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teen sluts fuckingMy husband loves our teen sluts fucking. Fucking him, fucking me, fucking our friends and fucking his clients. My husband has a best friend who is jonesing for some jailbait pussy. He has daughters at home, but he doesn’t have a wife like me. I told my husband we could share one or all our daughters with him and give him the daddy experience. I mean he is my husband’s best friend. They have known each other decades too. They are frat brothers from the 70s. This guy is super dirty but not filthy rich. He couldn’t pay for the daddy experience like most of my husband’s clients. But that is what friends are for, right? He came over last night for his surprise. Our middle daughter was in cotton panties and a see-through nightie. She looked sweet and innocent. Like Britney Spears, she is not that innocent though! When our friend saw our daughter, his eyes popped, and his cock got hard. My husband told his pal, she was all his for the night. I never saw a bigger smile on a man’s face. My husband told him Merry Christmas early and my daughter took him to one of the bedroom’s and made his dreams cum true. My daughter is great with daddy sex. She has been taking care of her own daddy for a few years now. And of course, she takes care of daddy’s clients too. If you are unable to fuck your own daughter because your bitch wife is not like me, then find a woman like me with a sweet young girl.

Trailer Trash Whore at a School Musical

trailer trash whoreWhen you are a trailer trash whore, you my clean up on the outside, but on the inside, you stay a dirty whore. My youngest daughter is the star of her school musical. She loves to sing and dance and suck and fuck. My husband and I encourage our darlings to have lots of interests. My husband and I went to the afternoon performance of her school musical today. I had to toss my coat over my husband’s lap because he had an erection looking at all the young girls in spandex and make-up dancing around on stage. They were gyrating their little bodies. It was even making me wet! I stroked my husband’s cock as he checked out all the young talent on stage. Some of the moves those schoolgirls had made him think about bringing them into our family of sexy prostitutes. I know how my husband thinks. I think the same way. Young pussy sells so well. After the play, our daughter asked if I could take her and a few of her friends to eat before the next performance. My husband had something for them to eat! I made my daughter sneak her daddy into the bathroom to blow him before we drove them to McDonalds. Otherwise, he would have driven the van with his cock or exploded in his jeans. Being around so many sweet young girls, made us both horny. We came home and fucked like wild animals in heat. We talked about going to school functions more often because it is super fucking hot to look at all the little angels. I am sure you understand. Our daughter promised to bring daddy and I home one of her school friends for a sleepover after the evening performance. I can’t wait. Daddy is mixing up some roofied Kool-Aid right now.

Phone Sex Sluts Like Me

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts should always be no taboos. The girls on my site are for sure. Hell, even my sexy milf friends are no limits either. Lena was over last night. She is a new trophy wife in the community, and we became fast friends. She found out I fucked her son. Me bad. I never ask permission from the boy’s family first. Permission is rarely granted, that is why I never ask. I guess this boy and his mamma have the kind of relationship I have with my sons. He told her all about me, so she paid me a visit. I thought the visit was going to go south. She wasn’t mad. She wasn’t jealous, but she did say that she needed to fuck one of my boys to make us even. I knew she was joking. Not about fucking my son. She meant that. I just didn’t really owe it to her. She is a trashy milf like me. She fucks her sons and other young boys. It was nice to talk to a rich trophy wife like myself who enjoys young cock and pussy too. I watched her fuck my son, who was more than happy to settle my debt with my new best friend. I even ate my son’s cum out of her cunt. Her and I are going to have so much fun together.

