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I was out of cash and out of drugs, so that meant it was time to go out and put in some work. On the corner in a bad part of town because I know the customers there usually have some party favors on them. A hunky looking guy picked me up and we headed back to a motel. He asked if I was into crack, as if he even needed to check. When a girl is standing on that corner, you know what she is looking for! I told him of course I do, so he whipped out his crack pipe and we took turns smoking a nice big rock he had.

It was exactly what I needed, and now that I was ready to for some fun, I sat down as he undressed me. He got me naked and stood up to shove his cock down my throat, holding it all the way in so he could feel my throat contracting as I gagged on every inch. Coughing as he pulled out to let me get some air, I grabbed the pipe again and took another hit.

Now that he was throbbing with desire, he laid me on my side, lifted one of my legs, and thrusted into my dripping wet cunt. I moaned as the drugs made his dick feel even better inside my honeyhole. The drugs also made me unable to feel any discomfort when getting the absolute piss fucked out of me, so he ravaged me like a wild man, pumping me with all his might. I’d sure be feeling that tomorrow!

I sucked that glass dick one more time before he got me on all fours, shoved my face in the blankets, and stuffed my ass with his meat tube. He made animalistic grunting noises as he exploded inside my asshole, making it a sloppy, creamy mess. I’m glad I chose that corner tonight!

Druggy Phone Sex

Cum Dumpster Hoe

Anal Cum Dumpster

Sometimes, I like to get extra freaky. Ready for some kinky BDSM, I just need to let out my dark side every once in a while. I found the perfect man for the job and went home with him promptly. But don’t be confused- he was the one paying me for tonight’s fucking. This pussy isn’t free! Although, I always work for that cash. Some hoes lay there benignly as they let you bone them, but not me. I’m always an active participant because I actually enjoy getting nasty and indulging my client’s deepest, darkest fantasies.

Standing in front of the man who took me home, I slide my dress down, exposing one tit at a time. I slink completely out of the dress and turn around. Putting my arms behind me, I wait patiently as he ties my wrists together. Next thing I know, he is throwing me over the table and plowing me like a damn field. My cunt is wet enough to drown a man at this point. With his balls slapping my clit, I squirt all over his fuckstick.

Smiling, he grabbed some more rope and tied each one of my ankles so my legs were stuck spread wide open. Then he came back behind me and pushed his cock into my asshole, thrusting into me with all his might. He shouted as he filled my ass with his splooge. When he was done, he sat down, leaving me tied up so he could watch his cum drip from my ass down to my pussy. He left me there until he was hard and ready to fuck my tight rosebud again. He did this over and over again, using me as an anal cum dumpster, and I loved every moment of it.

Anal Sex Whore

Gangbang Piss Hoe

Gangbang Whore

If there is anything that gets my pussy the wettest, it has to be the experience I’m about to let you in on. I went back to this luxury suite with some business men who were in town for a big meeting. My purpose was to be their entertainment for the day. I stripped naked as the five of them watched me dance and twirl around. Bending over, I spread my cheeks nice and wide before letting them bounce back into place and smacking my ass.

It didn’t take long until they were all stroking their juicy boners to my performance. The best part about this gig? Fancy business men always have some dank-ass coke on them. They let me snort line after line as we partied together. Once they were all stroking their thick cocks, they came at me without mercy. With a dick in each hand, the other three quickly filled every available hole.

Most girls don’t know what to do with that much meat, but I’m an experienced gangbang whore and loved every moment they were ravishing me. They swapped holes at random, enjoying the sounds of me gagging and choking with each new rod. Tasting my pussy and my ass on their fucksticks only got my cunt even more slippery.

Like a chain reaction, they all erupted one after another, squirting their warm jizz into any hole they could squeeze into. After cum was oozing from every orifice, they circled around me so they could collectively give me a five-stream golden shower. I can’t believe they paid me for having a kick ass night!

Druggy Phone Sex

Drugs n’ Piss

Lot Lizard Phone Sex

I found myself in need of some fast cash to score a bag, so I did what I was best at- fucking! I hitched a ride to the nearest truck stop dressed in some trashy, slutty clothes. As long as you have the right look, you don’t even need to approach men. If they know exactly what kinda girl you are, they come up to me and offer money for sex. I was barely out of the car before I had some guy trying to get his rocks off.

He came up to me and asked if I was down to party, so of course I told him, hell yeah I am! But it would cost him. He took me back to his hotel room and pulled out some nice, big crack rocks. He knew just what I wanted! He let me suck that glass dick until I was spun out of my mind. Already naked, I couldn’t help but play with my wet pussy. The drugs always boost my sex drive to animalistic levels of rage fucking.

He came at me with his meaty cock and beat my cunt like it owed him money. Grunting like a beast, I kept my legs spread wide so he could get deep into my twat. After leaving a creamy mess inside my slick fuckhole, I bent over so he could see my nice, round ass. Then, I let him take his after-sex leak, letting it spill down my backside and legs, until it was pooling underneath the chair I was on. He paid me my money and I was on my way to find some rocks of my own.

