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Fill Me Up With BBC Cum

creampie slutI fucking love it when black guys cum in me. They always leave a heavy load of that hot sticky jizz that I crave.  I never ever let them pull out.  Well, unless it’s so they can nut all over my face.  I love getting facials too.  This afternoon was so fucking hot.  I had to go get a new tire and the guy at the tire shop was fucking hot.   He had long dreads, which I love.  I made sure to accidentally on purpose drop my phone so I could bend over and he could see my ass and the fact that I wasn’t wearing panties.  As soon as I stood up and turned to make sure he was looking, he grabbed ahold of what looked like an eggplant in his pants.  I almost fell over.  I had to have that.  I smiled and licked my lips.  He took me to the employee bathroom and gave my greedy pussy the beating it needed.  God, my insides are sore, but he filled up my greedy cunt.  Just what I needed.

I’m Your Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreMy new neighbor stopped by the house earlier turning me into his new anal sex whore.  We have been eyeballing each other ever since he moved into the neighborhood.  I stare at him as me and my lame ass husband ride by him jogging.  God, you can see his nice package bounce around in those basketball shorts he wears.  I rub my pussy knowing that my husband is watching.  What’s he gonna do?  He knows I’m a fucking slut and that his pathetic excuse for a cock could NEVER satisfy me.  So, I’m home alone, not that it would matter, and my doorbell rings.  I answer it to my hot new neighbor all sweaty.  He had just finished his run and he was dripping in sweat and his pheromones were so strong I got a little weak in the knees.

He scooped me up and carried me into the living room dumping me on the floor.  “Get on all fours”, he told me.  I felt him get behind me and lift my short silky robe up over my hips.  Rubbing his large mushroom head up and down from my clit to my asshole.  As soon as I felt it graze my now creamy slit, I pushed back on it.  God, it was huge and felt so good.  He pulled out telling me that wasn’t the hole he wanted right now.  Slowly he pushed the head of his big black cock into my asshole.  In and out slowly until he worked his way all the way in.  Stretching my asshole wide.  It felt amazing.  I could feel him throbbing in my ass.  He had to go slow so as not to immediately fill my asshole with his warm cream.  I rubbed my clit and came.  Feeling my pussy spasm made him explode all in my asshole.  I can’t wait for our next rendezvous.

Druggy Phone Sex, I Wanna Get Lit

druggy phone sexFuck this shit!! Fuck my puny dick husband and my BBC boyfriend.  They can both kiss my ample ass. I want Druggy Phone Sex and to get so fucked up that I’ll let any and every cock that approaches me get some of this action.  I’m sitting at this trashy ass bar working on like my 4th or 5th vodka and cranberry.  Yeah, I did a couple of shots too.  Got me a bottle of pills and I’m getting fucked up.  There’s a bunch of horny drunk men and I’ve been working through them too.  In fact, I’ve been taking them two at a time to the men’s bathroom.  Sucking cock, getting my asshole and my cunt pummeled all at the same time.  Getting fucked up and getting fucked is all I want to do tonight. None of these fuckers seem to care that there’s cum running down my legs lol!  I just take a bar napkin and wipe my legs like it’s the normal thing to do.  My pussy is sore, but not as sore as I want.  Who wants some of Bethany tonight? Black, white, brown, fuck I’ll even let a furry hit this horny cunt tonight.  

Do I Look Like A BBC Phone Sex Whore?

bbc phone sex

Do I look like a BBC phone sex whore to you?  I so am.  I love to hang out at the gym.  Not to get into shape, but to find BBC studs to hook up with.  I’m a regular in the locker room lol!  When I come strolling in, the whole mood in the gym changes.  Today, there were some new black men in there that I hadn’t seen before.  They were with some of the black guys that I’ve either blown or fucked.  Of course two or three at a time. One is never enough.  Sharing is caring.  As soon as I came in, they started smiling and elbowing each other.  I pretended not to notice and went over to the stair master. In no time at all, one of them came over there and smacked me on my ample ass and motioned for me to follow him.  As I walked into the locker room, there were about 5 black studs butt naked with their already stiff rods awaiting my warm eager mouth.  Dropping to my knees, there were big black cocks all in my face.  I got a great workout but not on the stair master 😉  Those black men sure know how to fuck and they acted like they had never had their big black cocks sucked like that before.  They couldn’t believe that I could take them all the way down my throat.  My pussy and ass are so sore, but it was so worth it.  Sure I’m a fucking BBC slut, and I love it!

I’m Such A Fucking BBC Cum Dumpster Whore

cum dumpsterI’m such a fucking BBC Cum Dumpster Whore.  I love having black cock in my mouth, in my hands, my lovely cunt.  Oh fuck, I just love BBC everywhere and anytime I can get it.  There’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week for me to be stuffed with black cock.  Having that creamy jizz all over me.  Mmmm I love it when they cum all over my mouth.  Let’s just say that I was definitely the halftime show at the football game party earlier.  My friend Mario invited me over to watch the big game with all his friends and we all got super drunk.  You know people tend to let their inhibitions down when they drink but hell I didn’t even need the alcohol to make me want to take on all those big black men lol!  Sooooo, at halftime, I just stripped in front of all of them and started dancing around.  A couple of them kinda laughed nervously at first, but it didn’t take long for them to start grabbing on my ample breasts and smacking my ass.

