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Drunk With A Wet Sloppy Pussy

Freaky phone sexMy best friends and I got sloppy waisted last night. We went to a party down the street from our trailer park. They had beer and liquor out the ass. It was my mission to get sloppy fucking wasted and find me some cocks to clean. When I am drunk I get real nasty. I am already a white trash cum loving freak, when I get drunk and got good drugs flowing through my body I am on another level. I knew there were going to be a lot of hot men at the party so I was ready for action. My girls and I made a game out of the night. We were going to compete with each other.  Whoever could fuck and suck the most cock that night wins. Seems easy to a drunk cum guzzling slut but when you have 3 other girls who love thick cock just as much, it does become a challenge. All of us girls spent a little over an hour scoping out the men and getting as wasted as possible before the fun began.drunk phone sex By the time our little game began my mouth was watering, I wanted to wrap my lips around a nice big hard cock. I picked out the men I wanted and went for it. My goal was to suck and fuck at least ten men there. The girls and I split up and went our separate ways. To get to the point, we were all winners. My girls and I ended up having a nasty, sloppy orgy with all the men we picked out. I was so drunk and high that I did black out a couple of times. What I do know is the orgy we had could have had its own name. Pissing, licking, fucking, sucking, scratching, moaning, groaning, cum everywhere. My girls and I sucked and fucked so much cock I can’t get the taste out of my mouth or the cock smell out of my ass and sloppy pussy. For now on, fuck playing little girl games, my girls and have upgraded our game to experience the best orgies. We were even thinking of throwing our very own orgy party. I know that will be a hell of a dirty and freaky time!

Coke And Cock

Dirty phone sexSnow, I live for it. No not the kind of snow that falls from the sky. I’m talking about the kind you will find in pretty lines on a table. The feeling of that dusty white girl shooting into my nose and dripping into the back of my throat is just as good as sucking a used cock. Snow and a used cock together are the only things I need to satisfy my cum slut cunt. I mean, you shouldn’t be surprised. Coke and a white trash slut like me definitely go hand in hand. I love how fast the rush goes straight to my head, then to have a nice rock hard cummy cock ram right down my mouth is pure extasy. The more snow I can fill up my nose with, in a night the more cock I can shove down my tight cum loving throat. I love this life so much, I now get called the CC whore. I will always be a Coke and Cock loving, Cum Slut Whore and I am damn proud of it

Sloppy Seconds Whore

Live phone sexI want you to know how much of a slut I am for your sloppy toppy cock entering down my Cum guzzling throat. I went to a friends house, the other night for some girl talk. She is a slut whore like me so its always a good time when we can get together and compare the slutty nights we had. This night was different. My friend told me she had a surprise for me. I thought it was a big dildo for the nights my slut cunt was lonely, but to my surprise, it was not. She had a man with a huge cock in her house. She told me he is rock hard and ready to fuck two young cum dumpsters like us, but It gets better! He was going to fuck my friend first and then I would come to him next!!! Damn if I had a dick it would have busted out of my pants when my friend told me I get to lick his cock clean, tasting all of her fresh cum!  After she told me the best news ever, she went to the other room to get her cunt slammed. They were fucking for a while, oh my cunt was screaming, I didn’t know how much longer I could wait. I was relieved when I heard the door opening, I could tell this man knew how to fuck a slut. When I got into the room, I saw his rock hard pistol waiting to get a good cleaning. It was so wet from my friends creme slut pussy. without saying a word I got on my knees, his hard cock inches away from my face. I could smell the sweet, musky cum on his cock. I opened my mouth and he went to town. It wasn’t 5 minutes and his meat stick was shooting his own creme down my throat. I have the best friend in the world. Her cum dumpster pussy is the best I have ever tasted. I need fresh cum on a mans cock more often!

Cum guzzling slut

I was at my babysitting job yesterday morning. Everything seemed normal, the wife left to work and the husband was getting ready. I was putting their baby back down to nap. The husband was taking longer than usual to get ready. We haven’t spoken since the day we almost got busted by his wife. After I put the baby down for a nap I was going to straighten up the kitchen. As I was walking down the hallway, the husband snatched me by my arm into his room. He pushed me on the bed, snatched off his pants, letting his god like thick dick hang. He then said, I just fucked the shit out of my wife before she left for work this morning.Freaky phone sex Get your sloppy second slut ass down here and clean me up. I thought my slut cunt was about to explode. I got down on my knees like the nasty cum slut I am, grabbed his dirty cum cock and shoved it in my mouth putting it as far down my throat as I could. The taste of his sloppy cock was mouth watering. I made sure I cleaned every bit of that dried up cum right off. That’s when he grabbed me by my hair and shoved me on the bed. I was on my knees with my ass in the air. He fucked me like a dog in heat. Oh my god, his dick felt so good. When he was about to bust he turned me around, tilted my head up and left a big load right in the middle of my face. Then he took his heavy meat and slapped me with it, calling me a good fucking slut. This is what I have been waiting for and it was worth the wait!

Desperate For Sloppy Second Cock

Hunting for married used cock is harder than I thought. It is taking up all my regular fuck play time. My trash slut cunt is so desperate at this point I will take any kind of cock. The used cock is what my wet, aching cunt is really after though. I want to know you fucked your wife hard in the ass or pussy. I want to taste the dried up cum, cleaning you up real nice. I love how you are thinking about fucking me while your balls deep inside of your wife’s pussy, getting it really creamy. Then let it dry real good on your cock, just waiting for these slut lips to suck it right off. My slut cunt is screaming for used cock. One of my married men teased me with a fucking video of him fucking his wife so hard she squirted all over his dick. That only made me want it more. I am not a patient person when it comes to getting what my cunt wants. I was born a freak, and I am made to suck and fuck some used big, thick meat.

