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White Trash Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

I am now a big titted gangbang whore, but how do you think I paid for these big fake tits? I am not ashamed of my perfect tits at all. It took more than a few cocks cumming n my tight holes for me to pay for these beauties. I remember the first few days at the club dancing and getting a line or two of that cocaine to make me have the guts to strip completely and dance for my dollars. That all changed when a man walked in and changed my life forever. He was tall and all the stripper whores were right on him, so I knew he had money.  He dismissed every one of them and came to sit right at the stage to see the new talent on the pole. He pulled out a hundred and waved me over and whispered in my ear that if I had bigger tits he would give me that hundred. I was so pissed I stormed off stage and was grabbed by a bouncer and told to go to the VIP room one. I had never been there, and I knew girls did the dirty shit and made kick-ass money behind that door. I was still fuming as I grabbed my bikini and went to see who was waiting for me. It was the man from the stage and he had 10 guys waiting in a circle and told me if I was a good slut that he would buy me a pair of tits so I c0uld start making real money. My ass and pussy and throat were raw but I knew during the next few weeks I would be getting my beautiful set of DDD tits!

BBC Phone Sex: A Gangbang Gone Wrong!

BBC Phone Sex


I am the A sucker for BBC phone sex, Literally! I was over at my big black cock boyfriend’s house and we were doing blow and letting our littles run wild when this sexy blonde slut got horny. I had no qualms about jumping up on his cock and riding him as the blow hit me and made my pussy drip. But then his two brothers walked in and I had a cock in my mouth s my BBC boyfriend pulled his cock out of my pussy and began fucking my ass painfully. That gave the other nigger cock room to fuck my pussy! I was a BBC 3 way penetrated slut. My baby girl and her new chocolate little friends began doing what mommy was doing and as I struggled to rescue my daughter I was held down and fucked like the dirty cum slut that I am. This gangbang whore was prolapsed and gapped open and I will tell you a  secret, I fucking got off on watching my daughter and her little black boys do as mommy does!

gangbang whore

Sorority Girls Fucking : Whores Gone Wild

sorority girls fucking

Spring break came early for a couple of whores who needed some Sorority girl fucking down in Mexico. These were tame girls who happened to come to my club drunk as hell one night and were amazed that this blonde was such a party girl and open with her body. I gave then lap dances and invited them backstage for some nose candy and some lessons on how to be a whore. I started by licking both those pretty young pussies and that got me an invite to go down and catch some sun and cock with them. I even hooked them up with that pure white that was flowing like those college pussies were on those cocks as I taught them how to ride and squirt all over a big cock and to deep throat like true whores!  It was a blonde girl fucking in the sun as they became sluts they are meant to be. One of them even is coming to work on the pole with me.


Blonde Slave Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

My john had a fetish for blonde anal sex whore sex. I went from doing a line of blow to getting my ass prolapsed in o to 60. It took most of the night to prolapse my little cock whore ass hole, but the damage was remarkable for suck a big dick high on cocaine.  Normally when I get this much ass action, I am in a hot gang bang with at least three cocks. But I was hired out to be a slave all night long for a nice big cock with a vengeance for tiny hookers’ asses. I did get lucky and some of that white goodness was rubbed on my ass hole before he tore me a new ass literally. I tried not to cry from the pain too much but got his dirty shit covered dick shoved down my throat when my screaming got too much for his sadistic ass fucking. I knew I was just a dirty blonde whore for him to use as he pleased and I was collared and not going anywhere.

Lot Lizard Sex Keeps Me Warm

Lot Lizard Sex

This is the perfect time of year for lot of lizard sex. I stay mostly to the southern states, but I do end up in places like Colorado and Oklahoma that can be a bit cold for a mommy whore dragging her brat around as she goes on her next gangbang truck stop adventure. I figure its high time she learns what she is going to become having a mommy like me. A slut to use all her holes for all the dick. In Colorado, we stopped at the Big Truckstop In Colorado Springs and one of the young drivers gave my daughter a weed cookie. She was so high that she started helping mommy blow him and wanted to know if it was time for her virginity to be taken. I snorted a line of that good booger sugar that these truckers keep on hand and told her not yet but she can watch as mommies ass gets pounded and lick the cum from my asshole.

