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Unfortunately, I’ve been so so behind in all of my bills. A coked up cheer whore like me prefers to spend my money on coke and parties! Why would I spend my money on something stupid like bills! Well, I guess it bit me in the ass because I got a notice that my cell phone was going to be shut off. How else am I supposed to call up my coke dealer? Being a resourceful hoe like always, I decided to make some quick cash for the cell phone bill! I posted up a hot ad on BackPage and got so many hits. Now I was months behind on my bill so one or two johns wasn’t gonna cut it. I invited everyone that responded to my ad and had them all fuck me at once. All they had to do was pay at the door and they had absolute free use of my raw wet holes. Phone bill was paid in full and I even had extra for some good coke!

Bukkake Whore

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The other day I was asked if there was anything that I loved more than coke or hardcore anal gangbangs. It was such a tricky tricky question! Of course, I love snorting thick fat lines until my nose and throat go numb. And I obviously love taking numerous thick cocks one after one pumping my gaping cum filled asshole! Especially those too things combined! I get wet just thinking about it. But I thought long and hard. And the answer is that I love bukkake more than both coke and savage anal gangbangs. There’s nothing hotter than getting multiple shots of creamy thick cum all over your face after being savagely and brutally fucked by the biggest cocks! It’s quite the cherry on top and it makes me so fucking wet, I practically fill my panties! I love the feeling of hot gooey cum dripping down my pretty face and into my hungry whore mouth. After all, I’m well known as the cum dumpster cokehead cheerleader in my school!

Coked Up Cheerleader Gram

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Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to get business! My cheer squad and I decided to bring in a little extra coke cash by selling our tight holes. We all were coked up and ready to fuck for some cold hard cash. Setting up a hot Backpage Ad was easy as fuck and soon we had tons of customers calling in to request our services. The girls and I were called to a huge corporate office in our sluttiest uniforms. We were escorted into a giant conference room with a lot of horny business men eagerly waiting for our teen coked up pussy. The whole conference table had lines of coke and booze waiting for us and we got to business! We snorted coke off of all their cocks and rode them like the teen sluts we are. It was a hot coke fueled orgy! I was so fucked up, I ate my friend’s pussy while two of the clients double penetrated my used holes. We left with a sizeable coke stash and holes pumped full of cum!

TSA Gangbang

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My dealer Marco sent me on a very important task. If I wanted him to continue giving me free baggies, he needed me to smuggle some coke and various other fun drugs onto a plane headed to Florida! Desperate for my freebies, I happily stuffed multiple baggies inside my cunt and ass. I patiently wait to get through TSA and right when I was in the clear, this agent pulled me aside and told me I was pulled to be strip searched! I began to panic as he pulled me into a room. I begged for him to let me go, but he told me to take my fucking clothes off. Sure enough, he found the baggies stuffed inside me. He tore into one of the bags and took a big snort. I was so scared! But then he said, “Look, if you want to leave scot free with your drugs, you’re going to have to do something for me.” I nodded and told him I’d do anything.

He smirked and pulled his cock out and instructed me to get on my knees and suck his cock like a good druggy whore. I happily obliged and went to town on him, deepthroating that cock as best as I could. He then laid across his desk and I climbed right on top and slid my wet drugged up coke whore pussy down on his cock and rode him like a fucking coked up cowgirl. His cock was balls deep inside my gaping cunt and he made me beg to be let go! He then called in the other agents and had me suck and fuck every single one! They filled my holes with their cocks so nice and tight. Needless to say, I got to Florida with a pussy full of Marco’s drugs and TSA cum! 

Turnt Up Slut

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Wild whores like me love to fucking party in the craziest ways we possibly can! My friend on the cheer squad told me about a super-fast way to get real fucked up and wild. Of course a wild bitch like me wanted to know immediately! She lead me into the locker room after practice and showed me her stash of vodka soaked tampons! She helped put one inside of me and after a quick outfit change, we headed straight to the club! By the time we got there I was so fucked up already and stumbling around! A fucked up young whore like me wanted to find a nice hard cock or a few to fuck hard. I was grinding on a couple of hot strangers on the dancefloor and before I knew it, they had my skirt pulled up and they shoved their stiff cocks inside me! We fucked all hot and sweaty and drunk as fuck right there on the dancefloor with numerous strangers taking turns with my used cum and vodka filled cunt!

