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Cum eating phone sex

You are a cum eating phone sex addict as you get used to the tasting of your own cum. I love to direct my filthy fuckers into eating their cum. I love to help you branch out and try hooking up with a Tranny hooker and eat her cum. You will suck cock and eat cum and I am the sexy Shemale that will help make it happen. It’s a dirty little secret of ours that I am a crack whore prostitute and I love making guys suck me off. I love it in my ass and I love to suck a nice BBC myself. Why not teach you on that BBC also. Light up that rock baby, and gimme a call. We will get down and dirty. I’m a dirty t-girl whore and can’t wait to make you my bitch.

Cum Eating Phone Sex 4 Tranny Cock

You are craving that cum eating phone sex fun as you know it brings you even closer to giving tranny cock a try. I am here to guide you and make you a true faggy sissy slut for some hot cock sucking. I want you to crave my cock so badly that you will be coerced to seeking out a tranny in real life to suck off. You will go even as far as letting that sexy ladyboy cock pop your ass cherry or maybe it’s a man pussy to you either way you will become violated. For now though have a nice lifelike dildo or two ready so you can grind that sweet hole on it as I tell you how I am going to fuck that ass. The best are the suction ones so you can suck and grind on those cocks like your the dirty little glory hole slut you thrive to be.

cum eating phone sex

Hookers For Hire For Fucking Anal

I am in the anal category of Hookers for hire, and I got what you want baby. You love the idea of hooking up with a tranny and why the hell not baby, we got the tits and dick and a whole lot of hotness to offer. I remember hooking up with a guy through the defunct craigslist days. He was so fucking nervous and horny at the same time. I got him to relax with me as I slipped a little something in his drink. He loosened right up and popped that Viagra for good measure. I had so much fun with him, teasing him and making him into a good cock sucker for me. The best part was taking him in my backdoor and letting him get a little pitching in. But when I got him bent over and taking my nearly nine inches of tranny dick, that was the best. I made him my cum dumpster and he was a damned good receiver after he relaxed for me. I pumped him full and made him finish me off in his mouth, like a good boy, he swallowed.

Hookers for hire


My Tranny Phone Sex Lover

My tranny phone sex lover is completely addicted to me. He cannot stop thinking about me or worshiping my big hard cock. He has a little clitty and a sweet mangina that I just love to plow. I like to take him in the back of the church and whisper to him about how I am throbbing to be inside his man cave. His little dicklet throbs when I mention penetrating his man cunt. His mouth waters and I can only lift my Sunday dress up and let him release my throbbing ladyboy cock from the confines of my pretty red lace panties. I want his mouth on my cock and I want his tongue teasing the precum out of my dick hole. The thought of him sucking me off in church is hot, it’s even hotter when we sneak into the church while I’m dressed as a nun and he a priest. Ever sucked a Nun’s cock in church before? Well you should try it.

Tranny phone sex

Anal Cum Dumpster For My Tranny Cock

You’re just one big ole anal cum dumpster for my nearly nine inches of throbbing hard tranny cock. I love visiting those hi-way truck stops when I am commuting along the tri-state corridor meeting up with my johns. The stops at those trucker showers and all night diners where they can camp out for the night are so much fun for me. I love that extra cash and boy do they love a sexy tranny with great tits and a nice cock like mine. I’m loaded and ready to go when I swing by. Whether they want a blow job, wish to suck me off or in need of a good anal pounding, giving or receiving I’m all in baby. You big guys never need be shy around Josie, I’ll be a perfect woman and I give satisfaction. You are guaranteed a good time with me, and yes, I have the blow if you need it too. This tranny is always packing a fully functional big cock and a little nose candy to party the night away. Sweet dreams lover.

Anal cum dumpster

Druggy Porn Jerk Off To Tranny

You love a good druggy porn jerk off session with a hot tranny dick like mine to focus on. I know your a cock sucking faggot just like my favorite callers. They love on my big nearly 9 inches of hot tranny dick. I may not have the biggest Shemale cock but I have awesome tits to pair with this nice thick cock. Yes it does feel good when you suck on it, your mouth was meant for sucking my tranny cock and my cock really feels so good fucking your little cum guzzler of a mouth. You are my bitch now and I have complete control over you, now bend over and let Josie fuck your sweet puckered man pussy. I promise you will be begging for my cum in your bum and in your cock sucking slut mouth. I will drain my balls down your throat, fondle your cock, and if it’s over 7″ inches honey, I will be happy to suck you off, after all I love sucking big dick and taking a nice big cock in my sweet ass is certainly a turn on for me.

Druggy Porn

Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Cock

I love having dirty phone sex with my tranny cock shoved down some lil sissy fags gullet as I make her choke it down and swallow my load. I’ll certainly ease in and make that cock throb and mouth beg me to let her suck it and beg me to be my sissy faggot cock sucker. I will dom that bitch like the mother fucking savage slave owner the little bitch wants to be owned by. Mmm… you know that little thing in those pretty panties is just oozing for some sexy tranny cock to rub on it. I love the rub my throbbing dick head next to a sweet tight little ass that has been grinding on that butt plug jonesing for some nice big flesh rod to penetrate it and make that pussy throb and clit squirt. Soil your panties for me Bitch and be ready to suck every last drop from Josies big throbbing ladyboy cock like the little faggot dick sucker you are.

Dirty Phone Sex

My Filthy Cock Sucking Sluts

I love my filthy cock sucking sluts and love how shy they get with me at first. You know who you are you naughty boy, and I love to pop that sweet ass cherry of your every time. The way my phone sex sluts suck me off, like cum craving little whores is the fucking best. I am a total cum junky myself, when there’s a big beautiful cock in question. Most of my little faggots have small clitty’s and I love to tease them. It’s such fun to shoot my hot tranny load all over a small dicklett. I’m always up for some mutual cock sucking and anal fucking too! I’m a dominant tranny whore but that doesn’t mean I don’t get off on my share of kinky fun too. A little power exchange is exciting, especially when you think your going to dom me. I will have no regrets in turning the tables and making you my bitch. It’s just what I do, and how I play.

Phone sex sluts


Golden Showers Sex For Filthy Fun

I had a client that looked me up online to get his filthy fantasy fulfilled of golden showers sex with a filthy Tranny prostitute. I fit the bill perfectly and he fit the bill perfectly for my needs also. He was a little man that was loaded and married. Like many married and rich men, he had some dirty secrets, and I was one of them. I loved to take my hose out and piss on him. One of his other dirty secrets was his need to wear women’s lingerie as he played a little cock whore for me. I would piss on him and degrade his trampy rich ass before I really made him my bitch. I had him gulping down big fat wads of my cum after fucking is little whore mouth. Then when he was still begging to suck me some more I slapped his face and took him in the ass. I love my little cum guzzler, I especially luv them as I fuck their little man whore cunts.

Golden Showers Sex

Crack Whore Anal Sex Fix

This redneck trailer park management prick was secretly in love with my tranny cock. I was owning his little white boy ass from the day he realized his mama’s best tenant was a chick with a dick and he was instantly in lust over me. He was so young with those raging hormones and he got a glimpse of me in a bikini sunbathing in my backyard and started jerking off to me ever since. He was always snooping around and one time I invited him in and offered him a hit off the crack pipe. I let him have a few and had so much fun with him then. I had him on his knees begging me to fuck him while he was getting his throat coated with my spunk. I  unloded in his virginal mouth then bent him right over and rammed my near 9″ in that sweet young ass. This boy is such a faggot cock sucker for my sweet shemale cock that I have him bringing me drugs to get some time with me.

crack whore anal

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