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Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

I have a cum filled cunt as I type. I have been playing with it all morning. Today was the last day of school for the munchkins in my neighborhood. I have a love hate relationship with summer. During the school week, I sit on my couch naked, spread eagle in front of my open window so the boys going to the bus can see me. They all know me as Ms. Beverly, the cougar cum whore. Several boys a day leave home early to fuck me. Fill me up with their boy batter, so they can focus on school. It is a win win situation. Today, I got to be a gangbang whore to a shit ton of young lads. I swear every school boy in my trailer park stopped by this morning. I must have received about 40 loads of boy seed up my old twat. I pissed some out into a pitcher to store for later; let the rest stay inside my pussy so I could play with it. I know it won’t be the last time I get to fuck the school boys. I just won’t fuck them in groups first thing in the morning. I might actually need to start drinking coffee to wake up.

Big Dick Sucker Size Queen

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker. I’m over 50. Life is too short to waste on tiny dicks. I’m no longer married; however, I can still cuckold a guy. I went down to the local truck stop looking to score some coke. Big D was behind schedule, and I needed a party fix. This white trucker told me he could help me out. I like to score from Big D because he has a big black cock I get to suck and fuck. Tim told me he could hook me up just like Big D does. I thought that meant he had a big dick. Maybe not a big black cock, but a decent white dick at least. I got into his cab, prepared to work for my blow. When he pulled out his cock, I laughed. I couldn’t help it. When you are a black gangbang whore, you like it big. This dick looked like it belonged on a sea creature it was so small. He tried to get rough with me. Called me a skanky old whore and rushed me. No one force fucks me. I fuck who I want to fuck and I don’t ever want to fuck a tiny dick. I grabbed my mace and boom, he was down. Down long enough for me to pull out my big black dildo and ram it up his loser ass. “Who’s the bitch now,” I yelled as I rammed it deep in his tight virgin asshole. I sodomized the fuck out of that loser. I grabbed the bag of blow and fled his truck. He wouldn’t be walking for a while, so I knew I could get away easily. I ran right into the arms of Big D who was happy to see me. I got my big dick, fucked hard, a cum filled cunt and another bag of blow.

Trailer Trash Whore Goes Back to School

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore knows how to have fun. This stripper that lives in my trailer park paid me in coke to impersonate her at her son’s school this morning. She works until 5 am in the morning, then she parties, sometimes fucks and crashes. She is pretty much a vampire who is up all night and sleeping all day. She has no time for a boring school meeting. They are kind of fun. I used to go to them for my son and daughter. Usually, I got to fuck a hot teacher in exchange for passing grades for my son and daughter. I dressed like a trashy MILF. Everyone knows Donny’s mother is a stripper. I had to look the part. Now I am about 20 years older than his mother, but cougars have brats too, especially in trailer parks. No one questioned if I was his mother. Partying ages a woman, so I’m sure they thought I looked older than they expected because I am a stripper whore. Most of his teachers were very boring. Turns out Donny is nothing like my brats. He is a smarty pants. Gets great grades. I was disappointed to hear that because I wanted to fuck a sexy student teacher. When I got to Donny’s history teacher, I hit the jackpot. He told me flat out he wished my son was dumb so he could get into my pants. I pointed to the supply cabinet. He followed me in. I went down on him; blew his socks off. I told him after he blew his spunk down my throat that I was always available to fuck my son’s teachers, for grades or for fun. He gave me his number so we could hook up tonight when we had more time to fuck. I hate to break it to him that Donny is not my brat. I doubt he will care. He is getting MILF pussy. I miss having little ones in the house though. Being a sexy MILF brings a lot of cock to your door.

GangBang Whore

gangbang whoreI was a gangbang whore last night. You will never guess where either. I was not down at the truck stop or at a club. I was not even in a frat house or hanging with one of my fellow trailer park whores at her place. I was at a birthday party and not a grown ass party either. This was a party for a friend’s grandson. He is still a school boy. Who invites a coked up old cougar to a respectable party for a young tyke? I mean really, did my friend think I was going to behave on a Friday night around all those delicious little morsels of meat? Fuck no. I did about 5 lines of coke in the car before I walked in looking like the trashy MILF I am. High heels and a skin tight dress, no bra or panties. All the boys at the party stared at me like they had never seen a bimbo before. They clearly wanted something I could give them. Manhood. I went in the kitchen, did some Fireball shots, then came back out to play Pin the Hairless Cock in the Cougar’s Cunt. I love that game. The boys at the party were certainly fond of that game too. I got on all fours and told them to treat me like a Piñata. Cum filled cocks and balls hit my body like bats. Soon they were all fighting for a hole and cum was squirting out of me like candy. Moms watched in amazement and shock. Jealously, too. They could have joined in and had some fun if they weren’t gawking at me like a circus act. I know the birthday boy and his pals would not of minded! The more the merrier I think. I know young boys think the same thing too.

