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You know that I am nasty.  I have no limits to what I will do or try.  When one of my friends called me and asked me if I could do a job with them I was up for it.  You have to understand that my friend’s job is whoring herself out at truck stops.  I have done it a few times too, so I was all for it.  We went to this jacked up Motel.  Even for me it was pretty dirty, and I have lived in trap houses before.  We get into the room and there is this super fat fucker sitting on the edge of the bed watching porn.  He doesn’t say a word, just points to the bathroom.  She looked at me, I looked at her, she looked at the guy then asked, “What?” He still didn’t speak, he just pointed to the door again.

We walked into the bathroom, then as we were turning around the door slammed shut.  I said, “Oh shit!”  She tried the door but it was jammed.  We both started to push against the door, pound on it, yelling at the top of our lungs.  The guy from the bed just turned the porn up really loud.  After about twenty minutes I just gave up.  I slipped into the tub and lit a joint.  She sat down on the toilet and sighed.  She kept telling me she was sorry.  Nothing to be sorry for.  Bitches like me end up dead from situations like this all the time, I figured it was just my turn.  We pretty much didn’t say anything else.  We just smoked.

The porn turned off.  It was dead quiet.  She got off the toilet, went over to the door and listened.  We just kept hearing the door to the room open up again and again.  Finally we could hear someone by the door, she backed up and I stood up.  I was ready to fight if it came down to it.  As soon as the door flew open she was grabbed and yanked from the room, I had one foot out of the tub when two guys came in quickly to push me back down into the tub.  One pulled out his cock then started to piss on me.  Then the other dude started to do the same thing.  When they were done they just laughed.  One said, “Stay there, you are our piss girl tonight.” Whatever man.

The rest of the night went like this.  My friend would get fucked by five guys over and over again, then afterward they would come in and piss on me.  Some on my tits, some on my face,  over my ass, onto my pussy, one even in my mouth.  This went on for hours.  The last guy that came in yanked me up by my arm, pulled me out of the bathroom, pushed me over the dresser, then fucked the hell out of my pussy.  After he was done he went over to my friend to shove his piss, cum, and pussy juiced up cock into her mouth.  After she cleaned him up they kicked us out of the room, but not before paying us some serious bank. 

Here we thought we were going to die, and it turns out they just wanted some fuck time and piss play.  Which is much better than being dead. 

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Guess what? I love cock.  There I said it, I freely admit it.  The more the better!  I’m the slut that everyone wants to fuck but will not admit it.  In public you might tell me that I am a cunt in front of your friends, wife, girlfriend, but later that night you and your boys are right there at my door, knocking.  Does it bother me? Fuck no, I don’t give a shit what you say about me.  I know what and who I am.  I know where I come from, and I love being a class A fuck rag. I also know that I can get what I need or want by spreading my legs, ass cheeks, and mouth wide open.  

I’ll give you an example of what I mean.  There is this guy who is so fucking white you can almost see through him.  He drives a Range Rover, goes to church on Sunday, goes to his fuck spawns games to cheer them on, lives in a rich section of our part of the world, and when he saw me once on the street I heard his wife say, “Watch your wallet.” as she pulled her purse and children closer to her.  I had to laugh and give her the finger.  The guy told me that I was trash!  Then he and his wife hurried away.  What a fucking liar he is.  

Both him and I knew that just a few days before this he was right there with three of his golfing buddies driving his dick inside my ass while his buddies waited for their turn.  He also knew that he had texted me earlier that same damn day asking me if I could meet them again soon.  Telling me how much he loved fucking me and seeing me with all that cum on my tits.  Shit, he even ate me out after I was filled to the brim with everyone’s dick juice. All four of them tossed some cash at me and thanked me.  Now here he was trying to act like he was disgusted by the sight of me.  Stupid fucker.

As I said though.  It doesn’t really matter.  I’ll still give him and his buddies a good time all because I love it, as a matter of fact I should text him back to see if he can get more guys so I can really get used up proper. 

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