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Want some cheap phone sex? Call Megan.

Cheap phone sex

Do you like looking at my pictures and stroking your big fat cock? Mhm, well you should call me and hear my sexy voice telling you all the dirty things I would do to you. I am a very dirty girl and can get very kinky, wouldn’t you want me to spit on that cock and jerk you  right onto my pretty little face as I was telling you what a fucking slut I was? I know I can be intense but if that is not what you like I can be a little softer. I can tell you I am your dirty girl that wants that cum load all over my face. I love getting on my knees and letting you titty fuck my perky little tits and then deep throating your cock as far down my throat I can. Mhm, let me be your dirty little cum dumpster tonight, please.

Cheap phone sex with Megan

Cheap phone sexOne of my favorite things to do is take the panties I was wearing all day that have all my cream just piled in there and ball them up and put them in my  mouth and taste my sweet little pussy. I am a very dirty girl, but do you like dirty panties? You should call me and make me stuff my panties deep in my cunt and it soaks up all the cum and wetness and then I would wanna stuff them in my mouth and make me say I am a dirty slut for daddy. I just wanna please you in every way and I will be a dirty little cum dumpster whore. You can use me anyway you want, is that what you want?

Wanna be my human toilet for the night?

Live phone sex

Does it turn you on to hear a girl sit on the toilet and take a hard long piss? I would love to take you and lay you down and use you as a human toilet, I would sit down right on your face and push out that piss right in your mouth and I would make you lick my cunt clean. If I want I will piss and shit in something all day when I am out fucking guys for money and come back and dump it all over your face and body. Will you be a good boy? Well honestly you have no say so because I will use you however you want. I will dig out my own shit and stuff it up your asshole and make you eat it out. Are you ready for that baby?

Cheap phone sex with a little sugar baby

Cheap phone sexMy sugar daddy uses me like a little fucking slut whenever he chooses to. When I see his number pop up I immediately get so fucking wet and my cunt starts throbbing. He has a big black  cock and he usually shares me with his friends and my cunt is always stretched out after they are done with me. I also get every drug I would ever want, I get so fucking high baby. I just lay there and let them fuck me over and over again. I even like when they put some coke on my little cunt and snort it off. Mhm, that makes my fucking cunt so wet and and I even like when my asshole gets fucked really hard. If you want me to be your little slut then you should text me.

Toilet sex with a human toilet

Toilet sexI love being a nasty toilet slut who loves getting pissed and shit on. I want you to use me as your human toilet, and I mean you can do  anything you want to me. I love opening my pussy right up and letting you squat right over my pussy hole and squeezing down until I have a pussy full of nice warm thick shit. I love feeling it swirl right into my cunt, and you can’t forget about piss. I need a cunt full of piss too! Then I want you to fuck my cunt with all that shit and piss in it! Fuck me as hard as you can then I want to suck that big shaft and balls until all the shit, piss, and cum is all cleaned up.

Live phone sex with megan

Live phone sex Being a nasty whore isn’t the only thing I am good at. I am good at snorting lines off of a big hard cock and then I will want to deep throat that cock and make sure to clean you up good. Have you ever wanted a drugged out whore just laying on the bed and you can do anything you want to her? I am the perfect girl for you then baby. My pussy is nice and tight and waiting for your big fucking cock, and believe me I you won’t be disappointed in my pussy baby. You can fill my little pussy up with your white cream baby and I want to scoop it out with my finger and suck it all off.

No taboo phone sex with megan

No taboo phone sexLook at me, I don’t look like I can be a nasty fucking whore but I am. I love doing all my coke and staying up all night talking to you perverts and doing whatever you want me to. I will literally do anything you want on the phone baby, I will fulfill your nasty desires. I want to get so fucking high and fuck my gaped open fucking cunt with a big black 12 inch dildo. I will put the phone down by my cunt so you can hear how fucking wet I am, and I will take all my pussy juice and shove it down my throat. I want to taste my sweet little cunt, and I will even shove it in my little fucking asshole. I will fuck every hole on my body baby.

No taboo phone sex with megan

No taboo phone sex I got this big fat blue vibrator and I can’t stop making myself cream over and over again with it. I love fucking myself with it while I take my calls and believe me you can hear how fucking wet I am. I love putting the phone by my pussy and letting you hear how fucking wet and sloppy I am. Wouldn’t that turn you on baby? I will do whatever nasty thing you want me to do, I am just here to please you. I want to be a nasty fucking whore that pleases you over and over again. Don’t you want someone that will do anything over the phone you want. You want me to gag myself with my soaked panties I will do it for you baby.

Cheap phone sex with your new human toilet

Cheap phone sex

Do you want to have some cheap phone sex with a nasty little slut? Then I am your girl baby. I want you to use me as your nasty toilet whore and I want you to use me as your human toilet. I love feeling your shit plop right into my mouth, and feeling how warm and thick it is gong down my throat. I want you to squat over my face and push a big shit load right in my mouth as you jerk off your cock, mhm that makes my pussy so wet just thinking about it. I can even shit on your cock as you fuck me in my tight little asshole. You can take your shit covered cock and shove it in my mouth and I will lick your cock clean. Does that sound good baby?

Live phone sex with megan

Live phoen sex Yesterday while I was the corner a guy pulled up and asked, “Can you do something really dirty for me”? Me being the nasty fucking whore I am I had no problem doing whatever he wanted. I got in the car and he pulled to a alley way and pulled his pants down and told me to go lay down on the road and lay my face by the door. I did as I was told and next thing I knew I was getting a mouth full of hot stinky shit. I was suprised but I love being someones human toilet so I ate every last drop until it was all gone. I love being shit and pissed on so if you are into that then I am the girl for you baby.

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