Anal Sex Whore and Mommy

anal sex whoreIf you are an anal sex whore mommy like me, you want your daughters to be anal sex sluts too. I am training my adopted young ones how to take things in their ass. Guys love to fuck little girls’ asses. They like to fuck women my age in the ass too. Guys have ass fetishes. That is because the Internet is full of anal porn, it is considered taboo and wives don’t give up the booty. Mistresses and whores give up the ass because it is profitable to do so. I want all my girls to be anal whores. A teen anal whore will make this family bank. I know from experience. When I was a little hooker for my parents, fucking my ass cost twice as much as my pussy. Jailbait anal sluts earn top dollar. I had my dildos and anal toys, along with plenty of lube, ready for my girls’ asses. I fingered their asses first with plenty of lube before I used the sex toys. I warned them all that it hurts at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Just like pussy fucking. I think my three youngest ones are natural anal whores like their big sisters and their mommy. They were grinding and purring away like sex kittens in heat as I fucked their young assholes. They are going to make daddy and I bank when we sell their ass cherries to the highest bidders.

Dirty Phone Sex: Naughty Maids for Hire

dirty phone sexI love dirty phone sex. I had a client with a naughty maid fantasy. He wanted a French maid and her daughter to clean his house and him. He paid well for our special maid service. My teen daughter and I donned our French maid outfits and arrived at his house as scheduled. We looked so sexy. It started off harmless. We cleaned shit with feather dusters and bent over a lot showing our bare asses and cunts. Then we started to clean his cock. We teased him with the feather duster first. I like edging a man’s cock. He was leaking pre-cum like crazy, so my daughter got down on her knees and licked it all up. I tickled her bald cunnie as she bobbed up and down our client’s cock. She polished his knob; she gave it a great spit shine. I didn’t do too bad on her bald cunnie. I had my baby girl purring like a kitten as she showed off her big dick sucker skills. He wanted to fuck her pussy first, so I lifted her on his throbbing cock. She took a spin on his dick. I have done a lot of fantasies for men in my life. I am a sexy prostitute. This was my first naughty maid role play and I loved it. Sensual, sexy, dirty and hot. My daughter and I may just live in our French maid costumes.

White Trash Phone Sex Party

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is the best phone sex. Why talk with a vanilla woman when you can talk to a dirty old whore. My life is full of taboo experiences. We had a special Halloween party last night. A few of daddy’s big rich clients came to bob apples and play naughty games with my little slutkins. I had my girls and boys dressed up as sexy sluts. These clients of daddy paid big bucks to come to our special naughty Halloween party. Once in the party, anything goes. They could fuck as many of my sluts as they wanted. They could fuck any hole they wanted. They could fuck them as much as they wanted. They could fuck them as long as they wanted too. My little girls are all about the money, so they were down for this party. I told the girls and the boys they all got an equal split of the money. I knew one girl or boy would not be more popular than the other. My sexy prostitutes are always in demand because P men love little pussies and asses. Everyone, even me, got fucked multiple times. It was a wild white trash Halloween party with lots of cum and cock. Very profitable party too. After our guests left, we continued to fuck. My little sluts looked so sexy. They were irresistible to me and daddy too.

Trashy Milf Lilibeth

trashy milfCalling me a trashy MILF is an understatement. Cum guzzling ho is more accurate. I am a mother, but I’m not a PTA, minivan driving, cookie baking, stay at home kind of mom. I do stay at home, but on my back, and sometimes my knees! I no longer live in a trailer park, but I am still a trailer park slut. While my fuck trophies are at school, I am out hooking or fucking. I didn’t go far to score cock yesterday. I walked around my neighborhood shaking my milf ass and I spotted four guys on the local basketball court. Mexican boys, likely illegal and not in school. I speak enough Spanish to get laid. I walked over to them in tight shorts and a tank top with no bra. I just announced, I was a gangbang whore if anyone needed their balls drained. They all followed me home with hard cocks in their gym shorts. They couldn’t believe how easy it was to fuck one of the rich bitches in the neighborhood. Most of the trophy wives in my area won’t fuck illegals. Their loss my gain. Cock after cock penetrated my fuck holes filling them up with cum. Every guy that fucked me got served some sloppy seconds because I wasn’t stopping to clean up. Cum poured out my cunt and ass like a tidal wave. I swallowed so much cum, I felt like a sperm bank.  I just kept taking donation after donation until I had tapped those studs dry. They couldn’t believe a sexy MILF twice their age could take so much spunk. I told them I was breast fed on cum. I could have drained their balls all day long. I have been a cum guzzling slut all my life. I passed that skill on to all my daughters too.

