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anal cum dumpster

Sometimes all a big black cock needs is a tight ass to fill. I gladly will be his anal cum dumpster. Kenny was smoking a joint hanging out on the block with “his boys” I was tired from slinging my ass on the stripper pole all night. I was out of blow and feigning. I just needed a line before I brought my slutty ass home. I hear “white bitch!” How much money did you make tonight?”

“Oh, that’s right your money went all up your nose.” “Come here and suck this dick and Ill give you a baggy.” “Better yet come here and take this black cock in this shed back here you dirty white whore!”

I did and he didn’t waste time, teasing me with a baggy of sweet blow he said he wanted to bottom my ass out. And by ass, he wanted my ass hole. Deep and painful. I had to play with my pussy to take it all in. I was screaming and begging him to stop. He knew his cock could fuck my ass up as I am just a coked-out trailer trash whore!

That big black dick came in me and I was made to clean my ass juice off of it as he slapped me across the face and threw the coke at my feet. I have an ass full of black cock cum and I am high now My life is fucking perfect, don’t you think so?

Anal Sex Whore


anal sex whoreI really can’t help that I am an anal sex whore. My daddy and brother decided to give me coke and pop my ass cherry when I was just a youngster!I grew up watching my mother work the pole. I was in the backroom as the girls got nails done and a little old lady sewed G-string costumes. I saw that cash fly on the dance floor and men stuff her bottoms with bills. I wanted to grow up just like her! I always held mommies vial of coke for when she would come to me and get a big fat snort and tell me to stay put and not move.

I knew she was going in the VIP room and I would sneak in and watch the exchange of cash for a quick blow job. Sometimes she would give a lap dance and those men’s cocks would disappear inside her. I tried her cocaine way before daddy and brother gave it to me and my body was alive! I wanted to make money just like my mommy! Only as I grew I would learn to use my ass hole and be an anal cum dumpster trashy slut!

The Taking Of My Taboo PHonesex Womb By BBC

taboo phonesex

It was a taboo phonesex whores’ nightmare.  I never wanted to be a brat mom. My sister and I had been fucked and coked-up since we were just cute slutkins in training.  Now, this big black mother fucker wanted more than I wanted. I just wanted a cream pie fuck. I was held prisoner until I could pee on a stick and he was satisfied I was pregnant. And he said this was just the fucking start. I enjoyed his cum loads and being his whore galore. I was abused and almost died as I tried to leave. I was instructed that I would be his breeding whore and still be able to use cock and dance on the pole for the money. I would be able to get back to may gang bangs with the second pregnancy. I would only be allowed his big black nigger cock until I was impregnated each time. My only Solace is that now I have a cunny to play with and a boy brat who will grow to fuck me just as good as his sadistic sperm donor. My Trailer is full of little feet and I am not above using them for my own gain!

Bikers Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I needed a hot biker fuck this weekend. And I knew just the men to make me feel like the gangbang whore I am. I jumped my bubble ass up on the pool table and did my sexy strip tease and asked who had the cocaine! I bent over and spread ass and said who wants first dibs on my tight ass? I need blow so I can blow all your cocks! I twerked until I was pulled off the pool table and my ass hole was impaled as I cried out. No lube was used but I began to buck backwards as someone laid a fat rail on the table. I snorted the whole thing as I was pulled to the floor and skewered by several big dicks one after another. I love feeling do used like the stupid trashy stripper slut am.

Cum Guzzling Slut Stripper Whore

cum guzzling slut

The club was jumping, music blaring, and your favorite cum guzzling slut hit the pole. Blonde hair flying ass twerking. You offered a few ones for her G-string and a vial of pure white. She squatted in front of you her pussy lips hanging out of her bottoms. She dipped her fingernail in and took a snort for you. A grin hit her face and she pushed your head into her cunt! The crowd erupted and that’s all it took for your favorite stripper whore to get wild and nasty.  The music was still loud as you tasted another mans cum in her holes.  Your cock was now uncontrollable as you pushed her down on the dance floor. This stupid stripper whore took your cock down her whore throat as the bills flooded the stage. Fifteen more hard cocks descended, and you enjoyed filling up your cum dump whore until the club shut down. This would just be one of your stripper sex stories as you travel the US looking for cum dump strippers.stripper sex stories

