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Craving Big Black Cock!!

Anal sex whore

I have my big black lover coming over tonight to give me what I want and that is for my husband to see me getting fucked by a real man. My punky husband has a 5-inch white cock that can’t please me or anyone else at all. The only thing he is good for it paying the bills. It take’s a real man to make me scream with desire. I love getting filled up with all of his cum. While my husband sits and watches me cum over and over again. MMMM I crave big hard black cock all the time that is all I want. Tonight I have a gift for my husband and he is going to learn that I’m the only one in charge not him. He is going suck off my big black lover first and take his salty cum in his mouth and hold it there for about 5 mins before I make him swallow every last drop. Not only is my small cock husband going to taste that salty cum he I got 12-inch black cock in his glory hole while I watch. I’m turning my husband into the sissy I know he has always been. I’m going to make him crave that big black cock just like it do. While he is being used as fuck toy he will not be allowed to touch his cock or cum at all. Yes, this is going to be a big turn on for to see him getting used like the dirty sissy boy he is. Once my love is done with that sissy boy I call my husband it’s my turn get fucked by that big thick long anaconda cock I crave so much. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about being fill up with his cum.  Having it dip out of me MMM yes. Just thinking about It I’m getting so wet mmm I’m just going to have to touch myself right now mmm yes it feels so good my clit is throbbing so bad but we both know that tonight I will not be the only one crave that anaconda cock. In every one of my hole’s. The real sissy of my house will be craving that cum as much as I do. Time to make both of us scream with desire and pleasure.

Let me be your cum filled cunt

Cum filled cunt

When I went shopping today I ran into a very old friend from years ago. But when our eyes meet it did not feel like a long time ago. It seemed like I just saw him a few mins ago. The only thing I could think of is that big black cock of his. I remember it was about 11 in long and full of hot juice cum. I was like a school looking at this hot stud football player that I could not wait to get a hold of. As I was chatting with him I just let it slip that I would love to be his cum filled cunt. I got my answer he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the food court that was not yet opened but that did not matter. He picked the table in the middle of the room and had set and told me to drop to my knees and that’s just what I did. As soon as I hit my knees his big black cock was slapped me in the face. I took his rock hard cock down my mouth worshipping every last inch. I was his cum filled cunt again and I was loving ever min of it. I kept going up and down on his cock sucking and licking his balls. I could feel his balls getting tighter and tighter I know it would not be long I started sucking hard and faster I was ready for that big load of hot juice cum and yes I got it I got a whole mouth full I love the taste of his cum. After he blows his load he got up and just walked away did not as a word. (LOL) just like in high school I was this cum slut and that was it. Now I want to be you cum slut too .

Bethany Getting turned on while waiting in a long line.

Anal sex whore

The other day I was in a long line at one of my favorite stores. They only had 2 registers open and the line was almost to the back of the store. But I was already there so I was just going to wait. For a while I was the last one in line until a young couple got behind me he was a big guy with a big black dick. I was not eavesdropping or at least I was not trying to. But you could tell they where in love and very frisky. I could hear her letting him that she wanted to drop to her knees right there in line and suck his cock. WOW that was really a turn to hear that. He told her that he wanted to give her a big surprise when she ask what that was he said I want to fuck you right her right now. At this time my pussy was starting to get wet. He told her to stand in front of him but to press herself against him. The next thing I heard was is zipper being unzipped. I turned around a little so that I could see what is going on with them to. The more I heard and the more I saw the more my pussy was getting wet I could fell the wetness slowly dripping down my leg. I have never been turned on like I was on this day. I see that he had her mini dress pulled up just enough to stick his big cock inside of her and from what I could tell is was not in her pussy. I heard her say baby fuck my ass harder. The line start slowly moving up and he never took his dick out of her as they walked. I wanted to be fucked just like her I had the shopping cart in front of me and my sweat shirt hanging down so I begin rubbing my pussy while I watched him fuck her. As the line keep moving I could tell his and her voices that he was ready to cum all in her ass. So I keep rubbing faster and harder I come at the same time they. Wow I loved the way he was using her as a cum dumpster  that was really hot I have never been working up so much in line like I was that day.

Trailer trash whore Bethany

Trailer trash whore

If you are looking for a kinky drinking party and you are in the mood for wild and crazy sex? Then I’m the Trailer trash whore for you. I’m all about getting banged by big black cocks just so you know a cock is a cock and I will fuck them all but there is just something about a big 12in black cock that makes my pussy sloppy wet and juice. What makes me a Trailer trash whore is that I will try anything at least once. You want to bring some friends over and bang my nice tight ass with at many BBC as you can? Will I know what would even make that better lol Is to make my sissy ass husband watch as you and your friends make me a chocolate ‘éclair. You know vanilla on the outside with some yummy chocolate filling! MMM sounds like my kinda night wild and kinky. So get all your BBC friend and come and give your Trail trash whore the fucking of my life.

