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Phone Sex Coke Whore

Druggy phone sexI love this job. I’m sitting in bed with a small hill of coke on my nightstand waiting for you to call me. Being a phone sex operator is the perfect job for a party girl. All I need is a line of nose candy and I feel instantly sexy. I hear your voice and my pussy get wet. When we talk dirty to each other I can picture everything vividly in my head. I know on the other end of my phone you have your hand wrapped around your cock because my fingers are in my pussy. Most phone actresses might fake it, but I take pride in participating. I want to play out your dirtiest fantasies because I want to leave your completely satisfied. I can be your dream girl, your private freak. We could have a really good time. Do you think you can handle a party girl like me?

A Goofy Smile and A Wet Pussy

Druggy phone sexI searched all over my apartment looking for old baggies of cocaine but I couldn’t find anything. I needed to get high but I didn’t have any money. Having no money for drugs has never been a problem for me. Just look at me, I’m sexy as hell. Great tits and a great ass mean free drugs for me. I called Rico and he told me to come right over. Rico was waiting for me in his driveway with a goofy smile on his face. He rushed me inside and pushed me down to my knees. I pulled his cock out and went to work. I sucked and licked his hard dick like a porn star. He pushed me away because he didn’t want to bust a nut before fucking my tight pussy. He helped me to my feet, bent me over his dining table, and fucked me hard. Rico has a big dick so fucking him isn’t a chore. It felt so good having his dick slip in and out of my wet pussy. I went home with an 8-ball of coke and a goofy smile on my face.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll!!!

Druggy phone sexI want to get high with you. Drugs make me so horny. I snort a line and my pussy starts to throb. Allow me to do a line off of your hard cock and I’ll let you do a line off my tit. I live life to the fullest, there’s nothing I haven’t done or would do. I want cocaine and your hard cock. Get me high and I’ll let you do whatever you want. I never say “no”. I’m a bad girl because being good is so boring. Can’t you picture me riding your cock with my big breasts bouncing? My pussy is as addictive as a hard narcotic. Put your hard cock in my wet pussy and you’ll be mine forever. I want to feel the weight of your body on top of mine. Hold my ass and push yourself deeper inside of my tight cunt. So let’s get high together and have a really good time. Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll forever!!!

Lines of White Snow

Druggy phone sexI love two things more than anything else and that’s drugs and dick. They’re good apart from each other but together they’re spectacular. I do a few lines of coke and I feel like sucking and fucking complete strangers. With cocaine flowing through my veins, I become a sexual demon. Hold on, let me do a line…
Ok, I’m back. I need your cock right now. Come here and get between my thighs. I want to feel the weight of your body on top of mine. Hold my ass as you give me long strokes with your hard cock. Let’s get high and fuck all night long. Any position your dirty mind can come up with I’ll do. Because I could never tell you “no”. I want to make you happy. Come and get this tight wet pussy. Oh, I like it in the ass, too. Let me be your private porn star.

Me and Cocaine Forever

Druggy phone sexMe and cocaine are in a long term love affair. I still remember the first time we met. I was in my early teens, and as soon as I snorted it this wave of euphoria consumed my whole body and I was in love. Cocaine makes me feel sexy and alive. I do a line, my pussy starts throbbing and I want hard dick. It gives me the energy to ride you all night long. Just lay back and let me be in control. I’m a bad girl. I’m the girl your mother warned you about, but I’m so much fun. Stick your cock in my wet pussy and I won’t be the only one with an addiction. I have a body that stops men in their tracks. Great tits and an ass that will haunt your dreams. Bring me nose candy and I promise we’ll have a real good time. I’ll let you do whatever you want because I’ve never been good at saying “no”.

Say Yes To Drugs

Druggy phone sexI’ll do anything to maintain my high. I love drugs because life would be so dull without them. There’s nothing like having a hard dick gliding in and out of my pussy after snorting a line of coke. Cocaine brings out my freaky side because I have to have you in all of my tight holes. Yeah, that’s right, I like it in my asshole! I love it when you snort coke off of my beautiful tits. Doesn’t turn you on to watch me turn into your very own private porn star. I know that you like the fact that I’ll never say “no” to your dirty demands. Keep me high and I’ll keep you happy. I don’t know what it is about you, but I want your hard cock in my throat. Are you man enough to force me to my knees and shove dick into my mouth? I like it sometimes when you fuck me like you hate me. Get between my thighs and punish my tight wet pussy.


Anal sex whoreBouncing up and down on a big hard cock right after snorting a long line of snow white cocaine is my idea of a perfect night. Don’t you want that experience, too? Can’t you picture my beautiful big titties bouncing in your face? I could make you the happiest man on this wonderful blue planet. All I need for you to do is get me high as the sky. I have two favorite things in this life: cocaine and cock. Get me high and I’ll let you have any hole that you desire. And yes, I’m talking about anal. Give me a bump of nose candy, and I’ll put my ass in the air and my face in the mattress. I’ll spread my ass cheeks and then you can spit on my asshole before shoving your hard dick inside. I’ll do anything to make you happy. You Only Live Once and I’ll try anything twice. And I say twice because maybe the first time I didn’t like it is because I didn’t do it right.

Coke Head

Druggy pornI’ve searched all of my stash spots and I can’t find any drugs. I need to get high but I don’t have any money. Can you help me out? If you get me high, I’ll be so good to you. I’m an expert at dick sucking. You’ll love being in my mouth. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem so you know I can please you with my tongue. Look at my tits, aren’t they delicious? But your hard cock between them and let’s titty fuck. I’ll let you put your dick anywhere you want it. Bend me over and put it in my ass. You can be rough if that’s what turns you on, fuck me like you hate me. Give me a line of coke and watch me turn into a sex machine. Cocaine is my drug of choice and it turns me into a sex fiend. Give me what I need and I’ll make your sexual fantasies come true.

3am Glory Hole

Druggy phone sexI’m so high right now. I’ve been doing lines all night. The only thing that I’m missing is a hard dick. Cocaine always makes me so horny. I want some stranger dick, someone that I’ve never fucked. I don’t even want to know their name. I put on my sexiest dress, the short red one with the deep v-neck cleavage. I got in my car and drove to the 24-hour porn video store. The store has a back area with private booths to watch the dirty movies. The booths farthest to the back have glory holes and I was ready to have some fun. It was 3 am but the store still had a nice crowd. I went straight to the back booths and waited for someone to put their dick through the glory hole. I was doing a bump of coke from my pinky nail when someone put their huge coke through the hole. I lowered my body to wrap my lips around the stranger’s hard dick. The act was making my pussy so wet. I held that dick in one hand and fingered my pussy with my other hand. I sucked that cock with a strong suction until I felt warm cum shoot down my throat and my orgasm followed right behind.

Drugs, Dick, and More Drugs

Druggy phone sexI have three great loves: drugs, dick, and more drugs. I love to get high and cocaine is my favorite way to get high. But I’ll do any drug crystal meth, crack, heroin, pills. I’ve never said the word “no”. When I get high my pussy gets wet and I yearn for hard dick. It’s a crazy cycle, get high, have sex, come down from high then repeat. I’m lucky because I have a great body. My curves stop men in their tracks and I’ve never paid for drugs. Drug dealers and tricks like to put their dicks down my throat in exchange for getting me high. I don’t mind getting on my knees because I love to suck dick. I should give a class on how to give the perfect blowjob. It’s a lot more to it than putting a dick in your mouth and sucking. A good blowjob uses your hands, your tongue, and your eyes. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to give up all of my secrets. Call me and we can discuss my skills further.

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