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Freaky Phone Sex with a Dirty MILF

freaky phone sexFreaky phone sex is what I do best. I love shock value. Sometimes, you just need to give folks a jolt. My husband and I were at a swank affair this week. The kind of event you must dress elegantly and talk like you have an Ivy league education. I can pretend with the best of them. I was so bored.  I ducked into a closet and did a few lines of coke. I promised my husband I would be good and not party, but he promised me a good time too and that clearly wasn’t happening. When I am high, I get wild. Well, I should say I get wilder. I emerged from the closet determined to have fun. I grabbed this teen boy in a tux who looked equally bored and pushed him in the closet where I did some coke earlier. Turns out he was a Senator’s son. Oops. But, he was down to fuck a trashy milf in a supply closet while his folks bamboozled others out of money for his charity. My husband feels the need to be charitable with people in power so that he can call on favors if his whore wife gets herself in trouble like tonight. We got busted in the closet. I was on my knees in my pretty dress blowing the first son of senator. It was the senator’s wife, the boy’s mother who busted me.  At first, she was screaming, but when his cock came out of my mouth and she saw how huge it was she came into the closest and shut the door. She watched her boy fuck me in the ass. She even played with her pussy. She didn’t have to say a word, I know she went from shock to approval when she saw her son’s massive cock. He banged the shit out of me too. I told my husband we don’t need to support the senator anymore because I have his wife in my back pocket now. And, hopefully his son in my ass again soon.

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy all Morning

sloppy wet pussyI have a sloppy wet pussy this morning. Why? Because I have been masturbating all morning. Seriously, I can’t stop fucking my cunt. My oldest daughter got me a present last night. It is this big black suction cup dildo. She has one just like it. We gave the boys in the house quite the show this morning. While other people were in church, my family was having an orgy. The boys get extremely hard and aroused seeing me play with my daughter. She is the oldest and the only one, not their father’s. I was pregnant with her when my husband stole me away from the dingy trailer in rural West Virginia where I was held captive by my parents. She is in her 20s and my only legal age offspring. She is also about to make me a grandma. Daddy and I are so excited too. That means another slutkin in the house to play with and pimp out! My daughter is super horny now. It happens to pregnant women, but since she is such a slut already, she is fucking 24/7 now. None of the boys in the family can keep up. I’m in my sexual prime as a trashy MILF, so no one can keep up with me either. That is why she got us those big black dildos. We spent all morning cumming. Now that the boys and daddy are awake and hard, we are going to enjoy the real thing! Have you ever fucked pregnant pussy? You don’t know what you are missing!

Trashy MILF with a Shoe Fetish

trashy MILFThis trashy milf has a big shoe fetish. There is just something so sexy about being naked in high heels. There is also something sexy about a stiletto heel up your cunt. I went shoe shopping last night. I love cock teasing the shoe salesmen. I shop at high end shoe stores on Rodeo drive where you still get the Pretty Woman treatment. Your bargain basement shoe store at the mall is self service. I want a man waiting on me, sizing my feet and drooling over my pretty feet and bare cunt. I always try on shoes in a short skirt with no panties. I watch the salesman intently until his eyes pop. That is when I know he got a glimpse of my sloppy wet pussy. At this one store I frequent, there are private booths for the customers. We get our own shopper, a private room, and expensive champagne. I had Oscar pour my champagne into my $2,000 pair of Louis Vuitton shoes I just purchased. We drank out of my shoe, then I gave him a show. I broke in my designer shoes fucking my cunt with the heel. H pulled out his cock to stroke it for me. He claimed he had never seen a show like that before, but I found that hard to believe. Whores with money do all sorts of wild things like fucking their cunts with expensive shoes. I would have fucked Oscar, but the heel of my new shoes was much bigger.

