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Alley Way Pay Day

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On nights when I am not working the club for that bank, I take my sexy self out on the streets.  What can I say, I’m prone to addiction.  Not only am I a sex addict, a cum addict, but now I’m a money addict.  I can’t stop myself anymore from working the streets for cock and cash.  This is why I don’t do drugs anymore.  I don’t want to be some junked out tweeker fading in and out on a Trap House floor. Its not a good look for me.

I got ready and made my way downtown to work it.  I had only been out for about ten minutes when a car pulled over.  He already had his cock out and it was a nice one.  I got in the car and I pulled out my handiwipes. Don’t laugh, I need to wash that shit off, some of the guys come straight from work, or they were fucking another whore and I do not want the taste of some crack whore’s snatch in my mouth.  No thank you.  Most guys will ask what the fuck I am doing, but I just say you either let me clean that off or I’m getting out.  They usually allow me to do it.

I sucked on that motherfucker until he came in my mouth.  I happily swallowed, I always swallow.  Then the bastard wanted another blow job at a discount.  Like I’m having some sort of cock sucking sale.  I told him no, he didn’t like that I said no, but fuck him.  I got out of the car with my cash and ignored him. He was yelling at me from his car but I didn’t give a shit.  I was already talking to another guy.  Yes it is dangerous, and yes I could get hurt, but I don’t need to do this, I want to do it, and that means I don’t have to put up with the same shit the other girls out here have to put up with.

I made some really good coin that night, and I had a stomach, and cunt full of cum to take home.  It was a great night!

Making Bank With My Fuck Holes

Gangbang Whore

I have decided that since I am a cum junkie that I might as well get paid for it.  I have in the past and I tried to give that part of my life up, but getting back into the game while working at the club has made me a lot of money.  No more doing cock for free, just because I love it.  The money just makes me so much hornier!  I had forgotten just how good it felt to get paid after I sucked someone off.  It’s a god-damned thrill! 

The other night at the club I just had just finished my set when I was told that I had a request for a Private Dance.  If you have ever been to a more upscale club you know that there are rules.  If you do not follow those rules you can be tossed out, and the girl can get fired.  I walked in and did what I was paid to do then when I went to leave the room he grabbed my arm, not hard, but firm enough to stop me.  He told me that if I would meet him afterward for a private party at a hotel room he would make my Christmas.  He pulled out a roll of cash that made my pussy gush!

After my shift, I walked out the club and I was super tired.  I was going to tell him that I changed my mind, I just wanted to go home and sleep.  A car pulled up and the door opened, he was holding out a glass of champagne for me.  I smiled and got in.  I didn’t notice at first but there were more men in the car, not just the private dance guy.  He and I went into the Hotel first, then one by one the others came up and joined us.  I was already giving the first guy head when the second one walked in.  

Before long I was being fucked hard in the ass.  Not once did someone take advantage of my pussy, just my mouth, and ass.  After we were all done for the night my asshole was filled to the brim with cum, and I went home with a wad of cash that helped me get back into the pussy for the cash game.  Merry fucking Christmas to me!

Taking All Cock

Cum dumpsterDouble Penetration ya’ll!  You have to love when you see a girl who is a complete and utter slut take all the cock she can.  It’s not so much the fucking, sucking and jacking that get me off.  It is the amount of cum that I can get from dicks.  When I am so full of jizz that the next cock that pushes into me causes the cum that is already packed in there to gush out causes my pussy to throb.  I can feel it, dripping out around the edges of a cock, fell it wet those full balls as they slap against my ass. 

When there is a fat cock in my ass and one in my pussy at the same fucking time … fucking incredible!  The guys always tell me they can feel each other rubbing against one another inside of me.  Which usually causes them to cum faster.  If I could be a bukake bitch seven nights a week I would so fucking do that.  I would have to do a ton of guys though, like a ton!  I wish I could fuck five to ten guys and get what I need, but sometimes that just is not enough.  If there was a way to have cum covering me from head to foot in a very short amount of time I would fucking cry with joy. 

Not only do I love the feel of it on my body, and in my holes, I love the taste and feel of it in my mouth.  I will swallow that shit like a little one sucking on it’s Momma’s tit!  I can’t get enough.  I wonder if I could find a job like that, up to a hundred or more guys a night, just spooging all over me and in me?  Hmmm, I might have to look into that.

