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Trashy MILF Cum Slut

trashy MILFI am such a trashy MILF. I was blowing some truckers for coke last night. I asked one of the guys to take a picture of me blowing him so I could send it to my son. I haven’t seen him in a while and I thought if he saw me giving head, he would start to miss how good I always suck his cock. My little trick worked. When I got home last night, my son was naked, stroking his cock with a pair of my panties and drinking a beer on the couch.  I had cum breath and cum leaking out of my ass and pussy. My son doesn’t mind my creampies. I guess you could call him a creampie slut! I sat on the couch, opened a Bud Light and relaxed as he ate my cum filled pussy. I could hear the slurping sounds. I did take on a few truckers. In fact, my son knew I had a few different loads inside of me because he asked how much coke I brought home. I had 5 baggies of party favors because I let 5 truckers use me. Technically, I used them. Everyone knows truckers always have good coke. That is the secret to those all night hauls My son cleaned up all the crème in my pussy and we did some lines so he could put cum right back in his mother’s pussy. I am such a dirty whore.

Big Dick Sucker Bev

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is my trucker handle name. I am not a trucker, but I do hang out at the truck stop enough to know all the regular truckers. Big D is my supplier of recreational fun. He gave me that moniker because I can handle his big black cock. When I showed up at the truck stop last night looking for Big D, guys were trying to give me party favors. I was not low on supply. I was low on cum. Not just any cum either. I wanted big black cock cum. I wanted Big D’s cock. I found him in his cab around back of the truck stop with some lot lizard skank. I wasn’t jealous. The moment he saw me, he was happy. She was not. Big D looked at me and said, “A woman who can handle my cock, finally.” I laughed, looked at the skank and told her to get lost because a real woman was here. She left in a huff. “Big D,” I purred,” if you needed your cock sucked, you should have called me.” He smiled, pointed to his cock and I went to work. He has 10 inches of thick black meat. His dick is not for amateurs. I slurped on it, deep throated him and made him cum a bucket load of jizz. That little teen skank blowing his rod before I came to the rescue couldn’t even get him hard. Never let a girl attempt what only a trashy milf can accomplish.

Cum Dumpster Cougar

cum dumpster

I love being used as a cum dumpster. I could drink cum all day. I swear I go through withdrawal when I don’t get a good daily dose. The other day the weather was nasty. A tropical storm breezed through causing some flooding. My trailer park was safe, however, we could go nowhere before the main road into town was washed away. I decided to throw a flood party. Really, it was just a cum party for me. Thirty guys showed up with hard cocks and beer. A couple had some stronger party favors if you know what I mean. I did some little white lines then demanded to see some cock. Good thing I am a big dick sucker, because some boys had massive cocks. One guy said he was just happy to see a dirty old whore. I was happy to see cum filled balls. I swallowed a few loads, but what I really wanted was to be doused in cum. I sat in a chair and asked for a circle jerk. They swarmed me like hungry wolves. I played with my pussy and tits while I took a cum bath. I got hit with load after load all over my body. I rubbed it in my skin as more loads hit me.  I think cum is my favorite drink and lotion.  While my city was flooding around me, I was getting flooded with cum.  

Live Phone Sex is Unpredictable

live phone sexLive phone sex can be very unpredictable! I was on a long call last night. We were both doing coke and sharing our dirty experiences and fantasies. It was somewhere around 1 AM when there was a constant knocking at my door. I ignored it because I was on a call and having fun. Well, about ten minutes after the knocking stopped, I heard a loud thud in the living room. It was my son, drunk as a skunk, breaking in through the window. Apparently, he lost his house key. He doesn’t officially live with me anymore, but he keeps a room here for when he is too fucked up to get home and when he wants to spend some time with his trashy milf mama. I was trying to mute my phone to prevent my caller from hearing the ruckus, but my son was completely shit faced. I quieted him down by sucking his cock. My caller was like, “How you make your dick sucking sound so real?” Easy, I was sucking on a real dick. My son was drunk and horny for his mama. I blew him until he came, knowing a good orgasm would put him to sleep. It did long enough to finish my bump and my call. As I was getting ready to join him in bed, he woke up with a pee hard on. He insisted on fucking me. He said it was a hot mommy boner not a pee hard on. It was both. As he was fucking me, he not only came up my pussy but he pissed too. I knew his cum felt different. He was still drunk as a skunk, but some of the best fucking is drunk girl fucking. He passed out with his dick still up my puss. Not sure if he thought he was having a wet dream or if the load he deposited plum wore him out. Either way I was happy to be is piss and cum whore.

