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Anal sex whore Megan

Anal sex whoreAnal sex whore, is that what you like baby? I love when my asshole is gaped open and and I have multiple cocks going in and out of my ass. If feels so good when I get high and let big cocks ram into my pussy as I am falling asleep because I am so high. Usually what happens if I nod out like that the guy slaps me and tells me to wake the fuck up, you stupid druggy slut. When I hear that my pussy starts pulsing and tightening around your fucking cock. You can feel your warm hot load just shoot right into my cunt and I love to push it out and make sure I clean it up for you daddy.

BBC’s and Scat queen

BBC phone sexBBC phone sex is one of my favorite things to talk about baby. I love to mix BBC’S and scat, if you are into both of those things then I am the nasty fucking slut for you baby. So let me tell you a nasty story that happened to me a couple nights ago, I was meeting up with about 3 big black guys that I usually just fuck. They came in and they told me they had something special they wanted me to do for them, and of course me being a whore I said yes. They wanted me to sit ontop of there face and push big loads of shit into there mouth and then turn around and shove it into there mouth and all over there face. They even wanted me to take some shit and jerk there cocks off until they cum.

Creamy little slut for you

Live phone sexLook at my pretty pink shaved tight cunt, wouldn’t you like to feel that on your hard cock? I would love to be a dirty little slut for you tonight, and we could start by me stripping off the little of clothes I have on. Then I would take your big fat cock out and I would start spitting on it to make it sloppy. I love giving sloppy blow jobs, then I would start rubbing my cunt for you to make it nice and wet. I would want you to pick up my little body and start ramming that meat stick right inside of my tight pussy hole. That way you can grab my ass and push as hard as you can in me to make me cream all over your cock.

Scat queen megan

Cheap phone sex

I love to have a messy dirty time, can’t you tell? One of my nastier habits is making a thick brown mess on your cock and balls. I want to lay down and I want to crouch about your mouth and start pushing until I feel a big thick shit just pop out of my ass right into your mouth. I would love for you to bend over and let me stick my tongue in your ass and let you fill my mouth with scat. Mhm, I just love feeling it getting shoved in my fucking cunt with your shit covered cock. I am basically the scat queen I love just the feel of it going up into my cervix. Mhm, do you think you can treat me like the little nasty slut I am?

Shit fest for Christmas

cheap phone sex

I really needed my fix on Christmas so I decided to take my shaved cunt and sell it to all the old pervs down at the porta potties in the front of my trailer park. When I got up there I seen a line of guys waiting to take shits and I started asking if they wanted some young cunt before they go back to there nasty wives. A couple of them had something different in mind but I didn’t care as long as I got money for my coke later. They shoved me in a porta potty and started spraying my tight little body and my face with there shit and I just took my hands and starting using there shit to rub my cunt. That warm scat just covered me until you couldn’t see my white skin anymore. They where down and I walked back through the trailer park covered in shit, but I had my coke so it was total worth the shit fest.

Want some cheap phone sex? Call Megan.

Cheap phone sex

Do you like looking at my pictures and stroking your big fat cock? Mhm, well you should call me and hear my sexy voice telling you all the dirty things I would do to you. I am a very dirty girl and can get very kinky, wouldn’t you want me to spit on that cock and jerk you  right onto my pretty little face as I was telling you what a fucking slut I was? I know I can be intense but if that is not what you like I can be a little softer. I can tell you I am your dirty girl that wants that cum load all over my face. I love getting on my knees and letting you titty fuck my perky little tits and then deep throating your cock as far down my throat I can. Mhm, let me be your dirty little cum dumpster tonight, please.

Cheap phone sex with Megan

Cheap phone sexOne of my favorite things to do is take the panties I was wearing all day that have all my cream just piled in there and ball them up and put them in my  mouth and taste my sweet little pussy. I am a very dirty girl, but do you like dirty panties? You should call me and make me stuff my panties deep in my cunt and it soaks up all the cum and wetness and then I would wanna stuff them in my mouth and make me say I am a dirty slut for daddy. I just wanna please you in every way and I will be a dirty little cum dumpster whore. You can use me anyway you want, is that what you want?

Wanna be my human toilet for the night?

Live phone sex

Does it turn you on to hear a girl sit on the toilet and take a hard long piss? I would love to take you and lay you down and use you as a human toilet, I would sit down right on your face and push out that piss right in your mouth and I would make you lick my cunt clean. If I want I will piss and shit in something all day when I am out fucking guys for money and come back and dump it all over your face and body. Will you be a good boy? Well honestly you have no say so because I will use you however you want. I will dig out my own shit and stuff it up your asshole and make you eat it out. Are you ready for that baby?

Cheap phone sex with a little sugar baby

Cheap phone sexMy sugar daddy uses me like a little fucking slut whenever he chooses to. When I see his number pop up I immediately get so fucking wet and my cunt starts throbbing. He has a big black  cock and he usually shares me with his friends and my cunt is always stretched out after they are done with me. I also get every drug I would ever want, I get so fucking high baby. I just lay there and let them fuck me over and over again. I even like when they put some coke on my little cunt and snort it off. Mhm, that makes my fucking cunt so wet and and I even like when my asshole gets fucked really hard. If you want me to be your little slut then you should text me.

Toilet sex with a human toilet

Toilet sexI love being a nasty toilet slut who loves getting pissed and shit on. I want you to use me as your human toilet, and I mean you can do  anything you want to me. I love opening my pussy right up and letting you squat right over my pussy hole and squeezing down until I have a pussy full of nice warm thick shit. I love feeling it swirl right into my cunt, and you can’t forget about piss. I need a cunt full of piss too! Then I want you to fuck my cunt with all that shit and piss in it! Fuck me as hard as you can then I want to suck that big shaft and balls until all the shit, piss, and cum is all cleaned up.

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