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“Always Get The Money First” – My Amateur Escort Mistake

Hookers for Hire Jamie

Mommy and Daddy quit giving me money which basically means I’m out of coke and cigarettes. A few of my friends put ads up online offering “services” in exchange for gifts and I figured I should try it out. I put a few sexy photos of myself in my panties and bra, throwing out the terminology I had picked up from other girl’s posts and hoped for the best. Not even an hour later a really nice sounding guy (you) started texting me wanting to set up a date. I was thrilled and could almost smell the $20 dollar bills. We set up for me to do an out call to your motel room. You told me you were a trucker, was super lonely and would love to party.

When I get to the motel, you gave me sort of confusing instructions on how to find your room but I finally tracked it down. I knocked three times as per your orders and the door creaked open. You get instantly excited when you realize it was really me in the photos you saw online and are quick to tell me about the times you’ve gotten catfished by hookers. You demand for me to take off my clothes so you can take a closer look at me. I obey your every word, being a perfect little druggy slut for you. Swallowing your big cock down, letting you fuck all my holes and fill me up without a condom on- you insisted you’d pay extra for bareback.

Our hour session has turned into a fucking marathon. My cunt is sore from you pounding deep inside me over and over for so long. Asshole literally stretched out- you really worked me over but I knew at the end of this I would be walking away with some well earned dollars. You finish up and ask if I’d like to take a shower. Honestly I can’t think of anything that would feel better at the moment and accept your offer to use the bathroom for a bit to freshen up for my next John.

I hear the door open and close. It hits me at that moment that I didn’t get my “gift” from you. Practically jumping out of the shower and quickly covering up with a towel I walk out to the common area of the motel room. You’ve left behind a note but no money. I’m so livid and I feel so used I almost can’t bring myself to read what you’ve written. After finally calming down, I open the folded piece of paper hoping that maybe it just says you’ll be back. In bold letters you scrawled out the words, “Always Get The Money First, Bitch”. At first I’m ticked off about it but that’s when I realize you’ve actually done me a huge favor tonight by harshly teaching my dumb ass a lesson economics. Do you got anything else you think you should show me?

Night Out Nightmare

Creampie Slut

As you know I have a bad habit of drinking what ever is handed to me without asking a single question. Tonight I went out alone to a bar that doesn’t ID. I was there hanging out when you approached me. You buy me a drink and we just start making friendly conversation. You’re so sexy and that xanax I took before leaving home has started to kick in hard because of the booze. I walk away to use the restroom really quickly and when I get back you were nice enough to grab us a second round. I sip away while you tell me how pretty you think I am and pretty is not a word men usually direct at me. After a bit I realize that I am feeling way more drunk than I should and you offer to give me a ride home. On the way there you are touching me and I keep asking you to please behave but I am just so weak and out of it. I notice once we stop, through less than half open eyes, that we are at a building I am unfamiliar with. You pick my limp body up out of the car and take me inside. You then tie me up to a chair and tell me that I made a huge mistake, unbuttoning your pants to pull out your huge cock. I completely went out at that point, I can sort of recall some of it but all I really know for sure is that my tiny cunt and once tight asshole hurt really bad and I had cum stains all over what was left of my panties. Can you please call me and tell me what happened? I need to know.

How Many Daddies?

dirty phone sex

I got back home from school a few days ago and immediately commenced in partying with my best girlfriends. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve gotten together and as usual, we are hell on earth once we get all fired up. Me and my BFFs decided it would be a fantastic time to start teasing each other’s fathers and older brothers as a fun game to see who can get the most cock by the end of the summer. The other night I stayed over at my friend Katie’s house and I guess I had completely forgotten what a silver fox her papa is. I quietly made my way out of her bedroom after Katie had gone to bed, slid off all my clothes and got into the hot tub all alone. I reached down to gain a little bit of grip when I realized that a huge dildo had been stuck to one of the seats- I guess her old man has been having more fun than either of us realized. My little cunt tighten up at the thought of having her big and strong daddy help me ride that toy. I decided I should at least give it a try but just as I was standing up, Katie’s daddy caught me. He quickly put together what I was planning to do and offered to assist in any way he could. Her daddy climbed into the Jacuzzi, put his big hands around my waist and lifted me up onto the big rubber dick. Gently holding me over the tip, letting the head just softly tease my tiny clit- I thought I was going to explode right there. After what felt like hours of gently helping me fuck myself, I was beat. Her papa bear lifted me up into his arms, my body limp with exhaustion, and carried me back to bed next to his daughter. I wonder how I’m going to tell Katie he’s my daddy too. Now where is her big brother at?

BBC Cocaine Fueled Gangbang!

teen sluts fucking

It’s finally the end of the school year here at my college and naturally we are all partying hard. That being said it seems like campus is really dry right now which is a total bummer because I’ve been really wanting to pull an all night coke-fest to get right into the spirit of summer. Finally I accepted that I was going to have to go to the bad side of town to track down some powder from the black guys. They were cool enough to let me try it before I bought it but doing that little tester line is one of the last things I remember. Hours later I woke up in a haze, realizing I was completely naked and all eight of them were standing over me jacking off. I think they were hoping to scare me but joke’s on you fellas, I love a drug-fueled BBC gangbang. They took turns stuff all my holes with their huge black dicks. Three of them even managed to cum inside me in all my holes at the same time! Hours later I was allowed to finally leave with a huge sack of cocaine and even some heroin to help me come down. I really should tell my other girlfriends this is where the good shit is but I want to keep my new drug-dealer friends all to myself!

