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Lot Lizard Sex With Hot Hadley

lot lizard sex

Sometimes A gang bang slut just needs so Lot Lizard Sex! I was strung out on Coke and decided my aching wet pussy needed strong nasty big dick to spread it out. I went to the back of my local truck stop and someone knew my name and he said hey baby I want to be first, drop down and suck this cock so everyone knows your on duty! As I gobbled and choked on his sweaty dick I noticed the big rigs headlights come on and some trucks circling me in. I was grabbed from behind and my skirt ripped off as well as my panties. My ass was spat on as I received cock after cock in my ass and sweet stripper coke whore hot fuck cunt.  Someone put a piss jar and was trowing tips into the piss sometimes just quarters. I was being a creampie slut for mere change. I don’t mind cuz I know these guys have the best coke around and the big nasty cocks to make my throat sore and my ass a gaping hole. As the cum loads came I began to feel satisfied that I was being a good white trash whore for these hard working truckers! MMM, how would you use me? 

Freaky Phone Sex With Beer Can Man

Freaky Phone Sex

Beer Can Man Loves my Freaky Phone Sex. See He has this Huge thick Cock that he sends me pictures of in my Email so I can masturbate with my toys while we get nasty. I even had to have him give me his measurements so I can have a custom-made dildo from my friends at dildos are us. My Big Boy has this fucking nasty pervert I have dreamed of. He knows that I am a hot coke whore fuck that parties like a rockstar. I spit on my dildo and I have to guess how many cum loads are still in my pussy for him.  And Yes I will eat that yummy cum for him. One, Two, Maybe three right now as I get ready to pull out my custom made dildo. I am a gangbang druggy slut after all lol. I am ready for him and his bizarre sex games he makes my  Live phone sex coke whore self-endure. I love when he makes me piss on myself and sit in it the whole call. The beer can is such a bad boy, can you compare to his freaky deaky? I can keep up if you can I have lines for days. 

Hardcore Hadley Orgy Porn

hardcore orgy porn

Honestly, my hardcore orgy porn couldn’t have gone more fuckable if I wanted it too. I decided to be the sushi bar tonight. I had a couple guys fuck my ass and pussy in the alley behind the club this afternoon and wanted to be the lunch buffet. I was laid out bare naked with delicious sushi and sauces a treat for the mouth in so many ways. I thought no one was looking as I dipped my fingers in my pussy and scooped some of that creamy cum out to put on some of the sushi rolls. But there you were and locked eyes on me and came and picked up the last piece I had touched and eaten it whole. That’s my kind of man right there. You leaned down and told me you were going to make me the star. See you said you bought the club today and you wanted me to star as your porn queen. As filming got started you gave me an 8 ball and said I better be fucking hot and nasty. I took 20 cocks, 100 fingers and 20 mouths for you. Then I was tied on my hands and knees as I was feed four BBC that was 37 inches of cock between them. My throat and pussy and tight puckered ass have never felt so used and raw, guess that what this Cum guzzling slut deserves.  You said you are happy to lick the cum off of me so I am really going to enjoy that baby. 

Gangbang Whore In The Fall

gangbang whore

This Gangbang whore is super wet thinking about the cooler temps of fall. I mean it gets hot when you have five or more dicks in your hot slut holes. I have enjoyed the sweating summer of cock but fucking in the park like I did last fall is amazing. My dealer E and My brother set up a hole live sex show near the river last fall. I was given rails of coke and admission was paid to be able to fuck over twenty men that day and night. I started by sitting nude in the grass and being offered each of those lovely cocks one at a time to suck for three minutes. My mouth was already sore but after that hour I was feed more Coke and my brother than bent me over and offered 3 minutes of stroke time for my sloppy wet pussy. That was an hour of being fucked deep and hard over and over. I began cumming down my legs and still I had no cum in my holes. I began to beg for at least one cum shot after my next line. My brother gave me his dick in my ass and allowed me to start sucking each of those dicks as he pumped my tight ass hole in the cool crisp air. I felt his hot load deep in me as he released my ass and pussy to be fought over. For the next hour, I became a dumpster of cum and had loads being shot all over my body.  I felt like the skankiest whore and the breeze and leaves falling down made me the happiest gangbang slut ever. I know my brother and E is planning another gangbang sex show by the river again, this time my baby sister will be taking cock with me and forty men and those rock hard cocks are going to be fucking us silly. I love the life of my orgy phone sex slut self!orgy phone sex

Furry Friends Phone Sex

furry friends phone sex

Oh my, what a furry friends phone sex whore I am.  I needed a quick fix after fucking four guys in the parking lot of the club, they didn’t have much blow but I figured a hit or two from the pipe and some big dick would get me through, but it did not at all.  My pussy was swollen and my high leaving I decided to turn a trick for easy cash and a baggie of coke would get me through the morning. I was not prepared for this bald muscle man with a huge Pit in the back of his Cadillac. His name was Jeremy and his furry friend is aptly named Giant.  I figured what the hell at the bills being flashed and we headed down an alley that was still dark as the sun rose. I was told that I needed to get out of the car and get on all fours because giant needed a piece of ass. My feeling got the best of me because with a big rail of coke I was on my hands and knees taking giants super huge red rock up my twat for what seemed like hours. Hell, I even came hard because Giants Rocket was huge and felt different than anything I had ever felt. And of course, Jeremy took my ass with his nice cock for a few spins leaving me with multi-species cum all over me as the Cadillac drove away. 

