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White Trash Phone Sex Valentine’s Day

white trash phone sexI had a white trash phone sex Valentine’s Day. What does that mean? Sex in a trailer park with your son and his friends, lines of coke, beer bongs and lots of cum. That is a white trash Valentine! My son showed up around noon. He had with him a few friends, a bag of coke and a lot of beer. It was 5’oclock somewhere. I put the beer bong hat on and started chugging massive quantities of Coors Lite. I may be a skinny bitch, but I can out drink most men. Once I was liquored up, I started doing white lines off cocks. Young, hard, happy to see me cocks. My real Valentine’s Day gift was those cocks. When I am drunk and high, I can showoff my big dick sucker skills the best. I had those boys in awe of my skills.  No matter how drunk I am, I never puke, not even when swallowing gallons of cum and getting skull fucked. I am an old whore, not a silly school girl. We party all day long and well into the night. I think all the cum I swallow somehow prevents me from getting as drunk as I should be. My pussy is sore this morning; so is my ass, but I had one hell of hot Valentine’s Day celebration. At least the parts I remember were wicked hot.

No Limits Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for no taboo fun. I am no goody too shoes. I don’t have limits. I want to be as uncensored on the phone as I am in real life. This weekend I decided to crash a college campus. The closest I have ever gotten to a college degree is fucking smart college boys and a few professors. I have been on campuses before, but it has been awhile. A cougar like me can rake in a lot of cock in a short span of time on a college campus because there are per capita more horny boys per square mile than anywhere else. Even though it is cold, I wore my sluttiest outfit. I was competing with coeds after all. I should have known better. Those horny college studs can have coed pussy anytime, but trashy milf pussy is like a delicacy. I was being invited to one party after another and I was just walking through the quad checking out the talent. I settled on the Sigma Chi frat house. I saw many a hunky stud in those Greek letters. I arrived early before the coeds showed up. I didn’t really care about mixing with the entire campus crowd; I just wanted to have a gang bang. I wanted as many cocks as I could handle in a few hours. Turns out I can handle an entire frat house with over 100 members. I was doing shots and smoking some college cush that took me back to the 70s. That primo weed made my cunt and ass relax to accommodate a bunch of cocks of different sizes. I told them they could go rough on me and they showed me no mercy which was great because I didn’t want any. I stayed around for the party to get drunk, but my memory gets spotty after that. I know I was a gangbang whore though because my pussy was full of cum and gaped open the next day.

Druggy Phone Sex: I Trade My Body for Coke

druggy phone sexDruggy phone sex is something I am good at because I like to party with my callers. I always have coke and weed on hand. I can get access to anything else I want too. I have been partying since I was a school girl. My mom was a hooker and she always got high before meeting with a John. She told me it just helped her to be able to give her client exactly what he wanted. I understood. She needed coke to relax and take a big dick up her ass or maybe relax enough for a John to piss on her. I know when I am high, anything goes. But in my defense, anything goes when I am sober too. It is just that I am rarely sober. Life is too short not to have fun, right? Last night, I was a druggy porn star. I hooked up with a bunch of frat boys from the smarty pants college on the other side of town. Rich boys always have good blow. They made me work for that blow, but I never mind blowing cocks for cocaine. I don’t mind getting gangbanged either. One of the many benefits of being a woman is you can trade your body for whatever you want. I want coke and most men want pussy and ass. Last night, I wanted blow (surprise) and those rich frat boys wanted a dirty old cougar.

Trailer Trash Whore Pays the Rent

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore was short on the rent. It is due no later than the 5th. I went a little crazy this past month partying. The landlord’s son is hot for me. They work together. Daddy owns the trailer park, but junior does the books and pays the help. He is half my age, a tall skinny geek. Not my type at all, but I need a place to live and the lot rent was due. I put on something sexy and paid him a visit. I had on my short jean shorts that look more like underwear than shorts. It was way too cold for daisy dukes and a tube top, but it was a look that would pay the rent. Junior puddled when I purred, “I have a problem, can you help me?”  He was tongued tied. When I explained I couldn’t pay the rent, first he offered an extension. I grabbed his cock and told him that wouldn’t do either.  Then he was between my legs giving me a sloppy wet pussy with his tongue. That is when I knew I had the month of February as a freebie. Damn, he was a good cunt licker. Daddy would never go for me, but junior was the one in charge of the books anyway. He just marked me paid with my cunt juice all over his face. At this rate, I may never pay rent again.

