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It was bring your daughter’s day to the club. Okay, I lied I had just snorted to much cock and I had no money for the babysitter. I could have left her with pervert Pete, but he owed me money for letting him eat her little pussy. And I figured if I was going to make money on her cunny, I should at least get it upfront. Turns out just talking about her little tight innocent cunt got mommy fucked up and fucked real good. A nice businessman came in and as I was giving him a lap dance he asked why I became a stripper.  He asked if I had brats and everything just came pouring out. I hate not being high my mouth runs too much. Well, he laid out some pretty while lines of cocaine and I answered every question he had about my fuck tot. he paid to fuck me and He reamed me so hard as I kept talking about her. I felt so good and dirty that I came all over his cock as he fucked me bareback. He even left his business card and asked if I was serious to give him a call and he could get me real dough on her slit!

Live Stripper Sex Porn

stripper sex porn

It was just another night when my club became live stripper porn central. We are all clothes off and I love playing with my pussy as the dollars hit the stage. Some drunk guy came up and put his face right in my pussy and I let him. He slipped me a vial of coke right before so I gave his face some stripper pussy. Oh, but that wasn’t enough for him he pulled back and offered me 200 dollars to piss in his mouth. I happily obliged pissing with great accuracy. Well, that caused mayhem at the Kitty Kay Plaza. Men pulled me down and started fucking my holes and pissing in every one of them too! I was screaming as it took six bouncers to free my ass, literally! I just knew I was going to be fucked to death or suffocated. The night ended well as I took six cops back to the VIP room. The owner can always count on me to smooth things out with the local law!

Cum Drunk Girl Fucking

drunk girl fucking

Before the show starts your going to want to get in on some cum drunk girl fucking. I love my dope and my booze it always helps out when I am in the mood to drink cum! Of course, every hole I have is going to be filled to the brim. Just know that if I am after you I am also after all five of your buddies as well. I have thrown back shot after shot and have been fucking since nine am. Lights, camera, action! My cunt is sopping with my cum and a strangers or two. My ass is raw and juicy and I want to drink your cock down as well as have my ass and pussy double penetrated! Why pay for more than one girl when you can all share this whore? My cum filled cunt is an eager beaver. Cum party with me.

Halloween Hadley Is A Gangbang Whore

gangbang whoreI love looking for candy during these Halloween Nights.

I am obsessed with making the biker ball men fucking fill me up. I love being the gangbang whore that can come in get ten to fifteen cocks to fill me up like the cum slut I am. I loved being fucked so rawly that I can’t walk the next morning.

I will suck line after line of a hard-sweaty cock. And gag on every cock at the bar. And now that it is Halloween, I am being made to really beg for my nose candy. I have been made to use my daughter on the pool table to give the hot and mean biker cocks a show! I will always be the nasty slut young mommy who loves to get a great hot gangbang fuck and be fucked up.


Single Mom Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Sometimes my single mom stripper sex stories get a little put there. But In my profession, I know that there is always a cute little nursery in the back of the clubs and that single mom whores must bring brats young and younger to the club. We normally take turns watching them between sets that don’t mean we take the best care of them. Shit, Most of the time there is a budding girl who oversees all of them and she loves to peek around the corners and see what her life will be like in a few years! I know I have been watched giving blow job after blow job by these sexy young whores in training. I also know if those boyfriends kept their dick in their pants these older offspring wouldn’t be here to watch all the filthy shit me and her mommies do for a dollar or two! As much as it turns us on to think about you knocking our brats up, we reserve that for the men who will take care of older daughters. You can have her pussy for a price but if you intend on knocking her up you better take her for keeps or give her slut mommy an allowance baby. I need all my cash for my white candy!

