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Trashy MILF and Soccer Mom

trashy milf

I’m a trashy MILF. I was asked by a friend to take her to son to his soccer game as a favor. Of course, I agreed. She need to get fucked by her boy toy lover. She is married, so the times she can hook up with her young stud are few and far between. I adore her son. He is a teen now too. You read my mind! That means he is the perfect age to fuck. I wasn’t planning on coming on real strong, but I did wear my daisy dukes and a tight shirt with no bra. My friend’s son didn’t take the bait, however, several of his team mates couldn’t help but get lewd with me. Did I tell you I love lewd behavior? They pulled out their little dicks and told me they love soccer moms. My soccer mom days are past me, but fucking young boys? I will never be past that! I found a secluded area of the park and was a gangbang whore for a hot minute. We didn’t have much time, plus we were in a public park. Women go to jail for this kind of shit, but I didn’t care. I fucked and sucked those teen boy dicks. I don’t look bad in orange! I look better in boy cum though. Those boys didn’t last long. They knew it had to be a quickie, plus they were young teen boys getting milf pussy. You wouldn’t have lasted long at that age either. I watched the soccer practice with a sloppy wet pussy of boy cum and grass stains on my knees. I think I will offer to take my friend’s son to all his practice meets and games. My son never was much into sports when he was younger. I feel like I missed out on a wonderful experience. It is okay. I can make up for it now.

White Trash Phone Sex Whore

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is the only kind to have if you ask me. Why? Because a white trash whore is always no taboos. I do the things your woman thinks are vulgar and disgusting. That is probably why I don’t have many female friends. Most women hate me because I fuck their men. Friend or foe, if a guy is hot and I am horny, it doesn’t matter who he is married to. I met Jim at the liquor store last night. He looked familiar, but I was high. After a while, all men in my community look the same, especially the rednecks. I figured I had seen him around. He was buying Jim Beam bourbon. A man after my own heart. He was flirty with me. Of course, I was in cut off shorts, a tube top and high heels in a liquor store late at night. I had trailer trash whore written all over me. I asked him back to my trailer to fuck. He said yes. No one ever says no to free pussy, right? As I was doing shots of bourbon and bouncing on his big thick shaft, he mentioned the one girlfriend I have in this town. OMG. He was my only friend’s new boyfriend. I had only seen a Facebook picture of him because they just started going out a few weeks ago. I knew I should have stopped fucking him, but his cock felt so good. His cock felt too good to stop fucking. He wouldn’t be the first dirty secret I had, nor would he be the last. But, he just might be the best one yet. Damn, I hope my one and only BFF knows how lucky she is to fuck his 9 inch thick cock whenever she wants. Maybe she will want a threesome with her BFF!

I Love Being an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. Guess what? So, do men. Wives don’t give up the ass. Their loss, my gain. I had an anal gang bang last night. I wanted coke,but I was cash poor. I was ass rich, however. Big D told me he would hook me up with enough blow to last me the month if I was willing to give up my ass for a few of his friends. I knew my ass would be in trouble because Big D has an 11 inch black cock. I figured his pals would be equally endowed. But free coke for the month would save me hundreds of dollars. I did a line off Big D’s monster cock and bent over spreading my ass. One at a time they butt fucked me. They were kind enough to squirt lube up my ass before ramming their cocks balls deep in my ass. I don’t exactly have tight holes at my age and experience; however, with about a dozen big black cocks, my ass felt like a virgin hole again. I was high and had my eye on the prize, so it could have been two dozen black dicks and I still would have given up my booty. Free coke is free coke. Man, this morning, my ass was swollen and filled with cum. Again, I would be an anal cum dumpster to a platoon of black guys for free coke.

