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I Put the Trash in White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexI take pride in the fact that I put the trash in white trash phone sex. Our maid took a personal day and we needed a few groceries. No biggie, right? I can drive and I can shop. I slipped on some yoga booty shorts and a tank top and jumped in the car. I went to Trader Joe’s because it was the closet grocery store to the house. Honestly, I was not planning on getting into any trouble, but I should have known better. It is me. I turned some heads. I was dressed too sexy for the store, but in my defense, I see yoga moms dressed like me all over the city anytime I leave the house. I picked up some admirers. A single dad and his young son followed me all over the store. I was not sure who liked me more, dad or son. I was happy to entertain them both. The boy was more my type, but dad was hot. My husband wouldn’t mind if I gave them a freebie. In the frozen food aisle, I turned to him knowing my nipples could cut glass and I had no bra on. I asked him if he wanted to have some fun. He looked at me dumbfounded, then looked at his boy. I knew what he was thinking, so I told him to bring him along. I was in the mom mobile. Plenty of backseat room. We all piled in and I fucked them both. Fucked them both in the minivan. Father and son both got some trashy milf pussy. The father didn’t mind that I took his son’s V card. The boy didn’t mind sharing me with his father. I came home without groceries and cum in my cunt. Proof that I can not even shop without being trashy.

Mommy’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI have been playing with my cum filled cunt all morning. Fuck. I have been playing with it since yesterday. I have not slept in over 24 hours. I get into party mode and all I care about is cock and coke. My oldest son went out last night with friends. I texted him to invite his friends over once their party was done. He knew what I had in mind. It was a weird Friday night for me. I was home alone. My girls were entertaining daddy’s clients and my boys all had something going on. I wanted to have some fun too. This trashy milf got what she wanted. My son never disappoints his mommy. He brought home 12 high school boys. A couple black boys and Hispanic boys were in the mix too. My son knows my tastes so well. Those boys love coming over to our house because I let them drink and smoke pot. Plus, they get to gang bang the lady of the house. I bent over the couch and each boy dumped a load in my pussy. My pussy is still full of boy cum. That is why I can’t stop playing with it.

Live Phone Sex Makes Dirty Fantasies Cum True

live phone sexLive phone sex makes your kinky dreams cum true! I am a sexy milf with an interesting life. I am a phone sex operator because I don’t fit into the normal workforce. I have been a whore before I understood what the word even meant. I was born into it. I was my parents’ cash cow until I became my husband’s breeding whore. Now, I am a mature woman with my own cash cows and sex slaves for me and daddy. I am in control now and I love telling my callers all about my years as a jailbait hooker and stories of my young sexy prostitutes. Daddy and I trained them to be great cock suckers and dick spinners. They learned from the best! I took what happened to me and made it better for my offspring. My little sluts do not live in the squalor of a rural Vest Virginia trailer park. They live in a gated California suburb. Not a trailer park around. They also are only fucking rich clients daddy knows. They aren’t fucking truckers passing through town. And, they get to keep more than half the money. It is their little pussies and asses doing all the work after all. I am the madam. Daddy is the pimp and we have a much better existence than I did when I was a little girl. Don’t worry though. I am still a dirty old trailer park whore.           

Sexy Prostitutes Stay Busy on New Year’s Day

sexy prostitutesThe first day of the year is super busy for sexy prostitutes. Holidays are big sex trafficking days, so our little whores were in demand. Their holiday time was over. Time to make daddy and I money. This guy wanted to hire us all, me included. I know when a man pays for the entire family, he wants the family experience. Honestly, it is more popular than the girlfriend experience. If you are not familiar, a man will hire a woman like me to be his wife and P accomplice. Then he will want some sweet young girls, maybe boys, often both, to be his offspring. P men with lots of money love this because it gives them the dirty family they wish they had. Daddy’s client paid $50,000 for the night with me and 3 daughter and two boys. Normally, this package costs more, but he is a frequent flyer, so daddy gave him a discount. We showed up at his house looking like we were out of Good Housekeeping magazine. He likes a traditional looking wife, not a trashy milf. He wants his little ones to look like good Catholic school boys and girls. We don’t care. We dress the part and deliver the experience every client wants. This guy just likes the notion of molesting his little angels when they look sweet and innocent. No one in my family is sweet and innocent anymore but we can play the role, especially for money. As the P mommy accomplice, I helped “daddy” fuck his little girls and taught the boys how to worship daddy’s dick. I joined in on the clean up too. I love licking cum out of little sluts’ fuck holes. It was a profitable and fun way to spend the first day of the next decade. Happy New Year perverts.

Freaky Phone Sex Whore

freaky phone sexI had a freaky phone sex kind of Christmas. After spending the morning with my family, my husband arranged a date for me and my youngest daughter. The client wanted a family experience for the holiday. He was not a typical client. He had money, but he had no arms. He is a veteran of the Iraq war. He went over in the first tour of duty and came home 9 months later injured. He got a purple heart for loosing his arms. He also won the lottery the following year. I guess that was sort of like karma in a god way. Lost his arms fighting for our country and got rewarded with a million dollars he invested wisely. In five years, he doubled his winnings. His wife left him, and he has yet to remarry. He hires sexy prostitutes for his horny needs. He wanted to watch my daughter and I fuck to get hard. Poor guy can no longer jack off, but he gets hard as a rock still. In minutes he was hard watching my girl and I in the 69-position eating each other’s cunts. He was in a wheelchair with his cock out when my daughter came up for air and started sucking his dick. Her mommy’s cunt juice on her lips still. I lifted her up on his cock. She bounced on his dick while I helped hold her in place. Every time she called him Daddy, his dick twitched in her cunt. His arms might not work, but his cock had no problems. He busted a huge load in her cunt. I know because I licked it out. He had the best Christmas ever. I am very grateful for our soldiers. They put their lives in danger to protect us. I returned his money. This fuck was on us.

