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Cum Guzzling Slut at the Mall

cum guzzling slut

I’m such a cum guzzling slut. Honestly, I can’t swallow enough jizz. This damn hurricane has put a wrinkle in my daily cum intake. There has been no school for a couple weeks now, so that means no boys stopping by on their way to catch the school bus and on the way home. Some parts of the city have power back, so I got creative. I went to the mall. All the young boys and girls have been hanging out there while schools are out. I put on a trashy outfit design to be an attention getter and went to get some attention from some high school boys. I got their attention. A trashy milf is popular with teen boys. There was no doubt they were checking me out. They got whiplash from snapping their heads checking out my ass as I walked by. When I turned around to back track towards them, each one had a tent in his pants. I looked around for parental supervision and found none. I didn’t expect to, however, one time I didn’t check things out and I got run off by a den mother. I walked into the family bathroom behind them. I stood there looking at them, waiting for them to follow me in. They didn’t pick up on the green light, so I had to tell them to follow me. I think they were nervous. I had them unzip their pants and pull out their dicks. I was impressed. They were well groomed and hung. Young and full of cum was what I needed in the aftermath of Irma. Fema  was not going to give me boy jizz. I had to hunt that done. I found it at the arcade. In that small bathroom, I proved what a cum guzzling cougar I am. I left the mall with a belly full of cum. I told those boys to meet me daily at the mall until school is back in session.

My Huge Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt needs cleaning. I was a naughty cougar this morning. I let a bunch of young boys fuck me. My old pussy is filled with young boy cum. I bet that sounds delicious to some of you. Schools are still out in Florida due to Irma, but some young boys were feeling restless so they showed up bright and early with hard cocks. The horny boys know whose trailer to visit when their dicks start twitching. Big D brought me back to my trailer last night. My area is swampy, but no real damage. Just no power yet. I’m using a generator, but I am one of the few in the trailer park with electricity. That is not what brought all the young boys to my place this morning, however. They came for the pussy. Free milf pussy is always popular. They can’t play video games or watch TV. They can’t safely play outside either, so why not fuck a trashy milf? I am always down for a boy gang bang. My trailer was rocking this morning too. About 20 young lads enjoyed my cougar cunt. They enjoyed my cougar ass and my cougar mouth too. I did lines of coke doggy style while young cocks slid in and out of my juicy holes. Now, I sit here with my pussy overflowing with boy cum. I know a few women, even a few men, who would love to eat out my huge cream pie. Are you one of them? Currently, I am waiting for my daughter and her sissy friend to come over and do the honor of licking all that boy spunk out of my well fucked cunt. Jealous? Don’t be. I get gang banged daily. I can make sure to save some cum for you too.

White Trash Phone Sex During Irma

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is what you have while waiting for this bitch Irma to pass. I am in Florida. I evacuated. No amount of coke can make me stay in a tin trailer with the worst hurricane on record ready to hit. Where am I? I am at Big D’s pad. He lives in a safer part of Florida and in an actual house. He is my drug dealer and my big black lover. He picked up his favorite bimbo in his truck and we headed north to safety. We have been fucking and doing lines all weekend. He was kind enough to pick up my daughter and my son too. I knew what he was thinking there. He could share some mother daughter pussy and watch me fuck my son. Men love to watch me fuck my boy. I think any guy likes the idea of a taboo fuck show. I know I sure as hell like to be watched. Big D is not going out on the road for at least a week. He has me all set up to do calls in his den so I can still make some money. When not talking dirty, I am sucking on some BBC, eating my daughter’s twat or fucking my son. Hmmm. Maybe Irma is not so bad after all.

