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Cum Guzzling Slut in The Club

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut will always be the most popular girl in the neighborhood. If you swallow, word gets around. I was with some girlfriends last night at the local strip club. Ladies get in for free and the drinks are cheap. The strippers never seem to mind a few trailer park whores in the club. This one guy was having his bachelor party at the club. He was 25 and getting married. His father was with him. He was flipping the bill. They had the VIP room and asked us to join. I figured they would want us to strip or blow the groom, but he was just being nice. He was close to my age and I think he just felt out of his element in a club full of 20 somethings mostly. He was rich. I could tell by the watch, the groomed hands and his clothes, but he was not pretentious. After a few shots, I was horny. His son and his pals were getting lap dances, so I gave the groom’s father a lap dance that ended with a sloppy blow job. Daddy had not cum in way too long. He almost blew a hole in the back of my head. I fucked daddy in a chair. His son and bachelor party never even noticed what the trashy cougar was doing to daddy until I made him cum, and he moaned so loudly all eyes were on us. Junior and his friends started egging daddy on to fuck me harder.  That was when some of the groom’s friends came over to join in on the fun. Then I was a cum dumpster as all the groom’s pals including the groom skull fucked me too. I knew he was married but what happens in a strip club stays in a strip club, right?

Trashy Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for men who like cheap whores. I am the kind of woman that parents warn their sons about! I like being the town tramp. I decided to cross the train tracks last night to go to the grocery store. Instead of shopping at the Piggly Wiggly near me, I went to the fancy Whole Foods in the good part of town. I looked out of place with all those hipsters, millennials and old money folks. I was in daisy duke shorts and a wife beater tee-shirt. I had on high heels and I looked like a trailer trash whore. I am one! I didn’t really know what I was buying. This place didn’t sell Spam or Ramen noodles. I just tossed a few things into my cart and shook my ass down the aisles hoping to hook a stud. I hooked a few studs and a couple grandpas! I took Trevor home. He reminded me of an old school preppie. He looked like a Polo ad. I knew he was slumming, but all I cared about was a hard cock. I didn’t care about his motives for fucking either. Lots of rich boys like to say they fucked a trailer park slut. Trevor was like one of them. He was 23 with an 8-inch cock and he wanted to fuck my ass. With a cock like that, he could fuck whatever hole he wanted. He fucked all three of my holes in a trailer likely the size of his bathroom. I have a pussy full of cum and he has a dirty story to share.

My Daughter the Creampie Slut

creampie slutMy daughter is a creampie slut. She inherited her love for cum from her cum whore mommy. I am a proud cum guzzler. Last night, my daughter was over for dinner. She brought dessert with her in the form of two male studs. She met them online and she wanted to help them fulfill a mother daughter fantasy. My girl knows I am always down to share her with men. The more the merrier. One of the men fucked me while the other fucked my daughter. The two guys fucked all our holes. We each had a load from each guy. We enjoy sharing cum together. While the men were recuperating, my daughter and I ate each other’s creampies. Fresh spunk in my daughter’s wet snatch tastes the best. Of course, after witnessing a mother and daughter swapping their DNA out of one another’s cunts, they got hard again. Stud number 1 fucked my daughter from behind, pushing her face into my sloppy wet pussy. Stud #2 skull fucked me while my daughter ate my pussy. I love playing in cum. The two studs she brought with her last night enjoyed fucking a mother and daughter. They fucked us all night too. Today we look like cum dumps. Cum is matted in our hair. It has dried on our tits and some is still leaking out our asses and cunts.

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fuckingA blonde fucking whore will always be popular. Boys and men alike come knocking on my trailer park door at all hours of the night. I never complain. I will happily wake up earlier to suck some cock or get fucked in the ass. I was only half asleep at 4:00 AM when I heard banging on my front door. I stumbled to answer the door as I was still drunk. I never look through the peephole. I just assume who ever is knocking wants to fuck or is looking for their man. There was a young teen boy at my door. He told me he woke up to pee and his hard-on wouldn’t go away. He explained he has been jacking off for an hour and nothing. He was at the point of blue balls when he knocked on my door. He knew where to go for relief, however. Smart boy. Some one schooled him properly. I ushered him into my trailer. I got on my knees and pulled out his painfully erect cock. Good thing I am a big dick sucker because he was hard as concrete. The biggest and hardest cock I have ever seen on a boy that age. I had to use a finger in his ass with my mouth to drain him properly. But I did. He went home to sleep like a baby and I slept soundly too with a belly full of jizz.

Cum Guzzling Slut and Trailer Park Barbie

cum guzzling slutI love being a cum guzzling slut. Black men love me because of that too. They know who will swallow their huge loads. I hooked up with two black men I met at the Piggly Wiggly last night. I was walking around in heels, short shorts and a tube top. I have long legs, a small butt and big tits. I am trailer trash old Barbie. Men love it, especially black men. They were ogling my goods. One guy asked me if I liked Stallion cock. “Black stallions only baby,” was my retort. Thirty minutes later, I was at their crib sucking down two black stallion cocks. Huge dicks, more like anacondas! I was in heaven. Those two big black cocks leaked more pre-cum than an army of white men could even cum. I was guzzling it down like a trailer trash whore does. Cum does a body good. I would have been happy to just be a cum guzzler last night, but the brothers wanted to spit roast me. I am skinny like a stick. With one big black cock in my mouth and the other in my cunt, they held me up in the air with their cocks and fucked the shit out of me. I was walking funny and dripping cum out of my holes afterwards, but that is the life of trailer park Barbie!

