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Young Sexy Prostitutes are My Cash Cows

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are in high demand, especially when they are tender age.  I have young girls who love to please men. From the itty bitty ones to my teen girls, I have a brood of cock pleasers. They are quite the money makers for mommy and daddy. My husband had a new client who wanted the youngest girl we could get him. That was one of my adopted girls. She has been observing and learning the sex trade, but up until last night, all she had done was suck her daddy’s dick. He has wanted to fuck her, and it has been hard for him to restrain himself, but I reminded him of the money we can get off virgin holes. I know, because my folks sold my virgin holes. I prepped my girl for what to expect. I assured her she would not be harmed. My hookers for hire are for sex only. No one leaves a mark on my precious sluts. I can only make top dollar off their little holes when they look their best. My girl is a trooper. She was happy to start earning some money. Kane did a number on her tiny fuck holes, but I spent the rest of the night making her raw cunnie and puckered asshole feel better. Mommy’s soft tongue and butterfly kisses always make sore holes feel better.

Eating My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyNormally, it is my offspring who want to eat my sloppy wet pussy. Not last night, however. It was my husband who couldn’t wait to lick my messy cunt clean. He knew I had been fucking our boys all day. A bad storm took the power out yesterday. None of our school boys and girls had to go to school because of it. The roads were flooded in many areas and power lines were down, so I weathered the storm fucking. My boys were super horny too. They fucked me and their sisters for hours. Our home smelled like a porn studio. When my husband came home from work, he could smell the sex. He asked me if I had been a naughty mommy. Of course, I was, I told him. I am his favorite creampie slut. He wanted an evening treat, so I sat on his desk with my legs spread and let him clean me up. You think I am a pervert? My husband loves licking the cum of his sons from his wife’s pussy. My husband is older than me, but nothing gets him harder than a family creampie. His pecker got so hard from cleaning me up, he fucked me on his desk. His old dick was super hard. I am not sure if it was me or the sloppy seconds that got him hard like a teen boy again. Either way, I enjoyed another fuck.

White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexI don’t look like a white trash phone sex slut to most men. I was born in a trailer park in West Virginia. I never was formally educated, and I was raised a sex slave. With those kinds of roots, you will always be white trash. It is more a mindset than a look. I can look like the classiest woman in the place, but I will always be the trashiest. I was at a fancy fundraiser last night. Everyone looked like they were heading to the Oscars. It was a boring function that I must attend because I love my husband. He wants his sexy wife on his arm. I am younger and prettier than any of this business associates’ wives. I like making him look good. He knows I am a trailer trash whore, so he turns a blind eye at these kinds of events and lets me have fun with the help. The wait staff always has the best blow. I excused myself to the powder room, but I found my way into the kitchen.  The Hispanic kitchen help swarmed me. Not the first time and won’t be the last. California is full of brown service workers. And they all love a party white trash whore like me. I did lines of blow off brown cocks and got fucked in the ass. I powdered my nose, reapplied my lipstick and slithered back to the boring fundraiser. Only my husband knew what a whore I had been and the kitchen help, but they didn’t speak English, so I knew they wouldn’t tell anyone.

Dirty Phone Sex Weekend

dirty phone sexI had a dirty phone sex weekend. It is no secret that when I get high, I get freaky. Same for my offspring. It was a girl’s weekend. My husband took the boys to Vegas for the weekend. Even though none of my boys are old enough to drink, when you have money like my husband, you can get your sons into the casinos and strip clubs and get them hookers. My daughters and I hired a male stripper. The boys were not going to be the only ones having fun.  I did my research to make sure the stripper was straight. Many are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but I wanted my girls to have some sexy stripper cock and gay stripper cock won’t get hard for a group of girls, no matter how hot we are. When Max arrived, he was even better than his pictures. He partied with us and that’s where things got freaky. Before he fucked us all, he pissed on us. It was his thing and we were in so much lust with his 10-inch cock and rock hard abs, we would not have said no to any request. Whatever floats your boat, especially if it is a big boat. His fire hose shot out piss before cum. We were doused in his hot piss. For a couple hours, me and my daughters were his pissing sex whores. He pissed on us and had us pissing on one another. We were all coked up, except for the very young ones. After some water sports fun, we all got his massive cock. My older daughters and I fucked him, and the young ones sucked his fat dick. I just wanted my daughters to know that its not only the boys that get have dirty sinful fun. What happens in Santa Barbara stays in Santa Barbara!

I love Being a Trashy Milf

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. Everyone knows my reputation too. I can dress up, look the part of the classy housewife, but most people know I am a dirty whore. In fact, when I am at parties or school functions, women do their best to keep their husbands and sons away from me. I was at a school play last night. My youngest daughter is quite the thespian. She is a natural drama queen. My husband is out of town on business, so I had to represent. I took the entire family. The moms were ignoring me. I get disapproving looks all the time. It is hypocrisy, because I am not trying to be something I am not. I am a trailer trash whore living in a rich life. This one super bitch that I loath was there. She should not be judging. She has had more husbands than Elizabeth Taylor, and they keep getting younger. She is a rich MILF; a Beverly Hills housewife type. I have fucked all her husbands, not because I wanted to but for payback. She made a snide comment about my daughter, so I took her newest boy toy husband and fucked him in a high school bathroom.  No way he could resist me. Men always fuck me. No matter what they have at stake. The look on her face, when I came back with her husband was priceless. I whispered in her hear with his cum on my breath that he loved fucking my ass. She will never learn. She keeps being a cunt and I keep fucking her men.

