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I’m a nasty little slut I like to do nasty things I have surprised all of my friends since summer I have been feeling brand new like a sex goddess. I met this guy in Mexico and he was a bad dude in every way his cock was so fucking big I felt weak just looking at it. I told me he was a coyote and he wanted to go on a trip with him. I didn’t know at the time but I was soon to find out just why he wanted me to go along on the ride. We were driving for about three or four hours when we were waved off the road by border patrol. The guy told me to pull out my tits and smile so I did and the cop came up on the passenger side he asked me to get out of the car and walk back to his truck. I did what he said and when we got to the truck he motioned for me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I started sucking so good he said that I was the best. I sucked his cock until cum spewed all over my face. he told me to wipe my face and go back to the car. The cop then walked to the driver’s side and said, “she’s good bring her next time. He then smiled and waved us off.  

Wicked Little Slut 

Trailer trash whore

I got bored yesterday so I wanted to spice up my life like a slutty nasty girl really does. I was in the mood for more than one guy I mean I was ready to be a complete cum guzzling dick sucking cunt muncher. I called my friend Honey, she’s a super slutty trash whore who will do anything to get a good nut. Honey was my fluffer girl and boy can she fluff up the cocks. We had five hard body guys over big dicks dripping pre-cum like tasty cock lollipops our cunts were so wet because we feasted on each other before the guys started showing up. We had lines of coke that we snorted out of each other’s delicious cunts. These guys are in for a treat beyond belief. You can come too even if you only want to watch. Have fun with me I’m a wicked little slut.


DonGia is a Monster 


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Last week I was in a therapy session and the topic was my controlling boyfriend/lover DonGia. I call him Don for short, when I first met Don he was super kind to me, he did anything I wanted and I was the center of attention in his life besides his wife of course. He never hid it from me that he was married in fact he told me that as long as I kept my mouth closed that I was going to live like a queen. I made the biggest mistake of my life when I agreed to that arrangement. Don made me quit my job only 3 months into our relationship he said the guys were all trying to fuck me and I didn’t need the money. As soon as I quit my job he became a monster always demanding to know what I was doing and where I had been. He would always spend more money on me before he started making more demands and last week he demanded that I answer the door naked whenever he came over. He has so many demands.

My pussy is wet and I’m ready 

Hardcore orgy porn


I want to fuck my cute fucking cousin he’s so hot and he’s been sneaking in my bedroom smelling my panties he thinks I don’t know but I’ve been watching him from my closet while I play with my pussy. I’ve been thinking to myself what if I should come out of that closet and catch him what would he do could I blackmail him into fucking me I’m sure he wants to anyway. I think that’s what I’m going to do tonight he’s spending the weekend over with my brother so I think I’m going to get fucked I’m wet my cunt is hot and I am so fucking ready to be a dirty fucking slut. I want that motherfucker to bend me over my bed and ram his cock inside of my asshole so fucking deep that I can feel it in my belly button. He has no idea how long I’ve been wanting to fuck his brains out but tonight he’s going to find out for sure.


He Calls Me Mommy Kitty Kat

Blonde fucking

It all started out with me needing to be touched in the worst way. I saw him he was tall dark and handsome to say the least. His hands were like the hands of a lumber jack very big and strong looking. All I could think of was those big spectacular hands grabbing me by my waist and throwing me on the kitchen table. I wanted him to rip my sun dress right off of me with one tare and take my soft supple breast and fondle them with his strong hands. I bumped into him on accident purpose, lol and as I looked up at him to say sorry I gave him a look that he could take to the bank. Just in case he didn’t get the message I grabbed his dick and licked my lips.