Dirty Phone Sex in My Backyard

dirty phone sexWant to have dirty phone sex? You have come to the right place. My life is as dirty as my phone sex. I love being a dirty whore. Today was an extremely warm day. I was in the backyard in my bikini drinking a Martini. I look great in a swimsuit. I was feeling very exhibitionist. I looked around and saw him in the window. He was a neighbor boy I had apparently never seen before. I think he was a visitor because I make it a point to know all the young boys in my neighborhood. He was looking at me intently, so I gave him a hot show. I started stripping off my little bikini. I sat on a lawn chair, spread my pussy and started masturbating. The sun was glaring in my eyes, but I could see his arm movement. I knew he was masturbating too.  I signaled him down. I wasn’t sure he would come to me. You know, the stranger danger thing, but he did. He got between my legs and licked my sloppy wet pussy. He was not a virgin cunt licker. He was my middle son’s age, but very skilled. I squirted on his face. I knew it was dangerous to have such a young boy eating my pussy in my backyard where neighbors could see, but I like risky sex. I knew there were folks watching, but I didn’t care. The only thing on my mind was getting fucked by a young boy. Fucked, I got. He hammered my milf pussy. Gave me a healthy load of cum too. I hope he is newly adopted or something became I want to fuck that young boy some more.

Pissing Phone Sex

pissing phone sexDo you like pissing phone sex? I am not too proud to admit that I like golden showers. I like giving and receiving. Lately, I have been in a giving mode. Giving to my daughters and sons. A young one that can take a good douse of urine brings in good money. Guys pay to piss on and be pissed on all the time. I am grooming my young ones to be piss whores because it will bring us all money. I invited some of my male friends to come over last night for a pissing match. A literal pissing match. I lined my young ones up in the basement. I tied their hands behind their backs, so they couldn’t fight off the piss.  I love golden showers sex more than they do. I told my friends to piss on them. Piss in their faces, down their throats, up their ass, in their pussies and all over their jail bait bodies. One of my sons surprised us all, by begging to drink all the piss. I must admit, I thought if anyone would be a piss whore, it would be my eldest daughter. She likes to wet her panties in public and sleep in a piss soaked bed. But my son wanted to drink piss and get fucked up his ass while men pissed on him. I don’t judge. I just market my little whores to their fetishes. Now, I know I have a golden boy. A gold showers boy.

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussy

I love playing with my sloppy wet pussy while talking dirty on the phone. I started taking calls early this morning after I got my brood off to school. My husband is on the road for business, so it was my responsibility to get everyone up and going today. I am not a morning person, so I just never went to bed. I stayed up doing coke and watching dirty home movies. My sons were so excited that I was getting them up for school instead of their daddy, that they wanted to fuck. Morning sex is always hot. I let each boy dump a load of cum in one of my mommy whore holes. They came so much, that my pussy was making those fart noises. My cum filled cunt was flooded with hot jizz. I got all my brats to their various bus stops then crashed for an hour. I almost overslept for work. Because I was running a little late for my shift, I never showered. That meant I still had a cum filled pussy. I love working with a wet snatch. I was letting my callers hear how wet it was, which made them cum so hard. The more I played with my dirty puss, the wetter I became.  It is a great job that lets you play with your creampie while you work.

Creampie Slut for My Family

creampie slutI am such a creampie slut. I love having cum deep inside of my pussy. It is not just that I enjoy having cum inside me, I enjoy having it licked out of me, especially by my daughters too. I am a cum whore. We had a family orgy this weekend. For once, we had no clients to entertain at the house. I could just get high with my offspring and my husband. Since daddy was home, he was partying big time. My husband is thirty years older than me, so his cock doesn’t work like it once did. However, you give him a hot show as foreplay, and his dick is as hard as one of his teen sons’ cock. Before my husband joined in on the family fun, he watched each of his sons fuck me. He loves watching me fuck our sons. My husband is a P man 100%, however, he loves the idea of mothers and sons fucking. He thinks it is the most forbidden of taboo fucks. I do too, but I am happy to fuck my boys for my husband’s pleasure. He rescued me from a life of squalor, so I will do anything for him. I knew it would be a bonus if he watched our daughters lick their brothers’ spunk from my cum filled cunt. As our youngest girl was slurping on my messy pussy, her daddy blew a load all over her sisters’ faces. He was trying to hold off to fuck, but the visual was just too hot for an old man. Apparently, he was not alone. I looked over in the other direction and saw my three sons cumming in their hands. They enjoyed watching their sisters clean up their taboo mommy. There is never a shortage of cum in this house.

