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Watching Druggy Porn

druggy pornI love druggy porn. Guys ask me what that is sometimes.  It can be getting fucked up and watching porn or it can be fucked up and making our own porn in my mind. I have a few callers who like to watch porn with me. Sometimes, I get to pick, but most of the time they have something nasty for us to watch. I think my callers know I am the kind of no limits whore that they can explore their fetishes with judgement free. I’ve watched hardcore BBC porn with callers. I have watched barely legal girls getting a hardcore ass fucking from daddy. I have watched bukkake films. I have even watched scat and watersports videos. If it is kinky, I watch it and I enjoy it. Last night a caller had me watching milk enema videos. Have you ever seen that? Usually, it is young barely legal girls who get a milk filled baster up their pussy or ass from mommy or daddy then they spray it out. It was so hot to me that I invited my daughter over to try it. She has done them before with a sugar daddy. He put her in diapers and filled her asshole up with warm milk. A few minutes later she shit it out in his mouth. My daughter brought all the supplies because this was not her first milk enema. She had turkey baster for the milk. I lubed the baster up, filled it with warmed up milk and pushed it in her ass. She held it inside here for a few minutes then sprayed my face with her ass milk cream. We rolled around the floor licking it up and eating each other’s pussy. This trashy milf has a new favorite fetish. What is your favorite kind of dirty porn to watch?

Cum Guzzling Slut at the Pool

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut is what the teen boys call me. It is officially summertime, which means I cram my big tits into a small bikini and hang out at the trailer park pool. There is no lifeguard. It is a small swim at your own risk pool. I just go there to work on my tan and score with the teen boys home from school. Few adults go to this pool. So, it is a dirty milf’s paradise. I got up early and hit the pool around 11 am. I can catch some good rays then. I can catch some cum too. When I arrived, there was a group of teen boys playing in the pool. I licked my lips, set my towel and keys down, and did a cannonball into the pool. I landed right in the middle of them. They didn’t mind a trashy milf invading their space. They knew why I was there. One of the boys said he was hoping I would come out and play. I pulled off their swim trunks and pulled out their dicks. You ever had an underwater blowjob or hand job? My boys of summer sure enjoyed it. Watching cum shoot under water is fascinating. It is a slow motion cum shot. I am a cum catcher, even under water.  I may have swallowed some pool water, but I got the cum globs too. We got back poolside, so I could get gangbanged on a lawn chair. One boy after another rammed his cock in one of my holes. It doesn’t matter if they fuck my ass or my pussy. Both holes are always open. They wanted me to clean their fuck sticks.  I am a firm believer in cleaning up my mess. I have concrete burns from slopping up those dirty dicks. I have unusual tan lines from my fun in the sun, but I am a trailer trash whore. I just go to the pool for the cum. Getting a tan is a bonus.

Cum Filled Cunt with Boy Jizz

cum filled cuntI have been playing with my cum filled cunt all morning. I was a naughty whore last night. All the local school boys who fuck me on the way to the bus stop during the school year paid me a surprise visit last night. They had been coordinating a sneak out for days. When school is in session, getting that school boy dick isn’t hard. The boys just make me part of their morning routine. Their mommas are either at work or passed out asleep from work at the strip club to notice that their boys left for school. They stop by on the way to school for a ball draining and on the way home for another one. In the summer, it is harder to sneak off to get some trashy milf cunt and ass. They made it happen last night. They waited until their parents passed out and met in my back yard. I was about to call the police, when one of the boys I fuck made himself known to me. I thought I had an intruder. They couldn’t stay long in case their mothers woke up and noticed them gone, but they don’t need much time to fill me up with boy batter. They are what we use to call minute men or 3 pump chumps. They are quick cummers, but so were you at that age. These school boys need me to teach them stamina. I need them to give me cum. Every boy dropped a load of boy batter inside my old cunt. They waited until everyone had a ride in this old pussy. It’s been hours since they left, but my pussy is still filled with boy seed. I can’t stop scooping out creamy balls of cum and eating it. I am such an old cum whore.

