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Sex With A Hot Stripper

Stripper Sex StoriesI went to the strip club with one of good male friends and I had never been to this joint before. When we arrived it was dimly lit and it was nice inside, kind of small. Some of the girls were pretty hot and it was BYOB so he did. I couldn’t believe some of the moves these bitches were pulling off on the pole. I got this dance from this sexy blonde with a thick fat ass and in the booth she told me to spread my legs and to relax and enjoy myself. She was bouncing on my lap and turned around with her bag in her hand and she took something out along with my tits. I was getting so horny at this point, she did a line right off my tits. She kept my tits out and was bouncing hers off of mine and i put my hands on her hips and she came closer, purring in my ear and started grinding her pussy on mine. The song was over and she was coming home with my friend and they were spending the night. When we got home I pulled out my favorite glass dildo and she came over fucking me with while sucking on my cunt. I was going to come so hard and she was grinding her bare pussy on mine and my friend came up to this whore and started fucking her ass until he creamed deep inside.

Gaping Asshole Can Pour Cum

Anal Sex WhoreI am a true anal sex whore, I have toys like the little foam footballs to gape my dirty pink hole open. I love laying on my bed with my ass up and fucking my asshole with this football, I love the end result of how big my hole gets. I love even more when a guy is over and shoots heavy loads of cum into my gaped hole. It looks like a laundry washer on spin cycle and I love it. It feels so good that I opened up my hole so much you could put your whole fist in there and maybe even stretch it out bigger. My goal is to turn my rectum inside out, I love that pink rose look of a rectum coming out. It takes someone real special to appreciate what I am doing and get hard from it. I know many guys would love this, I mean you could fit 3 or 4 cocks in my ass and get my pussy fucked. My gaped hole will start to look like a furry friend drooling and the flaps hanging with cum. My ass will be so big I could turn down and pour that come into a glass and drink it. I want you to jack off to that!

Craving That Meaty Trouser Snake

Big DIck SuckerBesides nose candy and money there is something else that makes my twat muffin so wet and my asshole pucker. That would be a meaty cock with an oversized plump mushroom head and colossal balls to match. I love sucking on that enormous dick while those balls fill up with so much cream. I am a creampie slut and can’t get enough. I know a couple guys who have a dick like I am craving right now, my mouth and pussy are getting wet as fuck. I called one of them over and he was over in a jiffy. He had me right away pull out my titties in the corset I was wearing and he was pulling on my nipples and rubbing the head of his dick all over them getting it so hard. That dick is so heavy and he can slap me on my face without touching it. I took that trouser snake in my hand and put it in my mouth like a hungry fat bitch. I started bobbing my head up and down on that fatty. He grabbed the back of my head and put me all the way down on it and then I was going up and down moaning on the head. His balls were getting so tight I knew he was going to blow. When he came it felt like a fountain, I thought he was never going to stop it was going down my chin and I was choking trying to swallow that cock and all that come.

Drunk Fucked By My Driver

Drunk Girl FuckingIt was another one of those nights where I went out to a friends house and we ended up getting so hammered. There was no way either of us could drive, so I called for an uber and was so wanting to get home to my hot neighbor and blow him. I also want my pussy gaping open, I love the way he will fist fuck me. My driver arrived and I stumbled out to the car and almost fell on my ass, that wouldn’t be good in my skirt and heels. And the fact that I am bare bottomed, trashy yes I know. I got in the car and he kept trying to touch up my thigh and was telling me how sexy I looked. Things were a blur with how drunk I was, I stopped trying to push his hand away. We got to my place and I was going in and out of being awake, he picked me up and carried me to my door. I walked in stumbling with his help, he laid me down on my couch and as I was coming in and out of my drunkeness he had my skirt up and was feeling my bald pussy. I couldn’t even push him away and then I felt him put his dick inside my pink hole and pound me while I was half here and half gone. It felt like a dream but it was real, he just kept pounding with my arms hanging down and legs spread real wide and then he was even playing with my breasts and I could tell they were bouncing. He came inside of me and then left and I woke up the next morning not really knowing quite what had happened.

Creampie Slut At Your Service

Creampie SlutI love getting called over to random peoples homes, it usually means there is a creamy surprise waiting on me. I have a nice plump body with thick thighs and natural C cup tits. I go to the house I was instructed to and there was a girl laid out on the bed and come was seeping out of her cunt. I went right over and started eating it out. I am a creampie slut and I don’t care where it comes from. I saw multiple guys just standing there and one guy came up behind me and started spanking me and then pulled my skirt up. I was wearing white cotton panties so he started rubbing on them making a big wet spot and pulled them down and put his dick in my ass, I felt him spit down and shove it in. Every time he thrusted in me it made me go harder into her cunt and get my face more covered in what seemed to be about 10 loads. I was choking and he was fucking me harder until he jizzed in my ass and another came and put it in sticky dirty hole and fucked me and shot off another load. I got up and pushed it out of my ass and licked it up. I already had so much spunk going down my chin, dripping onto my chest.