Jose didn’t want me to leave 


Fisting phone sex

I promised that I was going to get myself away from this fucking parasite he sucks all of the energy out of me all of the happiness out of me and he doesn’t give a fuck about anything but himself. I’m starting to hate Jose he’s nothing like what he used to be when he first came here. When he first came here he was excited he worked all the time he did everything he was supposed to. Now all I can get that fucking idiot to do is fuck me he won’t do anything else and now the sex is just getting fucking stupid. Now he wants me to dress up like a Chiquita and he wants me to treat him like he’s in Mexico like I should worship Him. The thing this fucker did last night was too much he went too fucking far and now I’m going to get rid of his fucking ass because I can get good sex from anywhere but I need my fucking sanity. I know there’s a guy out there that can give me great sex and take care of the bills too.

You don’t have to say much to get the good  

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Right now I’m feeling so self-conscious I have such a low self-esteem that I’ll fuck one I’ll do anything, it’s not funny but as I look in the mirror I have to laugh to myself. Everyone is so quick to say you’re so beautiful and all this fucked-up compliments but something in my brain is fucked up it makes it hard to believe what anyone says. The nature of my mental issues crippled me from good decision making it’s almost like that I don’t want to make a good decision because I’m afraid I’ll have to be responsible for it so instead I go out I listen to the first stupid asshole that lies to me and tells me all this bullshit to get in my pants and I fuck him. I used to hate myself for that but now my soul is just dry and it needs to have cum spraying all over it to give it some moisture that’s my fucked-up existence I’m a fuck toy. Joy for guys that don’t deserve me that’s who I am.


I want you to know 

Latina phone sex


I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re the only thing that’s on my mind I feel weak when I’m not around you. I’m aching because I miss you because I just want you I want to hear your voice I want to see your face. I can’t stand being without you, I want you to touch me like you did last night. I’m trying not to feel for you but I’m only lying to myself because I feel for you my everything needs you my body thirst for you. Can’t you see that I am in love with you I’m in lust with you I’m enchanted by you I’m under your spell. It hurts me when I don’t hear your voice it hurts me because all I ever dream about is putting your cock into my mouth and completely satisfying you swallowing all of your juices up and making you feel like you need to feel. Call me don’t you know that I need you don’t you know that my whole everything just wants you. We can do whatever we want it doesn’t matter to me I just want to make you happy. I will obey you if that’s what you want if it pleases you I have no limits when it comes to you I miss you so much. I know that you think I say this to everyone I know you look at my body and think but I’m such a slut but I do things with you that I don’t do what the other men, you make me give myself completely over to you and that’s all I want. Don’t you believe me look in my eyes I’m begging you to call me.


You Missed Out Andrew 

Black stripper sex


I called Andrew I wanted him to come over after I got off of work and fuck me. I wanted him to bend me over my couch and ram his cock so deep inside of me he made me forget my whole day. I called Andrew but guess what just like a stupid fucker he didn’t answer again. I know him he waits until I get impatient he wants me to beg well I’ve got choices tonight. I decided I am going to live my best life and that means that I’m calling someone else yes. And this someone else will be fucking me driving his card cock into me pulling my hair making me scream and moan someone else is going to be doing me Andrew because you’re such a fuck-up. I know what you thought before every time you fuck up you make me angry at every guy and it worked before but now it’s not going to work because I’m going to fuck every guy. I hope that you are happy with yourself you missed out.

Sex Slave City

Water sports sex



This is the place where you go and the whole world looks so beautiful. It’s a Faraway Fantasyland in my mind that takes control sexually. I get so turned on thinking about space aliens doing biddings to me fucking me probing me making me feel like I’m being fucked in up and down all over and over again. It turns me on but what turns me on more is if I could own the land and all those aliens can be my sex slaves. I dream of it all the time the things that I would do to my sex alien slaves. I tie them up, I chain them down. I’d do it all night and have so much fun, I drill them with my human cunt they love my cunt. My sloppy wet human pussy is incredibly insane with my alien slaves. I would do it all with them they could do it all to me oh yes I love it that way. When I go to sleep at night I dream about my sex planet that I control my dreams are so great I lose my heart my soul dances all night long I love it. Would you like to role-play with me and be my sexual alien tonight let me probe you and you can probe me to let’s do it.

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