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My Dealer’s Girlfriend

Druggy phone sexMy dealer called me with a proposition, he had a new girlfriend and she was into women. He wanted me to please her in exchange for coke. I got in my car and raced over to his place. His girl’s name was Cindy, and she was hot as fuck. This was going to be easy. Cindy and I wasted no time, we tore each other’s clothes off and started kissing passionately. Her lips felt so soft against mine. I touched her pussy and she was soaking wet, so I had to taste her. I pushed her down onto the sofa and open her creamy thighs. I put my face into her wetness and I wasn’t disappointed, she tasted like the sweetest candy. She squirmed and bucked against my face as I licked and sucked. I sucked on her clit like a mad woman, I wanted to make her squirt. The whole time my dealer sat in the corner watching me please his girl with a pleased look on his face. I had a strong urge to feel her pussy against mine. We moved our bodies into the scissor position and we feverishly rub our pussies against each other. It didn’t take long for us to cum simultaneously and collapse in exhaustion. I went home later with my nose candy and a smile.

Coke Whore

Furry friends phone sexNone of my dealers had any cocaine. They all get their supply from the same big dealer and he got busted. But I did know someone with nose candy, but I knew it came with a big cost and it was going to be degrading. I drove to DC’s house and prepared for the worse as I rang his doorbell. I heard footsteps and loud barking coming towards the door. He opened the door and smiled when he recognized the desperation on my face.
“Get naked, coke whore!” ,he demanded.
I walked inside and started removing my clothes. He made me get on all fours and bark like a dog. He laughed and recorded me acting like an animal for his viewing pleasure later. Next thing I know, he’s furry climbed on my back and pushed his cock inside me. He started hunching me fast, and I have to admit it felt good. That warm fur on my back and his wet pants against my back was driving me wild, my pussy was so wet. I was enjoying this. DC just stood there laughing and recording. I knew that he owned me with that recording. I’m a coke whore and I’ll do anything to get it.

Cocaine and Cock

Druggy phone sexI need two things to be happy, cocaine and hard dick. I love fucking for coke. It’s a beautiful cycle. First, I need coke. Second, I fuck one of my dealers for free coke. Next, I do the coke until it’s all gone. Then I’m back to the first step where I need more nose candy.
I heard that you have some high grade coke, but I don’t have any money. Can I trade my body for a few lines. I’ll let you fuck me in any hole that you want. My pussy is so good, it’ll make you can your wife and end your marriage. My asshole is nice and tight, and ready for a good pounding. Let me do a line, and watch me turn into a sex animal. I’m not the type of bitch to just lay there, you’re going to feel me throwing this pussy at you. Get me high, and I’ll swallow every drop. Cocaine makes me so horny, my body tingles all over and my pussy gets so wet. I need to feel your hard dick in every hole. Give me cocaine and your cock.

Give Me A Few Lines

Druggy pornI heard that you have the best coke. Someone told me it’s like fallen snow. I really want some but I don’t have any money. I sure we can come to some sort of agreement. I’m really good on my knees. Look at my lips, they’re great dick suckers. Let me do a line and I’ll let you fuck me in the ass. Watch me bend over and grab my ankles with no panties on. Don’t I have a pretty pussy. I know you want to fuck me. Do you want me on my back when we fuck? Or do you want me to get on top and ride your hard cock? If I get on top, you’ll love watching my big titties bouncing. Cocaine makes me so horny, I feel like I have to have it. Come get this tight, wet pussy. It’ll grip your big cock like a vice grip. I want your dick so bad, give me a few lines and I’ll show you how much.


Druggy phone sexI want to get high, but I don’t have any money. Please tell me you have some nose candy. Oh, you have some! Goody! What do I have to do to get a couple of lines from you. I’ll do anything, nothing is too taboo. You can have me in any hole, I really enjoy anal. Fuck me in the ass and you don’t have to be gentle. I like a little pain with my pleasure. If you want to fuck my face that’s cool with me. I suck cock like a porn star. Put it in my throat, I can take it. But if you like it old-fashioned, I’ll spread my thighs and you can put it in my tight, wet pussy. I’m not the type of bitch to just lay there like a dead body, you’re going to feel me throwing this ass and pussy at you. I would really love it if you let me do a line off of your hard cock. Let me trade my body for some snow white cocaine, you won’t regret it.

