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Hardcore hadley In “LIL Harlem”

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This Slutty Druggy Bunny spent the last few nights in the ghetto. Lil Harlem as they call it. Cock, crack BBC and so much fucking cum. Fucking heaven if you ask me. The club has been calling and calling but I am having to much fun with all these drug slinging Negro men. Daddy would kill me if he knew I let a black cock anywhere near my body! But this whore loves to slurp and slurp a juicy veiny cock that hangs to a man’s knees. Hung Like Black man should be the phrase. My ass is numb and I am in the bathroom mirror watching cum drip down on the counter in front of the mirror. I haven’t had this much fun since I visited the KayNine Kennel club! Yes, I am a proud member of no limits Kaynine fucking! There was even a winner from the fight who got to fuck this whores pussy in lil Harlem last night.  Mutt claws digging into me while a negro dick fucked my tonsils. Fuck, They Must have given that pitty some of this good ass coke how hard he got inside me. I mean the handler who was helping the furry beast had a hard time keeping him on his leash! I guess my good ass and pussy isn’t just for Black dick anymore!

Double Trouble Cum Whores

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Flo is my fucking druggy slut neighbor. She is a hot mature white trash slut and we get into dick sucking double trouble often. They call her Flo the Crack hoe. I spent many a night getting fucked and fucked up with her. She loves eating cum. Well fuck I do too but something about being a creamy cum cover whore really turns me on. Plus I can have a nice gism just with her licking your cum all off of my body. We fucking love being gangbang whores together. It’s like the Count, one dick bahaha, two dicks bahhaha. Let’s see how many dicks Flo the crack hoe and Hardcore Hadley can take!

Light that pipe up and pass it to these big titted throat fucking whores. The bigger the dick the better, although just more and more dick that keeps our crack pipes lit is what we like! If you ask I couldn’t find a piece of ass selling druggy whore better than Flo. What are you waiting for? You know Two druggy whores are better than one. Call Crack Hoe Flo and Hardcore Hadley for late night party whore fun!

I love eating cum

cum eating phone sex

Besides being a complete butt slut, I love eating cum. And being the gangbang queen of coke whores I get so much fucking cum! I love when You have other stripper whores take the cum I push from my puckered ass hole and then feed it to me. Oh, Fuck yes. I am a nasty coked out whore the more I party with you the fucking nastier I get. Line after line feed me more cum. I need salty ropes of cum stringing from my mouth to yours and other whores. Open My ass and watch the cum flow from my cunt and ass! Dripping down my thighs as I walk the streets. Oh, fuck yes, I have no limits I even fuck my brother and daddy. Cum find out how much I can take! Shove your cock down my throat as 5 men battle for my holes! 

White Trash Whore Gets Fucked Behind The Counter

white trash Phone Sex

I had finished slinging my ass for dope and went to The Dingy Restaurant By the No Tell Motel to get some sweet tea. I was picking Up a couple grams too I can’t Lie. My dealer was there and I went to sit with him and he had this look at his face. He wanted to see how much a  gutter slut I was. He dared to fuck the pimple face cashier and he would give me an extra bump. Well, I like to prove a dare so I sauntered up behind the counter and grabbed that dick. I guess nobody had ever grabbed his dick before because that dude came in his pants right there! I looked over at my dealer and shrugged my shoulder. Nope, he wanted me on my knees getting this dude hard again. My dealer even announced what I was doing and had all these truckers clapping for me egging me on. I sucked him hard and when he was hard I let him fuck me. I was grabbed and fucked by every fucking trucker there. Must have been 15 dirty men filling me up. This bareback slut got her coke and her cock all at the same time!

Hot Stripper Sex Hadley

hot stripper sex

He had a fetish for blonde hot stripper sex. He paid by the hour knowing I could be the nastiest cum dump in record time. My little Sis came with me So she could learn the ropes. CUm ropes and more cum ropes that is. He wanted to be told my nasty slutkin history as he lubed my ass up with my sisters’ spit. I told him how my daddy would stick his dick in my mouth and feed me and my sister his cum for dinner. How my brother popped our cherries. I was fed coke at an early age and used a fake ID to start stripping before I was legal. My first taste of cum and coke made my trailer park whore ass life in motion. I would dance naked for cash high as hell and prostitute my ass on the side for more drug money!  Now here I am with my Little sister getting fucked hard and nasty while coked out of my mind. And of course, Big brother gets his share of the money! Who wants a piece of this ass?

