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Anal Sex Whore Quinn!

Anal sex whoreMost girls wouldn’t admit to being anal sex whores, but damn it just feels so good that I can’t help myself! Me and this guy I met on tinder were just hooking up in my living room, and in the middle of fucking he asked if I was opposed to anal, I got really excited because it’s been a while since I’ve had a good ass fucking. I told him that I loved it, and as soon as he heard that, he had me bent over the couch ready for his cock to go in me. It was already wet from my pussy, so I told him to just stick it in. As he did, my body kind of shook, it felt so fucking good to have his cock inside my tight ass. I loved it! He began thrusting in and out faster and faster as I began to get louder! His cock was just stretching out my little hole, but it felt so fucking good! He started to tell me he was gonna cum and I made sure to let him know it was okay if he creamed my ass, and of course..he did! It felt so amazing to feel his creamy load just dripping out of my tight asshole!

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Quinn

Cum eating phone sex

I love sucking on my bosses fat cock, he is definitely one of the best cocks I’ve ever sucked off. I’m so thankful to have found this job being his little slut, I don’t know what I would do without it. He called me into his office this morning and told me he and his wife had a huge fight last night and that he was looking for some relief. I was glad to be his side whore, he was a very attractive wealthy man and I would do anything to make him happy. I listened to all of his problems before he finally asked me if I could wrap my lips tightly around his big cock, of course I would. Isn’t that why I was here? I got right down on my knees and began sucking him off, his cock could fit just perfectly down my throat and he knew how to face fuck me and not make me gag! He grabbed my hair and began going faster and faster. It wasn’t long before I could taste his sweet cum covering my throat, it was so fucking delicious I couldn’t take it. I opened my mouth wide for more and swallowed all of it! My bosses cock just tastes so fucking good! I got so lucky with this new job.

Big dick sucker

No Taboo Phone Sex with Quinn

No taboo phone sexI love to have some hot dirty phone sex! Whatever your wish is, it’s my command. I’m a nasty little whore who needs direction in her life, and I love getting men off. Rather if it’s being their human toilet and taking all of their piss and shit in my mouth and chewing on it, then gargling it or getting fucked so hard up my tight asshole that I can barely walk after! I love making men happy and doing whatever I can to make their cocks hard. I’ve been a slut my whole life and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! No matter what fantasy you have, I’ll please. Fuck me up the ass with your fat cock with no lube, make me fucking scream! Make my pussy feel good and you’ll get to experience this killer dick sucking lips and how well I can deepthroat. We can have a lot of fun, give me a call!

Sloppy Wet Pussy Fucked Outside

Sloppy wet pussyI love being risky, and playing with myself makes me feel so good. I was just sitting out on my patio in my bathing suit when I started feeling in the mood. I began touching my entire body from head to toe and it just felt so amazing. I opened my legs in the chair I was in and started playing with myself. My fingers against my clit felt so good! Don’t even get me started on how damn good they feel inside of me. While I’m touching myself, I notice a peaking eye coming from the neighbors yard. That bastard really was watching me! Might as well give him a show, I’m not uncomfortable with my body by any means so I just continue what I’m doing as I watch him stroke his cock while he watches me. I get up and make my way over to him, he seems embarrassed but I’m not missing out on an opportunity to fuck! I lay there on his lounge chair with my legs open and ready for him to shove that big cock inside of me, and my pussy is already so wet it just glides right in. Damn, my neighbor feels so fucking good inside of me! I want a taste of my pussy all over his cock so I urge him to pull it out and let me suck on it, it tastes so good mixed with the precum and my pussy! I keep letting him face fuck me until his entire load is down my throat and I’m gaging to swallow it! Exhibitionist sex is really fun and I love getting dirty with my neighbor!

Drunk Phone Sex Masturbating

Drunk phone sexI love drinking a bottle of wine while waiting for a call, I usually end up pretty drunk by the end of my shift but drunk phone sex is the best! I love playing with myself when I’m buzzed, it feels so much better than when I’m sober. So when we’re on a call together, I’m gonna give you the perfect scenario of how I would suck your big cock while I play with my pussy and thinking about how delicious you taste. I love thinking about a cock being shoved down my throat while my legs are spread open and I play with my pussy. I love grabbing my tits and pinching around my nipples, it feels so fucking good! The drunk buzz just makes it feel so much more effective. I quickly begin shoving my fingers inside of my pussy just imagining it’s your thick cock thrusting in and out of me, as I go faster it feels even better so I begin going as fast as I possibly can and my pussy starts to tense up around my 3 fingers and the feeling is just mindblowing! I love cumming while I have drunk phone sex!

Pissing Phone Sex with Quinn

Pissing phone sexI had a boyfriend who had a really dirty fetish, he loved everything about pee. Our fucks usually had a routine to them. I’d suck his big cock, taking the entire thing in my mouth. While I was doing so I’d piss my pants. After I did that, he loved licking all around the area I had peed on then he’d eat me out. He loved licking my pussy, especially when I’d start to piss directly into his mouth. I’d thrust my body up and made sure I aligned with his mouth perfectly. He loved drinking my piss and licking me up. After that he’d start fucking me, he liked to go really fast and I couldn’t take his cock inside of me that long because of the speed he would go. He fucked my pussy really fast and hard and it felt so damn amazing! He began sucking on his fingers to taste me and as he was doing that I felt his load shoot up deep inside of me. After that, he spread my legs open, ate all of his cum out of my pussy and demanded I would pee into his mouth. I pissed all over his face and he loved it. It was so hot to see myself just dripping down him. I loved being his dirty little piss slut!

