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Corona, Coke and Cock

sloppy wet pussy

I’m hanging out at this bbq on my dad’s block when he introduced me to you as his fishing buddy. I could tell the second you looked me down that the only thing on your mind was getting this sloppy wet pussy around your cock. I gave you a quick wink but and made it clear that I was interested in getting to know you. I wandered off down the block and you appeared at your front door. You said you had some blow and a lot of corona inside if I wanted a beer. I nodded and smiled wide- I’m always super excited to show off my skills to an older guy who looks like he might know his way around a fresh tight cunt. You laid out the lines and gave me a bottle of beer. I did a huge rail then chugged the booze back- asking if you wanted to see a trick. You nodded and I pulled my panties to the side and started fucking myself with bottle. Fuck- I had no idea how much that was going to get you going because then next thing I knew I had your dick in my mouth, getting my face force fucked while you battered my pussy with the bottle, reaching around to finger my asshole too. I gave you one look with my eyes and you were done for- allowing me to swallow every last drop of your cum. Now that I know you’re friends with daddy I am going to have to visit any time I am in his neck of the woods. Maybe you, me and daddy can all play together next time!

My Filthy Shit Eating Secret

freaky phone sex

I don’t usually tell guys about this but fuck it, you are some super dirty boys so I think it’s fine that you know. I love sucking shit out of assholes. I even sometimes collect my on waste and just masturbate with it for fun. I have tons of it saved up, all mixed in with my period blood and piss- festering away and waiting for you to come over and play with me. Dump it all over my head and make me hold my mouth open- I love drinking down all that yummy chunky shit smoothy and then having you fuck me senseless while we’re surrounded in all that beautiful scat! Shove my face down in it and make me lick it up and ingest my own tasty shit stew right up off the floor while you shove your cock deeper and deeper into my asshole. Let’s get as nasty as we want tonight.

Craigslist Posts Get Me In Trouble

extreme phone sex


I love posting on craigslist that my door is unlocked and my ass is up and it’s always a fucking awesome time but today things went a little south for me. It’s normally just a rotating door of fun for me getting my rocks off and being able to fuck as many different cocks as I want but as one could assume, some guys came over and they tried to push me to my limits of how much cock I could take. I was scared but only for a second. As soon as I realized I could out fuck them it was on! They had those dicks coming at me from all sides and angles but I just kept showing them exactly who was the boss in this apartment. I sucked and fucked my way through each of them- making them cum until they one by one gave up and left. I hope they figured out that I’m not the whore to fuck with because I’ll be putting my free-or-all fuck fest posts up forever and no one is going to scare or intimidate me out of my good time.

Cum Eating Little Bitch

cum eating phone sex

The word is out and you and your friends found out about how much i love eating a bunch of dudes’ asses at the same time and just being a filthy slut in general. You texted me and ask if you guys could me over and I naturally was like, “duuuuuh!” and wow I was so stoked to see you bought a few more pals with you. All of you guys drop your pants and pull the cocks out for me. I take turns, sucking off each of you and spreading your cheeks apart to tongue fuck your assholes. Once it’s finally time to blow those loads, I get down on the ground just like this with my legs spread, tits help up and mouth wide open because I wanna eat every single drop of that jizz. All you guys jerking off at me, draining your balls into my mouth has me really worked up. Give me some pills and let’s go again, guys!!

Fisting My Torn The Fuck Up Cunt

Fisting Whore


Fist the fuck out of torn up busted cunt. It’s a gaping hole at this point. You shove pretty much anything inside there. Let’s go ahead and start with getting me high as hell on some rock, you know how I have to get jazzed on drugs to enjoy sexual pleasure these days. Don’t even use lube, what are you thinking with that? I am a pain slut who likes it hard and rough- make me bleed. Rip it apart hard, daddy! I’m your little perfect fuck slut whore who will let you get away with practical pussy murder. After you’re done with me it, I’m not going to be of any use for anyone else except maybe my pimps can use me to fish new girls out of the lots. I want you to not even worry about my screams, they’re of pleasure- don’t even worry about it. I’m ready to be taken any way you want it tonight. Let’s get rowdy, high and turn me out.