Coke Whore

Druggy phone sexPlease can I come over to your place? I know you have coke and I need to get high. I’ll do anything for a few lines. You’ve been begging to fuck me in my ass, well now you can have any hole you want. If you want to share me with a few of your friends, invite them over. I’ll do them and you with a smile on my face. Just give me a bump, a small taste. You know that I’m a dirty slut that loves it rough. You can put your cock in my throat, I might gag just a little. Degrade me, treat me like shit, and I’ll still come back for more. You always have the best drugs, the best cock and I have the best pussy. I think that it would be a good idea for us to put those three things together. So…can I come over?

Stay High All Night Long

Druggy phone sexIf you get me high you can do anything you want to me. Cocaine is my drug. A few lines of nose candy and my legs open with ease. Cocaine turns me into a real freak. Anything you want to try we’ll do. I’ll let you have any hole you want, I’ll never tell you no. I love two things more than anything and that’s cocaine and cock. There’s nothing better than sex after doing coke. It takes fucking to a whole other level. I’m a cum guzzling slut without taboos. I love trying new things and new drugs. Let me make you happy. I’ll do all the things your wife or girlfriend won’t do. I’ll take my tongue anywhere you want it to go. Let me bounce up and down on your cock, cocaine gives me energy like the Energizer Bunny. Can we fuck and get high all day?

Get Me High

Druggy pornThere are two things that I constantly crave, cocaine and hard cock. When I do lines of nose candy my pussy starts to tingle. Can you get me high? I’ll be so good to you, I promise. Let’s get high together, the sex will be on another level. I’m a very bad girl with good pussy. You’ll love sliding your dick in my tight, wet pussy. Let me wrap my legs around your waist, I want to hold you deep inside of me. I can do amazing things with my tongue. I’ll take my tongue anywhere you want it. Have you ever titty fucked? I have big tits that are perfect to hold your cock between. I’m a freak, nothing is too taboo. I’ll do anything for cocaine. Get me high and I’ll rock your world. You won’t regret spending your cash to make me happy. And I’ll slob on your dick to keep you happy.

Druggy phone sex

I Always Swallow

Druggy phone sexI love cocaine. I love the way it makes me feel like an electric current is running through my body. I snort coke everyday and I never pay for it. I use my body do get my drugs. I’ll do anyone, anytime and anywhere. I have drug dealers all around my city. They fight over me, because my pussy is so good and I suck dick like a porn star. I never fuck for free, if you can’t get me high then you can’t get this ass. My favorite dealer is Chico, he has the best nose candy and the biggest dick. He likes for me to suck his dick in front of his friends. Picture me on my knees sucking cock with a room full of men. I love it, having all eyes on me. Men watching me and lusting for my body. I like being the center of attention. I suck Chico dry, I never spit and I always swallow.


Druggy pornGreg called me over to his place yesterday. He said he had a pile of cocaine and a hard cock. He knows me so well because 20 minutes later I was ringing his doorbell. He wasn’t lying he answered the door with a huge erection, but I walked right past him to his coffee table. And there on that coffee table wasn’t a pile of cocaine it was a mountain. I dropped to my knees and cut out two huge lines of nose candy and sniffed them both in mere seconds. It was good coke, but I wasn’t surprised his coke is good every time. Now, I was ready for dick. I turned around and he had it ready for me, right in my face. I wrapped my hands around his long shaft and wrapped my lips around his fat mushroom head. I sucked his cock like my life depended on giving him the best blow job.
“Let’s 69 on the sofa”, he said.
He didn’t have to ask me twice. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and stood to my feet. He laid on the sofa and I sat my pussy on his face. He licked and sucked on my pussy so good I had to concentrate to suck his cock. He had me so wet it was running down my thighs and his face. I grind against his mouth and I felt my orgasm building. I kept sucking his huge cock I wanted to taste his semen. I bobbed my head up and down faster and faster, I felt his body tensing up beneath me. He shot his huge load into my mouth and I came hard against his. Sixty-nine is always so much fun.

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