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BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are what many guys call me for. They love a black cock whore like me. I love to take my skanky ass down to the truck stop and score coke and big black dicks. The brothers hang out down there because they want white trash whores like me. White women suck black dick better than black girls. I have heard that from every black man I have sucked, and I have sucked enough BBC to make a porn star blush. Last night I met two new black truckers. They were young and hung and dying to hook up with a trashy milf who loves black cock. They party too, so it was even better to get some coke and some cock. Their coke was primo too. I got high quickly and started slugging down cock like the dirty whore I am. They were fuck machines. Stamina power like wild animals in heat. They ravaged my mouth, pussy and ass for hours. They never went soft. Not even after multiple cums.  They kept fucking until they were hard as a rock again. They said they never met a woman who could keep up with them. I am no woman. I am a dirty black cock whore and when I am fueled on coke, I can fuck for days.

Cum Dumpster Whore

cum dumpsterBeing a cum dumpster makes you the talk of the town. I live in a small Florida city. The men love me. The women hate me. The guys all know that the chicks that live in the trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks are the ones who do all the kinky shit their wives won’t do. This community is small, but the men know where to go for cum release. Normally, the high-class dudes from the right side of the tracks stay on their side of town. They hire escorts or go visit strippers in the city. My daughter and I were sitting on the porch when a couple guys in a BMW kept driving by. I figured they were lost, so I walked down to the road to see if they needed help. I had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and my ass cheeks were hanging out of my daisy duke shorts. One guy asked how much. Then I knew they weren’t lost. Poor dumb bastards thought if we lived in a trailer, we must be hookers for hire. I fuck for free, but these assholes looked like they were afraid to be by the train tracks, so I tossed out a number and added that it was for a mother and daughter. They came into my trailer with hesitation. I assured them they weren’t going to get mugged. Novices. Clearly these guys had never trolled for pussy before. Both were married, in their mid-thirties and looked like their balls had not been drained since Obama’s first presidency. My daughter and I know how to drain balls. By the nut explosion we took to our faces, I began to wonder if they were 30 year-old-virgins. Nope. Just married to women who shut their legs after they said their I dos. I couldn’t believe how full their balls were, but they got to taste some trashy milf pussy, so I know they will be back for more.

Born for White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is what I was born to do. I have been drinking cum since before I was talking. I have been sucking dick more than half my life. I was a school girl when I got my first cock. My first blowjob got me paid too. I was my mother’s hooker assistant because when men found out she had a little girl in the house, they wanted nothing more than to pay for my involvement. My mom tried to shelter me from her lifestyle, but I was fascinated by it. I was even turned on by it before I even really understood what was going on. Fucking is fun. Cum is delicious. And being a nasty freak is what I am good at. It is what I was born to do. I raised my son and daughter in an open home. They saw me fucking and sucking for food and drugs. They watched me be a gangbang whore to keep the lights on. They even watched me masturbate as I got high because I love to be watched. My son and daughter were like me when I young. The more they saw, the more they wanted to see. It wasn’t too long before we were fucking. I never fucked my mother or my daddy, but I raised my little ones by myself and my son had a big dick and my daughter like to suck it. I figured if she could suck his dick, she could lick my pussy. I passed on my trailer trash gene to by daughter and my son. We are a kinky, trashy family. We enjoy partying and fucking. I don’t have a respectable bone in my body, but guess what? I don’t want one because being a trailer trash whore is so much more fun than being respectable woman.

