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Eat This Sloppy Wet Pussy

Sloppy wet pussyLet’s be honest I’m the kind of girl that gets around. If you met me through a friend or just a acquaintance it would probably be a safe assumption that I’ve fucked them. Most people I met have seen me naked and much more. I mean who can blame them, when I look at myself I feel like touching myself all over. I know when I’m sucking your cock the thought may cross your mind of how many other cocks have I sucked today. When I’m pushing you face first into my pussy I don’t think you’re really going to care. The idea of eating my dirty Sloppy Wet Pussy makes your cock throb. A part of you likes the idea of taking part of someone’s leftovers doesn’t it?

Pass Me Around

Gangbang whoreA lot of times I like to do favors in exchange for some drugs especially if I find myself a bit to short. Which how I ended up being the nightly entertainment for a guys night out this weekend. Not sure what they were celebrating but it was a big group of guys who wanted more than just the average stripper. My dealer who set it up told them to do whatever they wanted to me. When the party starter they offered me a few lines to get started and my pussy was already getting really wet. They had their hands all over me, ripping off my clothes. I could hear them talking about who would fuck me first so I said why not have me take care of more at one time. Before I knew it I had a fat dick in my mouth, my hands wrapped around two more jerking them toward my face. While my pussy was getting rammed, a big black cock forced its way into my ass. Each time they would bust a nut I would just get passed to the next guy until I was soaked all over with cum dripping out of my holes. Turns out I make a great Gangbang whore.

Be Nasty With Me

Nasty phonesexNasty phonesex is what I want. I don’t want to be sweet and talk about loving sex can be. Fuck that shit! I want to be a dirty little fuck whore. I want all my holes fucked and filled until I’m stuffed like a creme doughnut with the icing leaking out. Make me drink from you, and be a little potty princess I don’t fucking care. I’m not your girlfriend or wife no need to care, just treat me like a filthy whore off the street. All I care about is what makes the dick blast its jizz over and over again until those balls are drained. My young cunts ready and wet for all those throbbing hard cocks that need a tight young bitch like me!

Yummy, Yummy!

Cum guzzling slutSo at this party the other night I was having a blast! I love dance up on guys and teasing them. However at the end of the night I’m really looking to finish off with some dirty fun. So I spotted a few guys who seemed to be in some sort of group and invited them to the bathroom with me. I had the three of them whip their dicks out for me to suck and stroke at the same time. Nothing excites me more then to have a bunch of cocks in my face. I love licking off all the precum and getting a sample taste before the real thing. I told them I was thirsty and really didn’t something that would hit the right spot. I had them all cumming into my mouth in now time, I love being a Cum Guzzling Slut!

Creampie Me Mister!

Creampie slutThe best thing about being a slut to me is feeling used for pleasure. Like some kind of toy that is easily thrown away. I didn’t realize this except a little while ago. I met up with this man I talked to online and I went to his place to fuck. He loves taken pictures of his cum leaking out of pussies he had them all over the wall. I loved staring at them as he was fucking me. Of course I wanted to be on that wall. I begged to be on the wall next. He came in my pussy snapped a pic of his little creampie and threw a towel at me. He told me to consider it was gift and walked off. He didn’t come back to the room, I sat there and I felt dirty. I realized he had no intention of seeing me again and I loved it. I was a conquest and nothing more. I left his place without seeing him again, and a little bit closer to the whore I am today.

Dirty No Taboo Teen

No taboo phone sexCome on big dick Daddy I know what you want, what you crave. You know whats so much better then just looking? It’s touching, and fucking these tight holes of mine. I bet your dick throbs when you think about grabbing and squeezing these ass cheeks as you slide into this tight dirty hole. Don’t worry to much about getting your cock too dirty, I’ll clean it off. See I’m a big nasty young whore, so I don’t mind adding shit eater to the list of things you’re going to call me. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ll do anything to get you off, go ahead why don’t you test me. I don’t scare easy, honestly I’m just a little deviant whore that will do anything to get off. Ready to get crazy nasty together?