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This Trailer Trash Whore Loves Teen Cock

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore loves Fall. The weather is cooler, and the teen boys are back in school. I got up early this morning and sat on my couch naked. Normally, that might not be a big deal, but I have a huge window and the couch is right in front of it. I never use curtains either. When it is still dark outside, all those teen boys see walking to the bus stop is my hot naked body. I have been known to make a few boys late for school. Derek was just another tardy school boy. He was too busy fucking the trashy milf who lives near his bus stop to think about being punctual to school. Of course, I didn’t say that when I wrote him a note pretending to be his mother. Normally teen boys are wham bam thank you ma’am kind of fucks. Not Derek, he wanted to enjoy my mature pussy and ass for as long as he could. He is a good student too. The surprising thing about Derek is that he is a band geek boy. He isn’t a jock or a popular boy, but he may be now. I think I helped give him some swagger. He was a virgin when he left for school, but he was a man when he arrived at school. Likely, he still smelled like my cougar cunt. I taught him how to eat pussy. Any boy who can tongue a cunt like a porn star, will always be popular with girls and ladies alike. He plays the clarinet, so he has good mouth muscles. He also has a hammer of a cock. Under his band geek uniform and nerdy exterior was a sizeable cock for his age. If girls would look past his appearance and shy demeanor, I think they would thank me. He is one of the best fucks my ass and cunt have had from a boy his age.

Trashy Milf Doctor Exam

trashy milfThis trashy milf had to go to the doctor today. Time for my annual girl exam of my lady parts. There was a new doc at the clinic. He was a male doctor. Finally, I got a hot guy checking out my cooter. I have a dirty confession. I almost always cum when the speculum is being cranked inside my pussy. The idea that someone can see deep into my fuck hole is hot to me. I told this guy not to use lube. He gave me a big grin, shifted his position and used an extra big speculum to crank up my old cunt. He had doctor wood in his pants. I have a well fucked pussy. I am tiny, but my cunt is a cavern. I told him to put his fist inside me. I am a fisting whore, but damn it is hard to find a guy willing to stick his whole hand up my cunt. The doctor didn’t bat an eyelash. He put his hand inside me and uncranked the speculum. The internal exam was the best part because his entire hand and half his arm was up my cunt. I started squirting all over his arm and face. I thought I was going to convulse because it was such a deep orgasm. I got the doctor’s number. Lucky for me he makes house calls for a trailer trash slut like me.

Trashy Milf Beverly is the Life of Any Party

trashy milfThis trashy milf invited herself to a young boy’s birthday party. I fucked him a few weeks ago when I crashed his soccer match. Turns out the boy lives in my trailer park. When I got wind of his birthday, I thought I would just crash that too, but when I saw him on Friday, he extended me an invite. He told me to tell his mom, I was a teacher’s aide or tutor or something like that, if she asked. She is a stripper whore, I didn’t think she would ask, buts sure as fuck she did. I lied to her face about how I knew her son. She didn’t seem to be the type that would enjoy the fact that I molested her young son. Now, he has not minded at all. He enjoyed being inside my old sloppy wet pussy. I tried to play like I was a good woman at this party, but I was surrounded by young boys. How the fuck could I be good? I roofied the drinks of the mothers. I thought if I loosened them up a little bit, they wouldn’t care what I did to their boys. Turns out they just needed drugged to do what they wanted. I gave them some strong Spanish Fly straight from Mexico. Tits came out of tops and dresses. Hands went into panties. Mothers started blowing boy dicks. It went from a boy’s birthday party, to a swinging orgy with only a few drinks.  It was a mother son gangbang after I spiked the punch. I showed those trailer park mamas how to really be trailer park mamas. Afterwards, the boys were thanking me, and the mamas were acting like I was their best friend. I think I will be invited to more birthday parties from now on. I am the life of any party.