Pussy Pong

Gangbang whore

I was at a party last night and it was good at first but then it went lame.  It seemed like all the fun people left, so I decided to go too.  The people who I knew left about a hour before so I was just chatting.  I went for the free alcohol, not to make friends.  I got my stuff and walked out.  I heard music coming from the garage so I walked over in front of it and saw that a lot of the guys were in there.  They were playing beer pong.  I walked into the garage and stood there watching.

Some of the guys were pretty fucking drunk.  Easy pickings.  I went and stood by the table and asked them if they ever heard of Pussy Pong. Of course nobody had since I just made it up.  I said, “Instead of taking drinks, you have to fuck me.”  They just looked at me, so I undressed down to just my bra, stockings, shoes and panties.  I said, “Any takers?”  That began the game of pussy pong.  I think out of all of them there was maybe one guy who didn’t fuck one of my holes.

We did this until they had to leave, or were too drunk to continue.  As they were staggering around I went up to each one and told them that I really needed that twenty dollars that I had loaned them last week.  Each one handed me a twenty.  I walked away with cum in my fuck holes, and cash in my hand.  Turns out the party ended up not being so lame after-all.

Gangbang whore Back For More

Gangbang whoreThat’s right, I want more.  Having just five cocks at a time is sometimes not enough.  I want to have my mouth fucked hard.  I want someone to spread my legs to push their ready cock into my cunt.  I want to feel a cock in my ass while another pushes it’s way into my pussy.  I want to be a drainage ditch for your ball sack.  Can you tell I’m super horny right now? I am!

I had done a party with my friend Tiff once where I had so much cum on me that even when I took a shower there was still some in my hair.  I had to take another one just to make sure I got it all.  I tried pulling the comb through and it hit a patch of dried cum.  A cum knot if you will.  When I took off my clothing my shirt and panties were stuck to my skin.  I had to literally peel them off. 

As I was doing that I could see little flakes of dried cum drift down to the floor.  I am not sure how many times I had a dick explode it’s hot creamy load on me, I had lost count.  That was a fun night for me.  Tiff was a little disgusted by it, but not me.  She was complaining that she felt gross because of all the cum.  The Uber driver kept looking at us in the rear view mirror.  As far as I know you can’t be charged extra for clean up of flaky cum in someone’s car used for Uber, so we were good.

That is what I am in the mood for again.  I want to feel that sensation of cum wads drying on me, of my pussy filled up with cream pie after cream pie, to have my ass so sore that I have to call off of work a couple of nights.  I’m pretty sure I can find enough guys to do that for me, but if I can’t you will help me out … won’t you?

My Pussy Gets Me Into Trouble

Gangbang whore

Oh man did I get a lot of cock over the last two days!  I am not sure what it is, but I have been super horny, even for me it’s a bit much.  No matter where I am, if I see a guy who even gives off the slightest vibe that he would fuck me I’m all over him.  I am starting to think that my friend put something in the wine at the Thanksgiving dinner.  I mean I let that guy from the dinner fuck me, and he sucked!

The last time I got this way was a few years ago and I wound in the hospital.  I was picking up guys left and right, I really didn’t care who they were.  This one guy however was not a friendly sort at all.  When he was at the bar, he was so very nice, but once we got into this car, he knocked my ass out with one punch.

I woke up in a place that I didn’t recognize and some guy wearing a hood was standing in the corner just looking at me.  I had no clue what was going on at all.  I tried to sit up, but I was restrained, then I started to really worry.  The side of my face hurt, and I had a splitting headache.  Then I remembered that that asshole hit me!  I asked the stupid fuck in the corner where I was, he didn’t say a word.  I knew it wasn’t the guy who knocked me out because he was a completely different body type.

The door opened, and this other guy came in wearing a mask much like Mr. Creepy in the corner.  He stood by the end of the bed, again, saying nothing but staring at me.  I remember his eyes, they were so blue.  I knew that I started to throw a bitch fit, things would end badly for me, although, I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t going to end badly anyway.

Finally, one of the guys from the corner came over to the bed, pulled his jeans down and fucked me.  After he was done the other one did the same thing.  I didn’t beg, I didn’t scream, I didn’t cry, I didn’t do anything but lay there.  I held their gaze with my own.  I never looked away.  I could tell that I wasn’t reacting the way they thought I would.

This went on for a pretty long time, before one of them smacked me hard across the face.  My head went all fuzzy, but I laughed.  I laughed so hard.  They both looked at each other then back to me.  I simply said, “You can’t violate the willing assholes!”  Then laid still and waited. Nothing else happened, I was untied, a blindfold was put on me, and I was put in a car and driven back to the bar.

I was so angry but the more I thought about it on the way home the hornier I got thinking about what happened. 


