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Girls Night Out

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I love swallowing warm gooey cum and hot smooth piss. I also enjoy going out with my bff, she likes to party almost as much as me! We go out and look for our next eager fuck. We are 2 sexy ass blondes, who would not want to have a threesome with us? It is always a plus to find a guy just as freaky as us. We went to a college party because I swear those boys will do anything to have a threesome. He gave us the meth we wanted, and watched us help each other find our veins to shoot it. When we were high enough to have some fun, we had to ask just how far he would go to please us. He said anything so I admitted to being a scat freak. I just can not resist a man who is willing to do a little toilet play with me. He said it was the hottest thing he ever heard, and I knew then it would be a night to remember. We took turns, one of us sucking his huge cock, and the other licking and sucking his balls. After sucking for a while we sat next to each other and blew on his cock. The chill of our breathe did the trick. We fought over who got to swallow his warm piss. Because we were fighting, we both ended up completely covered in his piss, but luckily we still got some in our mouths. Seeing us covered in his piss was enough to put him over the edge. He came all over both of our faces. Some of the cum went on our face, some went in our hair, but most of it made it’s way to our mouth. We licked each others faces clean. I really love girls night!

Toilet Sex Mistress

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Golden showers and toilet sex are always so sensual! When you do those things you connect on a level no one else could possibly understand. I love getting dressed up and going to dingy clubs because you meet all kind of people. I try to stick to one guy but if he isn’t freaky enough for me it has to turn into a gangbang because that way at least one of them should be able to make me cum. But tonight I got lucky, I noticed a man staring at me. He wasn’t bad looking, and I knew he was interested when he took off his wedding ring before walking over to me. He bought me a few drinks and we talked for a while. Neither of us was looking for a nice chat though. We went back to my place, and we went right to the bedroom. In no time he was naked standing above me. He held his cock softly, and asked me if I was sure it was alright. I told him it was more than alright, and I couldn’t wait to feel his warm piss all over me. I left my leather outfit on and waited to feel the sticky wetness all over my body. His penis started sprinkling warm golden piss all over me. My leather clothes stuck to my body, and that feeling alone was almost enough to make me orgasm. Then he help me out of my wet clothes. He had me kneel on the bed, and pressed his ass against my mouth. I licked the rim of his ass until I tasted the hot shit in my mouth. I pulled back letting the shit go all over my chest. He rubbed the shit all over my chest while he pounded my pussy. I can tell his wife is not nearly as much fun as me!


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I love reminiscing in the memories of dirty sex, and this was one of the best fucks I have ever had. When I was in high school for a while I tried to be a good little vanilla girl, but that didn’t last long. I was dating this guy, but he was a virgin. He wanted to save himself for marriage, and all that happy horse shit. One night, I was sleeping at his house, and we got into a heavy make out session, but then he turned around and went to sleep. Women have needs too, and I was beyond pissed. I ended up sneaking downstairs. I was gonna sneak out to find someone to fuck, but his dad was sleeping on the couch. So, I stopped and thought about my next move. His dad was always checking me out, and I will admit, I did tease him quite a bit. I was so horny I needed it. So, I woke his dad up with a blowy. He loved it! He woke up and tore my clothes off, and he told me to kneel on the couch. He bent me over the back of the couch, and shoved his cock into my tight little teen ass. It was after we had ate Mexican food, and I couldn’t get him to stop. I ended up shitting all over his couch and cock, but he loved it. He started pounding into me even faster. I must have been moaning because my boyfriend woke up. He came down the stairs, and he made eye contact with me while his dad plowed into my shitty ass. I expected him to be pissed, but instead he started touching himself. When his dad came all in my ass, His and his dad licked all of the shit and cum off of me and my ass. Then his mom came down and I had to run out of the house naked and covered in my own shit. It was worth it.

