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You Missed Out Andrew 

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I called Andrew I wanted him to come over after I got off of work and fuck me. I wanted him to bend me over my couch and ram his cock so deep inside of me he made me forget my whole day. I called Andrew but guess what just like a stupid fucker he didn’t answer again. I know him he waits until I get impatient he wants me to beg well I’ve got choices tonight. I decided I am going to live my best life and that means that I’m calling someone else yes. And this someone else will be fucking me driving his card cock into me pulling my hair making me scream and moan someone else is going to be doing me Andrew because you’re such a fuck-up. I know what you thought before every time you fuck up you make me angry at every guy and it worked before but now it’s not going to work because I’m going to fuck every guy. I hope that you are happy with yourself you missed out.

Sex Slave City

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This is the place where you go and the whole world looks so beautiful. It’s a Faraway Fantasyland in my mind that takes control sexually. I get so turned on thinking about space aliens doing biddings to me fucking me probing me making me feel like I’m being fucked in up and down all over and over again. It turns me on but what turns me on more is if I could own the land and all those aliens can be my sex slaves. I dream of it all the time the things that I would do to my sex alien slaves. I tie them up, I chain them down. I’d do it all night and have so much fun, I drill them with my human cunt they love my cunt. My sloppy wet human pussy is incredibly insane with my alien slaves. I would do it all with them they could do it all to me oh yes I love it that way. When I go to sleep at night I dream about my sex planet that I control my dreams are so great I lose my heart my soul dances all night long I love it. Would you like to role-play with me and be my sexual alien tonight let me probe you and you can probe me to let’s do it.

King for A Day

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Baby you can get your cock sucked by some women and you can get your ass licked by some sluts and I don’t really want to stop you because it’s your day you’re the king. You’ve always done everything I needed. You’ve taken care of me when no one was there, I cried on your shoulder and you were better than my mother was. You don’t ever ask for anything, but I know you dream about being the king and you want many women sucking you off and fucking you good real nasty shit. It turns me on because I read your diary and I know your feelings and it really made my pussy so wet to hear that you are so fucking nasty. Well I’m going to give you one of your fantasies I’ve got like 5 girlfriends and me and we are going to suck you fuck you and let you do whatever you can think of. We are your slutty fucking concubines we are going to suck your toes and whatever you think we should lick on your body you just say it and it’s done. Yes, baby will be fucking all day all night long anytime you want it you can have it and I am not going to say no and my girls are just ready they want you too. I love you so much my dear that’s why you get to be the king for the day baby.


Michael’s Porn Playhouse

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Michael is a pretty strange guy she secretive I’ve known him for a couple of years now and I’ve never been to his house before. That’s okay with me because we go out to eat we have a good time you know that type of thing and it’s okay really but now Michael has decided to change things up a bit he invited me to his house. It’s okay I didn’t think anything crazy because well I’ve known him for a couple of years and even though he’s secretive he’s cool anyway I went to his house his house is really big is really nice and we chilled smoked marijuana did a few lines drink wine and had a really good time. There’s this thing about Michael he has this strange and Uber crazy fascination with porn and porn stars I mean he spent half the night talking about how he would fuck this porn star how he would drill that porn star in her ass. He was really on fire I didn’t think it was weird because well they are sexy bitches, you can’t fight that. Anyway, Michael had another side of his house that he hadn’t shown me yet, this side of the house was so different, and I didn’t think I would be flabbergasted by what I saw because I just didn’t ever imagine it. We were loaded, and Michael decided to show me the other side of his house we went down the hallway that lettuce to a door that he unlocked and when I went in it was like a whole other house except for the wallpaper was full of porn stars in fact he had porn pictures on the floor and on the ceilings. I must admit when I first saw it I was frightened I didn’t know what to expect I had never seen anything like that before. But Michael grabbed my hand and assured me that he would not hurt me, and everything was going to be okay he said he was going to show me a night that I would never forget. Michael fucked me in ways that I couldn’t even imagine I sucked his cock to the balls he stuck his tongue so deep into my cunt he ravished my entire body. He was right I will never forget that night in fact Michael is the best lover that I have ever had hands down.


At The Orgy Sex Circus


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It is a wild show at the circus the special circus that I went to it’s amazing it’ll drive you wild all the things that you will see. I want to be in the circus after what I’ve seen my eyes are opened now. I feel like I’m open it’s striking how the circus has changed my life. I need big dicks I know at the circus I can get some big fucking crazy cock Stars 14 inches, 15 inches too, they will stuff their fucking cocks inside of you and make you feel it all over your body. I am amazed and I’m not ashamed. At the sex circus I am the most sexual whore you will ever see I do it all suck balls suck cock gets fisted too I do it all and I’m happy about what I do. I love the orgies all the beautiful bodies spread out everywhere fucking Cum stains spraying cum pissing doing everything it’s so amazing at the circus at the sex orgy circus I can’t wait till next time.


