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My Daughter The Fisting Whore

fisting whoreDo you like a fisting whore? I do. My oldest daughter is one. She can fist her own cunt. In fact, when she was super young, she shoved all sorts of things up her cunt. One time I caught her giving a show to the neighbor boys.  She was charging them $10 a piece to watch her fist her own pussy. She had a natural talent for freaky sex at an early age. I was forced to be a hooker by my meth head parents. My daughter wants to be a whore. She was born for it. She sucked on daddy’s dick so much as a wee thing that she couldn’t go to asleep without daddy’s dick in her mouth.  I am so proud of my teen whore. She has made quite a creative income with weird insertions in her cunt and ass. She is in high demand with daddy’s clients because she can take a huge cock in both her holes and she loves gang bangs and trains. The original plan was for her to go to college, but she wants to be a porn star or a high-end escort. Her skills do lie more in that department. Books were never her thing. I think you can be a trailer trash whore and a college graduate, but her daddy and I want her to follow her dreams. College is overrated anyway. I never even went to high school and I turned out okay. My daughter will be legal soon, so she can do what she wants. She told me today that she has lined up a gang bang with a porn studio to film her first legal gang bang. It will be called 18th Birthday Gangbang. I am so proud of her initiative. She is getting paid enough to pay for 4 years of college outright if she ever decides to go. She is smart to sell her body for money. Sex pays the bills better than political science.

Trashy MILF and Madam

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. It means I get all the young cock I want. But it also means I get to help other women too. Usually, my motives are unselfish. I want other women to be freaks like me; I want them to do the naughty taboo things that lurk in their minds. We have a new neighbor on the block. She is an ex-trophy wife whose rich husband left her for a younger model and she took his daughter and half of his millions and got her own place. She is pretty much a bitch, but she has a sweet young girl who could make us all millions. The only problem was convincing her to share her little Lolita girl. Her daughter is an angel. I can see men paying top dollar for her sweet young pussy. I just had to woo the mother. The other night, I got her high. Super high for the first time. In that altered state, you can plant the naughty seeds and taboo thoughts. She admitted that finances will be tight to keep her and her daughter living in the life of luxury like that are accustomed to living. As we did lines of coke, I suggested an old-fashioned way of making easy and big money. Prostitution porn brings top dollar especially when the hooker is of tender age. She thought I was joking until I showed her a few home movies of my sexy brood of hookers. Like most women, she had some hesitation about selling her daughter’s fuck holes, so I put it in a way that would seal her involvement. Turning her little girl into a hooker would make her enough money that she would be living better without her ex’s money.  Her sweet young girl has her first date tonight. I am of course taking ten percent as a finder’s fee. I can spot natural talent a mile away. I know which little girls will be top earning sexy prostitutes.

My Daughter the Teen Anal Whore

teen anal whoreMy daughter is a total teen anal whore. She impresses the fuck out of me because she can take even bigger objects up her ass than I can. Last night she and I did a sexy S & M show for a client. This man just wanted to watch but he had something specific he wanted to see. We always deliver. He wanted to watch a mother anally punish her baby girl and dominate her for hours. I know he was hoping for her ass to be ruined and gaped open. He had no idea how much my daughter craves hardcore anal sex. She acted the part of a submissive daughter well. She screamed and yelled and begged for mercy from mommy every time I penetrated her asshole with a large object like a baseball bat or my fist. I enjoyed putting my fingers in her ass one at a time until my entire fist was crammed inside her. My husband was watching and creamed his pants. I spanked my daughter’s bare ass too.  She was loving it. I know it was difficult for her to act like she hated every moment of it, but she is a professional slut. She gives the client what he wants. He was a very happy client too based on the tip he left us. I did some damage to my daughter’s fuck holes, but as soon as we were alone as a family, we all helped soothe her inflamed butthole. Her brothers, her sisters, her daddy and I all took turns licking her ass and cunt. Of course, that lead to a family orgy. My daughter is taking the day off form all things sexual today and sitting on a bag of frozen peas. She is a tough girl like me. We do whatever we are asked because the better whores we are the more money we make.

