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Yesterday was my birthday and my squad did what any group of teen party whores would do- they threw me a raging house party! Drugs, alcohol and sex is all I wanted for my birthday, and these bitches delivered! We got so coked out in the living room at my party! At some point, someone gave us ecstasy and I never oppose to X!

         At that point, the party had only just begun! My cunnie dripped wet with every line and bump I snorted. A few of my cheerleader friends and I decided to play a game! We stripped naked and started snorting lines and licking cake frosting off each other!

         It made me so horny and wet! And the guys at the party got so worked up watching my coked-out friends and I be dirty whores with each other. The whole party watched as we snorted coke off of each other’s asses and they cheered when my friends began to lick coke off my clit and tits. The three of us spent the whole night bingeing and fucking and sucking each other’s holes! Best birthday ever!

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Good Girl Gone Bad

Gangbang Whore

I wasn’t always a cum dumpster cheerleader. For a while I was a huge virgin nerd loser. Always in class on time, never kissing boys.. blah, blah, blah. The first time I realized how much I loved cum and coke changed everything for me. There is nothing better in this world than a cunt full of cum and a nose full of blow!

         Being a good girl is no fun! I like being bad! I love being a filthy gangbang whore and I love having the football team run trains on me while I’m passed out from too much molly! Besides, guys don’t like good girls! They like slutty whores like me that will ride their cocks with a used pussy full of cum!

         I’m the dirty whore of every man’s dreams. There is literally nothing I won’t do to get coke and cock. Bad girls do it all! And we’re damn proud of it. Being the school slut is a badge of honor- being bad never felt so good!

Detention Cum Whore

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Spinster and head prude Ms. Kooke caught me sucking off the baseball boys behind the field again. She promptly marched me to detention with Mr. Drake and surprise, surprise, I was the only one in trouble that early in the morning. It’s so lame that I’d get in trouble for something like this.

         Mr. Drake wasn’t surprised by my appearance, he thanked Ms. Kooke and she marched off. “Well, Megan, what did you do this time? The football team?” The baseball team, I remarked. He chuckled to himself and began undoing his belt, “I’m starting to think you come here on purpose.”

         He bent me over his desk and whacked my smooth ass a couple of times with his belt. He called me his little cum whore and asked me if I loved cum. Of course, I love cum. I’m addicted to it! He demanded me to open my legs and he tore my blouse open. My panties were already gone, must’ve left them on the field!

He started shoving his thick cock inside me and began fucking me so hard. He didn’t even bother to close the window so we had a slight crowd gathering to watch my creamy cunt get pumped full of cum. I love an audience!

Squirting Cheerleader Pussy

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My cheer coach is always pushing my body to new lengths. From splits to backtucks and elaborate stretches, he knows how to get my body to the next level- both athletically and sexually. 😉 In fact, when I first started on the squad as a newbie freshman, the only way he could get me to do the splits was if it was on his cock! Ever since then, he’s been teaching me new ways to maximize my cunt’s potential!

         He loves making me try these crazy gymnastics type poses on his cock and each new position makes me orgasm like never before. One time, he had me do a backbend while he fucked my pussy and rosebud! We both came all over the gym mats! Haha! He loves making my cheerleader pussy squirt and he gets excited and horny when I tell him how I practiced everything he taught me with other guys. Do you think you could handle this cheerleader cunnie?

Daddy’s Whore

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My daddy has always been a horny drunk for his daughter. One day I came home from cheer practice and found a little box on my bed. It said, “From Daddy” and inside the box was a sparkly pink ass plug. I put it on and marched into the living room naked with nothing but my ass plug. My daddy was snorting lines off the coffee table when I walked in. He got so hard and horny seeing his whore cheerleader daughter.

         He made me snort lines off his cock and shoved the rest inside my mouth. He throat fucked my cum whore throat then laid me on the living room floor. He poured coke all over my tits and shoved his face all over them snorting it off. Then he poured coke all over my wet teen pussy and shoved his cock deep inside me. He fucked his lil dirty whore daughter until mom came home and caught us.



Job Interview

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I’m never opposed to fucking for cash, but my stupid dad said I need to be a more “productive member of society” and get a “real” job. I decided to put on a tight little outfit and interview for a gas station job. The manager checked out my ass and tits when I walked in and I knew it would be cake. He wasn’t bad looking himself.

         He took me to the backroom to ask some questions and kept staring at my crotch when my skirt slid up my thighs. “I could offer you the cashier position for minimum wage,” he said, I rolled my eyes and chuckled. No way a hottie like me deserves minimum wage. I can make more whoring on the street.

