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I think I could be a star

druggy porn

I was getting a bag from my main plug last night when the topic of amateur druggy porn came up. He had been wanting to try to get into the porn industry for a while now. I was like a fucking schoolgirl saying pick me pick me! He laughed because he knows I am always down for a good time. Especially when money is involved. I don’t know where these guys came from but they had tree trunks for cocks. I wasn’t intimidated though I love a challenge. These guys bent me in ways I forgot that I could bend but they sure knew how to hit my spots because I was squirting all over them. I think my friend was surprised that we didn’t need any of the lube he had set to the side for us. This was fun I enjoy being on film.

A line for fifi

trailer trash whore

I was raised by my trailer trash whore mother. From a very young age, I learned that the quickest way to a man’s wallet was through his cock. This knowledge fuels my drug addiction. I love sucking huge black cocks. That’s what my dealer and his friends have anyway. I regularly let them use my mouth as a Fifi with no regard of me gagging. They normally line up for me so I can suck them all off. The only requirement I have is a fat bag with a band by the time the night is through. But of course, they feed me huge lines off of their dicks which I gladly tooted quickly. I may be just another whore to them but they are good fucking time for me.

On to the next

phone sex line

I can be any type of whore you want on the phone sex line but in my real life its all about me. Knowing once my workday is over my real job of being a human sex doll at the trap is about to begin. These silly men really think that I am only doing it for the drugs. They don’t see the band of cash sealed up in my purse. Just like all of the other drug whores they see I am just a piece of meat. The big difference is, is that I don’t beg them to stop when they are packing my asshole deep with their huge cocks. I lavish in the feeling of them slapping off of my face precum splattering my cheeks. Leaving me cum drenched with lots of benjamins stuck to my naked body I rise like a phoenix and move on to the next trap. The cum is as much of an addiction as the drugs anymore.

Hump day fun

cum dumpster Well fuck I have not a single drop of nose candy left after last night’s hump day festivities. You don’t celebrate too? Let me tell you about all of those huge dongs that I had last night. I was at the usual spot scoring my sweet powder when one of the guys said “Happy Humpday Deanna”. Well, I took that as an invitation to drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his black python. They know what it is with me before long my skirt is lifted and my ass is being plowed by one guy after another. I am such a fucking cum dumpster and I can’t fucking get enough. The birds were chirping as I made my way home. So much cum so little time.

What a ride

gangbang whore This gangbang whore will go to any lengths to get high. When you picked me up last night all you had to do was shake that baggy at me and I jumped right into your car. You laid me out a line on the dashboard while I was pulling your cock out of your pants. As soon as that wonderful powder goes up my nose you shove my head down on your huge anaconda. I’m gagging on your dick its so fucking big, and your ripped my panties trying so hard to get to my wet crotch. With your fingers deep inside of my cunt and my asshole, I start sucking even harder while gently tugging at your balls. You ball your hands up in my hair forcing me down faster and harder until all at once you erupt in my mouth giving me everything you have had stored in there for days.

Lucky 13

hookers for hire   All the freaks come out for Friday the 13th. I take full advantage of it to suck and fuck my way into some cash for my nose candy. I wish I could just put hookers for hire sign in my front yard. Big beautiful cock is my favorite craving besides my coke. I don’t have to search long before a group of guys standing on the corner start cat calling me. My cunt starts tingling with excitement. They take me to an abandoned house and I peel my clothes off so fast I can’t wait to feel their cocks smacking my face as they all try to shove them in my mouth. Come on guys I have 2 other holes prime for the taking. The loads they blew all over and inside let me know I had hit the honey hole. Now to my dealer’s house to score my bag.

I need to get high

gangbang whore  I go to extreme lengths to get my daily fix. My dealer always has lots of his friends around so all I do I call him up when my funds are running low. So many huge black pythons in my face when I get there. I am such a fucking gangbang whore that this is one of my favorite ways to earn my cash. They fill all of met hot pink holes with as many of their cocks they can. The ones who cant fit are smacking me in the face, their precum splattering in my hair. Use me guys I fucking love this shit! I don’t know how many there were or how long they used me but, my bag was huge and I so was the clip of cash they gave me too.

I got the bag

gangbang whore

All the dick rise to attention when a gangbang whore like me walks into the party. I love the after hours spots. I can always find the best blow here. Of course, I never have to pay for it. These guys use my body for all of their pleasure. I swallow so much cum my body probably thinks I just drank a protein shake. I can’t help myself knowing that the more dicks in my ass or that slap my face the bigger my bag will be once I am done. I don’t rush these guys I am enjoying this shit just as much as they are. Probably more for real. Poor guys really are only good for that one big shot anyways. I can’t remember how many guys were even inside of me last night. Oh well, I’ve been up for 3 days off this shit already.

I met my match

live phone sex You were so amazing last night when we had live phone sex. It was almost as good as the real thing. We fucking partied together all night long. Doing huge rails of Peru’s finest cocaine off of each other’s bodies. When you do those tiny bumps off my nipples they get rock fucking hard. My pussy still gets soaked when you do that too. Doing nummies with the tip of your cock makes sure that you really enjoy pounding my face as hard as you want. I never thought I would meet a guy who loved to party and fuck as much as I do but I think I may have met my match with you. You push my boundaries and I fucking love it.

Harry Potters magical cum

Nasty phone sex     A girl like me is always looking for nasty phone sex. I will go to any lengths to get it too. Since I am a huge nerd and made my way to the local comic con this weekend. Can you guess who I dressed as? Well I won’t give you all of the details but let’s just say Harry Potter is my favorite fictional literature. I have gotten myself off so many times through the years to the thoughts of him fucking me and sticking his magic wand deep inside of my asshole. I know that his invisibility cloak had my cum soaked into it by the time we were through. I bet none of those other Gryffindor girls know how to be a cum guzzling slut like me. I don’t know if it’s the magic in his blood or the magic stick between his legs but Harry Potter has magical cum that I always leave soaked in my panties when we are finished. I sure hope that maybe one day we can have a little mud-blood of our own. Only death eaters believe that us muggles hold no magical power. Well someone better ask Harry because I know that I showed him some tricks tonight that aren’t found in spells or potion books. I wonder what Malfoy or even little Ron would think of the things that I can do. Maybe they can both take me on together what a sweet treat that would be. None as special as Harry is to me though.cum guzzling slut

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