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Hardcore Anal Sex for My Daughter

hardcore anal sexMy middle daughter begged for some hardcore anal sex. We were alone, no brothers, no daddy, not even the gardener or his son were around. It was rare that no men were on hand. Usually my house is bustling with lots of people. My daughter was horny when she got home from school. She was watching Porn Hub anal sex videos instead of doing her homework when I checked on her. I wanted to be the good mom and tell her to do her homework, but I am a natural bad mom. I broke out my anal dildo and the lube and gave my daughter what she wanted. I lubed the anal dildo up with some K-Y warming jelly and slide it slowly in her pink puckered asshole. Damn, her ass looked so pretty taking that dildo. Out of all my girls, she is the most anal. Her nickname in the family is Anal Anna. She has loved putting things in her ass since she was a young girl. Her sexy moaning noises turned me on. My teen anal whore daughter was super wet. I fingered her cunt as I played with her ass. I love pleasuring both of her young holes at once. I made her cum so many times, she collapsed in her bed from exhaustion. Now that parents, is how you put a girl to bed properly.


Anal Cum Dumpster Mommy

anal cum dumpsterAn anal cum dumpster like me, never has to worry about mess. Personally, I love the feel of cum up in my fuck holes, but I can never keep any inside me for long. I have cum loving brats who like my messy mommy holes. I came home from a gang bang last night. Not a paid one. I made a surprise appearance at a friend of my son’s party. His parents are away, and he threw a big bash. I brought over a few kegs for them and ended up getting fucked for hours by horny teen boys. I didn’t intend on being a gangbang whore, but I never say no to a bunch of teen boys with hard dicks. When I got home, the girls saw the look on my face. They knew what I had been up too and started begging for a treat. The cum in my twat or ass is their favorite kind of candy. My daughters laid on the floor and I squatted over each on pushing out some creamy deliciousness from my well fucked holes. It was like a momma bird feeding her babies. Cum strands came straight out of my ass and cunt and right into their mouths. I try to keep cum inside me because I love playing with it and I love the smell my pussy gets when I leave cum inside of me for a day or so. But, with some cum guzzling sluts at home, it is almost impossible to do.

Phone Sex Line for Perverts

phone sex lineI have a phone sex line for perverts. My favorite calls involve P men and mommy lovers. Incest is a way of life for me and my family. Seriously, I don’t get vanilla families. I have a new addition to our family. A Nubian princess my husband brought home from an Africa trip. We have legally adopted her, and she has already earned the cost of her adoption. Our daughters are whores, but they are spoiled whores. They don’t live a life in shackles or in fear like sex slaves. They are spoiled and pampered and living in a home they can come and go from as they please. Even our newest addition knows she has it made here. She was excited to be a gangbang whore last night for daddy and some of his friends who wanted to help break in a sweet tender age black princess. Her skin coloring is perfect. She has blue eyes, which is very rare in black girls, so she has a very exotic look that commands money. She may be a whore, but I am going to raise this sweet young thing to understand her worth. She took numerous loads of cum in her chocolate little cunnie. I know because her creampie loving new sisters licked her clean. I think my girls have jungle fever. They said her pussy was the best thing they have ever eaten. I didn’t get jealous, I just helped clean up our little cum dump. They were right, her pink cum filled pussy tasted wonderful. I guess that saying the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice is true. Even after hours of being fucked, our new addition, still found time to fuck her brothers who wanted some sloppy seconds, and their chance to try out their new sister. She is a natural whore and a wonderful addition to our clan of sexy prostitutes.

BBC Phone Sex Inspires My Daughter

bbc phone sexMy youngest daughter overheard me on a BBC phone sex call. She got curious and started asking me questions after the call. She was acting like a black cock whore without the black cock. We watched a few BBC videos on Porn Hub and she was hooked. She loved the way tiny teen white girls took cocks way too big for their fuck holes. She made me promise to get her some black cock. How can I say no to my baby girl when she wants something so many girls want? I told my husband to arrange a black cock gangbang for her soon. In the meantime, I broke out my Kong dildo. It is this life-like huge ass black rubber dick. It is tree trunk thick like the real thing and just as long. I modeled black cock whore behavior for her as I sucked on my Kong. I am a mommy whore. I have had many cocks in my life and more black cock than any California trophy wife ever has I bet. Even with my big dick sucker credentials, I still struggled to get that imitation cock in my mouth. My daughter was like my nasty freak cheerleader. She was telling me to suck that nigger dick. Hearing her dirty words of encouragement made me wet. She is the only daughter who has not had a black monster snake yet, but that is all about to change. What my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets. Her daddy and I will give her as many big black dicks as she wants.

