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Almost Didn’t Make It

Gangbang whoreSome son of a bitch who I thought was safe, because I have been picked up by him before really fucked me up badly.  He picked me up as he had every Tuesday night for the last four weeks.  He was happy, and we just bullshitted because he mostly just wanted someone to talk to. This night however was very different.  His happy faded rather quickly and he started to raise his voice as he was talking about an eviction notice that he found on his door after work today.  His ex-wife’s father owns the building that he lives in, and I guess he wanted him out for no other reason then spitefulness.  Red flags started to pop up left and right in my brain.  I reached into my bag for my weapon and it wasn’t there!  Someone must of snatched it at the diner earlier.

I was in a fuck load of trouble, and I knew it.  My brain was racing trying to figure out what to do when he slammed on his breaks, got out of the car, came to the passenger side, whipped open my door and dragged me out by my hair.  I was screaming and fighting, he tossed me to the ground, I scrambled to get up, but he put his foot in the small of my back and I couldn’t move.  He out weighed me by a lot.  I was clutching at the dirt, trying to gain a hold on anything I could, I broke several of my nails.

He got on the ground, grabbed my legs and flipped me over.  He was ranting and calling me some other woman’s name.  I knew that this was going to be so very bad.  He slapped me hard across the face, I was stunned for a few seconds.  He was between my legs now, cutting at my stockings with a knife.  I thought, “This is it Luna, this is how it is all going to end, with you left dead in a dirty vacant lot.” He shoved his dick inside of me.   I started to push at him, screaming my name, he just kept on ranting, then he put his hands on my throat.

I could feel the burn in my chest, he had cut off all air.  Slowly I saw what looked like a mist take over my sight, I was losing consciousness  Then all of a sudden I could breath.  I coughed, and gasped for air.  I sat up, but then laid back down, I was dizzy.  He was sitting on the ground next to me, crying.  I didn’t say anything, because I couldn’t, my throat hurt.  I got up, stood behind him, he was saying he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it.  I kicked that motherfucker hard, in the back of his head, he fell over to one side.  I kept kicking him and kicking him.  I was now out of breath. I grabbed his pants, and took the keys out of his pocket, ran to his car, and took off.

Did I go to the police? No.  Did I go to the hospital? No.  Why? Because it was actually partly my fault. I put myself into a situation where there is always a risk of this happening.  Am I traumatized by it? Fuck no.  Shit happens.  Will that asshole get what’s coming to him? Absolutely!  Before I took off from the scene I took all the money he had from his wallet, which was a couple thousand, so for about ten minutes of being abused, I made out pretty well. 

Whore On The Floor

Drunk girl fucking

Oof! Friday night I was plastered!  After my shift at the club I went over to my friend’s house to a party.  By the time I got there everyone was already pretty drunk, so I thought I should catch up.  Never, ever, mix your alcohol choices!  If you are drinking beer, stick with beer, if you are drinking mixed drinks, then stick with mixed drinks.  If you do not, then you are going to have one hell of a hangover the next day.  Unfortunately I didn’t take my own advice. 

I started out drinking just beer, but then the Sambucca came out, and I started to drink shot after shot.  Then I had some Cuervo, then some other types of alcohol, and finally ended with wine.  I had gone to the bathroom and I took the whole bottle with me.  I never made it back out of the bathroom.  I just slumped down on the floor and finished off the bottle.  Because people were drinking so much there was a constant stream (no pun intended) of people coming in to use the toilet.  They would see me and I would just tell them to go right on.

I am not sure how many people pissed in front of me, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t moving.  A few of the guys did more than piss, they finished up then asked me to give them a blowjob.  Some of them were joking around, but I said yes anyway.  One guy shoved his cock so fast and hard down my throat that I actually threw up!  Since I was right next to the toilet I avoided a mess.

I must of passed out in there because my friend was waking me up in the morning.  My face felt like someone had split it in half.  My whole head, and face hurt like hell.  Plus, I wasn’t wearing any clothing.  All my stuff was piled up next to me on the floor.  I felt and looked like shit.  Today is Sunday, and my head still hurts a little bit, and my stomach is still queasy.  My friend called me today and said that some of the guys were calling her to ask how  “the whore on the floor” of the bathroom was doing, and to thank me for the good time. I guess I must of done more than just give blowjobs.

A Night Off

Gangbang whoreIt was supposed to be my night off.  All I wanted to do was go out with my girls.  Have some drinks, dance, have more drinks, you know, just have a great time and wake up with a hangover the next day.  You know what they say: What ho’s around, cums around.  My friends and I were at the bar, drinking shots when I hear someone; who is clearly drunk mind you; bellowing my name.  I was ignoring it, but my friends kept telling me that someone was calling me.  I told them that I was aware but just to ignore it.

I could hear them getting closer so I told the girls that I wanted to get bottle service and we made our way over to the roped off area of the club.  We sat down and waited for the server to come over.  Now I could see who was calling my name. It was one of my johns.  He was drunk off his ass, and he was waving a twenty dollar bill in the air.  My one friend asked me who the hell that was, I told her some guy from the club I work at.  My good friends know a lot about me, but they don’t know that I sell my shit on the street sometimes.