Trashy MILF Threesome

trashy milfThis trashy MILF had a hot date Friday night. An actual date with a man my age. He wined and dined me, even brought me flowers. I am not used to being treated like a queen. I am more accustomed to being treated like a dirty whore. Tom and I met at the truck stop. He knows my reputation, but wanted to take me out anyway. We had a nice dinner, easy conversation too. I just wanted to get to dessert if you know what I mean. We were back at his house getting busy on the couch when his daughter came home. She was younger than my girl, likely still in high school. She didn’t say a word. She just sat down next to me and grabbed a tit. Tom leaned in to kiss his daughter as she was fondling my left tit. I guess he is a dirty daddy. Eventually she spoke to me. She said, “Daddy brought home a hot whore for us tonight.” The next thing I knew, she was between my legs eating my pussy. Tom stood up, got behind her, lifted her skirt and fucked her. He could lean down and kiss me as he fucked his daughter who was eating my pussy. Now if I had a husband like Tom, I wouldn’t be divorced. I would be sharing my daughter with daddy, maybe even my son too. Tom is a family freak like me. He pushed his daughter away from my pussy. He wanted to fuck me.  Tom was sporting a nice fat chubby. Not the biggest dick in the world, but super thick. Short and stout feels good in a well fucked cunt. I soon had a cum filled cunt that his daughter was cleaning up. It was an unexpected threesome, but a damn hot date. Maybe one of the best ever.

Cum Eating Phone Sex

cum esting phone sex

Cum eating phone sex on the Fourth of July is what happens when you spend the night before getting gang banged by the local trailer park boys. I had fireworks left over from my trip last week. I bought a keg and invited all the guys in the trailer park with young sons. I’m no fool. I wanted to fuck fathers and sons. My mom was a hooker when I was growing up. I saw her fuck her share of daddies and sons. I have never forgotten how hot it is to watch a woman take a man’s son’s virginity. I was a good daughter.  I helped out some too. Now I am all grown up. I may not be a hooker like my mom, but I am a gangbang whore. Once a few beers were in me, the clothes came off and the real reason I invited them to my trailer was revealed. No one can resist a dirty old cougar. Once men find out they can fuck all your wholes bare back they don’t care about anything else. So, while fireworks were going off around me, I was turning boys into men and getting gang banged. I woke up covered in cum and smelling like sex and beer. I plan to do it all again tonight.

White Trash Phone Sex Fourth of July

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex Fourth of July is what I am looking forward to. Young boys and fireworks go together like peas and carrots. I crossed the state line over the weekend to buy some weed and fireworks. I can get the bad ass kind by driving 30 minutes to the state line. I made sure some young lads saw my massive fireworks collection I purchased and my medicinal gummies. The word spread like wild fire. Soon boys were banging down my door to party. I didn’t really care about having any for the actual Fourth of July. I just wanted something to lure the young ones to my trailer. I bought them to get boy dick. Everyone knows a P woman or a P man needs a puppy or candy or something like that to get the little ones past the stranger danger. I passed around the gummy bears like they were candy; real candy. The boys got high, which made them horny and easy prey. We lit off fireworks for a few hours before I lit their rockets off. The gummies hit them quicker than liquor; harder too. I started sucking on their little pocket rockets like I would never suck dick again.  I like making fireworks of my own too. Those boys didn’t know what hit them. This trashy milf can suck the chrome off a door knob. Fireworks hit my face and shot through the air like it was the Fourth of July in my trailer. White fireworks are my favorite any way. I sucked up the mess.  Boy fireworks leave a lot of residue! I had them call their parents to tell them they were spending the night with a friend. I was going to keep them high and shooting their loads all night long. I woke up the next morning  knowing I just had the best Fourth of July pre party ever.