Cum Dumpster Mom

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I raised my daughter to be one too. She brought over a few of her friends last night. I use the word friends loosely. She just met them at a truck stop looking for some blow. They wanted to party, so they came to my trailer. My daughter knows where to come for a party. The two of us entertained about 8 guys. Not the biggest group we have entertained together, but one of the youngest. These boys didn’t even have pubic hair yet. My daughter doesn’t discriminate when it comes to cocks. She will fuck old or young. Me too, but my preference will always be young! Young, dumb and full of cum. These boys were excited to be partying with a trashy milf and her daughter. They got free beer and free pussy. I did a few lines of coke off their young cocks. My daughter did too. When we high, we are even bigger cum dumps. We were blowing cocks, licking assholes, getting high, drinking beer and fucking. That is a typical night for me. Normally, my daughter is out hooking. A gang bang is rare for her, especially a boy gang bang, but she loves to party with her mama.  I woke up this morning covered in cum and coke. My daughter was blowing a teen boy and we started gang banging the boys again. My daughter is my favorite gal to party with.

Creampie Sex Stories

creampie sex storiesI have a ton of creampie sex stories. I am a cum whore. As much as I love to swallow jizz, I love it in my pussy and ass too. My son and his friends were over last night. You know what that means, right? That means I was a gang bang whore who got a pussy and ass full of cum. I was high and drunk. So were they. We had been partying and fucking for hours. They left early in the morning for work. I was passed out in bed in a huge wet spot. A loud bang on the door woke me up. I forgot I had a plumber coming to check out the leak in the laundry room. I answered the door in a sleep stupor. I was wearing a wife beater and panties. Nothing else. I reeked of cum and booze. I apologized to the plumber. I explained I was a party whore last night and I forgot about the appointment. He shifted his stance, grabbed his dick. He had a boner for me. I unzipped his pants and gave him head. I looked at it as a cum chaser. Little bit of the hair of the dog that bit me. He insisted on returning the favor. I knew I had a cum filled cunt from the night before. I had not showered. I wondered if I should tell him what he was getting himself into, but I kept quiet. I let him munch on my sloppy pussy. I let him get some sloppy seconds. He didn’t seem to notice or if he did, he did he didn’t say a thing. He ate me until I came, and all that mess was gone. He seemed to love how wet I was, so I never told him the real reason I was that soaked.

I’m Such a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI’m such a cum dumpster. Seriously, I cannot drink enough cum, especially when I am high which is always the case. I was partying with some black dudes last night. They had some sweet chronic. Better than the shit I can ever get. I was partying with the guys. Getting high, drinking beer and giving head is how I spend most nights. The guys know I am a cum whore. They dared me to swallow every one of them. Challenge accepted. I never pass up a cum challenge. When I am high, I am invincible. I forgot I was blowing black guys. They cum twice the amount, sometimes more than white guys. I chugged so much cum, I got sick. That rarely happens. It could have been the cheap ass beer, but I suspect it was the cum. I am a cum guzzling slut, but that was more cum than even an old whore like me has swallowed before. There were like 30 black men, so it was like chugging 60 loads of cum. I puked it up. But guess what? I was so fucking high, I licked it up off the floor. I love cum so much, I will even clean it up once I have puked it up. I may not have swallowed cum like a porn star, but I still impressed the brothers with my willingness to make sure I got every last drop.

Trailer Trash Whore and Proud of It

trailer trash whorePeople always say things like, “there goes that trailer trash whore.” Women, say it far more than men. I think they just jealous that men want me. Jealous that I have fun and enjoy my life. I don’t let names hurt me. In fact, I embrace every name meant to hurt me by stuck up bitches too uptight to do what they want. Rumors circulated recently about me and young boys. They are true of course. I’m not forcing any young boy to fuck me. They show up at my trailer down to fuck. Hell, most of the time they are begging this trashy milf to make them a man. These uptight bitches act like I am luring little boys into the back of a white van wearing a clown suit. It’s 2017. Boys want to fuck an old broad. The queen bee gossip whore showed up at my trailer way too early this morning. She was screaming at me, even threatened to call the cops. Sure, I fuck her husband and her son, but her son is 18. He is one of the few older boys I fuck. I told her to call the cops. To calm her down, as her shrill voice was not helping my hangover, I made her some coffee. But, the cream I used was her son’s cum. After she raved about my coffee, I told my secret ingredient. I also had her snort a line of coke. Coke helps a woman be her true self. I knew that a little blow would do to her. A line and a shot of her son’s cum will have her going back to her trailer a dirty whore like me. I told her that her son fucks me because she doesn’t fuck him. And, her husband fucks me because I swallow and take it in the ass. Like I said, women who call me names are just jealous. They just need a heart to heart talk, some coke and some cum, then they are on their way to being a dirty old cum dumpster like me. Perhaps, I need to help your wife?

My Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineIf you have ever called a phone sex line before, you know they are not created equally. Like anything else, there are good, bad and ugly phone sex companies. Guys tell me all the time that I am one of the good ones. This company only hires the best phone sex whores. Also, they put us whores where we belong in a manner of speaking. For example, we have a vanilla site, but I am not there. I bet you can guess why too. I am not exactly a vanilla woman. I wouldn’t know how to deliver vanilla sex. I am a trailer trash whore, so I don’t belong on a vanilla site. I am no young thing either, so a teen site is out too. When I got this job, I was asked what I enjoy. That was easy to answer. I enjoy fucking my son. I enjoy partying. I enjoy cum. I like being a cougar whore. Oh yeah, I like black cock and anal sex too. Eventually, I told the owner of the company that there isn’t much I don’t like. I don’t like vanilla sex or tiny dicks, but anything freaky and taboo, sign me the fuck up. So here I am on a dirty phone line talking about my sexual exploits and nasty fantasies. Are you game to talk and play with a dirty old whore?

BBC Big Dick Sucker

big dick sucker

I love being a big dick sucker. All the black guys know about the blonde whore in town who will gladly swallow their anacondas. Big D, my trucker dealer, sent me some business. He owed a few brothers a favor. I owed him a few favors. By sucking some nigger dick, all debts were settled. I wasn’t complaining. I love big black cock in my mouth. No better way to settle a debt than being a dirty cock sucker. Big D had texted me he sent me some presents, but I was still passed out from the night before. It was not until I heard banging on the door that I awoke from my cum coma. It was like Christmas. I’m standing there in a tee shirt with no panties and bed head staring at 6 black men. All they had to say was Big D sent us and I was ushering them inside my trailer. I saw Big Ds’ text after I was a cum guzzling slut. I was down on my knees fast. So fast, I got rug burn. I didn’t feel the pain surrounded by 6 big black dicks. They smacked my face, anointed me with their cum. They were impressed that I could swallow all their cocks, even a couple at a time because most women can’t handle one dick at a time. I am no ordinary woman, however. I am a trailer park whore who has been sucking dick and guzzling cum since before any of them were even born. I drained their big black balls. I was covered in cum. They were covered in sweat. We all worked up a sweat during that blow bang. I was happy to start my morning off with a gallon of black cum. Protein does a body good. It’s been doing me good for decades.

Big Dick Sucker by Day

big dick suckerI love being a big dick sucker. I was hanging out at my pool on Friday. There were a few boys playing hooky from school. I woke up with an intense oral fixation too. Usually, I am the only one at the pool during the week. The boys were nervous when they saw me. I assured them I was not a truancy officer in a string bikini. Our pool is not supervised. It was just us. I tugged down the white boy’s trunks first. Impressive at almost 9 inches. He still was bigger than most boys his own age and much bigger than many men my age. I showed him why he shouldn’t waste his time on teen whores. I managed to get every ounce of him down my throat. His balls were spread across my face. Sadly, he didn’t last long, but I had a backup boy. This boy had the stamina I wanted. Later, he told me he was thinking of something unpleasant so he would not spray my face too quickly. I brought them back to my trailer for a little double penetration. I got my swirl on as the saying goes. I had a black and a white teen cock doing me from both ends, eventually both holes. They came buckets of jizz in and on my old cougar body. I told them the next time they skip school to just come over to my trailer.

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