Getting What I Want

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I know I am hot as fuck.  There is no doubt about it.  I get a shit load of attention all of the time.  I love it!  There are times though that the person who I want doesn’t even give me a second glance and that pisses me off.  When that happens it just makes me want them that much more.  I will give you an example.

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day having Thanksgiving with my friend.  There were a bunch of people there who I didn’t know, especially this one guy who was beyond hot.  Usually not my type at all, pure pretty boy and I like my men a bit more dirty.  He has a perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect body.  The all American boy next door type.  At first I had no intention of even paying any attention to him at all, but I still like to flirt.

I flirted with him and nothing.  No return flirting at all.  What. The. Fuck.  Now most women would just move on, but not me, now it turned into a challenge!  I wanted this guy simply because he didn’t want me.  A bit psycho I must admit, but hey, it is just how I am wired.  I changed the place cards on the table so I could sit next to him.  Just so you know, he wasn’t mean or dismissive or anything like that, he just didn’t seem interested in me.  That is what got to me.

The whole time we were eating I was talking to him, touching his arm, laughing at his super lame jokes.  This guy was a white bread as you could get.  After dinner we all went into different rooms, he went off with the other guys to watch football.  That even made it worse for me!  I wanted him to stay with me so we could go upstairs, or out to the garden shed together.  I sucked it up and went into watch the game.  There was no place to sit so I asked him if I could sit on his lap.

He said sure and smiled at me.  I made sure I wiggled around a lot to try and get that cock going.  It took awhile because he was really into the games, but finally I felt a little bit of hardness under my ass.  He kept adjusting the way he was sitting, he had me stand up a few times so he could move his position, but somehow I managed to maneuver my ass back over his cock. 

After more time spent making him crazy by the way I was moving around on his lap we finally were upstairs and he was fucking away.  He asked if he could put it in my ass, I told him of course.  To be honest, he wasn’t the best fuck in the world, I think I almost yawned at one point.  I managed to stifle it though.  He came, I pulled my dress back down, my pantyhose back up and went to leave.  He put his hand on my arm and went to kiss me, but I stopped him, he looked confused.  I said, “It was a fuck, not a relationship.”, and left the room.  I got what I wanted and that is really all that mattered.

Amazing Birthday Present!

Creampie sex stories

I have the best friends in the world!  They surprised me with a Birthday Party and got me a ton of presents.  We drank a lot, we did a lot of weed, we danced a lot, and my house was a fucking mess, but I didn’t care.  Do you want to know what the best present I got was? I bet you can guess.  What is the perfect present for a cock hound? Cock!! Yes! You guessed it!

We were partying away and my doorbell rang.  I thought for sure it was my shitty neighbor who complains about every fucking thing, but it was a bunch of guys who I didn’t know.  I asked them if I could help them, the one in the front said, “You Luna?” I said, “Yes?”  They pushed their way right past me.  Oh hell no!  Nobody comes into my home without permission.  I was on my way back to my bedroom to get my gun when my one friend came in.  She said, “Luna! Stop it!  Those guys are your birthday present!  If you shoot one then you won’t be able to get fucked by him.”

She was right, shooting someone usually sets that libido at a very low level.  I asked her what she was talking about.  She went on to say that her and the other girls all chipped in and got me male hookers.  I was like Yay! She told me to just lay back that they had to get paid first then they would be in.  I couldn’t wait, I started to finger bang myself, I was so fucking horny!

Then the door opened and the Birthday Fuckstivities began!  I had only seen four at the door, but there were six!  Six nice, big dicks that I had for three hours, all to myself!  I was in heaven.  I kept taking pictures of all the cream pies that I kept getting.  Better than any damn Birthday Cake any day. My pussy was so coated in cum that when I we were done and I went to stand up, some of the cum fell out of me and hit the floor and the blanket was stuck to my ass.

I wish you could of been one of the guys, I would of loved to be fucked by you and showed you those awesome cream pies! 

Birthday Day Girl Out!


Trouble On A Road Trip

Cum guzzling slut

I know you are fucking wondering where the hell I have been.  I managed to get myself into some trouble in some butt fuck no where town.  It was really stupid.  I wasn’t even doing anything, and I got nicked.  Sure I was going a little bit over the speed limit, but just by a tiny bit. Okay, so maybe 30 mph over the speed limit was a bit much, but I didn’t deserve to be taken to jail.  For fuck sake, call one cop a motherfucking shithead and have an old warrant and your ass is hauled off.