Family of Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesI have a family of sexy prostitutes. Something for everyone. I talk about my daughters a lot because they are in high demand. Every man fantasizes about Lolita sex, some even have extreme P desires. But it is not always men who hire one of us. Sometimes, my husband has some female clients who want to have some naughty fun. Tanya is the wife of one of my husband’s clients. She is gorgeous. A trophy wife like me, but she only has daughters. Her husband told her how I fuck my boys, often in front of clients who want to watch a mother and a son get it on. She always wanted a son but had three daughters instead. She hired my middle son to play her son. He is a great fuck too. He has a large cock for his age and he loves to eat mommy’s pussy, even her ass. I prepared him in advance. He knew to call her mommy and talk to her like he does to me. Tanya was going to get the dirty mommy experience. She spent hours with my son draining his hairless balls. I was so proud of him. I got to watch because of the nanny cams throughout the house. She fucked him in his twin bed. My own son roleplayed fucking another mommy while the rest of his family watched. I had a sloppy wet pussy by the time they were done. We recorded a video for her, so she could watch it anytime and relive the hot encounter. Her husband no longer has any swimmers thanks to radiation a few years ago and she desperately wants to have a son. I told her to come back when she is ovulating so her “baby boy” can impregnate her. I won’t even charge for that because it would mean I get to become a sexy granny and watch him be groomed for as mommy’s sex slave.

Dirty Live Phone Sex

live phone sexLive phone sex means you get to hear me play with my pussy. It also means my offspring get to watch me. I was on one of my infamous long ass party calls last night. I have several regulars who get some blow or meth, call me up and spend hours talking to me. Last night was my caller who likes me to masturbate with different objects and tell him incest stories about my dirty family. My brats were bringing me things to shove up my cunt because they found it so hot to watch and listen to me share our dirty family secrets. It is summer, so they can stay up late since no school. They waited up until my call was over. I had done so many lines of coke that I wasn’t going to bed anytime soon. My youngest daughter fell asleep with her fingers in her bald cunnie. My older brats were horny as fuck like me. My oldest son started fucking me his brother’s little baseball bat. That made the other ones hornier than they already were. Mutual masturbation tuned into hardcore orgy porn sex. Boy cocks were in my holes. Bald pussies were in my face. The family room smelled like sex. We all passed out naked covered in cum and sweat. This is how a dirty family spends quality time together.

My Yummy, Messy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt was so full it was running down my legs like a river. I had just finished a college boy gang bang as a favor to my husband. One of his old fraternity buddies needed a hooker to take on the graduating class of the fraternity. He knew just the woman to ask, his whore wife. This was a charity fuck. They didn’t have to pay. My pussy and ass were reward for making it through 4 years of college. Afterwards, I was covered in cum. Head to toe and all the holes in between were cum coated and cum filled. I could have showered. Most women would have showered to clean up. But, I am not most women. I am a trashy milf. I have a brood of cum lickers who enjoy cleaning up my messy holes. I had 6 brats and one horny old man, my husband, giving me a tongue bath to get all that cum off me. They licked me for hours like a cat bathes its kittens. When my brood licks the cum from my holes and off my body, it makes them horny. How can I not want to help them out? Our kinky family fun may begin as hedonistic mommy worship, but it always ends with a family orgy.

White Trash Phone Sex Mommy

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is where it as at. Why talk to a classy chick when you can have a dirty talking momma? My offspring all love that I am a dirty talker. My oldest girl is 20. She is the only legal daughter I got, but I have been teaching her how to talk dirty. She wants to get into the phone sex business. She escorts and of course is one of daddy’s favorite hookers. She is a sugar baby too on those special arrangement sites. She makes great money with all her adult endeavors, but phone sex is something she has yet to try. Being a dirty slut is one thing, being a dirty phone sex slut is another thing. I have been letting her listen in on my calls lately for training. She sits on the couch next to me rubbing my pussy as I talk with guys like you. She finds it hot when I talk about taboo things like our family fun and being a P parent. She already told me she will raise her brats in the family way when she starts a family. We started talking about starting her little one off from the get go with drinking grandpa’s cum in his or her bottle after a P call last night. Thinking of being a P grandma made me so wet. My daughter and I had a hot fuck in between calls. We ate each other out. We rubbed our juicy slits together. We even used my double-sided dildo together. She is not my first born, but she is the first one I was able to keep and raise. I am so proud of her. She is hot as fuck and as dirty as her parents. Regardless if she gets into this line of work or not, she is going to be such a dirty mommy one day. I just hope one day is very soon. I am ready to have an extremely little one in the house again.