Dirty phone sex

Used Cock Call

My Cum slut pussy and I are definitely happy. I got a call yesterday from the husband I babysat for. He called me while he was at work telling me he wanted me to meet him when everyone leaves the office later that night. Hearing those words from him instantly plumped my clit up with blood. That was the last thing I was expecting to happen. He started telling me how he has already heard about me and he knows I love a used up cock. He said his wife will come on his lunch break and he is going to make sure he fucks her real good just for me. He told me he was going to secretly record them and when I get there we will have some fun while the secret homemade video is playing. As soon as we were off the phone I was looking up the directions to his work.Freaky phone sex The place was not far at all. I arrived just as everyone was leaving the building. I waited until the last person left then I was on the elevator. All I could think about was that fucking cummed up used cock pounding into every single one of my holes. I couldn’t wait to see the video, I was thinking how fucking hot and slutty his wife probably looked with her husband’s hard cock slamming into her making her squirt all over him. As soon as I reached his office, I saw his wife! She was walking in, I couldn’t blow our cover. I am a used cock loving whore, I need to make sure that cock is nice and used first. I got a text shortly after saying we had to reschedule. He did say good things come to those who wait. This is a cock I am willing to be patient for.

First Night At My New Job

I got a call from one of the families that hired me to babysit for them when they wanted to have “Date Night” they told me they will not be home until after midnight. When I arrived at the home they were still getting ready to leave. They were both dressed so nice and the smell coming from both of them told me they were going somewhere fancy. The husband was so fucking hot I wanted to rip his pants off and make him feed me his cock. I had to play it cool though, I did not want to mess things up already and not get my prize of a used cock slamming into my pussy and throat. I could see the husband looking in my direction.Freaky phone sex If I did not know any better I would say he wanted to do the exact same thing. I looked him directly in his eyes then looked down at his cock, he took a deep breath in knowing he could have my Cum dumpster pussy whenever he was ready for it. They finished getting ready and told me if there were any problems to give them a call. The wife headed out the door first, the husband told the wife he would be there in a second. He ran upstairs, once he came back down, he had a little paper folded in his hand. He walked over to me and dropped the paper right next to me. He quickly left out the front door, once he was gone I picked up the note that read: Good things come to those who wait. Be patient and you will get what you desire. My slut cunt instantly got wet for him and I knew he was going to be worth the wait.

Babysitting Whore

A used cock is something I cannot get enough of. I have fucked so many that I knew it was the perfect time to find some new men to play with. That is when I decided to go out and look for newly used cocks. I wanted to switch things up a bit. I have been fucked so much that the little money I have from being a complete Cum slut whore was getting low. I figured putting an add online and in the newspaper for a babysitter job would be a good idea. I am so glad my fucking whore brain thought this up, I started receiving more calls than I could have hoped for just in the next couple of days. I had a lot of house interviews the only positions I wanted were the ones where a married man was in the house. The ones with single moms I either didn’t go or didn’t try to get the job. In the next week, I ended up getting hired on with three different families, all with husbands in the home. In one of the families, the wife was pregnant. I love that shit, Dried up pregnant pussy on the husband’s cock was just what my slutty cum my cunt was screaming for. I knew this was not going to be easy, I am a nasty slutty whore but I had to learn the art of seducing a married man all while making sure I do my job well to stay in the household. I could tell all three married men would fuck me though. The way they stared at my plump titties and my fat ass told me enough. To think I could be fucking anyone of these men in the next few days has my slut button aching with pleasure. My pussy overflows just imagining it. I have a fuck appointment tonight with one of my regulars just to relieve some of this built up tension.

Dirty phone sex

Married Cock

For a white trash slut, I got a big fat ass. That is one reason all of these white trash whores in my town are so jealous of me. Their flat pancake asses can’t compare to what I got going on back there. I take all the men, these sluts know not to bring their men around me. They know the men around here can’t resist a white trash slut with a fat ass, able to use me as their personal Cum dumpster. One of the names I get called a lot is a Gangbang whore, it’s no secret. I love when a group of men is able to fill up all of my holes while calling me a Cum filled cunt. I remember one time every married man in our neighborhood snuck out of their house late at night. We met at a motel down the street. I told each man to fuck their wives before seeing me. I was ready to be a Cum guzzling slut that night. I licked their wives dried up cum clean off their thick hard married cocks. When all five men were about to bust I told them to aim those cocks at my mouth. I wanted to taste every drop of those married men. I am a Cum eating whore and I am not ashamed to admit it. A married used cock is priceless.Anal sex whore

Trash In The Bathroom Stall

I am the dirty white trash that is in the public bathroom stall. Of course, I do not go into the woman’s stall, no. I head straight for the men’s bathroom. I know which public place to go to find the men I am looking for. I want the freaky nasty men who will know how to treat me like the cum guzzling, dirty white trash whore that I am. As soon as you open that stall up, you will look into my eyes and see that I am ready to have a mouthful of your hard thick cock. Dirty phone sexRape my whore throat until I am gagging and overflowing at the mouth, letting my spit drip down your shaft and to your sweaty balls. Grab me by my hair and thrust yourself down deeper into my throat. When you see I have had enough I want you to force my head down to your sweaty balls and make me clean you all up, licking your sweaty balls and my spit combined will only make my clit throb and my pussy drip. I will be begging you to let me be your Cum dumpster. When we are done, leave me like the little fucking whore I am. I will sit there alone watching your cum drip out of my swollen slutty pussy. Make sure you bring a friend next time. The more holes that fill me up the better.

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