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Naughty Little Latin Freak

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My brother said I was a naughty little Latin freak he told me that I love to be fucked by all of his friends and they told him. I said I don’t care to him I told him that I’m going to fuck all of his friends one at a time and I don’t care. He looked at me and he slapped my face he said you are a fucking Tramp you are a disgrace to my family so I attacked him ifucking beat him don’t you slap me you fucking wet back. I let him know that I would turn him into ICE and he will have to go back to Mexico don’t fucking slap me and I will keep myself from going back to Mexico by sucking the ICE agents cocks and being their fucking trampy slut. I will let them do whatever they want to me but him he will pay because my brother is just jealous of me. I know that he really wants all of his friends to fuck him in his faggot ass. He’s crazy about his friends pretending like he’s not gay pretending like he doesn’t dream about sucking cocks every single night he know that he does. My nasty naughty fucking brother that’s the real naughty one he’s the one that does everything. I know that he slept with my boyfriend I know that he let my boyfriend put his hard throbbing pulsating cock inside of his fairy faggot ass hole. My brother is not fooling anyone by calling me the naughty one he’s the real naughty fucking Latin bitch. I have got a real treat for his bitch ass tonight I am going to make him get gangbanged by 15 big black cocks hard and mean I promice they will fucking bang his ass in. And he will know better not to slap me.

That Kind of Girl

Gangbang whore


He thought that I wanted his brother alone well guess what that sex pot big dick black boy thought wrong. I was hopped up on those X pills and souped out on that coke ready, to get real wild so they could all have fun with me oh yeah did I forget to mention there were more guys that showed up a little later. I was in heaven I was in black boy Heaven. Big dicks were everywhere they were hard forever, for hours. That’s what I love one of those dicks ramming into my vagina, I was like oh my God but it all felt so good. I’m a horny come dumpster skank I like to fuck all the time I like to get my knees dirty too. What I do should be a crime. Anyway, he thought it was just going to be his brother getting this hot thot white chick fucked up and blazed and full of fucking pills and fuck me like he was mad at the white man but his brother had a surprise for him. I am open to fuck them all it was gangbanged ecstasy on that night. I always need guys to fuck me like that now I’m hooked on coke and X and black dick, I Can’t Get Enough it’s too good. Do you want to fuck me or do you want to watch me get fucked but all of those big black cocks either way, God yes it’s so good so fucking extremely penetratingly good. I’m a nasty little cunt whore I love to get fucked in all of my holes I love at the end of everything for cum to be oozing out of every one of my holes including my fucking ears that’s right I’m that kind of girl.

Katy Katy Katy Your Mine

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Katy is a fucking skank whore and you can’t blame me for being a little bit green about the little slut bucket coming on the scene. The whole neighborhood knows this trollip is not to be trusted around anyone’s man. If that fucking cunt whore so much as look my boyfriends way I’m going to fuck that slut up.  You see Katy and slutty cum buckets like her need to know that I fuck the whores my boyfriend cheats on me with too and I’m fucking brutal. My boyfriend can’t seem to keeps his eyes to himself, I catch his ass constantly I mean all of the time, He stands in awkward places trying to catch a peek at her young tight thighs as she walks by teasing the cock wolf in him. Since this little dence whore wants to tease him I going to make it easier for him to cheat. I’m leaving for the evening I have a girls night that’s what I will say. I will stay gone just long enough for the tramp to get in my house and naked. Then I’m going to give miss cheater whore a surprise that she won’t forget. Just call Katy my cum guzzling whore from now on because when I’m done she’ll be turnt the fuck out.

Dirty Phone Sex Stories

Dirty phone sex
Hello lover I miss talking to you, I miss hearing your voice and your nasty stories about what you do to the whores on the bad side of the tracks. Lover, you tell me those whores deserve what they get you tell me that you don’t pity them. Lover I want to know will they really do the worst things to get money for drugs and liquor do they really let you have your way with them without question. I know you tell me these things but I find them so hard to believe you always make me wonder if you are filling my sexual thoughts with dirty phone sex stories. Lover, there is one story that you tell me about the Mexican teenie trying to get you to take her out of Mexico and she would do anything for you to do it. What you told me that you did to her is beyond belief, lover and I need to know if you could really do that thing over and over like you said.

Andrew I lust for you

Orgy phone sex

Tonight I just want to show you how grateful I am that you always make my cunt feel mad beautiful and extremely satisfied. I love how you eat my pussy so good you really make her feel like she is the only one for you. I know you cheat though baby and I don’t give two fucks about any of those other hoes they don’t even cross my mind when I’m sucking your soul through your cock head. I love to suck your cock too I love how you hold my head and make me gag. I love how tremendously good you make me feel so I’m going to suck your dick like a Black porn bitch that means all night and deep throat to the balls. I want to suck the scent of the last whore’s cunt off your dick and swallow her essence. I live to make you feel good that’s why I wash your feet with my tongue. I need you Andrew and I will do anything to keep you. 