Dirty Phone Sex Father’s Day

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex was popular on Father’s Day. Lot’s of P daddies wanted special time with their baby girls. My phone daddies weren’t alone. My husband was in for a treat yesterday. He is a few decades my senior. He could be our offspring’s grandpa. He is often mistaken for the girls’ granddad when we are out. That means people think he is my father! Sometimes we tell them, sometimes we just enjoy knowing the dirty truth. I got the girls up early, the boys too, so we could give daddy his gifts and have breakfast together. After eating, we gave daddy a dirty sex show. He gets hard still, but he just needs more time and a little visual incentive. Me and my girls started the Father’s Day show by playing with our wet bald cunts. I had all the sex toys ready for use. The boys jacked off because once daddy was hard and ready to fuck his daughters’ tiny pink cunts, the boys were getting some love from their sexy mommy. I have three boys and three girls. We have a big family. A big fucking family. After about 20 minutes of watching his slutkins get fucked with dildos and sex machines, daddy’s old cock was rock hard and ready to pleasure his baby girls. I love watching him fuck our daughters. It doesn’t happen as much as it once did because of his age, but he watches them fuck his clients all the time. Daddy is a pervert voyeur. My sons were equally as hard as daddy from watching his sisters and I masturbate. They can’t look at pussy and not get hard. While the girls fucked their daddy to wish him Happy Father’s Day, the boys took turns with me. At some point, I entertained all three boys in my mommy wholes at once because I am a trailer trash whore and a dirty mom.

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyI love playing with my sloppy wet pussy on calls. Seriously, my pussy is always wet. Either from so much cum inside me or chronic masturbation. I discovered masturbation late in life. It was a very liberating discovery. I can rub my clit and cum in less than two minutes. I never get through a full clip of a porn on Porn Hub. Last night, my daughters and I had some masturbatory fun. I have taught my girls and my boys the art of self love. If you can’t make yourself cum, how can you show some one else how to make you cum? I won’t let my girls or boys settle for some loser who doesn’t care about their pleasure.  I may be a trashy milf, but I am still a good mother.  We watched a movie where young girls were getting their pussies licked by girls. There were guys watching. The older girls where demonstrating how to eat pussy by using younger girls. We got so hot watching this. The boys busted in on us playing with our cunts and wanted to join. My boys, as much as I love them, could use some pussy eating lessons. We took a lesson from the porn we watched and made them look as we ate each other into squirting orgasms. The boys had blue balls and we had wet pussies and glistening faces. Sometimes, girl time is necessary.


Vagina Viagra Equals Dirty Live Phone Sex

live phone sexLive phone sex is the best.  I don’t understand why men would call for recorded sex stories. When you call me, it is personalized. I say your name. We talk about our experiences and I want to fulfill your naughty fantasy. I don’t tell a generic story. Last night Larry wanted to hear me masturbate. I take female Viagra, so I can masturbate all night long. I thought that was easy. I masturbate all the time because Viagra for vaginas makes me have a clitty hard on for well over 4 hours. We can never give ourselves too much self love, right? He didn’t want just a vanilla diddle my pussy call. I should have known that. This isn’t the site you call for anything vanilla. He wanted me to find the biggest thing in the house to fuck my cunt. I knew just the thing to use too. My son’s little league baseball bat. I am a nasty freak on this Viagra shit. I love stretching my comfort level and my fuck holes. I put my caller on speaker phone and positioned the bat over my pussy in such a way that I could just squat down and impale my pussy as far as I could go.I grunted and moaned as my pussy devoured the baseball bat inch by inch. Viagra makes me even hornier than usual. I would like to brag that my pussy took all 14 inches, but I only got about 11 inches in. Clearly, I need more practice. My sons offered to help, but their cocks are half that size. Maybe one day, they will be bigger. I mean they are still growing. My pussy is still sore today. When you call for live dirty phone sex, I deliver. Thanks to vagina Viagra, I can out fuck a fuck machine.

dirty phone sex

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