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big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, people assume you only suck black cock. I do have a reputation as a black cock whore, but the truth is I am just a cum slut. I like big cock, but I suck any cock. This morning, a new teen boy showed up at my trailer. He was shy and nervous. He was not like most boys who come a knocking. He asked for advice. I thought maybe he needed girl advice. That was not the case. Boys are teasing him at school about his cock. I was expecting a small dick. I was surprised because he was big, especially big for his age. He said the boys were calling him elephant cock. I told him that was a compliment.  When he told me no girls at school would go out with him, I explained that it was because his dick was so big. Younger girls are afraid of big cocks. But a trashy milf like me, however, is not. I started blowing his big dick. He was shocked that I wanted to touch his dick. I wanted to touch it, suck it and fuck it. That was exactly what I did too. I took care of his cum filled balls and sent him to school with a newfound confidence. Silly schoolgirls don’t know what they are missing.

A Trailer Trash Whore Fucks Her Daughter’s Boyfriend

trailer trash whoreI am such a trailer park whore that I fucked my daughter’s boyfriend.  I’m in my sexual prime and her boyfriend is not only half my age, and hung like a horse. In my defense,  he came on to me. What was I suppose to do when he showed up for some advice on how to please my daughter? I wanted to test his skills out; make sure he can please my daughter. Just because he has a big cock doesn’t mean he can get her off.  He was all too happy to pull his dick out for me to see and show me his moves. His cock was at least a foot long and as thick as a coke bottle. He was a white boy with a big black cock. I was jealous she had such a hung stud as her boyfriend. Not fair really when you consider his sex drive better matches mine than a teen girl. I was curious if I could handle his cock.  I sucked every inch of his throbbing long hard member into my mouth slowly. It took me awhile to get it all in but who was I fooling? I am a great cock sucker. I gagged a few times, but I got him all in my mouth. For a moment, I forgot I was suppose to be testing out his skills, not mine. I spit shined his knob, lubed it all up with my spit, then sat my full weight down on his dick. He hit my cervix. Bingo. He could make my daughter squirt with t he right position. I bounced on his dick all afternoon. My couch is covered in my cream and his cum. I even let him put that fat fuck stick up my ass because I am an anal sex whore. After he blasted his cum up my ass, he started eating out my fuck holes. He was not afraid to eat his own cum. That was a good sign. For a moment I felt bad, but I just needed to know he had the cock and the skills to keep my baby girl happy. He has the cock and skills to keep an army of women happy.

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI love being a trailer trash whore. Every boy and man in my trailer park knows what a slut I am. Married men come knocking on my door. School boys and college guys do too. Any guy with a hard or neglected cock rings my bell at some point. Early this am, a group of high school boys woke me up from a drunk stupor. I had partied way too much last night and overslept. Normally, I am awake for the schoolboys in need of a good cock sucking before school. I was glad they woke me up because I would have hated missing a teen gang bang. I am the resident gangbang whore after all. I answered the door naked because I knew at that time of day, it was a booty call. I was right. Four cute teen boys with tents in their pants were smiling at me. I ushered them inside, and we got down to business. An old broad like me doesn’t need small talk. Schoolboys don’t have to feign interest in my life to get my panties off. My panties are off before they say hello. They each took a dirty old hole and nutted inside me. Better than coffee to wake me up.

Druggy Porn Star of the Truck Stop

druggy pornWhen I am high, I think I am a druggy porn star. I was smoking crack with some guys last night. Normally, I am just a coke and weed girl, but this guy only had crack and I rarely say no to partying for free. I took a hit off the pipe and suddenly, I was invincible. I was in the back of a trucker’s cab. I emerged out of his truck and looked for more truckers to fuck. I was banging on trucks and screaming for men to come fuck me. I was high as a kite and horny as an unneutered pup. Truckers were coming out of their trucks to see who was causing the ruckus. Even men at the gas station came to check me out. I had the attention of at least 30 men. I don’t shy away from gang bangs, but I had never given a lot lizard sex show before either. I guess that is the power of crack. I leaned up against the side of a truck and thirty some men gang banged be in the Loves truck stop. I didn’t care that people could see me. I didn’t care that I didn’t know these men. I was high and horny. Now I see why people get hooked on that crack pipe. I was feeling good.

My Son the Creampie Slut

creampie slutI am a crempie slut. I love having cum in my cunt for me to play with and for my daughter to lick out. My son likes my creampies too. He paid me a visit this morning. I was already up. I had fucked a bunch of guys the night before, so my cunt was filled to the brim with lots of jizz. My son came over to fuck me but when he saw my wet pussy oozing with cum, he got on his knees and buried his tongue deep in the pussy that bore him.  He licked up and down and even sloshed his tongue around in my shit box. He enjoyed eating my cum filled cunt and ass.  I was enjoying him too. He is a great clean up boy. He is not gay. He is not a sissy. He just loves that his whore momma loves cum and all the things you gotta do to get that much jizz in you. After he cleaned me up, he just wanted to fill me right back up again. That is fine by me because I hate having an empty pussy. I want cum or cock in me at all times.

