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Incest Gangbang Fun

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Live phone sex with your original gangbang slut. I just got to tell somebody the nasty whore gangbang I was involved in today.  It was the nasty incest gangbang I have always dreamed of. My dealer brother brought an eight ball and some friends over to party with us. My brother brought his stepson and I just couldn’t help but start playing with my pussy in front of everybody. So much dick in the room and that teen was making me horny. Coke always gets my cunt sopping wet. I was staring at my nephew and I pulled out a vibrator and started fucking my hot wet sweet hole. Three guys were on me in a flash, dicks out trying to stuff all my holes. I told my brother to bring his stepson to my mouth, so I could make him a real man. I started sucking and licking and the poor dude lost his load so fast. Not to worry Because he was young and my sweet mouth got him hard again. I asked him if he wanted a turn at my pussy he just shook his head yes. My brother got him between my legs and that boy started fucking like no one was watching as my brother slid into my ass. I had a guy Cumming on my huge fake tits and two shoving dicks in my mouth. The party got wild as coke was slathered on dicks and in my holes. I had such a fun time turning out a young man and entertaining my brother and his friends for a coke party incest gangbang. I just got to tell someone how much cum was all over my body and in every hole I have. 



Glory Hole Whore

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When you call my phone sex line you don’t just get a gangbang whore. You get a druggy white trash whore as well. At the strip club where I dance a row of glory holes has been installed. Men pay good money to stick their cock through a hole and not know what they will find on the other side. Well, tonight I was so fucked up on coke I couldn’t dance so my faggot boss made me work the holes. Me and a trashy slut and she male were working all seven glory holes for hours. Oh, the cocks that came through those holes! I was on my knees licking and sucking so hard between line after line of sweet blow. My throat was raw from taking 20 or 30 cocks tonight when I got an Idea. I backed my tight asshole up to one and waited a few minutes. My ass pressed so hard unto the hole and within minutes I was being penetrated by a decent cock. I slammed my ass back over and over. I could hear the guy moaning and I shoved back hard and fast. My ass needed filling with Cum and I wanted it bad. I just can not go one night without my ass being filled.  You want to get high with me and talk about filling my trashy druggy ass up with your sticky cum?

Back Alley Slut

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My stupid whore ass got drugged last night. I was taken into a back alley and when I woke up my pussy was full of mammoth sized cock. It was a white boy too! A nice bull cock. I don’t know what happened one minute I was dancing around the pole the next I was out here. I looked up through glazed eyes to see another cock coming for my mouth. I didn’t know if I should act like I wanted it or not. I really did want it though. I wanted to be a good slut for whatever fantasies these guys had. I acted like I didn’t want it and screamed. That seemed to make the bull cock in my pussy even harder. Oh, this was going to be fun.  I kicked and screamed and these two held me down and took every hole over and over again. I could see them hitting a pipe every once in a while and begged to get high with them. But that was the worse part. I was coming down and while I enjoy a nice thick cock, I wanted to be high with them. I am a druggy gangbang slut after all, and whats a gangbang without the drugs?

Gangbang whore

gangbang whore

You love taking this gangbang whore to be fucked in every way possible don’t you.  You know I crave a line or two of coke, so you grab me push my face down and use a straw to blow some sweet snow up my ass. The nest thing I know 10 guys are in front of me and your telling me that I know what I need to do.  I am still on the ground and I crawl to the first guy and unzip him and unleash his beautiful cock. You demand me to first get every cock out and then I can begin my adventure. I can’t help but to taste each cock as I crawl to each man. My pussy is soaking by the time I reach the 10th cock.  I am thrown on my back My hair is pulled as one cock slides in my mouth and another in my pussy.  You walk up cock in hand and tell me to stroke you while I am made into a cock sandwich. All the men are demanded to cum on my face, or tits, anywhere on my body. I am not lucky enough to have cum in my holes you say. I am going to be made into a cum covered gangbang whore today do you want to play?


Party Whore

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Anal cum dumpster for you tonight. I am snorting line after line of coke fucking myself silly. My pussy gets so wet and I need a nice cock in my ass. Tempted to go find my brother or even my daddy to get fucked like crazy. I always can hit the biker bar or my dealers place for some gangbang fun first. I love to collect all the jizz from a gang bang then go find a nice John and have him fuck my ass, unsuspecting of the many loads I took before him.  For some reason that turns me on so fucking much. I really need to tell someone my nasty druggy whore thoughts tonight. My pussy is just so fucking wet, and I came on my big fat dildo like five times and I am working on a nice 8 ball. Lets party.