Once a Trailer Trash Whore, Always One

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore had a hot encounter over Easter that I thought was a one time thing. Turns out it happened again this weekend. I was over at my BFF’s place for Easter Sunday. Her son was there too. I had not seen him in a few years as he attends boarding school. I guess you can tell from the fact that he goes to boarding school and I live in a trailer park, that my friend and I don’t have the same lifestyle. Shana grew up like me on the wrong side of the tracks, but she married well and moved to a gated community. She is my oldest and dearest friend. Just because she has money, doesn’t mean she has class. She is a trashy MILF like me, just her husband is clueless about what she does when he is away on business. Shana and I had too much wine and we fucked her son together. My first time with his young dick, but not her first time. He is a teen boy, so two MILFs blew his mind. Better than his wildest dreams according to him. When she summoned me over this weekend, I assumed it was to do some coke. She can’t do it when her hubby is home as he considers partying distasteful for some one of her class standing. He is a total rich man snob. When I arrived, I was shocked to see her son home again so soon from his fancy private school across the country. He wanted the mommy and MILF experience again. Can you blame him? Two hot blonde moms blowing your cock is always better than one. He even used his own trust fund to by the ticket. We couldn’t let the trip be a waste for him, so we gave him great head and let him tag team us all night. I was even an anal sex whore for his hard young 7 inch cock. He goes to an all boys prep school, so if he is getting ass, it isn’t female ass! He tore my ass up and his mother’s ass too. He almost stroked out watching his mommy eat his cum out of my asshole. I mean if a boy is so horny to fly across the US for his mom and her best friend, I’m bringing my A game.

Phone Sex Line for Dirty Whore Lovers

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is the one you call when you want to talk to a mature dirty whore. A cougar without limits or taboos. I was raised by a whore to be a whore. My momma always told me if you have a pussy, you will never be homeless or want for anything. Ain’t that the truth.  I don’t want for drugs, food or rent. I got a bit behind on my lot rent. Had a couple rough months of poor money management.  I like to put my money up my nose. But, I remembered what my mama said and put on a skimpy outfit and high heels and marched down to the truck stop. All the young truckers that rest there, love a trashy MILF. Truckers have a lot of disposable income. They are on the road so much, they have little time for entertainment or expensive dining and such. A fuck is entertainment for them. I made sure I looked extra trashy. A white tube top, no bra, very short black mini skirt, bare legs, no panties, stripper shoes. I looked like white trash old Barbie. The guys knew why I was there. I serviced about 10 truckers. All younger than me. All with hard cocks and full nuts in need of draining. I’m a cum guzzling slut. Some of the guys I just blew for $30. Two guys fucked my ass for $75 and the rest fucked my pussy for $50. My pussy and ass were dripping cum and I had dick breath, but my purse had enough money to pay my lot fee, past and present. I even had some extra to get some weed. I’m a coke whore, but I do enjoy smoking Mary Jane too. My mamma was right, as long as I have a pussy, I got money.

Cum Eating Phone Sex

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex is one of my favorite kinds of calls.  I have always been a cum slut. When I get, gang banged, which is often, I do my best to store some cum in the freezer. I have a very strong oral fixation. That combined with my love for cum means when I do phone calls, I want to taste cum. If you are a nasty fuck like me, into black cock whores, incest, dirty cougars and party whores, I promise you I will be sucking on a cum cube. Last night I had a gang bang in the trailer. About 40 guys came over. I did coke, chugged cock and fucked. I was a cum guzzling slut supreme. I was low on my sperm stock, so I had a party. Surefire way to get cum is to have a party. I pissed the cum out of my puss and ass into the pitcher. Spit all the cum I guzzled into the pitcher too. I was drunk as fuck, but not too drunk to waste all that man seed. Boy seed too. I don’t card at my parties. I don’t discriminate when it comes to cum. Young cum tastes good. This morning I filled 12 dozen ice trays with cum. So, when you call this cum whore, I will be able to guzzle some spunk for you. Hell, guzzle some spunk for me.