Oh, did I mention that I didn’t have any pants on? Yeah, I spilled coffee all over them so I stopped a little bit before I got pulled over and took them off because I didn’t want to drive in wet pants.  Makes perfect sense right? Yeah I thought so too.  I’m standing there waiting for someone to bring me some damn sweats, or hell even the jumpsuit, something.  I was being processed and still no fucking pants.

All the guys were looking at me like I was some sort of snack, then bingo.  Idea.  I mean if none of them were trying to hide the fact that they would like to fuck me, then maybe there were no cameras or they were dirty.  There were only four of them.  I got on the door and tried to look around for cameras and I didn’t see any.  I sat down and waited.

Finally, the door opened and they had my pants from my car.  They still looked a little wet but not as wet as before.  When the guard was giving me my jeans I touched his hand.  That is a huge no no, no touching.  He didn’t mind though, I gave him a little smile, he smiled back.  I sat down on the seat and spread my legs.  I asked him straight up, that if I were to fuck him and his buddies, or suck them off, would they let me go.

He turned around and closed the door.  Shit.  It didn’t work, at least that is what I thought.  These motherfuckers were rough!  Choking me, slapping my face, slapping my tits, fucking me in pussy and ass.  It was a great time, that is until they were done and I thought I was leaving, and that is when they thanked me for the good time but I had to earn my way out.  I was pissed.

This shit went on for three days.  They finally let me go with a warning.  I’m pretty fucking sure that was highly illegal, but the fact that I bribed them with my fuck holes was illegal too.  All in all it wasn’t really that bad, I mean I had plenty of dick, day and night, but it took me forever to get back home.

Retail Therapy

Anal cum dumpsterI am just like you that I have to go out and shop.  I have to buy groceries, pay my bills, pay my insurance, and go and buy clothing.  I can’t just have dick shoved in one of my holes every minute of the day.  I wish I could, believe me, but how would I explain that when I go to vote today? Having some guy behind me, me bent over, fucking in line waiting to cast my vote.  Might be a bit awkward, fun, but awkward none the less.

I was out shopping for some new jeans and panties.  I seem to go though a shit ton of panties for some reason.  Oh that’s right, I’m always sending them out to some of you.  Which means I go shopping for them more than your average whore.  I was in a little lingerie boutique and there was a guy working there.  I was very surprised because you hardly ever see a guy working in a lingerie store of any type.  I thought maybe he was gay, and no I am not gay bashing, I just assumed.

He came over to me and asked me if I needed any help.  I told him I didn’t, but I did ask him how he liked working here.  He laughed and said, “It’s my Sister’s place, I am just filling in for a little while so she could run to the bank.” That explains that.  I asked him if he was gay, he told me that I was the fifth woman to ask him that today.  We both laughed and he said no he wasn’t gay.

Well that just changed everything.  I changed my mind and told him that I actually did need some help.  I told him that my bras didn’t fit correctly and I needed to be measured.  He didn’t know what I was talking about. I volunteered to show him.  We went into a changing room, and I took my shirt off and my bra.  He just stood there, I told him that we would need a measuring tape.  He went to find one.

It took a little while but he came back with one.  I showed him how to measure a woman for a bra.  He was blushing like crazy, and his cock was getting a little hard.  I could see the bulge start up in his jeans in the mirror.  He went out and picked out some bras for me to try on.  I thanked him then told him that I needed to be measured for panties too.  He just looked at me.  He asked me if that was actually a thing, I told him no. 

He stood there for a few seconds then he figured out what I meant.  He came in and slid the curtain closed.  I pulled my pants and panties off then sat back on that very uncomfortable little seat.  I pulled my legs up so that he could see how wet my pussy was already.  He got down on his knees and started to tongue fuck me.  He was extremely good at it.  I heard the door open in the shop.  He had to leave the dressing room, I was so close to cumming too.  I heard him talking and the woman said she would come back later. 

He came back in and told me he locked the door and put the closed sign up, but we would have to hurry because his sister would be back any minute.  I took his cock out and sucked it to life, turned around and let him have at it.  He fucked me in my cunt for a bit, then without even asking plowed it into my tight ass.  He was big so it made me gasp, but it also made me cum. Then he came shortly after.

He left the room, I got dressed and purchased my stuff.  He asked if he could have my number because he would like to see me again.  I told him to give me his and I would contact him if I ever wanted to meet up again.  He smiled and gave me the digits.  I gave him a little kiss then left.  I got fucked and some really killer panties and bras, all in all it was a fantastic shopping trip.

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