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I know I’m a gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

Yeah I know I’m a gangbang whore, but who cares! I get to have a whole bunch of cocks, of all different sizes fuck me. I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty exciting. I was hired for a bachelor party and was told to expect about 50 or so men. I have been so excited for this date to come around. I can’t wait to write a blog about the night it all happens. I am hoping I get to have a lot of hands all over me, playing with my tits and making my pussy cum over and over. Have you ever been a part of a gangbang? I would love to hear about your experiences; maybe we can share the highlights!

One of the sexy prostitutes that Loves cum!

Sexy prostitutes

I don’t know what all the fuss is about with sex. Everyone needs it, everyone wants it and everything on this planet does it. And I love being one of the sexy prostitutes out there. Such a stigma over giving a man what he needs daily? I don’t quite get it, and that is why I love to do what I do. I want you to come to me with balls full of cum and I want that cum shot all over my ass, my pussy or any other body part of mine you would like to cover in your warm hot jizz. I love it, I’ll lick it up and beg for more. I’m almost insatiable with it, like an obsession almost. Jizz obsession? Seems odd but everyone has their own little thing right? Well mine happens to be the load you shoot onto me and my body. I can’t wait to try you out.

Cum dumpster and a pearl necklace

Cum dumpster

I don’t know what it is, but when I was younger I wanted to be a hooker and a cum dumpster. I thought what a great way to make money, you don’t have to form any emotional attachments, you get to fuck a lot. Where can that go wrong?
I have a john who loves to give pearl necklaces and I am happy to take them. His cum tastes so sweet I just can’t wait sometimes until he shoots his hot load in my mouth and down my neck. I beg sometimes and it seems to make him want to cum all over me that much more. Last night, we had a great time, this time around I told him to throat fuck me. His cock got so hard I thought he put on another inch. He started to really throat fuck me and I could feel his cock pulsing and getting solidly hard and then the warm cum started shooting into my mouth and down my chin. What a great date.

Drunk fuck

Drunk phone sex

I kind of like getting fucked up and getting laid, sometimes the guy takes longer and that lets me get off a lot more. I don’t go to bars often, usually too busy, but I have met johns at bars for the initial meeting. Rarely just to meet men, but I was having a particularly shit day so I went to have a drink at a local watering hole. This hot but very intoxicated guy started to hit on me, I was fine with it but he seemed a little too drunk. I thought fuck it, I want to get laid.

I poured him into my car and sped off to my place. He was barely understandable, but when he slid his hand under my shirt and started expertly playing with my tits I was excited. Not just by what he was doing, but looks like the boy has skills. We got back to my place and fuck yes! He picked me up and threw my legs around his waist and walked me to the bedroom I was directing him to.

This man laid me out of the bed like I was a quest to conquer, but it was so fucking hot. He did everything slowly, took my pants off, my shirt, my panties. He got me completely naked then unzipped his pants just a bit to show his nature trail. He laid down next to me and just teased me, it was so erotic. He played with my tits and would make his way down to my clit, play a little then go back to my tits. He made me orgasm in so many ways before he even took his clothing off. Once he did, he really let out the beast. He fucked me in ways I had never experienced before. He fucked me all night, making me squirt, cum and just plain exhaust me.

….. Morning….

Blazing headache, I drank too much last night but, aah what a great wet dream I had last night. Wait, there is a warm body next to me.

Bestie Visit Turns to a Bestie Lick Fest

2 Girl phone sex

My best friend and I rarely see one another, busy lives and distance ya know. Recently we planned get together; boyfriends off doing their own thing together while we do girl talk.
We used to play around a lot when she lived next door and it seems like that flame never died. As soon as we sat down and started to gab we were unable to keep our hands off each other’s pussies. She was already pretty wet and her pussy felt warm on my hand. I lightly circled her clit with my finger, I made her lay back and spread wide so I could see the cum starting to drop from her. I finger fucked her so hard she gushed all over my hand. When she was recovered she quickly sat up and made it my turn. She ordered me to lay back, her fingers were inside me and her tongue on my clit lightly flicking. She was driving me crazy. She fingered my twat pretty hard and I came so hard. As we laid there recovering, we laughed and talked and then looked up and both of our boyfriends were standing there smiling. They knew what was up, and that there was a fun evening ahead.