2 Druggy Girls For You.

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It is always fun when I find another druggy whore to play with for you. Audrey and I were doing line after lines of sweet blow and I convinced her to come meet you. You were very happy that she was sexy as hell and loved blow as much as us. You laid out a thick rail for each of us to get our pussy juices flowing.

I turned to Audrey and slipped off her shirt and skirt and began kissing her and playing with her pussy. We were giving you a nice show. You bent me over and started playing with my ass and told me to lick her sweet pussy while you fingered my ass. I was moaning into her pussy when you shoved your fingers in my face and told me to clean them. I was so high and being the trashy druggy slut, I am I did as I was told.

You got real dominate and commanded we take more blow off your cock. We were slurping and sucking making you ready to lose your load. You pushed me back and told Audrey to start finger fucking me as you spread sweet white snow blow on her rosebud asshole. As you entered her you wanted more fingers inside me. Audrey and I were moaning so good for you. I knew you were going to shoot your jizz in her ass soon, you yelled for her to fist my pussy. I came all over her hand and could tell Audrey was cumming with your cock in her ass.  We had so much fun with you that night. We miss your sweet voice commanding us to please you while getting high for you.

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Coke, Cock and Cumslut

Druggy porn

I live my life according to the three C’s in life. Coke, cock and being a cum slut.  I am the original dirty coke whore. I take cock bareback daily.  I will sell my pussy on the streets just for a couple lines and I dance so I can show off these huge fake tits and make sure everyone knows my pussy is up for anything. Why Just this morning my brother brought me three cocks to fuck, being my supplier and not wanting to turn down nice black cocks I willing had every hole fucked over in over. The bonus was watching brothers cock jump as I was pumped full of cock. Such a nasty coke whore he kept saying.


Biker Gang BBC


sexy prostitutesThere is going to be an initiation tonight! A well-known biker gang is coming to the club to spend lots of money on me and the drugs will be flowing just like my pussy in the back room.  At least 12 big black bikers are going to pull train on me and the new member gets to be last! I am going to be so sore in the morning. They all show up as I am doing my last set and are escorted into my sleazy back room. I am clad in only my G-string as I am pilled roughly inside. My mouth is assaulted by beer breath as my ass and tits are groped. I am flung to the floor. I can already tell by the stench of alcohol and weed that this is going to be fun.  My panties are ripped off as the leader, who has a nice 9-inch cock pulls me by the hair and forces that monster down my throat. He yells to get some blow railed out for us to his boys. I gulp and swallow that cock with tears running down my face. He lasts a few minutes pulls out and spurts my face. The new guy is made to lick his cum off my face. It is then I notice the fattest bulge I ever saw on this dude. I love new big black cock! I am let to have a line and then spread out on the table my ass facing up.  I get a cock in the mouth one shoved in my pussy and another lubed by only spit in my ass.  I love these guys tearing me apart with the biggest blackest cocks in town.  One after another cum in my holes and mouth. AT last the new guy unzips his pants and it is then I see his 12 inches hard as a rock. He waste no time and spreading my pussy lips and tearing apart my trashy little ass. I am fed coke off the leaders cock. I am fucked like a rag doll by the huge BBC.  I won’t be able to walk in the morning but the money and blow make it all worth it.  Big Dick Sucker

Creampie Slut

Creampie Slut

I came looking for you my sweet Sugar Daddy. I need a fix real bad. I need you to make me your sweet creampie slut for a few hours and give me that sweet sugar blow. I want you to make me suck your cock as your friend fucks my pussy.

 I don’t just want to suck your cock I want you to face fuck me like the dirty whore I am.  I want your friend to shoot his load all over my ass as I take your load down my throat.

 Then I want each of you to fuck my ass and give me both loads so I am like a cream filled donut with cum shooting out my ass hole. Put a little blow up my ass and in my pussy so I can take that thick cock over and over. I need to be filled. Are you ready for me?

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

I have been getting fucked all night. My ass is full of at least three guys cum. It feels nice and sticky in there. I am flying high looking for another to fill my ass and mouth with that cum that I am addicted to, ha just like any kind of drug I can get my hands on. I love drugs and cock, and sometimes pussy. All I want to do Is feel good as my ass hole is used.

My tight rosebud ass being filled up and fuck hard. I am the type to be ridden hard and put up wet.  I can take the biggest cocks down my throat and still have one in my ass and in my pussy if I am lucky.  Get me high and let’s fuck dirty nasty and anyway you, please.

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