Dirty Phone Sex MILF


dirty phone sexI have a hot dirty phone sex story for you. A guy my husband knows, hired me to dominate his teen daughter. I would have done that for free but if he wanted to pay, I would take the money. There was no reason for me to take charge of his daughter. She was not unruly. She was not being disobedient or insolent either. He just wanted to watch. The idea of a mother type breaking a young girl was his fetish fantasy.  I understood why it was erotic and I was happy to make it cum true for him. I dressed in my bad ass latex cat suit, assembled a bunch of sex toys and headed to his place to meet his baby girl. The first thing I did was make her get on her knees and worship my pussy. A good cunt licker is taught how to be a good cunt licker. She had some natural ability, but I had to smother her. She fought me at first. She didn’t want any part of daddy’s fantasy. I felt for her, but girls need to be broken in and honestly, I think it is easier on their holes when a woman is in charge. I gave her soft kisses in between spankings and fucking her fuck holes with my strap-on. She was a feisty one, but I whispered in her ear to act like she loved it. Daddy would be satisfied, and she could go back to her life. She didn’t seem like a natural submissive. Not all girls are and then you can be submissive as a young girl like I was and grow up to be an in charge trashy milf. She ended up relaxing and just enjoying the sexual pleasure. Daddy got off, I got paid and afterwards, I found the girl on social media. I think we will be having more time together without daddy. She had a sweet little pussy.

Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy sloppy wet pussy was dripping into my daughters’ mouths last night. I came home from a private party and I was full of spunk. My daughters are cum whores just like me.  They like drinking it straight from mommy’s cunt. I get asked all the time, how did I raise such good cum whores? It is easy. You start them with daddy’s milk in their bottles or smeared on your tit if you breast feed. Then it’s daddy’s milk in their sippy cups. Then it’s daddy’s dick in their mouths. Then it is daddy’s milk in mommy’s pussy… Baby steps, increasing the amount of cum in the diet every step of the way. Before you know it, you have a family of cum whores. My brood loves mommy’s cum filled cunt, especially when it has multiple loads of man seed inside. I always try to bring home a treat for my girls when they aren’t along for the ride. I had some special sauce up my ass too. I fed them all dripping, hot cum from mommy’s freshly fucked holes just like a mama bird feeds her babies. I was high as fuck and filled up good. We had a daisy train for cunt licking last night. I woke up this morning, cleaned up and naked in bed with my daughters. That means, today will be all about my horny sons.

Pissing Sex Domination

pissing sexI have a pissing sex story for you. I was at the mall with my adopted daughter. She is black as night. A true Nubian princess. These punk ass teen boys were giving us shit. Calling her a jungle bunny and me a nigger loving whore. That shit doesn’t fly with me. I lured them into the family bathroom. I knew they would be down to fuck. It was just that I had zero intentions of fucking them. I wasn’t going to let them fuck my princess either. No one fucks her for free. These high school punks should have been in school. They were about to get schooled in humiliation. I showed my Nubian doll how to piss on racist assholes. I joined her. I tied them up with my designer leather belt. I told them if they screamed or fought, I would film this and plaster it on social media. My precious new angel couldn’t believe I was encouraging her to dominate white men.  I wanted to empower her. The only time men can dominate me or any of my brood is if they have paid top dollar for the privilege. No punk ass teen boy unless his last name is Trump can afford us. I thought the asshats would be humiliated being pissed on by a trashy milf and her black daughter. They were begging for more. They apparently love golden showers and in control women. I let my angel jack their dicks, but I made her stop as soon as I could see they were about to cum. They could lay there on the bathroom floor with blue balls covered in girl pee for all I cared. They didn’t deserve mercy. They were little pricks and my daughter, and I take no shit from anyone unless money is involved.