Druggy Phone Sex

Dirty phone sex with Ellen

Dirty phone sex

It’s easy being a dirty whore! Duh! That’s why I am a easy white trash fuck hole! All of my holes are easily bought! Big-Tmoney had an easy time getting me on his cock. He flashed a fat ass wad of cash and it made my dirty pussy drip! He pulled out his big smelly black cock for me to suck! All day ball sweat and ball cheese plus his cock was dripping and smelled liked piss. All I saw was that fat wad of cash that I could use to get some dope with! I fucking love getting high! It makes selling my dirty white girl cunt to strangers even more fun! I need two things in life. Big dick and a great high! 

White trash phone sex with Ellen

White trash phone sex

I’m the dirty whore at the party who takes the guys in the back and fucks them for some cash or dope. I’m a easy fuck and cheap too. I went to a party last night and got filled with so much cum! I showed up high as fuck already. Ready to get my holes fucked hard by lots of different cocks! It’s easy to find a cock to fuck at a party. Grind up against a half drunk gangsta looking dude. Rub my little white ass against his cock. Making him hard as a rock. Forcing him into a lustful fury. I dragged him to the back and pulled his cock out. Started sucking his cock, making him moan! Then stopping just as he is about to nut down my throat. That’s when guys are either gonna make you finish or pay you to finish them off! 

Dirty phone sex with Ellen

Dirty phone sex

I got caught selling my pussy and the fucking judge sent me to rehab and AA. There aint no mother fucking way I am about to get clean! That shit is the fucking worst. Itching all over and my pussy throbbing so fucking bad! No! Id rather have my cunt throbbing from being pounding by big nasty uncovered cocks! Well my first night in rehab was short lived! I got kicked out and the head manager got fired! I told him I would do anything to get high. He laughed and said “That’s the problem Ellen. You should not use your body to get things.” I started stripping my clothes off and everyone in the circle was hooting for me to get naked! I got down to only my boots! I started playing with my little bald druggie pussy and asked James if he still thought I shouldn’t use my body to get what I want. I got on top of him and pulled his hard cock out of his sweat pants! I was just about to cum on his hard cock when some of the other counselors walked in on us fucking in-front of everyone!

White trash phone sex whore Ellen goes to a ho-down

White trash phone sex
Have you ever been to a ho-down? They are so much fun! I was visiting a cousin of mine who just happened to live out in the country in a small farming town. The only experience I’ve had with that sort of lifestyle was from the movie “Son-in-law” with Pauley Shore. I figured that that was just a movie and a ho-down would be lame and boring, but I was sure wrong. We showed up to a giant farmhouse probably 15 miles from town. There were rundown trucks and tractors and cows and everything. We make our way inside the barn and I see people everywhere. Dancing, drinking, smoking, snorting. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen! I go in and look for someone that looks like they are holding. I had my pick, so I started dancing with the cutest one. A few drinks, a couple lines of coke and a few country songs later I was on my back in a pile of hay getting my pussy and ass stretched out by some hard cowboy dick! Those cowboys sure know how to ride!

Druggy phone sex with Ellen

Druggy phone sex

Even with a black eye I still look good don’t I! Last night was fucking crazy! I was at this bar tryin to get some free drinks and maybe suck a dick or 5 for some dope. I walked up to this dude who looked paranoid and high as fuck. I walked up to him and asked if he liked to party. His half grin made my pussy ache. “Baby, Little girls can’t handle what I got.” I smiled and put my hand on his hard cock. He pulled me to the back of the bar. Ripped my shirt off and started sucking and biting my nipples. He was getting rough but I wanted his dope. I started feeling around in his pockets as he bit my nipple hard. I pushed his head off me and he slammed me into the brick wall, I felt the blood rushing down my face as he ripped my fishnets open. I tried to tell him to take it easy but that pissed him off even more. He started choking me as he slammed my face into the brick wall! He blew his load inside of my dirty cunt and threw a tiny sack on my naked body. I grabbed it and ran to my car. I needed to get fucked up. My body was itching and burning for the dope. The fucking sac was empty! I still need some fuck dope, My face is all fucked up but that means I can go to the brutal guys who like to torture my holes! They always have good dope!

BBC phone sex with Ellen

BBW phone sex

I got hit up to come to a pot party last night with my dealer. He got some good shit in and he wanted me to try some out for him. He must have known that I was out and on the prowl for some money to get some dope. I walked into the hotel room and there was nothing but a room full of black guys. Without my dealer even having to say anything I just started this strip down. I walked over to to him naked in front of all of his boys. I sat on his lap and pulled that blunt out of his mouth and took a nice fat hit. I started grinding on his big nigger cock through his pants. I took a fat ass hit and kissed my dealer deep blowing in that harsh weed PCP mixed blunt smoke into his mouth. After that his friends grabbed me and took me to the bed they took turns fucking my holes. I was the nigger gang bang whore last night. My pussy is full, but I got a fat ass sack to smoke all night long.

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