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Drawing Straws with Aurora

anal cum dumpster

Here at the truck stop, we get all kinds and the kinkier the better. I love my human toilets and there is just something about a rainbow kiss that always makes my pussy soaking wet. One of my all time favorite things is golden showers both giving and receiving. I have so much fun standing over you and showering you with my warm sparkly pee. Trying to get it into your mouth becomes quite the fun challenge. But tonight I want to play a little game with you called drawing straws. I want you to fuck me in my tight puckered ass. You know I like it rough when you spank my ass and pull my hair while fucking me in the ass. I want to feel that big hard cock of yours ramming in and out of my asshole while your balls are slapping against my ass. I want you to drop your nice fat load of cum in my ass and then I want my nasty little whore to take a straw and stick it in my ass. I want you to use that straw to suck all of your cum and my ass juices out of my anal cum dumpster. You know you love my special chocolate milk shakes.

Human Toilet

toilet sexNothing gets this pussy purring harder than when one of my human toilets come into the dinner. I like to take them out back behind the diner where all the rotten food in trash bags have been torn open by stray dogs and scattered on the ground. I make you get down and roll around in that sour milk and rotten vegetables. Then I take a giant piss all over you. I save some piss so that I can sit down on your mouth and piss directly into it. I let the two homeless guys come over and piss all over your face and into your mouth too. You love their nasty cheap beer tasting piss, don’t you? You are such a nasty filthy little pervert. Oh, the smell back there is so wretched that I think I am going to puke. Good thing I have my human toilet here. You are such a nasty little whore that all of this has turned you on and now you are playing with your big hard cock.

Tickle Fetish

no taboo phone sexYou seem to have an extreme tickle fetish. You always want to take me in the back and have me take off all my clothes. Then you will bind my hands together above my head with a black silk scarf and blindfold me. You tell me to guess what you are going to pull out of your bag of tricks to use to tickle. I nervously laugh because I never know. You have used a paintbrush, a stiff white chicken feather, an electric toothbrush, pantyhose, and a feather duster. You take the feather duster and rub it against my sides. There is something incredibly sensual about a soft feather lightly touching my naked skin. It causes me to laugh and have chills both at the same time. Not to mention how hot and wet it is making my pussy. You take the stiff white chicken feather and you rub it on the edges of my feet making me giggle like a school girl. You start scribbling with the feather on my arches and the souls of my feet until I am laughing and screaming. You like to tickle my pussy with your fingers until I am screaming,cumming, and peeing myself all at the same time. You then shower me in your hot wet cum. Your cum is dripping from my tits all they way down to my toes.

Rainbow Kisses

phone sex lineHere at the truck stop, everything is on the menu for the right price. It’s not like I can raise my six kids off of tips from coffee and burgers. We get men in here from all walks of life and that is because they know that we will do things that their girlfriends and wives won’t do. Nothing is off limits or taboo. Golden showers are always in high demand and don’t forget about rainbow kisses. Not everyone is able to master the art of a rainbow kiss. Maybe I like them so much because after six kids I am always so happy when mother nature comes calling. I just love doing the sixty-nine position when it is that time of the month. Nothing is more soothing than having you lick my hot wet menstruating pussy. While I lick and suck on that big thick cock. I am deep throating your big thick cock trying not to gag and waiting to feel all of you hot salty cum in my mouth. Trying to time my rhythm with your so that we cum at the exact same time. Then fast as can be with your cum still in my mouth and all my menstrual cycle in yours we start kissing. Can you still taste our rainbow kiss???

Aurora Loves Golden Showers

live phone sexI do more than just serve coffee at the truck stop, and you can order me up as one of your special desserts. We have those big bathrooms with showers. So you can always take me back there and we can get as kinky as you want. One of my favorite things is golden showers. Nothing makes this pussy wetter than getting to spread my legs and stand over you. Then squirting my hot pee out all over your chest and cock while you are stroking that big hard cock. I love feeling it splatter all over you and me. Plus you are getting quite the show of my smooth bald pussy. Then I will get down on my hands and knees rubbing that hot warm piss that smells like coffee and whiskey all over your hard throbbing cock. I then take that piss coverd cock in my mouth and start sucking on it like a lollipop.

Queen of the Trailer Park

trailer trash whore

Some people call me trailer park trash, but let me tell you something I am the queen of my trailer park.
I have long bleached blond hair and double d tits. I keep my pussy totally shaven and the men around here go crazy of a taste of my honey pot. I can be a nasty girl. I love both giving and receiving golden showers. I love fucking other girls and having threesomes watches. I know how hard it makes your cock when you watch me eat my BFF Deanna’s pussy and lick her ass. She has such a sweet tasting pussy and a tight little ass. I also like to finger her tight little ass while I am eating her pussy. Then we both come over to you and I have you eat my pussy while she sucks on your cock…

Masturbating with scat in the toilet

Masturbating with scat… Mmmmmm, what could be more fun?. I mean I just cannot help it when I feel like I have the runs and I really need to go to the bathroom, I purposely take my time so I shit my pants. I love it when it fills up my panties and runs up into the front. I get off on the warm and gooey sensation as it rides up my pussy lips and slowly hits my clit. I love the way the stench and the aroma of shit slowly fills my nostrils until it burns. About this time I am almost to the bathroom and have my hand in my panties trying to pull the crap forward as I rub my cit and rub all that warm brown liquid in using it as my lube to finger fuck myself.

Scat phone sex Aurora

When I get to the bathroom I take my time and orgasm over and over from the smell and the feel of the texture in my hand as I shove that shit straight up into my pussy and then lick my fingers.

Sex and Shit

I know its a few weeks past Valentines day but I had to tell you about the special frenzy of shit I got to play with. My boss gives me extra money every once in a while for letting him pound my asshole, but this year he set something up on Valentines day. He had 3 of my favorite co workers and himself ready at the office because he though he was gonna have them all fuck me and offer me extra money. The thing is one of my coworkers let me in on the little secret and so I figured I would go with it. But first I slipped some diuretic pills to make them shit the whole time they were fucking me. It was raining shit hallelujah and I was in heaven. I got what I wanted and they got what they wanted. Sex and shit for me and easy used pussy for them. We all one and everyone can go home happy.

Scat phone sex Aurora

Shitty fun fuck

I need someone to make me feel dirty and when I say dirty I mean someone who can keep up with my need to be shitty. I love to be fucked and play with shit. I want some one who will shit on my chest, slap me around and tell me what a nasty and naughty fucking whore I really am. I know what a woman is good for and I just need to be able to e fucked in a raunchy way that will actually make me fucking cum.

Scat phone sex


All I need is a nice fat cock to ram his fuck stick into my ass hole and make my shit cover his cock. If he can even make me bleed a little bit. hen just ram that cock right into my pie hole and face fuck me. I love eating my own shit and it is even better when I can lick it of a nice fat cock lollipop with shit flavoring.



Fetish fuck play be free

Scat phone sex AuroraI find it difficult to express just how much I am sick of hearing about how no one has a fetish. I am a fucking nasty dirty whore and I know what I like. There is no shame in my game and I am honest with it. I have been with so many men and I know  all of them have a dirty fucking little secret. Some like fucking eating shit, pissing on you, some wanna be fucked with a big black cock, some want to have you dress them up like a little whore and some want to fuck a family member. I do not judge, I like it all. My personal favorite is scat play. I like playing with shit and I love the smell of it too. I know who I am and what I like. You want to know why I am fun, because I do not judge, have no taboos and I will bring your fetish to life because I am a nasty little whore who loves to fucking play!

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