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Gangbang Rave

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I went to this rave last night and had such a blast. As soon as I got there, I found the guy who was holding all the MDMA. I made an agreement with him that he could charge more for a certain tab if he told guys who bought that particular bean that it included a ticket to a different type of show happening in the parking lot later. Dudes jumped all over it, getting that they were going to get the chance to fuck a hot drug slut while she was high as hell. In exchange for getting use to use my holes, I got as many rolls as I wanted all night long. Finally 13 guys deep, I was surrounded by horny dudes on high on molly, hard and ready to use me. I love how wet my pussy gets when I start feeling that first peak hit me. Having those cocks shoved inside me, pounding away at my tight pussy and opening me up. There was a second where I got scared because I realized I still had 7 guys to take on but I knew it was nothing a little more miss molly couldn’t fix. Finally it was down to the last two and I needed to pop another pill. I had the guys stick one inside my asshole and another inside my cunt while I chewed away at a third pill. They blasted my hoes with cum, shooting the mdma inside of me and suddenly I was ready to go make some more new friends, if you know what I mean. 😉

How I Started Hookin’



Hooker Phone Sex


I bet you’ve really wondered how a whore like me got into this business. Well it all started when my Grandpa began showing my younger brother and I “how to be grown-ups”.  He would invite men over all the time and they would pay him to get to watch our young bodies try to figure out sex, while pop-pop instructed. It was then that I realized this was a money making machine, I just had to get pop-pop out of the picture. Thankfully he lost interest in us once we grew up a bit. I had a craving for strange dick, or I guess I had an addition to money. And cocaine. And especially weed! Now days I don’t even have to do anything to pay my bills besides head down to the truck stop and let those lonely old fat truckers have their way with me. The hottest so far was getting gang banged in the shower by 7 of them all at the same time. Just a few puffs off the pipe, a few lines and a shot of Jack Daniels get me feeling perfect and ready to ride strange dick all night long. Give me a call and let me tell you about my wild sex kink or even if you’re game, I’ll tell you exactly where I’ll be picking up “johns” tonight. Let’s have fun, this tight young pussy is perfectly trained and ready to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Trailer Park Whore

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Everyone knows I’ve fucked every man and boy in this trailer park. Being the neighborhood’s little red wagon who is down to party and get laid out has became kind of my reputation and to be totally honest with you- I love being a fucking slut. The other day I was at home hanging out and the landlord came by to tell me mom and dad had fallen behind on rent again. Damn. But that’s when he sorta expressed interest in getting that revenue paid back to him in a different sort of way. I let him come inside the trailer, sat him down and immediately started giving him a striptease that he will not soon forget. Then I got on the sofa right beside him and fucked my pussy with my dildo while he beat off. Seeing his little wrinkled dick get hard for probably the first time in awhile drove me crazy. I leaned over and started sucking him off. His fat stomach rolling over almost to cover it but as they say, throw some flour on it right? Once I got him nice and hard, I bent over and let that gross old man fuck me right in the asshole. He poured his jizz inside me, slapped me on the ass to say thank you and told he’d be by in a month again to collect more for rent. Jesus, mom and dad really owe me for this one.

Gangbang Me In The Alley



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You guys spotted me walking home all alone from the club. You could tell I was super drunk and you knew you had the perfect chance to strike right then and there. I was dressed like such a total whore, all of you agreed I was deserving a good force fucking in a shady place. You guys all popped out of your car at once which totally made my head spin and before I could do anything in terms of defending myself, I realized I was in your clutches for good. You guys started pushing and kicking me down to my knees, taking your cocks out and force feeding me those dicks. I had to try so hard not to throw up everywhere because you were shoving them so far down my throat I was losing control of my gag reflex. That’s when you guys threw me up against the wall, held my arms and legs wide open and begun running a train on me. Each of you finished off inside my cunt and then you slapped me around for good measure before leaving me in that alley to pass out alone.

Getting Dicked Down

Big Dick Sucker



One of my favorite things about the holidays is how all the wives are out shopping constantly which leaves their husbands all alone. With that new found freedom they are obviously all on Backpage calling my add to order a date and partying like a teenager with hot little ol me. The most fun I’ve had lately though was this literal neighborhood association of suburban daddies who wanted a hot piece of ass to be cum dumpster main event at their yearly holiday stag party. It was about 9 of you guys who were all wanting to blow off some steam. After doing a couple of rails of what was probably the best blow I’ve ever had (side note: rich guys always have good drugs) I was ready to perform. I had set up my stripper pole and did a few lap dances but I hadn’t agreed to be used like how you guys had in mind. Next scene I was choking on cock, laid out on a pool table while you and your neighborhood buddies had your way with me. Ripping me off the pool table and on to my knees like a slut should be treated, telling me to open my mouth and catch all of your cum shots was a perfect ending. You handed me a wad of cash and told me to be ready for New Years Eve when you guys really threw down. Can’t wait, honestly!

