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It was quite a show!

live phone sexI went to a concert last night and it was an awesome show but I wanted more, I wanted to go backstage and actually meet them yanno? Well I didn’t have passes but I did have a hot body and slutty attitude so I went back to where the roadies were and gave them a show so I could get backstage access. They wanted to see me strip and masturbate so I got totally naked for them and fingered my pussy till I squirted. Then I sucked a few cocks and got backstage where I wanted to be. The band was so hot and so kinky too. They all took turns with me and I love every second of it! I was stuffed full of cock and load after load if cum too it was the best night of my life! I can’t wait to do it again I’ll be following this band to the next town tonight.

Little Hookers for Hire and for Killing

hookers for hireI was at the mall last night. That was my first mistake. Huge mistake. It reminded me how much I hate people. I especially hate the short people. Ankle biters were running around amuck spreading germs and annoying people like me. This one little princess wannabe was far from her mom, who was too busy flirting with a guy to notice her brat had strayed into my personal space. I know it was risky, but her mom didn’t deserve her, and I had my eye on a pair of expensive leather bad ass boots. Daddy never gives me money, so I need to be creative with how I get the cash for the things I want. The boots cost more than I make in a month. I know some guys. The kind of guys that traffic tender age flesh. Daddy is a sex trafficker, so I know some of his associates. They could make her disappear quickly. Her privileged little life was about to be nonexistent. I keep a needle full of the shit that anesthesiologists use for such situations. I caught her before she fell to the ground. As I was carrying her out through the back exits, I texted my connection. He met me with some smack at a no tell motel. All meat packages get hooked on smack. He wanted to see what I had for him. He was pleased that she was in pristine shape and super young. He forced his dick in her mouth, testing the merchandise. He wanted to pop her cherry, but he showed restraint because he planned on auctioning off her cherry to the highest bidder. That fucking cunt mother is probably still flirting, clueless about what is happening with her brat.


Strip Club Chub

Hot stripper sex

It never fails. We have a guy who shows up at the strip club every fucking day.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he bought lap dances, or a bottle every now and then, but he doesn’t.  He gets super drunk then wants you to grind on his lap for free.  We do talk to him, because we are made too, but if it wasn’t for the management making us, nobody would.  He spends tons of money on drinks, but not on ass. 

I was doing my set when I saw him come in.  Have you ever had someone in your life that the minute they walk into a room all the fun gets sucked right out?  That good feeling is then placed with dread and despair? Yeah, that’s Charlie.  You could almost hear us all groan over the music.  It was my turn to be grabbed over and over again by him.  He sat in my section.  I was not pleased.  I plastered on a smile and made my rounds.  I was pleasant, but I didn’t linger. 

Another thing about Charlie? He will get a hard on, then try to put your hand on it.  There have been more than one time that one of the bouncers have had to go over and speak to him.  We all wish he would be banned.  Then something amazing happened.  He told one of the bouncers that he wanted a lap dance.  With two of us girls.  Me and Sharon.  To say we were both shocked is an understatement.

We made our way up to the Private room he is was in, and he was smiling like crazy.  We both started our dance for him.  We aren’t allowed to make out with the clients, but we can touch each other.  Sharon started to kiss on my tits and Charlie instantly got hard.  He kept begging us to jack him off, but we both told him no.  It was against the club rules.  Her and I kept it up, then I guess he couldn’t take it anymore, he whipped out his dick and Sharon and I died laughing.

He had something other than his dick stuffed into his briefs, it was like some sort of rolled up material to make him look bigger.  His dick was so tiny!  In the low lighting I thought I was just not seeing it, but turns out there really isn’t anything to see.  Her and I laughed so hard she peed.  Charlie was so embarrassed, he stuffed his bean back inside his briefs and stormed out.  He actually left the club!  Our manager asked us what happened and we told him, he laughed too.  It has been days since Charlie has been in.  We are really hoping that he stays away, if we had known all it took was us laughing at his itty bitty dicklett, we would of done it a long time ago.

Got Something For Ya Sugar

Anal sex whoreDepending upon whether or not you read my blog you will remember my one neighbor whose son I ‘flirted’ with around October of last year.  He decided to pay me a visit.  At first I didn’t answer my door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone, I hadn’t ordered anything, and I just don’t like people all that much to leave my seat to get up to see who is there.  Then  I heard him call my name.  I still didn’t know who it was by voice alone but now I was curious.  I went to the door and saw it was him but he wasn’t alone.

