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2 Girl phone sexSometimes I wonder what I love to enjoy more as a naughty treat, women or big black cock! Huge dick always wins out but I have so many girl crushes and dirty thoughts that I can never seem to get out of my kinky mind! I want to whisper in your ear about how much I crave to suck on your throbbing fuck stick while i’m gently clawing at your inner thigh. You can’t contain yourself or your boner when my wet ass mouth gets near your shaft and hairy balls, I love gulping you down while you skull fuck my face! Slap yourself across my cheeks while I slobber all over your manhood. Even better would be to include my sexy girlfriend into our naughty playtime because two filthy whores are always better than one, hehe! My pussy gets soaking wet when i’m face-fucking a sexy ass bitch with my pussy, her tongue sloshing in and out of my tight cunt slit! I want my titties sucked on while getting my fuck holes railed with your huge BBC!

Suck On My Used Tampons

Period phone sexI know you’re a filthy, perverted mother fucker and I want you to prove to me how nasty you can really get with me! I have a trash can that’s filled to the brim full of my used bloody tampons. Some are old and rotten, some are crusty and dried up and some are fresh and moist, I want you to taste them all! Tell me what differences you can taste between all of the different flavors of my pussy, hehe taste the rainbow! Personally, I love the freshest ones, all of my blood and pussy juices and tissues all mixed in with it, so delicious! The crusty ones are good too, I love the texture of all the dried up mucus and blood, it’s like eating some soggy crackers! How about those rotten ones, those seem pretty appetizing, right?! I want to see how many you can stuff inside of your mouth all at the same time, I know that you can stretch yourself far and wide you dirty boy! Use the string on the tampon to hold it while you lick and suck on it like a fucking lollipop, so damn sexy! Your naughty mouth was made to be a tampon eating machine and I love turning you into my human toilet!

Freaky Slut

Freaky phone sexI’m such a freaky ass cum whore and I want you to fill me the fuck up like the nasty bitch that I am! Use my monster cock dildo on me and please don’t hold back! Get aggressive and wild with my slutty cunt! Your touch and tongue drives me fucking crazy, you make me so damn horny! It’s easy to see how wet I am, my panties are fucking soaked as you push them to the side so that you can slide that big cock up into my slippery hole! That huge dildo is able to glide iin so easily as my cunt stretches open, i’m used to having my pussy played with in a rough manner so don’t take it easy on me. I’m a kinky bitch and I can’t wait to have some filthy fun with your naughty mind.

Your Favorite Nasty Bitch

Extreme phone sexI know you love your whores super dirty and nasty as fuck, that’s why you’re so fucking obsessed with me! You’re a filthy mother fucker and my slutty fuck holes are your naughty playground to do whatever you damn well please! My sexy, juicy curves and sassy attitude drive you wild, I know you can’t get enough of me! I love knowing that I have you wrapped around my finger like the sloppy wet pussy lover that you are, haha! Want to really make my happy?! Bring some goodies along with you when you come to fuck me, the higher and more fucked up we can get, the better! You already know that i’m a sucker for my drugs, be my sexy dealer that I can get wild with! I want to see if your nasty matches my nasty, if not, i’ll be sure to teach you a few things, hehe!

Drug Dealer Dick

Druggy phone sexMy obsession with drug dealer dick is at an all time high, haha I seriously cannot contain myself! Obviously I need to fuck like the dirty whore that I am to get all of my drugs, i’m accustomed to some filthy big druggy cock to get exactly what I want! I invited my dealer’s sexy ass over, he fucks me so damn good! Of course I want him to come and spend the day with me so we can get high and fucked up and get nasty with each other! He fucks lots of other whores as well but my cunt is the fucking best, of course I am his favorite! We can’t get enough of each other, which is perfect for me because that means endless free drugs! My hot squirting pussy getting soaked from his throbbing dealer dick, my mouth is fucking watering! My legs spread open wide as I smoke, blowing rings around his cock as he slaps me in the face with it, leaving a red dick print across my cheeks! I might just fuck around and beg his ass to move in with me, now that would be ideal! Can you just imagine it! A slutty whore pussy and a drug dealer dick living under the same fucking roof, haha wow! It would be a daily fuck fest and we would be super fucked up all day long! I feel like such the filthy slut that I am when i’m able to let him use all of my fuck holes for his pleasure!

