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Dirty Phone Sex with the Doctor

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is what I do. As a dirty phone whore, I often forget my surroundings. I have always been trailer park trash, which is why I am perfect for this kind of work. The issue is that when you are a woman like me, it’s hard to fit into what is known as polite society. I needed an eye exam. I’m in my fifties, I am surprised this is the first hint of eye issues. Anyway, I was in the waiting room trying not to jump the bones of some of the hot men waiting for their exams too. I was proud of myself. I managed to be a good girl in the waiting room. When I got into the exam room, it was a different story. I had no idea that the doctor was male and hot. Fucking hot. He stepped out of the room for a second and my hand was in my panties masturbating. He busted me. I am not normally embarrassed about being caught with my hands in my panties, but this was not the sort of place I normally get busted doing naughty things. As a trailer trash whore, I struggle with being a proper woman. This guy was a doctor. Way out of my league, but my pussy ached for him. I was embarrassed until I caught a glimpse of the boner in his pants. Then I was stripping off my clothes and playing with my old cunt on the shag carpet. He unzipped his pants, so he could skull fuck me. The doctor had an aggressive side. As he was throat fucking me, he called me mommy. The doctor had mommy issues too. I started to rub my pussy as he talked about his dirty whore mommy. I mean I could be his mommy, which made it hotter. The doctor had a weak spot for this trashy milf because I reminded him of his mother. I didn’t care. I got fucked hard and got new glasses. Best doctor visit ever.

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore to my core. I love a good ass fucking. I popped my anal cherry before my pussy one. The bigger the cock up my shit box the better too. And, I don’t care if it is messy. I just want cock up my shitter. I got pulled over for speeding the other day. I was going close to 100 miles in a 40 mile zone. I was high. Of course, there were drugs in the car. I wasn’t thinking. I had been parting all night with my son at his place, passed out and didn’t want to be late for work when I woke up and realized I was no in my bed. I did a line and hopped in the car. The cop that pulled me over was married. I saw the ring. He was also younger than me and when he had me get out of the car he got a boner just looking at my long legs. I dared him to frisk me. I had on no panties.  Only thing I had on between my legs was dried cum. His hands lingered on my firm ass. I told him he could do what he wanted if he let me go. Within seconds I heard his belt loosen and his pants drop. I spread my legs and leaned into the car more. His cock rammed into my ass like a lightening bolt. He just fucked my ass like a jack hammer for a bout 5 mins. Now I was an anal cum dumpster. Dried cum matted on my pussy and cum oozing out my ass. He gave me his card in case I ever get in trouble again. It was like a get out of jail free card. Clearly, he didn’t know who he just ass fucked. Trouble is my middle name.

No Taboo Phone Sex is The Only Kind

no taboo phone sexI am all about no taboo phone sex. Why would anyone want vanilla sex? Isn’t that what wives are for? When you want to walk on the dirty side, you find a woman like me. Mike did. He is my married mailman. He finally delivered a package to the right slot this morning! I have been cock teasing him for months. He is like clock work when delivering my mail. I always greet him naked. I guess he thought I was a nudist and not just a horny old broad wanting in his pants. Today, I was like, what the fuck Mike. I know he is married but there is married and then there is Married. Most men will cheat if they know their wives will never find out. I don’t even know Mike’s last name. I only care about his package. I needed a special delivery ASAP this morning. I confronted him. I was willing to accept the fact that a trailer trash whore may not be his type; but free pussy is most men’s type, so I went for it. He was just a clueless man who didn’t realize that a naked old woman was hitting on him. When I said, “I want to fuck my postman,” I saw his package come to life. I knew he was on a schedule, but I didn’t need to fuck for hours. I am good with a quickie. His package was ample, so I was able to cum on his cock as he pounded my mail box! He had his uniform on still, just his big cock out. I think he lasted about 15 minutes. I am his first delivery in the mornings. Today, he was my first deposit. I have a cum filled cunt now. I am a dirty old cougar. He won’t be my only deposit today.