BBC Phone Sex Stories Warm You Up

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex stories is your cure for cold weather. Even in Florida, we are having extreme cold temps. None of that below zero shit here, but cold enough that I must bundle up this hot body of mine to go get some dick. It was 30 degrees last night. No way my skinny ass was going out in a mini skirt and high heels. I bundled up, even wore leggings which I haven’t worn since the 80s. I knew the truckers would be gathered looking for some one to spend the night with on a cold Friday night in Florida. There weren’t as many truckers there, but Big D was there, and he was looking for his favorite trailer trash whore to party with. I hopped in his cab. He had a big bag of coke with him. First things first. We did some lines of premium blow to set the mood. It is much easier to take his foot-long anaconda up my ass when I am coked up. Black men just love ass assaulting us white chicks. I let Big D and his friends do whatever they want to me because they give me the best blow in return. I am Big D’s favorite lot lizard because I keep myself looking sexy. Once the powder kicked in, my ass felt his big snake cleaning my pipes. Holy fuck, I was glad I did a line first because Big D was extra thick today. He just got back from a ride from Chicago and there were no lot lizards around in their artic freeze weather. Don’t blame them. I barely wanted to leave my trailer in 30 degrees. After a few loads of Big D’s black spunk, I was feeling very warm and tingly. All I need is some white powder and a big black dick to get rid of the winter blues.

Druggy Porn Star for the Weekend

druggy pornI was a druggy porn star for a weekend, and it was wicked hot fun. This guy picked me up at the Piggly Wiggly. Even though there are bigger grocery stores in the area like Publix, I still enjoy the smaller stores. I met a man in the produce aisle. I think the way I was caressing the cucumbers caught his eye. He was staying in a fancy Air BNB condo on the right side of the tracks. He was from the UK, even had a cute accent. He just wanted a sexy playmate. I was game. He reeked of money and good coke. I was correct in my assumptions too. He had a few other guys with him at his place that he neglected to tell me about, but that didn’t phase me. He thought I was the gangbang whore type and he was right. We joked about our assumptions being dead on. I wasn’t in the place more than 5 minutes, when a big bag of coke was dumped on a silver serving tray and cocks came out of pants. I did a line of coke. Fuck, that was good coke too. After the guys did their lines, we got to the cum portion of the night. One guy set up a camera before they ran a train on my ass. Hot damn, getting gang banged on camera high on some of the best coke in the world, had me feeling good. I ended up staying a few days with them. I am sore as fuck, now but at the time I felt no pain thanks to good cocaine. They went back to the UK, but they uploaded our party video to a few porn sites, and they are getting lots of hits. I think men love seeing a trashy milf get high and gang banged.

Life of a Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI love being a trailer trash whore. There is no better life. I get all the coke and the cum I want. I had a wild party last night. By party, I mean gangbang. It was me and 6 hung black men. I guess I got too loud. I was screaming because I had two huge black dicks up my ass. I mean I was being ass assaulted. It hurt in a hurt so good kind of way. Some one called the police. I don’t think whoever called was a prude calling because of the noise. I think they called because they thought I was being assaulted. The police banged on the door to check on me. When I opened the door, I thought some one sent me a stripper gram. In front of me was a beefcake black man in uniform. I was not thinking actual cop. I was naked, covered in cum and high as a kite. Don’t worry. I never go to jail. I unzipped the cop’s pants and gave him free head. That is better than coffee and donuts, right? He didn’t seem to object. The other brothers I was fucking in my bedroom came out with their dicks swaying. They had a look on their faces like it was cool because I was blowing another brother. The offered him a beer, but he was on duty. Head was all he had time for. He let me off with a warning. He told the guys to go gentler on me, so I wouldn’t scare the neighbors. They can’t go gentle on me with tree trunks between their legs. I just had to be a quieter gangbang whore. I bit down on my pillow as they ran a train on my ass. Just another Friday night in the life of a dirty old whore.

