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druggy phone sex

Not your everyday druggy phone sex whore. I spend my nights dancing the pole or slinging my pussy. I needed to see my dealer tonight and I knew I could get some of that huge Black dick and a discount, wink wink. I needed some coke to get me through the morning fucking my pussy and I wanted cum to be deep in my ass and pussy as I have my legs high in the air and that white snow on my ass hole. I have so many toys but I needed a mouth full of my dealers’ huge dick. I love gagging on it and he made sure his brother watched as I gave him a deep throat blow job. My ass was spread and I was getting another black boy dick in my ass. I felt a hot wet stream down my back and run down my ass. My gang bang slut reputation for being a nasty piss girl proceeded me. MMM, I got so much piss and cum and my baggy of coke so I can have a wild whore party night. who am I kidding Every night is a nasty whore party night and morning for me.  “Air kisses” I am ready for you baby, let’s play.

Gangbang Stripper For Hire

stripper sex stories

My stripper sex stories always seem to end with a Bang! Gangbang that is! Last night was a great night for my coke whore pussy. I was already creaming my g-string because I did a fat rail before I went on.  Before I knew it I had my g-string pulled to the side and was rubbing my pussy up and down the pole in time to the music. I get catcalled over to a table waving 20’s, I let them shove the money in my panties and even slip a finger or two in my wet pussy. As I get off the stage I get the single for a VIP room “lap dance”.  Yep, there was my table full of what I can only describe are redneck corn feed white boys. They wasted no time because three of the seven had that thick whiteboy cock out and hard waiting for my fuck slut holes. I knew what they expected of this trailer trash whore and I was on my knees like a smitten kitten ready to slobber and gag as much as I could for hours. I pulled my baggie of sweet snow out and began coating cocks. I wanted to be high and wet as hell as they took me and held me in the air as they used me like a whore pin cushion. Still a little sore but the cum in my holes soothes the aches. 

Gangbang Sex Stories With Me and Deanna

Gangbang Sex Stories

Gangbang sex stories between Deanna and me are so fucking hot. Out tight stripper asses love to be gaped open for enough money in the VIP room. Ten hard dicked guys vs two slutty blondes? We have so much fun eating cum out of each other’s pussies. A very nice regular of Deanna brought us a few guys to play with they were slinging that snow and getting us so fucked up that we were being complete cum catchers. I sucked the cum out of her ass hole like a fucking complete whore. Deanna is such a sexy slut taking a brutal ass fucking right before she squirted the cum back in my face. I mean Deanna is such a champ she can take two huge dicks bareback at once. I don’t mind as long as I get to lick blow and cum from her sweet ass. I do love hardcore anal sex with Deannahardcore anal sex

Fuck day is the best day

Gangbang whoreFuck day is the best day for gangbang whore Hadley. You bring the blow and ill blow you and all your friends. I’m that hot coke whore that will do anything for a snort of coke and my ass to be gaped. I mean I am a little incest as well fucking my brother and my daddy with loads of cum dripping from my holes. I’m that hot stripper with a little powder on her nose as she twerks in your face and rubs her soaking wet pussy all over you. I whisper meet me in the back room and I will give you your money’s worth. I bring you in and slap some powder on your cock and suck you so well you explode in my face. Five other guys are jacking waiting for a piece of my fuck holes. You turn my ass around to do a line off my puckered rosebud ass and stick a fifty in my ass. It’s going to be fun getting that money out after all six of you fuck and fill my ass up with sticky cum. That’s okay I’ll pull it out while I’m doing lines on the phones later. I am your anal cum dumpster after all baby.

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI am your trailer trash whore fantasy. I love being your hot whore fuck. I snort lines and my pussy gets so wet every line I get. I want you to fill my holes with cum and all your buddies take turns filling me up like a stuffed pork loin. Hot sticky cum in my holes shoved up my ass so I can feed it to my stripper friends. I want you to watch me spit cum and piss into other whores mouths. I can not go one day without my primary fuck hole, my ass being drilled.  I strip, I snort coke and I even sell my body, idk what is more trailer trash than that. I am you’re for all your cum dumpster needs. 