I Have Teen Anal Whore

teen anal whoreI raised a teen anal whore. My daughter enjoys a cock up her ass more than her cunt. I am the same way. I don’t see her as much as I want these days because she is a professional sugar baby. She is an escort, but the sites she advertises on are legitimate dating sites. Dirty old men enjoy paying for the company of a hot teen slut. She has been home this week, so I have been sure to have as much quality time with her as I can. She was over last night for some anal fun with her mommy. We got high on coke. She has better shit than me now. We made a home movie. An anal sex druggy porn. We did lines of coke and shoved various things up each other’s ass. We filmed it on her iPad. The anal fun started off basic with dildos and strap ons. The more fucked up we got, the more unusual the items were that went up our asses. At one point, she used her curling iron in my ass. Talk about hot anal sex. He curling iron was still warm. Not hot enough to burn my asshole, but warm enough to feel like a fresh load of cum was in my ass.  I fucked her tight teen ass with a rolling pin from the kitchen. I put some Crisco on the pointy end and rammed it up her ass. She went crazy bouncing up and down a wooden rolling pin like it was a big black cock. She came with it up her ass. Of course, I was fucking her sloppy wet pussy with a beer bottle too. We got kinky. Well, we got kinkier. We peed in the bottle and took turns drinking each other’s piss. My daughter is the only woman I know who is more of a freak than me.

BBC Sex Stories to Share

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I have plenty to share. I am not an exclusive black cock whore like some women. I know some gals that won’t put anything in their pussies that isn’t long and black. I am just a whore. All I care about is size. I want a dick that’s not too small is all. That is never a problem with a black cock. I am sure there are small or average black dicks, but I have yet to see one. Last night was Easter, and I was in the mood for some dark chocolate. I have a bad sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate. I went down to the truck stop to see if I could stir up some lot lizard sex. Big D was on the road and not due into town until later in the week. There are other black truckers that hang out at the Pilot gas station in town. They all know me well. Usually, I am down there trying to exchange pussy for coke, but I had plenty of coke last night. What I was lacking was cock for my pussy. Eric was sitting in his cab hoping a fine old white broad would come looking for a BBC. It was fate. I was looking, and he was waiting.  I got in the back of his cab with him for some truck stop fun. My boobs are ample, but they can’t swallow a big black cock. Eric didn’t mind, however. He was happy to have his cock in between my trashy milf boobs. His cock went everywhere on my body. Started between my jugs; went down my throat; went in my pussy and finally landed in my ass. Damn fine cock. Not as big as Big D, but just what I needed. He told me to come back tonight because he has some friends he wants to introduce my fuck holes to.

Trailer Trash Whore Gangbang

trailer trash whoreI am proud to be a trailer trash whore. I love spreading my legs and showing off my pussy. My son brought over some friends last night who wanted to party with an old cougar whore. When they arrived, I was drunk and high. I had been partying with Big D, my trucker fuck buddy. He shacks up here sometimes when driving through town. He gets a nap, a shower, a warm meal and a warm pussy. He leaves me with that BBC spunk inside of me and a bag of blow. I had not showered when my son and his pals arrived with a keg of beer. I still had a cum filled cunt, but they didn’t care. They like my well used holes. Young guys don’t mind sloppy seconds. There was very little talk when they arrived. They hooked up the keg first. Then, they were ready to party and I was down to fuck.  My son bent me over the couch. The guys lined up and it was time for a party train. I love being high and feeling cum pouring out my cunt; it was even running down my legs. I got fucked so many times, cum was on my feet from running down my legs. My ass was not off limits. It never is. I felt like a porn star and a cum dumpster. I love my life.

Cum Dumpster for Big Black Cocks

cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster for black cocks. They always have the most cum for a dirty old whore like me. I can’t get enough cum. So, when big D came over last night, I was happy to cram about 20 hung black men in my little trailer. The trailer was a rocking if you know what I mean. I was on a binge. I had been snorting coke all weekend and getting laid by my son and his friends. As much as I love fucking my son and his friends, they have white cocks. They are nice cocks, but they ain’t big black dicks. My cougar cunt has seen a lot of dick over the decades. Nothing is tight on me anymore, so those monster black cocks feel awesome in my old pussy; even my old ass. One blonde fucking whore and 20 big black cocks? Hell yes. Game on. I did a few lines of coke and got naked. Blow bang first. I got skull fucked for hours before my pussy and ass saw any action. I swallowed so much jizz my belly felt bloated. I think I will likely shit out black cum for days because I swallowed so much sperm. One of the great things about big black cocks is that they never go soft. Even though each one blew a load of cum in my belly, I still had 20 hard cocks ready to fuck my pussy and ass. I took two at a time. Black guys are secure in their sexuality. They don’t care if their balls smack balls. They treated me like a gangbang whore. I swear I was fucked so hard that my old girl parts might fall out of my well used pussy. I got enough cum that it will be seeping from my pores for days. I’m still recuperating, but no pain no gain, right?