Dirty Phone Sex Story

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are something I have many of to share. I was out of coke last night. Not sure how I ran out, unless one of my fuck trophies stole some of my stash. I went to each one to figure out what happened. I was shocked to discover that my middle daughter was the coke stealing whore. My eldest girl is a party slut like me. I assumed it was her. I found my container and my mirror in her drawer. She tried to act like her big sister set her up, buy she was high as a kite. Her fingers smelled like her pussy, so I knew she got high and masturbated. Women on coke are horny creatures. Men often are horny too but too much coke and their dicks won’t work. Women never have that problem. I told her that she was going to need to earn that money to replenish my stash. I called up this guy I know who likes super young teen pussy. I am fine with my girl being a druggy porn star like me, but she needs to earn her own coke just like me. Charlie came over as soon as he could. He wanted to enjoy that bald pussy. I told him no condom or lube because she was being punished for being a naughty girl. He fucked her hard and dry. She was not enjoying it. I told her she should feel lucky she was high because coke dulls the pain. By the time he was done with her, she had swollen gaped holes. She could barely walk, and she had cum oozing out her holes. Charlie paid me $3,000 dollars for the pleasure of bare backing my druggy whore. I tossed her some money and told her to buy her own coke. Hopefully, she learned her lesson.

Hot Stripper Sex Story

hot stripper sexI have a hot stripper sex story to tell you. I was hired to be the stripper at a boy’s birthday party. Not a man’s party, but a boy’s party. His daddy hired me. It was not a big party. Just his dad, a few of dad’s friends, his older brother and a few school friends. The dad is friends with my husband and knows what kind of lifestyle I lead. I am happy to strip for any young boy. Buying hookers for their sons is a right of passage in wealthy families. It is not common knowledge, or talked about in polite society, but I have been a hired trashy milf before to turn a boy into a man. It is always hot for me to be a boy’s first pussy. I like ruining boys for girls their own age. I did a sexy striptease for the lads and their jaws all dropped. None of them had seen a sexy bitch like me naked before. Well, not naked in real life, just on Internet porn. I fucked the birthday boy first, but when he was done, I did his friends and made the adult men get the sloppy seconds. They didn’t mind. I could have a gallon of spunk inside me and no man passes on this pussy. This birthday party must be one of the best I have ever attended. I came home to my family a sloppy cum mess.

The Trailer Trash Whore and the Girl Next Door

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore loves to masturbate. Yesterday, I was a bored trophy wife. We had no power from a storm, so I could not take calls. I decided to get high and masturbate. Now, I did masturbate in front of my window, so the neighbor girl could watch me. Because the school had no power either, she was home. Home alone too. In my neighborhood, all the homes have top notch security. That young girl had nothing to worry about except for the dirty old whore next door. I invited myself over. The coke made me bolder than usual. I wanted a play date. She was bored. I was bored. That is the best recipe for trouble, don’t you agree? I asked her if she liked the show. I brought some toys with me, toys I used on my daughters when they were her age. Toys that had my fresh cunt juice on them. I am such a trashy milf. I wanted to show her how to use her kitty for pleasure. Her pleasure matters too. Before the sex toys, I wanted to lick her bald kitty, finger it too. Jealous? Her pussy was untouched. I could feel her hymen with my tongue. I wanted to pop her cherry, but that honor should go to a man. In a way, I was glad I couldn’t work because I got to have fun with the super young girl next door.

Trashy MILF Loves Big Dick

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, you spend Friday nights partying and fucking. I had plans to be with my family for the night, but things didn’t go as planned. I had stopped at the liquor store to get some bourbon for my husband. I ran into a friend’s husband. He has long lusted for me. I have masturbated a time or two thinking about his cock. His wife brags about his huge cock. Women talk crudely, just like men do. I know there is a code among girlfriends, but I am only loyal to cock. I left my car in the parking lot, got in his SUV and we went to the seedy part of town and got a no tell motel. I texted my husband and told him I was in whore mode and I would be home later than I expected. He loves what a trailer trash whore he married. I married well, but I was in my element in this crack hotel. It was filled with hookers and drug addicts, maybe even some sex trafficking was going on too. I just wanted a place to fuck my friend’s husband where no one she knew would see us. She wasn’t lying. He had a massive cock. And I took it up my ass and cunt for hours in a dingy, roach infested motel room. It was reminiscent of my hooker days in a trailer park in the backwoods of West Virginia. He filled me up with cum that I took back to my family for sloppy seconds. What happened at the no tell motel stays at the no tell motel. I may never get to fuck my friend’s husband again, but at least I got some big dick. My offspring enjoyed cleaning up my messy holes. Of course, they dirtied me right back up again.

Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy sons love giving me a sloppy wet pussy. So do their friends. I got a little wild last night. I was over at a friend’s house. I got her high. She needed to loosen up a bit. Her son is my middle son’s best friend. I know my friend is not fucking her son. I have been fucking him over a year now, but I am just a surrogate. Every boy wants his own mother. My visit was not as impromptu as she thought. I had a mission. Get her high and get her to fuck her son. Mission accomplished. Once she was high her freak flag flew high. I told her about my hook ups with her son. I even showed her videos. Her son has a great cock and he knows how to eat pussy thanks to me. I told her that he has only been fucking this trashy milf because she is not fucking him. He was at the house. He was in on my plan. We can share him. He is at that age where the more pussy the better because he can fuck for hours at a time. I got to watch my son’s best friend finally fuck his mother. Not only was it wicked hot, but it was a proud moment for me too. I did a good thing. I am usually a hedonistic woman, but every now and then I can think about someone else. The boy fucked me too. I wasn’t going home with an empty pussy. My boys love sloppy seconds. My one son loved discovering that my cum filled cunt was from his best friend. Boys of a certain age don’t care about that shit. They just want to fuck. If there is cum already in the twat they are fucking, that just means they don’t need lube.

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