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Sucking BBC For Molly

BBC Phone Sex


I love licking huge crystals of mdma off of big black dicks. The sensation of the the sandy power crackling across your cock mixed with the weird medicinal flavor of the drug is completely sublime. I love the way it feels to have you or a few friends come over with those dicks and have them just filling my mouth up- sword fighting each other inside my mouth. The pre-cum dripping down my throat and the salty taste and scent of your balls up against my nose while I start to feel higher and higher. The cocks growing bigger and bigger inside my mouth. It’s all just leading up to that amazing moment when I’m high as fuck and I get to feel that cum shoot down into my belly. I’ll do anything to get a little loose though so don’t think that just because you don’t have my drug of choice we can’t talk. I wanna tell you about my slutty little life all night.

Druggy Slutty Whore Bitch

Drunk Girl Fucking

Oh my god- I got so wasted last night. I can only sorta remember what happened but basically I went to this party, right? And I was drinking like a ton, way more than I should of. And of course I was smoking pot and doing coke all night too. The blow should of kept me up but of course, it did nothing and I found myself passed out on a bed with 8 guys jerking off on to me. My ass is still so fucking sore, guys- for real. I mean, you know I loved it because I’m a dumb slut but the only thing that freaks me out about it is that they were filming the whole thing. I really want a copy of the video because I know I probably look so hot passed out on that nasty bed covered in jizz. You’d want to watch it too, right? 😉

Party & Play With Friends!

Cum Filled Cunt


Weed, coke and molly got the party started just right. Me & my friend went over to your place and you had the right idea in mind. Line after line of the good shit, now we’re horny and it’s obvious. We take turns sucking your cock and licking your asshole out really good. Yummy! Then it’s time to watch me do what I do best and that’s ride! I’m up on your dick and going at it so hard while my friend places with my cunt! We’ve got my titties out for you and you’re having a blast. You’re going to fill my pussy up with your cum, aren’t you? You better! I keep fucking you harder and harder, I wanna feel that blast go up in me. My gal pal gets down and starts sucking my clit and your balls while I’m still on top of you reverse cowgirl on the sofa. The drugs have me so motivated to fuck the shit out of you and just when I think I can’t go on any longer- you explode. God damn, that was fun. Can we come by later?

Drug Slut Fest 2017

hookers for hire


Okay so I think I should just go ahead and call the summer of 2017 my Slut-A-Thon aka Drug Slut Fest 2017 aka I want to get banged out as much as possible before fall starts. I’m sure you can help!!! Hopefully you have a few friends who might want to gang bang this teeny pussy to bits as well. I am a total whore for getting fucked proper. My pussy stays wet thinking about all the different ways you and any of your pals could maybe use me to pieces. Give me a little bit of blow and let’s go, baby! I wanna get used and treated like the whore I am. No shame in it, I just know what I like!!! Got any black friends because I loooooooooove big black cock filling me up. Bounce me, pounce me- lick me up and spit me out. I am yours to whatever you’d like. Slip me a pill later?  You can buy me off of here right now, I’m your hooker for hire.

High On Cock

bbc sex stories


You already know what a drugged up whore I am but what you didn’t know about me is how high I really get on just getting dick. Especially big black cock all gangbang style. 20 or more dicks coming at me from all angles. Cocks on cocks, sticking my holes and filling me up in ways i didn’t think was imaginable. 2 cocks in my cunt, 2 cocks in my asshole and 2 in my mouth. Gangbang the shit out of me with you and your friends. Sex gets me higher than any drug out there. I love getting silly like this by you boys. It’s my ultimate kink after all 😉 being used up by a bunch of horny men and having no say in whats going to happen next. You guys can hold me down and make me your little bitch or force me to ride you hard and long till my body aches from all the orgasms. Fill my cunt up, let’s have fun.

Sex On The Beach


 Anal Cum Dumpster
I got wasted on the boardwalk and was looking for some strange dick. You and your boys picked up on my slut-walk pretty quickly and introduced yourselves with a huge sack of blow and a flask of vodka. I blindly followed you guys and hoped for the best. I was going to get some dick and that’s all that really matters, right? By the time we made it to the spot, you guys grabbed me and tore my clothes off. “You’re going to be our toy for the night, cunt!”
Your words made my pussy drip. I think you expected me to be scared but in reality I was so down to have sand and jizz so far up my cunt that my new nickname for myself will now be “sandy clam” – it’s crazy how much a druggy slut like me loves getting nasty, isn’t it? You and your friends take turns digging my pussy out with your cocks while I get force fed dicks in my mouth. You guys finish me off and leave me in total pleasure and bliss. I stupidly told you where my hotel is too- are you and your boys going to stop by to have some more fun?

Getting Fucked In Your Mom’s Van

Live Phone Sex


Your mom let you take her car today and you couldn’t think of anything else to do besides go to the truck stop and pick up a whore. I look like fun and we start chatting about what you want. You ask me to get in the van and you pull the car over to the side of the parking lot. It’s super hot outside so you just roll the windows down and we climb into the back. You grab the back of my head and make me suck your big dick off. I can’t help but notice your mom’s bible and church bag in the seat beside us- I wonder if she knows her son is such a whore-lover? You then pull me on top of you and make me ride you facing out so I can see all the people watching me get my nasty pussy banged out. You pull my panties to the side and ride the shit out of me. I am gripping on to anything I can to hold on because I am getting rode so hard by your cock. You start cumming inside me even though I am begging you not to. After you kick me out of the car quickly, throwing the cash we agreed on into my face. Before you pull off you just tell me to be here later. I’m waiting for you now, dirty boy!

Trucker’s Delight

Lot Lizard Sex


The regular lot lizards aren’t as pretty or as cute as me. You get hard as soon as you see my cute tanned body walking around looking for cocaine and giving out blowjobs like it’s Christmas. Let me up into the cab of your truck and force me to suck your cock- can’t make that money for nothing right? Your dick tastes so salty and sweaty, I love being your little cheap hooker on the down-low. None of my friends know what I do for thrills. Take your hand and make me gag on your big juicy dick. I lick up your pre-cum with a smile. Being a dirty whore is my kink and making extra money for slutting it up is fun for me. Bang the shit out of me in your truck and call your friends on the radio- you found a cute and tight whore who has no limits. When are you going to be back on this side of town?

Fucking On Crack Rock

Anal Sex Whore


Load the pipe up for me? I don’t have any money but I’ll do whatever it takes for you or one of your boys to give me a little pep. I wanna get high as hell on crack cocaine and get fucked by a countless number of dicks. You guys can get me so fucked up that I won’t even know what happened so why not use me? Make me suck each of you off. Make me jack off your dicks with all the energy the drugs give me. I wanna have some real taboo fun! Drop a pill down my throat then make me drink your cum to wash it down. I love fucking for drugs so much and at least you’re actually a babe. I’ll do whatever you want me to do, I just need my next fix.

Sloppy-Sucky Blowjob Bitch

Big Dick Sucker


I love sucking big cocks all day long. I’m a cum-guzzling whore who wants to eat up all your jizz. Call me and let’s talk about how good it’s going to feel when I fuck your dick with my throat over and over again. I don’t need a break, you can fuck my skull till you’re finally done with me. I’ll open up wide and take every load right into my mouth and gurgle that jizz before I swallow the whole load down. Got a friend who wants to join? Perfect! The more dicks the better, that’s my motto! Gimme both them cocks in my stupid-slutty mouth and let them rub up against each other while I suck the two of you off really good. Now both of you explode and all that yummy cum drips down my chin. That was so good, can we do it again tonight?

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