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You know I just like a big juicy set of balls to suck on with a nice big dick attached to run my tongue up and down. Taking that shaft into my lips and teasing the glands under that throbbing cap is such a pleasure that makes my tranny dick hard. I love the feel of cock in my mouth and as an anal sex whore I really love a big dig pounding my ass. I want you to suck me off while your friend does me in the butt. My desire is to get in the middle of a gangbang and that forceful fucking of my ass makes my dick throb and you need to suck me off while I am being continually violated big dick after big throbbing dick. Can you handle my dick?

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I’m a good crack whore anal loving tranny that will take whatever you got to give me. I’m such a femme cock sucking addict that can’t get enough of that hard ass fucking and my special package is a throbbing meat log that I am more than happy to share. I love to slip some sausage in a hot hole and speaking of holes, glory holes are such a fucking hot time for me.

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You’re craving something different, something extra naughty and well something satisfying? Well my darlings I have just what the doctor ordered. Cum get some hardcore anal sex with this hot tranny of fornication. I want to catch your hard throbbing cock deep in my fuckhole and pitch my loaded cock into your hot shit hole of desire. There’s nothing like some hot ass to mouth and snowballing those loads back and forth. I want to drizzle that cum from my mouth right into your brown eye and slurp it back out, and I expect you to want the same. We are going to get really fucking wild baby and I sure hope you can handle 9″ of fully erect dick paired with a nice firm pair of tits.

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So you think you are a real fucking pervert do you, big boy? Hmmm? You extreme and shit? You think you can take and dish out some of that crazy stuff when it cums to getting off and getting kinky? Well the fuck are you bad asses? I’m here, with this hot fucking rack and a sweet ass… and I got a nice fucking cock even.

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One thing I can’t seem to get enough of is that hardcore anal sex with a nice juicy nigger cock. That big chocolate banana just really does it for me and this tranny cock gets so fucking hard. A trashy druggy tranny is what I am and I give no fucks about anyone’s opinion of me. You like to suck dick and get your dick sucked? Like a good switch hitter? I bet we can have some kinky filthy fun. I love when I get some unsuspecting guy home and give him an awesome fucking blowjob, we get so geeked up and I play with his ass as I blow him. My fuck stick starts to get really hard and grows and with my delicate panties and short tight skirts, there is no way of hiding this bad boy.

I ease into things and calm him as most start to react very negatively. Oh but baby with how fucking hot and ready to go as he is by this moment from my awesome oral skills he or is it You, are about to be my bitch, or maybe if I’m really lucky… I will be fucked hard and rough like a bitch in heat.

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Some heavily drug infused fun is what I have in store for you. I know you will look for a hot tranny all night with thoughts of meeting up and getting some blow from her, and sometimes that is all you pretend to want. I know you better than that. I know you want to get geeked up and fuck a some sweet tranny ass and have your sweet ass fucked by my tranny cock also.

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