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Pretty Pink Slits and Cocaine

Druggy phone sexI needed blow and I needed it bad. I tore my apartment apart for little plastic baggies but came up empty. I spent the last of my money on shoes and it didn’t even matter because I have a hot body. I can use my sexy curves to get free drugs from any dealer. But Rico has the biggest cock and every time we fuck he destroys my pussy. He always has a house full of thugs and he makes me the free entertainment. I love being slutty in front of an audience. When Rico tells me to blow his friends, I do it without hesitation. Wouldn’t you like to see me on my knees with your cock in my mouth? I do whatever it takes for me to stay high. They put long beautiful white lines on the coffee table and watch me bend over naked to snort one. I want them to see my pretty pink slit because I want them to want me. Do you want me?

Super Freak Loves White Lines

Druggy pornI’m bored and I want to get high. Do you have any coke or crystal? Get me and high and I’ll make you a very happy man. My oral skills will blow your mind. I have no taboos and I’ll do anything for those beautiful white lines. My favorite thing is guys titty fucking me. Look at my tits they’re perfect, nice and big. Wouldn’t you like to see your dick between my titties? I keep my cunt shaved because drug dealers love a bald pussy. And I never ever pay to get high, I use God’s gift, my body, to get want I need. Call me and I promise to make your fantasies come to life. I want to be your dirty nasty girl. I’ll use my fingers and you’ll love my moans. One bump of powder and I turn into a super freak.

Coke Sluts

Druggy phone sexI love my best friend, Stacy. We have so much fun when we hang out and like me she parties hard. We do a few lines and turn into lesbians. Her pussy tastes like sunshine. I took her to my dealer’s house and like always his house was full of gangsters and thugs. I love going there with Stacy. We were wearing tube tops and mini skirts with no panties. We walked in and the room got quiet. I love eating her pussy with an audience watching us. We sixty-nined and they cheered us on. I ground my cunt against her mouth. I love the way her tongue flicked across my clit. We stay there all day, fucking and getting high. Rico, my dealer, likes me and Stacy on our knees licking his big dick while his homeboys watch us. We do whatever he wants and he rewards us with the best cocaine.

Party Girls Love Big Dicks

Druggy phone sexI’m a party girl. Seven nights a week I’m in the club or at someone’s house party. I go where the drugs and liquor flow freely. I’m the girl at the party with her top off bouncing my ass in a thong. I love having all eyes on me. I drink too much and do a little too much cocaine and you’ll find me in a back room giving blowjobs to anyone who wants one. Good music and good drugs always bring my freaky side out. I went to a party last night and ended up blowing twenty guys in two hours. Sucking all of those dicks made my pussy a sloppy mess. I love being the life of the party. My party schedule says full because everyone wants me at their party. I love sucking dick and flashing my tits. And I always take the guy with the biggest dick home with me. The best way to end a night out is bouncing on a big dick.

Orgies and Drugs

Druggy phone sexLast night, I was invited to attend an orgy. There were naked bodies everywhere and everyone was fucking and sucking. There were tiny piles of cocaine everywhere. I scooped some up in my fingernail and snorted the good stuff. The drug made my nipples hard and my cunt throb. I searched around the room because I was ready to sit on a hard dick. I saw a cute couple fucking missionary style on a sofa. The girl looked way too innocent for an orgy. I wanted to punish her so I sat on her face. I made her eat my pussy because I wanted my pussy to be sloppy wet because her partner had a huge cock. I smothered her with my fat cunt and her nose tickled my clit. The man pulled his cock out of her pussy and grabbed me from her face. He sat up on the sofa and I sat on his dick. He licked at my tits as I bounced on his dick. The poor girl looked angry because I stole her lover but I really didn’t give a damn.

Crystal Meth

Druggy phone sexI smoked crystal meth for the first time last night and that shit is amazing. It made me feel like Superwoman and super horny. One good puff and I was on cloud nine. It made music sound better and had my body tingly all over. I felt good and I needed a hard dick right then and there. Luckily, I was in a house that was full of men with hard dicks. I took my top off and was immediately surrounded by guys with their dicks out. I started sucking and stroking them all, I couldn’t get enough. They had me on my hands and knees pumping cock into my tight cunt and mouth. People pulled their phones out and started recording the whole scene. I felt like a pornstar and I loved it. One guy would fill my pussy with warm cum and the next man would take sloppy seconds. I was the life of the party and I stayed high way longer with crystal meth than I’d ever with cocaine. I love crystal meth!

