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Furry Friends

furry friends phone sex

This slut gets paid to do a lot of freaky shit. When My brother told me he had an unusual client for me to fuck after my set I thought pissing or maybe even a shit sex lover. I had done all kinds of fucked up shit for coke and cash so I was interested. I am promised my brothers big curved cock down my White trash hooker throat and a fat line of coke before we meet up with the perverted John. I get thrown on my back my clothes stripped off and I am gagged by that long curved fuckrod until I get a hot load of cum for my belly. I turn to see this huge Furry friend whose balls hang lower than any mans I fucking ever saw. Socks are on each of his four paws and his red rocket is halfway out. My bother and the pervert boy have me on my hands and knees taking fido cock before This monster is positioned behind me to get some stripper coke whore pussy.  The Fun part was hearing the mutt howl as he let loose thinking we were hooked together, I just pushed him out and jacked him off so he could get satisfied and I could get more brother cock and coke!

Creampie Pussy Flower

creampie slut

My Cunt has to be filled with spunk every day! My ass needs the hot sweet nasty cum load as well! All I need is some chalk to stay awake so I can get pummeled. Let me spread open my creamy cumpie pussy flower so you can see all the nasty cum deposits I took today. Look at that cum dripping down my legs. I must have taken 17 loads today. Each more satisfying as I can fell my pussy and ass getting fuller with cum! My pretty clit piercing is covered with cum and I reach a finger down and taste the mixture of all the men I have been fucked by today. You ask me if I will take a few more loads bareback of course so that you can just watch me finger bang myself. Your offer of Cocaine pleases me and I am back in an hour with even more cum drip drip dripping down my thighs and out of my ass. I lay back on my leather chair and begin to finger blast myself pausing to lick ropes of cum. You grab my thighs and ravage my ass hole and pussy with your mouth and tongue. I am happy with my blow and the way you are sucking my holes dry. Hard to do with so much gangbang cum and my own dribbling down your chin huh?

Gangbang 4 My Favorite Policemen

gangbang whore

I love being the local gangbang whore. I got popped for trying to sell my ass by a new cop on the beat and I thought for sure this slut couldn’t get out of it. I tried offering my signature blow job to this new punk young Cop and he cuffed me and said he didn’t want a blow job from a sleazy street whore. I was thrown in the back of the car and I knew I was fucked but not in the way this slut likes! But Officer Brady Pulled up and told the Cop that he would bring me in. I knew Brady and I had a history and I smiled and Got In Bradys’ Patrol Car. We went around the block a couple times and Brady put me in the front seat and Got His pathetic dick out for me to suck. 

I was so grateful I Sucked him for much longer than usual and drew out his cum load. I thought that would be the end of it but Brady didn’t let me out. We drove to a seedy motel and Brady still had me in cuffs. I was thrown on the bed and Officer Brady ripped off my clothes and cuffed me to the broken bedpost. He made a call and men started streaming in the door for a free for all. Fucking Motherfucker was pocketing cash from these men as I was being fucked in my ass and my cunt and throat opened up for dick after dick after dick. I had a cum filled cunt but the Johns still kept taking turns one after another. Brady sat there and laughed as he watched me get cum shots to my face and tits. “That will teach you, Hadley!” I am making all your money and you have to fuck sober! Next Time Stay your whore ass on my side of town!”

Hardcore Hadley Loves Anal

hardcore anal sex

Pissing wasn’t enough For my client. He got behind me and spread my ass cheeks. His fingers ran up and down my ass crack. Those big hangs would stop and poke at my ass hole opening. It seemed he couldn’t get my cheeks far enough apart. He told me my pink puckered whore ass hole was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He took his hand and spit in it then lubed up my ass and laid his throbbing boner across my ass hole. It just sat there forever. I could feel his heartbeat in his cock. This man worshipped anal sex. It was not enough that I sucked his dick like a golf ball through a garden hose or gave him my pretty pussy. He savored every minute of having my ass hole to his use. I was coked up SO I didn’t mind as I loved every sensation going across my body. It was when he pissed up my back and violently stuck his cock in my ass seconds later that I realized he was waiting for the perfect moment to give me hardcore ass sex! 

Pissing Hooker

pissing sex

This white trash Hooker made some cash tonight! I have a friend who does high-end hooking. She called me as I was leaving the strip club told me one of her regs wants some very nasty piss sex tonight. She would be there and would break me off a large piece of that cash and some fat rails of coke. I showed up to an older gentleman who loved the fact that I was just wearing bikini bottoms under my jacket. He was son me pawing my tits and asked if I had a lot to drink. I downed a large water bottle and told him I was holding my piss just for him. He walked me into a large bathroom and said that he wanted me to drink his piss first. So I got on my knees and opened my mouth so he could let that hot steamy piss go down my whore throat. Man did he have a lot of piss and then he made me suck him hard so I could piss on his hard cock. He loved being watched as he fucked me with a piss covered cock. For an old dude, he rammed the fuck out of my pussy. Then he turned me over and came in my ass and had my friend lick it out as he demanded me to piss on her face.  Such a dirty pervert and you know how this whore loves her dirty perverts.  Its all about coke cock and cum for me!