Gangbangs and Drugs Make me Squirt

gangbang whore

Summer might be coming to an end but my pussy still needs the gangbang whore treatment. Your brats are gone and you need that glass dick treatment. Mommy has them now. Well Big boy, get the dope because this whore needs the last horah fuck of the summer. My body is oiled up and ready rivers of cum. My dealer says you and your buddies want to tear my pussy up and keep me high. Well, fuck yes, roll a bowl, get that fresh chore. Break me off a few lines. I am ready to get fucked and fucked up with you and all those hanging dicks. Pump in and out of every hole I have until you can’t see my pussy or ass for all the cum covering them. WE can go for days with a mixture of crystal, coke and black baby. Even if I go into a drug-induced coma you still can fuck my white trash piece of shit ass! Fuck me raw!

Hot Stripper sex With A Hot Coke Whore

hot stripper sex

All You wanted was hot stripper sex! My big fake tits barely moved as I swung my ass around the pole. I was a hot nude cowgirl riding my pole and telling yee haw! Yes, I was fucked up on a shit ton of coke. I had just fucked my dealers’ brains out and the supply was almost pure! I squatted down in front of you and removed my tiny sparkly bottoms. I was playing with my pussy so hard that I squirted on your face! That was all it took you stormed the sage and grabbed me and jammed your cock in my wet druggy pussy! We put on quite the show with your curved cock pumping in and out if me. My owner of the club locked the doors as the audience jacked off between turns of fucking me on stage. I guess you could say it was an unexpected stripper sex porn moment! I was just filled with cum and my ass and made a lot of cash that night!  Don’t you want another turn at this coke whores pussy!


In The Ass Is Best !

anal cum dumpster

In the ass is best for an anal cum dumpster like me baby! Let me tell you a little secret. My ass is my primary fuck hole. I strip and do the phone sex for a living, And well I sell my asshole and pussy too! My daddy says I take more cock than all the chickens in the U S Of A! I giggle and tell him that My ass craves cock as much as I crave a nice white line of coke! I am the girl who will take a huge cock and cum loads in my ass and push the cum out all over my pussy so I can masturbate with it while I talk to you and get high too!

Your BBC Coke Whore Hardcore Hadley

BBC phone sex

I Really Get down on a Big Black Cock. Even better if that cock is covered with a white layer of powder! Yep, I love being a snow bunny coke whore in the summer! That white bitch that loves black cock while being strung out! It doesn’t matter because these huge fake tits and my round ass bring the cock in regardless. I love how big those loads are when they are squirting deep inside my cock whore pussy!  I mean just where do you think I get my supply from. Not a pansy-ass white boy that’s for sure! I love how a crowd will gather to see how much black dick I can take! I love having my cunt and ass filled up over and over! My stomach expanding from the amounts of cum I have drunk.  Which is a fucking massive amount! And Almost nightly those gawkers turn into me becoming a gangbang whore! So who is up for a BBC gangbang hot coke fuck!

Big Dick Sucker Hooker Whore

big dick sucker

That’s right I am your big dick sucker whore.  A blonde skinny coke whore to suck you dry. You paid for my skills baby so I want to show you just how much of that big dick I can get down. I am squeezing your balls and sucking you down so far. I inhale that dick like I inhale coke up my nose. I am pumping you in and out so hard just for a drop of your sweet jizz down my throat. Yes, wrap your hands around my throat and jack off that cock. I want you to cum so hard in my mouth that it flows out of my nose! That’s right I want you to pump right up this cum dumps sinuses! Give me a belly full of your cum. I am your streetwalker and I do it because I love cash chalk and cum baby! Don’t you worry I suck that dick hard again and you can put in in this hookers ass, pussy and anywhere you want! Your  $Cum $Dump Hooker

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