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My brother came to visit

live phone sexMy brother lives across the country from me so I don’t see him very often but when I do see him it is always a whole lots of kinky fun. He’s been here for a few days and already we have had more sex than I think I have had all year… and that’s really saying something cus I fuck a lot! I’ve taken him around to all the touristy places and somehow he has managed to fuck me at all of them. We’ve been fucking in public and in every private corner we can find. Tonight he wants to invite some other men over so he can watch them fuck me too, he said that he has been selfish with me keeping me all to himself and he wants to share. So I am going to go all out and have a bunch of men and women over so it can be one big orgy! Wanna join us?

Girl’s night

live phone sexI had a crazy girl’s night out last night. It was ladies night at several different bars near us so we went on a crazy bar crawl and got drunk as fuck. Usually when that happens we end up with tons of guys to bring home but last night we all swore that we would stick together, no boys allowed. So the night ended a little differently than it normally would have, we all fucked each other instead. It was so hot, girls everywhere licking each others pussies and fucking each other with strap on cocks and everyone was squirting all over I was literally in heaven. Apparently my neighbor was loving the show too, I looked over and saw him peeping thru the window, he didn’t see that I saw him either and he was having a field day. He was jerking that cock like crazy watching all that lesbian fun. I wonder if I should tell him I saw him, what do you think?

The day after Christmas

live phone sexIt’s the day after Christmas and man am I tired and sore! I had a ton of family over yesterday and that was fun but the best part was my sister’s new boyfriend. He is this huge black guy and he was really into me I could tell. He was being real flirty every time my sister left the room so I slipped him my number so he could call me when she went to work late last night. He came over as soon as she was gone and we were all over each other right away. He had a huge cock, it was big and thick and I was scared I wouldn’t be able to take it all but man I sure wanted to try to! I was on my knees sucking that monster dick when he just picked me up, put me against the wall and shoved that big dick balls deep inside me. I screamed it felt so good! I was cumming all over the place but he wasn’t nearly done yet. We fucked for hours until I was so sore that I could barely move, it was the best sex I have ever had. My sister works night shifts all this week too so he will be back later tonight and I can’t wait!

I got nasty

live phone sexI went to the neighborhood holiday party last weekend and got a little freaky. There were so many hot guys there I just couldn’t help myself! When I see a sexy guy with a nice bulge in his pants I wanna suck it, it’s like a moth to a flame I am just drawn to it. So I was kinda acting like a little whore, I was flirting with everyone and offering to take guys around the corner and suck their dick I was such a whore! Whatever tho I had a ton of fun! I was sucking so many cocks and fucking other guys and making bitches mad when I took their man it was a blast. Honestly it was the best party I had been too in a long time. I ended up taking two guys home and letting them fuck all my holes, one in my ass and another in my pussy I was in heaven!

I’m going to feast on cum!

live phone sexThis Thanksgiving is going to be a special day for me but I won’t just be feasting on turkey and pie, I’ll be feasting on plenty of cum too! We’re having a ton of friends over like we do every year and just like every year before this one I give all my friends lots of head as my way of showing that I am grateful to have them in my life. It’s a fun and sexy way to thank them and trust me, they all love it! Of course sucking all those cocks turns everything into a big orgy cus everyone gets all horny watching it but I love that part too. Who doesn’t like a big fuck fest am I right? It is going to be a great day and I can’t wait for it to get here!

It was so much fun

live phone sexI was just walking around the mall the other day when this guy came up to me. He said that he had seen me at a party the other week and he couldn’t get the sight of me sucking dicks out of his mind. He had been at that party with his girlfriend and she wouldn’t let him join in on the fun. Sad to be witha¬† prude like that don’t you think? He said she never sucks his dick ever, I asked him why was he with her and he really didn’t have an answer. So I just took him by the hand and led him to a quiet corner where I sucked his dick like a fucking pro. I didn’t care that there were people around, I didn’t care that we could get caught, I only cared about getting him off. Boy did he love it! He came so fucking hard and I swallowed every drop. Looks like he will be leaving that girl for me now cus he’s never had better!

The Halloween party was so fun

live phone sexMe and my friend dressed up as Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas for the big Halloween party last night and man were we ever a hit. We won best costume and celebrated by stripping naked and giving the whole party a sexy show. We fucked in front of everyone. They loved seeing me suck his cock and they couldn’t believe that my makeup was everywhere, they thought for sure it wouldn’t be under my dress too but I was committed to being authentic. I let Jack fuck my pussy and my ass until he came and then he started calling up other people to fuck me too. I fucked a devil and scarecrow, the joker and even ate Harley Quinn’s pussy too! It was the best Halloween party I have ever been to I can’t wait till tomorrow I hope that party is even better! I wonder what I should dress as for that?

I wanna get real fuckin nasty

live phone sexI wanna get real fuckin nasty tonight, like wake up in a pool of cum kinda nasty ya know what I mean? I am going out with some girlfriends and we are going to dress like whores and go hunting dick, I don’t care what kind of dick either as long as they are huge! Black, white, hispanic I don’t give a fuck I just wanna find as many as possible to stuff in all my fuck holes. I’m thinking we should go to the local dirty movie house, they have glory holes there so we could suck a few dicks and maybe strip in the theater too and let some randos fuck us there. Might even go online and post for random hookups, whatever it takes to get me fucked I am so fucking horny I could die! I hope I see you out there I bet all you horny pervs would fuck the shit out this pussy huh?

If you like bbc sex stories read this!

bbc sex storiesDo you like bbc sex stories? Well have I got a good one for you! I went apple picking yesterday with the family, I know, I know lame right?But it’s just one of those boring ass fall activities that my mother insists on the whole family doing together so I was stuck. I was bored as hell walking around picking apples and looking at all these families doing the same when I saw him. He was this massive black man and I could see the huge bulge in his pants from a mile away. I knew as soon as I saw him that I had to get me some of that giant black cock. I told the family that I was going to talk a walk to the other side of the orchard and walked away as fast as I could so that my mother wouldn’t bitch and I walked right up to that massive black man and asked him if he wanted to go behind a tree and fuck my brains out. He laughed and asked me what made me think he was here alone, I said I didn’t care who he was with I just wanted to suck that huge black dick. I could see him getting hard as we were talking so he pulled me to a quiet corner of the orchard and pushed me to my knees. I gasped in surprise when he pulled out his cock, that thing was huge! I tried to swallow it all but I cold barely get half of it down my throat it was that big! Then he picked me up and put me against a tree and fucked me right there where anyone could see. It was so fucking hot!! I was trying so hard not to scream but it was so hard. I came over and over and then I heard my mother calling for me so I had to go. It was a shame tho cus that was the most fun I ever had picking apples!

It was a nasty threesome

live phone sexI had a hot and nasty threesome last night and I loved it! This wasn’t your typical male fantasy of 2 girls and one guy, no this was me all alone with 2 guys and their huge cocks. They fucked me all night long, they used me like a nasty whore and I loved it. I had a cock in my ass and one in my pussy and let me tell you that shit made me squirt all over the place! It was like I was addicted or something I just could not get enough of those big fat dicks I was on them all night long. I could have had one of my girlfriends over to help satisfy those giant dicks but I lied and told them that everyone else was busy because I wanted to have them all to myself. What can I say? I am a nasty whore that loves dick! Maybe next time I will invite a few more girls over but there will have to be a whole lot more men there too!

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