I said I would do Anything

Sloppy wet pussy


My boyfriend Andrew got locked up on a violation and it was tearing me up to go and see him for a few reasons. The guards were fucking pigs in every way they ogled over my ass like they were locked up it was fucking gross because I hate pigs with a passion. There are pictures of me around the prison net so the foreman knew who I was and he was the worst. Whenever I came to visit he would call me in for a talk about one of the guards who so happened to be his son. Foreman Tom is what we will call this major prick, would tell me how I should help my sorry ass boyfriend as he’d say get out of jail. I refused him a couple of times because I hate pigs so fucking much and his son was a gottdamn big country fed white boy with a racist attitude to the max. I thought about it though this day because I really wanted my man out of lockup and this was the only way. I agreed to fuck his animal angry son so I was taken to a small 200×400 ft. room with nothing but a small bed and a chair, that was it.  Everybody in the prison called the foreman’s son “Killer” and I hated him. He walked into the room and told me to stand up, he took the chair out of the room and came back in only to look at me and ask me why I was so fucking rude. Before I could say anything, he instructed me to take my clothes off, I told him he was a fucking animal and that I would never do this if not for my man’s freedom. Killer grabbed my face and told me to get naked fucking entitled bitch. He told me that he could feel me fighting the urge to ride his huge throbbing white cock, I slapped his face and he ripped my shirt off with one stroke. He said to me before slamming his tongue down my throat, “bitch don’t you fight if you want your fucking trash to be free, I’m the only only one who can make that happen.” He told me that he was going to have me in there for a while. The things this motherfucker did to me were beyond out of control.

The Low Road

 Sexy prostitutes

I’m a nasty little slut I like to do nasty things I have surprised all of my friends since summer I have been feeling brand new like a sex goddess. I met this guy in Mexico and he was a bad dude in every way his cock was so fucking big I felt weak just looking at it. I told me he was a coyote and he wanted to go on a trip with him. I didn’t know at the time but I was soon to find out just why he wanted me to go along on the ride. We were driving for about three or four hours when we were waved off the road by border patrol. The guy told me to pull out my tits and smile so I did and the cop came up on the passenger side he asked me to get out of the car and walk back to his truck. I did what he said and when we got to the truck he motioned for me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I started sucking so good he said that I was the best. I sucked his cock until cum spewed all over my face. he told me to wipe my face and go back to the car. The cop then walked to the driver’s side and said, “she’s good bring her next time. He then smiled and waved us off.  

Wicked Little Slut 

Trailer trash whore

I got bored yesterday so I wanted to spice up my life like a slutty nasty girl really does. I was in the mood for more than one guy I mean I was ready to be a complete cum guzzling dick sucking cunt muncher. I called my friend Honey, she’s a super slutty trash whore who will do anything to get a good nut. Honey was my fluffer girl and boy can she fluff up the cocks. We had five hard body guys over big dicks dripping pre-cum like tasty cock lollipops our cunts were so wet because we feasted on each other before the guys started showing up. We had lines of coke that we snorted out of each other’s delicious cunts. These guys are in for a treat beyond belief. You can come too even if you only want to watch. Have fun with me I’m a wicked little slut.


DonGia is a Monster 


Creampie sex stories

Last week I was in a therapy session and the topic was my controlling boyfriend/lover DonGia. I call him Don for short, when I first met Don he was super kind to me, he did anything I wanted and I was the center of attention in his life besides his wife of course. He never hid it from me that he was married in fact he told me that as long as I kept my mouth closed that I was going to live like a queen. I made the biggest mistake of my life when I agreed to that arrangement. Don made me quit my job only 3 months into our relationship he said the guys were all trying to fuck me and I didn’t need the money. As soon as I quit my job he became a monster always demanding to know what I was doing and where I had been. He would always spend more money on me before he started making more demands and last week he demanded that I answer the door naked whenever he came over. He has so many demands.

My pussy is wet and I’m ready 

Hardcore orgy porn


I want to fuck my cute fucking cousin he’s so hot and he’s been sneaking in my bedroom smelling my panties he thinks I don’t know but I’ve been watching him from my closet while I play with my pussy. I’ve been thinking to myself what if I should come out of that closet and catch him what would he do could I blackmail him into fucking me I’m sure he wants to anyway. I think that’s what I’m going to do tonight he’s spending the weekend over with my brother so I think I’m going to get fucked I’m wet my cunt is hot and I am so fucking ready to be a dirty fucking slut. I want that motherfucker to bend me over my bed and ram his cock inside of my asshole so fucking deep that I can feel it in my belly button. He has no idea how long I’ve been wanting to fuck his brains out but tonight he’s going to find out for sure.


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