A Trashy Milf Keeps Herself Slutty

trashy milfA trashy milf always looks her best. I keep my body tanned, my hair blonde, and my clothes slutty. I don’t ever want to be mistaken for a high class woman. I think once I grab a guy’s crotch he knows I am no good girl. I was at this food festival in town last night. I had on a hot pink skin tight dress. High stilettos too. As I walked around on the brink of falling over, I looked at the men staring at me. I calculate my risks when I decide to grab a guy’s cock. It is the most effective way, however, for making sure you are bringing home a winner. This carnie guy was not that attractive, but he appeared to be hung like a horse from the outline in his pants. I grabbed his dick and he grabbed my pussy. I asked him if he wanted to come back to my trailer and fuck, but he wanted to give me his cock there at the festival. I got on my knees, it was gravel too I was on, so it hurt my boney knees. His cock felt good in my mouth, which made up for it. He said I was a great cock sucker. I am a big dick sucker, so I did my best. I was in public and on my knees, but I still managed to swallow some carnie cum. 

White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex means you are talking to a chick from the wrong side of the tracks. I was raised in a trailer park and I will die in one too. Trailer park sluts have great lives. I don’t pretend to be anything I am not. I don’t need fancy clothes or a fancy car. I don’t need respect or a legitimate job. I barely graduated high school. All I need is coke, cock and cum. The three C’s of life. I was drinking alone last night in my trailer when this guy knocked on the door. Anyone who knows me knows I have a knock don’t tell policy. Married or young can knock on my trailer and get fucked and sucked and not only do I not tell, I don’t ask questions either. Sam knocked on my trailer park door last night. He asked for head but I said why settle for just head when you can fuck a trailer trash whore too? I mean seriously, I don’t just suck cock unless a guy doesn’t want to fuck me. But cum on? Who doesn’t want to fuck a lot lizard skank like me? I polished Sam’s knob a few times then I became his dick spinner. I saw the ring on his finger. Maybe a fight or maybe the wife don’t put out any more. I didn’t ask because in the end all I cared about was the dicking he gave me.

My Daughter Loves My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy daughter came over last night when I told her I had a sloppy wet pussy. She wanted to eat mommy’s creampie. I raised her to be a cum loving whore like me. When I would breast feed her, I always had a glob of cum on my tits. Once I started bottle feeding her, I always added some cum to the mix. Now, I have a full grown cum whore. A bunch of black men gang banged me, filling me up with cum. I pissed some of it out to eat myself, but there was plenty inside of me to share, so I called my daughter. She came right over. She is such a creampie slut. When she arrived, she kissed me then went to her knees between my legs. She loves eating the very pussy she came from, especially when it is full of man seed. I never told her who I fucked. I didn’t have to tell her. She started slurping up the mess in my cunt and she knew immediately that it was black spunk. She had her tongue so far deep in mommy’s fuck hole that she even knew what I ate for breakfast lol. We snowballed the cum too. Eventually, she got every last drop. That was disappointing. Easy fix though. We just went to the truck stop and got fucked until we came home with two cum filled pussies to eat.

Playing with My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt, especially on calls. I woke with a messy pussy. Honestly, last night is a blur. I remember lots of black cock. The way my ass and pussy looked when I woke up, it was clear that I had nigger dick in me. My fuck holes only gape like that with big black cock. I was a hot fucking mess. When I got a cum whore call, I was prepared. Cum is a great hangover cure. I started scooping out cum from my cunt to feed myself. I shit some out of my ass in a cup and drank that too. I am always prepared for a cum call because I am a cum dumpster. I have cum in the frig and the ice box. Today, I had cum in my pussy and ass too. I love the taste of cum. Thick, chunky cum in my fuck holes tastes the best, however. I will eat fresh cum or old cum because I am a cum whore. 

Freaky Phone Sex Story

freaky phone sexI have a freaky phone sex story for you. My son is dating this girl. She is super-hot but boring as fuck in bed. He asked me if I could help him out. I knew what he had in mind, but I wasn’t sure if she would be up to a kinky threesome with her boyfriend’s mom. If she is boring in the sack, chances are she is not adventurous. I was wrong. I think the problem was that she likes pussy too. My son was dating a bisexual hottie. I was having dinner with them and she was finger banging my cunt under the table. I had a sloppy wet pussy before the fun started. I passed around some great weed. We got high as fuck and fooled around. She was more interested in his cock when it was in one of my fuck holes. I felt bad for my son. He loves this sweet young thing, but she needs pussy to get in the mood. That bodes well for me but might not sit well for my son. What boy wants to lose a girl to his mommy? I wanted my son happy, so I made his love interest a deal. A secret deal. She could have my cougar cunt whenever she wanted if she fucked my son with enthusiasm. She was good with the deal. Now, I will join them occasionally because threesomes are hot. Mostly, however, I will be eating her cunt and letting her eat mine on the down low from my son.

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