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drunk porn hadley

With all the weekend fun this memorial day weekend, the business has been booming and I have been basically in a drunk sex porn for days. The nose candy and glass pipes are full tilt making me one happy gangbang slut!

I am that cherry pie pussy right now too but my Johns still pay for my bareback cunt. and my puckered Ass hole has been prolapsed a couple of times.  I have been bent over numerous pool tables and fucked with the pool cue too!

Don’t worry after they get done humiliating my high and drunk ass I get those cum loads. My face my tits and my pussy and ass are all filled nicely. I fucking love being a white trash whore on an American holiday! I mean stripper pussy is as American as Apple Pie!

Deviant Gangbang Whore & Black Market Cunt

gangbang whore

This gangbang whore has been charged with making my VIP goody two shoes daughter a whore just like me! I am going to turn his teen daughter out by kidnapping her and making her watch porn and do coke and drink 40’s with me! And only skank apparel is going to be worn when she is here. The very first thing this church bitch is going to do is visit a glory hole with me! He said I could use her as much as I wanted to right. Well, glory holes make me so fucking wet, I need to put her on cam and watch her bounce that virgin ass against the wall on that cock! I want to have a whole slew of young pussy at my fingertips to sell for my client. I might be a stripper but I know a money-making opportunity when I see it.  I know they are a black market for young cunt and I am going to get her little bible friend and make a glory hole right in the church and sacrifice her pussy on a cross dildo too! Make those girls druggy sluts and denounce everything they know! Some zanies and face sitting as I fuck her next to her whore momma! Make strangers pay to fuck young pussy and then throw them away on the streets to prostitute for us. Fuck that I will make them lot lizard young whores. Dress them in white fishnets and turn them out to fifty truckers a day. And when those girl cunts are nothing but gaping fuck holes put them in trash bags and throw them in the burning church. I can be a deviant nasty phonesex whore the right amount of cock and coke baby. Cum see how nasty I can get!nasty phonesex

HOT Stripper SEx Whoreout

hot stripper sex

I tend to make my workouts (whoreouts). I use my cock loving as a way to get my yoga in. I will do the stripper splits so my pussy can get licked and then downward dog to get pumped hard by cock! There is motivation in cock, I tell you. lick out my cummy hole from my stripper job last night and I will show you massive skills. I will hold his body in the air for some oral pleasures. Let me show you my slow bounce right on top of that cock. The VIP room hasn’t got anything on my private training sessions. The coke keeps me slim, but my trainer keeps me flexible.  do run on a diet of almost pure cum! Besides that, I gotta know just how low to go, and I can do the spits on any cock at all. I’m that Girl the joke was made for. What is the difference between a blonde and a rooster? A rooster says cock-a-doodle-do. And I say any cock will do! How else am I gonna keep my Rep as a gangbang stripper slut?

Gangbangs for Small Cock

gangbang whore

I am a gangbang whore even if it is a gangbang with a few small cocks. Small dicked men fucking the shit out of this whore is still a good score, plus these small dicks love giving me cum by the spoonfuls! I love having a laugh as I compare how much cock and balls I can swallow with the girth and meatiness of a fat cock right beside the pencil cock coke pushers. I am a free for all cock whore who doesn’t mind any size of cock as long as I get to be that cum bucket! I rather suck a small cock than have no cock at all! I desire to be full of cum, and sometimes these small dicked men love to eat the cum out of my whore sweet tart tasting pussy!  I have always preferred to slide a big dick down my throat but when I have so much cum in my pussy a sweet nice mouth licking it out feels so good. I love farting out huge cum loads for dirty men as well! I am the white trash whore who will do anything for cock, coke and cum baby. If you like eating cum give me or my hot friends a call over at sissysluthut.com we are waiting for a cum eating small dicked man just like you!

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Hardcore Hadley does Stripper Sex Porn

stripper sex porn

Stripper Sex Porn fuels my drug addiction, well that and straight up hooking! Hardcore Hadley the Cock whore Hooker. I don’t just strip and get fucked when Big Monty wants porn from me. Now I am the submissive white trash slut that gets choked until I vomit all over my tits! He was the one who paid for these bolt-ons and he does whatever he wants to bring the dollars in! I was fed chunky tuna and corn and my throat was a fountain after each thrust down my throat. I threw up into a pet bowl marked slut and my face slapped if I whimpered in the least bit. I know what it takes to make fetish porn and keep me in cock and coke all night long. Then my ass gets gaped open in another scene and a little skinny whore with big tits who I know can’t be 18 is vomiting on my wide open hole of an ass. I get right down and dirty with any porn whore of any age! I get my high ass off being a trampy hooker stripper! 