I’m Back Bitches

teen sluts fucking

I’m back bitches! I’ve been a busy little slut. College girl by day, party girl by night. Classes are almost over and finals are right around the corner so I’ve been so busy “studying” with all of my Professors. Yesterday I took up my English professors office hours so I could “catch up.” He fucked my pussy so hard. He bent me over his big desk and fucked me till I was screaming. He stopped so suddenly, I thought for sure I did something wrong. He forced me on my knees and put his big hard cock in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth until he shot his huge load into the back of my throat. Let’s just say I’m getting an A this semester. Now back to my dorm to get fucked up, and hopefully get fucked again!

Lets Get Fucked Up!

no taboo phone sex

Let’s get fucked up! I am ready to party and get ruined. My holes and my liver. My nose and my mind. My lungs and my soul… all types of fucked up tonight!  I need to numb my mind and I need cock to numb my holes. Enough fucking, fisting, and nasty juices and I’ll be set. I need to get high first, I love when a line or 12 are done off my asshole I love doing coke off some guys cock! I get so wet, ready and excited to have as many cocks that will fit stuffed inside of me. I am going crazy right now thinking about it. I need to feel myself ripping, and my limits being pushed. The more fucked up I am, the more I am going to do! You’ll see how to party, how to get wild and fucking kinky with me. I never say no to any juices, gangbangs or drugs. I’m the ultimate party girl I just need a guy that enjoys the same shit as me!

2 Girls, 1 Cup

scat phone sex

I was auditioning for a 2 girl 1 cup video recently and I absolutely nailed that shit. But it’s what happened afterwards that really made me a happy little feces guzzling whore. The girl I was with was super fucking sexy and she even shared a little party favor with me. She says she does it for nerves but I’m not nervous about this at all, I was born to be a nasty fucking slut and I love every moment of it. I began by smearing shit all over this girls stomach and perky breasts until she was leaking precum down her taut little thighs. Then I was thrusting my shit covered fingers all up in her twat! Who knew shit was such a good lube because it was so creamy and warm even! Damn it was so sexy when she started squirting cum all down my arm. Needless to say, I got paid really well for that kinky porn video, and so did she…With the best fucking orgasm she has ever had in her life. I look forward to fucking her again sometime, I got her number and we should be hooking up again soon. 


Druggy Phone Sex

Happy Thanksgiving bitches! That’s right; I got invited to this awesome party for this holiday season, A party full of the best drugs on the market, and the best alcohol and food that money can buy. The only rule, You must come completely naked to embrace that holiday spirit! That’s fine by me though, I feel more comfortable in the nude than I ever have while wearing clothes! I decided to bring a big ass tub of homemade mashed potatoes with that delicious green butter on top…if you catch my drift. I also brought along my own stash of Molly because baby girl likes to party and the only way to party is to be completely fucked up on drugs. When I arrived, I popped some molly in the car and then went inside only to stumble upon the biggest orgy I have ever seen in my life! Sexy, sweaty bodies were writhing on the floor and the sounds of sex were drifting towards me. I walked over towards the fun after setting my things down and immediately found a sexy little cunny to start sucking on. She had a dick up her tight little asshole too so I ate out that pussy until she was screaming! As soon as he slipped out of her I slid down on top of her and pushed that cock straight into my wet pussy! He shuddered and damn near came inside me right there! After we all had sex and fucked we were fucking starving! The dinner was so perfect, I can’t wait until next year to do it all over again!

I’m Fucked Up

Druggy Phone Sex

Might be kinda hard for me to post this blog today… I AM STILL FUCKED UP! Last night was super dope for me, I am still high and drunk and I don’t give a fuckkk what anyone thinks about that. My job is awesome because I am come to work fucked up as I want…Most guys are into it anyway. They like a girl like me that they know will suck their cock off for less than a 8-ball. Shit, I’d do it for free! I get off on being a whore, and once I’ve had a line or two… or even popped some molly I am horny and ready to do anything and everything. As long as I stay fucked up you can get me to do anything! I play with k9 cock, beg for gangbangs and get nice and nasty with shit puke and piss. I am always taking things to the extreme when I am fucking high and drunk!

Cocksucking Coke Whore

big dick sucker

“You take that big black cock, nasty coke whore!” For the second time this week I was hearing this screamed at me while choking on my dealers big fat cock. I’ll do anything for my next fix and deep throating is my favorite type of payment! Anyway, He grabbed the back of my head and started riding my throat so hard that I had no choice but to gag on it every time his thick meaty head slammed against the back of my throat. After only 10 minutes I puked all over his dick! He fucking loved those smelly chunks of vomit all over his cock and balls. I loved it even more though because I got to eat it back up and swallow it along with his thick load of steamy jizz! I just love the taste of fresh puke and cum mixed together. After he got done fucking my face he let me snort a line of fine white powder off of his perfectly-sucked, clean black dick.

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