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Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

I have been getting fucked all night. My ass is full of at least three guys cum. It feels nice and sticky in there. I am flying high looking for another to fill my ass and mouth with that cum that I am addicted to, ha just like any kind of drug I can get my hands on. I love drugs and cock, and sometimes pussy. All I want to do Is feel good as my ass hole is used.

My tight rosebud ass being filled up and fuck hard. I am the type to be ridden hard and put up wet.  I can take the biggest cocks down my throat and still have one in my ass and in my pussy if I am lucky.  Get me high and let’s fuck dirty nasty and anyway you, please.

My Brother Fuck

Taboo Phonesex

What If I told you I am a hot stripper druggy whore that likes to fuck her brother for coke? I have been fucking my brother since I was a young thing. He was the first to bring me and my sister cocaine and the first to pop both of our cherries. My Daddy was pissed that Big brother turned us out before he had the chance. I was left an 8 ball this morning and knew my brother had fingered me while I was asleep because I woke up wet and I knew he wanted his big thick brother cock serviced when he got back from deals and before I went to the club to dance tonight. I was waiting and high as hell with a big black dildo shoved into my pussy when he showed up. He didn’t even move the dildo he went right for my ass and within seconds he shot a huge load in my ass. He made me suck it and the dildo before he put some powder on his cock and grabbed me by the hair, so his little sis could take all of his cock down her throat. I love to go get cum loads and fuck him with another mans cum in my pussy or ass and he doesn’t even know it. My biggest turn on is shoving that white powder up my pussy and fucking my brother then going to daddy so he gets brothers cum on his dick from fucking me. I know I am just a nasty white trash whore, but I have fun.

Pissing Sex Stories

Pissing Sex Stories

I was so stoned that I was taking a piss on the corner where I was hustling for Johns when A nice black car pulled up and asked how much for some golden showers baby? I pulled up my panties and asked how much he wanted to pay and if he partied. We took off and he brought me to a nice room and opened his suitcase that had so many pairs of cute girly panties. He picked out a polka dotted pair for me and told me to strip and only put those on. He then laid out a couple nice rails on the table and we snorted coke. I was feeling good as he told me to down a large bottle of water. I was instructed to let him know the moment I had to piss. So, we did a few more lines when I told him I had to pee. He told me to hold it and come suck his cock. It was a very nice cock, so I obeyed and was sucking and deep throating when the urge to pee got so bad I told him. Okay, he said as he stripped the rest of the way and laid on the floor. “Straddle, me and take my cock in your mouth then piss through your panties on me. I did as I was told sucking his cock as I let out a hot stream of piss through my panties all over his chest. When I was done he rolled me over and slid the piss soaked panties aside and started fucking my pissy pussy. He came hard inside of me and asked for the panties as he gave me another pair and a big bottle of water. We had fun pissing and fucking and doing lines all night. He even pissed in my ass, I kind of liked the hot feeling of piss in my ass.

2 Girl Phone Sex Hadley

2 Girl Phone Sex

As much of a cum guzzling queen, I love taking a train with another female. I want one woman to keep the dicks hard so I can get all the cum when its time to fuck me. Yes let her suck that cock to the edge and when it is your turn come fill my ass up with sweet hot sticky cum. I love gangbangs but sometimes with ten guys, there is not enough of me to penetrate. I am a greedy cum whore I want all ten guys cum but I want them to stay hot hard and ready for me.  I do want one in the ass one in my sweet fuckhole and one down my throat at all times and one in each hand, but that leaves five guys jerkin their gerkin. SO if I have another whore like me everybody is happy. Just as long as I get to fuck each guy I will be a happy slut. I just want to be like a cream filled doughnut but with cum.

Nasty Phone Sex


Nasty PhonesexI am just a nasty white trash whore that loves to be degraded and used. I will be your personal toilet. You make me kneel for you and start pissing on my chest. You have three more guys start pissing on my back and in my hair. You ask me if I like that your nasty filthy piss slut. I do I will do anything for my next high and I like to be reminded who worthless I am. 

I know I have been put here to be used by men from all walks of life. I get bent over and a big cock is shoved bareback into my ass and piss is pouring out my asshole. I get dragged by the hair and a cock is shoved into my mouth. I suck and lick until he pulls out and cums on my chest. Now cum and piss are mixed and you tell me to rub it in. My legs are spread apart and I have a dick in my ass and one in my pussy. I am fucked violently and you shit on my chest and ten jack off and cum on top the shit. I am left to clean “ my worthless whore ass” up, as you throw a rock at me.

