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Stripper SEx Stories of a strung out Whore

stripper sex stories

Sometimes I am a strung-out whore with a shit load of stripper sex stories. I was doing a retirement party. And the young guys thought it would be great for me to flash my ass for some quick cash. I get there I am so fucked up as the weekend is coming and I start gyrating on this old man. I pull out my coke and do a line not even thinking about it. This retiree asks if he can have some. Boy, he really got nasty after that. I was bouncing on his lap and he pulled his cock out and pulled my bottoms to the side and was fucking me right here at the party! Well I ran out of coke I wasn’t prepared so My dealer showed up and I really showed these boys what a big dick sucker Hardcore Hadley was. Bet you want to know just how many cocks I sucked and how much of a cream pie druggy stripper I was!

Gangbangs and Coke

ganbang whore

I am such a gangbang whore that I always need more than one cock to make me feel like a dirty slut.

I live by the words trailer trash slut and I fill my life with dirty druggy sex and all-around trashy smut.

I beg for cum in dirty nasty bathrooms and glory holes.  All between swinging on the poles!

I am not above selling my ass for cash. Hell, what am I saying I give it away for a smattering of coke, cum and more.

Pure white blow and big black cock make my world go ‘round.
I have the most cummy pussy for you to pound.

Incest and a dealer father made me the whore I am today. All I live for is cum!

I have been giving my pussy and ass up since day one.

I beg for drugs and huge loads of cum.

I am just your stupid white trash whore. I know you will come back to fill me more.

Hot creamy jizz and piss make me an anal cum dumpster for you. 

There is no limits to the nasty shit I will do for you!

Scat And A Whore

toilet sex

I have a caller who loves to share his dirtiest nastiest porn with me. I even have his pron site credentials. You know for the very nasty stuff. I fucking love his nasty puke videos and now we have evolved into scat videos. He knows I am the stripper that goes way extreme for my drug habit.  A nasty Trailer trash slut with an affliction for the whitest cocaine around. I actually like puking on my big fake jugs.  And now the scat videos, that was my fault as he was asking if I like shit paly and what I would do if I ate ass and I guy shit in my mouth. Well, I told him its not much different than eating chunky tuna and corn and force vomiting after a cock had choked me. Then he knew I was the nastiest filthy skank gangbang stripper whore.  And now we fucking get off together with shit eating videos. cheap phone sex

Cum Dumpster Whore For You!

cum dumpster

I can’t resist getting my ass fucked and being turned into a cum dumpster whore! I sling my ass on the streets looking for a man to fill my white trash ass up with his cum! I love having my ass gaped open for a strangers cock. I love being fucked into the floor and getting rug burn as my ass is is being ridden! You invite your buddies over for the price of one hooker! I really can’t deny your buddies because I am high coke whore. I am the hot coke fuck that needs to be overflowing with multiple cum loads. Make me a cum kabob with every hole filled and turned out on the street! I am addicted to cum , cock, and coke! Cum Play with me!

Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

Sometimes a cock whore just needs an ass full of cum to get her week started.  What am I saying I am a complete anal cum dumpster. It is kinda what I am known for besides being a major cock sucking cock whore. I love finding the perfect but plug to wear all day after I have a big cock dump his load into my anal cavity! I have been known to take my dealers dirty dick. I can smell the other whores on his cock as I suck him right to the point of explosion.  I get wet and he flips me on my back so he can annihilate my asshole. My pussy piercing and belly button ring glinting as he fucks his white trash whores tight puckered pink asshole. Now that I have a nice baggy full of that good white blow, I can continue on my night of cum filled ass hole adventures! And when I am done and just want to party and fuck my pussy in front of the mirror I will be here for my party cocks! Cum play with your blonde creampie baby!