Trashy MILF and the Boys of Summer

trashy milf

A trashy MILF like me is in heaven during the summer. We have a little pool in my trailer park. No life guard, open 24/7. It is a swim at your own risk sort of thing. I don’t really swim, however. I may dip in to cool off, but I go to attract the young boys who live there during the dog days of summer. It was nearly 90 today, so all the young boys were there. No one else but the home alone boys. That is what I call the school boys with no parental supervision for the summer. Most of the adults in my trailer park work days or the graveyard shift and sleep all day. Either way, it is always just this old trailer trash whore and a school of boys at the pool. When I walked in, all eyes were on me. The boys know why I go to the pool, so why play coy? I stripped my bikini off and dove into the deep end of the pool. When I emerged back up, all the boys circled around me waving their trunks in the air. I swam to the diving board, hopped up and spread my legs so the boys could swim up and eat my old bald pussy like they were at Sonic. I have been home schooling those lads during the school year on how to lick pussy. They have all mastered the art form. It rained on their faces as they took turns licking my bald kitty. I could see all those hairless dicks and balls floating in the water. I couldn’t take it any longer. I may demand to be taken care of first, but I never leave a boy in the lurch. I swam over to the shallow end, hoisted myself up part way on the edge of the pool and showed those boys what a summer gangbang whore I am. I love Summer.

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milfDo you want to know what a trashy MILF I am? I went to a high school graduation looking like I do in this picture. I put on a tight Ed Hardy dress that screamed trailer park tramp. I showed off my bare legs. I have legs that go on forever too. Donned some red high heels and a lot of makeup so I could cock tease the new graduates. I was in a school gymnasium, surrounded by young boys about to conquer the world. All I could think about was them conquering my pussy. I walked slowly across the gymnasium to get to my seat, making sure I shook my MILF ass and dropped my keys in front of the boys and girls eagerly awaiting the ceremony.  I heard the gasps. I felt the stares. Just the reaction I was hoping for too. After the ceremony, I stood out front and waited to see how many recent graduates approached me. I think every boy in that graduating class spoke to me. I ended up inviting a couple dozen horn dogs back to my place for a private party. Beer and pussy is what every barely legal boy wants, right? I was a gangbang whore. Down on all fours welcoming the graduates to a future of cougar pussy. The fucked the shit out of my ass and pussy. Just like the graduation ceremony, boys marched in line to slam their cocks in my pussy or ass. Some wanted to explore all three holes.  I think the secret to a successful future is lots of pussy. Boys getting laid are happy. They are confident too. A young guy fucking a dirty old whore is going to be a go getter. My pussy was full of cum as was my ass by the time the sun came up. Did you have such a fun graduation party when you said bye to high school forever?

Cum Eating Phone Sex

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex can be done with this cum whore. It is not just fantasy.  I have a secret for you. Any time I blow a guy, well, multiple guys, I make sure I save some cum to freeze. That way, when you call me because you like a dirty cum whore, I have some real cum to eat for you. I have cum in bags I can run under hot water and make a smoothie with, as well as cum in ice trays I can suck on. Cum does this body good. Often, there is a boy at the house also who is willing to help me out when a caller wants to know how I suck cock or wants me to guzzle some fresh seed. My son and his friends know I am a live phone sex whore. Nothing says live like blowing a real cock and swallowing real jizz. Last night, my son did more than lend his cock to my mouth so I didn’t have to blow my dildo. He fucked my ass when my caller wanted me to be an anal whore with my dildo. I was down on all fours getting carpet burn on my knees while sucking on cum ice cubes. I was a dirty cum whore and anal whore at once. It is live phone fun, so anything is possible, right?

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