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Sex

Do you want a hot stripper, druggy whore? Yeah, I know you do.  I love my coke and I love cock what can I say. One thing about me you will love is I always take my cocks bareback.  In the club when I am dancing I love to take would be grooms from the bachelors’ parties and have them fuck my dirty whore ass bareback. I love naked cock in every hole I have. In my ass Is the best place to be fucked.

 Something about sending them on the honeymoon after they fucked my dirty whore ass makes me so wet.  And when I get tired of dancing I go out on my corner and soon enough a nice car with a big dicked john will come for me. My guys know I will do anything for a couple lines. I am that big titted nasty woman your momma warned you about.

Some of my guys have pissing fetishes, why just yesterday I pissed all over a businessman in a nice suit and he provided an 8 ball. I thanked him by draining his balls down my throat.  

Gangbang Whore

Gangbang Whore

I am the original gangbang whore. I’m sure you remember that gang initiation I helped you with. It was like the 12 cocks of Christmas. I was greatly rewarded for my services with an 8 ball of coke. I just had 12 Black cocks lined up after a did a few lines. I laid on the pool table and we played merry go round Hadley.  SO much BBC that night. Choking on one by one in my ass and one in my pussy. My tits being squeezed and nibbled. I had so much fun. I was pissed on by five guys at once and made to hold four different mouthfuls of cum before I could swallow. My pussy still gets wet from that memory. But you had the anaconda BBC that you made me piss on before you fucked me deep in my ass. I swear I couldn’t walk for days after that. I still see the videos online from me peeing on two dicks at once before I sucked each of them off. I am the dirtiest nasties whore around. I love every minute of it. Who needs a whore for a gangbang? I need BBC in my life.

Big Dick Sucker Hadley

Big Dick Sucker

You catch me showing my ass for some would be johns and see that I am fucked up on something. You flag me over and tell me my ass is mighty fine. I smirk and ask what you want. That’s when you pull out this giant dick and ask if I could ride it bareback.  My eyes light up and I jump in your car. You then say you can’t host so I take you back to my trailer.  I have crack pipes laying on the counter and you light a rock you had for me. Then demand I suck your huge cock before I get anymore. I am on your cock with my mouth in a flash. My eyes do not leave the pipe as I attempt to suck you down to your balls.  Each flick of the lighter makes me suck harder and deeper. You finally give me a hit and demand I suck more and deeper or I won’t see any more drugs. I am drooling around your cock and gagging as I suck deep throat that massive cock. I am finally rewarded as you cum down my throat and on my face. I get to get high again and keep the piece, But I must take your dick all the way up my ass bareback to keep it.  Now I have taken cocks up my ass but yours hurt a little and felt good deep inside at the same time.  “Your nothing but a dirty trashy crack whore!” You scream.  Indeed, that’s what I am but I get the best drugs and best cock around.

Cock sucking at work

Stripper sex stories

I went to work at the strip club tonight so fucked up I could barely walk.  I did a couple dances and saw you in the crowd waving a fifty. I took you in the back room and snorted a line and did some H with you. Your monster was bulging in your pants, so I knelt and unleashed your cock. Being a good guy, you rubbed a little coke on your cock, so I would last longer. I sucked and licked every drop of coke and then you shoved my mouth down to your balls and held me while I gagged. When you let go I sucked and licked your cock up and down with a vengeance. I am a white trash hooker junkie that craves you to fill every hole. I want to be your creampie slut. Just a trashy party girl who loves to fuck.  I love sucking your big cock and partying with you baby. Ill even piss on your cock and suck it again if you keep me high.

Step Brother Love

cum dumpsterI am so trashy, but I have the most fun of all my friends. Today I needed a little line so I could get through the day, so I had to go see my step brother. He is so tall and handsome, so I do not mind exchanging “favors”.  Today he wanted his friend to fuck my ass as I sucked My step brothers cock. I was so horny that I needed no lube at all for his friend to ram my tight asshole. I was stretched so far from both ends! I love my throat and ass being fucked at the same time, and I got high too! I absolutely love having every holed filled all the way. Just thinking about it gets my pussy so dripping wet.  What a great brother!

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