I’m Your Cum Dumpster

Cum dumpster

You came looking for a cum dumpster slut like me. I leaned into your car told you how much my services were, but all you were interested in is why my ass was on the corner. You had been to a party with me and a couple strippers and had a nice orgy, It was my luck you remembered my face and quoted me a price for a gang bang party and said your coke dealer would be there. Because you know what a coke whore I am. I jumped in and As soon As I walked in a chorus of ” baby come here and suck my dick first!” erupted.  This druggy bitch needed a few lines but after that my pussy was soaked and I was on my knees with my ass up for all your buddies. My mouth wrapped tightly around your cock as your boss fucked my ass deep and hard. “Hey, Everybody what do you think of my little coke gangbang whore??”  Everyone Cheered as I took cock after cock, I am glad to keep your friends entertained as My orifices get pumped and cum gets dumped into every hole I have.  



Power Sucking And Fucking

hot stripper sex

You came looking for some hot stripper sex. You had a need and you were on the prowl for a trashy bitch like me. You caught my eye and headed to the V.I.P. lounge. You threw up five fingers and they pointed to your dick. Two Big Black men stood at the doorway and you whispered something and disappeared.  I finished my set and hurried to the back where you were waiting with a towel over your lap completely buck naked. That towel was tented and I thought shit he’s ready. Little did I know you weren’t You instructed me between your legs. I removed the towel and was surprised by the fact that you were not hard all the way and you had the biggest dick I ever have seen! You told me to suck and suck hard as you coated the tip with pure cocaine. I began my famous golf ball through a garden house dick sucking and you smacked my face and said harder. “”What do you think a dick this big wants?“” HArder faster and deeper I went until he stood up pulled that massive dick out of my mouth and told me to go ass up face down. He promised he would put some coke on my ass to numb me and that he knew I was just a trashy whore who needed to be fucked hard and deep.  You did not hesitate you reamed my ass with coke and shoved your dick half way in. Soon I was taking that huge dick deep in my ass and coming all over myself. You then began riding my pretty pink ass hole deeper and harder. You were power fucking my tiny ass! When you pulled out you said that I would need to take care of my prolapsed ass because you would be back for more. You dressed and left me with cum dripping out of my bloody sore ass.  Your guards three cash and a baggie at me. I love having big dick sucker skills it gets me into some crazy fucking positions. 

Extreme Gangbang Voyeur

extreme phone sex

This Nasty Druggy Stripper has an extreme phone sex tale for you! My Regular John Mr. “Johnson” invited me to his tiki party and made sure that I was to dress classy and sophisticated. The pay was good and he said party favors would be on the house but to be discreet and just be his arm candy. I figured I could do that. I arrived in my sexy black dress heels and perfect. They were so many nice looking rich men and women out by the pool, but I was more comfortable as I shiny tray of my nose candy was being passed around. I swear a couple rails later I was shimmering out of my little black dress and everyone was staring. I couldn’t help myself my pussy was aching and I saw a few boners pop up in those Bermuda shorts. I began grinding on a sexy tall dark man and was on my knees sucking his massive boner before I knew it. I was offered another line of coke and then my hand was up a sexy redheads skirt fingering her ass as I sucked three cocks in a row.  I figured I would try to slip away and end this crazy orgy fest I had started but I was grabbed and bend over a chair as I looked up I saw Johnson nodding approvingly as men started fucking random women and each other too. His cock was out in his hand on the balcony and he was jerking so hard I could see his cum shoot down into the crowd of onlookers. Seems as if I was just hired to be my slutty druggy self to start Johnson’s annual orgy party. All I know is my ass gaped and my mouth and pussy hurt from being fucked by over 50 dicks. That’s just one of my many gangbang sex stories that I will never forget.

Just Your Average Cum Dumpster Stripper

Cum dumpster

“Hadley You cum dumpster bitch where you been!?” It was my Biker Hookup Wayne. He hadn’t seen me in weeks as my dealer “E” was having major summer nose snow parties. I know I had been neglecting my biker bar dicks. Wayne came to the stage and was throwing money and coping feels through my set. I leaned down and told him I promised I would be by soon. I danced and even had Wayne meet me in the VIP area for a free lapdance that ended in a throaty blowjob and a mouthful of cum for me. I ended up leaving early to meet Wayne and his buddies for a pool table fuckathon. My pussy loves that coke they rub on her before those white bull cocks and a couple BBC are plowed through her all night long. Pool sticks sometimes replaced the Dicks in my ass or twat I don’t mind whatever gets me some cum loads deep inside and opened up wide. I love being a high little trailer trash whore for my biker boys. Maybe I’ll hit the truck stop up tomorrow.

Druggy Phone Sex Whore



druggy phone sex

Not your everyday druggy phone sex whore. I spend my nights dancing the pole or slinging my pussy. I needed to see my dealer tonight and I knew I could get some of that huge Black dick and a discount, wink wink. I needed some coke to get me through the morning fucking my pussy and I wanted cum to be deep in my ass and pussy as I have my legs high in the air and that white snow on my ass hole. I have so many toys but I needed a mouth full of my dealers’ huge dick. I love gagging on it and he made sure his brother watched as I gave him a deep throat blow job. My ass was spread and I was getting another black boy dick in my ass. I felt a hot wet stream down my back and run down my ass. My gang bang slut reputation for being a nasty piss girl proceeded me. MMM, I got so much piss and cum and my baggy of coke so I can have a wild whore party night. who am I kidding Every night is a nasty whore party night and morning for me.  “Air kisses” I am ready for you baby, let’s play.

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