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Always a goodnight

adult phone chatI must really be getting a name for myself around here. Walking down the street so many guys know my name and beckon me over constantly. A girl has to live right? I love sucking black cock and getting my pussy pounded by another. Yes at the same time.The more the merrier right.  Many nights I have enjoyed a gangbang by all of the guys in squad. Then walked home just dripping cum down my leg wiping it from my mouth and face. I call that a cum shower. The best part of that is even though I know I enjoyed it more then they did these guys still gave me $100 each. That’s what I call a good night.

I’m your dirty little secret

phone sex lineSo happy you decided to get us a hotel room for the night. We never get any privacy at my apartment. Your girlfriend wouldn’t be very happy if we use your place would she. But tonight was awesome. We spent the entire night doing lines of coke off each others body and matching shots of Jagermeister. You really know how to make a girl happy. You were like the Energizer Bunny giving me so many multiple orgasms. But I know I made you happy too. What did you like more fucking my face like it was a pussy or pounding my sweet little ass hole until you couldn’t contain yourself anymore and busted that hot creamy load deep inside of me. I hope we do this again soon. Your secret is safe with me. For now anyways.

Big dick sucker

Big dick sucker

Being a big dick sucker isn’t the easiest job out there but its my favorite. I mean I do have bills that aren’t going to pay themselves right. The more cocks I deep throat the easier I have rent and utilities paid. Everything after that is all mine to party hardy with. The guy I took this picture with is one of my dealers and he always gives me a good dose of what cures me after he rams his  huge cock down my throat. The harder a guy can make me gag the wetter my pussy gets. Something about my jaws stretching out and you forcing your throbbing organ in my face is so hot to me. Don’t pull out when your ready to cum I wanna taste all that creamy goodness baby.

Stripper Sex Porn

stripper sex porn

You really know how to make a woman happy. I love a night of sex drugs and rock n roll. When I was on stage dancing to Living Dead Girl and you threw all those benjamins at me I knew it was gonna be great. After my performance you requested a private session. You had a line of coke waiting for me when I entered the room. You know exactly what makes this little tramp happy. I do that line and start undoing your pants they say no sex in the champagne room. But I dont care about the rules! I want that huge cock deep inside of me now. With you choking me just as I cum and squirt all down your legs. Time for me to dance again.. See ya later oxox

Live Phone Sex

live phone sex

It was so nice meeting you and your friends today. I had been stuck on the side of the road for hours before you guys showed up and rescued me. I was just sitting on the hood of my car all sweaty waiting for AAA to show up but you guys rescued me. You took me to nearest motel so I had somewhere to stay while waiting on my car to get fixed. I can’t believe how shy you acted when I asked you and your friends up to my room for a drink.. I have no money now that I have this room but I do have a vast set of oral skills to thank each and everyone of you personally for helping this damsel in distress..

Deanna Can’t Get Enough Big Black Cock

BBC phone sex

When you walked into the strip club tonight I just knew that I had to get me some of that scrumptious dark chocolate cock of yours. As soon as I finished my set on the stage I went over to your table. You told me to come and sit on your lap and I was more than willing. I whispered in your ear about all the kinky nasty things that I want to do with you in the private room area. You, without any hesitation, said well then let’s go. As soon as we were back there you whipped out your big black cock and told me to get down on my knees. You grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me with your big hard black cock. You plowed that hard black cock so deep into my throat that I felt it touch my tonsils. My cunt was soaking wet and longing to have your big hard black cock fuck it.

Nasty Little Cum Dumpster Deanna

cum dumpsterIf you are looking for a nasty little cum dumpster you found the right place. I can never get enough of your warm white salty cum. I like to suck it out of your big hard cock getting every last drop of that yummy cum of yours. Nothing makes my pussy soaking wet like eating loads and loads of cum. I like to have two or three big cocks in my mouth all at the same time leaking all that super yummy pre cum in my mouth. I even have a client that will jack off in popsicle trays and freeze his cum for me. So when I need some refreshment on a hot summer day all I have to do is pop out a scrumptious cum popsicle and start sucking away. Since one thing is for sure Deanna can never get enough of that white creamy salty cum of yours.

Kinky Stripper Sex Stories with Deanna

Just about anything goes at the strip club that I work at especially if you pay for a private room in the back. We can get as kinky as you like. You can tie me up and do whatever you like or we could reverse rolls. I could tie you up and tease your big hard cock. I could sprinkle some white powder on your big thick cock. I could lick and snort all that yummy coke off of your big  cock feeling your big cock getting harder by the minute in my mouth.stripper sex stories I could put on my 10-inch strap-on and fuck your tight little-puckered ass until your warm salty cum shot out and splattered all over the room. Nothing is taboo or off limits with Deanna and I have lots of kinky nasty stripper sex stories to tell you!

Hot Stripper Sex with Deanna

hot stripper sexYour daddy brought you into the strip club for your 21st birthday. After all what 21-year-old wouldn’t want some hot stripper sex. The girls and I always have so much fun with you young ones. We brought you up on the stage and started shaking our luscious big tits in your face as your dad and friends were cheering things along. I helped you take off your shirt because I knew things were going to get messy. Plus we wanted to see your hard 21-year-old abs. I sat down on your lap. I could feel your big hard cock throbbing through your pants. I placed my tit in your mouth and one of the girls started pouring tequila on it. It was running down from my big tit into your mouth. Then we switched tits. You and I were becoming a tequila covered mess. She stopped pouring and sprinkled some salt all over my big tequila covered tits. I told you to lick and suck it all off. As you were doing that I started bouncing up and down on your pants covered cock until I felt your warm gooey cum leaking through your pants.

Portuguese Breakfast with Deanna

golden shower sex storiesNothing is sweeter to my ears than hearing last call at the strip club where at work. It makes me all giddy knowing that my shift is over and I will be going home with one of my regulars for a night of fun, not to mention the extra money. You are one of my super freaky clients. You always want to spray me with that warm sparkly golden shower straight from your great big cock. I can tell what you have been drinking from the smell of your warm piss. Oh, how I enjoy your warm piss when you have been drinking jack and coke half the night. Now that I am refreshed from your tasty piss. You ask me if I want a Portuguese breakfast. I reply with but of course. I lie down on the floor. You help me to prop my ass and legs up. As I am laying there I can hear you cracking eggs in a bowl. You come back and stick a funnel in my hot wet pussy and then you slowly pour those cold eggs into my hot pussy. The chilly slimy egg creation makes my pussy tingle with excitement. You hold my legs up in the air and put that big hard cock into my pussy. You tell me how you have to scramble the eggs. You pound your big hard cock into my hot pussy until the eggs are all frothy. You help me up over a bowl so that the frothy mixture can run out of my pussy. Then you sprinkle it with your cum and pour it into two glasses. We both enjoy our frothy Portuguese breakfast.

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