Snuff and Toilet Sex From My Sadistic Brother

toilet sex

I am only good as a snuff and toilet sex object for my brother. I thought I could offer him my younger sister in exchange for saving my life. But all he wanted to do was have me choke her as she sucked his cock and tell her that we are worthless whores. We were meant to be bred, to be fucked and die at the hands of the men in our lives. For us, it is our brother chopping off and stabbing our tits. My full tits are his to chop off, her tits are stab worthy. Our arms and legs can be hacked off and both of s burned alive in the oven as we still under his command and fuck the heating element with our pussies.  Forcefully fucked, tortured and killed, we are vermin and only created to serve cock in any form.  And if you are anything like my sadistic brother then yu too must join me in no taboo phone sex. STuff and prolapse my ass hole, ruin my pretty pussy and snuff me out the way I deserve to be. 

xoxo, your trashy submissive whore, 

Hardcore Hadley

Barn Yard Gangbang Sex stories

gangbang sex stories


That’s right this is a gangbang sex stories right out of the Farm! I was turning tricks down on North Ave. I was just warming up in the little Italian Sandwich Shop when a black Silverado pulled up and said is that you Hadley, I heard you love gangbangs, get your slut ass in the truck. I got in and he handed me a baggy of white and off we went. I gave him my price and he said we were going to meet a couple of his good buddies with Hard cocks that wanted to fuck me. The road turned dark and was zigzagging in and out of the countryside. I gave my John some road head and slurped his cum as he told me what a nasty hooker whore I was. When the farm loomed ahead of us, I knew this was going to be an epic gangbang. My heels sunk in the mud and my thighs were wet from the coke and sucking cock. The barn doors opened, and no one was there. My mouth covered and the lights went out. I woke up strapped spread-eagled to a breeding harness. As much as I bucked there would be no escaping. He had said gangbang, but not what I would be gang banging as the black form of the Dobby K 9 came to lick my cunt and mount me. I screamed but it felt good when he got inside of me the oven mitts slipped off his paws and I was being gorged in my shoulders by his claws. I still wanted that fur cum and bucked up until the minutes passed and the cum dripped from me. My John laughed his cock out and his phone recording the whole thing. I knew my furry friends phone sex was not over as He called spot the Dane to me and said he loves asshole fucking. My ass would be impaled by a fur cock bigger than most men’s.

furry friends phone sex

A Step Mom For Blonde Fucking

blonde fucking


Surprise big boy guess who daddy has brought home? A sweet blonde fucking whore! He says she is your new step momma. You can’t believe the old bastard got himself a hot piece of ass like me. I giggle and wear the most revealing outfits when you are around. You catch me sneaking out at night and follow me to the Kit Kat Lounge. Everything makes sense now, your new step mommy is a stripper whore. You corner me as I sneak back into the house. You are going to expose me if I don’t suck your big young cock. I laugh because your daddy knows what I am, but I still want your cock. I gladly suck you off and when you cum on my tits I tell you to lick it off and give you instructions to climb in my bed when your pops leaves in the morning. The blonde whore will fuck your brains out. I am a trashy milf who needs all the cock!

P-mommy Hadley Your Trashy Milf Wildcard

Trashy Milf

I wasn’t always a trashy milf. Once not long ago I was daddy’s teen little whore. My fathers’ cock and a little white powder turned me into the stripper who slings her ass on the side for some chalk and a lot of cum. My roots are set deep in white trash young girl fucking. I have tried to be a vanilla woman and it never works out. I met a man recently who wanted to change my life and provide for me and my little one. It was every whores Pretty Woman fantasy. But I am not that pretty redhead in the movie and I love taking stranger cock and dancing on the pole. I tried just be the housewife that had a few lines on the counter every morning, but my god did he have to have such a hot teen son close to my age with a big cock? That was this trailer trash p-mommy’s demise. I was caught fucking his son while my little girl watched her mommy get her holes drilled. I don’t know what his problem was, I offered him to join us in our little play family fuck fest. I’ll be back though for that young cock, wink wink.

Street Walker Gangbang Sex Stories

Gangbang sex stories

Gangbang sex stories always start with a dirty little whore who needs more than one cock to satisfy her juicy pussy. Stripper and Street whore by trade I never seem to get enough cock. If my holes haven’t been ravaged, I don’t feel like me. Daddy taught me early in life to use my body because I was just bound to be a dumb bimbo. His cock tore through my pussy and ass a few times before I dropped out to swing on the pole. My older brother was the one to pop my cherry and before my swinging and gyrating days, he was the one who gave me my first line and let his friends from the neighborhood run train on my soft sweet pussy. I was labeled a cum guzzling slut before I learned to drive. I make no new year new me promises because I love being a coked-up cock whore. The rooster says cock a doodle do, I say any cock will do!

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