Double Anal Crack Whore

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Plain old coke just isn’t doing it for me anymore! My best friend who is a hot young escort says that it’s all about crack now! And she was fucking right, nothing hits me as good and hard as smoking crack. At this point, I’m straight up addicted and willing to fuck however many cocks it takes to get a score of that shit. The other day I was offered a good two-for-two deal! Two rocks if I can take two rock hard cocks in my dirty rosebud ass. It was such a good deal, I could’t pass it up.

I followed the two random dealers into their dingy apartment where they stripped me naked and had me suck their big cocks to get them nice and wet for my ass. I slurped on their precum and jerked their hard cocks into my mouth. I really work for that good shit when I’m jonesing. Once their cocks were nice and juicy, I was face down ass up ready for their thick cocks. They both slid inside my rosebud ass gaping me open and pumping me full of cum.

Anal Creampie

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Being such a thirsty cum whore makes me go to great lengths to get my holes filled to the brim with cum. My tight teen whore rosebud has been craving a big shot of creamy white cum mixed with coke! And how does a young coke whore like me find cock and coke? Well at the club, silly! I have my ways in. The bouncers know exactly who I am and having young whores willing to fuck anyone and anything attracts a lot of business apparently.

         I zeroed in on my target when I walked into the booming club. I could see the 8-ball of coke practically hanging out of his pocket and I could see that huge cock dangling between his legs. I invited him to the VIP longue and he instantly got to business. He pushed a whole bump of coke into my ass with his thumb and began rage fucking me to the beat of the club music. My rosebud pulsed and pushed out of me forming a perfect red pout and he fucked me harder, pumping me full of his creamy cum.

Horny Teen Slut

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Lately I’ve been driven crazy by lust! I’m so goddamned horny all the fucking time. My addiction to hard cock, coke and gangbangs is at all-time high. I want it so bad! No, scratch that, I need it! Playing with my wet, pink clitty and cunt only works to a certain point. I need a big thick black cock and lots of it. I need to feel a thick anaconda cock fill up my tight teen holes! So here I am, advertising myself as an extremely horny teen slut. I’m all yours (and your friends) for the night so long as you pump me full of coke and cum!

         I’m a coked-up teen whore and I’d love to have you and your hot black friends come coke me up and fuck me until my holes are throbbing and gaping! My cunt needs a good stretching and a hard fucking! I want you to bring as many guys as you can, baby! I’m fucking hot, ready and horny as fuck! Don’t keep me waiting.


Piss Whore

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Being a nasty filthy cheerleading coke whore is my life’s aspiration. I am such a nasty perverted skank when I’m high and I love taboo fucking. The other night, I was invited to a crazy party- lots of sex, drugs and EDM. When I got there, every one in the house was fucked up, half naked and grinding on each other. It was like a massive drug fueled orgy and I loved it! I couldn’t wait to get fucked up.

         I easily found a coffee table full of needles, coke and pills. I popped a magic pink pill and chased it with a shot of vodka. The cherry on top was snorting a big fat fucking line of coke! I felt good! My pussy throbbed and felt so fucking wet, I just knew I had to fuck someone! I grabbed the nearest guy and dragged him to the couch where another three some was happening. One of the hot bitches licked my pussy to lube me up and I was ready for takeoff! This random stranger shoved his cock deep inside me and told me to piss on his cock.

He wanted to feel mine and my girl friend’s warm piss drench his cock and I gladly did! It felt so good squirting it all over his rock hard cock! The other guys around the room then pulled out their cocks and had me open my mouth for them to piss all over my hot body and whore mouth! The guy I was fucking then shoved himself right back inside me and shot his hot cum deep inside my wet fucking cunt!

Dirty Teen Fuck Slut

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There’s so much I am willing to do for a good score of drugs. Literally nothing is too taboo or too much for me to handle! A good cock whore like me is willing to do anything depraved and filthy to get a score! I met a john after cheer practice and hopped into his car. He had me snorting lines off the dashboard on the way to his place, he wanted to pay me in coke to do some nasty shit for him.

         When we got there, he ripped off my clothes and whipped out the craziest fuck machine with the thickest dildo I have ever seen! He wanted me to get my ass destroyed and fucked as hard as I could for him. As I arched my back, the fuck machine thrusted deep inside my ass, stretching and gaping me open. I moaned and screamed in pleasure, it fucked me so hard and my rosebud gaped wide open, he had me bend over while he pissed and came inside my gaping asshole! I left with an ass full of piss and cum and a nose full of coke! Yay!

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