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Creampie sex stories Fucking Virgins

Creampie sex storiesYou’re so nerdy that I never would have thought your cock was so big. I mean I’ve been trying to seduce you for weeks but you’ve been so focused on video games that you never even seemed to notice and so I just knew I had to do it. Take your cock out and own it. So I came out in a pair of panties and bra and moved in front of you. You blinked, surprised at seeing me almost naked and I went onto my knees, running my hands up your thighs. Rubbing over your cock through the pants. Opening your pants and pulling your jeans down so I could get to that cock I feel growing inside. Then… Holy shit. You’re huge. I never anticipated that but now I want to suck and fuck you even more. Taking your cock in my mouth I suck and tease your cock. Hearing your “Oh gosh… Fuck…” so breathless, feeling your hips arch into my mouth pushing more of your cock into my mouth. Humping my mouth, your game forgotten. I move up and straddle your lap grinning at the glazed over look in your eyes. Your hands gripping my hips as I lower myself onto your cock “Mmm.. fuck.” I can’t help but say as you stretch my pussy open. You feel so fucking good I can’t help but bounce on your cock, I’m so close to orgasming. My pussy ready to milk your cock as I hear you groan and feel your cock twitch inside my pussy. Filling me with cum and collapsing back onto the couch. “Aww…” I whimper and you flush grinning at me sheepishly. “Sorry…” I know you’re a nerdy virgin but I was so close. It’s okay, I’ll just have to get you hard again.

Drunk sex porn Putting out Fires

Drunk sex pornHave you ever gotten so drunk that when you sit there and remember what you did last night you don’t know whether to laugh, be embarrassed, or just die? Well, I did that and then some. I got so drunk that I put on my Halloween costume and ran around telling people to put me out. You have no idea how many strangers are willing to piss all over a hot girl. I even held their cocks, giggling as I stroked and sucked on them. “I”m on fire Mister.” I’d look up at them as my tongue teased that head and I was slurring those words. They all grinned probably thinking I wouldn’t remember and told me to kneel back, spraying their hot and musky piss all over my tongue and tits. Filling up my mouth and stopping just long enough for me to swallow. Some guys even got so hard they didn’t want me to stop. They fucked my throat, cumming while buried in it. Then pissing down my throat making me either swallow or choke on it. It was so fucking hot at the time but waking up with a hangover and smelling like a urinal and an unused and horny cunt. Not so much.

Prostitution porn Everyone Loves Ass

Prostitution porn

I love it when I get to be swanky and you wanted a swanky freaky bitch. So I got to dress to the nines in stockings, jewelry, and my sexiest dress. Of course, I was your date tonight to a function and you know enough about me that we’ll be the perfect couple. Intelligent conversation, witty humor, and then go back to the room and get high and fuck each others brains out. I did have a surprise for you though so as we were letting out pills kick in I did a dance for you, a strip tease to let you see just how perfect the pussy you are paying for really is. Then I let you have a glimpse of the real tease, that pink jeweled butt plug I’ve been wearing all day. You growled, grabbing my hips and pulling me close. Your thumb pressing over that pink diamond and pressing it against my ass making me moan and bite my bottom lip. “You know I have to fuck this now. Right?” you said and I just nodded. “Fuck my ass. It’s my favorite hole.” I purred and shivered as you pulled that wide plug out, grinning at the size. Your face going between my cheeks where you licked and teased my asshole with your tongue. I moaned “Ahh… fuck.” I gasped as your fingers dug into my soft flesh and you tongue fucked my ass until you just had to be inside of it. Pushing me over, making me fall over the arm of one of the arm chairs in the sitting area. You took your impressive cock, surprising me too and making me think I might have needed a bigger plug and plunged your cock into me. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head with pleasure as you fucked lock and hard. “Fuck…” you growled as I came, just from you fucking my ass and you fucked me harder and faster. Making me scream out of my pleasure until you pumped me full of cum. Being the good whore I am I had to turn over and slide to the floor as you pulled out. Sucking all my juices and your cum off your cock.