Trap Queen

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I have become the trap house favorite whore. My guy owns the trap house, so me becoming his favorite whore kind of makes me a trap queen. I really love it here I get drugs handed to me whenever I dance or fuck. It is like a dream come true, like I am a queen off a castle. There is always blunts being passed around, and I only participate in the gangbangs when I feel like it. Everyday feels like a party here it is fucking awesome. My favorite thing to do here, well besides the drugs, is see how crazy it drives the guys when me and the other girls make out or lick each others pussies. My trap king even showed me the meth lab in the basement, and how to cook it. Isn’t he the absolute sweetest?! Then we fucked right on top of a pile of rocks, and I just can not believe how romantic that was. He tells me he has always had a thing for slutty blondes like me. I have also gotten so good at doing tricks on the stripper pole in the man cave. I really think if things don’t work out with me and my trap king I may have a future as a stripper. Anyways I wanted to share my best trip story yet with you. So, my trap king got a fuck ton of acid yesterday, and threw a big ass gangbang party. I was so fucking hype, I mean for as many college parties as I have been to I have never actually tripped on acid before. My trap king demanded that all women at the party stay naked the whole party, and I loved that idea too. There was so many drugs going around and everyone was fucking someone. My trap king shoved 4 acid tabs into my pussy, and pushed it in deep with his hard cock. I can’t even put the experience into words it was just incredible.

Adventures at the Trap House

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Fucking guys in the trap house for coke is nothing new to me. Sometimes the bars are dead during the week, and there’s no easy fuck for money. Prostitution doesn’t really work when your town is crawling with prostitutes, and I am to sick to fight. I just need my drugs! So, I show up at the trap house empty handed. My coke guy can tell I don’t have the money because for once I don’t smell like sex. He asks me how I plan on paying today, and I asked how he would like me to pay. He laughs and tell me cash, but he doubts I have that. I confess he is right and ask if we could work something out. He takes me into a dark dingy room full of mirrors and stripper poles. I told him I never tried to use one of those before, but he says it’s my only option. If I want my fix I have to put on a show for him and his gang. I hop on to the stage, and he plays music. I start dancing as sexy as I can muster while having the shakes. He notices and hands me a mirror with little white lines on it. He tells me he will pay me up front, but only because there’s no way I can escape. I snort my shit quickly, and with new found energy, I begin swinging my hips. I started with my skirt, pushing it off my boney hips. Then I pull my sweater over my head. I don’t have a bra on which is a real time saver. I hop off the stage and into his lap. I give him a lap dance, and I can feel his hard cock against my ass. So, I pull his pants off and push my panties to the side. I hop onto his lap again, ass first. I finish the lap dance with his cum filling my ass. He gives me more coke, and I spend the day hanging out at the trap house.

Live Phone Sex with a Sexy Secretary

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I’ve done lots of jobs, blow jobs, hand jobs, rim jobs, but never an office job. Last night at the bar there was this business man, and I knew he had to have money. So, I flirted with him a little, and he took me to his house and we fucked everywhere. I guess for once a man didn’t lie about not being married. Then this morning he had to get up for work, but said he was gonna miss me too much. Dude we just met yesterday, yet I said it back because he had a nice ass house and fuck tons of money. He then turned to me and asked if I would like a job. At first I kind of just stared at him, and then I finally asked doing what. He offered for me to be his personal secretary, but assured me it was a great pay. I let him know I had no experience, he didn’t seem to care. I agreed and took me to the mall and bought me an outfit that was office appropriate. I had my own office attached to him, and I asked what I was supposed to do. He said simply sit there look hot, let me know if someone wants to see me, answer calls in a friendly way then send them to me. Sounded simple enough so I sat down and relaxed. When it was time for break he asked me to see him in his office. He told me the real reason he hired me is so that he could fuck me whenever he wanted. So, I locked the door and put all the blinds down. Once no one could see us, we were all over each other. He fucked me while I was laying on his desk, he bent me over his desk, and he ate my pussy while I sat on his desk. I think I might like this job.

Phone Sex Line with a Cowgirl

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Revenge is a dish best served with a hard cock in my soft little mouth. I have always gone for the cowboys, but honestly how could a girl resist? They have those strong rough hands that a girl loves to feel roaming all over her soft body. This cowboy was no different, he was absolutely irresistible to me. I never really do relationships, but he was different. He was such a good time! We would get high together, and when we needed the money for more drugs he would even find a guy for me to fuck for the money. If I had to fuck men for the money, he would stay and watch to make sure that I was alright. He was my dream man, or so I thought. One day he came home late and there was lipstick on his collar that was not my shade of red, and there was a red wine stain on his shirt. The 2 of us only drink beer and whiskey. I knew then he was seeing another girl behind my back, so I devised a plan. When he was asleep I stole his precious truck and me up with his best friend. I put a camera on the dash board and his best friend climbed into the truck. In no time I had his pants off, and his hard cock in my mouth I made sure to keep eye contact with the camera the whole time. Then when he was good and wet, I climbed into his lap facing the camera. My eyes never left the camera while I slipped his best friends cock into my tight little ass hole. I let his friend cum in my ass, and invited all of his other friends. You can pretty much piece together what happened the rest of the night. I went home and let him eat my ass, and then I showed him the video of his best friend shooting his load into it. I can’t count how many times he brushed his teeth.