Dirty Phone Sex Stories are all I Got

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are all I got. Even when I was a young girl, nothing vanilla ever happened to me. I am glad in hindsight, because being a dirty woman is for more exciting. My oldest son is looking at colleges. He will be the first one in my family, outside of my husband, to have gone to college. I went with him on a campus tour recently. He is looking at UCLA as one of his schools. I have never been on a college campus, so I was excited to see what it was all about. My pussy was dripping wet looking at all the eye candy. I mean young studs barely legal everywhere. My son teased me because he knew I had lady wood in my panties for those studs.  We ended up getting a hotel for the night so we could go to a frat party. I wanted to be a gangbang whore for all those young studs. My son just wanted to drink beer and flirt with coeds. He had all the coeds to himself because the frat boys had milf fever. I was in the pledge room bent over a table getting my ass and pussy pounded. As load after load of cum was filling me up, I wondered how many other mothers partied with frat boys on college visits. My son came looking for me and discovered me covered in cum. The frat boys told him to join the fun not realizing I was his mother. When he called me mom mid fuck, he was promised a pledge bid next year if I would join a few parties a year. I think my son will definitely be attending UCLA in the fall and pledging the best frat on campus. I’m really going to love having a son in college.

White Trash Phone Sex at the Homecoming Dance

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is for men who like nasty, low class, no taboo kind of women. I clean up when I need to, but an elegant gown and fancy hair doesn’t mean I am a refined lady. It just means I can look the part when necessary. I was chaperoning my daughter’s Homecoming Dance last night. I was in a nice black cocktail dress. My hair was perfect; my makeup flawless. My daughter looked like a princess. She was so excited to be invited to the dance by an upper classman. I was so excited to be surrounded by teen boys. After some boring conversation about the community over the punch bowl with other parents, I excused myself. I went on the prowl of the school hallways looking for a young stud to play with. I found three. They were drinking out of a flask by the boys’ locker room. They thought they were busted and started scrambling until I grabbed one boy’s crotch and sipped out of his flask. I unzipped a couple pants and gave some teen boys head. I wear this lipstick that doesn’t smear, even when getting blow banged by teen boys. I showed them how a mature woman sucks cock. Went back to the dance with teen cum breath, but still perfect lips. I got into some more trouble too, but that is too naughty to blog about. I can look the part of a high class mother, but deep inside, I am nothing but a trash milf.

Anal Cum Dumpster Girls

anal cum dumpster

I was an anal cum dumpster this weekend. What did you do?  My daughters had a party Friday night. It was a mix party which means boys and girls; varying ages too, but all in school still. I spiked the punch with some Spanish Fly. That gets everyone in the mood for my kind of party. There were some young girls there too, friends of my youngest daughter. I was in one of my wild moods. I wanted the boys to fuck the girls. I wanted young girls to get their anal cherries popped. My anal cherry was long gone before I was their age. You can send a young girl home with a violated ass and parents never notice. The ass is an elastic muscle that goes back into shape with an ice pack easily. At worst, the parents think she got constipated. The Spanish Fly mixed with Benadryl erases memories. I had fun being the dirty director of teen sluts fucking. Horny boys of any age will insert their dick into anyone or anything that feels tight. Any port in the storm as the saying goes. It was a wicked hot jail bait orgy. When little girl butt holes were worn out, this hot mommy was ready for some anal action. I bent over to take a horde of teen cocks up my well fucked ass. I showed those young girls how to butt fuck. Too bad I am the only one who will remember what a wicked hot time we had. My husband filmed it, so perhaps in the near future, I will remind them what dirty little fuckers they all were at my place.

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