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I love All That Cum

Cum Dumpster

I was high again and I become the biggest whore around especially when I am high, but, I am bad when sober. I decided one night to go hitchhiking in the late night. It took a few cars, I mean why wouldn’t someone pick me up? I had on my short black skirt, tight pink top, open toed high heels and no panties. I don’t even do this for money, I just want all that cum. It took like three cars before someone let me in. We drove down the road to a woodsy area and I immediately took his dick out of his pants, I kept sucking that fat prick until he unleashed that load right in my mouth. I had a few more guys that night and I loved guzzling that jizz. One guy even paid me $20 dollars, I was in heaven.

Rendezvous For Three

Drunk Girl Fucking

I was at it again, I was drunk in the trailer park thanks to some loser. I am way too beautiful for him. I was walking around, kind of stumbling trying to light my cigarette and I saw this car and in it was this couple. They said wow you are stunning, would you like to come somewhere with us? I said Hell yes! I was not really fully aware of what was going on. I got in and we arrived at some small motel joint.

I got out and almost fell, the guy came over and helped me get up. I swapped him away and I said irritated and bratty “ I am fine “. I walked into the motel room with them and it was dumpy but my kind of thing I am use to. The lady laid down and they told me they wanted to fuck me and had been watching me. I was to drunk to care that was almost creepy. She was sexy as all get out. Nice perky breasts and lean body, and he had a nice cock. I saw him licking her pussy, so I went over and took all my clothes off.

I started sucking his dick and it was so big my mouth could hardly fit. He was so hard, I went and took over licking her pussy and he came up behind me and spread my legs and started rubbing his dick up and down my moist box. He stuck it in and I moaned, I was so horny. He started pounding me and it made bump into her puss even harder, I stuck 2 fingers in and started pounding her. I could tell he was about to climax and so he got us both on our knees, cheek to cheek and told us to open up. He squirted that baby batter all over both our mouths and watched us lick it off each other’s faces.

I Need To Pay For This Habit

Sexy Prostitues                                       I am one of those trashy sluts and I am not ashamed of it either. I know what I was born to do and that is use my assets to my advantage. I like to put ads on back page and craigslist. It is really the best place to pick up losers who know this tight body is worth spending money on. I do have a habit, but that isn’t a surprise to you, now is it?I live in a run down trailer park, yes I am trailer trash. I love making these guys pay for the hotels so I can fuck them and take my money and go get some party favors.I have this one regular who always tips real good and of course he is married. I love when they touch my cunny for a second it makes me feel like I am in some sort of escape. Some men are really good lovers. I want one of those, it really would make all of this worth my time if you catch my drift. I don’t hide what I do everyone knows. So the next time you want a sexy prostitute who is a guaranteed thing, give me a call!

I Desired That Married Cock

live phone sex

I am what most people would call a very beautiful girl. I am that trashy, slutty bitch. I want a married cock so bad again, the last time I had one was a while a go. I have done things in my life that most people would be ashamed of but not me. Married men are my favorite because they love to fuck my pussy raw and don’t get what they need at home. I need to be used so bad, I know that after you fuck me and go home to your wife ( that is if you can even get hard for her ). I know you will be fantasizing about me and my sexy body, with that tight pussy. I know you will be thinking about my wet tongue on that hard cock and how I do things that she can’t and won’t

This Gangbang Whore Loves Cocks

Gangbang Whore

Fucking one guy is great. Two guys at the same time is even better. But, my favorite thing in the whole world is to be a total Gangbang Whore. I love to have every hole filled up with cock and cum. Then when the next guy in line to fuck me buries his cock inside of my swollen cunt, I can actually feel him push the last guys cum right out of me. If you’ve ever been part of a gangbang, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Especially if you’re the only girl there. The only wet, tight, bald, wanting little pussy for 10 or 12 guys to fuck. And sure, they have to take turns and wait, but when your mouth is available and your cunt and ass are willing to take as much dick as possible, most times they’re willing to wait. And if they are not, they can just jerk their cocks and blow their loads all over you. Sometimes, the guy that has his dick in your mouth will be willing to take it out for a second while a different guy yanks his cock and blows his load in your mouth and on your face. Or sometimes not – and the dude just has to cum all over you and the guy fucking your mouth. The guys fucking that pretty pussy of yours might pull out too and let another guy cum on your cunt or ass. Or, maybe at the beginning of the gangbang, you simply could say to all of them that they should just cum on you. Everywhere all over your body and face and in your hair. You’re going to love it. Make yourself a complete and total whore and take it like a good gangbang slut should take it.

I Love Sucking Big Dicks

Big Dick Sucker

I’m a Big Dick Sucker. Plain and simple and that’s the bottom line. I love to have a huge cock in my mouth. If I could do it all the time, I totally and completely would. I love cock. Especially when its fucking my wet mouth. I love to be able to feel a dick starting to get hard on my tongue. And when it’s nice and fir, the feeling of the veins popping is incredible. The longer I suck it, the harder it gets and I absolutely look forward to being able to feel it pulsate and throb between my lips. The bigger the dick is the better I like it. The best is when its gagging me, and I only have it half way in my mouth and can feel the tip banging on the back of my throat. I love to gag on a big cock and feel my mouth start to water and the drool running down my chin. Take a handful of my hair at the back of my head and force me to take you deep until I’m gagging violently and I can’t catch my breath. Let me struggle for air with your dick shoved deep in my throat until my eyes start to roll back in my head. Let up a little and then do it again and again. Cum hard in my mouth and coat my tongue and throat with your hot load. Force your jizz far into me with every hard mouth fucking thrust. Make sure that I swallow every drop and don’t spill any out. I know how hard and how much you cum, so I look forward to the challenge of swallowing it all every time. Your big dick cums so much that my belly feels full when I’m done swallowing you.  I love your huge cock. I adore sucking it. And, the more you cum, the better it is for me.


