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I love being a human toilet

Cheap phone sexI got hired for some old guys cricket party last night, and my first thought was what the fuck is cricket? I only do four legged friends so I don’t know what the fuck this guy wants, but of course I did it anyway. He told me to dress very girly and make sure that I look for young. So when I got there I realized cricket was a sport and that I was going to have to fuck about 10 old guys tonight, but I need there money so I can hit up my dealer. One thing lead to another and next thing I new I was on the grass naked and touching my cunt for all these old perverts.

Then to my suprise they whipped out there cocks and started pissing on my like I am there human toilet, but honestly I don’t mind being a human toilet. I got on my knees and opened my mouth and enjoyed some warm piss filling my mouth and dripping down my titties. I even got lucky enough to have some from there other end that night too. Damn I am nasty!

Four legged friend fun

Dirty phone sexI had a fucking crazy day today, and my pussy is so sore. I went to my dealers house and he had a surprise for me if I wanted more coke. He called out his four legged friend into the room and smiled at me, and at that point I knew I was about to get me some red rocket. I got on my knees and had the four legged friend started humping my face shoving that hard wet cock down my throat. Then he told me to turn around and let his best friend hump me until he shoots his big slippery load in my cunt. I just was on my knees letting him hump me faster and faster, and I love feeling those big balls slap my cunt.

Get my cream filled pantes

Cheap phone sexI love selling my dirty panties, and especially when I get all creamy and wet through out the day. I even stuff them in my fucking pussy to get them all nice and soaking wet. The last pair I sold was he called me and wrapped them around his fucking cock and stroked it as he told me how fucking good it feels. It turns me on so much knowing your sniffing and licking my used cream filled panties, and before I send them I usually cum at least 3 times in them. If you like dirty panties I am the perfect girl for you baby and I promise you won’t disappoint. All you have to do is call me and we can set it up, and it will come discreetly packaged.

Dirty Lot Lizard

Cheap phone sex I am a nasty fucking slut who loves working all the truck stops in my area. I just like getting fucked for money. That is my favorite thing, and I usually get to get super fucking high before I go so I can fuck for hours. I would say I am the prettiest little lot lizard you will see. I am young and my pussy is nice and shaved and tight. I do everything too, I like for all my holes to be used. Being a cum slut who takes your money is the only thing I am actually good at, and I have always been a nasty fucking bitch and I wanna get nasty tonight! So you should call me and let me get nastier then you can imagine baby.

Piss drinking whore

Cheap phone sexI need some drugs! I would literally do anything you want for some fucking blow and even some crack at this point, I just wanna get so fucking stoned I could lay there and get fucked for hours. My dealer last time made me get in the shower and him and his friends pissed all over me and all into my mouth as they laughed at how pathetic I am. I drink so much piss I was throwing up all over and of course they made me eat it as they took turns stretching out my cunt and filling my holes with as much cum as they could shoot. I just was happy to get some drugs that I could get so fucking high and go trick myself out for some more cash.

Please give me your cock

Cheap phone sexMy pretty pink tight pussy has been throbbing all week for some fucking cock. I haven’t been able to get some cock this week and I am dying need of it. Could you be the one to give it to me? I have this big 10 inch dildo I have been fucking all my holes with but it isn’t the same as real cock. I think I am going to work the lot later tonight, maybe I can find 3 cocks to fill my holes and get paid at the same time. I can’t help being a little fucking lot lizard slut, and my pussy is just dripping cream when I am not filled with fat cock. Please come fuck me, I need you to release those big balls in my fucking cunt. Can you do that or me?

Party Slut

Dirty phone sexI meet a new sugar daddy this weekend at a college party I went to. He is a older man that works at my college and he was one of my old professors. He kept staring at my short skirt and my low cut little shirt, and I knew he just wanted this little pussy. I went up to him and grabbed his cock through his pants and told him if he wanted this pussy he had to pay. He instantly grabbed his wallet and pulled out a stack, so right in the middle of the party I started sucking his cock like the little fucking slut I am. I ended up having a line of guys holding money wanted my pretty little mouth around there hard cocks. I can’t remember how many cocks I sucked that night but I think I found me a new sugar daddy on campus.

Cum guzzling slut

Dirty phone sexMy pussy needs some fucking cock. Do you have a hung meat stick for me? If you do I wanna ride your cock all night long baby. I promise I will make you empty those big balls at least 3 times, and you can shoot them right in my fuck hole. If you wan a nasty cum guzzling slut then I am your girl, I will do anything to get some fucking cum. I am your local cum dumpster! I want to feel your cock pulsing in my tight little rosebud asshole and I reach under myself and finger my pussy at the same time. Do you have friends? Bring them over to run a train on me, I want to do anything to please you.

I am a nasty fucking bitch

Cheap phone sexDon’t you just love a tight little fuck hole? Well I have three and I want each and ever one of them to be filled with your cock. I love when guys call and ask what I am into, I always say everything because I am into toilet play, four legged friend play, and being a submissive little whore. I am just one nasty fucking bitch! What do you think about that? I am not sure if you can handle how nasty I can be. You can use my cunt as your fucking toilet all day long and I will just spread it open for you. You can even make me use my tongue as toilet paper for your asshole. If you like nasty bitches then you won’t regret calling me.

My Sore Cunt

Cheap phone sexI had to fuck my dealer twice in one day this week, my little pink pussy was so fucking sore.. I Have been getting high every waking minute this week and I just ran out of my stuff. So I called my dealer over and he automatically pulled his cock out, and my pussy was throbbing for it. When he bent me over and rubbed his cock on my pussy it hurt to the touch but I need those drugs so I just pushed through it. He shoved that 11 inch cock in my tight sore little cunt, I could feel my walls gripping as he shoved it deeper and deeper. Since I was bent over I took a couple lines of coke to make the pain go away. Finally he busted his nut in my cunt and I was fucking high.

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