Ace of Spades In My Holes

BBC Phone sex

Boy Do I have a BBC phone sex whore tale for you! They don’t call him ace for nothing! Fucking 13 massive inches. Ace has become my new fetish. My Spade dick is the High card of my pussy and the blunt force object of my anal loving creampie ass hole. A fucking Nigger drill if there was ever one. And Ace loves for me to wear a Confederate bikini top as he fucks my white bitch ass and pussy.  How could I ever turn him down with a wild card cock that when I do blow off of it my pussy creams. I am the white bitch passed from BBC to BBC during his card and blow nights. Of course, I had to get a picture to pass around to my other druggy hoes like me, they have heard of Ace but now they see that dick in real life and they all want a hell of a ride from his black stallion winning hand! I am a BBC craving slut and I need his black load deep in my poker pot!

Stripper Slut Tales Of The VIP Room

stripper sex stories

He came every night to watch me shake my big fake tits and grind my pussy. He was tall and quiet and surrounded by bodyguards, blue eyes shining as he followed my every move.  Tonight he has paid for the VIP room with me and two other blonde whores. He wanted huge tits and the skinniness that being a coke whore brings. He was standing in the room as the three of us entered. And a tray of white powder was waiting, please enjoy, he said in a deep booming voice. “But you will be servicing my men in every way they desire for as long as I like. And no barriers will be between you, understand me, whores?” We did, we loved the coke and were ready to service cock!

The five dark-skinned men began removing clothes and dragging me and my girls down on our knees. We were fed water so as the fucked our throats we would throw up on our big fake tits. And more water so we would piss on each other for these dominate men who swung 10 inches and more between their legs. Fucking the three whores as we moaned and screamed from the pleasure and pain. The mysterious man stroked to our whore bodies being used and abused. Ass holes gaped open and throats fucked raw, with pussies full of cum all night. It was over as it began leaving us breathless and high, still wondering who the man in black is. 

Biker Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

Fetishes involving watching a bareback gangbang hoe get fucked by a dozen or so bikers are hot! Its fuck hadley day with more and more bikers pouring in to fuck meI love those dirty Bikers fucking me as I bend over a pool table and snort some good snow blow! Sweaty burly drunk men taking turns on a sloppy juicy stripper whore pussy. I need it so bad, one is never enough for my coke whore ass! Let me be a carousel cock sucker one after another of those meat poles spinning around in a cock circle  Smoother my pussy in cocaine and begging saying I need some dirty cock in my ass too! my butt hole so I can be fucked bloody and raw with a nice ass rose filled with cum dripping off. I am the deepest hot whore anal cum dump for more than a dozen hairy balls to empty in. Fuck my ass is so tight and juicy and craving your cock right now. Strip me down and cum party with your gangbang cock and coke whore.

Sexy Prostitutes Make the Best Escorts

sexy protitutes

I am always there when you need sexy prostitutes. I love it when I get to be the sexy and undercover classy ass. We all know I am a blonde bimbo white trash thrash coke whore but I make the best-paid slut escort. So I got to dress to the nines in silk stockings, jewelry, and my sexiest dress. I was your paid for a whore and you got to show me off a company fundraiser. I did have a surprise for you though as we snuck a fat rail of pure coke in the bathrooms.  I did a dance for you, a striptease to let you see just how perfect the pussy you are paying for really is. Then I let you have a glimpse of the real tease, that pink jeweled butt plug I’ve been wearing all day. You growled, grabbing my hips and pulling me close. Your thumb pressing over that pink diamond and pressing it against my ass making me moan and bite my bottom lip. “You know I have to fuck this now. Right?” you said and I just nodded. “Fuck my ass. It’s my favorite hole You took your impressive cock, surprising me too and making me think I might have needed a bigger plug and plunged your cock into me. Women were knocking on the door as  I came, just from you fucking my ass and you fucked me harder and faster. Making me scream out of my pleasure until you pumped me full of cum. Being the good whore I am I had to turn over and slide to the floor as you pulled out. Sucking all my juices and your cum off your cock. This anal sex whore didn’t even blink as I pulled my dress down as we left the bathroom with a nice big smile for those uptight bitches!

White Trash and Black Thug Cock

bbc phone sex

He was a VIP hung Black cock. He went from strip club to strip club looking for the trashiest white bitches to take his 13 inches of rock hard cock. VIP Black cock always boasted about how no fuckin’ white bitch can handle all of his massive elephant trunk cock. Well, baby, he hadn’t met Hardcore Hadley yet. He came into my section threw $500 down and a fat sack of pure cocaine. I was first in line with my skinny big titted white bitch whore ass! He laughed and made the announcement if I could swallow him and take all of his 13 inches in my pussy and 3/4 in my ass hole I could have all that blow and the dough! So I slurped, and gulped, and choked until I got it all down. I bent over and moaned and groaned and squirted until it was all in me. Then this white trash bitch got up on top and squatted and farted and grimaced until all of his 13 inches disappeared up my ass. Then it was a free for all gang bang as I snorted and fucked and was filled with cum, oh my!

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