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Gangbang Diner

Gangbang whoreI love having multiple cocks in and around my cunt at the same time. My biggest fantasy and turn on is being a gangbang whore. The truck stop was busy today. Trucks and men from all over. I knocked on each cab window and invited them to the diner at 3pm. When all 27 drivers were finally in the diner, I walked in, naked, and told them to have at it. I told them the only payment I wanted today was in cum. One by one each of the 27 well hung dirty truckers had their way with me in my fucking whore mouth and in my wet sloppy pussy. They all fucked me raw with no protection and paid me heftily in load after load of hot cum. I played with a bit of it, rubbing it on my huge fake tits, licking up every bit that I could, but enjoyed leaving most of it in my cunt for you to enjoy. Ready to see how they filled this whore up?


Anal sex whoreI got caught sucking your cock today in your truck by a policeman. He made us get out of the truck and searched me. In my bra, between my tits, he found my stash of cocaine and immediately put me in cuffs. He then put me in the back of his police car and drove me to an empty lot. He said he wouldn’t take me in to jail if I let him do a cavity search and behaved myself. I agreed. I got me out of the car and pushed me down face first into the hood. My wrists still cuffed behind my back. He leaned against me letting me feel his hard cock through his uniform pants on my ass. He spread my legs and put his hands up my skirt, feeling my wet cunt. After stuffing his fingers in my mouth and gagging me with them, he took out his cock and put it in my pussy fast and hard. Next he took my asshole and raped it hard, using me like the whore I am. Then he got my bag of coke, placed it on my asshole and used his cock to pack it in deep. He slapped my ass. Made me drop to my knees and fucked my face until he covered it with cum. He undid my cuffs and took off, leaving me to walk all the way back to the truck stop.

Shitty Situation

Live phone sex


You said you wanted Dirty phone sex and that’s what you got! You found that out when you stuck your fingers deep in my bloody period cunt. Your hand was covered in the red blood and metal odor of my pussy. Your forced your fingers deep into my mouth, allowing me to taste my own period. You bent me over without any preparations and raped my swollen bloody cunt. When my blood covered your hard cock, you used that as lube to fuck my asshole. You tore my tight asshole up. You enjoyed pulling out and seeing my asshole gape open before you rammed you cock back deep inside. I was not ready for how vigorously you were going to fuck me and I lost all control of my bowels. I covered your cock in my shit, but you didn’t care. You kept thrusting deep in me and stuffing my asshole full of my own nasty shit. You took your cock out abruptly and slammed your huge shitty cock back into my swollen cunt. Blood dripped and shit dripped from my pussy. Please add your cum to my filthy cunt!

The Help

Dirty phone sex

It’s been over three hours since I had a huge load of cum in my cunt and I don’t know how I’m going to make it another minute without Dirty phone sex. When I’m on my period I’m so horny, not that I’m not horny any other minute of any other day. The bus boy and the cook are here and it’s getting late and we don’t have any customers. I know the cook and the bus boy can’t afford a sample of this pussy, but I’m so desperate. I approached them in the kitchen of the restaurant. I asked them if they wanted to fuck me. They both said yes and attempted to touch me. I took a step back, not allowing them to touch me. All they could scrounge up was $50. That’s not enough. “What else do you have?” The cook pulled out a crack pipe. We all took a hit, then I let them fuck me in my bloody cunt. They filled my pussy up with cum then I sucked them both off, tasting my blood and their cum in my mouth. Yummy.

Seducing the Young Trucker

Live phone sexI had never seen a nicer truck or a bigger sleeper area in all my time as the resident lizard lot here at truck stop. I’ve seen you come in and out of the truck stop the last day or two. You’re really young, tall, handsome. Probably a good twenty years younger than me. You’re so hot though and you look well hung through those tight jeans. I’m going to fuck you, one way or another.  I went up to you before you got back in your truck and asked if I could see the inside of your truck. You seemed hesitant until I told you I wanted you to pull my hair and pound my pussy hard in your giant sleeper area. Then you didn’t seem to have a problem letting a strange older woman in your truck! Heehee!