Making a Sloppy Wet Pussy Sloppier

sloppy wet pussyI woke up with a sloppy wet pussy this morning. Instead of taking a shower to wash the stank off me, I decided to get even more cum. The young boys that walk past my place every morning to catch the school bus don’t care about sloppy seconds. They are just grateful to be getting any pussy at all. So, with my creampie pussy, I ushered some young studs into my trailer for my morning protein fix. I could have been doused in jizz head to toe and those boys still would have fucked me. That is what young boys do. They fuck, preferably older women like me. A trashy milf does the sex shit they see on Porn Hub. Mature women take it in the ass. We let them cum on our tits. We have tits to cum on! I don’t have to be in pristine condition for schoolboys to fuck me. I had a milf gang bang before 8 am this morning. Still with the cum in my cunt from the night before, I added to the mix with schoolboy jizz. I had so much cum in me by the time the school bus picked up my local boys, you would have thought I just filmed a bukkake porn. Best start to the morning ever.

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreThe life of a trailer trash whore is never dull. I was at the beach the other day soaking up some rays now that the hurricane has passed. Some college boys were playing beach volleyball near me. The beach was not busy. The water was still a bit rough so there were no surfers. I got up and joined the volleyball game. I crashed the game but no one said a word. They were happy to watch an old broad’s tits bounce up and down. Before long, I was naked. They were naked too. I looked around for sand cops but saw none. The boys took off their swim trunks and I was a gangbang whore on the beach. I have sand burns. I live in Florida, but I rarely go to the beach. I prefer getting fucked in my trailer park pool. I was not going to pass up fucking on the beach on a nice day with no one else around for miles. I got on all fours, and volleyball studs fucked me one after another. I was a cum dump. The sand was clumping around me from getting wet with jizz. Summer is almost over. I am going to make the most of what is left of summer.

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. I wouldn’t be on this site if I was some sort of choir girl. A hurricane just came through the sate, so I was holed up in a hotel for a few days. One of my trucker buddies gave me a ride to a more centrally located city. I holed up in a hotel for a couple days. The first two days it rained, but the last day of my stay, I went to the crappy little motel pool. There were some other folks like me looking to seek shelter from the storm. The pool was full of men and boys who had been cooped up just like me. Cabin fever needed unleashed, so I was a poolside bukkake babe. I pulled out my big fake tits and let my fellow storm fleers have some much needed release. Honestly, I needed the fun too. Half a day is too long for me to go without cock or cum. I had gone two days. I had an itch and it needed scratched. Those men enjoyed the first day of sunshine since Hurricane Dorian came to Florida. I enjoyed a cum filled cunt once they started fucking me too. This was a no tell motel. We gave the beach chairs a hot show, but I don’t think they will tell anyone!

Playing With My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntBoy, did I party hard last night. Look at this cum filled cunt of mine. Hours later and I can still push out globs of cum.  That is always the sign of a good time. When my coked out mind can’t remember what happened, my well-fucked pussy can piece together the events. I pushed out what cum was still inside me. I put it in a cup. I filled that cup up too. Damn, I am a nasty whore. I started spoon feeding myself the cum that was still deep in my pussy. It was all mixed together but I could taste several different strands. I am a cum connoisseur. I knew that I fucked a few black guys, some younger teens and a Latino just by tasting the cum. It is a skill I possess. I wish I could figure out how to make money from being a DNA sampler. It always amazes people that I can tell so much about a man just from drinking his jizz. What can I say, I’m a cum guzzling slut and proud of it. I may not remember much from last night, but my cunt and ass tell me  I had a hell of a good time.

A Cum Guzzling Slut and a Three Day Weekend

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut like me knows how to have fun on a three day weekend. I had an old-fashioned keg party. I invited all the high school and college boys. My trailer was jammed packed with young studs and my old holes were jammed with young cock. I had plenty of coke and lots of beer. When I go on a coke binder, I am up for days. I had a few cat naps here and there, but for the most part, I was entertaining the revolving door of young men coming in and out of my trailer. Black, white and Hispanic lads arrived at various times down to party with the old trailer trash whore. My trailer smells and looks like a porn studio. This morning, after a long nap, I saw cum globs on the wall and light fixtures. There was piss on the bathroom floor, even in the kitchen sink. Holy fuck, things got wild. My pussy is swollen and filled with jizz. My asshole is even looking a little long in the tooth too.  It is partially prolapsed from hardcore fucking for three days. I don’t remember much, but the condition of my trailer and my fuck holes tells me I had a great time.

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