Hookers For Hire

Hookers For HireI was in need of cash yet again, man this habit is getting to expensive. So I had put my ad back out and waited it out a little and not soon after I got an answer. I let him know I would be there in about 20 minutes. When I pulled up to the house it looked kind of like something out of a horror movie, I wasn’t going to question it this guy was paying more than my asking by a lot. It felt creepy, the house looked run down and it had boards on some of the windows. I went to go knock but the door was open ajar. I walked in and said “Hello, is anyone there”? This really creepy looking guy greeted me and told me he had the money down in his cellar and he would be right back up. I sat down on this chair and I started rubbing my pussy to get in the mood with this creepy dude. He came down and was naked and came up to me, slapped my face and told me to bend over. I was freaking out inside but I need this, so I did and he shoved it in my ass really hard. As he was fucking me I could tell he had no condom, and my ad said a raincoat. I got up and tried to get away. He wrestled me to the floor and held me down including my head and just kept fucking me until he jizzed in my ass and then he punched me. I was scared, I took the money and ran out of there. I need to find a safer route of this whole hooking thing.

Dirty Cum Eater

Freaky Phone SexI am one of the freakiest sluts you will ever encounter. I love everything that is twisted and morbid, I am not for the faint of heart. One of my many neighbors that I fuck around with called me over by surprise. I went in and he commanded I get down and start eating the cum out his wife’s cunt and there was a lot. She must have had like 4 guys come in her. As I was bent down he started playing with my ass and was smacking it and I was trying to gulp all the come down and it was so good. I love eating sloppy seconds and thirds. Her hubby was fucking my pussy bareback I love the feeling of skin on skin. As he would fuck me it would push me further into her cream filled cunt. He then told me to go kiss her and let her taste all that jizz and as we were kissing he was jacking off on our faces and when he came he told us to lick it off each other’s faces.

Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard SexIt’s that time to pay for my habit again, I need that nose candy. This time I am going to try something different, I am going to dress in my black dress with matching heels and I am going to the local truck stop. I walk around and start knocking on windows of them and one guy opens and tells me to hop in. He asked me how much I tell him 100 dollars. He gets his dick out and I start sucking it and then when it’s really hard I put it inside my cunt and ride him hard. And then go all the way down grinding on his dick. When he feels like he is going to cum I pull him out and let him come all over my pussy. He hands me my money and I go on to the next truck this guy opened his door. Pulled me in and threw to his bed and fucked me hard, and came inside of me but whipped his money at me told me to get the fuck out of his truck. I didn’t care I had what I needed.

Cum In My Dirty Pink Hole

Creampie Slur

love when my neighbor gets away from his wife, we always have so much fun together. Tonight was one of those nights and he came right in and I was naked. He came up to me and started to nurse on my nipples and caress my breasts. I could feel myself starting to drip he knew that was my weakness. I reached down and grabbed his fat cock and he laid me down and started dry humping me, kissing my lips. I was getting so horny I wanted his cock now, he pulled it out and spanked my soaking box. I moaned really loud and put my legs up, he flipped me over so he could spank my fat ass. He opened my ass cheeks and started rubbing in between them and then he popped his head into my dirty pink hole. Grabbed onto my shoulders and started thrusting deep. He was assaulting my ass with his manhood, I kept letting him and he came inside of that dirty hole and then told me to flip over. He still had more so he came to my mouth and hammered the rest into my mouth and I pushed it out of my hole and slurped it out of my hands.

Druggy Phone Sex

Druggy Phone Sex

Everyone knows by now I have a habit that I need to pay for. Nothing in this life is free and I can either hook or fuck for my rock. I think I will fuck, I called up my connection and he is on his way over. I am getting myself ready to be raw, I let him in and he threw me over to the couch and put a line on his dick. I love that sight and feeling, it is indescribable. Before he would let me have anymore he shoved his dick in my mouth to make sure it was all off before putting it in my ass. This man has an ass fetish and I have a nice fat ass for him.I sucking him deep and his balls were on my chin, he started fingering my ass to open it up and told me to bend over and grab my ankles and he started rubbing his cock on my pin starfish and then popped it in that felt amazing being so high. He was fucking me and it was all intensified ,he grabbed me by my hair and called me a fuck pig and using me like he wanted.

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