Been a Big Dick Sucker Since I was Young

big dick suckerBeing a big dick sucker is something I am good at. I have a mouth built for sin. I remember being a very oral girl. My mom tried to keep me away from her hooker life, but I was a natural. When a john offered my mom three times her fee to put his dick in my mouth, a star was born. I was a natural cocksucker. After that, I often sucked my mother’s johns for extra money. Once that happened, it wasn’t long before I started fucking her clients too. Mom felt bad about whoring out her daughter initially until she realized how much I loved it. I did. I remember enjoying it. I have been fucking and sucking most of my life. I ran into a guy and his son at this dive bar last night. The man was older than me, but the son was around my age. He thought he knew me. Once we got to talking, we realized that he was the first cock I ever sucked. I look just like my mother. He said to this day, it was one of the hottest experiences of his life enjoying my sweet young virgin mouth. I was down to fuck for old time sake. I had a kinky threesome with a father and his son. Not my typical father son hook up either. This was a 72-year-old man who was the first cock I ever sucked. It was just as hot as it was when I was a young school girl decades ago.  I let the old pervert fuck me and I let his son fuck me too. The sun couldn’t believe that I got my first head from his dead and now they were both fucking me. They say a woman never forgets her first. I think the guy never forgets when he is a girl’s first either.

Anal Cum dumpster

anal cum dumpsterI love being an anal cum dumpster. Nothing hotter than shitting out a long strain of cum from your freshly fucked asshole into your daughter’s mouth. We were drunk and high the other night. We are nasty freaks as it is, but under the influence, our freak flag flies even higher. We were down at the truck stop getting blow for the week when we ran into some new truckers. They knew my reputation as a whore. They asked if we were down to fuck for some cash. I told them to keep their money, we fuck for free if the guys are cute and they were cute. They wanted an anal sex whore and they got two. They pounded our assholes for a solid hour. They had staying power and cum filled balls. They had been on the road too long and no attractive lot lizard skanks until us. My daughter and I were happy to take their jizz up our pretty puckered pink assholes. Just when they thought they had seen everything, they got their minds blown watching me shit their seed out of my ass into my daughter’s mouth. She is a cum guzzler too. She sucked on her mama’s asshole like there was fine wine up there. Cum is our fine wine.

Dirty Phone Sex at a High Society Event

dirty phone sexI have a dirty phone sex story for you. I got drunk last night at some fancy wine tasting event. I didn’t fit in with the crowd, but I won a couple for tickets, so I took my daughter. Personally, if I had an extra $300 lying around I would have bought coke not tickets to taste overpriced sugar water. My daughter and I looked like trailer park whores compared to the other folks there. The men were gawking at us and the women were giving us those disapproving looks. We just ignored the bitches, drank free wine and flirted with the men who gave us attention. What man doesn’t prefer a trashy milf over a stuck-up cunt? Everyone knows a woman like me gives better head and takes it up the ass. I drank a lot of overpriced sugar water which made me horny as fuck.  This one married dude was all over us both like a cheap suit. I assumed if his wife was there he wouldn’t be hitting on us. Usually the high-class folks have a better system of cheating than blatantly flirting in front of their wives. I thought he was there with buddies or something, so when he said he wanted to fuck my ass, I didn’t think we would get busted by his wife. He tried to blame the wine when he was caught in the middle of hardcore anal sex with a stranger. She was pissed. She was calling me a skank and a whore, and slapping him against the head, but he kept fucking my ass. This wasn’t the typical place for a dirty whore to fuck. Only my daughter and the guy who was fucking me were amused at the free sex show. Someone called the police. His cum was oozing out my ass by the time they showed up. I will never go to a high society event like that again even if it is free. But, I will fuck that stuck up bitch’s husband again. He made the entire thing fun.