Cum Eating Phone Sex with an Old Cum Whore

cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex is something my daughter enjoys hearing about. Every time she comes to visit, she always asks about my cum calls. She wants to hear about cum eating, cream pies, bukkake parties, snowballing and circle jerks. Like her mother, she is a cum whore. I raised her to have a healthy appreciation for cum. I would jack my lovers off into her bottle and fed that shit too her mixed in with her formula. She was sucking men’s dick for their liquid candy before she could talk in full sentences. I will chug cum before a beer too. I was raised the same way by my mother. A girl who chugs cum can do no wrong in a man’s eyes. She came over at the right time last night too. I had just finished a call where a guy and I were sharing cum together. I have some sissy and fags call me because they want black cock sperm like me. I had a pussy full of nigger spunk too. Before I started phone fucking for the day, I was a black gangbang whore. I had a juicy creampie from a band of black guys. My daughter knew it too. She can smell a wad of jizz a mile away. My phone kept ringing, so I answered it every time. My daughter was between my legs eating my cream pie while I talked about what a dirty cum whore I was to my callers. Afterwards, we milked her brother dry of all his cum. He was over too watching us being dirty cream pie whores. He is at the right age to keep his mamma covered in cum too. I don’t just play a greedy cum whore on the phone. I was born and raised to be a jizz junkie.

GangBang Whore Beverly

gangbang whoreGangbang whore Bev made an appearance this weekend. I was wasted as fuck. High as fuck. Horny as fuck. The guys in my complex know where the dirty old whore lives. I am always down to fuck. Apparently, I was really down o fuck this past weekend. I took the female equivalent of Viagra. Oh boy was I ready to fuck. Those boys showed up in droves when they realized I was down to fuck almost 50 studs. They brought their friends with hard cocks. The more the merrier. I went down on the cocks first. The idea was to see how much cum I could swallow first. I can swallow about a bucket full as it turns out. I love being a cum guzzling slut too. I went from blow banger to gang banger in no time.  Sucking all those cocks was not enough. I wanted to be a whore. I was a whore too. A cum whore. A cock whore. A coke whore. Basically, a dirty whore. I fucked all the boys, sometimes a few at a time. Guys were coming back for seconds. I let them use me all weekend long. A gang bang whore’s job is never done.

Trailer Trash Whore and My BFF’s Son

trailer trash whoreDo you want to know what a trailer trash whore I am? I went by a friend’s house last night. She has been a great friend over the decades. We went to high school together. She married well and I stayed a trailer slut. She wears designer clothes and I wear cum! She had some clothes she wanted to give me. Designer digs she can no longer wear. I am grateful for all she does for me.  She has never talked down to me or even treated me like trash. We have the same roots; she just traded up. While she was upstairs gathering up the clothes, her teen son came home from football practice. He calls me Ms. Bev. Today, however, he called me whore. He didn’t know his mother was upstairs. He thought I was waiting for him. His mom doesn’t fuck him, but I know he likes older women. He bangs this old stripper in my trailer park. He pulled his cock out and I saw why my neighbor loves his cock. Hung, young and full of cum. I was nervous. My friend was upstairs and I was going to get caught. The closer he came to me with his cock, the more I wanted to betray my closest friend. I pushed him against the stairwell wall and jacked his cock as she spoke to me from upstairs. He wanted inside my pussy. I wanted him there too. I bent over the sofa table and he fucked me fast. The good thing about fucking a teen boy is they rarely last long. He was giving me a sloppy wet pussy as I heard her leaving her bedroom. She came down the stairs as I was pulling my red dress down. Her son’s cock juice was running down my thigh. He ducked into the kitchen to make it look like he came in the back door. He was hot and sweaty. I love my friend, but she is so naïve. She thought he was all worked up from football practice. I left her house with two bags of clothes and a pussy full of her son’s cum.

I’ve Long Been an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreDo you like an anal sex whore? My name should have been Anal Annie. I have been getting cock in my ass longer than many of my callers have been alive. I remember the first time I got fucked in the ass. My mother was a whore. She had men in and out of our trailer every time daddy hit the road. I would listen to her fuck when I was a wee girl. Eventually, I joined in because a John asked my money how much for me to join in. The price was good that he was willing to pay to fuck my virgin ass and pussy. My mom gave me a shot of whiskey and a kiss, then spread my legs for his cock up my ass. It hurt like hell, but for a school girl, I was rich. My mom gave me $500 for my share. I have been an anal whore every since. The guy who was fucking my ass last night asked when I became an anal slut, so I told him I was a school girl. The thought of such a young girl getting fucked in the ass turned him on. He wanted all the details. I remember it like it was yesterday. He fucked me harder when we role played me being that young again. He was giving me a hardcore anal sex. I love it as much in my fifties as I did when I was a virgin school girl. This dirty whore was meant for hardcore ass fuckings.

