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Win Win for Me

The best part about being a mom is getting to tell the wee ones what to do and knowing they will listen or get proper punishment. Either way for me I get enjoyment. If I say I want my pussy licked and they do it I get to come, but if I say lick my cunt and they refuse, they will get the punishment of licking my cunt and my ass hole. Either way it is a win win for me.

White trash phone sex

I am doing my best to raise an army of whores to pay the bills. That is why I do not mind if the girls do not use any protection. If they get pregnant its more cunts to help pay the bills. If they end up with whatever its disability, again it is a win win for me. My slaves pay the bills and I reap the rewards. A win win all the way around for me and my hungry cunt.

I want to fuck you this time

I love having my pussy pounded really hard and getting the shit fucked out of me. But sometimes it makes me feel really powerful to put my big old fat strap on and tie it around my waist. A guy who wants me to ram my fake dick in his asshole and fuck the shit out of him while I thrust over and over. I love hearing my hips hit his ass cheeks and the groans coming out of his mouth while I fuck his tight little fudge packing butt-hole just the way he fucks my pretty pink cunt.

Cum dumpster

I think what I love more than that is when he drops to his elbows and I slam the in that final time, I make sure it is extra hard because I want to make sure I have given him the hardest fucking I can in his ass. Its a wonderful sight to see his ass in the air and my strap on cock in his asshole. I love it.

Make me do anything

I can not tell you how many times I have been used as a human toilet. I guess there is something about my mouth, that makes a man want to shit on me, piss on me or just use me as a cum dumpster fuck slave. Not that I mind, I just cannot figure out what the gravitation to me is about. I have always been a little slut since I was younger. I have always been a favorite amongst the men in my trailer park and when I started working at the truck stop I really started getting noticed and making extra money on the side. I guess I am just a nasty freak who has no limits and loves to please a man by letting him do anything he wants to me and by being his private little whore toilet and fuck slave that will obey every demand that is made without a problem, because deep down I really love it.


Toilet sex

Whiny crybaby hoes

I grew up as a fuck slave, daddy and mommy whored my pussy and asshole out like I was a hotel. I was used, fucked, stuck, slapped, gagged and so much more. I know the harsh realities of it. But you know what, I am not whining or being a little sissy bitch about it either. I grew to like it. I love getting my fill and being put in my place, being used as a human toilet, having my pussy and asshole pounded and used as a cum dumpster. So when I see these cry babies who cannot keep their whiny ass mouths closed about how much their asshole hurts or about how men treat them so bad, I want to tell them to shut the fuck up and use what you got. Your pussy, titties, asshole and mouth. If you make the men happy, they give you the money to keep you happy. Little whiny crybaby hoes. Grow up!


Hookers for hire

Trashy whore tittie fuck

Titty fucking is something that really gets me off. The feeling of a big fat juicy cock being right between my titties as he thrusts up and fucks my titties makes me so wet. I love watching him watch my titties as I hold them together for him and he is staring at what appears to be my two nipple perking and pointing back, almost like a staring contest. My favorite part is the end though right when he is about to come, I point my chin down and open my mouth wide and try to catch as much of that hot eruption of cum as I can.

Trailer trash whore

I love the way it squirts all over my face and I am just a cream pie mess of cum. I love it when it makes that pretty pearl necklace on my collarbone and I feel its warm gooey stickiness run down my cleavage covering my tits. Did I mention I love the taste of cum, yummy!

Cum Guzzling Whore

I am a nasty little slut and I need to get my cum guzzling cunt wet tonight. I did not make enough money last night and if I do not make up for it, I am not going to be able to pay rent. Is it just me or are all of these truck stop hoppers stealing the money. I just need to find one man who is ok playing with my pussy and maybe even my girls too and have him take care of us. I will give him whatever the hell he wants.

Hookers for hire

My ass hole, my pussy, my mouth I just need to make rent this month. I will worry about what to do next month and the month after that. I am just worried about right now, so who’s dick can I suck at this very moment to make sure my bills are paid NOW? Just open up them trousers, flop it out and give my mouth the cum to guzzle.

Piss and Pupils

I love calling my smaller fuck saves my pupils because they are students but most of them are just to lil to even have any pussy hair, hence the name. I am also big time in to piss. I love the musty smell and the warm feeling of it. I think today’s lesson for my pupils is going to be how to properly accept a golden shower and how to appreciate it.

Pissing sex

There is nothing like being on your knees and giving a big fat cock a good licking when he decides to relieve himself all over your face and in your mouth. Its like drinking a warm frothy beer and depending on what his diet is can make it more bitter or sweet.  I prefer the more pungent froth piss as its thicker and stinkier. I like the mugginess of ammonia it puts in the air. I am going to take my little fuck slave pupils to a whole new level of learning what a real golden shower is.

Sissy bitch failure, needing replacement

I am so pissed about what happened last night. I had this stupid little sissy bitch and he could not even keep his dick hard long enough for me to get off. At this point I need a sissy bitch who can follow directions. I like to be in control and if you cannot do what your told or are not even man enough to keep your dick hard then do not bother looking at my pussy or my tits.

Trailer trash whore


Here what I need, if you want me to make you beg for my sweet cunt and for the right to even gaze upon my perfect body and if you want to feel pleasurable ecstasy with a tiny hint of pain and feel like you want me to control you, then you are  the sissy bitch I have been needing. If you obey me I will make all of your dreams cum true. That is if you can actually keep a stiffy for mama.

Water Sports

phone sex line He thinks that he shocks me with his nasty and taboo fetishes. I know it is a turn on for him to believe I am shocked so I play his game. The reality of it is when he sends me to the bathroom and I know we are getting ready to play my cunt gets so fucking wet. I strip and sit on the toilet spreading my legs wide so that he can put his hand between my legs and feel the warmth of my piss as I stop and start it for him making sure to keep enough in my bladder for the rest of the game. I watch him prepare the enema that he will insert in my ass filling it up with warm water. I know to get in the tub and spread my legs wide for him to fuck me. I have to hold the water in my ass while he pounds my cunt waiting for him to give me the word. Just as he cums inside me I release the water on to his balls and let the rest of my piss flow out and around his cock all while I am cumming all over him. It’s such a hot and nasty game.

Water Sports Sex

water sports sex My cunt is soaking wet and waiting for my nasty freak of a fuck buddy. His wife won’t do the things he loves to do. That is why he loves coming to see me so much. I love being his toilet whore. Warm, wet, flowing over my body as he stands over me holding his dick. As soon as the stream begins to flow from the tip of his cock my cunt get so fucking wet. Water sports sex makes my cum filled cunt fucking quiver with delight. The taste, the smell, the feel of hot, wet urine on my skin and I cum almost instantly.

Watching him under me as I squat over him to return the favor. His dick is dancing with delight and his eyes are twinkling. Using my kegal muscles I start and stop the stream, teasing him as I move along his body and up to his opened mouth filling it with golden goodness as he drinks every drop.

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