Soon they had formed a circle around me and I instinctively dropped to my knees.  Well, they all dropped their pants to the floor and I went to town on all of those BBCs.  None of us had even realized when the game came back on.  I was too busy enjoying all of that black cock in ALL of my holes.  My cunt is dripping yummy cum.  Not to mention all of the cum facials I got. 

Size Queen Here

bbc phone sexI’m such a fucking size queen.  That’s why white men like you call me for BBC Phone Sex.  You know that you white men with your pale puny pricks could never satisfy a trashy whore like me.  Not like these big black men do.  You must be intimidated by looking at their huge meat sticks and knowing that yours could never measure up.  Don’t feel bad.  You like hearing how small your cock is compared to these black studs.   Hearing how they fuck me til I can barely walk.  How they fill all my holes at once.  Pleasing every part of me.  Grabbing me  by my hair while they fuck my face.  Slamming their black meat hard in my sloppy wet cunt.  Their massive balls slapping against my ample ass.  Cumming over and over in my pussy.  Stretching my tight asshole and leaving it gaping wide.  Yeah, I’m a fucking size queen whore.  Call me and I’ll tell you all about it.

BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sex

I’m such a BBC Phone Sex whore.  I’ve had more black cock in me than white cock, that’s for sure.  I don’t know what it is about big black cocks that I love so much, but I always have..   I can remember when I was in High School and I started noticing that all the black boys I went to school had so much better bodies than those scrawny white boys.  Then, I started noticing that their dick imprints in their pants were MUCH bigger as well.  I decided then and there.  Fuck that shit, all I want in my pussy is some big black cock.  I wasn’t sure how my parents were going to react and all, so I hid it from them for a while.  My mom kept asking me why I didn’t go on any dates with boys.  However I was always getting all dressed up to go out with one of my girlfriends.

Little did she know that I was giving half the defensive line on the football team head before each and every game.  Hell, if we won the game, I would even let them run a train on me.  Seeing all those huge black cocks made my pussy so wet.  I was of course a cheerleader and they would come by me during the game and brush up against my titty walking by or slap me on my ass.  I would giggle and tell them to hurry up and score!!!!  The closer it came time for the game to be over, I would get more excited just thinking about having my hands, mouth and ass filled with all that BBC.  I guess that’s why I’m such a BBC phone sex whore now.  You know what they say right?  Once you go black, you never go back. It’s soooo true.



BBC Sex Stories For My Cuckolding Husband

bbc sex stories

Do you like hearing all about BBC Sex Stories?  If you’re anything like my cuckolding husband, and I bet you are, you don’t just like them, you LOVE them!!!  Well, while my husband was at work today, I was busy getting plowed by these two gorgeous ebony men who were both well hung.  I mean they were like BBC Gods.

I called my husband right before they got here to inform him that when he got home from work I would have some yummy BBC creampie for him.  He was so excited.  He loves for me to get fucked while he’s at work.  I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful cuckolding husband who not only understands my lust for BBC, he encourages it.

Returning home from work to hear all about my BBC Sex sometimes makes him leave work a little early.  Especially if he knows I’ve gotten my juicy cunt and puckered asshole filled to the rims with all that sticky BBC cum for him to lap up.

Bethany’s BBC Gang Bang

bbc phone sex

Guess what I’m in the mood for?  YESSSS!!!!  A BBC Gang Bang!!  So, I went on this hook up site looking for some new BBC.  I wanted to get my pussy stretched beyond belief.  I just wanted one to begin with but when the pics came rolling in, OMG! I couldn’t pick just one.  So in a true BBC Lover whore mode, I picked them all.  I’m getting all dolled up right now.  I shaved my pussy and practiced stretching it out with my conditioner bottle ;).  It felt sooo good.  I can’t wait to get stretched.  I think I’ll let them fill all my holes at once.  You gotta admit, it’s a great assortment huh?  I’m sure you’ll wanna hear all about my BBC Gang Bang afterwards don’t you?  Well, they’ll be here soon.  All this huge black cocks just for lil ol’ me.  It’s all good though ’cause we all know that this isn’t my first rodeo lol!  

Craving Big Black Cock!!

Anal sex whore

I have my big black lover coming over tonight to give me what I want and that is for my husband to see me getting fucked by a real man. My punky husband has a 5-inch white cock that can’t please me or anyone else at all. The only thing he is good for it paying the bills. It take’s a real man to make me scream with desire. I love getting filled up with all of his cum. While my husband sits and watches me cum over and over again. MMMM I crave big hard black cock all the time that is all I want. Tonight I have a gift for my husband and he is going to learn that I’m the only one in charge not him. He is going suck off my big black lover first and take his salty cum in his mouth and hold it there for about 5 mins before I make him swallow every last drop. Not only is my small cock husband going to taste that salty cum he I got 12-inch black cock in his glory hole while I watch. I’m turning my husband into the sissy I know he has always been. I’m going to make him crave that big black cock just like it do. While he is being used as fuck toy he will not be allowed to touch his cock or cum at all. Yes, this is going to be a big turn on for to see him getting used like the dirty sissy boy he is. Once my love is done with that sissy boy I call my husband it’s my turn get fucked by that big thick long anaconda cock I crave so much. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about being fill up with his cum.  Having it dip out of me MMM yes. Just thinking about It I’m getting so wet mmm I’m just going to have to touch myself right now mmm yes it feels so good my clit is throbbing so bad but we both know that tonight I will not be the only one crave that anaconda cock. In every one of my hole’s. The real sissy of my house will be craving that cum as much as I do. Time to make both of us scream with desire and pleasure.

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