Family of Hot Coke Whore Strippers

stripper sex stories

Oh, yes my Sweet Whore with big tits Little sis has given me more stripper sex stories. I knew she would make a good coke whore fuck! She is so hot with he little cunt and I love making her fuck my clients for cock and coke! I love seeing Chastity Take massive cum loads for me! Oh, fuck and to get to eat those loads out of her sweet cunt! Oh, she is turning out to be my mini-me!  I spent all night slurping her cunt as she took it in the ass. I gave our client some hot gangbang cum out of my pussy as well. He didn’t mind as long as we both were snorting lines off his cock and each other’s asses. This Client was sent by our big brother. Bro. Had called to see how much sweet cock juice was already in my cunt. My Brother warned me not to fuck it up this man was dirty and nasty, but one of his biggest suppliers for cocaine. I said I just did a hot gangbang, so I am good. So when Mr. Cum eater showed up he knew I had creamy loads waiting for him. What he didn’t know was that he could get our blonde sister as well. Hell, I gotta make sure he gets the best. And he had the best fucking nose candy so it made me even more of a freak! I was pissing in my sister’s face and lapping it up like the white trash whore I am. When He pulled out his cock from my sisters’ ass he had a nice brown mixture of ass and pre-cum. Of, course I sucked him clean and offered my pretty little tight ass hole to him!  Oh, how these little strippers with big fake tits gave Mr. VIP the whole cum inducing good fucking. Whos’ next Baby? This whore pussy needs more! Cum, play with this white trash hone sex whore. white trash phone sex

Teaching My Sister The Business

hot stripper sex

Teaching My Sis the ropes of hot stripper sex makes our cunts so wet. First I get her really fucked up and let her sit in on a VIP customer. I don’t let him touch her but he gets a discount! I am the only one allowed to play with my sister Chasity’s Cunt during these training sessions. I want her to know what a good hot coke whore fuck really is! She needs to know that these men pay me good money to be the nasty slut I am. She just got new bolt-ons! (Fake tits) and she needs to know that she can make so much money fucking and sucking with those huge knockers of hers now! I mean I am your original white trash gangbang whore but when Mr. Money walks in a solo session is just right to teach Chastity not to be chaste in any way for our customers.  She is going to be a nice whore and I keep feeding her coke so she will be a nasty wet pussy cum dump just like Big Sis! I got many tricks up my sleeve for her sweet tight pussy! Just look at that young face, I am sure we will have so many hot stripper stories when I am done with her fuckable body.stripper sex stories

Drunk Girl Fucking :Halloween Slut

drunk girl fucking

Drunk Girl fucking can get out of hand. I mean this coke whore starts her week out fresh with just a few lines of blow and I was horny as fuck. My pussy wasn’t sore and my ass didn’t ache so I needed to fix that fast. I got all dressed in my sluttiest cat costume, which was just ears a tail and a bra and panties stockings and heels, if I am honest.

I hot the frat house knowing they had tequila and plenty of it and I had my own blow. I wanted drunk frat boys and I could do whatever I wanted with them. I was soon be groped and finger fucked in the middle of the party, I took three of the biggest football players upstairs, I was feeling fucking nasty with these guys. They were so fucking drunk but those young dicks were still hard for this trashy coke whore! I shoved some candy in my ass and I made them eat it out of me. I shoved more in for a full cum load next. So my ass full with candy and a cum load, I pushed it out into this losers mouth, my god he loved it.

I then saw one of the guys had his nails painted and I pounced on that ass, I demanded he fucks his ass and stroke his cock before he got any more of my pussy or ass. I even taunted him with my mouth. I wanted my trick and treats baby. I got a week of partying to do and I think this whore is ready for some hot drunk phone sex with my nasty boys! Who Has the coke and tequila? I am a complete Halloween slut!

drunk phone sex

Prostitution Porn Fix

prostitution porn

These Big Fake tits are made for prostitution porn.  I do so much whoring that I finally got a connect that will get me in some porn with some other white trash whores like myself.  I want to be used and filmed while doing it and get paid in cash and Coke are you fucking kidding me. I mean stripping is fucking nice but to get paid to fuck on camera. That is what this druggy slut wants! I mean these fake tits can get so much more action. And the dick I can get. I mean my dealer said there is a big market for cum tramps like me. I want some of that good Hollywood blow. Daddy always said I would make it big with my mouth and pussy. Of course, I would still be the white trash phone sex whore you love but my pussy would be getting rammed on screen! I mean I do fuck a lot of random dudes for money or coke, So I would be a hot little fuck for this dude to film. 

Nasty Phonesex Hadley

nasty phonesex

Love me some nasty phonesex with real freaks! Freaks that love my druggy, gangbang slut lifestyle! I have a line laid out, I have just come back from getting fucked by three guys in the sav a lot parking lot for a little cash cuz a whore needs to eat and get a baggy of snow! I was a little to fucked up to dance tonight so I just got me a couple of Johns to fill me up so I can get higher and figure out my next move to get some dick in me! My brother says he be around to pimp me out so he can watch me take big dick, little dick and all sizes between. He loves watching me and our little sis be complete cum buckets for him. When In reality I’m fucking myself legs in the air wishing for some of my brothers’ dick right now.  He has this long curved cock that has been my favorite since I was younger. Hell, he popped my cherry gave me my first line and set up the first train on my ass! What’s not to love about a brother who has taken care of this white trash phone sex whore from day one!

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