Cum Eating Phone Sex Heats Me Up

cum eating phone sexFlorida got cold. I mean super cold for this state, but cum eating phone sex warms me up. I am a dirty old cum whore. I love to drink it and bathe in it. Hot seed on my body heats me up quickly. I didn’t want to leave my trailer because it was too cold for me. When you are a dirty tramp, however, men will cum to you. They will cum on you too lol! I sent a few texts and before I knew it, I had a trailer filled with hung studs who wanted to do nothing more than to warm me up. I didn’t mind being naked around all that heat. There were some big black dicks, and Italian stallion and my son and a few of his friends competing to give me the first load of hot jizz. Hot damn, I was warmed up instantly once the circle jerk started.  Loads of jizz were hitting me and it was like a hot shots to my tits. Of course, I became a gangbang whore too. I couldn’t just let them jizz on my body without feeling those cocks in my pussy. We had the trailer rocking. It was a fuck you Mother Nature orgy.

Trashy Milf Beverly Has a Rare Fetish for Tickling

trashy milfThis trashy milf has a dirty fetish. Have you ever heard of Titllangnia? I know it sounds like a boob fetish. But this fetish is getting sexual arousal from tickling another person or being tickled. I have been tickling my daughter since she was a little girl. She has the same fetish because she always cums when I tickle her. She did when she was young, and she does now. I had a special treat for her when she came over last night. I had a girlfriend with the same tickle fetish. We tied my daughter up on a work bench and went crazy on her. My pussy was so wet tickling her entire body. Her feet are sensitive, so are under her arms and her sides. She giggles like a school girl. You could smell us all because our pussies were all wet. We all love tickling so much. One thing that happens when my daughter gets tickled for hours is that she wets herself. Yes, part of the wet spot between her legs is from her cunt getting excited. But she also pees a little. I think that is common when you are being tickled like that. I love my daughter’s laugh. I also love her wet pussy. It took her over an hour of two hot older women tickling her before she begged for mercy. We went a little longer than she wanted because we wanted her to piss soak her panties. She did just as we wanted. She peed all over herself because she couldn’t handle the intense tickling we were giving her. I made her take her panties off. We rung out her pissed soaked panties in her mouth. She is a dirty phone sex slut just like her momma. It was a hot night. My titllangnia was satisfied for the meantime. Do you have a secret fetish?

dirty phone sex

Lot Lizard Sex Stories

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex stories, I have plenty to share. I was down at the truck stop last night and I saw this young Lolita hooker. She was dressed like an 80s hooker in fishnets and a pink boa. She had on a latex mini skirt and a tube top too. I didn’t know how old she was, but she looked desperate for some money. My guess, she was a runaway and found herself with a nasty, mean pimp. I asked her how much for an hour. She told me an extremely reasonable price for her jail bait pussy. Skank or not, jail bait pussy can command more money. This young thing needed my help. We went into big D’s cab and she earned that money by blowing his big black dick.  He is not as found of jail bait as some guys are. We both felt sorry for the girl. She was clearly trafficked and not treated like a princess. I could see the bruises on her body and needle marks on her arms. Big D and I hatched a plan. He knows this fat cat in Chicago who has a harem of sexy prostitutes her age. He treats them like his daughters. Of course, they are his sex slaves, but they fair far better than the ones on the streets underselling their bald cunts. Big D said he would hand deliver her if she wanted a better life. Better to be one man’s whore and be rewarded for it than to be owned by some scuzzy trafficker and abused daily. Easy choice. I distracted her pimp with more money saying my husband wanted her for the night. Dumb ass said he would be back at 7 am. Big D had that sweet pussy halfway to Chicago before he even came back. I was a young hooker like her, but I was treated like a queen. Now this jail bait whore while live in a nice home and Big D and I will get a hefty finder’s fee. We all win.

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