Druggy Porn Star and Whore Bartender

druggy pornI fancy myself a druggy porn star. I get high and I fuck like a porn star. Big D had some premium coke and weed. Huge bags of both for me. There was just a catch. He needed me to bartend a stag party for him. Bartend? I drink booze, I don’t make drinks. I tried to explain to Big D as much as I would love to get free party supplies, I can only open beer bottles. I lucked out. That was all that was required. Open beer bottles naked and service the guys at the party. Essentially, I was a hooker for hire. I was fine with making prostitution porn too. Being a whore is in my blood. My mom banged men for money. When I arrived at the party, the guys were shocked that I was a cougar. I think they were expecting a young stripper or something. I showed them my skills quickly. I was high as fuck, which brings out my nasty inner freak. I stripped down and got on top of the bar. Once I picked up beer bottles with my cunt and ass and served it to the men, they were sold that I was the perfect broad for the party. I have some nasty skills. One includes picking up a bottle from the wide end, opening the bottle with a bottle opener then pouring the beer bottle into a guy’s mouth. I have strong pussy muscles. They had never seen a woman serve beer like that before. Many guys were filming me. I would have worked this party for free I was having so much fun. By the end of the night, I was being a gangbang whore. I was bent over the bar getting cocks rammed in my ass and pussy. Every guy left that party happy. A few booked me for their bachelor parties too.

Cum Guzzling Slut of the Trailer Park

cum guzzling slutI love being a cum guzzling slut. It is the best drink ever. Creamy, white, salty protein shakes. I can never get enough. Last night I was partying with this new guy in the trailer park. He is married, but his wife is a bitch. When I met him the mail box, he said I looked like a swallower. He pegged me from the start. I love giving head. He snuck out of his trailer last night and paid me a late night visit. He said he had been thinking about my mouth on his dick since we met. I had been thinking of his cock. He was fresh meat in the trailer park. I was sure I was not the only trailer trash whore vying for his dick in her fuck holes., but I was the one who got him first. He likes older broads with high mileage cunts he said. Women like me, we know how to give head. We enjoy a good ass fucking. We swallow. That is the difference between a wife and a mistress. The mistress always swallows and takes it in the ass. He had some tasty spunk too. I swallowed a few loads last night, woke up this morning with cum breath and a dirty twat. I sent him a text because I need the hair of the dog that licked me last night. After his wife left for work, he was banging his dirty neighbor. He brought me some blow too. Turns out he likes to party, but his wife won’t let him. She is such a killjoy. He can party in my trailer all he wants if he shares. I think I have a new fuck buddy. I don’t care if I am a home wrecker. If men aren’t getting what they need at home, they can always cum here. I am happy to swallow their loads.

Trailer Trash Whore of the Party

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore is what most people call me. I don’t mind. I embrace it. I am a whore. I know I am, but I am proud to be one. Whores have more fun. Whores are happier. Last night, I went to a new club in town. I wore a skin tight spandex dress. I looked great. It wasn’t a classy outfit, but I am not a classy woman. When I arrived, the doorman wasn’t going to let me in because I didn’t meet the dress code. No bars in this town have dress codes. My tits and pussy were covered. Barely, but nothing inappropriate was showing. I didn’t get it. I told the bouncer I was a big dick sucker. I blew him around the side of the club. Quick head in the side alley and I was in the club. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Some of the women were dressed like they were at a cocktail party. I love a cocktail party if you hold the tail! The women in the club looked like they needed some cock. Stuck up bitches who were trying to shame me out of the club. The guys in the club were all up in my grill. Buying me drinks and fondling me. I love that kind of attention. Some chick called me a whore, so I told her I’d rather be a whore than a stuck up bitch. I started making out with some guys. One thing led to another and I was being a gangbang whore in the restroom. The nicest john I have ever fucked in. This place was high falutin’ but I was going to trash it up, make it more fun.  I started with a gangbang in the bathroom, then I did a striptease on the dance floor. The only people who minded were the stuck up, sexually repressed bitches. I’d rather be the whore of the party. Whores have more fun.

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