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Super Young Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy little hookers for hire had a huge night last night. They got fucked so hard, I had to keep them out of school today. They could barely walk, and I wanted them to rest up for family time this week. Our two adopted daughters are super young and, on their way, to being sex stars. These precious angels love being part of our family and want to please us. My husband had this international client looking for some young pussy. He was willing to pay handsomely too. He likes to fuck rough. Many years ago, he took my oldest daughter’s virginity. She could barely walk for days, but he paid us enough money that the money he paid, when invested wisely, will pay for her college education. Of course, that was a decade ago and prices have gone up. And, he was getting two young sexy prostitutes at once. These young rescues are set for life, and they can even send some money home to their parents who are in impoverished countries. Demetri has a huge cock and he likes to stretch and gape holes. He is the kind of man that wants a young girl to always remember the damage he did to her holes. Our youngest sweeties will never forget how hard he fucked them. They may have swollen, gaping holes now, but that is nothing my loving mommy mouth can’t soothe.

No Taboo Phone Sex Means No Limits Ever

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex means you are talking to a slut with no limits. Let me give you an idea of just how no limits I am. I was at the mall doing some shopping the other day when I noticed a group of school age girls. They looked too young to be unsupervised, but I saw no parent in sight. I decided to inquire about their adult supervision. I played it low key like I was a concerned parent in case a parent was nearby who I missed. One of the girls said her mother was running late to pick them up. She was older than the rest. Maybe she was a big sister or a young teen babysitter. Such cute angels she had with her. I wanted to take them all home with me. I knew my husband would love their super young bald pussies. Hell, my sons and daughters would too. I settled for one angel. She was the youngest in the group. She had to pee. She was holding her crotch and doing a pee pee dance that many girls her age do. I told the girls they had nothing to worry about because I was a mommy too. That line always works because little ones rarely have stranger danger around other moms, even when they don’t know them. I took the young girl to the bathroom and cleaned her up. I may have used my tongue to clean up her pussy.  I may have dipped a finger in her bald slit and tight ass too. Those kinds of details I have to save for our dirty phone sex call, however. I got that angel back to her herd just as the mother showed up. Obviously, if I will molest a young girl in a mall bathroom, I have no limits.


Cum Filled Cunt from The Swingers Club

cum filled cuntI have a cum filled cunt that I have been playing with all day. It was a wild night last night for me. My husband and I went to a swinger’s club. It has been years since we had a date night just the two of us. We had not planned the swinger’s club, but while we were at dinner at our favorite restaurant, it popped up as a nearby place when I went to check us in on Facebook. I Googled it because it was a name I had not heard of and it sounded like a night club. I looked it up and it was a new Swinger’s club. The first one in our area since the 80s. We talked about it over dinner and thought it sounded hot. When we entered the club, all eyes were on me. I was the hottest woman in the place and other women’s men, wanted to hook up with me. My husband likes to watch.  We went into the group sex room. Other couples followed us. Before long, I was a gangbang whore for a bunch of strangers. My husband and the wives were on the sidelines watching me fuck their men. I got covered in cum inside and out. It was a hot date night, maybe the hottest we have had yet. I keep playing with the cum in my cunt and reliving the night.

Party Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is a party line. That is what one of my sons informed me. He thinks it is a party line because I always do coke when I am on calls. I explained to him that coke is mommy’s medicine. It helps me accentuate the nasty freak inside me. That brought some questions for him. He wanted to know if my medicine works on other women the same way. I knew there had to be another milf behind this line of questioning. Sure enough, I was right. He has a hot teacher. She has shown no interest in him. I hate to see him feel rejected. I have spoiled my sons. They think every mature woman is a trashy milf like me. I explained that is not always the case. But I know from experience that a little line of coke can turn June Cleaver into Linda Lovelace. I invited his teacher crush over last night. I thought I could get her to party with me then my son could have his dream cum true. Things didn’t go so well and now my son is pissed off at me. This hot teacher partied with me, but she was more into me. That was because my son’s crush is a lesbian. After I fucked his sexy teacher, I tried to explain that not all women like cock. Just like not all boys like pussy. I smelled like her delicious cunt which just pissed him off more. He will get over it. I blame the coke for stealing my son’s crush.

Golden Showers Phone Sex: Piss Orgasms are Hot

golden showers phone sexI am a kinky milf. How kinky? I love golden showers phone sex. It is one of my nasty fetishes. Watersports are something the whole family can enjoy.  I married a much older man. He can’t fuck like he used to fuck me. His dick has issues, like many men over 65. He is not dead yet though. So, he can’t cum in his girls or his wife like he once did. He can piss on us and that is juts as hot. Last night, daddy was feeling horny. He had watched me fucking our boys for hours. Hardcore anal fucking too. These boys drilled me for hours, while he stroked his cock. He tried and tried to cum. He even took a Viagra and still couldn’t cum. I suggested to him that we have water sports sex. He could still be the alpha male of the family and mark us with his scent. He loved that idea. I love my husband and I want him to enjoy our family fucking fun. A piss orgasm is the next best thing. My daughters and I lined up from tallest to smallest and daddy pissed on us assembly line style. We were marked in daddy’s scent. We snowballed his piss just like we would his cum. Piss or cum, it all comes from the man we love, so we were happy to be dirty little piss whores for him.