Lot lizard sex is so worth it

Lot lizard sexYou know you’re shirking your responsibilities as a lot lizard when the men are calling you to make sure you’re still alive. So, I just had to go back to my favorite haunt. My hair teased and slutty. Wearing nothing but fishnets, daisy dukes, and a bra and the cheapest makeup I could find. I knew it was going to run down and cover the first cock I sucked but that’s why I loved it. I was walking through the parked trucks when you saw me. You rolled down your window and yelled to me. “Hey slut, ever see the bed in a truck?” I giggled and with feigned innocence said. “Oh no Mister. You should show me.” and found myself in the back of your rig on that tiny bunk they call a bed with your hands grabbing and pawing at my tits and pussy. You discovered the hole I had cut over the pussy of my jeans and the lack of panties then laughed as your thick fingers plunged into my wet and wanting pussy. You found the g-spot so easy that I was cumming over your hand before I could even think to say “fuck me” and then your cock was in me. Plunging deep into my pussy and fucking me hard and fast. Your shaft was wide, veiny, and uncut making you touch every single fucking nerve inside of me bringing me to orgasm all over again around you before you grunted. Your cock throbbing as you filled up my cum starved pussy with your dirty trucker cum. It was fast, gritty, and amazing and you were more than happy to remind me of my place as you took the money for my services and shoved the bills up my soaking, cum filled, cunt. “Now get out, I gotta get going.”

Cum dumpster Slave

Cum dumpsterI know that there have been many times where I’ve been a cum dumpster. Used just for my holes to get guys off. I’ve also sold myself to be fucked too. This was the first time though I didn’t feel human. Like I was a piece of property and just a fucking toy. My dealer owed you some money. I didn’t ask why like the good whore I am, I just know that after bartering it was decided that you liked me and he sold me to you. Like I was a fucking slave… Well, that’s what I was now. Your fucking slave. I was told that every day I had to wear what you gave me, I wasn’t allowed to have any other possessions with me. I had to do my hair and makeup as you liked it every day and keep my ass lubed and pussy wet as I cleaned, cooked, and otherwise kept your house in perfect order. It was humiliating and also hot at the same time. I wasn’t even allowed to talk unless spoken too. I thought I’d get necessities though, like food… I learned the hard way just how wrong I was though as I made you pancakes. Thick fluffy things, golden brown, with maple syrup, fruit, and whipped cream. It looked and smelled delicious and my stomach was growling at me angry as I put the plate down in front of you. You leaned back, angling yourself so I could see your hard cock and gave me a pointed look. I got to my knees on the cold tile floor and sucked your cock, fucking my throat with your thick long member as you enjoyed the pancakes I just slaved away in making for you. I did my best to get you to cum quick so I could eat too, and I could tell when you were getting close because you ignored the pancakes to put a hand on the back of my head. Guiding me up and down as you started to pant for breath. “Fuck” you grunted just a split second before pulling my head all the way down, forcing your cock head down my throat as your cock twitched and sent stream after stream of cum into my belly. You leaned back, letting my head go with a satisfied sigh and pushed me off of your cock, leaving me kneeling on the floor as you ignored me. Not even acknowledging that I was there or even offering me a bite. When you managed the courtesy of a glance my way you quirked an eyebrow. “Don’t you know, fucking sluts get cum for breakfast. If you’re a good slut have have this shit cleaned up when I come home for lunch maybe I’ll let you suck my cock again for it.” with that you stood up, eating the last bite of pancake before leaving me alone. Ready to cry… I didn’t even get to taste the cum damn it…

Taboo phonesex Feeling Special

Taboo phonesexI hate the idea that retards don’t need love too. It’s not taking advantage of someone if they get hard for you and want to fuck you back just as hard as you want to fuck them. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping such an ugly, sad, little handicap person into getting their load off. The idea of them having blue balls for their entire life and being stuck a virgin just makes me so sad. Like today, I was playing with my special friend Mike. His caretaker had no idea that I was going to fuck him but asked me to help out because she had family plans today. I’d noticed Mike staring at my tits before and he even drooled over them literally so I just had to take the opportunity to gift him the gift of sex. So, as soon as my friend left I asked him. “So, Mike. Ever seen titties before?” he blinked and took a second before shaking his head, looking at me confused. “How come Ms. Hadley?” he asked in his slow, innocent, slurring voice. “Would you like too?” his face was so transparent in emotions. Sliding from surprise to happiness as he nodded his head quickly up and down, moving closer to me as he makes grabbing motions at my tits. I giggle and pull my sun dress over my head and let him see me naked. I could see his cock get hard in his pants before his soft hands cup my tits in his hands. “They’re so soft!” he exclaimed. Pinching and teasing the nipples as he giggles at how they get hard in his fingers and hands. “Your cock is hard.” I point, putting my hand over his cock. “Do you think I’m pretty? Would you like to have sex with me?” he gulped hard, his cock jumping in my hand. “For real, I can do that?” he asked, trying to figure out if I was tricking him. I smiled, and undid his fly and button, pulling his surprisingly nicely sized cock out of his pants. He shivered, precum leaking from the head of his cock. His hips humping against my hand before I turned around leaning over the counter. Wiggling my ass at him, he comes up and runs his hands over my ass. I reach under us taking his cock in my hand and guides his cock to my pussy. He humps in, pushing his cock into my pussy. “Oh my goodness… Ms. Hadley!” he gasps. His fingers gripping hard on my hips as he moves closer to bury his entire cock in my pussy and begins to hump me hard and uncontrolled. You could very much tell it was his first time and it was only seconds of being in my pussy before he filled it with cum. “Ms. Hadley.” he panted. “Can we do it again? That was very fun.”