Making It Rain For My Piss

golden showers sex

Golden showers sex, I was drunk and high when I discovered it would make me money. I just ran out of the club and decided to strip down and piss in the parking lot. My pussy ached from getting pounded in the VIP room and I couldn’t feel my ass because of all the coke shoved in and licked off. I had too many tequila sunrises thinking it would get me out of my drugged up coke stupor. As I was pissing a man in his 70’s walked up to me and put his shoe right in my piss stream. He said if I came with him he would make it worth my while as he threw $200 and a jacket at me. I got in his Benz and we ended up in a nice house on the beach. I was led in and he gave me two huge Gatorade bottles and said he would like me too down them fast as he handed me another $100. I gulped them down and we shared a fat blunt before he had me strip and open my legs for him as he stroked his dick. (which was nice for an older man.) He spread my legs and began to slurp my cum dumpster pussy. I tried to push his talented tongue away because the urge to pee was so great. But he locked me down and begged me to pee in his mouth before he started slurping my well-soaked pussy. I finally couldn’t hold it anymore and let loose a stream of yellow hot piss in his mouth. His last request was for me to clean his cum off the floor and he called me a cab and gave me more cash. Needless to say, we have a weekly appointment until he croaks.

Locker Room Gang Bang

crack whore anal

One of my favorite customers at the club is a Coach who loves crack whore anal. He invited back to the locker rooms to give his players a “pep” talk. It was right up this cum eating whores alley. SO many young dicks. Strong teen guys who worked out and had raging hard-on. I was passed like a soccer ball all fucking day long. A lot of these boys were from rich neighborhoods and had the best coke I had gotten my hands on in a while. My head was bobbing on my neck as I took cock after cock in my tight holes. I was shoved up on to lockers as I was drilled deep into my soaking wet cunt. Bent over the towel bin and my ass was rocked back and forth as my ass hole was opened. These boys had never had anal because those preppy cheerleader bitches think its too good for them. I gave all 12 of them a lesson in drilling deep into ass territory. I even taught a few how to lick blow of my perfect ass hole. Once guys get a piece of coke whore blonde fucking they turn into deviants. I fucking love it!blonde fucking

Big Dick Sucking Poker Gangbang

big dick sucker

I am big dick sucker Hadley to my dealer. He loves how much cock my throat can hold. I was the entertainment for the poker party he was holding at his beautiful home outside of town. I thought he had offered other girls the same payment for a strip and please event. When I showed up in my fishnets and black leather skirt, with my thin white halter top, I was surprised to see that I was the only paid pussy for tonight’s fun.  I was led to the big back room where 10 big black men were playing cards, drinking and smoking weed.  My dealer told me that He would be getting out the nose candy in a little bit and that every hand he won I would remove a piece of clothing. Four hands later I am naked on his lap while I snort a line and he is rubbing my pussy calling me his number one hot whore fuck.  I am demanded on my knees between hands to show my dealer friends how much black cock I can take. My throat is opened up and I am gagging on 12-inch black cock as my ass is lifted on to the card table.  My gangbang whore fun has just begun.


Hadley and Cleo Do BBC



2 girl phone sexcreampie slut

Do I have a slutty story for you! 2 girl phone sex with your whore Hadley and Latina super slut Cleo! We were doing some lines in the VIP room at my club and this big black man and two of his friends decided they wanted free blowjobs. I mean I knew what big thick cocks they were packing so I didn’t mind. But Cleo threw a fit saying they needed to pay or give us coke! She fucking was one fiery whore jalapeno!  WE all three strong guys threw us down and shoved huge cocks down our throats. We were gagging and slobbering like never before. Her Hispanic ass actually started moaning. I guess she is like me and likes it a little rough.  We were fucked every way imaginable my sweet ass was drilled over and over. Cleo was screaming in pleasure as she became a creampie slut for these big black cocks. I enjoyed licking out her pussy and eating the cum out of her ass when they were done with us. We would love to tell you how naughty we got after that!


Two Girl Gangbang Fun

gangbang whore

The thing about being a druggy gangbang whore is sometimes It gets real nasty. I know you like nasty baby, you love this coked up slut and the perverted filthy things I do for some drugs and a good gangbang fuck.  I have a well-known dealer and he had set up a gangbang fuck fest for me and My new stripper friend Carrie. She’s a big titted whore with a nice bubble ass.  We were fresh from the pole and looking to get high and pole dance around some nice fat dicks! Carrie Was immediately on a huge dick taking it down her throat until she puked right around it. Three guys threw me down and made me lick it up. I was being held while three men turn turns gaging me with those monsters they call dicks. They kept telling me how pretty and nice a body Carrie had. They were fucking every hole she had. They made her stand over me and piss in my face over and over. I was drug into the bathroom and made to be the urinal all night. I mean I was fed coke and more drugs all night and I would get my holes used so I was okay with it. I was kind of jealous that they made me the toilet sex whore all night and let Carrie just get all the good dick and drugs. But who am I to complain, its fun being on the nasty, filthy whore side of things I was made for this life.

toilet sex

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