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Cheerleader Coke Whore

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Being a slutty cheerleader is a fun daytime activity. But my favorite nighttime job is whoring out my teen pussy for coke. As soon as class ends, the cheer uniform comes off and my teen hooker outfits come on! I go home to check my Backpage and set up clients. By this time, I’m jonesing bad for coke! But how else would a young teen whore like me afford that?

I got a yummy cunnie and asshole and I charge a pretty penny for a chance to lick, suck and fuck them. I’m not super selective with johns. As long as they have money or an 8 ball, I’ll fuck whoever. I always meet them at the same motel and we party for a bit, snorting coke and drinking.

Most guys love when I snort lines off their cocks and they all love snorting lines off of my naked hot body! It’s even better when they shove a huge bump of blow inside my rosebud asshole. It numbs me up real good while they savagely fuck my holes. As long as I get my yayo and money, you can do whatever the fuck you want to me!

Cheerleader Cum Whore

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Being the slutty head cheerleader has so many perks! I get to do whatever I want and whoever I want. As long as I get my cunt filled with cum, I will do whatever I want to get it. I know all the boys and teachers stare at my ass and tits in my short, tight uniform. I get a thrill just bending over in class and flashing everyone my fuck holes. In the hallways everyone practically fucking drools all over the damn floor when I walk by.

I was feeling especially horny this afternoon, so I decided to ditch boring science class and find a nice thick cock to get me off. That’s when I spotted you by the water fountain. Your bulge caught my eye and I made a bee line towards you. I asked what you were doing flashing you my flirtiest smile and you told me you were headed back to class. But not just yet, I needed you to do me a huge favor.

I bent over and flashed you my perky, big ass and asked if you could slide down my bloomers. I wanted you to lick and suck on my juicy cheerleader pussy right there in the hallway! I was so horny! You whipped out your rock-hard cock and I dropped to my knees and began deepthroating your fat cock! My pussy dripped so much, I leaned up against the lockers and let you ram your thick cock inside my tight slit.

You fucked me so hard and good. I love having you stretch out my holes in the middle of class! You filled my needs and I was lucky to be you cum whore. You made sure to fill up all my holes with a shot of cum. I love your cum so much. I plunged it out of my fucking cunnie with my fingers and licked it all up! Maybe I’ll meet you again same time, same place tomorrow. 😉

Horny Slut

Live phone sex

I’m such a horny slut right now. I can’t wait for your call. I’m so horny and sexually frustrated! I know some hot dirty phone sex will get my gaping cunt extra wet. Even my vibrator needs to be turned up double time to get my pussy to drip. Don’t you want to hear me fuck myself with it tonight? All I need is your sexy fucking voice to guide me into cumming all over my fucking floor.

I want you to treat me like the nasty bitch I am and tell me where to shove my toys and how I should fuck myself for you. I got plenty just waiting for you to instruct this little whore cheerleader how. My pussy is so wet and I’m ready for it to drip all over the big black dildos I have. How many toys do you want me to stick inside of me, babe? How many do you think I can fit? I just want to get my filthy cunt and rosebud stretched out for your cock!

Exhibitionist Bitch

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My cunt has been begging for a great orgasm lately and no matter how many dildos or vibrators I go through, I can’t see to get that fucking sweet O! I want my damn legs to shake and I want my pussy to overflow with squirt juice all over my fucking couch. But, I can’t seem to get it there yet. None of my usual johns have been hitting up my line lately so I’ll have to resort to other ways of finessing a dirty orgasm.

       I know about this chill park where all the bangers and coke heads usually hang, and I know of a few black dudes that frequent to play ball and score. I wonder if any would be up to score with me, so I laid on the bench and began finger fucking my creamy wet cunt furiously. I got so hot any horny I slowly began stripping off the tiny clothes I had on. It didn’t take long before a beefy hot black dude spotted me. He rubbed on his bulge and I waved him over. In less than 2 seconds, he had his massive black cock balls deep inside my wet pussy. His boys wanted to join in and I suddenly had 3 big black cocks fucking all my holes. I don’t think I ever squirted so fucking much in my life! It was fucking great. I left that park with pussy juice dripping down my legs and cum in every hole.


Piss Trained Cum Slut

No taboo phone sex

My cheerleading coach not only teaches me how to show off for the basketball boys, but he always taught me how to be a good lil piss and cum slut. The first time he seduced me, he had me come into his office and smoke meth with him to loosen me up. He began showing me hardcore piss porn on his laptop where the girls took massive cocks in their asses and pissed in their faces. He pushed me down on my knees and made me suck his cock until he pissed in my mouth. He told me to drink and lick up his piss until my little belly was full. Then he fucked my my pussy until I couldn’t hold it in anymore. He made me crouch on the floor and piss out his cum and lick it up off the office floor.