Alcohol, Drugs, and a Tranny

Druggy phone sexI went to a party and had too many shots and did too many lines. The music made me move my body very seductively and all eyes were on me. I noticed a beautiful girl standing against the wall. She was a Latina with long straight black hair and huge boobs. I wanted her and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I headed towards her like a lion approaching prey. I got her alone in a bedroom and her shyness turned me on. I got aggressive and put my hand between her legs and felt a hard cock. She looked away timidly looked away because she was so shy. I had a good grip on her hard cock and I stroked it slowly. I felt so lucky like I’d found a four leaf clover. I pushed her skirt up around her tiny waist revealing her secret, the biggest dick I’d ever seen. I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it like a mad woman. She put her hands on the back of my head encouraging me to make it more sloppy. I was so busy blowing this beautiful creature that I almost didn’t notice a small crowd of people had gathered in the bedroom. I sucked like I wanted the skin off her dick and they cheered me on. I wanted her cum on my face so I pulled her cock from my mouth and started stroking towards my face. I worked my hand faster and faster until he shot semen all over my face. I proudly faced the crowd with cum covered face and smiled.

Cocaine Porn

Druggy phone sexLast night I needed to get high so bad, I got in a fight with my best friend and my car needs a new transmission. The best way to get over a problem is to get higher than a muthafucker, but I didn’t have any money. Chico has the best coke but he’ll make me work hard to get it.
When he opened the door and saw me, a huge evil smile spread across his face. He had a house full of his thug friends and he wanted me to blow them all. There were 10 guys and I got down on my knees and blew them all. I sucked their cocks like a pornstar with a ton of enthusiasm and saliva. Every once in a while, Chico would give me a pinky nail full of cocaine and I would go back to sucking his friends’ cocks. Each blowjob ended with a load of jizz in my mouth and I never spit, I always swallow. I know Chico was trying to be sadistic but I loved every second. My pussy got so wet from sucking all of those dicks.

Druggy Porn, Slutty Party Girl

Druggy pornI got invited to a party but I had no idea that I would be the only girl there. The alcohol was flowing and there were piles of coke on every surface. I got so wasted that I forgot I was the only person with a cunt at this party. I always get really high and develop an imaginary allergic reaction to my clothing. I have to take my top off and the whole party went quiet. Next thing I know everyone’s pulling their cock out and my mouth starts watering because I love to suck cock. I reach out and grab the nearest one and start sucking it like a porn star. The whole party is cheering me on and it makes behave like a dirty slut. They formed a line because everyone wanted a turn with my mouth. I drank so much semen it satiated my hunger. There were over 50 guys at that party and I blowed more than half. Free drugs and hard cock is a party that I can’t pass up.

I’ll Do Anything For Drugs

Druggy phone sexMy favorite cousin came for a visit. We look so much alike you’d think we were twins. Our looks aren’t the only thing we have in common, we both like to party, too. When we’re together its double trouble. I was so excited about her visit. I knew drug dealers would make it snow for a threesome.
We put on our slut wear and I drove us to Chico’s house. He couldn’t keep his eyes off our huge tits. My cousin gave me a knowing glance and we simultaneously removed our tops. He eyes practically popped out of his head. We I kissed my cousin’s soft lips he rushed towards us. He held our bodies together as his kissed and sucked on our flesh. I pushed him away because we needed to make a deal before things went any further.
He made a face as if a light bulb turned on in his head and asked us if we were really cousins.
We both said, “Yes, we’re really cousins.”
He made a shocking proposition that we couldn’t resist. He wanted to see me and my cousin 69’ing. I had to admit the thought had crossed my mind many times before, my cousin is so sexy. She looks just like me, it would be like I was eating my own pussy and the thought turned me own. I looked at her and I could see that she wasn’t saying no. I pushed her down onto the bed and pushed her tiny skirt up around her waist. I buried my face in her wet pussy and attacked her clit with my tongue. When she ground her cunt against my face, I knew she was ready to 69. I positioned my pussy against her face and she returned the favor. Everything felt so good that we forgot that Chico was in the room. I’ll do anything for a good time. We ended up staying the whole weekend with Chico and his good drugs.

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