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phone sex line bethanyThere is nothing better then Gangbang phone sex, and I’m the whore for you. I’m waiting for you and your friend to come over and help me live my ass raped fantasy. The more the better Lets make all our little fantasy cum true.

The Best Dirty Talk Lines All Have Silver & Gold

I’ve just another gangbang whore, always after her silver & gold – or white & yellow, if you like. Yup, I’m talking jizz & piss, boy. And I like them both at once.

After a long day of working for the company with the best dirty talk lines, I met a few guys down at the local convenience store – Humberto, Miguel, and Jesus. Apparently, they’d been told they could find me frequenting the place, and that I was into some really nasty shit. They were right. I took them home, and we got to playing.

gangbang whore BethanyThe three guys were “somewhat” drunk and well on their way to getting moreso, when I found out that they wanted to use me for a toilet. After they told me, I started getting stoked – I haven’t had a good pissing sex session in a while, and three drunk men seemed like a good deal.

Jesus started with delivering the gold by pissing right into my mouth, and Miguel seemed so aroused by this that he immediately came on my tits. This was followed immediately by his own hot golden stream, which got all up in my hair as Humberto grabbed me and flung me over so I was on my hands and knees, doggy style. He fucked me, came in me, then I felt a warm wetness that could not be mistaken for anything other than piss flowing out of my cunt.

Humberto was shoved to the side at that point, and Jesus started using my body as though I were a furry pet. He started walking me all over the place with his cock dangling between my legs, lifting one of my thighs now and then to “mark” the walls, his friends, anything. The others thought this was hilarious, and they tried to get in on the game.

They were all still drinking, though, and soon, after more fucking and a lot more pissing, I had three men passed out on my floor, and I was there covered in jizz and piss in the middle.

Silver & Gold,
Silver & Gold,
I’d rather have Jesus & Humberto & Miguel
Silver & Gold.

Gangbang Whore’s Fantasy Rape

I’m no stranger to being a gangbang whore, but it’s generally with my consent. However, I have this nasty little fantasy about getting completely raped by a bunch of men while I’m at my favorite dive bar. There have been a few guys there who have hinted at simply taking me, whether or not I grant them my say-so, but so far, I’ve given them permission.

gangbang whore BethanyI think I need to simply get totally smashed drunk. I’m known to be a party girl, but I know my limits, and I like to maintain a bit of control. But I think that if I got smashed, they could get so into the idea of drunk girl fucking that they wouldn’t care anymore if I said No or Yes, and would just go with it.

I want the whole damn bar full of men to fuck me. Lay me on a table and simply have their way with me. I want to be pinned by three guys – one holding my arms and one on each leg as I struggle to fight them off, while a fourth fucks me wherever he damn well pleases. I want at least three other men jerking off onto me at the same time. I want them raping me with the billiard sticks, pouring more liquor into me and on me, and shoving their cocks in anywhere they could.

I want to come out of the mess drunk, damaged, and drenched in cum. Maybe someone can help me indulge in my fantasy a little bit, hmm?

Live Phone Sex with a Trashy MILF

live phone sex BethanyLive phone sex is all well and good, but it just ends up whetting my appetite for the real deal. I’m one of the trashiest MILFs you’ll find, and I’ll do anything to get a quick lay. And I’ll do anything for pay, too. Do I make whoring my primary profession? No, that’s why I answer the phone sex lines. But if I can get an easy lay on the side for some quick cash, I’ll take it.

phone sex line Bethany

My most frequent callers are my big black lovers. I have a tremendous booty, and they love it. Plus, since it takes a huge cock to really satisfy me, I know what to do with one. So, those chocolate lovers with those huge BBCs come by for a good lay with an easy slut, and they leave happy. I’ll do it all for them, take them wherever they want, however they want. They leave satisfied, and I have my cash, so we’re all happy in the end.

gangbang whore Bethany

Live Phone Sex in the Hooker House

live phone sex BethanyI’m not ashamed that I sell my body for money and booze – live phone sex is the tamest thing I do. The whole neighborhood is a piece of work, so I’m not the only one out there selling myself. There’s even a “No Hooking” sign down the road, but of course, it’s ignored completely. I’ll do anything for cash, anything.

I had a blind guy come over the other day, and he was escorted by, yup, you guessed it, a mangy four-legged friend. He said he’d pay me a goodly amount of money, but I had to fuck Buck first. I don’t know why, since in theory, the john couldn’t see anything, but he said he’d enjoy it nonetheless. He said Buck had been humping his leg a lot lately and needed a ladyfriend like there was no tomorrow.

phone sex line Bethany

So I served as ladyfriend for Buck while sucking the john’s cock. It wasn’t the first time I’d served to do something like this, and it won’t be the last, but it was the most recent. The reason I mention it? The john wasn’t blind! At the end, he ripped off his glasses and told me he very much enjoyed watching his Buck fuck me from behind, and that I was the most amusing hooker he’d ever had the fortune to be with.

The stinking son of a bitch. But he did pay, so what do I care? It’s all for the money, and I’ll do whatever you ask. That’s why hooking on this street will never die.

gangbang whore Bethany

Live Phone Sex with a Cuckolding Queen

My poor little husband. At least he knew what he was getting into when he married me, working to do live phone sex as I do. His job is to be my cleanup bitch. Not just to cook and clean the house and do laundry and mow the lawn, and work on top of all of that.