Big Dick Sucker Quinn Needs A Job!

Big dick suckerI had a second interview scheduled with the big boss at a new job I was applying for, I was wracking my brain all night trying to figure out what I needed to wear and what to say to land the job. I really needed this. When I walked into the room, I was not expecting to see an attractive man in his mid 20’s but once I did I knew just what to do to make the job mine. From the start of the interview I began flirting with him and he definitely knew something was up, but he was attractive and I needed this job! It was when he was explaining my duties as his secretary that I asked if those duties would include getting him off. The look on his face when I said that was priceless, but I did what I had to do. I offered him my body for the job, and he accepted after telling me this was something he had never done before and we’d have to keep it quiet. I assured him I was a good slut who knew how to keep her mouth shut and showed him how I suck a nice big cock. I got down on my knees in front of his desk and unzipped his pants and spit on my hand to begin stroking his cock. I had my hands around his shaft as I began sucking on his head and bringing my way all the way down his big dick. I started choking on him as I haven’t had a dick this big down my throat in a while and that turned him on even more. He grabbed my head and began face fucking me thrusting his cock deeper down my throat and forcing my head all the way down it. I didn’t mind, his cock tasted good and I was always a good little head slut. I tasted a lot of precum and couldn’t wait for the real thing! He took his big dick out of my mouth and told me to open wide as he shot his load into it! His load was so big and tasted so sweet! I could definitely get used to eating my new bosses cum. 

Dirty Phone Sex : Rent is Due

My landlord was knocking at my door and I really didn’t want to answer, I knew why he was here. I was over a month late on back rent and I was worried about what would happen if I did. I hear keys jangle in the door and I know he’s coming in. He comes straight to my kitchen where I am and starts yelling, to get him to stop I start stripping off my clothes- the only thing I know to do to get men to shut up. He immediately turns his focus to my naked body in front of him and is speechless. I get down on my knees and unzip his pants as well as pull them down. I start playing with his cock, wrapping my hands around it and stroking it before I take my tongue to lick all the way down it, then suck on it. His big cock barely fits in my mouth, but he continues to thrust it down my throat making me gag. It’s then when he’s had enough and throws me onto my kitchen table and quickly starts ramming his cock into my sloppy wet pussy!Dirty phone sex

He was going so hard and it felt so good, my pussy was starting to tighten around his big cock and I knew I was gonna finish, I started moaning louder and louder as I felt his load of cum deep inside my pussy. He took his big cock out and I just watched his cum drip out of my used pussy! Had I known my landlord was this good of fuck, I wouldn’t have paid rent at all. I turned to him to say “I hope that covers rent for last month” and he chuckled and began putting his clothes on to leave.

Cum dumpter : Paying off my debts

I was having people over tonight for a surprise party I’d been planning for my best friend for months- little did I know the surprise would be me sucking a big cock while everyone celebrated! I had hired a party planner who didn’t seem to be as much help as I had expected, but he was very attractive and from the look of the bulge in his pants..pretty big. He had taken me to my room to discuss payment for his services and tried charging me $500! No way. He barely even helped, I was not paying this. He told me I had another option, to suck his cock.Cum dumpster

So like the slut I am I got down on both knees and began sucking him off. He seemed to like to be in control as he pulled on my head the entire time and knew exactly where he wanted me. His precum tasted so sweet around his big cock, something I’m usually not used to. I began sucking on it and he thrusted it down my throat, making me choke on his hard cock. It tasted to good so I didn’t want him to stop, I let him continue to face fuck me then he pulled his cock out and began jacking it off. He shot his huge load of cum all over my face! I quickly cleaned it off and had to return to the party before anyone noticed I was missing.

Big dick sucker

Big dick suckerMy ex-boyfriend was very into exhibitionist sex, he often hired a guy to drive around his car while we fucked in the backseat. The guys payment- being able to watch as I rode his huge cock. We’d always start out with a blowjob, I’d suck his huge cock, making sure that the car next to us could see what I was doing, he loved when people watched. I began taking his cock in my throat, ugh it tasted so good! I took the entire thing down and began gagging all over him, even puked on his cock a little, he didn’t mind- he always said it was part of the job. When his cock was hard enough, I’d get on top of him and straddle his cock. I’d rub my wet pussy all over it before guiding it in my cunt. I took the entire thing at once and just went down on it. I was riding his cock so hard, making sure my boobs were directly in his face so he could have something to suck on. The people in the car next to us couldn’t believe what we were doing, but them watching every second was so hot. I took his cock out of my pussy and turned around and shoved it up my ass. I bounced up and down on his hard cock as it fucked my little asshole, he shot a huge load up in me and I felt it seep out of my asshole!

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