All I need Is Coke and Cum

cum filled cunt

My cum filled cunt is fucking beautiful. I want to be your buffet of cum tonight. I am so high from all the coke I snorted up my nose that I have seven fucking loads leaking out of my pretty pussy. I need to be nasty as fuck with you. I had a customer who wanted to see how much cum my pussy could hold before it came dripping out. The answer is six. Six cum loads because the seventh came drip dripping out to his mouth as he lay under this coke whore as an experiment. I have such nasty clients. I love the filthy things they make me to for them. I bet you couldn’t keep up with my real life perverts Huh?

Hoe Hoe Hoe

gangbang whore

Being a gangbang whore is a lot of work. If I didn’t have my blow I would never keep up with all my men cumming and cumming. I have a certain reputation to uphold.  I have to make sure my pussy and ass hole are in tip-top shape. I need to be able to take it deep and hard always. I love being full of spunk and the only way to get it is by being fed line upon line of coke. My pussy gets sopping wet and I can be on that dick in less than 60 seconds. I meet my John and that dick is making me puke in just two minutes. I love being gagged till I puke down my tits by a huge cock who is paying me in cash and or coke!  Come on cum all see Hadley puke down her tits and use it for lube to titty fuck or ass fuck me.! I am the whore of whores slinging my ass and pussy for any who want a piece of Hadley’s sweet pussy pie! 

White Trash Coke Whore

white trash phone sex

I guess being strung out at a high-class club was more fun than the owner wanted me to have. I was so high and drunk I was offering 5 dollar blowjobs to the men at the bar. I quickly explained that I stripped down at the Wild Cat and That I just wanted a quick pick me up so I could go back to my side of town. I was about to be tossed on my ass when A guy in a suit tapped the bouncer’s shoulder. Next thing this high whore knows she is riding A NBA Players cock with some important dude staring at me. I didn’t mind because that rock hard cock was huge. He had such strong black arms and his cock was 12 inches big. I was fed nose candy and fucked like the whore I am all night long. When He came up inside my cum slut slit and hooker ass hole he had his manager lick that BBC cream out of my cunt. They took turns cumming in my cunt and promised me the whole basketball team next time.  I promised free cover and VIP passes to my skanky club as long as I could have that BBC basketball player cum! I think that’s an even trade for a skanky coke whore, don’t you?

Coked Out And Passed Around

gangbang whore

I am coked out and this gangbang whore is getting passed around. First My dealer called me up to see if I would be interested and spending the night with one of his suppliers. Only spending the night was a fuck fest of black cocks getting shoved into every hole I have. I am just a blonde white girl fuck toy to these men. Line after line and hole filled with cum after cum load. God, I love being Used! I’m a high fuck whore my pussy is filled up so much. Then my brother with his splendid fuck rod said if I didn’t get to the club I would lose my job. So here I am after like six sets and fucking three guys in the parking lot for some cash. This professional whore as I have been called has a cum filled pussy and is awake for at least a whole day more. SO hey who wants to cum, and cum with me oozing cum out of my twat and ass. Shit, There is cum dried in my hair, oh well.  Where did I put my new dildo? 

Furry Friends

furry friends phone sex

This slut gets paid to do a lot of freaky shit. When My brother told me he had an unusual client for me to fuck after my set I thought pissing or maybe even a shit sex lover. I had done all kinds of fucked up shit for coke and cash so I was interested. I am promised my brothers big curved cock down my White trash hooker throat and a fat line of coke before we meet up with the perverted John. I get thrown on my back my clothes stripped off and I am gagged by that long curved fuckrod until I get a hot load of cum for my belly. I turn to see this huge Furry friend whose balls hang lower than any mans I fucking ever saw. Socks are on each of his four paws and his red rocket is halfway out. My bother and the pervert boy have me on my hands and knees taking fido cock before This monster is positioned behind me to get some stripper coke whore pussy.  The Fun part was hearing the mutt howl as he let loose thinking we were hooked together, I just pushed him out and jacked him off so he could get satisfied and I could get more brother cock and coke!

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