No, no, I mean, it’s my job to go out or have my boys come over. It’s my job to be fucked in every single hole I have. It’s my job to have my husband come home to find me leaking cum from every orifice, absolutely dripping creamy spunk as though I can’t contain it anymore. And it’s HIS job to be, as I said, my cleanup bitch.

live phone sex Bethany

My little cucky husband gets down and licks me clean. Licks my pussy, drinks those other men’s cum, slurping and sucking it out, making sure to get it all, using his fingers to dig out any other bit of cum that might be hiding deep inside my puss. He eats out my asshole, likewise digging around to make sure he gets every last drop of jizz that’s lurking in me.

He pulls back, face and beard covered with sticky sperm and juice from them and me. If I feel clean, I give him a kiss, and I let him jerk off at that point. On the ground, not on me. He gets to get down on the ground and lick that up, too, but by then he’s so grateful that he could cum that he’d do anything for his cuckolding queen of a wife.

BBC Gangbang Whore Bethany Takes ‘Em All

gangbang whore BethanyI don’t know how I manage to fuck all the cocks I fuck. I love being such a gangbang whore for my big black lovers. I had seven of them over the other night for some fun, and, sweet fuck, by the end of the night, I was dripping with cum from head to foot.

One cock in one hand, one in the other. One in my cooch, one in my ass, one in my mouth, and two jerking off onto me. They mixed it up, too, cycling through who was fucking me and who was stroking and who was being stroked and who was being sucked. We changed positions a lot, so everyone got a turn in my ass and in my vag and anywhere else they wanted to be.

It was a cumfest, definitely, and I was the star. Those big black boys covered me in their thick white spunk until I couldn’t see or taste or smell anything else. My boys shoot huge loads! I’ll need to invite them over again soon!

live phone sex Bethany

BBC Sex Stories in Orgyland

bbc sex storiesI love my big black lovers! I had seven of my lovers over the other night for a blowjob orgy, because I’m such a big dick sucker. I mean that in both senses of the word – I LOVE sucking dick, and I love sucking BIG dick!

I got down on my knees in the middle of the living room, and they lined up to begin presenting me their big black cocks. I began by sucking first one, then another, but then the next few guys began prodding at me. One was poking my shoulder, one started grabbing my ass and poking himself in there. Soon I was getting fucked in all holes… but they weren’t cumming.

big dick sucker Bethany

In the end, they all pulled out and finished the job themselves. It was a race to see who could finish first by jerking off onto me the fastest. I tried to catch it all in my mouth, but there was just no way – there was just too much of that thick, hot cum for me to catch it all! They came all over me! So much fun!

orgy phone sex Bethany

Star Wars Fuckery

trashy milf BethanyAs I’m sure you’re well aware, today is Star Wars Day, due to it being May the 4th (“May the Fourth be with you!”). This gives plenty of options for extra sexy experiences. Science fiction is fun!

The first step: Put on your favorite Star Wars movie. Some people like to start with Episode 1 because it’s “number 1,” but I’m a little older than the rapscallions who think that the number means anything, so I start with Episode 4.

The next step: Pick your favorite game. I get my favorite lovers to come over and we practice the Trench Run over and over, with one of them playing Luke Skywalker and the others playing the Tie Fighters, trying to knock his cock out of the way while he tries to aim his way into my pussy. Best is if he just jerks off and manages to land his stream in my pussy or ass – bonus points for him!

sloppy wet pussy Bethany

The third step: Dress up! During Episode 6, Leia dresses up as a slave to Jabba the Hut, so to celebrate the holiday, I get out my best Slave Leia outfit for some more celebrations. The boys, well, I like ‘em hairy (not quite has hairy as Chewy), and I much prefer being slave to them as opposed to that big fat motherfucker Jabba, so I act as a little slave girl to my boys for a while, seeing to their every need.

gangbang whore Bethany

The fourth step: Fighting, of course. The boys put on Stormtrooper masks and have a battle, of sorts. I lay down, and they try to jerk off on my face. But of course, the masks kind of impede their vision, so if they can’t see, they can’t aim well (in typical Stormtrooper fashion), so if they miss, they have to do a shot. The one that’s most drunk has to lick me clean.

cum dumpster Bethany

Finally, we play “Who’s your Daddy?” and we see who can make me scream the most while he fucks me. Of course, I’m trying, at the same time, to make him call out my name, but invariably, we all win this game.

I love May the Fourth. It’s possibly my favorite holiday!

gangbang sex stories Bethany

Creampie Sex Stories for Cuckkie

creampie sex stories BethanyI thought I heard my husband say he was going to go stick his cock in some holes, and I started screaming at him. Oh, no, my little tiny dicked hubbby does NOT go fucking other ladies without my say so. He is MY little man to command, and he is here to clean up after I go out and have fun with my lovers.

Before he could respond, I left the house and went over to Jake’s place. He’s always good for a quick, dirty fuck. I sucked him real good for a while, then had him fill me with his good hot spunk. Once that was done, I quickly dressed and came home to hubby, ready to tell him to clean up my dripping, cum-filled pussy.

Only once he did was he allowed to explain himself. It turns out, what he said was that he was going to go “stick some caulk in some holes.” We have some cracks around our tub, you see. Oops! Good little hubby was being a good little fixer-upper! Oh well! He even had gone and done so while I was out fucking Jake.

For being suck a good little man, I let him jerk off onto my titties. Then he got to lick them clean. He was very happy after that!

creampie slut Bethany

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