My Car Broke Down

no taboo phone sex


My car just broke down on the side of the highway and all these cars were flying by me not stopping to see if I needed help or anything. I am completely pissed by this point but that’s when I remembered the obvious thing to do here- flash the truckers! Would you believe that the first one that saw my hot bod pulled over in seconds flat? “Well, what can I help you with little lady?” – I made it clear that if he could fix my car I would fix his cock up real good. I climbed into the cab of his truck and road that cock right. Bouncing all over his seat and making his dreams come true. Then we got out and I let him pound my ass on the hot hood of my car. God damn, it was so much fun. After letting him cream my hoes up all good- he jumped my ride of and everything was dandy. Now it’s off to the orgy party. Wanna come with me? The more cocks the better, right?

Fuck That Cocaine Up My Ass

Anal cum dumpster

You come over with a fat sack of blow- over an 8-ball and flaky as hell. I get super excited because we all know how much I love doing coke. But this time I have something else in mind. I get down on my knees and start sucking your cock off as hard as I can. I let you titty fuck me for awhile then it’s game time- by that I mean, put that coke in my asshole then shove your dick inside me. I want you to drain all your jizz into my ass and push that cocaine up into me so I get super hella high. It’ll numb me too so you can really bang me extra hard. Keep going, you don’t have to even stop for a second because I can’t feel a thing. I’m high as hell from the drugs and your dick. Wasn’t that fun? We still have some left- what do you want to do with the rest of it?

Fucking My Best Friend’s Dad For Pain Pills

Druggy Porn


My bestie clued me in that her pops has a hella big stash of pain pills because he doesn’t even take them anymore and obviously I saw the window of opportunity open up. She insisted that her sweet daddy was always horny and had made a few comments about how pretty I was which made her a little uncomfortable and even jealous. (You know how we girls are, we love to keep our daddies all to ourselves.) But she had this great idea that maybe I could come by casually and we could all play together after presenting the idea to him that I would obviously need to get a little high first. And oh my god, we had a blast! Her daddy had this crazy sex toy that had so much power you had to plug it directly into the wall! I took a fist full of those pills and went into a state of bliss while they pulled my legs open and put that vibrator up to my little bald cunt. Vibrating my clit almost off completely. I walked away with what was left of his stash for the month and now he wants our playtime together to be a regular thing in exchange for the pills! Perfect arrangement for a druggy slut like me, right?

The Swim Team’s Slut

gangbang whore


Got invited to see the team practice. You know it’s hard for a gangbang slut like me to hold back my whorish desires. The guys had a really fun idea where I tried a little bit of ghb. Woooo- that was wild! All 20 of these hot and sexy guys taking turns on my tight bald cunny in that pool as soon as their coach left. I gotta do my part for the school, right?! Having multiple cocks inside all of my holes. Being given the task of jerking and sucking them off while being pounded! It was a phased out, drugged up heavily fantasy for a girl like me. The best part is when they all got around me and let the cum shoot out of their dicks at the same time all over my face, body and inside my mouth. Then to clean me out, they held my pussy and asshole open to piss inside me. What a thoughtful bunch of bros! I heard you might want to watch next time- we’re getting together tonight but this time at my dorm! See you there?

Sucking BBC For Molly

BBC Phone Sex


I love licking huge crystals of mdma off of big black dicks. The sensation of the the sandy power crackling across your cock mixed with the weird medicinal flavor of the drug is completely sublime. I love the way it feels to have you or a few friends come over with those dicks and have them just filling my mouth up- sword fighting each other inside my mouth. The pre-cum dripping down my throat and the salty taste and scent of your balls up against my nose while I start to feel higher and higher. The cocks growing bigger and bigger inside my mouth. It’s all just leading up to that amazing moment when I’m high as fuck and I get to feel that cum shoot down into my belly. I’ll do anything to get a little loose though so don’t think that just because you don’t have my drug of choice we can’t talk. I wanna tell you about my slutty little life all night.

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