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Do you enjoy teen sluts fucking? I am a nasty little fuck slut. I will do anything a guy wants to score some drugs. I like to party hard and fuck harder. Thursday night I discovered my stash was depleted. I was bummed, but I don’t have to go without for long. Look at me? I am a hot teen slut. I can shake my skanky ass and dirty old perverts will beg for the chance to fuck me. I went down to this dive bar to see who was willing to pay for some young pussy. I had on hot pants and a tube top and of course stripper shoes. I am not old enough to drink legally, but when you look like me, no one cards you. When I walked into the bar, all eyes were on me. I love attention. I announced to the patrons that I needed cash. Guys were just tossing me money. I had not even announced that I was a young hooker for hire yet. These drunk old bastards were giving me charity money. As I collected the money, I decided to see how much more I could get. I wanted to drain their wallets dry. I told the guys in the bar that for the right price, anything goes in any of my tight teen holes. Guys were lining up at the bar ATM to get me my fast cash. Some guys wanted to drill my ass bareback. Others wanted to cream inside my pretty pink cunt. But most just wanted head. They wanted an old fashioned sloppy blowjob. Damn, I guess wives aren’t keeping their men happy. If they were, these dirty old perverts wouldn’t be draining their bank accounts to get some teen action. I may have left that bar coated in cum, but I left with enough cash to party all week long.


Druggy Porn Star

druggy porn

Daddy always said I would be a druggy porn star someday. I am not a full-time hooker, but I do use my body to get drugs and my bills paid. You can barter for anything with a tight bald pussy and a pretty pink asshole. I needed a fix last night. I was low on funds but wanted to get high. A cute girl like me never has to worry about where her next fix is coming from when she has a sweet little cunt. My pussy and ass are cash cows. I went to this dive bar in town where all the old perverts hang out. It’s a bunch of drunks and druggies. My kind of crowd. As I walked in wearing hooker looking clothes and high heels, I commanded everyone’s attention. Dirty daddy types were swarming around me buying me drinks. The bartender asked to see my ID, so I had to blow him. I’m not 21! He took a sloppy blowjob in exchange for letting me stay in his bar. I had no money in my pockets, but I didn’t need any with my cute teen body. The dirty old men were buying me whatever I needed. I announced that whoever could get me coke had dibs on my asshole. This old geezer pulled a bag of pretty white powder out of his pants and tossed it to me. I did a line, then pulled off my panties. I bent over the pool table continuing to snort lines while grandpa fucked my tight ass. He grunted and sweated like he might stroke out. I guess he just had not nutted in forever.  After he got first dibs, it was open season on my fuck holes. I love being a gangbang whore. If I have my medicine, I don’t care what anyone does to me. Get me high and fill me up with cum.

A Dirty Fuck to Remember

golden showers sexI can’t get anything done today, all I seem to be able to do is think about last night. You warned me I would feel your cock in my cunt for days and I do still feel you. My pussy is still deliciously full feeling, completely used and abused. I can still feel your piss running down my body, in my hair, the taste. I love being pissed on and baby you really gave me a golden shower to remember. Oh God, I can still feel the way your cock pulsated against my pussy lips, the way I was quivering around your big dick. Fuck, I have never been banged so fucking hard. Did you like the taste of my asshole? I loved the feeling of your tongue pushing deep inside like you were trying to scoop out my scat. And when you opened your mouth wide and sucked my whole cunt in your mouth like you were trying t drain me of my pussy juice. All I know is we need to fuck again and very very soon. I am prepared to beg for it!

Dirty Little Whore

anal sex whoreWanna get high? I’m jonesing so fucking badly right now and I will do anything you want for a fix. I know one of your favorite things is pounding into a tight little asshole and pissing in there after shooting your load. So how about that? Please? I will bend over right here and you can spit on that little hole before shoving your cock inside. You should pull my hair and tell me what a bad slut I’ve been, how you are going to punish this tiny brown fuckhole. If you want I will pretend I don’t like it but you know I do. My pussy will be leaking and flowing down my thighs because it feels so fucking good. And after you shoot your load in my ass, piss in it. Oh fuck, imagine how good it’s going to feel. I want it so bad, so come on lets play!

Blowjob in the Bathroom

sloppy wet pussyI think we all know by now the love I have for getting high and fucking dudes and I honestly give great blowjobs, I am a big dick sucker. Mmmm. OK really not just big dicks, I love all cocks. So today I went out with a friend shopping to the mall. I do love shopping and buying lots of slutty clothes, maybe its because I love male attention. Some would call me a cum guzzling slut, that is honestly a name I wear proudly. Wait, I got a little off topic, so shopping, we stop in the food court for a drink and I see a man who is obviously high as fuck. That right there is like a moth to a flame for me, plus he is hot as fuck, and I instantly want him. I start up a conversation with him and he says he knows me. Hmm, I really don’t remember this guy but he says I gave him the best blow job hes ever had. “Oh really?” I ask. He says yeah baby it was when I came to see your dad one day. Then it clicks he is the guy with the really huge cock. I remember not even being able to fit the whole thing in my mouth, straight up gagging on it. It’s a good thing men love their sloppy bjs because that is what he got from me that day. I tell him yes I remember you, that was fun, and you have an amazing cock. He says do you want to go into the bathroom right now and suck it again? Fuck yeah I do. I follow him to the mens rooms push him up against the wall and drop to my knees. I pull out his perfect fuck stick and give him a mouth fuck he won’t soon forget. Just as hes about to cum he pulls my hair and growls. Literally growled, and shoots a huge load down my throat. MMM.. it tasted so fucking delicious. I look up and tell him its his turn to drop to his knees and eat my pussy. He did and had me screaming when my cunt squirted all over his face, I’m sure the men coming in and out enjoyed the show, I know I did.