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly

trailer trash whoreBeing a trailer trash whore comes naturally. I was born a redneck in a trailer park. I am trailer park nasty. I am so happy that schools are back in session because that means school boys are coming and going back and forth from my trailer to and from school. Yesterday, a high school boy arrived at my trailer wanting to fuck. I rode his young teen cock long enough to make him miss the bus. I could have driven him to school, but I posed as his mother and called him in sick to school. I wanted that young teen cock all day long. A teen cock is what every trashy milf needs. His cock was long and hard, and it got a second wind easily. He was no virgin, but before me it was strictly school girl pussy. He was delighted when I slid my old ass on his cock. I love a teen cock up my ass. Plus, when a dirty old cougar gives her ass up to a young stud, it ruins him for all the hot teen sluts out there. It was hard to believe his cock could become stiffer, but once it was up my ass it felt like a baseball bat. He came in my ass all damn day. He is coming over tomorrow once his mother leaves for work. I think he is my favorite sex toy.

Big Dick Sucker and Lot Lizard Skank

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Bev is what the truckers are calling me now. I got drunk last night, went down to the Loves and looked for trouble. It was a Sunday night, so the place was hopping. Everyone hangs out on Sundays before they start their new route on Monday. I got a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy and wandered around looking for some dick to suck. Big D was parked. I recognized his cab immediately. Before I could knock on the door, he poked his head out of the truck and hollered at me to come in. His big black dick was hanging out ready for my mouth. He gave me some coke. I swallowed some beer. Then I started head bobbing up and down his huge dick. He loves making me gag. I am an old trailer trash whore, but his fuck stick can make me gag, especially when he pushes my head all the way down his shaft. I love gagging on a big dick. He exploded in my mouth and I chased his cum shot with more beer. Before long other truckers were wanting to hang out in Big D’s cab to get high, drink and fuck this old whore. Just another fucking fun Sunday night for a lot lizard sex skank.

Public Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is where it is at. Truckers have the best dope and they know how to fuck. If I am feeling horny or in need of some blow, the truck stop is an easy fix for both. I caught the eye of a new trucker Jeremy. He drives for Hunt Trucks and this was his first route. Now, he wasn’t a young man, but he was younger than me. I had on my yellow bikini top and cut off jean shorts. It was the high heels that gave me away as a lot lizard. He asked me how much to party with him, but I told him I just wanted some blow. He pulled out a big bag and my pussy got wet. Jeremy was an exhibitionist. He wanted to fuck outside. I am down for anything. I did a line of blow then started playing with my sloppy wet pussy while he stroked his nice 7-inch hard cock. It was the middle of he day and cops come and go all day long. I could have been busted, but the risk of getting caught was hot to me. Jeremy bent me over a concrete low wall and fucked my ass. We were on the side of the Love’s gas station; the side where the trucks park. I was trying not to be too loud because I just wanted to fuck and get high. I had no desire to go to jail. Other truckers saw us, and they provided a protective wall around us. It was just a circle jerk, but no one else could see me through the shield of horny truckers jacking off watching me be an exhibitionist slut. I was covered head to toe in cum. Our audience clearly liked what they saw. I got some great blow and some great cum.

BBC Phone Sex Please

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex? Hell yes. I am a dirty old whore. I love taking a thick big black cock in my pussy. Tyrese was so thick that I had to lower myself slowly on to his fat fuck stick. It felt like I was fucking and sucking the same cock at the same time. I thought his snake was going to come out my mouth. He was rearranging my female parts because he was inside me so deep. I picked him up at the truck stop Friday night and he came back to my trailer. He enjoyed fucking me so much, he never left until today. He gave up a route just to fuck this trailer trash whore. Let me tell you, Tyrese had one of the hugest cocks I have ever fucked. I am I my fifties and I have been fucking since I was a young school girl. I have had thousands of cocks in my life. I consider myself a seasoned old whore. Getting a cock too big was something I laughed at until I met Tyrese. He said I had the tightest snatch he has ever fucked. I never hear that anymore. I am sore as fuck. I am walking like I was horseback riding for 72 hours or something. I guess I was horse riding because I was bouncing on a foot long Black Stallion all weekend. It is nice to know that an old whore like me can still find a cock that can stretch her old cunt and make her hurt so good. Tyrese will be back in a few weeks because as he put it, he wants some more trashy MILF pussy. He said he was fucking my ass next. Fuck, I need to do some anal training before then because he will ruin my back door.