Bethany your Gangbang whore

Gangbang whore

I hope you kicked off your New Year with a big bang. I know I did My husband and I had a New Year’s Eve party that went off with big bang. I had invited a few of my play mate to come to the party that way I could start my New Year’s off right. The party started with music, dancing and lots of drinks. Next thing I knew I was sitting on the pool table with a nice big 12in black cock in my mouth I could feel his big ball smacking my chain while I sucked his dick. When I look up I saw a room full of guys standing with their cocks hanging out waiting for me to take care of them. MMM I just wanted to suck and fuck every one of them at the same time I was so horny and wanted to be there Gangbang whore. Before I Knew It I was on my hands and knees with on big black cock in my mouth and another BBC fucking my ass. It looks as if I’m going to be there Ass fucking Gang bang whore for the night. All night long I was passed from BBC to BBC I was use as a Cum dumper a cock sucking whore. And much more. If you want to hear the Hole story I would love to fill you in and Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun I had.

Your Anal sex whore Bethany

Anal sex whore

Hi Guy’s I’m Bethany your Anal sex whore that love’s Big Black Cock. My husband new what I wanted for Christmas this year and guess what I got it. I got 3 Big Black Cocks that used me as there cum dumpster all Christmas Day as my husband sat jacking off while they fucked me in every hole that I had. Once all my hole where filled and dripping cum. It was time to make my pussy whipped husband clean me out while he is being fucked in the ass my a 12 1/2 in black cock. This is what I really wanted for Christmas to be used and see my husband be used. So if your ready for some No taboo phone sex then give me a call.

Gangbang phone sex

phone sex line bethanyThere is nothing better then Gangbang phone sex, and I’m the whore for you. I’m waiting for you and your friend to come over and help me live my ass raped fantasy. The more the better Lets make all our little fantasy cum true.

The Best Dirty Talk Lines All Have Silver & Gold

I’ve just another gangbang whore, always after her silver & gold – or white & yellow, if you like. Yup, I’m talking jizz & piss, boy. And I like them both at once.

After a long day of working for the company with the best dirty talk lines, I met a few guys down at the local convenience store – Humberto, Miguel, and Jesus. Apparently, they’d been told they could find me frequenting the place, and that I was into some really nasty shit. They were right. I took them home, and we got to playing.

gangbang whore BethanyThe three guys were “somewhat” drunk and well on their way to getting moreso, when I found out that they wanted to use me for a toilet. After they told me, I started getting stoked – I haven’t had a good pissing sex session in a while, and three drunk men seemed like a good deal.

Jesus started with delivering the gold by pissing right into my mouth, and Miguel seemed so aroused by this that he immediately came on my tits. This was followed immediately by his own hot golden stream, which got all up in my hair as Humberto grabbed me and flung me over so I was on my hands and knees, doggy style. He fucked me, came in me, then I felt a warm wetness that could not be mistaken for anything other than piss flowing out of my cunt.

Humberto was shoved to the side at that point, and Jesus started using my body as though I were a furry pet. He started walking me all over the place with his cock dangling between my legs, lifting one of my thighs now and then to “mark” the walls, his friends, anything. The others thought this was hilarious, and they tried to get in on the game.

They were all still drinking, though, and soon, after more fucking and a lot more pissing, I had three men passed out on my floor, and I was there covered in jizz and piss in the middle.

Silver & Gold,
Silver & Gold,
I’d rather have Jesus & Humberto & Miguel
Silver & Gold.

Gangbang Whore’s Fantasy Rape

I’m no stranger to being a gangbang whore, but it’s generally with my consent. However, I have this nasty little fantasy about getting completely raped by a bunch of men while I’m at my favorite dive bar. There have been a few guys there who have hinted at simply taking me, whether or not I grant them my say-so, but so far, I’ve given them permission.

gangbang whore BethanyI think I need to simply get totally smashed drunk. I’m known to be a party girl, but I know my limits, and I like to maintain a bit of control. But I think that if I got smashed, they could get so into the idea of drunk girl fucking that they wouldn’t care anymore if I said No or Yes, and would just go with it.

I want the whole damn bar full of men to fuck me. Lay me on a table and simply have their way with me. I want to be pinned by three guys – one holding my arms and one on each leg as I struggle to fight them off, while a fourth fucks me wherever he damn well pleases. I want at least three other men jerking off onto me at the same time. I want them raping me with the billiard sticks, pouring more liquor into me and on me, and shoving their cocks in anywhere they could.

I want to come out of the mess drunk, damaged, and drenched in cum. Maybe someone can help me indulge in my fantasy a little bit, hmm?

Live Phone Sex with a Trashy MILF

live phone sex BethanyLive phone sex is all well and good, but it just ends up whetting my appetite for the real deal. I’m one of the trashiest MILFs you’ll find, and I’ll do anything to get a quick lay. And I’ll do anything for pay, too. Do I make whoring my primary profession? No, that’s why I answer the phone sex lines. But if I can get an easy lay on the side for some quick cash, I’ll take it.

phone sex line Bethany

My most frequent callers are my big black lovers. I have a tremendous booty, and they love it. Plus, since it takes a huge cock to really satisfy me, I know what to do with one. So, those chocolate lovers with those huge BBCs come by for a good lay with an easy slut, and they leave happy. I’ll do it all for them, take them wherever they want, however they want. They leave satisfied, and I have my cash, so we’re all happy in the end.

gangbang whore Bethany

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