         I uncrossed my legs exposing my bald pussy and said, “How about assistant manager, part time, and uhm 20 bucks an hour,” I said slyly. He stared at my cunt with the bulge in his pants growing, “I could offer you that position if you do something for me.” I told him that I’d love to and began sucking his meaty cock. I wanted him to fuck me raw right there on the dirty backroom floor.

         He pushed me on all fours and shoved his cock deep inside my used pussy! He smacked my perky ass over and over again while he violently fucked me on the grimy floor. I bet all the customers could hear his balls smack my clit as he pumped my cunt harder and harder! I turned around and took a shot of his thick cum and swallowed every drop. I can’t wait to tell Daddy that I got the job!

Club Orgy

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The cheer squad and I get so bored of high school parties and football player cock every weekend. We need some excitement! We need some grown cock and a real party! After getting ahold of some pretty decent fake IDs we headed downtown to hit the hottest clubs.

         We got into this pretty exclusive club by whoring and flirting with the bouncers. Getting men to buy us drinks was pretty easy too, but I wanted to see the VIP area. I decided to flirt with the owner of the club, rubbing his cock through his pants and flashing my teen pussy from under my club dress.

         He walked me up to the VIP and said he’d let me in my friends in if we did something for him. So, we did what any slutty squad would do. We all stripped naked and sucked on the owner’s and his friends’ cocks. Pretty soon the VIP lounge became a hot orgy, with all my friends and I getting our holes stuffed with random cock. Naked, sweaty bodies pulsed to the music and I got my fill of cum!

Slutty Car Wash Cheerleader

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The slutty cheer squad came up with the dumbest idea to raise money. A carwash? Who the fuck cares about a carwash? I sure as hell don’t, but I guess if I must. I decided that if we had to make money the lame way we might as well lure some happy customers! I told the squad put on our tightest little uniforms… but made sure to leave all bloomers and panties at home!

         Sure enough, that lured some dirty horny men with dirty cars. Seeing us bend over and flash some cunt and ass made them all pull up to take a peek. We even put on a little show; spraying each other with the hoses, rubbing up on the cars and exposing our teen cheerleading pussies! We nearly caused 2 traffic accidents! Haha!

 We made decent cash alright, but I guess you could say I’m a greedy little bitch. Frolicking teen pussies pulls in some bills, but what we needed were stacks! And I had just the right idea. I guess you could also say I’m an entrepreneurial whore!

Instead of letting guys pay for a wash a show, why don’t we charge extra for a wash and a hoe? After all, my dumb slut squad gives pussy away for free. Might as well bank off of those whores. For a couple hundred extra, each of us washed down the car, stripped down to nothing, and rubbed our perky tits on the windows and windshield. Then we would just pop into the car for a fuck!

Being head cheerleader also meant I was the bottom bitch of our little business. I for one, am a whore for cocks and cum. So, I charged extra for a ticket to my very own gangbang. We made 1k just off that. Thick cocks pounded my pussy, ass and mouth in the campus parking lot. I had multiple cocks thrusting cum deep inside me and I loved every second! It was such a nice perk in addition to meeting our fundraiser goal (and also put aside for shoes and coke! Lol)

Cam Whore Cheerleader

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I love whoring myself however I can! My favorite thing to do at the moment is whoring myself to a live audience for quick cash. My viewers are so creative and always send me tons of money to fuck myself in my bedroom and other places around the house.

       I love when my viewers send random guys to join in on my streams! I love having guests fuck my holes for everyone to watch! The comments just pour in when my ass is getting pounded! Lately, my cheer team has heard about my side hustle and some of them come to join in. I have a lot of toys to plug in their little cheerleader cunnies and rosebuds! And sometimes the guys that come over love sharing us while we lick and suck each other’s perky teen tits! The more “guests” I have on my stream and inside of me, the more money I generate for my little coke habit! Wouldn’t you just love to watch the orgy in my bedroom?

Cheerleader Coke Whore

Gangbang whore

Being a slutty cheerleader is a fun daytime activity. But my favorite nighttime job is whoring out my teen pussy for coke. As soon as class ends, the cheer uniform comes off and my teen hooker outfits come on! I go home to check my Backpage and set up clients. By this time, I’m jonesing bad for coke! But how else would a young teen whore like me afford that?

I got a yummy cunnie and asshole and I charge a pretty penny for a chance to lick, suck and fuck them. I’m not super selective with johns. As long as they have money or an 8 ball, I’ll fuck whoever. I always meet them at the same motel and we party for a bit, snorting coke and drinking.

Most guys love when I snort lines off their cocks and they all love snorting lines off of my naked hot body! It’s even better when they shove a huge bump of blow inside my rosebud asshole. It numbs me up real good while they savagely fuck my holes. As long as I get my yayo and money, you can do whatever the fuck you want to me!

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