I opened it and he asked if he could come in, the other guy was his step-brother.  I thought his Mother had sent him down there to complain about something.  I asked them if they wanted a beer and they said yes.  I told them to have a seat.  When I got back they had their coats off.  I asked them what they wanted.  They were supposed to go into his Mother’s house to feed her cat while she was away, but the dumb bitch didn’t leave a key for them and she removed the one she had hidden outside.  This upset me because that poor animal is without food or water.  I hope it eats her when she gets back.

We chatted for a few minutes then his Step-Brother asked me what I did so I told him.  He almost spat his beer out.  He looked at me and said, “No fucking way.”  I said, “Yes way.”  I went into my bedroom and pulled out of some of my stripper clothing, then I showed them this site that I am on, then I showed them the clothing I wear when go on the street.  He then asked me how much I charge for certain things, so I told him.  He took out his wallet and asked me if we could have some fun.  I never do “dates” at my house, but since he was giving me some good money I took him into my bedroom.

I guess the sounds where getting to his step-brother because all of a sudden I had another dick to take care of.  I stopped everything and made him pay first.  They both came in my ass, not just once, but twice before they left.  Now I am here with a ass full of cum and it’s your job to clean it up.  I am waiting!

Meeting Mr. Blout

No taboo phone sexWhat can I say about Mr. Blout? A fucking lot, that’s what!  This motherfucker was the worst Teacher I had ever had.  Not because he was bad at his job but because he would constantly give me shit.  I hated going to his class, and he hated me being there.  Sure, I could of skipped his class, but why give him the satisfaction?  I made sure he saw my face every single school day. 

Fast forward to a couple of nights ago.  I wasn’t working but when I was out to go to the store for some food, I passed some of the girls that work the same area that I do.  It is cold out there but you have to dress like it’s 102 degrees in the shade.  You freeze your tits off.  I stopped to talk to them for a bit, there were only three working so I told them I would be back with something warm for them to drink.  I got my food, then stopped at the Bucks and got them all hot chocolate and off I went.

The next night when I was actually working in my spot I see a guy yelling at one of the girls in a car.  I didn’t approach to help because I wasn’t sure if it was the girls boyfriend, or Pimp or what.  She got out of the car and was crying.  She looked more pissed than sad.  I asked her who that was, and she said it was a ‘date’.  I thought to myself, “What an asshole.”  About thirty minutes later the same car pulls up again, none of the other girls would go up to the car.  He must of seen me because he pulls up right in front of me, puts the window down and says “Luna? Is that you?” 

I walked up to the car and looked inside.  It was my old pain in the ass Teacher, Mr. Blout!  I said, “Hey Mr. Blout. What’s up?”  He told me that I looked cold and asked me if I wanted to get into his car just to warm up.  I told him any time I got into a car it costs money.  I pulled out his wallet and held out a twenty.  I got into his car and he asked me if I knew somewhere we could park with the car running so he wouldn’t have to turn off the heat.  I directed him to a shopping center near by.

After we parked Mr. Blout went into this whole speech about how sorry he was concerning the way he treated me in school.  He told me that he actually had “un-pure” thoughts about me, so he was mean to me to keep those thoughts at bay.  I was shocked!  I asked him why he yelled at that other girl earlier, and he said he was yelling at her because she wanted more and more money and he had paid her a lot for a hour to begin with.  I told him that if he gave me another hundred, I would take him to a hotel and we could fuck.  He was all over that.  It kinda felt weird fucking my chemistry teacher from school, especially since we didn’t get along back then, but he gave me a huge tip afterward and apologized again. I think Mr. Blout might become one of my regulars.

Contest At The Club

Hot stripper sex

You know me, I’m all about that money.  Our club decided to have a wet t-shirt contest and I wanted in on it.  The rules were: In order to even participate you had to have 20 private shows by mid-night, you must of done two sets, you must of up-sold three bottles of a top brand champagne or whisky, and have had worked all your shifts the week before.  What did we get after doing all this and for winning the contest? Five thousand dollars and a three day vacation at a local hotel and spa.