He was standing in front of the roped off area and yelling my name. One of the bouncers came over and said something to him.  I could see the john pointing at me, then he jabbed the bouncer in the chest with his finger.  The bouncer was staying calm, shaking his head no, but the guy was becoming more and more agitated.  The whole VIP section was now watching the interaction. My john grabbed the rope, and the bouncer grabbed his arm.  Then the john took a swing at the bouncer, which the bouncer easily avoided. 

The next thing we knew two other bouncers where behind him, they all picked him up and took him away. He was yelling something about me being a cunt, and how he had money for a blowjob. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to drinking.  There were so many questions from my friends, but I pretended that I had no fucking clue what that whole thing was about. Within a few minutes, we were out dancing on the floor, and the whole matter had been forgotten.  However, I kept thinking about that twenty dollars and how easy it would be to just go outside and suck his cock and come back inside twenty dollars richer.

Working My Ass Off

Anal cum dumpster

I am not sure what the hell was in the air last night.  Every single guy who wanted a ‘date’ last night wanted to fuck me in the ass.  Dude, I am so god damned sore!  I thought for sure I was going to have a prolapse at some point.  I’m actually afraid to take a shit!  Although, when someone comes in your ass it acts like a dick enema.  You have to go almost right after they cum.  No lie.  I had to fucking squat in the damn alley more than a few times.  I like to keep myself clean looking, and clean tasting, but I almost couldn’t manage that last night.

This one guy told me that my ass wasn’t as tight feeling as it was the last time.  I told him to shut the fuck up and just finish.  I made him pay extra just for saying that.  He is fucking a whore for Christ sake.  What did he expect? Virgin ass? Yeah, no, good luck finding that out here. Another guy was so high on coke that it took forever for him to cum.  He would fuck me, pay me, leave, come back, fuck me, pay me, leave, come back … over and over again, until he finally came.  I told him it would be easier just to pay for a hotel room and have me stay with him until he could cum, but he said it was easier for him to do it this way.  He said the cops couldn’t catch him that way.  Made no sense, but hey what are you going to do.

Today I am sitting here with a sore asshole thinking I might not be able to go back out there.  I mean I could, but just make sure there is no anal, just pussy and mouth action.  Yeah, I think that is what I am going to do.  After all, vacation is right around the corner and I want to go someplace nice.

The Aftermath

Cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve was lit!!!!! I made so much damn money using all my fuck holes! The adrenaline kept me awake.  There was the biggest crowd at my job. I have never seen it like that.  I had some “business” cards made to pass out the customers so that if they wanted something beyond a lap dance they could contact me after I was done at the club.  My cell phone was blowing up!  

I had so many guys who wanted to fuck that I had to rent a hotel room and just give them times to show up.  I had to take yesterday off because I was so damn sore.  No lie, I spent most of the day yesterday drinking tea because I sucked so much cock that I couldn’t speak.  My jaw is still sore, it hurts to even eat.  My ass and pussy are still super tender and I was sitting on frozen veggies for hours yesterday, and even today off and on.

I am not sure how much cum I swallowed either.  It just kept coming.  One guy started to look like one another.  It was just a blur of cock.  I think word must have gotten around because when I looked back at how many guys I gave the room number to on my cell, way more than that amount showed up.  Maybe I can make this another little money making avenue.   

I will have to go tomorrow morning and deposit all this cash, there is a shit ton of it.  I am so happy!  I hope you got to fuck someone on New Years, and if not, you can always give me a call. 

Working My Way Though New Year’s Eve

Anal cum dumpster

New Year’s Eve is going to be fucking epic! It is one of the biggest money making nights of the year, not only at the club, but out on the streets too.  I guess nobody wants to be alone when that clock strikes twelve, or wants to start the new year alone, even if they have to pay for it.  I for one do not mind being alone at all.  It is the reason I get to make so much bank.  I couldn’t do the stuff I do if I had a boyfriend, they would just hold me back.

I went to our local Hustler store and bought a lot of new things to wear.  I like to change it up when I am working.  I also like to keep clean when I’m working.  I make sure my stuff is squeaky clean, it makes me more money in the end.  There are some guys though that do like a sloppy wet pussy, full of someone else’s cum, and have a used scent to it.  My regulars will drive by once and tell me they will be back in two hours or what have you so that I know not to wash up and they pay me a lot of money not to do so.

I hope you enjoy yours on New Year’s Eve, have some coke, have some booze, have some pussy/cock and just fucking party and forget about the bad shit for at least a little while.  Think of me at the club and in the alley helping make people a little less lonely and my bank account a lot fuller.

Alley Way Pay Day

Hooker phone sex

On nights when I am not working the club for that bank, I take my sexy self out on the streets.  What can I say, I’m prone to addiction.  Not only am I a sex addict, a cum addict, but now I’m a money addict.  I can’t stop myself anymore from working the streets for cock and cash.  This is why I don’t do drugs anymore.  I don’t want to be some junked out tweeker fading in and out on a Trap House floor. Its not a good look for me.

