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Pool Hall Playtime

trashy milfLast Friday I got bored and decided I wanted to get fucked somewhere public. I went to my favorite pool hall, had five shots, and found a group of guys playing pool. Once they saw my huge tits and tight ass, they were eager to play with this trashy bar slut. I made sure to lean way over the table when taking my shots, so the guys across from me could see straight down my shirt to my tits and the ones behind could see my bare pussy. One of the braver guys came up behind me and stuffed his fingers straight into my slick cunt and finger fucked me as I took my shot. I could feel his rock hard cock pressed against my ass and decided I knew a better game to play!

I pulled my shirt down to expose my bouncy milf titties, spun around, and unzipped his jeans. His thick cock sprang up immediately and that made me even wetter. I started sucking his cock, making sure to use my tongue and both hands. I love shoving thick dicks way down my throat! Another man came over and whipped his dick out for some attention. I started stroking his cock while sucking off the first. I sucked and stroked them until they blew their steaming loads all over my hungry cumslut face. I didn’t want to leave anyone out so I let the rest of the guys fuck whatever holes they wanted while I was bent over the pool table. One guy even shoved a pool stick in my ass and fucked me with it! We didn’t stop until each of them emptied at least two loads all over me. The whole bar was watching but no one wanted us to stop. It made me so horny to be watched like that that I came countless times. I think I will have to go play pool more often!

I love being a trashy milf

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. The older I get, the hornier I have become. I can’t go anywhere without some young guy hitting on me. I try to be good, but it is hard. I am in my sexual peak, and young studs are everywhere. I was doing some retail therapy at the mall last night. I had an admirer. I thought I might ditch him when I went into Victoria’s Secret, but he followed me right in. He was trying to act like he was looking for his mom. I knew that wasn’t the case. He was a teen boy likely there on his own or with a group of friends. He just had MILF fever. I told the sales associate he was my boy. She didn’t bat an eyelash and he didn’t say a word. He just followed me around like a lost puppy. I snuck him into the dressing room when the girl went back up the front. He clearly wanted to check out my body. He was still speechless as I did a sexy striptease in a dressing room for him. When I sucked his dick, he got vocal. I had to put my panties in his mouth, so we wouldn’t get busted. He came quickly then I got dressed. I left him in the dressing room with my panties in his mouth and a dumbfounded look on his face. I am sure he got out of there undetected, at least, I hope.

Drunk Girl Fucking

drunk girl fuckingYou really loved that drunk girl fucking you gave me last night at the bar. It is still on your mind how a hot little whore let you bare back her pussy and ass in the cab of your truck. I didn’t ask any questions as you put your hand on my back and asked if we could go somewhere private to talk. I saw you trying to hide the tent in your jeans. I liked what I saw and I was high and drunk and mother fucking horny as hell. Before I climbed up in your truck I hiked my short skirt up and pulled my big titties out. I wrapped my legs around you and you felt that I had no panties on. A couple quick looks around the parking lot and you shoved me to my knees to suck your cock on the pavement. I gulped and sucked as if it were my last meal. My blonde hair was wrapped around your hand as you choked me and made spit run down my face. Within seconds you had me thrown over your seat and was pounding my wet hot pussy. As you came inside me you were calling me a filthy cum dumpster tramp. I really love it when you call me names as I take your cum with no barriers between my pussy and your cock! I hope you smell the sex in your truck as your driving and try to find this whore tonight for some hot dirty trailer trash sex!

Yummy Cummy in my Tummy

I love eating come, it taste so fucking yummy. I have always had a thing for that sticky hot mess and letting it sit on the end of my tongue fresh out of the tip of a rock hard dick. I love the way it hangs from the tip of his wet dick and I can lick it off like a lollipop. Right after a man has blown his load into my mouth or my pussy, maybe even my as. It really does not matter.

Dirty phone sex

I just want to suck it up into my mouth and let it site there so I can lavish the taste. Its a shot of protein hat I need daily or I feel incomplete. It needs to be wet and sticky, full and rich. When a man is able to deliver a load like that to my face and give me that hot sticky mess than I will give him whatever he wants, I will let him fuck any hole or do anything he wants to my body. Humiliate me, fuck me hard or slow, anything!

Evonnes Cum Guzzling Slut Girls

Having girls is something I never thought about when I was younger. But now that I am older, I would not trade it for the world. I have trained all 3 of my lovely girls to be amazing cum guzzling whores just like their hot milf mommy. Our pussies get wet together, we have play time, and family time with uncles and grandpa are always filled with ass loads of orgasms, and come too.