Paid To Be an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

I am a stripper and I sling my ass for coke and sweet Chalk! I also happen to be an anal sex whore. I love how men pay me to be that anal sex whore of the night. Nothing like mounting a nice big dick that I have sucked to the ultimate hard-on. I swing my stripper ass up and over feeling your hot salami slide in my aching anal cavity! I have no shame I will take your load up my ass in front of 50 other men. And if you pay enough and have the best blow I will become the gangbang stripper whore of the evening for all 50 hard dicks waiting for my hot tight bareback asshole.  I love being the nastiest anal cum dumpster. SO lay back and let me bounce these big fake tits in your face as I take your hot salami up my asshole. The more cum loads up my ass the better! Come and make my fairy tramp stamp dance as I take your cum to eat later.anal cum dumpster

Nasty and Hot Period Phone Sex

period phone sex

This gangbang slut loves some period phone sex. I was showing my ass-ets off at the local pier today. I was a hot and horny high whore. Even more than normal because I got my Rag. I still wanted to check out the meat market at the beach so I shoved a tampon up my twat and put on my red bikini. I wasn’t going to let a little blood stand in the way of me and some hot cum! I found my target with just some red speedos on and oiled up to the gills! I showed off my fat ass and well, oops my tampon string was hanging out. He walked up to me put his hand between my legs and pulled out my tampon and handed it to me. He gave me his key card and said he wanted me exactly as I was and to meet him in his room in 15 minutes. I opened my hand and there was $500 dollars in my hand with my bloody tampon. I was happy to walk to the hotel bleeding down my thigh a little. When your a fucking hot coke whore with huge fake tits nobody dares say anything to you. I mean a couple of women pulled me aside and gave me a tampon, I assured them I was going up to my hotel now! Little did they know I was a paid whore at that very moment! I arrived and this hot hunk threw me on the bed and ripped my bikini bottoms off. His face was in my bloody snatch and his moans were so loud. He ate me out to orgasm My pussy was cummy and bloody as he took out his cock and started fucking me. His face was bloody and I kissed him licking off my period juices. I love the nasty phonesex tales of my life. Cum play with me!nasty phonesex

High AF Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Yes, my stripper sex stories always start with me being high as fuck. A blunt and some coke make me the nasty cock taking stripper you know and love. Now there are nights when I just want to keep getting high and twerking my ass has made me extremely horny. I am bouncing this fairy tramp stamp and singles are thrown on me. What a way to feel like a nasty white trash fucking whore. I want that dick hard. I don’t care that I am on stage, I tell him to pull it out and fuck me in front of everyone. He said naw baby but we can go to the back room and you can blow me and fuck me for this little bit of cocaine I got in my pocket.  Of fucking course I was going with him. I asked him if his friends could join so I could be the gang bang whore stripper that I am. I mean I am just a cum dump white trash slut for the picking, don’t you agree baby?

Fido Fuck Freak

extreme Phone sex

I am gagging on his cock as he tells me that I am nothing but a fido slut.  I am coked up and want to be the hottest hot coke whore for him. I will do anything for his cock at this point. He collared me and made me gag so hard on his cock. I was leashed up and dragged to the pitty pen outside. Massive muscled beast were ready to fuck my pussy and ass. He put one after anothe ron top of me to have that slimy red rocket inside me. aggressive pitties fucked my pussy and ass then knotted up inside me. I felt the point pitty dicks release slowly I pulled them out much to that displeasure of those furry mutts. I was made to drain those doggy cocks down my throat. I hadnt notice his friend pull up but I noticed teen cocks ready and willing for the beast fuck slut. I was not only fido fucking I was being gang banged fucked in the back yard. I am a dirty slut after all and coke drives me to be so fucking nasty.

Hardcore Hadley; Always A Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I will never stop being a hardcore gangbang whore. I am the whore that gets paraded through and pushed to her knees in front of ten cocks. ten men shoving those veiny cocks into my mouth. Being gagged to the point of vomit! My big vomit covered tits fucked and my face slapped. I am the whore of the hour.  Pushed over the pool table and fucked with cock and pool cues. My ass gapped as more men join in the bareback whore fuck. They don’t know my name as anything other than a whore. I shove those cocks in every hole. I am the bukkake whore when they are done with me they push me out the back door among laughs. I am covered with cum for the walk of shame. My nose is covered with blow my tits vomit covered and cum in every crack and crevice.  My thigh highs still in place and my stripper heels click-clacking. I light my menthol up and think, God, I fucking love my life!

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