I got ready and made my way downtown to work it.  I had only been out for about ten minutes when a car pulled over.  He already had his cock out and it was a nice one.  I got in the car and I pulled out my handiwipes. Don’t laugh, I need to wash that shit off, some of the guys come straight from work, or they were fucking another whore and I do not want the taste of some crack whore’s snatch in my mouth.  No thank you.  Most guys will ask what the fuck I am doing, but I just say you either let me clean that off or I’m getting out.  They usually allow me to do it.

I sucked on that motherfucker until he came in my mouth.  I happily swallowed, I always swallow.  Then the bastard wanted another blow job at a discount.  Like I’m having some sort of cock sucking sale.  I told him no, he didn’t like that I said no, but fuck him.  I got out of the car with my cash and ignored him. He was yelling at me from his car but I didn’t give a shit.  I was already talking to another guy.  Yes it is dangerous, and yes I could get hurt, but I don’t need to do this, I want to do it, and that means I don’t have to put up with the same shit the other girls out here have to put up with.

I made some really good coin that night, and I had a stomach, and cunt full of cum to take home.  It was a great night!

Making Bank With My Fuck Holes

Gangbang Whore

I have decided that since I am a cum junkie that I might as well get paid for it.  I have in the past and I tried to give that part of my life up, but getting back into the game while working at the club has made me a lot of money.  No more doing cock for free, just because I love it.  The money just makes me so much hornier!  I had forgotten just how good it felt to get paid after I sucked someone off.  It’s a god-damned thrill! 

The other night at the club I just had just finished my set when I was told that I had a request for a Private Dance.  If you have ever been to a more upscale club you know that there are rules.  If you do not follow those rules you can be tossed out, and the girl can get fired.  I walked in and did what I was paid to do then when I went to leave the room he grabbed my arm, not hard, but firm enough to stop me.  He told me that if I would meet him afterward for a private party at a hotel room he would make my Christmas.  He pulled out a roll of cash that made my pussy gush!

After my shift, I walked out the club and I was super tired.  I was going to tell him that I changed my mind, I just wanted to go home and sleep.  A car pulled up and the door opened, he was holding out a glass of champagne for me.  I smiled and got in.  I didn’t notice at first but there were more men in the car, not just the private dance guy.  He and I went into the Hotel first, then one by one the others came up and joined us.  I was already giving the first guy head when the second one walked in.  

Before long I was being fucked hard in the ass.  Not once did someone take advantage of my pussy, just my mouth, and ass.  After we were all done for the night my asshole was filled to the brim with cum, and I went home with a wad of cash that helped me get back into the pussy for the cash game.  Merry fucking Christmas to me!

Taking All Cock

Cum dumpsterDouble Penetration ya’ll!  You have to love when you see a girl who is a complete and utter slut take all the cock she can.  It’s not so much the fucking, sucking and jacking that get me off.  It is the amount of cum that I can get from dicks.  When I am so full of jizz that the next cock that pushes into me causes the cum that is already packed in there to gush out causes my pussy to throb.  I can feel it, dripping out around the edges of a cock, fell it wet those full balls as they slap against my ass. 

When there is a fat cock in my ass and one in my pussy at the same fucking time … fucking incredible!  The guys always tell me they can feel each other rubbing against one another inside of me.  Which usually causes them to cum faster.  If I could be a bukake bitch seven nights a week I would so fucking do that.  I would have to do a ton of guys though, like a ton!  I wish I could fuck five to ten guys and get what I need, but sometimes that just is not enough.  If there was a way to have cum covering me from head to foot in a very short amount of time I would fucking cry with joy. 

Not only do I love the feel of it on my body, and in my holes, I love the taste and feel of it in my mouth.  I will swallow that shit like a little one sucking on it’s Momma’s tit!  I can’t get enough.  I wonder if I could find a job like that, up to a hundred or more guys a night, just spooging all over me and in me?  Hmmm, I might have to look into that.

Pussy Pong

Gangbang whore

I was at a party last night and it was good at first but then it went lame.  It seemed like all the fun people left, so I decided to go too.  The people who I knew left about a hour before so I was just chatting.  I went for the free alcohol, not to make friends.  I got my stuff and walked out.  I heard music coming from the garage so I walked over in front of it and saw that a lot of the guys were in there.  They were playing beer pong.  I walked into the garage and stood there watching.

Some of the guys were pretty fucking drunk.  Easy pickings.  I went and stood by the table and asked them if they ever heard of Pussy Pong. Of course nobody had since I just made it up.  I said, “Instead of taking drinks, you have to fuck me.”  They just looked at me, so I undressed down to just my bra, stockings, shoes and panties.  I said, “Any takers?”  That began the game of pussy pong.  I think out of all of them there was maybe one guy who didn’t fuck one of my holes.

We did this until they had to leave, or were too drunk to continue.  As they were staggering around I went up to each one and told them that I really needed that twenty dollars that I had loaned them last week.  Each one handed me a twenty.  I walked away with cum in my fuck holes, and cash in my hand.  Turns out the party ended up not being so lame after-all.

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