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You said you wanted something nasty. I didn’t think you could handle me at the nastiest, but I was definitely going to put you to the test. I took some laxatives and waited til you pounded that ass with your cock. I exploded liquified shit all over your cock. It was such a hot smelly fucking mess and it turned both of us on so much! You were so pleasantly surprised. You’re so ducking nasty, that’s why you and I are such a great pair! Our phone sex is the nastiest there is! I want you to leave that cock nice and shitty when you fuck my cum filled cunt! I can’t wait to have a taste of it either! I’m so happy I finally found someone who can get nasty with me! 

Dirty phone sex

Cream Filled Cunt

Dirty phone sex

I loved our cum filled creampie nasty phone sex call! I know the answer but, I have to ask: Don’t you want to add to this nasty cum filled cunt? I need more seed in my collection. I fucking love cum. Bring your friends so they can unload in my cunt too! I love feeling a man’s cock throb deep deep inside me as he’s all the way against my cervix, feel the warmth of his batter filling me up more and more. I love being the town cum dumpster. Once I’m full and can’t take anymore, let me drink what leaked out and fill me back up again! My tight cunt feels so good, but it feels even better when you thrust against a pussy full of hot cum! 


Getting Off

Cum guzzling slutI love my little red vibrating rocket. It is with me during every single one of my dirty no taboo phone sex calls. It fits so perfectly in my tight bald pussy and really goes deep. It has so many different settings. If you wanna fuck me hard and rough, it’ll go full blast pounding that pussy. If you want it slow, it will vibrate in random spurts. I love my red rocket almost as much as I love cock. I shove it in and out the entire call with one hand. By the time my customer cums, I’m shooting it out of my cunt covered in my slime as I squirt. It would be so fun to use my red rocket while you fuck me hard! Feeling it vibrate on my clit and your balls as your balls deep.

Double the Fun

Creampie slutMy 2 girl call with you the other night was so fucking hot. I didn’t know having someone piss directly into my asshole and having another one of my hot fucking girl friends lick it up would turn me on so fucking much. You loved seeing her suck that piss right out of my ass, didn’t you? Next I spread my pussy lips wide open for her to shove dildo deep inside. Having a fat dildo in my cunt and your huge cock deep in my ass felt so good. The pressure was building up so quick and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t contain myself. I exploded shit all over your cock. You loved it. I’m your nasty fucking whore. Now fuck her mouth with your shitty cock!

Slow Night

Dirty phone sex Tonight was slow as fuck as the truck stop and the diner. Not a single dick to suck or sandwich to serve. There was no way I was going to be ok with going home with nothing, not even a cum deposit. I needed to hit the Main Street in town and stand at the corner to see what business I could get. Several cars pulled over and when I offered a date, they drove us into a dark alley were I could suck their cocks, and drain them down my throat. Most of them offered a hit of crack as payment, which I enjoyed, but I really needed some cash. Finally, a white Range Rover pulled up. I asked him for a date, told him a price, and he demanded I get in. I didn’t realize until I was in the vehicle that his 3 big black buddies were in the backseat. They pulled over to a dark alley and gangbang force fucked me viciously. When they were done using my nasty whore cunt, they each spat on me and the driver threw down a $1 bill. Fuck.

My Whore Now

Cum dumpsterYou came back into the diner tonight, knowing my cunt was cum filled. I saw on the edge of the table at your favorite booth and let you lick from my toes all the way up my legs to my inner thigh before you spread my pussy lips and starting drinking all the cum from me. You’re a sick nasty freak who loves this dirty cum whore. You love doing this in the middle of business hours while all the other patrons can watch and start stroking themselves. You forced your tongue in and out scooping a load of cum at a time into our mouth. Lick me while these other diners drain their cocks in me. One at a time, while your tongue in me, man after man, would lay his cock on your tongue and help you fuck me. Before long you had your own line of freaky pervs entering your tight ass as my pussy got fucked. It was quite the assembly line. If there’s anything I discovered you like more than this nasty skank cum filled pussy is taking cock in every one of your holes. Who’s my whore ?

Men’s Room

No taboo phone sex

You came into the diner asking for the famous cream pie I love to offer all my customers, but I knew you had something else in mind when you said you needed to unload. You took me to the restroom and took a huge shit right on my chest. You loved watching me play with it and squish it between my fingers. I used my shitty hands to grab your cock and jerk you off. Just then, someone else walked into the men’s room and I knew you wanted to invite him to join us. I called him over and unbuttoned his pants, taking the full length of his cock down my throat. I guess you really got turned on by that, because you asked to help. Fuck you’re freaky. I love it!

My turn-ons

Dirty phone sexI’ve been thinking a lot about what turns me on and gets my pussy soaking wet. Truly, it’s letting you use and abuse me. It’s being your dirty fucking whore. It’s being your trashy secret. What turns me on is being your bad bad girl. I love when you and all your friends fuck me and fill me up. I love when you push that cum that drips out of me back into my gaping pussy hole. Who cares who the father is, get me pregnant with that stranger’s cum! Disrespect me, slap me around. Shit on me. Piss on me. Spank me and cum on my face. Make me the dirtiest fucking whore you’ve ever been with. If you have to go home to your prude wife, do it with my dirty skank pussy on your lips. I live to be your dirty nasty slut secret and the nastiest fantasy you can imagine come to life!

Cum Whore Aurora

Cum dumpsterYou said you wanted to fuck me after my gangbang. I waited until there was 30 loads of thick cum in my ass before I spread my ass cheeks wide open for you. I sat on your face and let you smell the loads of stranger’s cum before I forced you to lick my asshole and taste all the salty loads dripping from my gaping ass hole. You loved the fact that I had some shit dripping out with the cum too. I sat down further, forcing your nose in my asshole. I want to suffocate you in cum and shit. I could see your cock growing by the second. I couldn’t stand it much longer before I knew I needed your load in me too. I want to get your cock covered in that shitty cum. You put that cock in my asshole. You didn’t even need a warm up because my ass was already stretched and soaked with cum. I told you to titty fuck me with that shitty cum covered cock. You used all the globs of cum you could and shoved it between my huge tits, rubbing up and down. Sucking on my nipples and with every thrust, giving me a little taste. I told you that you could have the grand finale and cum in my cunt. You used your cum covered shitty cock and thrust it deep in my cunt. FUCK! Cum in this fucking cum whore!

Heroin Whore

Druggy phone sexIf anything feels just as good as your cock going deep in my cunt, is the feeling of the drugs hitting me. I thought I would stop at the crack and said I would never put a needle in my arm, but when you said how good it would feel, I knew I had to try it. You got us a motel room and shot me up with heroin. I immediately felt euphoric. I was safe, warm, relaxed, and drowsy. You waited for the drugs to hit my blood stream and get me really out of it before you opened the motel room door and let a group of strange men in. They spread my legs open, started rubbing on my fake tits, and with their cocks out, started stroking themselves. Normally, I would charge money for this type of experience, but I was so fucked up, I didn’t mind getting gangbanged for free. They fucked me and grabbed me, threw me around, like a ragdoll.

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