Trashy MILF Crashes High School Graduation Party

trashy milfThis trashy milf is so trashy I crashed a graduation party last night. In my mind, it was the perfect place to pick up high school boys. Even a freshly graduated one, is still a teen boy with a hard teen cock. By the time I arrived, folks were drunk, even the high schoolers. No one asked who I was. It was like they all assumed someone else knew me. One boy handed me a beer and told me to drink up. I was happy to chug a beer with a cute boy. No parents were around that I could see; just what appeared to be older brothers and sisters who didn’t care about the legal drinking age. I asked who the graduate was and then I did a sexy striptease for him. I told him I was Mrs. Robinson, his official stripper gram from his classmates. The joke was lost on him, but my hot body was not lost on him. Him and his friends got worked up from the dirty cougar gyrating in their laps naked. The drunker the boys got, the hornier they became. Of course, I was encouraging them to guzzle up the booze. Before long, they were smashed, and I was a gangbang whore to a group of high school boys. I was bent over a Tiki bar getting teen boy cock in both my fuck holes. I didn’t get that much teen dick during my high school graduation party. When the celebration got busted by a parent, I crawled over the fence and ran to my car. A few boys were following my lead. They got in my car with me and I drove them to my trailer to continue the party.  I woke up covered in boy cum. Just a typical Friday night for a trailer trash whore.

Cum Eating Phone Sex: One of My Favorite Things

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex is something I know about. I am such a cum whore that the joke is I was bottle fed semen as a little one. My son knows what a cum whore his mommy is, so he came over with some friends last night to feed me. I always have cum in the freezer, but I was running low. He knew this and thought he would help. I know. It isn’t a totally selfless act because he does get his balls drained. I appreciated it nonetheless. I go through a lot more cum pops in the warmer months. I use one daily to cool my morning coffee. One cum pop cools my coffee and provides the cream. I have several more throughout the day. I had a pitcher next to me as I blew one boy after the other. I sucked the cum right out of the pee holes and spit it in the pitcher until I had a quart of cum. Every boy came three times in my mouth. I know how to drain balls. I went to bed with cum breath, after I filled my ice tray up with fresh jizz of course. First thing I did this morning was make some coffee and use my cum pop to cool it down. Starting my day off with some boy cream always sets the day off on a positive note. Before I even have dirty phone sex with you, I have cum.

Lot Lizard Sex for Coke

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is something a dirty ho like me understands. Most men have never visited a truck stop for sex. Now, I am not a paid ho. Not cash as least. I trade my old snatch for cocaine and pot. Growing up there was an old saying, “Ass or grass, no one rides for free.”  It meant if hitchhiking, you gave up the goods or you shared your weed for a ride. Almost no one hitchhikes anymore thanks to serial killers like Ted Bundy. But the sentiment is the same if you want some drugs. Women don’t have to pay for a fix if they spread their fuck holes. Some lot lizards are total strung out skanks. I may fuck a lot and have a high mileage puss, but I still look good. That gets me special treatment at the truck stop. Horny truckers want first dibs on my sweet holes. There was a new trucker, black as night too, who invited me into his cab. He knew my reputation as a trailer trash whore down to fuck for coke. Truckers always have white powder. It is the new No Doz! We got high and fucked. Big D has the biggest cock, but this new guy was thick as fuck. I’m walking a little funny today. But, I will take a little discomfort for the chance to fuck a perfect BBC. Plus, I have coke now. That will take any hurt away.