You should of seen us girls working our asses off to get into that contest.  In the end only four of us made it in.  Out of the four I had the smallest tits, which I didn’t think was fair. lol  However, to win we had two minutes to do whatever we wanted on stage after our shirts were wet.  The first girl did this super sexy slow dance, it was actually beautiful, she ended the dance by french kissing this guy next to the stage.  I thought for sure that she would be disqualified, since no touching like that was allowed (at least not in the open).  Nope, not a word.  The second girl was good too, she pulled her wet shirt off and swung it over her head, which was stupid because it went flying out of her hand and wrapped around the pole.  We all laughed. 

I was next.  Like the first girl I decided that slow, sensual, and sexy was the way to go.  I pulled my bottoms off, exposing my pussy.  I got on the edge of the stage, laid back, then spread my legs wide.  I motioned for one of the guys to come over to me, he came close, I grabbed his head and put it between my legs, not enough for him to touch me, but close enough.  Then I quickly turned around, then pushed back against his face.  Just once, then I stood up, leaned over and shoved my panties into his mouth.

I didn’t win the contest, but I did get fucked by that guy and his buddies afterward at a nice Hotel.  I didn’t make as much as I would of had I won, but I did make a lot.  Plus, I had the added bonus of having my cunt, ass and stomach filled with cum.

Almost Didn’t Make It

Gangbang whoreSome son of a bitch who I thought was safe, because I have been picked up by him before really fucked me up badly.  He picked me up as he had every Tuesday night for the last four weeks.  He was happy, and we just bullshitted because he mostly just wanted someone to talk to. This night however was very different.  His happy faded rather quickly and he started to raise his voice as he was talking about an eviction notice that he found on his door after work today.  His ex-wife’s father owns the building that he lives in, and I guess he wanted him out for no other reason then spitefulness.  Red flags started to pop up left and right in my brain.  I reached into my bag for my weapon and it wasn’t there!  Someone must of snatched it at the diner earlier.

I was in a fuck load of trouble, and I knew it.  My brain was racing trying to figure out what to do when he slammed on his breaks, got out of the car, came to the passenger side, whipped open my door and dragged me out by my hair.  I was screaming and fighting, he tossed me to the ground, I scrambled to get up, but he put his foot in the small of my back and I couldn’t move.  He out weighed me by a lot.  I was clutching at the dirt, trying to gain a hold on anything I could, I broke several of my nails.

He got on the ground, grabbed my legs and flipped me over.  He was ranting and calling me some other woman’s name.  I knew that this was going to be so very bad.  He slapped me hard across the face, I was stunned for a few seconds.  He was between my legs now, cutting at my stockings with a knife.  I thought, “This is it Luna, this is how it is all going to end, with you left dead in a dirty vacant lot.” He shoved his dick inside of me.   I started to push at him, screaming my name, he just kept on ranting, then he put his hands on my throat.

I could feel the burn in my chest, he had cut off all air.  Slowly I saw what looked like a mist take over my sight, I was losing consciousness  Then all of a sudden I could breath.  I coughed, and gasped for air.  I sat up, but then laid back down, I was dizzy.  He was sitting on the ground next to me, crying.  I didn’t say anything, because I couldn’t, my throat hurt.  I got up, stood behind him, he was saying he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it.  I kicked that motherfucker hard, in the back of his head, he fell over to one side.  I kept kicking him and kicking him.  I was now out of breath. I grabbed his pants, and took the keys out of his pocket, ran to his car, and took off.

Did I go to the police? No.  Did I go to the hospital? No.  Why? Because it was actually partly my fault. I put myself into a situation where there is always a risk of this happening.  Am I traumatized by it? Fuck no.  Shit happens.  Will that asshole get what’s coming to him? Absolutely!  Before I took off from the scene I took all the money he had from his wallet, which was a couple thousand, so for about ten minutes of being abused, I made out pretty well. 

Whore On The Floor

Drunk girl fucking

Oof! Friday night I was plastered!  After my shift at the club I went over to my friend’s house to a party.  By the time I got there everyone was already pretty drunk, so I thought I should catch up.  Never, ever, mix your alcohol choices!  If you are drinking beer, stick with beer, if you are drinking mixed drinks, then stick with mixed drinks.  If you do not, then you are going to have one hell of a hangover the next day.  Unfortunately I didn’t take my own advice. 