His Personal Cum Dumpster

My friend Dom came over today to hang out and watch a movie. We were sitting there sharing a big bowl of popcorn when this sexy love scene started. It wasn’t long before I noticed Dom’s dick standing at full attention, but when I looked at him he was staring at me not the TV. That turned me on, knowing he was thinking about me the way I was thinking about him right then. “Wanna fool around, El?” He asks. Of course I did but what I said was, “I want you to treat me like I’ve been a real bad girl, then after you cum on my tits and face I want you to piss all over my chest.”
Before I even knew what was happening I was stripped waist down and lying across his lap. “Bad girl, huh? I will treat you and fuck you like the little cum dumpster you are baby.” Then he was spanking me, hard. It hurt so bad but was making me so wet that it felt like water was pouring out of my pussy. When the spanking was done he stood us up and bent me over the side of the couch and thrust into my cunt with his huge fuckstick. I screamed out in pain which turned him and me on more. Finally he pulled out, turned me to face him and came all over my face and tits. It was so fucking hot. Then he pissed all over my tits told me to open my mouth, I did, and shallowed all the pee he gave me. I love being men’s personal cum dumpster.
cum dumpster

Threesome Fun

gangbang whore

Oh my God. Today was so much fun. You came over and we got so fucking high I could barely feel my body. It was like I was floating. I love how free I feel when I’m high, not a care in the world. But that really isn’t the funnest part, it was when you came and sat next to me and pulled out your cock. And then daddy sat down on the other side of me and pulled out his cock. I never had a threesome with daddy before and it was fucking amazing. Daddy pulled me over so I was straddling that big fat dick of his, mmm, it fills me so good. I slowly rode him but it wasn’t when you inched that perfect cock of yours in my tight little asshole that I felt true pleasure. I was so full and the intense pressure was something I never imagined. And when daddy said “you ride  these cocks baby, make your men cum for you,” I went wild. I rode both of you until my pussy and ass all but watered, fuck. All I know is I want to do that a lot more, get high and fuck my two favorite guys.

Sex and Drugs

druggy porn

So I got really high today with daddy. Like really really high. I love so much that he likes to make his baby girl feel so good. Oh and daddy also got himself a new dealer who has some real good shit. When he stopped by earlier I told him I’d fuck him if he would hook me up. And fuck me he did. He bent me over the back of the sofa and and thrust that amazing cock into my tight pussy so deep I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. Oh but then he shoved it right up my tight little ass, it felt incredible. It was even better when I looked up and saw daddy jacking off to seeing his baby girl taking it in the ass. There really is nothing better that than getting high as fuck and fucking guys for my fix.

Fuck Me Hard

Druggy Porn

When I suck that glass dick, it makes me feel like I can fly. Crack has a way of making pain hurt less and pleasure feel better. I exhaled after taking a big hit- so spun I didn’t even remember how I got there or where I really even was. What I did know is that I was naked and that this man I was with was getting me as high as possible. Everyone knows that a cracked out whore is way kinkier than a sober one!

He ate me out while I smoked, and when he hit the pipe, I was down on my knees, gagging on his juicy cock. Pushing me to the bed, he lifted up my legs, raising my hips off the bed, and went balls deep in my sloppy, wet cunt. I moaned as he hit the deepest points inside me. He drilled me with no mercy, using all of his might. Yelping with each thrust, I clawed at his back, pulling him deeper into my hole.

My titties bounced as I had a squirting orgasm all over the motel bed. Feeling accomplished, he turned me onto all fours, pulled my hair, and jammed his fuckstick into my ass. The pain of my asshole being stretched turned into pleasure. He grunted as he neared his own release, so I got down to my knees and let him blow his load all over my face and open mouth. I licked him clean and smiled as he passed me the crack pipe again.

Sloppy Wet Pussy

Naughty Teen Whore

Golden Showers Phone Sex

Even when I was still just a school girl, I was a nasty, trashy whore who loved golden showers. One of my teachers was known for being a little skeezy and I always caught him checking me out or staring down my shirt. So when I ran in to him at the corner store, I asked if he wanted to have a good time. He knew what kind of girl I was, so he wasn’t concerned with me running my mouth after we were done.

Back at his place, he gave me some ecstasy to get things a little freakier, then ran his hand up my thigh and skirt until he was rubbing my young clit through my panties. Moaning, I spread my legs a little wider and pulled off my top. His dick was about ready to rip through his pants so I got down to my knees, pulled out that meat tube and started sucking. He pushed my head down further on his massive cock, making me gag. It only made his rod throb more when I choked on his girth, which was good because it made me even wetter.

He threw me onto all fours, ripped my panties off, and stuffed my asshole. My tight, teen ass made him quiver as he railed me. The drugs made the sensation so much more intense, and my pussy ached to feel his touch. He pulled out and told me to taste my ass on his fuckstick, so I kneeled and opened wide while he fucked my face again. While still in my mouth, he started to pee and told me to let it pour from my lips down my whole body.

He nearly lost his shit watching the yellow streams trickle down my titties and pooling around my ass. My legs were pinned by my head as he drilled my cunt. He was hitting just the right spot, so I squirted all over him, cumming harder than I ever had before. For the final blow, he slipped into my ass once more to deposit a fat load of jizz. I got much better grades in his class after that!

Teen Anal Whore

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