Phone Sex Sluts Like Me

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts like me are here for your naughty desires. I know all about the dirty desires of my callers too because I am a P mommy. Many men just think I am here for the little hairless cocks, but I love my daughters as much as I do my sons. I had a special day with my newly adopted teen girl Jasmine. She was adopted for mommy’s use. She may eventually earn some money for mommy and daddy, but I can’t part with her yet. Hell, she been in our home a couple months now and her shiny new pussy smell is still strong. I could eat her twat all day long. Apparently, she can eat mine too. My other girls are doing their own thing making money for daddy and me, but Jasmine is all for me. I have not even registered her in school yet because I am enjoying letting her eat my sloppy wet pussy and dirty ass all day. Today, we discovered how much of a 2-foot double sided dildo we could take in our holes simultaneously. Jasmine is less than half my age, but she could take more than half of that dildo in her bald cunt. We were both squirting all over the place. My sweet new baby is going to fit right into this kinky family of whores.

My Phone Sex Line is for Dirty Fun

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for dirty men. I don’t do too many vanilla GFE type calls. I don’t have a vanilla life. Guys always want to know about me, so here it is. I am in my late 30s, almost 40! I have 6 offspring and 3 adopted girls. We have a big family. I married a former john from my trailer park jailbait hooking days. I came from nothing and married well. My husband liked young girls and when he first fucked me, I was a young schoolgirl living in the backwoods of West Virginia. I never went to school. I was not born in a hospital either. In fact, there was no record I was even born. I lived my early years in a dingy trailer taking care of men my parents brought home for me to fuck for money. My husband bought me from my parents, moved me to California and polished me up. I birthed him baby girls when I aged out at 18 for him to fuck. We still fuck, but he likes them young. So, do you, I bet. I loved birthing little fuck toys for my husband. My big brood of sexy prostitutes have a way better life than I did. But I am scrappy. I over came my trailer park roots and now I am the madam of a home brothel. I may have left the trailer park, but the trailer park didn’t leave me. I am still a dirty whore who will gladly share her little sluts with you for a price, of course.

Trashy MILF Lilibeth and Hot Teen Slut Tiffany

trashy milfThis trashy milf has an eye for talent. I met Tiffany at the mall. She was shopping for sexy clothes too. She is beautiful. Barely legal hottie who likes to hook sugar daddies. Her and I started talking and became fast friends. She is a mini me. I told her I had a way she could make a lot of money fast. She was perfect for this job I had because she could easily pass as my daughter. Not that I don’t have several jailbait girls at home that would be perfect too, but Tiffany had the bad ass teen look my big spender wanted. She is a bit older than my girls, likely sluttier too. My client wanted a girl who looked young but, was just barely legal. My girls can’t drive or vote, but Tiffany is a coed. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. The next thing she knew, she was with me at the Bel Air Hotel.

creampie slutMy client is a Greek oil tycoon who loves mother daughter sex. He loves the idea of fucking a mother in front of her teen daughter and vice versa. He pays very well too. Tiffany watched Starvos fuck the shit out of me. I had no idea what a creampie slut she was. Once he pulled out of my pussy, she was begging mommy to eat her cunt. Starvos loved watching her lick his mess out of my pussy. Tiffany was a natural. She was acting more like my daughter than my own daughters. My rich John enjoyed fucking Tiffany’s pussy and ass. He said our cunts even felt the same. He bought that we were mother and daughter hookers. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind fucking him either. He is not the most handsome or hung man, but I overlook that because of the money. He is just a lonely rich man who likes to hire sexy prostitutes. Who am I to say no to easy money? Since Tiffany was such a pro, I gave her half. She earned every bit of that $5,000 too. Now, I just have to convince her to whore herself out more often because she can be a millionaire soon with her skills.

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