He Is A Trick Daddy

Orgy phone sex

Brock is my big daddy, he makes everything work out for me without fail. Last night I went out with a few of my girlfriends, we got super drunk and had a great time. I told one of my girlfriends that I wanted to thank my trick daddy for funding our golden night. My girls are the best, so I easily convinced them to treat my sweet as sugar trick daddy. We went to Brocks summer home where he was staying and all of us agreed that Brock could request anything he wanted, and he would get it. My pussy got instantly got wet as soon as my love machine Brock answered the door. I escorted the ladies in and we took no time to get busy. We all took our clothes off and started sucking Brocks rock-hard pulsating cock. We were kissing each other’s tongues and cunts, it was absolutely amazing. Last night I did things that made my trick daddy fall in love with me forever. Do you want to be treated like Big Daddy if so call me now.

Can You See Us in Paradise?

Freaky phone sex


Let me take you there I can treat you right I can fuck your whole body make you feel like flying. All you need is me I’ll prove it I desire your lips on my skin. I will give you everything you need I will be your freaky salacious whore any position that you want to get into that I will do. I just want to have so much fun with you. I’m in love with your big blue eyes babe yeah, they’re talking to me all the time. Your cock is so damn big you fuck me like an animal. I can’t get enough of that big fat cock shoving in my cunt I love it. All I can think about is you I want to suck your cock swallow your cum let you spray me and my face please do it. I need is your semen feeding me and it’s so yummy. I am your slut I will be your whore fuck me in my ass throw me on the floor choke me now I want it I want it so bad yes. Can you do everything that I want you to do to me I know you will.

I Fucked my Boyfriend’s Dad While he Watched

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My boyfriend has a really small cock it makes me laugh and point at him often quite frankly I can’t take him seriously. His father has a bigger cock his cock is a steel rod, I always wanted to fuck him. I guess I’ve got to get that cock by any means yes, I’m a cock slut I need that cock now and my boyfriend has a little bitty peanut penis it’s gross it’s nasty and I can’t take it. So, I told him that I was going to fuck his father right in front of his face he told me don’t do it, but I didn’t care because I really need to cum instead of fake for a tiny pee pee. I’m tired of your little bitty itty-bitty dicky that thing is really nothing but your little cock twat that’s what it is and I’m about to fuck your dad, so bitch pay attention. You’re a fucking weakling and you can’t take this grown-up pussy. So, you’re going to have to watch me fuck old pops and I am going to fuck him now. My stupid small cock boyfriend didn’t believe me oh yeah, I had to show him that I was really doing this. I invited his dad over and I told him to come in my bedroom I had only my housecoat on, nothing else but my nice silky body. I took my housecoat off fell to my knees and I started suck Daddy’s massive cock like it was a piece of my favorite meat. He was in complete disbelief I could feel his knees trembling as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I knew my boyfriend wasn’t there, but he was definitely on the way, so he could see me fucking his daddy good.


Dirty Sluts are in First Place

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I was at my mother’s barbecue event with her stuffy ass bitch friends who love to talk shit about me. I kept thinking to myself if these bitches go too far with me I am going to turn the world upside down for them. My mother’s friend Karen the stuffiest bitch of them all makes my ass hurt she is always saying stupid shit like, you should change your life little missy you’re too much of a disrespectful slut you’re nothing like your mother. Then her dumbass friend Catherine chimes in to tell me how I need to change my fucking life will guess what bitch if one more person says one more thing to me I’m going to change my life all right all over your husbands Cocks. All of a sudden Susan starts to say something before she could finish I told her to shut the fuck up.

Look here you little old bitches I am about to fuck your husbands and I know they want to fuck me because they’re all looking at me out of nowhere I decided to strip myself of all my clothes then I said come and get me married men only and guess what it was a night to remember well a day that turned into a night to remember if you want to find out everything about what happened call me and I will be glad to tell you. Get ready for the whore of your dreams to make you cum all over yourself over and over again

Lacy is a Special Woman


My kind heart led to heartbreak I just got this new girlfriend who I am really turned on by. She is so fucking hot, I can’t stop thinking about how we hooked up you see sometimes I’m a bit of a slutty cunt carpet muncher. Her legs are long and golden tanned, and she waxes every fucking part of her silky sexy delicious body with the exception of those natural thick long Blonde flowing locks that fall to her tight bubbly ass. I’m in complete nasty lust and tonight I am going to get what I have been waiting patiently three weeks for. We went back to her place because her apartment is a sex toy land, she’s got all kinds of fuck me chairs and sex paintings. I was so got damn filled with sexual energy I wanted to lay her down on her fur rug and tear the black pin skirt sight off of her and go at that muff like pigs go in on slop. She kept teasing me until my tongue was all the way down her throat. I attempted to go for that pretty little pussy but she stopped my hand like she was a fucking virgin. She grabbed my hand and turned me onto my belly flat she opened my ass cheeks and dug her tongue deep in my shit hole and kept munching me making my cunt leak in joy. All of sudden Lacy moved from my ass to my cum filled pussy and started licking and sucking me until I was shaking. I was in pure ecstasy and before I could turn to look at Lacy spellbinding eyes she drove a huge hard throbbing cock into my asshole and grabbed the back of my neck. I couldn’t believe it Lacy was a Pre-Op.

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