Pussy Dessert

2 girl phone sexWhen you came in the diner tonight, you said you were not hungry, but you did have a dessert you wanted to watch me eat. You’ve been at the truck stop for a couple of days now and you’ve been a hefty tipper with each meal you eat. You picked out another waitress and told me you wanted to watch me eat her pussy out. She’s a short brunette, young, probably 18 or 19, at the most. She’s a cute little thing, just started working here this week. She already seems to be really popular with the guys. I’m not a lesbian, but I’ll do just about anything for some cash. He said he wanted to see me lick up whipped cream from her cunt. Sounded easy enough. I told her what the plan was, laid her out on the table in the booth in the corner, then I got the can of cold whipped cream we usually use on the pies and sprayed her down. She shivered with the cold and I went down licking and eating. So yummy! Come have a taste?


Cheap phone sexI set up an interview with you, after you left your card at the diner. You said you had a job opportunity you thought I’d be good at. So I wore my best clothes, and tried to look really professional. I saw on your company’s website that you were hiring for a receptionist. When I got into your office, you told me you weren’t actually looking for a receptionist, but wanted to create a position for me as your personal needs assistant. When asked what that meant, you said it paid 3 times what the reception job paid and it would be my job to fulfill all your needs, including those that are sexual. My interview was stripping down naked and giving you a blow job. This would be the most important blow job of my life! You have a beautiful long cock. Not long after I started you picked me up and put me on your huge desk and had me lean back so you could have access to my tight ass. I hope I get the job!


Mommy Turned Whore

Dirty phone sexThe other night was great. You told me your mother needed some companionship after your father left her for a younger woman, so you had me spend some time with her. She is a hot little number, so I figured I may as well take advantage of that. I took her out to the truck stop and introduced her to several hot black truck drivers. They each paid me a fat stack and got to have their way with her. She’s such a slut for some big black cock. She didn’t even know I was charging them, she was willing to do it all for free. Then I took her to the nasty truck stop bathroom and showed her what a gloryhole was. I had her on her knees sucking strangers’ cock for hours and hours. She was hesitant about doing any of it at first, but the drugs I slipped her seemed to do the trick. She’s my little moneymaking whore now!

Happy Birthday

cum dumpsterWe don’t rent out the whole diner often, or ever, really, but you requested it for your 40th birthday party and specifically asked for me to be the waitress for you and your guests. The owner was happy to make it happen. You must have been saving up because the boss didn’t hesitate. What I didn’t know at the time, is that you were planning to run a train on me with all your buddies. Each of you fucking me hard and fast in rotation, one after another. I could pretend I wasn’t into being used and taken advantage of, but the stacks of tips and the pussy full of 20 men’s seed really had me grinning from ear to ear. My favorite part was the big finale when you and your best bud went at both my slippery holes at once. You stretched me out real good, which is saying a lot. I was so sticky after. Happy Birthday, baby!

Lot lizard sex got dirty

lot lizard sexI was working at my truck stop job yesterday when this super sketchy guy came in, he looked creepy as fuck but a tip is a tip so I went over to his table with a smile. He looked me up and down and asked if I was on the menu too… well I can’t say that I really wanted to fuck this guy but I definitely needed the money so I just winked at him and said why yes I sure am on the menu. His whole face lit up, he was so happy that I was for sale too, he said just let me eat real quick and I’ll meet you out by my truck. I was nervous but I went out there about 20 minutes later and there he was, I knew he would pay me well cus he tipped really good inside and I wasn’t wrong either. He had a 100 dollar bill in his hand and told me if I swallowed everything he gave me that 100 would be mine. So I got down on my knees and open my mouth wide…I was expecting to suck his dick, I wasn’t expecting him to piss down my throat! I swallowed every drop tho just like he asked and you know what? I got me that 100 dollar tip too!

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