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Trailer Trash Whore Beverly Fucks Better Than Your Wife

trailer trash whoreDo you know what a trailer trash whore does best? Everything sexual. Anything sexual lol. Us trailer park raised bitches are the best fucks. We are nasty whores. I hooked up with this 30 something rich boy last night. He was a far cry from the truckers and drug dealers I normally fuck. He looked like he came from money. He smelled like it too. He was in a nice Italian suit. Designer too. Not a polyester cheap suit off the Big Lots rack either. He had on leather shoes that cost more than my car. He was slumming because he was on my side of town. He came into the Loves truck stop to pay for gas. Everyone was looking at his sports car, but he was too busy checking out this trashy milf to notice what they were doing to his car. I licked my lips and purred at him like a cat in heat. His response was, “You look like you do things my wife won’t.” He was correct on that assumption. I asked him if he wanted to come to my trailer for a demonstration of just what I could do for him. He put my address in his phone and said see you soon. I couldn’t get back home quickly enough. He beat me home. Of course, he did. He has a 2019 sports car and I have a 1985 Caddy lol. Once inside my trailer, I sucked his cock like I was a vacuum cleaner. He was amazed at my cock sucking skills. His wife’s lips have not touched his cock since their wedding night 7 years ago. That was nothing. I let him fuck my ass because I am an anal sex whore and no married woman is a dirty anal slut. Mr. Rich Boy hit the lottery when he walked into that Loves. Now I have a rich boy toy lover.

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI have lots of BBC sex stories to share with you, if you are into blonde whores who love big black cocks. I won’t lie. I was not always a BBC whore. When I was a young girl growing up in the south, I was not exposed to many black boys. My dad was a Confederate Flag flying racist man. My mom, however, was more enlightened. It wasn’t that she was a size queen. She needed to make money because daddy never gave her any. He would hit the road and men would pay to fuck her in our trailer. A lot of black men paid for her body. She was a blonde fucking whore. I am just like my mother. The difference is I am not fucking black men for money. Well, maybe I am because I trade my body for coke sometimes! I like fucking black men. My daddy would turn over in his grave if he knew I was a black cock whore. Last night, I met a new black man. Tony is a 24-year-old construction worker. I walked by his crew earlier in the day and he whistled. Maybe cat calling doesn’t work on most women, but it does on me. I gave him my address and he came by after work. He was sweaty and coated in concrete, but that didn’t matter to me. I could have been his mother too. That didn’t matter to me either. I was happy to discover a monster cock. His dick was so big, I measured it. Damn near 13-inches. That was a lot of cock even for an old trailer trash whore like me. I showed off my cock sucking skills. He was impressed. He said he never met a woman who could swallow all his dick before. I am not just any woman though. I am a BBC whore. I took every inch up my pussy and ass too. I am walking funny today, but damn it was worth it.

Trailer Trash Whore EggNog

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore is already in the Christmas spirit. I make my famous eggnog every year this time of the month. My special ingredient is cum. There is no egg in my eggnog. Its all cum and vanilla lol. It is so thick and creamy and fucking yummy. It requires lots of cum, however. So, this weekend, I was on a mission. A mission to collect as much cum as possible for my holiday drink. Trust me, when you look like me, finding men to give you cum is never a problem. I went down to the truck stop Friday, Saturday and Sunday to fuck and suck my way to a gallon of jizz. I had an empty milk gallon jug with me to fill up with cum. I am a cum dumpster, after all. Those truckers were happy to help me out. I would get blow banged, then spit cum into the jug. I would get fucked in the pussy or ass, then shit or piss out the jizz in the jug. Sometimes, the guys just passed around the jug and deposited directly into it for me. My pussy and ass are sore as fuck, but I have enough jizz to make a couple batches of cumnog.

Trashy MILF Thanksgiving

trashy milfAfter Thanksgiving, I was a trashy milf. I am always one, but I was not alone last night. I ate dinner at a friend’s place. She is a trailer park slut like me. She has a hot teen son. I have wanted to fuck him for a few years now. She has never given me any indication that she is a dirty mom like me. Apparently, that was only because I have not drunk enough wine with her. She has been keeping a naughty secret from me. She is a son fucker. She just didn’t want him to get addicted to me, so she acted like her son and her didn’t have a hanky panky relationship. I should have gotten her drunk years ago. I was not the only other milf there. There are three of us who hang out. We share black cock, coke and fun together often. Now, we share her son too. He was happy to have three dirty milfs sucking his cock. Better late than never, I guess. I blew his dick and it was as great as I had imagined. He had a big throbbing cock and cum filled balls. He had enough cum inside of him to coat three faces too. I still can’t believe she held out on me. She has been fucking my son for years. I am gonna make up for lost time and fuck her son every chance I can.

Grateful to be a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI’m thankful for being a cum dumpster. I bet you are too. I love thanksgiving because I cannot get enough of biscuits and gravy. I know you know I mean balls and cum. Last night I was feasting early. My son had a few dozen friends over for a party. No work, no school, no responsibilities. I had a responsibility last night, however. I needed to make all those boys cum. I needed to drain all the gravy from their biscuits and get myself stuffed. I did a few lines to increase my appetite, then I started the blow bang line. Each boy skull fucked me until he came in my mouth. Instead of swallowing like normal, I spit the cum into a pitcher. This will be the cream I use on my pumpkin pie tomorrow. I love having a cum filled cunt, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A good cum dump needs to have plenty of boy cream on hand. It is not a feast for me and my daughter without a pound of cum to guzzle. We make special eggnog drinks with jizz too. My son and his friends were happy to unload their gravy to make my Thanksgiving meal perfect.