Use Me Up And Throw Me Out

Trailer Trash WhoreIt’s so much fun to be a Trailer Trash Whore. Think about it. I can fuck any of the guys in the trailer park any time I want, and there’s a lot of them. Some of them are kind of scummy, but they’re the ones that usually get me off the hardest. I love the way they use my up cunt and treat me like the total slut that I am. Sure, I could go to the local bar and use my fake ID to get in and pick up strange guys. Which I actually do a couple times a week and it is a lot of fun. But, when I’m with the guys in the trailer park, they know what I like and what I need. Like Andrew is strictly oral. So, when I go to him, I suck his cock and he licks my clit until we both cum at least twice. Or Jacob is all about the anal. He fucks me good and then he loves to get the strap-on treatment from me and he can take a really good pounding before he blows his load. Then there’s Willie. He’s older and can’t get a stiffy anymore, so all I have to do is finger myself and squirt for him so he can lick it up. Those guys are just sex though. I like the guys that can get me a little extra something for my time. Mark knows I like to smoke dope, and he gets to good stuff. So, if I let him cum on my tits and lick it off, I get six nice size Indica buds. Not a bad deal. And Patrick is something else. He sets me up with some of the best black tar ever as long as I let him shoot it up my arm while I suck his dick while he wears my panties and heels. I get fucked by multiple guys many times a day. And without fail, right after they get off, they tell me to get out. I’m used up and thrown out, just like garbage. And I fucking love it.

Druggy Porn Pays for My Bad Habit

Druggy PornYou know I’ll do whatever I need to do so I can get my daily fixes, including Druggy Porn. For the most part, I can usually get away with sucking cock or letting my dealer fuck my cunt a few times until he’s satisfied. If I get him off, he gets me high. It works out well for both of us. But sometimes, if I want something special or a little extra oompf with my order, I have to put forth a tad of effort myself. Occasionally, my supplier wants more than a wet dick or cash. So, he not only takes both of those things, but makes me go one step further. Druggy Porn. It’s not as bad as it sounds. The kind I do is actually fun. At the beginning of the video, when the cameras start rolling, I get to shoot up, smoke, snort, or whatever that particular movie calls for. So do the other actors. We take it from there. Sometimes, It’s just me and another guy or chick. But a lot of the time lately, we’ve been doing big orgy gangbangs. As many as seven or eight girls and twelve or more guys. It’s fucking hotter than hell, too. Everybody high. All of us turned on, totally wet and astonishingly hard. We get some instruction as to how to act or positions to get into for the cameras, but for the most part, we’re all so fucked up, we just kind of do what feels good. The drugs we have all taken usually have a tendency to heighten every sense. Sights, sounds, smells and feelings for sure are all turned up high. So, if you can, imagine what a room full of twenty naked guys and girls, sucking and fucking, squirting and cumming looks and smells like. And because of the drugs, we all lose track of time. Sometimes, the filming goes on for upwards of nine or ten hours. Because of the continuous drug use, and cumming so many times, we’re all looking for something a little more hardcore to get us off as the day goes on. Horse cock sized dildos. Double headed vibrators. Rope bondage. Bestiality. Anal taboos. You name it, it goes and they film it. If you’ve never seen druggy porn, look it up. I can guarantee you’re going to want to get high and your cock is going to want to fuck a druggy slut. Maybe you and I could hook up. I’m pretty sure you’d like what I could do for you. Or more to the point, to you.

Fill Up My Tight Cunt

Cum Filled CuntI’ve been sitting alone all day long thinking about your great big cock giving me a cum filled cunt. I have tried everything to get you off of my mind. Fingering myself, smoking dope, using my vibrator, and popping benzos with a shot of tequila. Nothing is getting you out of my head and into my snatch. When I texted you at lunchtime, you said you’d be home early. It’s getting late and you’re not here with me yet. I need your cum inside of me. I want to feel you filling me all the way up. Fuck me deep and give me every drop of that exquisite load. My cunt is absolutely aching for your enormous dick. I need to feel you pumping into me as hard as you can and exploding all over the inside of my tight little wet cunt. I want you to cum over and over so that I am completely full. When I’m lying there after you use me, I want to be able to feel it dripping down from my cunt to my asshole. When I get up to grab a drink, I want to feel your hot jizz running down my legs. And when I crawl back into bed next to you, I want you to do it all over again. But maybe this time, don’t stop at my pussy. Fill up every hole I have. My mouth is watering for a taste of you, and I need you to fuck that sexy ass of mine again anyways. Give it to me any way you can possibly think of. Use me tonight. I want you to make me your jizz whore and your cum guzzling slut. Dump load after load into every open orifice I have. Fill me up.

Whoever Scores Highest, Scores

cum dumpster

It’s a great night for some game playing and I know just the game I want to play. I want all the guys that are here at this party with me to gather round and listen to the rules. You each need to whip out those cocks and show me what you have. I’ll take a quick look and feel and we’ll go from there. Whichever of the top three of you have the nicest package, you get to come with me. You’re going to get a number and then use my tight little wet cunt like I’m a glory hole, but I’m going to know who is who and judge each one of you based on your ability and performance. I want you to use my pussy and my ass to get yourselves off hardcore, but I also want you to get me off bigtime. And whoever makes my cunt cum will certainly get a little constellation gift, but if you can make me squirt, that gets the ultimate prize. Maybe this will give you a little incentive… satisfy my white pearl and I’ll gladly share the black pearl.  I have enough for both of us to be high for days, but like I said, you need to show me you deserve it. Show me how good you can do me, and I’ll show you the world, one Climax at a time.

Let’s do this, Sweet Stuff….

Memphis  xoxoxoxo

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