A Trashy MILF and Naughty School Girls

trashy milfI am a trashy milf inside. I can dress up respectable as you can see from this picture. I am still sexy. I won’t wear frumpy clothes, but I will dress down for school functions. My brood has been back to school for one day and someone already got in trouble. I was summoned to school to pick up my youngest daughter. They wouldn’t tell me what the offense was, so I assumed it was severe. My daughter got busted finger banging another school girl in the girl’s bathroom. I was like, “Really, that’s what you hauled my ass down here for?” I tried explaining that sexual curiosity is normal in girls their age. I didn’t see the issue. Both girls were in the principal’s office. The other mother couldn’t leave work but gave permission to me to take her daughter home. She would pick up her little Lolita after work. I filled out the paperwork and took the horny girls home. I lied to the principle when I said I would make sure the girls were punished and received counseling. Clearly, he had not been laid in ions. I showed those girls how to be teen sluts fucking. I played a naughty game of doctor with them. I was sure the mom of the other girl wouldn’t be as uptight as the principle was. I mean girls at that age, play sex games. Ask your wife, I bet she did too. When the other mother got off work, we all four played together pretty much saying fuck you to the principal. No young girl should have her sexual curiosity stifled. I made sure no one’s was stifled. Mommies ate their daughter’s pussies. Daughter’s ate their mommies’ pussies. Mommies ate mommies’ pussies and baby girls ate each other’s pussies while we finger banged each other. I will home school my girl if she can’t finger a classmate or two in the bathroom.

Freaky Phone Sex New Year’s Day

freaky phone sexFreaky phone sex is perfect for New Year’s Day. I am hungover as fuck, but I have the perfect cure. Fucking is a cure for anything. I have my entire family with me for the holidays. My sons are happy to fuck their mommy. My daughters are happy to have their little slits licked while their brothers pound the fuck out of me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love having them home. They go back to school tomorrow. I only have one daughter who has graduated from high school. The rest are still school age.  Today, we enjoyed some quality family time. No daddy. No clients. Just mommy and her offspring. We made a hardcore orgy porn for daddy. He will love watching all the cock sucking and pussy eating I did too. When it comes to the oral Olympics, I win. My jaw never gets sore. I can suck and lick all day long. My sons can fuck all day too. I have three of them, and all of them nutted many times in me and their sisters. My daughters couldn’t be neglected, so I let them join in on the fun. Holidays are all about family, right?

Live Phone Sex

live phone sexLive phone sex, is the only kind. I get calls daily from guys saying something like, “Oh wow you answered,” or “Are you a bot?” Why guys would call for a recorded message is beyond me. You can read yourself an erotic story online for free. I enjoy this kind of personal experience because I can talk to you about my dirty experiences and you tell me all about yours. If I was a bot or a recording, could I tell you about all the dirty fun I am having with my offspring while they are home for the holidays? I have been getting high, eating bald cunts and sucking little dicks. I have even encouraged lots of sibling love.  I love watching my sons and daughters fuck. I have a family of whores. No one is a virgin, not even our super young adopted girls. But, most of them fuck one of daddy’s paying clients or daddy, so anytime I can get the boys fucking their sisters, it is a treat for me. I will be sad when they must go back to school. But for now, I will enjoy the family fun as long as I can.

Trashy Milf Christmas

trashy milfTrashy milf Christmas means lots of P fun and mommy sex. Lots of snow too. I’m in California, so the kind of snow I am talking about is the kind you put up your nose. I was up late last night partying and wrapping presents.  My youngest daughters are adopted, but they still believe in Santa Claus. My husband and I went all out on their gifts. My older brood wants money and electronics lol. For daddy this year, I got each of our little new angels a special slutty little outfit. I wanted them to look trashy for daddy, not sweet and innocent. He likes his little girls to look like sexy prostitutes. They were happy to have daddy unwrap them this morning.  I sat back with my other offspring and we watched daddy play with his youngest angels.  Daddy likes them super young and untouched. Before we slut them out to others, daddy gets first dibs on those virgin cunnies and asses. It is a holiday tradition. Any little virgin gets her cherry popped by daddy in front of the Christmas tree, in front of the rest of his family. This year daddy got two sweet presents. I did lines of coke while my sons fucked me, and I watched daddy fuck our youngest girls. I ate my other daughters’ pussies too. We had family group sex under the Christmas tree. Now my angels are watching movies and playing games, while I get high and spread some Christmas joy to perverts all over the world.

Dirty Phone Sex in the Bathroom

dirty phone sexI was in a super dirty phone sex mode last night. It could have been from all the coke, or it could just be my nature. Everyone knows that coke or booze just highlights your natural tendencies. I was talking to a bathroom boy. He wanted mommy to piss and shit on him. If you are so pathetic that you beg me to shit and piss on you, I will make you eat my excrement too. In fact, I took a dump on a plate and served it up fresh to him. What a fucking loser, right? After the call, I was shocked to see one of my sons jacking his cock. He was turned on by toilet sex. Who knew? I went into his room and searched his comp. Sure enough, it was full of nasty bathroom play. My son was a nasty little freak like my caller. My caller may have gotten a fantasy bathroom call, but my son got the real thing. I took him into the bathroom and turned him into my human toilet. He was having so much fun with my shit and piss, I called in the entire family. His sisters and brothers squatted over him and relived themselves too. I have a nasty fetish boy for a son. Thanks to a dirty caller, I now know.

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