Eat Off My Body

No taboo phone sexI want t be your personal plate, your yummy sexual meal that you have no choice but to indulge in and enjoy immensely! Eat your food off of me and make sure you lick up every last crumb! I know that food on my body can tend to get pretty damn messy but that’s okay, the messier that you want to get me, the better! I love feeling sauces and crumbs drip and fall all over me, especially when they creep into my pussy and ass crack! Lick me up from head to toe, make me moan from the touch of your tongue rimming my nipples and chomping down on my clit as you scrape off all the delicious food that you’ve covered me in. How about a thick and juicy steak, sounds fucking delicious to me! Spread my legs open wide and drip that A1 sauce all over my pussy! Use your tongue to clean me all up! It’s so fucking hott to be your dinner plate, now eat my dirty cunt like the delicious dessert that I am!

Dinner Date At The Truck Stop

Hooker phone sexSome redneck, white trash trucker called me up and wanted my slutty ass to come and meet him at the truck stop for a car date because he was going to be driving through town and wanted his dose of me! Can’t say that I blame him, i’m pretty fucking irresistible! My wet pussy pulsates when i’m parading around the truck lot! Last time I went and met up with this hick ass mother fucker, he ate out my dirty cunt for hours, you would have thought that I was his last meal on Earth! He calls me his little lizard because I have a wild tongue when i’m sucking his throbbing dick! It’s super nasty and gross looking and tasting but that doesn’t matter to a nasty whore like me, i’m in it for the money honey! This time when I went and saw him, it was the same as last, he ate me out for hours! His cock and balls smelled so fucking bad from all the sweat and body odor that’s been caked on to them while he had been driving, I was gagging as I was sucking on him but his cum shot was well worth it! He always has loads and loads of fresh gooey jizz for me! I’m the most scrumptious, naughtiest dinner date that a trucker could have during their rest!

Hot Cum Sundae

Cum dumpsterYeah, hot fudge sundaes are delicious to eat for dessert but have you ever tried hot cum sundaes? If you haven’t then you are truly missing out! Let’s have some super nasty phone sex together, I want to tell you all about my yummy, naughty little treat that I love to eat! I have always loved to indulge in some delicious ice cream but ice cream smothered in gooey, creamy cock cream makes it all the more better! I want you to jerk your cock and cum loads upon loads for me to use as the sexy topping to my sundae! Let me gag on your shaft and suck on your balls while you skull fuck my brains out! I know that you have so much juice built up inside of your throbbing dick, you’re able to give me as many loads as I want! It’s like a never-ending flow of fresh jizz out of your hole! Even better, scooping it up out of the ice cream dish and fucking myself with it all as it drips down my crack, causing a huge mess! So fucking hott! Of course I love to complete my warm and delicious sundae with a cherry on top, the ultimate toppings for the perfect sundae!

Horny Slut

Live phone sexSnuggle your throbbing, hard ass cock between my butt cheeks and smoke a joint with me while we cuddle up on the couch together! I want to feel that stiff boner begging to enter inside of my tight little fuck hole! You’re a dirty mother fucker and you can’t contain yourself when it comes to how fucking irresistible I am! I’m gonna seductively lick your entire lengthy shaft straight down to your big hairy balls! I love when they slap against my face, leaving red marks all over me! My nipples get hard as fuck just thinking about it! Wrap both of my feet behind my head and dive into my wet cunt head first! My ears and feet should always meet, that’s when you know you’re doing it right! I love watching that big dick get so excited to penetrate me! My body is just imagining and preparing for what your hands are gonna do to it! We’re both feeling filthy and frisky and ready to give in to the temptation that’s overtaking us! Who’s riding who tonight? Let’s take turns! I’m a naughty, wild angel and you love being my bad, bad boy!

Exposed Swimming Pool Slut

White trash phone sexI decided to go to my local public swimming pool today to cool off and splash around, you know, be the hott teen slut that I am! One of the best things about going to the pool is that I get to expose myself to all of the parents and youngsters while wearing my sexy little bikini! I love being able to give that shock factor and make people’s jaws drop! It’s so fun being an outlandish white trash whore with not one care or worry in the world about what others think about me! People wish that I gave a fuck! If they don’t want to see me and my goodies while i’m laying out and swimming around then they can leave the fucking pool area! I can’t help it if my tits decide to give a nip slip or if my cunt lips want to come out and play! After all, my bikini is so fucking small, it barely covers anything in the first place! My pussy stays wet as fuck whether i’m in or out of the water! Sit back and enjoy the view!

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