Tied Up Cock Whore

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I was jonesing so bad last night, I decided to steal some blow from a rival pimp. He had it laying out on the table when I went to visit one of my hoe friends. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed the whole 8 ball and tried to run out. But I wasn’t quick enough. Her pimp Jahseh caught me by the hair and dragged me back in. “You’re gonna pay for that bitch!” He had his homeboys rip my clothes off tie me up. I told him to let me fucking go and I’ll get the money for it, but he had a better idea. Someone gagged me with a towel and I was bent over on a couch with my naked ass and cunt on display. Immediately I was met with hard whips to my bare ass. This fucker was whipping me with a damn whip. My ass blistered and turned red but it felt good at the same time and he knew this. He thrashed my pussy leaving it red and throbbing and then had his boys shove their big black cocks into my ass. I was taking these two huge black cocks bareback without any lube. Tears stung my eyes but my pussy just grew wetter and wetter as my rosebud asshole stretched around these two cocks. The pimp then began slapping my face and pulled my hair as I was savagely fucked. I couldn’t take the euphoric agony and my pussy just started squirting all over the guys and the floor. They laughed as my ass gaped and oozed out creamy cum tinged with blood. “That’s what a skank like you gets for trying to jack my shit,” he cackled, “Maybe I’ll keep you around to be my little tied up cock whore, bitch.”

Coke and Cock Whore

No taboo phone sex

I got asked recently about how I came to be the cum guzzling coke whore you all came to love and fuck. It’s not a very long story, but it certainly is a very hot one. You see, I was always such an innocent, sweet cheerleader- don’t get me wrong, I was still a little slut but not like I am now. I used to mess around with the football players, but it wasn’t enough. Something was missing and I craved more than just fooling around in the locker room. It wasn’t until I went to my first party with older college kids that I realized what my cunt needed. One line and 3 cocks were all it took. I realized that I was addicted to coke and cock after that. I wanted it all the time, the first time I ever fucked for coke was when I stumbled into an alley one day. I was told that was where this one dealer slung his stuff. I took off my panties and showed him my sweet cheerleader teen pussy and said, “For two extra lines, I’ll let you go bareback.” It was a good deal as he scraped my knees on the concrete while he fucked my pussy raw and I got to do lines off this thick cock.

Free Used Pussy

No taboo phone sex

I was feeling horny as fuck last weekend so I decided to post a little advertisement on twitter. I posted a picture of my used, desperate cunt and offered it up to anyone that could meet me at my hotel room in 30 minutes. Needless to say, I got a lot more than I bargained for. But the more the merrier right? Men of all shapes and colors decided to show up for a chance to tear up my holes. My pussy dripped in anticipation as they all began to ravage my cunt and rosebud asshole. I had multiple cocks inside my mouth, pussy and ass. I squirted all over the floor as 20 to 25 men all took turns using and abusing my fuckholes. I was slapped and passed around like a fuckdoll and I enjoyed every second. My pussy throbbed with pain and pleasure from being stretched and fucked so feverishly. I oozed milky white cum from every hole and I made sure to suck and lick it up from the filthy motel room floor like the cumguzzling gutter whore I am. I happily let every man finish off by dowsing me in their warm piss. Needless to say, this used cock slut got her fill that night!

Party Train

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My pussy was dripping wet as I stumbled haphazardly around the house party. Every inch of the house was covered in alcohol and lines of coke stretched over the coffee table. Red cups were laying strewn across the floor while I desperately looked for a bed to lay my loopy head in. I took more swigs of my beer- the alcohol and X was kicking in and I felt fucking great. I tossed myself on a bed finally and felt myself slightly go to sleep. It was like a trippy ass dream state. I was still awake. Suddenly I felt a body lay on top of me, pulling off the small amount of clothes I had on and fingering my wet pussy. Then I felt more hands and more cocks. One by one, strange men came in to fuck my drowsy wet pussy. I had multiple cocks inside me while other hands helped prop up my ass. I felt orgasms on a next level swirl through my body as my rosebud asshole and stretched cunt were fucked wildly. I moaned drunkenly and could see a line out the door of horny men waiting to take a turn at a nasty little party whore bitch like me. My pussy pounded in fucking sheer anticipation.

Piss Whore

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a dirty little whore. One of my favorite things to do is be a naughty slut and piss all over the floor. Even better is when I’m told to lick it all back up! The feeling and buildup of a good long piss feels so nice. I love the feeling of it dripping and trickling down my legs, down to my little feet and pooling on the floor around me. Sometimes in public, I’ll rub myself and wet through my panties just to watch the look on people’s faces. I love when they realize how much of a filthy little bitch I am. Even better when I’m fucking a random dude and he tells me to piss all over his cock and balls while I’m riding him hard. It makes his hard-slippery cock slip and slide deep inside my pussy. It makes my cunt tremble just thinking about it. Dirty, filthy sex is my favorite.

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