Live Phone Sex End of Summer Block Party

live phone sexLive phone sex is the best. You get to talk to a dirty whore who just finished fucking!  Over the weekend, I went to this end of summer block party and I took my two teen daughters. Normally, I don’t go to those kinds of things. I just party at home with my brats. Or, lovers come to me. We had been at the Farmer’s market in the morning when we saw the block party posters. Now, this wasn’t my block. This was in the hood. The poster had two handsome black men on it and it was clear what type of end of summer party this was too. It was subtle, but my experience told me that this was a party for black men and white women. My intuition was correct too. The funny thing is, that I seemed to be the only woman who knew it. I told my girls I was going to get them some goodbye to summer BBC. In my head, I was thinking I needed some big black cocks for my bbc phone sex lovers anyway. A hot MILF can never get enough black cock, right? There were other women there and a few dozen black buff men. These women were novices. They may have had jungle fever, but they didn’t know how to act on it. My daughters and I got the party started. No better way to say goodbye summer, hello fall than a black gang bang. Once those other white women saw us naked on all fours getting crammed with black dick in our fuck holes, they joined the real party. I love helping a bitch get her freak on. Nothing wrong with being a black cock whore. Those black hood rats loved my hot teen sluts too. They enjoyed stretching their tiny fuck holes. We said goodbye to summer in a way we will never forget. I am sure those other skanks will not soon forget their first BBCs either.

BBC phone sex

The Trailer Trash Whore Life

trailer trash whoreThe life of a trailer trash whore is never boring. I got called to the school to pick up my daughter yesterday, who they claimed was in violation of the dress code. I saw her when she left for school. She had her uniform on and panties. She knows panties are optional at home but required at school. When I arrived at school, I was dressed inappropriately to make a statement. My dress was too tight and too short. Ample cleavage was visible. Sure enough, my hot teen slut wasn’t wearing panties and a teacher ratted her out. Had to be gay because what red blooded male doesn’t want to see a bald teen cunt, right? I covered for whore daughter, so she wouldn’t get in trouble for trying to entice a male teacher with her young cunnie. It was my fault anyway. I taught her that move. I had panties in my purse because I suspected that was the issue. Before the principle could even begin lecturing me on proper behavior, I asked if I could give my daughter her fresh panties. He looked at me incredulously. I explained she got her period and ruined her panties, therefore, she asked me to bring her a fresh pair. Problem solved. Guys hate period talk. He apologized for pulling her out of class.  I took her home and ate her pussy while she told me about the teacher she failed to seduce. I assured her there was nothing wrong with her sweet bald pussy and that any man who doesn’t get hard seeing her flash her bald slit must be gay or blind. I mean if you were her teacher and a she was in the front row with no panties, you would fuck her sloppy wet pussy and not report her to the principle, right?

Creampie Slut Family

creampie slutI am such a creampie slut. My entire family enjoys a good creampie. My husband is no exception. He was my security last night for a hotel gangbang. The client just wanted me; not any of my small army of jailbait hoes. Once I got there, I found out why. It was a suite filled with 20 something guys. It was a bachelor party and the groom to be had MILF fantasies. I let them call me mommy as I fucked all 20 of them for hours. I let anyone fuck me bare back because one, it feels better to them, and two, I love a cum filled cunt. I like it for me, but I like it for the creampie lovers I live with. We are so kinky in my family, that after my MILF gangbang was over, my husband put a fat vibe up my cunt to keep the cum inside me. I was going home to feed an army of creampie lovers. My husband is the biggest creampie guy I know. He got first dibs on my messy pussy. I had to scold him, so he wouldn’t be too selfish. “Leave some for your sons and daughters,” I quipped. He gave me a sheepish grin, the pulled away from my creamy pussy pie. My sons and daughters all got a slice of the creampie because I was filled with over 20 loads of boy sperm. Between them all, they cleaned me up well. Of course, they all fucked me again, so I was just as messy as before!

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