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Locker Room Gang Bang

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One of my favorite customers at the club is a Coach who loves crack whore anal. He invited back to the locker rooms to give his players a “pep” talk. It was right up this cum eating whores alley. SO many young dicks. Strong teen guys who worked out and had raging hard-on. I was passed like a soccer ball all fucking day long. A lot of these boys were from rich neighborhoods and had the best coke I had gotten my hands on in a while. My head was bobbing on my neck as I took cock after cock in my tight holes. I was shoved up on to lockers as I was drilled deep into my soaking wet cunt. Bent over the towel bin and my ass was rocked back and forth as my ass hole was opened. These boys had never had anal because those preppy cheerleader bitches think its too good for them. I gave all 12 of them a lesson in drilling deep into ass territory. I even taught a few how to lick blow of my perfect ass hole. Once guys get a piece of coke whore blonde fucking they turn into deviants. I fucking love it!blonde fucking

Big Dick Sucking Poker Gangbang

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I am big dick sucker Hadley to my dealer. He loves how much cock my throat can hold. I was the entertainment for the poker party he was holding at his beautiful home outside of town. I thought he had offered other girls the same payment for a strip and please event. When I showed up in my fishnets and black leather skirt, with my thin white halter top, I was surprised to see that I was the only paid pussy for tonight’s fun.  I was led to the big back room where 10 big black men were playing cards, drinking and smoking weed.  My dealer told me that He would be getting out the nose candy in a little bit and that every hand he won I would remove a piece of clothing. Four hands later I am naked on his lap while I snort a line and he is rubbing my pussy calling me his number one hot whore fuck.  I am demanded on my knees between hands to show my dealer friends how much black cock I can take. My throat is opened up and I am gagging on 12-inch black cock as my ass is lifted on to the card table.  My gangbang whore fun has just begun.


Hadley and Cleo Do BBC



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Do I have a slutty story for you! 2 girl phone sex with your whore Hadley and Latina super slut Cleo! We were doing some lines in the VIP room at my club and this big black man and two of his friends decided they wanted free blowjobs. I mean I knew what big thick cocks they were packing so I didn’t mind. But Cleo threw a fit saying they needed to pay or give us coke! She fucking was one fiery whore jalapeno!  WE all three strong guys threw us down and shoved huge cocks down our throats. We were gagging and slobbering like never before. Her Hispanic ass actually started moaning. I guess she is like me and likes it a little rough.  We were fucked every way imaginable my sweet ass was drilled over and over. Cleo was screaming in pleasure as she became a creampie slut for these big black cocks. I enjoyed licking out her pussy and eating the cum out of her ass when they were done with us. We would love to tell you how naughty we got after that!


Two Girl Gangbang Fun

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The thing about being a druggy gangbang whore is sometimes It gets real nasty. I know you like nasty baby, you love this coked up slut and the perverted filthy things I do for some drugs and a good gangbang fuck.  I have a well-known dealer and he had set up a gangbang fuck fest for me and My new stripper friend Carrie. She’s a big titted whore with a nice bubble ass.  We were fresh from the pole and looking to get high and pole dance around some nice fat dicks! Carrie Was immediately on a huge dick taking it down her throat until she puked right around it. Three guys threw me down and made me lick it up. I was being held while three men turn turns gaging me with those monsters they call dicks. They kept telling me how pretty and nice a body Carrie had. They were fucking every hole she had. They made her stand over me and piss in my face over and over. I was drug into the bathroom and made to be the urinal all night. I mean I was fed coke and more drugs all night and I would get my holes used so I was okay with it. I was kind of jealous that they made me the toilet sex whore all night and let Carrie just get all the good dick and drugs. But who am I to complain, its fun being on the nasty, filthy whore side of things I was made for this life.

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Just Another Druggy Gangbang

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I have a cum filled cunt after being fucked like a rag doll for hours. I was feeling really high after an three-day coke and crack binge and decided I needed a good biker gang fuck. I put on my red lipstick, black fishnets and short leather skirt and halter top and headed out. My pussy was aching from memories of being fucked like a piece of meat that I am. As soon as I walked in all eyes were on me. That’s Hadley I heard whispered as I was approached by three bitches and lead to the pool tables. “John the biggest broadest guy, my usual at the club demanded me on my knees. He knew what I wanted, that beer can thick dick of his. I slobbed that mushroom knob like I never had cock before. I was hungry for his cum and I know he won’t let me get a gangbang until he jizzes down my throat. I got that cum like the greedy, greedy cum whore that I am.  I was surrounded by big biker guys in an instant and put on the table to take ten cocks in every way possible. My little holes are still so sore and I am a total creampie slut. I love holding these loads, what should I do with all this cum?