GHB and Tina

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My best friend and I were cruising Tinder for some guys to party with and that’s how we met you. You told me that we could come party with you and you’d even give us some cash for hanging out. We got the address to your hotel and were super pleased when you, a sharply dressed middle-aged and handsome business man answered the door. We were both wearing super short black cocktail dresses with strapped and stacked high heels, open toed per your instruction. You had plates out of a fine white powder but they looked a little different than party drugs I had seen before. You explained that it was ghb and tina, and that pretty young girls like us get horny for lesbian love once the high hit. We helped each other hold our hair back and did line after line. Slowly undressing each other for you and making out the entire time. I kissed my way down her pretty chest and tits, down to her belly and slipped her panties off. She did the same to me. You handed me a giant double headed dildo and we knew exactly what to do. We laid back on the sofa in your suite, scissoring and fucking the dildo at the same time while you kept feeding us key bumps. You then pulled out your large and thick member, having us take turns sucking it while we both kept climaxing over and over again on the large toy you had provided us with. After you blew your load all over our pretty little faces you gave us each $500 and told us to stay in touch. We really can’t wait for the next time you’re in town. Should we go ahead and bring a 3rd girl along this time?

Furry Friends Luv Peanut Butter




Anal Sex Whore

When I get really high on tina, I get these crazy urges to just get totally pounded out by cock.
Tonight no one interesting was on Tinder and my regular booty calls weren’t hitting me up but then my
roommate’s fuzzy K9 caught my eye. I’ve noticed his huge red rocket always sticking out when he was around me
and I was so geeked up on the crystal meth I figured you know what, what better time than now to try out some
yummy beastly dick. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the jar of peanut butter. Sitting back on the sofa with my
legs spread, I smeared the peanut butter across my inner thighs and pussy. I didn’t even have to call the K9 over,
the big boy just walked over with his tongue hanging out, similar to the way the men look at me at the club.
Lapping and licking it all up, I was soaking went- I couldn’t help myself and pushed it’s head into my cunt further
whispering not to use it’s teeth. I turned around with my knees on the seat of the sofa and ass in the air,
opening my cheeks up so it could lick the little bit of peanut butter out of my asshole too. That’s when it mounted me
and started humping. I was screaming, I had no idea it’s dick was going to be that big or hurt that much. It began biting my back
while I was massaging my clit. Finally it let out a huge load of it’s own nut butter inside my filthy pussy just as I
was reaching my own climax on it’s yummy red rocket. Now that I know old fuzzy is obviously trained in the ways of
please, I may not even need you guys anymore. lol 😉

My Mom Is A Hooker Too!

Anal Sex Whore



How I became such a huge whore is probably something that has to pass through your mind upon occasions.
Well, listen up because I am going to tell you about the biggest whore who ever lived- My Mama!
This woman one time sat me down in front of her pussy so she could show me how big all the cock she had taken
the night before had stretched her out. I bet I was barely old enough to even be walking on my own
before I was already accidentally getting sneak peeks of the family business. And you guys would have no idea
how proud Mama was the day I saw my first “John”- She even stepped in to make sure I felt more relaxed about
hooking! Mama is coming into town to visit me during fall break. What nights can we go ahead and pencil you in for, babe?

Russian Bathhouse Whores


Big Dick Sucker



I was hanging out with my best friend Kayla and she had this crazy idea that I couldn’t help
but totally agree would be a blast. We should go to the Russian bath house and find some old
men who want to party. And boy she couldn’t of been more correct in terms of spots to pick up
dick. We stripped down completely naked and started making out in the hot room. The cocks started
getting hard immediately. The guys started surrounding us and jacking off at us, even pissing
right into our pretty little faces and down our throats. Who would of thought we’d end up taking
a lovely golden shower in the sauna!? Next up was the guy who wanted to shove molly pills up our
asses and cum the drugs into us. Once that shit hit me, I was ready to bounce on all the dicks
in that joint immediately. I was out of fucking control but it felt so, so good! Now that we know
exactly where to go, I imagine we’ll be there more often to get high and take slong!
Wanna meet me there tonight?

Fucking The Bus Driver


lot lizard sex

Mr. Henry the bus driver for the cheer leading squad always seems like he’s on something. I can never
put my finger on it but after a long day of fucking big black cock and getting absolutely nowhere I said
fuck it, I’m asking the damn bus driver for whatever he’s been doing. I’m sure I can convince him to
share his goods by just flashing him my bare pussy. Maybe let him finger bang if it the dope is good?
So I walked up to him as we were all getting on the bust and shot it straight with him. He was
totally thrilled to share his meth and liquor bottle in exchange for a little finger bang in the
back seat and a little pussy on a fat old man’s cock has gotten me a long way. I even let him cum my pussy
up really full. I performed even better later that night for the football team after I was all buzzy and
high as fuck from his stash. I guess I’ll have to service the bus driver more often from now on,
don’t you think? I hear we’re hiring a new driver- you should apply. 😉

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