I started out drinking just beer, but then the Sambucca came out, and I started to drink shot after shot.  Then I had some Cuervo, then some other types of alcohol, and finally ended with wine.  I had gone to the bathroom and I took the whole bottle with me.  I never made it back out of the bathroom.  I just slumped down on the floor and finished off the bottle.  Because people were drinking so much there was a constant stream (no pun intended) of people coming in to use the toilet.  They would see me and I would just tell them to go right on.

I am not sure how many people pissed in front of me, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t moving.  A few of the guys did more than piss, they finished up then asked me to give them a blowjob.  Some of them were joking around, but I said yes anyway.  One guy shoved his cock so fast and hard down my throat that I actually threw up!  Since I was right next to the toilet I avoided a mess.

I must of passed out in there because my friend was waking me up in the morning.  My face felt like someone had split it in half.  My whole head, and face hurt like hell.  Plus, I wasn’t wearing any clothing.  All my stuff was piled up next to me on the floor.  I felt and looked like shit.  Today is Sunday, and my head still hurts a little bit, and my stomach is still queasy.  My friend called me today and said that some of the guys were calling her to ask how  “the whore on the floor” of the bathroom was doing, and to thank me for the good time. I guess I must of done more than just give blowjobs.

A Night Off

Gangbang whoreIt was supposed to be my night off.  All I wanted to do was go out with my girls.  Have some drinks, dance, have more drinks, you know, just have a great time and wake up with a hangover the next day.  You know what they say: What ho’s around, cums around.  My friends and I were at the bar, drinking shots when I hear someone; who is clearly drunk mind you; bellowing my name.  I was ignoring it, but my friends kept telling me that someone was calling me.  I told them that I was aware but just to ignore it.

I could hear them getting closer so I told the girls that I wanted to get bottle service and we made our way over to the roped off area of the club.  We sat down and waited for the server to come over.  Now I could see who was calling my name. It was one of my johns.  He was drunk off his ass, and he was waving a twenty dollar bill in the air.  My one friend asked me who the hell that was, I told her some guy from the club I work at.  My good friends know a lot about me, but they don’t know that I sell my shit on the street sometimes.

He was standing in front of the roped off area and yelling my name. One of the bouncers came over and said something to him.  I could see the john pointing at me, then he jabbed the bouncer in the chest with his finger.  The bouncer was staying calm, shaking his head no, but the guy was becoming more and more agitated.  The whole VIP section was now watching the interaction. My john grabbed the rope, and the bouncer grabbed his arm.  Then the john took a swing at the bouncer, which the bouncer easily avoided. 

The next thing we knew two other bouncers where behind him, they all picked him up and took him away. He was yelling something about me being a cunt, and how he had money for a blowjob. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to drinking.  There were so many questions from my friends, but I pretended that I had no fucking clue what that whole thing was about. Within a few minutes, we were out dancing on the floor, and the whole matter had been forgotten.  However, I kept thinking about that twenty dollars and how easy it would be to just go outside and suck his cock and come back inside twenty dollars richer.

Working My Ass Off

Anal cum dumpster

I am not sure what the hell was in the air last night.  Every single guy who wanted a ‘date’ last night wanted to fuck me in the ass.  Dude, I am so god damned sore!  I thought for sure I was going to have a prolapse at some point.  I’m actually afraid to take a shit!  Although, when someone comes in your ass it acts like a dick enema.  You have to go almost right after they cum.  No lie.  I had to fucking squat in the damn alley more than a few times.  I like to keep myself clean looking, and clean tasting, but I almost couldn’t manage that last night.

This one guy told me that my ass wasn’t as tight feeling as it was the last time.  I told him to shut the fuck up and just finish.  I made him pay extra just for saying that.  He is fucking a whore for Christ sake.  What did he expect? Virgin ass? Yeah, no, good luck finding that out here. Another guy was so high on coke that it took forever for him to cum.  He would fuck me, pay me, leave, come back, fuck me, pay me, leave, come back … over and over again, until he finally came.  I told him it would be easier just to pay for a hotel room and have me stay with him until he could cum, but he said it was easier for him to do it this way.  He said the cops couldn’t catch him that way.  Made no sense, but hey what are you going to do.

Today I am sitting here with a sore asshole thinking I might not be able to go back out there.  I mean I could, but just make sure there is no anal, just pussy and mouth action.  Yeah, I think that is what I am going to do.  After all, vacation is right around the corner and I want to go someplace nice.

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