Guess Who Licked My Cum Filled Cunt Clean?

cum filled cuntI had a cum filled cunt this morning. Now I don’t. Want to know how my cunt got clean this morning? It is a nasty tale. I was on a binder last night. Got drunker than a skunk. Fucked a few guys then passed out naked on my couch. I had intended to get up early to catch the boys on their way back to school for some morning fun. I just slept through the alarm. What woke me up was the sensation of a wet tongue on my pussy. I laid there for a while in a half awake state enjoying a tongue on my sloppy wet pussy. Someone was enjoying my cream pie. I assumed it was my son or my daughter. They both love my creamy cunt. Nope it was neither of them. It was Peanut our furry squatter. I slept right through his morning feeding. I guess he was hungry. I thought twice about letting him continue eating my creampie. The devil on my shoulder won out and he licked me clean. I thought to myself, every good deed deserves another. Isn’t that what they teach us when we are young? I reached my hand out to grab his red rocket. I pulled and tugged on it until I had a small dollop of cum. It was a weird consistency, but I ate it anyway. I am a cum whore, after all. It tasted weird, but a good weird. Not as good as boy cum, but a good replacement when my drunk ass passes out and misses the young horny boys on their way to school. Peanut seemed cool with what happened. I swore him to secrecy and gave him a big bone as a present. I will make sure I am up in time to catch those school boys before they get on the bus. If I miss them, I know I always have peanut for some furry friends phone sex fun.

Trashy MILF Morning Fuck

trashy MILFI’m a trashy MILF. It is the best kind to be; the only kind to be if you ask me.  You know June Cleaver never got laid, not even when she had a son called the Beaver. I don’t have that white picket fence life. I have a porn star life in a trailer park. No white picket fences. Just beer cans in the yard and daisy duke shorts on the mother. I woke up in a fog, went out on my little patio in a tank top and panties. I looked disoriented I am sure. One of the neighbor boys walked up to me and asked if I was okay. “I will be as soon as I get some cock,” I said. He had a big grin on his face as he told me he could help me out. No doubt I had a cum filled cunt still. I didn’t remember much from the night before, but I know I fucked. My pussy had the freshly fucked smell and feel. He was a young boy. He wouldn’t care if there was cream in my cunt or not. He was getting fucked. He was going to bust his nut in the neighborhood cougar. I could have had dried cum all over me and he still would have banged me. He mentioned that I felt extra wet. I chuckled, and said I must have peed a little while fucking. He shocked me when he said he wanted me to pee on him. I had no clue he was a freaky little fuck. I pissed on him. I had a full beer bladder. He pissed on me, I pissed on him. What’s the harm? Does a boy good to learn about the freaky games  people play from a hot dirty mommy like me.

Cum Guzzling Slut Poolside

cum guzzling slut

What does a cum guzzling cunt do when it’s summer? She hangs out at the community pool. I love starting my day off with boy batter in my stomach. The boys of summer are what I call the band of horn dogs who wait at the pool for me to blow them daily.  I get up, do a line, drink some black coffee, put on a bikini and high heels and take my cougar ass to the pool. The boys who usually stop by on their way to school are always waiting for me. Our pool is dinky. There is never a lifeguard. I can chug cock, tan my hot body and be a gangbang whore. No one cares. There was quiet a large bunch of boys this morning waiting for me. I took my suit off the moment I walked in. No complaints from the boys either. They followed my lead. We played around in the pool for a bit so I could see all the cocks I had to chose from. No way I could pick just one cock. I blew them all. I am a blow bang whore too. I was chugging down cum before I got on all fours. The boys knew what to do. They mounted me like dogs and pumped me full of their boy seed. I jumped in the pool, washed off and did it again.

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