Dirty Phone Sex Family Christmas

dirty phone sexI hope you have a dirty phone sex Christmas like my family. We have been enjoying some kinky family fun since our brood is home from school until after the first of the year. Last night was an odd night. None of us had special dates. That meant we could watch movies and fuck. Daddy enjoyed having all his little girls home at once. I enjoyed having my sons all to myself. I watched daddy make each of his daughter’s a dick spinner. Been a long time, since all of us have been home together. We were going to make the most of it. My girls each came hard on daddy’s dick. He is old enough to be their granddad, but his dick still gets hard around young bald cunts. I tell men all the time, if you have limp dick issues, get yourself a jailbait pussy. Young cunt can wake the dead. While daddy was entertaining our daughters, I decided to be a gang bang whore for our sons. One by one they fucked me. My pussy was full of boy DNA, but that did not stop any of my sons from fucking me. Creampies don’t phase them. The glow of the Christmas tree and the warmth of the fire was a nice back drop to our kinky family fun. I love the holidays.

Unwrapping Sexy Prostitutes for Christmas

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are busy at the holidays. Men need to give themselves a little treat. Last night my youngest daughter and I entertained a much older man. He had family fantasy. Those are common in this business. He wanted to be the daddy with me as his wife and my daughter as our baby girl. He unwrapped us both. Last night was the night he got to deflower his daughter for the first time. My baby girl could get an Oscar for her performance. She is no longer a virgin. We have sold her virginity a few times, but the truth is daddy took her cherry years ago. Young girls are tight. Plus, daddy and I put a little gelatin tablet full of red dye in her little cunnie. The warmth of her cunt melts it and her lover thinks he popped her cherry. She cried like she was in pain too. Our hired daddy was enjoying his Christmas treat. We spent the night with him. He couldn’t just fuck his daughter and trashy milf wife once. We fucked all night long. We came home with a big bag of cash to buy ourselves Christmas gifts. Daddy was happy to see us, and he didn’t mind one bit we both had sloppy cunts.

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingMy daughters had a party last night. Just an old-fashioned pajama party. It turned into teen sluts fucking because I was the chaperone and I love teen pussy. I was not going to be around a bunch of teen girls and be on good behavior. Good behavior is not what I excel at. I am good at corrupting young girls. I saw it as a recruitment opportunity. I love being a pimp. I have an eye for young talent. So do my daughters. I was pretty confident that my girls were helping with the recruitment process. It was easy to get the clothes off those girls. It was even easier to lick and finger their tight bald cunts. I had to test out the merchandise. Virgin jailbait girls demand high money. I have a special Christmas party coming up soon in need of virgin cunt. I told my daughters I would give them a finder’s fee. I made the girls an offer they couldn’t refuse. A big money opportunity too. My fingers and tongue determined that they were virgins. A virgin school girl is a rarity nowadays. I enjoyed the night testing the merchandise. Daddy filmed it secretly because he is going to sell their virgin pussies to the highest bidder. We gonna make bank on our daughters’ school girl friends.

Anal Cum Dumpster Christmas Party

anal cum dumpsterI came in this morning an anal cum dumpster. My ass was full of cum and I was sore. I was not out hooking either. I was with some girlfriends at a holiday party. We were at the house of one of my friends. She has a mansion. She is a true Hollywood wife. I have a big house, but her house makes mine look like a mother-in-law suite.  She went all out for our party too. She had some Chippendale dancers she hired as waiters and for valet parking. The real surprise was the teen boys in attendance as studs for her guests. She hired my sons and I had no clue. My husband kept that a secret. This was a dream job for them. Getting paid to fuck hot moms; what young boy would not love that? There were other hired teen boys there too. Some didn’t speak English. Some were black, some were brown. She had something for everyone. This was going to be the best Christmas party ever. Of course, I fucked my sons, but I fucked every other male stud there too. I was an anal sex whore for young boys in a mansion in Hollywood Hills. You never know what is going on behind the closed doors of the rich and famous. My daughters tended to my sore, cum filled ass this morning when I came home. My boys just had dirty grins on their faces. Their young cocks were sore from all the milf fucking.

Teen Sluts Fucking or Teen Sluts Punished

teen sluts fuckingI have a bunch of teen sluts fucking in my house. My sons and daughters fuck me and daddy, their siblings and many older men. My little whores are often good little slaves for whomever wants them. Once in a blue moon, however, I get a disobedient girl who needs a spanking. My sweet cunt licker Melissa was doing so well, but I found out she has been saying no to woman she doesn’t find attractive. She is a whore. If she wants to keep living under this roof and have nice things, she fucks any woman with money. I am her pimp. I have received several complaints from local lesbians that she only wants to play with lipstick lesbians. I had to have a come to Jesus moment with her. I won’t have her insulting clients. A bull dyke’s money is just as welcome as a lipstick lesbian’s money. A good whore makes everyone feel like a king, well in this situation, a queen. She is not too old for mommy to punish. I tossed her over my knees and administered some bare bottom spankings. She was squirming and screaming for mercy before I stopped. Her ass was bright red. The punishment was not over, however. I made her service some disgruntled lesbians for free. She spent hours licking hairy cunts and dirty asses. Now, she knows that money talks. Any paying client, regardless of looks, gets the same service. My sexy prostitutes can’t pick and choose who they fuck. Money is money and they need to make all they can if want to live under our roof.

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