Cum Guzzling Slut Plus One

cum guzzling slut

My daughter is a cum whore because her momma is a cum guzzling slut. My mom was one too. Cum does a body good. I love guzzling jizz. My daughter and I have cum parties all the time. That is when we invite a bunch of guys over to blow them. We snowball the cum. We even save some to freeze for snacks when no cock is around. I swear we are both addicted to cum. When we don’t get it for a day, we have withdrawal symptoms like a smack addict. Last night we needed a blow bang party. We had some severe weather that prevented our skanky asses from getting out over the weekend. Now that the sun was shining, we texted about 30 guys to come over. We were thinking if we got 15, it would be successful. We got 40 guys. Some invited their friends because we are sort of legendary cum whores. Everyone knows I am a cum dumpster and if I am, my daughter is too. These guys barely fit in my double wide. They had no trouble squeezing their dicks down my throat, even up my ass and in my cunt. It was a gangbang. If a guy shot his load up my cunt, I squatted over my daughter and pissed it out into her mouth. She did the same to me. There was no cum that went wasted. If it was shot up an ass or a cunt, we pushed it out, so we could snowball it. Let me tell you something. Guys love giving a woman a creampie then watching her push it out into her daughter’s greedy mouth. It got our studs hard again. My daughter is a creampie slut. She will guzzle semen out of any of my fuck holes. We got our cum fix, but damn my holes are worn out today. Not complaining though, just bragging.

Pissing Sex

pissing sexPissing sex is hot sticky fun. I don’t engage regularly, but sometimes it happens on accident. I was super drunk last night. I am the pissing queen when drunk. I stumbled over a drunk guy and landed on his face. I guess in my stupor I thought his face was a toilet. I just peed in his mouth. He was equally drunk, but not so drunk that he didn’t know he was drinking my piss. He was just as much of a nasty freak as me. He told me to give him some more. I squatted over his face and gave him some golden showers sex just like he wanted. He was chugging down my urine like it was fine champagne. The other drunk guests at my party started pissing too. Soon my trailer was just one big toilet. Guys wanted to pee on me too, so I laid down on the kitchen floor and let them piss all over me. That led to a gangbang with me as the star. I smelled like piss, but none of the guys minded. They fucked my piss soaked body. After every guy dumped a load in me, a few more pissed on me. It was another drunken party at my place. Only difference at this party was that it turned to a pissing orgy too.

Trashy MILF Drunk Orgy

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, teen boys and black men line up to fuck you. They know you are a whore which means you don’t care about age or race. That is very true with me. I would fuck an alien if he had a hard cock! I was home alone last night. Partying with myself and watching Netflix videos. There was a knock on the door around midnight. I wasn’t expecting anyone, but I love a pleasant present. It was a local group of teen boys, most of them were black, but there was a Mexican boy and a couple of white boys too. They were looking for someone to buy them some beer from the 7-11. I invited them in to enjoy my beer. I had a keg in the kitchen that was half full. Those boys just needed to show me their cocks. I didn’t need to check IDs because I am a dirty old whore who fucks anything on two legs, even 4 legs sometimes! I was impressed. Nice cocks on a bunch of horny teen boys. I sucked their dicks while they chugged beer. Before long I was a drunk girl fucking a bunch of teen boys. My trailer smells like stale beer and cum. Just another fun Sunday night.

Drunk Sex Porn

drunk sex pornDrunk sex porn is what happens at my trailer just about every night. I am no soccer mom. I am a mom, but I don’t fit in with the PTA bitches with sticks up their asses crowd. My son came by last night with a case of beer a few friends. I had a big bag of blow and was ready to party. My son brings friends to fuck me often. Last night, they weren’t really friends he brought, but associates he owed money too. My son has a gambling problem. He bets on college sports games and sometimes it goes his way, sometimes it doesn’t. Last night it didn’t. Now, these bookies aren’t break your legs, kill your cat kind of bookies, but they do make your life hell if you don’t pay up. My son needed my help. He sold them on the idea of making a druggy porn to sell with a soccer mom and a bunch of young boys. I am no porn star, but I have no problem fucking for money, drugs or fun. Why not let these guys film me getting gang banged? It would get my son off the hook, at least until his next gambling mishap, and I would get fucked. I was drunk and high and surrounded by young studs, I wasn’t being exploited. I fuck every damn day, so why not be filmed? Those boys had amazing cocks. Young, hung and full of cum for this dirty old cougar. They loved fucking me too because they quickly found out I am a no taboo kind of whore. I let them ass fuck me, turn me into a cum dumpster, even run a train on my ass and my pussy. I have carpet burns and sore fuck holes this morning, but nothing that some more blow and beer won’t cure.

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