Trashy MILF Gives Back

trashy milfTrashy milf Beverly is already in the Christmas spirit. There is a young wounded solider, who lives in my trailer park. He is in a wheelchair. He was paralyzed in the line of duty in Iraq. With Thanksgiving this week, and Christmas around the corner, I was feeling charitable. I made him a pumpkin pie and decided to take it to him.  I was going to give him much more, but I needed an excuse to show up at his door. The rumor is he is hung, and it works. He has hired several prostitutes over the past year since his return. He is on a fixed disability income. He doesn’t need to pay for sex. Not when he lives near a trailer trash whore who loves to fuck. I could see the boner in his boxers as he saw me come towards him in a slutty outfit with a pie in my hand. I put the pie on the table and bent over to pull his cock out. “Looks like the important thing works,” I purred right before I slid my mouth down his cock. He was big. He was handsome and a war hero too. He deserved all the free sex he could handle. I made sure he knew my pussy was always open for him. I bounced up and down his throbbing shaft until we both came. I am going to be spreading more than just cheer with him.

Creampie Slut Beverly

creampie slutI enjoy being a creampie slut. I love having a pussy full of creamy jizz. Last night I was fucking. It is what I am always doing. You can pretty much guarantee that if I am not getting high, I am fucking. They are the two things I do best. Last night was a sort of different kind of fucking. I worked a private party with my daughter. One of her sugar daddies has a son getting married. He thought it would be fun to throw him a bachelor party with mommy and daughter whores. It was a paying gig. I don’t say no to money, and I don’t say no to fucking. My daughter and I took more cum than a porno queen doing a gang bang on film. And we only had 15 guys to fuck. We fucked each guy at least 3 times each. That was a shit tun of cum we took in our holes and it showed. We both woke up this morning with a cum filled cum. Most women would have showered after taking that much cum. Not us. We are cum dumps. My hot daughter sucked the cum out of my pussy and snowballed it with me. We share everything. Coke, cock and cum.

Blonde Fucking Whore and BBC Lover

blonde fuckingBlonde fucking whores have more fun. Being blonde makes me a magnet for black men. They love the contrast. A skinny blonde chick taking their big fat black cocks gets them hard. I went down to the truck stop early this morning. I woke up needing some big black cock and none of my trailer park BBCs answered my texts. Down at the truck stop, there are always a couple black men down to fuck an old white woman. I found one almost instantly. He was 19 and not a trucker. He was just in the truck stop to buy some 5 Hour Energy. I told him my tight holes and excellent cock sucking skills would wake him up better that ginseng and caffeine. He was down to give it a try. He was new meat in my eyes. I had never met him before. I am sure I would have remembered him too. He was tall, handsome and from the outline in his pants, hung like a horse. This trashy milf took him around back and sucked the shit out of his monster dick. He skulled fucked me hard but was impressed that I held my own. He wasn’t gagging this old whore. I have had more black cock than 20 black women combined. His pre-cum was yummy. Chock full of healthy protein for this skinny blonde whore. He wanted to fuck me. I didn’t care that it was chilly and raining. I pulled my panties down and he hoisted me in the air. He fucked me against the brick wall of the Love’s. I didn’t care that I was getting fucked in an ally like a dirty old whore. I am a dirty old whore. A black cock loving trailer trash whore. I got my morning BBC fix. I came back home, got high and started talking dirty. I love my morning routine.

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutSaturday nights I have a routine. I am a cum guzzling slut down at the Love’s Truck Stop. It was chilly last night for Florida, but those big dicks warmed me up.  I normally just suck cock for free, but I need new tires on my car. I didn’t really know any of the truckers there. It was not the usual suspects. I was not sure if it was the cold keeping them away or the fact that it was not my usual lot lizard day. These truckers had heard of me. They were happy to pay me for some of the best head in the state. I love sucking big dicks but getting paid to drain balls was just bonus. My mom and I were hookers for hire in the 70s and 80s, but I discovered I just loved fucking so much I did it for free. But sex always sells. Men will pay for it when there is no one around giving it away. I swallowed load after load in the cold last night and made more than enough to buy new tires for my car. Three truckers were buddies and offered me $500 to fuck. I am a three hole whore, so I took their money and let them play musical holes with my pussy, ass and mouth in the back of a cab. I was just happy to be out of the cold and making enough money to buy a big bag of coke too.

My Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line rings off the hook regardless if I am working or not. That is because men love a dirty old whore. Men love talking to an unencumbered woman with dirty stories and no limits. I don’t know how to be anything else. Seriously, why do women or men limit themselves. I raised my son and daughter to be limitless just like me. Both my son and daughter were over last night for a family threesome. I had a new bag of coke. My daughter and I did lines off her brother’s dick. He loves that. Coke makes me a nastier freak. We tossed his salad before we played with his cock. He loves a rim job. Do you? Never met an ass I wouldn’t tongue! My daughter bounced on his dick first. While she did that, I sucked on her pretty asshole and rubbed her clit. She was squirting on her brother’s cock and all over my face. She had a sloppy wet pussy once he came inside her, but I am a creampie whore. I just licked my son’s cum out of my daughter’s twat. He was hard again by the time I had her wet pussy cleaned out. I was next. I love fucking my son when his cock is still dripping with my daughter’s cunt juice. We had a family mini orgy last night. I miss having them live with me. They grow up too fast!

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