Toilet Play

live phone sexFor some odd reason I never thought of becoming a sugar baby. I always just slept with Randoms for my drug money. And the best part is I would even have to have an old man as my sugar daddy because I am willing to do literally anything. So, I found this guy online, and I was exactly what he was looking for. He sent me $10,000 just to go to lunch with him. I was amazed, this is exactly what I needed! We met up at a Mexican food place, and he was a very attractive Dominican man. Honestly, I was confused why he was paying me for this when he was so hot I would have fucked him for free. After eating as much as I could like he told me to, he asked he to go to the bathroom with him. Of course I assumed it was for a quickie, but boy was I wrong. Once in the bathroom together he locked the door behind us. He set $50,000 cash down on the sink my jaw dropped. He asked how far I was willing to go for that money, and I told him anything he wanted! He explained he was very into scat, and I had no clue what that meant. He told me he would show me. He picked me up and set me on the sink, and removed my pants and panties. He began flicking his tongue against my clit, and then he would blow on it. Then I asked him to stop so I can use the toilet and he explained that was the point, he wanted my warm wet piss to slide down his throat. He continued licking and blowing until my urine trickled down his throat, and to be honest it felt incredible. Once I peed all that I could, he bent me over the sink. He pushed my stomach into the sink while licking my ass. I had to stop him and ask if he wanted me to shit in his mouth, and he groaned fuck yes.  So, I shit in his mouth as instructed, and he loved every second of it. When done he fucked me like an animal, and came in my tight ass. I walked away with $50,000, and a date next week.

Forgive Me Father

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In my small town just about every corner has a church. My church, yes druggie whores can go to church too, has a super-hot young pastor. I always make sure to open my mouth extra wide for that stale cracker that they feed you. Well, I think maybe this Sunday wearing my short sundress may have worked. During church I was passed a not that said “I know you have been a bad, bad girl, so if you want to go to heaven you should fuck me tonight. Here at the church 10pm.” I was wet from just reading the note. I went out and bought all new black leather lingerie. I loved the idea of being the pastors whore. I couldn’t get the image out of my head of me bend over the pews screaming forgive me father while getting railed. I arrived at 10pm on the dot, and the church doors were unlocked. When I walked in it looked like a church meeting every pastor in the entire town was there. My pastor invited me up on the stage, and instructed me to remove my clothes. Reluctantly, I did what I was told to do exposing my new lingerie. The pastors all gasped, but looked intrigued. My pastor told me to answer him honestly, and I swore on the bible. He asked if I fantasized about having sex with him. Yes. He asked if I ever sucked cock. Yes. He asked if I ever had a cock in my ass. Yes. He asked if I was a virgin. No. Finally, he asked if I was ever part of a gang bang. Yes. And just like that I was being surrounded by the pastors. Hard cocks filling all my holes, and the ones that were too late for a hole jacking off over my body. I was covered in cum and my new lingerie was ruined. Though I have to admit it was worth it to scream forgive me fathers for I have sinned.

I Love College


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College parties are the shit! There’s always hot muscular guys that are willing to give free drugs to slutty girls like me. I make sure to wear a super short jean skirt and a see through pink tank top, and I’m ready to party it up. I went to the closest college party, which wasn’t hard to find on a Friday, and was ready to score some free drugs. When I walked in I walked to the kitchen first to get some booze. Once I downed a few cups it was time to start opening doors until I found the room with the drugs in it. When I finally found the room it was 7 or 8 guys passing around a mirror with little white lines on it. I asked if I could join them they said sure for $15. When I told them I could offer them something better than money I knew I really had their attention. I went back downstairs and found 2 random girls that were dirty druggie sluts like me. I led the girls to the room, and told them to sit in the middle of the circle. Of course payment before the show, so I snorted 2 lines. Then I instructed the girls to undress and start making out. While they were making out I began licking one of the girls’ pussy and playing with the others, and then switching. Next, I taught the girls how to scissor each other while I made out with them both. Most of the guys were touching themselves and going crazy, except one who looked unimpressed. So, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the side with me. I got completely naked and spread my legs and pussy lips wide open for him. I could tell he was a football player by the way his strong arms held me while he destroyed my cunt. I’ve never came so hard in my like. I love college parties.

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