Big Dick Sucker Mommy At Trunk Or Treat

Big dick Sucker

Your big dick sucker whore had an all-out fireman gangbang at my daughters trunk or treat last night. We were all dressed up as little slutty fire girls. In skintight outfits with our camel toes showing. Now I had a little too much coke before we left, and I was so horny that my leotard was wet in the crotch. I felt like I had pissed myself. My nipples were on display and her cunny and nubbie tits were very visible. It didn’t help that the local fire department was there handing out candy and letting the brats play on the fire truck. Those hunks took one look at me and her and all five of those firemen disappeared inside the church with me and my brat. I was on my knees sucking a round of big cocks while my daughter played with her pussy for us. I was covered in cum and had to go buy my brat candy and a happy meal on the way home. Momma Hadley had her happy meal of big cock already!

Toilet Sex For me and My Brat

toilet sex

My brat witnesses her coked out mommy getting her face full of piss last night. She was so confused that I was enjoying myself. My John turned his sights on her. She was peeking out around the corner and was just in her white panties with the day of week printed on the ass. Her mosquito bites were on full display. Mr. Piss grabbed her by the hair and told her to lick her mommies face clean. He threw a 100 dollar bill at me and told me to make her lick my ass hole. I put her face between my ass cheeks and told her to pretend it was a pudding cup. Mommy gave her a chocolate drop out of my ass and she squealed and cried. I then stood up and let loose a hot steamy stream of piss on her face and then licked it off. I love being a nasty young trashy milf with my offspring enjoying no taboo paid sex with me!

Why Im a gangbang Whore P-mommy

gangbang whoreImagine growing up with a gangbang whore mommy. One that let’s her sex drive and need for Coke drive her decisions. My slutkins are my personal sex slaves that’s true but…I have excuses for my behavior. I use my brats just like I was used. I was daddies angel taking his dick and getting my very first lines of coke from him. My pussy craved his dick and I loved being his high slut at his beckon call. What he didn’t Know was my brother loved molesting my asshole.
That’s right brother said that my asshole was okay to fuck. I think he knew daddy would know if my brother popped my cherry. So now I am a hot whore stripper who loves using her girls for extra coke and just the fucking nasty desires I have watching men use them!

White Trash Piss Queen Young Mommy

white trash phone sex

This white trash young mommy was running some errands and ran into E, my dealer. You know the usual, milk, diapers a quick blow job for a little nose candy. Now I had been skirting E for about a week, I owed him money and hadn’t been on the pole in a few days. E pulled hi Cadillac right in front of me and got out and asked me where my whore ass was going. He noticed my brats were with me and told me that wasn’t going to stop him from making good on his money. He pulled my girl out of the back seat and told me to follow him. The drug house was quiet as I tagged along dragging my son with me. I begged for an extension and figured if he wanted his dick sucked or to let some men fuck me I would be free and clear of my debt. He pulled his dick out in front of my brats and told me it wasn’t going to be that easy as he let loose a hot stream of piss on my face and finished pissing on my little girls face. He told me he didn’t want me to suck his dick, rather he wanted my girl to learn how to suck a big nigger cock. Her mouth is so small but she tried her best for mommy and right in front of my son my daughter and I got a cum load to our face. He informed my whore ass that I had 24 hours to get his money or I would be the drug house toilet this weekend. I better get my ass twerking and fucking!

Anal Sex Whore In Colorado

anal sex whoreDouble penetrated anal sex whore up on the mountains screaming and no one can hear me. I have been lured by the promise of some dank weed and pure coke in the mountains of Colorado. I didn’t know he would have six of his black buddies to use me like the gang bang nasty slut I am. My huge tits bouncing on BBC as I sucked his cock. He loves to call me his trashy whore who liked to be skewered. I was used as a spit roast for big black nigger dicks and my mouth pumped full of his cum several times. My tits were slapped pulled and pinched and he had fun using my ass hole. I was the only female to this gangbang orgy and I loved it, The pain had my body racking with orgasm after orgasm. I was prolapsed and dripping cum with a stomach full of his cum as he pulled my legs back and fucked my sloppy wet pussy. He grinned as he spit and my face and told me he hoped he knocked me up again…

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