BBC Phone Sex with a Cougar Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex calls are up there as my favorite to do. I love big black dicks.  On the phone and off the phone, I enjoy dark meat. My mom was a trailer park hooker when I was growing up. I watched her fuck men for money while daddy was away. The first man to take my cherry was a black client of my mother’s He paid twice his usual fee to fuck a virgin jailbait pussy. Hurt like hell, but momma said the first time always hurts. In a way, I was ruined at a young age. I am not a size queen, however. I do like big dicks. I mean I have a whore cunt.  Small dicks sort of flop out of my well used cunt.  But, I have a love for boy dick. Those young ones  don’t mind that my pussy is not a vice grip on their dicks. They are just grateful something other than their hand is wrapped around their cock. My dealer, Big D, has an anaconda for a cock. I love fucking him for my coke. I would fuck him even if he didn’t have anything I needed. Well, anything I needed besides that big black cock! I went this morning to the truck lot to get my weekend party supplies. I left his cab with my coke and gapping fuck holes. Cum running down my legs because Big D turns me into a cum dumpster with one load. I came across some high school white boys who wanted to party with a cougar. I wanted more cum and more cock, so I said hell yes even though I had a fresh load up my pussy. Their cocks didn’t stretch me out, but I was getting cum and making friends so it was all cool. We shared some weed and I did what I do best: fuck. I may have gone from big black dick to average white cock, but I’m a whore after all.

Trailer Trash Whore Creampie is the Best

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore had a wild night. Little rough on the details. I woke up still drunk covered in dry cum. That always means I had a hell of a good time. Usually, I just snort a line of coke, have a beer and masturbate for the details to come back to me. I did my routine but was still struggling with who I fucked. By the amount of DNA splattered on my body told me I was a porn star last night. The blinds were wide open so a neighbor boy saw me diddling my kitty and stopped by to see if I needed help. He went down on me even after I told him I had a very cum filled cunt. My daughter loves my cream pie, but my son is less found of a creamy pussy. This boy was licking me up like a cuckold pro. I was loving the creampie action, so I didn’t question him. He admitted he does this for his mommy when she comes home from work every night. I asked what his mother did for a living. She is a secretary. I figured she was a stripper or escort if her pussy is full of seed every day. I guess she bangs the boss and everyone else. Not a bad gig if you can get it. I just laid there having orgasm after orgasm while a young boy cleaned up my well fucked pussy and ass. My pussy was sloppy wet. I think the neighbors could hear the sounds it was making.  He cleaned every last bit of cum out of me, then get this. He asked when I was getting fucked again. He wanted more creampie. He said my pussy tasted better than his mother’s. That’s when I realized I had a black gang bang last night. Black spunk tastes different. As he was leaving, I told him to have his mother call me. I’m gonna make her a black gangbang whore just for him. 

My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy daughter loves my cum filled cunt. We are both carpet munchers. Not sure we are so much lesbian or bisexual as we are just cum freaks. I always prefer cock, but a pussy filled with cum is better than cheesecake. I was a drunken sailer Sunday night. Had some friends over to watch The Walking Dead, got fucked up and started fucking. My cunt got filled with cum. I could have pissed it away or even washed it away, but I texted my daughter to come clean up her mommy. She rushed over. She had partied last night too. Her puss was also filled with cum. She is a creampie slut. Lucky for me. I could have one load or 50 loads of spunk up my cunt and she would lick me clean. I squatted over her face to let my puss drip like a faucet into her mouth. Her tongue probed in and out of my wet pussy. At one point, I grinded my creampie into her face. She ate my old mommy pussy in every position possible. I fed it to like she was starving animal. I couldn’t be selfish though. I knew she had a creamy puss too. Yep, you guessed it. I 69ed with my daughter. I ate out her creampie as she cleaned up mine. I am not sure what I enjoy more? Having men fill my fuck holes up with all that cum or my daughter cleaning up all that cum. I can’t make that kind of choice! Cum anyway I can get it is a blessing in my world. I’m getting older, pretty long in the tooth as they say, so I am just lucky guys still want to give me their cum. I may be too old for men my age, but guess what? I don’t need them when I have so many cubs wanting to jet blast me with their jizz.

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