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Gobble Gobble mother fucker

Furry friends phone sexFurry friends phone sex? More like naked turkey with a big cock phone sex. Before we cook this mother fucker and invite people over, why don’t you and I have a little fun with this dead mother fucker. I want to stroke that big thing that looks like dick with my mouth. Then I’m going to squat down on it and penetrate my tight cunt with it. Oh it feels nice and thick and hard in my fuck hole. I’m dripping all my pussy broth juice all over it. Oh now now big boy, don’t you fucking forget to stuff the turkey with your load of cum. I want to share your cum with all our guest! Grab that turkey and fuck it till you cum in it! Lets not forget to butter the fucking biscuits. Before we put them in oven, let me suck you off to make you cum all over those Delicious biscuits. Don’t you love when we cook Thanksgiving Dinner for our friends? Love watching them savor the buttery biscuits and the delicious stuffing with all that cum of yours. I love it. They asked what kind of broth we used ha ha. The best part was the white gravy.

Big Black Cock 4 U

BBC phone sexFuck you mean you don’t remember me. Its me Quinn. You had me and all my stripper friends over to party with you and all your friends. Watching us to see who could deep throat the biggest dick. Who ever was able to deep throat the 14 inch big black cock would get to do a line of Angel dust right of his long 14 inch cock. We party all night long had a fucking orgy every one fucking each other. I even made you take big black cock in your tight manly asshole. When everyone started to leave the house, you told me to stay behind with you. That you wanted me to be your girl for the rest of the night and tomorrow. You wanted us to keep fucking each other with my tight juicy pussy and your long 14 inch cock. Oh now you remember huh? After I said juicy pussy!

Coke stripper whores

Phone sex slutsPimp me and my little cock suckers out! I love making my 2 little cum sluts watch mommy sucking dick and blowing angel dust off those big black nigger cocks! It makes my pussy so dripping wet. They know mommy sucks dick for a line. They are little coke whores too. Daddy pimps all 3 of us out! He brings all the clients from the strip club to the house and makes them fuck them for an 8 ball or 2. We love keeping the party going all night long. Cum on over bring some fucking drugs! That will make me and my 3 little whores really really fucking horny for you! We will snort that line right off your big fat juicy cock, then start sucking it taking it deep down our throat! I’d love to watch you face fuck my 2 little whores, while I get fucked doggy style by a big black nigger cock!

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sexMe and you party tonight, Lets get all fucked up! Lets do a bunch of fucking lines and roll on some x! Fuck yeah you will see me dancing all naked at the club all fucked up. I suck dick for a line! Let me snort that line off your big fat long cock. The longer the better! More angel dust for me to snort. I took off with a random dude from the club. Not the one I went with. I said fuck it and I brought his fucked up ass back home with me, were I had left my daughter sleeping. He saw her little body sleeping on the living room couch. Asked me if he could have fun with her. I said of course fuck yeah. Anything is possible for the right price! This fucker gave me not one but two 8 balls. He started to force fuck her, but my ass was in heaven with all that angel dust up my nose!

Dirty ride

Cum eating phone sexI love cock in my pussy in my mouth in my ass! I love dick in every single one of my tight little fuck holes! I had to buy my self this toy. I call him BIG Will! I love riding Will he never gives up on me. He always makes me orgasm and squirt all over the fucking place! After I’m done squirting all over Will I drop on my knees and suck his dick eating all that pussy juice off of his big mushroom head! Then its time to take him right up my tight little asshole! I sit on him slowly because he has a 14 inch long fat juicy cock. That big fat mushroom head when it starts penetrating my asshole I start feeling like I have to take a big shit. Sure enough I get up and that cock is full of shit. What would you make me do?

Sit on this bitch

Dirty phone sexIf you love big black nigger cock come sit on this big fat dick with a nice and yummy mushroom head. I will bring 2 of my big black nigger friends and have them force fuck that tight asshole of yours. I will have them both penetrate your tight asshole with those giant big black cocks. While I make you gag on my rubber dick fucker! You better suck me off good. I have a better idea! Not only will I face fuck you. I will have both of them tonsil fuck you. They will shove that dick in their really good making taste your asshole with all that pre- cum. Yum you like that huh fucker. Keep sucking and wait till the end! You will feel that nice hot man juice deep down your fucking throat you will be begging for some more. Cum on suck that big black cock!

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex$2 dollar you call it special! Come see me strip boys! Lemme shake this ass on your face and throw me some bills! Better yet I will strip for a line! Let me snort a line off your cock, I don’t only dance. I will do anything this good little cock sucker stripper whore for a line of cocaine! I will suck your dick, deep throat all those 10 inches of hard cock you have! Let you bust a nut deep down my throat! If you are into it i will tongue fuck your asshole will I make that dick spit in my mouth or my pretty little face! I will be your little cum dumpster anything for a fucking hit baby! I would also let you fuck my little cum slut. Help you force fuck her tiny little soft cunt. You cant say no to that tiny soft cunt!

Scat phone sex

Scat phone sexOpen wide mother fucker! Let this little sexy ass shin in your mouth! I want to see all my yummy nasty shit going deep down your throat! Ummm yes lick this pretty asshole clean and keep sucking the rest of my shit out my butt hole! I’m going to take shitting tea every night so It works over night and in morning for breakfast I serve you a nice fresh bowl of shit from my sexy puckered asshole! I’m going over to the nigger neighbor and milk his cock with my fucking mouth first trying to suck all that cum out! Then I will make that big black nigger cock cum in my pussy hold it in, get home and make you a cum smoothie with all that nigger cum and my pussy juice mixed together! Honey enjoy your meal I worked really hard to have you this fresh morning meal!

Sexline druggy

SexlineI’ve been up all night at this party with my boys, I’m so fucking wired, I just want more and more cocaine! I’m willing to suck fucking cock and even eat pussy out for a fucking hit! I just need more and more. Guys are puling their dicks out setting up a line on their dick. It my favorite shit to snort a fucking line from a guys huge long dick! I snort that shit and stay on my knees just sucking their dick so fucking good hoping they will give me another fucking hit! In the middle of the dance floor I be sucking all that dick finger fucking their assholes. Even taking them to the restroom with me having two of them penetrate my fuck holes at the same time! I’m telling you I will do anything for cocaine! I will let you piss in my mouth even shit on me! I just need one last hit!

Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sexEvery time you go piss save that piss for me in a cup, so I could drink later. I love the taste of your piss in my mouth. Specially those times when I’m sucking your dick and you decide to be an asshole not telling me you have to take a piss, you just do it anyway. I fucking love that. I just want you to make me your little bitch and piss on me when ever the fuck you want! Ill be your human toilet. If you want the other way around like you being my personal human toilet I will. You will be my toilet fucking slave. I will piss on you while you sleep at night and if I just have to and feel like it I will shit on your dick and face, making you lick my asshole clean. Making you take shit baths every night!

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