BBC Sex Stories: I Have Tons

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I never run out of. I can’t help it if the brothers like me. It is not that they love an old cougar. It is more that they love that I am such a seasoned whore that I can swallow some big thick dicks. Big D and a few of his trucker pals came over late last night. They were supposed to be enjoying the company of a high end escort. I was shocked to find out that they wanted to see if a classy lady fucks as good as an old whore. The bitch refunded their money the moment she saw their monster cocks. I know what she was thinking too. She thought their big black dicks would stretch out her perfect little holes. She didn’t want to be damaged goods. Personally, I like being damaged goods. Means I have had a hell of a lot of fun. I’m a big dick sucker and a big cock fucker. Big D and his friends made the smart choice coming to me. I don’t even cost money. I like to fuck, so I will do it for free. I gave each chocolate head the attention it deserved. The balls deep attention it deserved. I rarely even choke swallowing down 12 inches of cock any more. I am a far cry from a classy call girl, but why would you want one if she won’t suck your dick? If you are paying a bitch to suck and fuck and she won’t fuck and suck, you should get a refund and come find a woman like me. A trailer trash whore will do a lot more than suck and fuck and she will do it for free. I let those black hung truckers run a train on me and fill me with cum. Big D knows now to save his money and bring the brothers over to me.

Cum Dumpster Beverly

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Beverly is one on my many monikers. No one in my trailer park can take as much cum as me. I brag about it too. Personally, I love being a cum whore. The men know who to visit when they have huge balls that need drained. A group of guys I party with came by last night for cock service. They are truckers who have wives who don’t give head. I mean really? Isn’t it like part of the vows? To love, honor and give head? I will suck a cock, old or young, white or black. I just want to taste and feel jizz. Cum does a body good. I don’t care what anyone says, cum is an essential daily protein. So, my party buddies were over with coke and cock. We sat around doing lines and drinking beer before they whipped out their underserved dicks out for me to suck. My daughter has impeccable timing. She walked in as I was on my knees showing off my big dick sucker talents. She helped me. If I am the cum queen of the trailer ark, she is the cum princess. I love sharing cum with my daughter, with any woman, because I can snowball the cum. Men love watching bitches play with their jizz. My daughter is just as big of a cum guzzling slut as I am. We woke up this morning feeling full, but we are never full enough.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut Beverly is one of my monikers down at the truck stop. I do love to suck dick and swallow cum. My car overheated Saturday on my way down to the truck stop to suck some dick. It was too hot to wait in the sun for AAA to come, so I went into the new adult bookstore that was a few blocks away. I had been wanting to check it out anyway. I walked a few blocks in my short shorts and sought some shelter from the heat in the dirty bookstore. It had tons of sexy stripper outfits, videos, and sex toys.  I worked my way towards the back. I am glad I did. Our new local adult bookstore had glory holes. There are a few down at the truck stop but they are man made. This place had official rooms. I needed a cum fix, so I went into one. There was a cock already through the hole like it was waiting to be sucked by me. The cock looked familiar. It was a huge black cock. I started sucking on it because I am a big dick sucker too. Once my lips hit that chocolate cock, I knew it was Big D. He knew it was me too. I have sucked his huge ass cock hundreds of times. He was waiting for me outside the door. “I knew those lips,” he laughed. “I knew that huge cock,” I retorted. He was on his way to the truck stop when he decided to check out the new store too. I was headed there to suck his cock and score some blow. It was fate that my old clunker broke down when it did. We fucked in the back of his cab then went and got my car. He towed it back to the trailer park for me. Of course, I had to reward him with more cock sucking. I looked like a cum dumpster when he left. He has enough cum in his big black balls to coat an army of old whores.

My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy neighbor lady thinks my cum filled cunt tastes good. That is because it is usually filled with her son’s seed. She doesn’t know I have been spreading my legs for her teen son. She doesn’t enjoy his cock, so I might as well, right? She likes younger guys, just not as young as I go, so I have been tricking her into eating her son’s cum. She is bisexual like me. She knows women can eat some pussy with the best of them. Last night I was high as fuck, so I had no sensor. She must be a natural creampie slut because she was enjoying that cunt of mine that had a fresh load of her son’s jizz inside of it. I flopped my legs open and told her to enjoy every drop. She thought she was sucking down some nigger cum because I am a BBC whore. How this woman lives in a trailer park is beyond me. She is like some sort of Pollyanna. She likes the idea of young cock but won’t fuck her son. She likes the idea of being a BBC slut but won’t take on few black guys. I can help her get all the young cock and all the black cock she can handle. In the meantime, she seems content with eating out my creamy pussy. I never say no to cock or coke. Nor do I say no to a cum eating old whore who likes to eat pussy.

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