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Hardcore Anal Sex Tranny Josie

How much am I into hardcore anal sex? Well darling I have taken 15 cocks in a 2 hour range of fucking non-stop and the only hole (other than my mouth) for them to pound is this beautiful gaped back door. Well, it isn’t gaped at the moment but my next run of a gangbang should be this evening and I will surely have my asshole gaping and creamy.

On the other end of my cock I would love to have your sweet sissy faggot ass and be the one pitching that ass gaping hard core ass fucking. I bet that dick is throbbing thinking about my satisfying size of a cock pounding that faggot bung hole. You love to pretend you aren’t gay, but honey your craving for dick ain’t no straight mans way. Give into it and just let yourself enjoy a good fucking time.I’ll be gentle… at first.

Hardcore anal sex

Crack Whore Anal For Little Faggot

Your just a little druggy faggot that is high and need some hot crack whore anal sex that will leave as a filthy cum receptacle that you are. Don’t play straight and coy with me, I know you crave cock, and I know secretly cock and tits are really what gets your cock throbbing. Sure you can pretend to be straight and then go out and seek a sexy shemale to have a good time with, and sure that doesn’t make you gay at all, now does it you pathetic little sissy, you’re a sissy faggot and need cock. I know your dying to see  what my bulge is like the bulge you see growing under this tight slinky skirt, and you better take care of it like a good little faggot should.

Crack whore anal

Pissing Sex With Sexy Tranny

Pissing Sex

Some hot and heavy hard and long fucking is what I love. I had a little get together with a couple of other Ladyboys and we got so high and wasted that we had some of the messiest sloppy fucking going on with our three tranny cocks and these fuck holes and mouths draining the spunk dry from those big shemale cocks. It’s super hot to have two other tranny’s with gorgeous tits palying dirty and pissing on themselves while I hose them down as well. It was beautiful and having one suck me off until I was ready then I unloaded all my tranny cum onto those beautiful shemale tits. We fucked each other so damned good all our asses were gaping by the time we were done.

Just Another Anal Cum Dumpster For A Party

You may think that cum junkies are just junkie whores that really have no idea what they love and just suck cum out of those endless ballsacks during gangbangs because they are that fucked up… well that can be partially true, or it could be a closet cum guzzler that really lets loose once the drugs hit. I love to be a anal cum dumpster whether sober or high as fuck and partying hardcore with some good drugs producing immense body highs… but taking cock in my back door while I get to ram a tight sweet ass of the unsuspecting or new to trying cock guys… I love to release cum in a tight hole or wide open mouth as much as I love to feel it fill up my slut hole or ooze down my whore throat.

Anal cum dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster Gets Whored Up

I found this anal cum dumpster hanging out at the crack house I frequent and she was so fucking strung out for a fix that I couldn’t resist using her for drugs. My BBC dealer just loves the tight young things that are new to the habit and haven’t completely come around to whoring themselves yet. He was happy with my little gift for him that he let me have an eight ball and some of that BBC in my whore hole. I love the way his big black dick pounds my sweet blonde girl ass while I get all geeked up. When I got my fill he asked if I wanted to go doubles with him on the sweet young addict. I surely didn’t turn that down, and took her tight virginal addict ass while his massive black fuck rod destroyed her barely fucked tight little dick… she got her fix and more than she was in store for, ad I got mine.

Anal cum dumpster


Is Tranny Phone Sex Too Taboo 4 You?

I am wondering if it really is still a Taboo thing for guys to indulge in tranny phone sex. I’m just a girl, really and I happen to have a bit of  a bulge in my girly silky panties and that intrigues you and you question your “straightness” when you think about my cock. In reality you dream of worshipping my tits and this nice fully functional cock of mine and i question whether you have Balls enough to indulge me with your desires.

Tranny phone sex

I am an awesome dick sucker and these tits of mine are fucking perfect, especially to titty fuck with that hot piece of cock meat you have. We can suck each other off and take turns bending the other over for some completely cum filled fun.

Big Dick Sucker Is What You Are!

Nothing makes me hot like telling some little closet faggot to “get down and suck my cock, and suck it good bitch”. You would be surprised how many men have tried denying that they really want to suck my cock and let me fuck their precious hole! You naughty little big dick sucker you! Seriously when they realize I am packing a nice dick they try getting pissed and shit but fucking truth is right there as their fucking thermometer of how hot they are for dick is rising to the moment. I will get down and gobble that cock down my gullet and they really have nothing left to do than submit and blow a load down this tranny whores throat. I know that’s what you wish to do!

Big dick sucker

Crack Whore Anal and A Cum Slut

Crack whore anal is a sort of thing that certain pervs are extremely fond of and it’s my specialty, in a way. I am a total anal slut for obvious reasons and that means I will both pitch and catch in those filthy games. So the other evening as I was working my magic on this filthy coked up slut I met at the bar I heard someone perving about in the hallway and caught my landlord peeping in on me with a red face and raging hard dick. First thing I made him do is suck the ass off of my dick and then clean the sluts ass of all of my cum. He was fucking jizzing like a god damned teen just discovering porn. I couldn’t help but laugh at him and made him my personal fucking cum slut to clean loads out of ass and suck my clients clean. Such a fucking cum slut and the type every cum dumpster needs.

Crack Whore Anal

Anal Sex Whore Jerks To Freaks

Your a freak for lady dick and you know it. The other night we were talking and you couldn’t get your eyes off of my crotch. I know you were curious about what I have down there under that micro skirt. You aren’t very subtle about it and I just lead you on playing a cock tease, but i’m such an anal sex whore that we both know I am gonna be pitching and receiving soon. I know your going to make a great dick sucker and I will love to plant this fuck stick of mine deep in that bitch hole of yours. I will give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had, and you will love these tits.

ANal sex whore

Got Kinky Tendencies?

Tranny phone sex

You hide your secret identity of being a cocksucker when really you just want to be understood. Your secret crossdressing and wanting to be a sissy and your main kink is to have a tranny phone sex hooker to make you her little bitch. Well I am here and have no idea what you are waiting for. I’ll let you fuck my ass if you suck my dick. I’ll fuck your sissy man pussy really good also.

I had so much fun the other night when I picked up a new client and we smoked that crack dick all night long and fucked. I love getting these married men that are away on Business and have the weekends free and already have a hotel room. We had such a fine time swapping cum loads into asses and sucking cock. You really should get in on this fun.


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