen phone sex

hot teen phone sex

I love doing calls when I’m home alone and bored! There is nothing more sexy than hot teen phone sex!! I just love when a guy tells me what he wants me to do, to myself. I will rub my pretty, tight little pussy for him and make myself cum over and over again as he listens. I think it’s so sexy to know a man is rubbing his cock for me. I love hearing a guy moan as he gets close to cumming all over the place. There is no limit to the things I will do to myself. I love to role play but I can have just as much fun teasing myself with a vibrator. I can cum and squirt constantly and never get tired. I love when a guy can cum a bunch of times while we’re talking. It’s so hot to listen to! Guys love that I am so young and have so much energy.That’s probably because their old ass wives can’t keep up with a tight, perfect fuck toy like me!

Anal sex whore

anal sex whore

Being a complete and total anal sex whore is so much fun! I love driving guys crazy with my wet pussy and tight little asshole. If I’m with more than one guy, I let them take turns filling each of my holes. They can’t get enough of my little fuck holes. I sell my tight little ass all the time for some quick cash. Sometimes guys will give me some coke or a little meth if I let them pound my asshole. They love to bend me over and fuck me in the ass hard while I’m fucked up and enjoying every minute of it. If the guy knows what he’s doing, he will reach around and play with my kitty while he rams his huge meat stick in me. After he makes me cum, I will let him fill me with his hot jizz. I have always had a thing for taking loads of cum in my ass. I love to feel it slowly drip out into my panties throughout the day.

Golden showers sex

golden showers sex

I tried something I’ve never tried before and it was amazing! I tried golden showers sex!! I had a hotel room left over from a guy I fucked last night. He rented the room and left for me to enjoy it after I drained his balls. I invited a super kinky guy over that I met at the pool. We started fucking and he stopped, pulled his cock out and pissed all over me. Normally I would have been mad. My pussy was already throbbing and wanting more of his fat cock so it felt so satisfying. After he covered me in his golden stream, I started to ride his cock for a little bit and the whole time I was thinking of pissing on him. I wanted him to be as turned on as I was so I stood over him on the bed and pissed all over his chest and face. He moaned so loud and begged me for more! I couldn’t believe I’ve never tried this before. It’s so taboo but so sexy! The best part of hotel sex with random guys is no clean up. We took turns standing over each other and soaking one another with our amazing golden showers! It was so much fun.

Creampie slut

creampie slut

I love teasing men and taking sweet, hot creampies in my tight, little cheerleader kitty. My school is perfect for finding men to play with and tease. They all love to see me in my little uniform. The short skirt is perfect for me to be a little cock tease in! My history teacher flirts with me all the time. I finally got him to give me his cock. I was sneaking into the locker room to fuck him in the shower by the second week of school. He has such a short, pathetic cock but loves that I ride him and act like its the biggest and best I’ve ever had. I never tell him no if he wants to bend me over and fuck me hard between classes. He always has a hard cock waiting for me when the bell rings. Sometimes I text him from other classes to let him know that his cum is slowly dripping into my panties from the creampie he gave me. I’m his favorite student and I always get straight A’s for taking his D!

Trailer trash whore

Trailer trash whore

Yesterday was my birthday. My step daddy promised to make this birthday extra sexy and special and he did! He knows just what his little trailer trash whore of a daughter likes. He took me out to the shed where we usually go to get high and mess around, and he had built a fuck machine! I couldn’t believe he had made it just for me! I ripped my clothes off and got ready for the fucking of a life time. Daddy started to finger fuck my tight little pussy as he stroked his cock and kissed my neck. He made me squirt all over his fingers and then licked them clean. I stood in front of the machine as he guided a huge dildo close to my tight, soaking wet pussy. He had some kind of knob to control the speed. He sat on a chair close by and turned the knob to a slow, steady thrust.It felt good so I couldn’t help but squirt a little as it slid in and out of me. He loved this, so he turned the speed up a little. Now I was squirting all over the place! I couldn’t believe how much and how far it sprayed. He moved in close to my pussy so I could soak his face as he stroked his cock and turned the speed up all of the way. Now I could feel my tight little hole start to burn as the dildo pounded away at my young, bald pussy. I was being stretched and fucked HARD! I screamed out but that only made Daddy moan and stroke his cock even faster. I was squirting everywhere. Cumming over and over for my daddy on his fuck machine had him so excited that he couldn’t hold back. He blew his huge load all over his hand. I was in shock at how much he came! He held his hand up to my face and I slurped it all up for him! He loves how nasty I get for him and I love the gifts he spoils me with! They’re always so fun and sexy!