Gangbang Whore Soccer Mom

gangbang whoreI was a naughty gangbang whore at a soccer game last night. I was near the school scoring some weed from this high school dope dealer I know. I heard the laughter of young boys, so I was drawn to the sound like a moth to a flame. I saw these young boys in a soccer match. It was a school sponsored event. I saw coaches, parents and uniforms. I blended in with the other parents and I watched like I was a soccer mom cheering her boys’ team on.  I am no soccer mom. In that moment, I was a P woman scouting out the talent.  They were scouting out the trashy milf too. Women were asking me which one my son was, and I would point to a boy in a group, so they wouldn’t know I was a predator. After the game, I loitered hoping a boy would come up too me. I hit the jackpot, they pretty much all approached me. One of the boys knew who I was because he lives in my trailer park and has been privy to my old pussy and ass. Once he told the boys who I was, they agreed to come up with a story and come back to my place later. Hot damn, whatever they told their parents worked. I was back at my trailer with an entire soccer team getting fucked. A gangbang soccer mom. Those boys were celebrating their victory over their win with a dirty old whore. I drank their boy jizz up and toasted them in celebration. They had a lot of energy. Must be that Gatorade they drink. They played rough on the field, but rougher on my fuck holes. I think this old cougar needs to perv the boy sports games more often.

Trailer Trash Whore at the Piggly Wiggly

trailer trash whoreI get called a trailer trash whore just about every day of my life from some stuck-up jealous bitch. I was at the Piggly Wiggly Sunday getting some groceries. I was fucked up still from the night before. My hair looked like a bird’s nest. My makeup was smeared giving me racoon eyes. My ass was hanging out of my shorts. I had no bra on and as I went down the frozen food aisle, my nipples stuck through my ribbed tee and they looked like weapons. The town bitch was there with her teen sons and had a stroke at how I looked. She made some snide comments, so I told her sons they should come fuck me sometime, adding that I have been fucking their daddy for years now and if they are even half the size of their daddy, they are welcome in my pussy anytime. I meant it too. Her husband is a great fuck. She threatened to have me arrested. I told her go ahead, but if she did I would put pictures of her husband doing lines of coke off my ass on social media, he would lose his job and she would lose her sweet life. Spoiled cunt. She shut up, but the expression on her face when her two sons chased me down at my car to go home with me was priceless. I took those boys back to my trailer and showed them how their daddy likes to party. I gave them coke and beer and had them fuck my old ass. I have bras older than either boy, but I didn’t care. I like them young, plus I wanted them to tell their mother they fucked the trashy milf she hates.  Damn, what great fucks they were. I still have their cum in my ass and pussy. Revenge fucking is so hot.

Playing with My Sloppy Wet Pussy for You

sloppy wet pussyI have been playing with my sloppy wet pussy all night. My son and several of his horny friends came over last night and they wanted some pussy and beer. Two things always on hand at my trailer. The thing is I had already been fucked. I had been down at the truck stop earlier in the day to catch some truckers having lunch. I was looking to trade pussy and ass for some weekend blow. I had to fuck 12 truckers to get enough blow to last me for the weekend. When my son called me to bring some friends over to party Friday night, I already had a cum filled cunt. That never stopped me, and it never stopped my son and his friends. They don’t care if I have a dirty pussy or not. In fact, I think they prefer it. Good thing I got a ton of blow, because I had been up damn near 24 hours fucking by the time they left. They drank bear, nutted in my pussy and ass several times. I know his friends were just using me to bust their nuts, but I don’t care. I spread my legs easily, especially when its teen boys. They left a few hours ago. I took a quick nap, never showered because I wanted to play with my messy pussy for my callers. I am such a dirty old skank, but I think you like that about me, don’t you?

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