Cum guzzling slutWhen my dad comes over or my brother, really any male family relatives come over, my girls are ready to please. They know how to suck a cock, ride a cock and use their pussies as tools of play time pleasure. When I hold family gatherings versus other family members, the turn out is huge and their is a reason for that. Every one loves my girls. II know I do, I play with their cunts as well. Besides it is only fair. I was the one who gave birth to them. They are mine.

Blonde Fucking fun

Going to the salon today is going to be the highlight of my day, simply for the fact that I love to look at my stylist’s cock. When he is cutting my hair and talking to me I feel his big fat dick rubbing up against me. Its like it is grinding me all on it’s own. I especially love it when he has those tight black pants on. At that point not only can I feel it rub up on me, but I can see the definition of that gigantic cock.

Blonde fucking

It looks so yummy and amazing that all I want to do is unzip his zipper, pull his dick out and start sucking away as he cuts my hair. I have fantasies about him washing my hair before my cut, and while my head is in the washing sick, my neck extended and opening my mouth just begging him that he lets all of that warm goodness hit my face and my tongue.


Scat phone sex – Evonne Explodes

I ate at this little Chinese restaurant a few days ago and I had the worst stomach ache since then. My stomach has been rumbling and gurgling, but no matter how hard I try to take a shit it just will not come out. I finally called a friend of mine to come over and fuck me in the ass. I figured I would have him pound the crap out of my asshole, literally.  I even took some extra laxatives before him came in one last ditch effort to clear my intestines of all the backed up shit. It did not work!

Scat phone sex

My friend arrived as promised. He has the biggest cock of all of my fuck buddies and I knew he would get nice and deep into my asshole. We started fooling around and my stomach growled fiercely, I told him not to even worry about lube or anything, I told him to just fuck me raw and hard.  As I was being pounded and he thrusts hard into my anal cavity, I heard a load pop. I began to cramp really bad and all of the sudden I let out a really load fart and I blew a load of shit all over the end of his cock. He made me lick it off and then I sucked his dick until he came let a big load go in my mouth. God, I love my friends. I can always count on them.

Cum filled cunt fun

My cunt is begging for a beating. I tried masturbating for hours last night and I did orgasm several time, however it is just not the same as a huge fat cock pounding away at my pussy and climaxing with a huge load in my pussy. I pulled out several of my favorite toys, I rubbed my clit, I fucked myself with numerous dildos and I just could not satiate myself. I yearned for something so huge it would rip my pussy hole wide open.

Cum filled cunt

I pulled out the biggest fake cock I had and it just did not fill that void. I even rammed it into my asshole to see if that is what my body was craving.  It did not work. I eventually decided to just go to my neighbors, as he is single. I was blunt and told him I really needed a big fat dick to ride. He glady obliged and I had a nice ride ending in my cum hole cunt being satisfied and full.

Cum dumpster BBC in my Ass Hole!

Cum dumpster

How can you just sit there and talk to me when I have my ass backed up to you? I am ass naked, ready to go. My pussy is wet, Ive been finger fucking my asshole for like 10 minutes ready for you to put that big black cock inside my tight asshole. I tried letting my man fuck me and he just could not fulfill what I needed done. I do not know if it is because his cock is just too small or he is a prude, but either way I need fulfillment. SO… I went to my friend and he has the biggest BBC I have ever had before. I felt like I was being ripped in two the first time he ever fucked me. I love anal and when he fucks my pussy because I know I am always leaving, happy, fulfilled and full of come. I have even had him over to the house before to teach my girls a thing or two. Needless to say, they screamed and could not sit for a week..

Anal cum dumpster Evonne

Anal cum dumpsterIf there was ever a time I was more wet, it would have been last night. My sister and her husband were in town for a visit. They brought my niece and all three of them stayed at my place with me and my girls. While the girls were all upstairs visiting with their cousin, us grown folk had an amazing dinner and dessert was even better. My sisters husband had this idea for dessert as he whipped out his cock in front of me. Apparently they had this planned before they even got to my place. My sister and I fucked around a lot when we were younger, but we had never shared her husband. I cannot believe how fat and yummy his cock was. I can definitely see why she married him. He filled my pussy up and my ass was his personal anal cum dumpster as well. I think I might look into finding me a way to visit them more often.

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