Cum Dumpster For Hire

Cum Dumpster

I will be your cum dumpster delight tonight. All the best whores cum out at night to play. You have me on my knees begging for one more line of that coke you keep snorting. You line your massive cock with a line and have me snort it up my nose.  I am flying high again sucking your man meat deep in my throat until I choke and throw up a little bit in my mouth. You say swallow it bitch. That you have three clients that have thicker meaner meat poles that will make yours look like a lollipop. Soon after the door opens and I am thrown on the ground and my naked body is inspected and I see these massive sausages dangling in my face. I am so high as I am being yelled at to suck and stroke these men to rock hardness. My whore instincts kick in as A baggy of snow is dangled in front of my face. I am gulping and stroking as they find the way to my fuckhole and ass hole and begin the game of tearing my body to pieces with man meat that needs this gangbang whore to serve. Soon I am filled and covered with so much cum that It’s in my eyes in every hole and I take pride in knowing they paid for my time and got me fucked up.


Cock “Whoreshiping” Sexline Hadley


Welcome to Hadley’s sexline.  I promise a night of partying and cock “whoreship”. See I stay up all night doing line after line of sweet snow blow while using every toy I have in my toy box. Big boy, I have some nasty raunchy gangbang stories that will make you cum so hard. I get cock every day. My ass and pussy are full of cum as I play with my dildo I pull it out and can see a strangers cum on it.

I will happily lick it off and go to town fucking my sweet tight pussy while doing lines or lighting a pipe with you all night long. Yes, I am a bareback queen. Nothing will get in the way of me and cock. I am the coke slut that will make you cum for me. I get by with my pretty pink cunt and I have to have my holes filled with creamy cum. I have a mouth that will leave you begging for more. I want you to hear me cum and snort lines all night. I need some beautiful cock to tell my nasty whore ways too. Are you going to make this coke whore beg for your cum?

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex

Hot Stripper sex with a druggy gangbang whore is your craving. You need a slut that can take your cock and let you throat fuck her.  Let me seduce you with a nasty lap dance and then I would love to have to in a huge gang bang with you.  Imagine getting to fuck me with 20 loads of cum all over my body and in my swollen ass hole and pussy. There is nothing like having my ass and pussy tore apart and still be taking cum loads. Raw bareback dick in my sore holes makes me cum even harder. Right now thinking of it I feel my self getting wet all over my black lace thong.  I just need a rail of coke some cock and loads and loads of cum to be a happy woman. I love getting loads of hot sticky cum anyway I can. I just want to be your druggy cum dumpster tonight. I have the skills and the coke on hand. I really need a cock to party with.

Anal Sex Whore

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I can honestly say I am an anal sex whore. Even though I have had my sweet ass filled with cock thousands of times my ass hole reminds tight. I can’t go a single day without a throbbing hard cock in my perfect ass. I love the way my ass feels when it is being stretched wide open.  I can take a hard pounding in my hole and cum several times being fucked hard. I need my ass fucked hard. Pull my hair and fuck my ass.

  Show me what a dirty whore I am. Piss in my ass and I will feel that hot piss up in my belly. I only like bareback cock fucking me. Shove a little coke in my rosebud ass and I will let you fuck it all night long. I am your trashy coke whore ass fuck baby. Keep me high and take my ass two or three times, and then let me suck my ass off your cock and cum down my sweet throat. I will show you with my sucking and licking of your cock how much I love my ass to be filled.



Incest Gangbang Fun

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Live phone sex with your original gangbang slut. I just got to tell somebody the nasty whore gangbang I was involved in today.  It was the nasty incest gangbang I have always dreamed of. My dealer brother brought an eight ball and some friends over to party with us. My brother brought his stepson and I just couldn’t help but start playing with my pussy in front of everybody. So much dick in the room and that teen was making me horny. Coke always gets my cunt sopping wet. I was staring at my nephew and I pulled out a vibrator and started fucking my hot wet sweet hole. Three guys were on me in a flash, dicks out trying to stuff all my holes. I told my brother to bring his stepson to my mouth, so I could make him a real man. I started sucking and licking and the poor dude lost his load so fast. Not to worry Because he was young and my sweet mouth got him hard again. I asked him if he wanted a turn at my pussy he just shook his head yes. My brother got him between my legs and that boy started fucking like no one was watching as my brother slid into my ass. I had a guy Cumming on my huge fake tits and two shoving dicks in my mouth. The party got wild as coke was slathered on dicks and in my holes. I had such a fun time turning out a young man and entertaining my brother and his friends for a coke party incest gangbang. I just got to tell someone how much cum was all over my body and in every hole I have. 



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