Assgasm cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterI made sure to eat a very light breakfast this morning so that I could save room for lots and lots of cock cream in my belly, I don’t have the reputation of being a cum dumpster for no reason! I give Daddy a physical exam and check his balls to make sure they’re nice and filled up with jizz. Physically, I am built like a fuck doll and I love bottoming out on monster cock. My asshole and esophagus get stretched the fuck out by Daddy’s throbbing boner. He has my insides beaten and battered as he fucks me hard with that raw dick. Assgasm after assgasm, I cum all over that shaft and my juices splatter everywhere. I’m a hungry whore for gigantic monster dick. Daddy uses his Asian teen Fleshlight to fuck himself while I lick all over his prostate. He grabs my ears and pounds my fuckin throat, just like how a true fuck slut like me deserves.


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  1. Jo

    I want you to be my little whore

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