Only time I’d hesitate is if it was the hulk

Fisting whore

I need a new client that likes … loves fisting. It’s one of my many fetishes, but it’s my favorite one too. I had to learn to do it myself just to get it as often I want. All the time, but I have to do what clients like for the better part of my “work day.” I love getting fucked, every position, every hole you better believe it. Don’t you ever feel that there is that one thing missing sometimes? I was relaxing at home one night and I was so horny. I didn’t do any calls that day because I was out of town for the day at a Comic con photo shoot for this year. Anyway, sipping some wine and I just had to play with my clit. Wouldn’t stop throbbing! So I really got into it and I needed that little extra. My pussy was so wet from the lack of attention today that I had no problem sliding three, then four, then the whole hand duck mouth thing. Know what I’m talking about? I fucked myself like that for ten minutes and was cumming over and over. That’s when it got serious. A pussy seems to just open and let your whole fist slide in. Once my fist is all the way in I just have to pound my pussy until I have cream all over my arm from cumming so much. And I do cum so much, I gush every time too. So I’m going to hope for that fisting loving client. Ugh he’d be my dream man.

Fisting phone sex

Big dick sucker … I really want that cum!

Big dick sucker

I love sucking cock. I mean nothing beats getting pounded hard by a big cock but sucking all that cum out is something I look forward to. I don’t really know why, maybe that is why I am a hooker!
Deep throating a big cock is so sexy to me; I love the feeling of a cock being stuffed way down. Some women don’t like it because they feel like they are suffocating or going to gag, but hell that is the best time to get your cock covered in saliva and back of throat lube, right? I love it when a guy is just about to cum too, his cock gets super hard and pulsing and you can actually feel the cum start to come up his shaft and shoot out. I’d really love to talk about a nice cum shot, tell me all about yours. Love to hear it.

High Class Hookers for Hire

Hookers for hire

Standing in the hallway of the hotel, I’ve got a treat for you. I love to treat my regulars to something special once in a while, just to show appreciation. I’m naked with just my coat on and I am standing in a public hallway. I text you that I am here and you ought to check outside your door.
You open your door and step out to see me, my coat wide open and my hand slowly moving toward my pussy with a big grin on my face. You grab my hand and pull me close to the door, spin me around and pin me to the corner of the wall and the door. I can hear you unbuckling your pants and suddenly your cock is thrusting hard and fast into me. Fucking me hard, you’re grunting with each forceful slam into me. You are making me scream out, your cock invading my wet pussy and making me cum. You feel me clenching around your cock, your thrusting gets even faster. “Cum in my fucking pussy baby.” I tell you. And you pump your hot load of cum inside my pussy. Your cock retreats from my cum filled pussy and you slide my coat off, bend over and unstrap my heels and lead me to a shower and more fucking.

Totally random stranger

Cum guzzling slut

I walked up to him took hold of his cock and said “let’s see what we can do about this.” I swirled my tongue around the head and then took his whole cock … down … my … throat. I could feel his precum in my throat. When I really started to work his shaft he started telling me to stop or he was going to cum. I didn’t stop and just like that I could feel the cum starting to pump out of him,

I swallowed each load as he shot it down my throat.

He got all apologetic that he came so quickly. I smiled and said “I like you, why don’t we get together tonight and we can fuck like animals, since you got that first nut out of the way.” A huge grin came across his face. “Yes ma`am!” I walked out of the men’s dressing room where I had followed this handsome stranger. Sometimes a girl just needs a random fuck from a sexy, complete stranger.

Golden showers bring May flowers

Golden shower sex stories

So yeah… that title is more of a humor type thing, but getting fucked until you can’t hold it in anymore is not. I have a john that gets more into kinky stuff each time I am with him. This time, when I arrived he gave me a huge glass of Gatorade and we sat and talked while I drank it. At first I was confused; I didn’t know why I was drinking this amount of anything really. Towards the end of the glass he would fill it up again. After the third glass I was full and told him I couldn’t drink anymore. He poured me one more glass and said to just take it slow and get it down. It took a while, but I finally was able to finish it. He took the glass from me and told me to lie back on the bed. He got down between my legs and started expertly licking my wet pussy. I was wet because I have been with this john many times and he makes me cum fucking hard. He gets me close with licking my pussy and very quickly he stands up and slams his cock into my pussy, and keeps ramming his fat cock in and out until I am dizzy with needing to cum. He asks me if I feel full like I need to pee and I suddenly realized that YES I do need to pee and badly. He looks down at me with a big smile and says that he is going to make me cum so hard that I can’t hold it and I will have to let it go while cumming. That really turned me on and he was right. The ache started deep in the center of me and radiating out in a huge tidal wave. As I was cumming I was trying to hold it back, but I hear him whispering. “Come on baby, it is OK let it go. Cum and orgasm baby I want to see it.” Hearing that and his fat cock fucking me was all I could take, he thrust his cock into me very deep then pulled out and I started to pee and cum and… wow. What a sensation. It was so intense I couldn’t stop cumming or peeing, I had no control over my bladder or my pussy. The orgasm lasted for a long while because after my bladder was empty he fucked me hard with my legs pinned to my shoulders. He came inside me with a huge grunt and moans and collapsed satisfied. “Thank you D` I needed that, I needed to see that. It and you were incredible.”

Golden showers phone sex

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