Toilet sex… Oh Shit!

 Toilet sexEver since my dealer broke my ass it’s been harder to fuck. I didn’t really think anything about it though until I was fucking a new client and I was riding his cock. I had that tummy rumble and pressure that let me know I needed to go to the bathroom now. I told him “I gotta go! Shit…!” he grabbed my ass, spreading it open. “No baby, you need to keep fucking me!” I tried to stop and go but he wouldn’t let me. Angling his hips to press on that thin barrier connecting my pussy and my ass. I could feel his cock running along the shit between them and he groaned as I couldn’t help it. My already loose ass just let loose with this thick, solid log, that got stuck! He kept bouncing me on his cock. That shit log sticking in my ass and I could feel it swing back and forth. Feel it every time it hit him on his balls. He seemed like he really was getting off on it, his hands helping me move faster making that shit beat his balls as he plunged his big cock in and out of my pussy. It was no time at all before his cock was throbbing inside of me. Him grinding my pussy down on his cock as he filled me up and his hands reaching behind me to grab the shit. Spreading it over my ass back. Painting me with my own shit as he pumped me full of the biggest load I’ve had in forever.

Anal sex whore the first Butt Rose

Anal sex whoreI think you broke me.  You were fucking me in the ass and I felt like after you came in my ass as you pulled your throbbing cock out of my ass and it felt like it kept going and my ass was longer than it felt. I heard your laugh and you tapped my ass. “Hey, whore, you gave me a rose.” I put my hand behind me when I felt my ass sticking out of my ass! Your cum was leaking from my prolapsed ass and it felt so weird to feel my ass sticking out of my ass. I started pushing to push my butt rose back in my ass and you slapped my hand away. “Don’t touch it slut. It belongs to me.” and your fingers begin to probe and squeeze my ass. “I wonder how much we pulled out?” you got up and got a measuring tape out of my nightstand and brought it over to my bed. I shivered at the cool plastic touching such a sensitive and private part of my body. You laughed and said “2 inches! Impressive! Now let’s fuck it back in!”

Cum guzzling slut Pep Talk

 Cum guzzling slutI was never a cheerleader but I did my best to help prep up the team for a good game. Usually that involved a short skirt, no panties, and some very red lipstick and cheap mascara. They love to ram those big black cocks down my throat. Making me gag and cry. Leaving my face streaking and smeared with mascara as they take turns fucking my ass and cunt. Gang banging me like the cum guzzling slut I am. I love every minute of it even when the team goes to play leaving me there on all 4s. A belly full of cum, it dripping out of my ass and pussy. Waiting until I can breathe again. At least until the coach comes in. Laughing at my pathetic whore self and tells me to open up so he can give me a drink. Pissing in my mouth and making me drink every drop before he fucks my throat too. Sending me to the showers after to clean up and get myself recovered until next game.

Cum dumpster Hadley to Cool for Skool

Cum dumpsterI never was good at following rules or paying attention in school. I was good at trouble and I caused trouble wherever I went. But what did they expect with the “Hadley! Button up your top.” or “Hadly! Quit making your skirt so short.” so today I just had it. Mr. Bergers was trying to teach government and everyone knows how boring government is and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I put my feet right up on that desk and started to finger myself right there in class. I knew when Mr. Bergers noticed me because his voice faltered and I heard all the other classmates turn towards me. I opened my eyes and smiled invitingly at the other students and the teacher. Good thing about being the troublemaker is I get put in special classes where I’m the only girl. I think no one knew what to do with themselves until I pull my fingers out of my pussy. Dripping with my juiced and sucked it off of my fingers. “I’m horny boys… Who’s first?” and to my surprise Mr. Bergers had me pulled out of the desk and bent over it before I could really understand what was happening. His cock sliding into my pussy with him groaning “Oh fuck” above me as another boy slid his cock into my mouth. I soon found my hands full of cock too and I was in slutty cum dumpster heaven I was! This, this is the kind of education I could really get behind. I wanted to milk everyone of them of all their cum and do it all over again. So as Mr. Bergers pulled out my cunt after leaving a creamy load deep inside of it with a defeated “Fuck…” I knew I changed class forever.

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