Hot stripper sex

hot stripper phone sex

I absolutely love dressing like a little whore and shaking my ass for some cash.Becoming a dancer was the perfect gig for me. Last night I had my eyes set on you the moment you walked up to my stage.There was nothing hotter than watching your dick grow in your pants while I danced for you. I would slide up and down the pole and grind on it as I stared at you. I knew how bad I was teasing you. I gathered up all the cash you were throwing at me and left the stage. I found out that you bought a private dance. I took you to the room and you pulled it out. Once I saw the size of your monster cock, I wanted to ride it just as bad as you wanted me to. I gave you an extra special dance. I pulled my panties to the side and let you slide your fat dick inside as I swirled my hips around on you. The dance didn’t last the full 15 minutes because you filled me with cum in no time. That was the best private dance I’ve ever given anyone.

Druggy phone sex

druggy phone sex

I traded my little sister for some blow last night. I made her do a few lines with me and then told her she could have more if she let my dealer fuck her. She really didn’t want to but I knew she wanted some more powder. I brought her to his house, where he was already setting everything up. He had all kinds of freaky sex toys laid out. There was a dildo in every size you could imagine, whips, spreader bars. I could tell he was going to do more than just fuck her and toss her a little bag of blow. He ripped her clothes off and tied her up. Her flesh tore and bled every time he snapped the whip across her back and legs. She cried and tried to wiggle her way free from the restraints but couldn’t. I impatiently waited almost 4 hours as he tortured and fucked her with everything he could get his hands on. I almost felt bad for her but really, I was just worried about getting some more powder.

Drunk girl fucking in a bar

Drunk girl fucking

There is something so sexy about a drunk girl fucking a new guy the first time she meets him. I met a guy at the bar tonight. I’m not 21 yet so he was buying me drinks all night. He got me drunk so quickly that I was willing to do anything for him. He bent me over the pool table and lifted my skirt up in the back. He pulled his cock out right there in the bar and started to rub it across my butt softly. He pushed hard into my tight virgin asshole. I felt the sharp sting of being stretched, as he slid his 9 inch, rock hard cock right into me. He held me down and fucked me hard in the ass, over the pool table. He collapsed into me as he thrusted one last time and exploded inside of my tight ass. I sucked his fat cock until he was hard again, so that he could fill my pussy this time. He filled every hole of mine full of his hot, sticky cum.

Gangbang whore

gangbang whore

Last night, my step daddy came home with a group of his friends. They were drunk as usual and being loud. I knew exactly what he wanted to do. My step daddy started letting his friends treat me like some kind of gang bang whore when I was just a tiny slut. He gets off watching me get fucked my multiple guys at the same time. I never told on him because afterwards, he showers me with gifts and shopping trips to keep me quiet. Tonight I was ready, I stripped down to my panties and waited in my bedroom. When the first guy walked in, his cock was already hard and in his hand. He flipped me over and rammed his cock hard into my dripping wet pussy. He force fucked me hard as hell for a few mins before all of the other guys came into the room. Suddenly I had hands and cocks all over me. I had cocks being shoved in my mouth and ass at the same time. I had cum spraying all over my back from the guys jerking off on me. Step daddy sat in the corner, watching me get fucked and jerking his hard cock. He loves watching me be a good gang bang whore.

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